The first three Chakras or How to approach Sahaja Yoga

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1978-11-20 How to approach Sahaja Yoga, Opt, 45'
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Public Program (partially transcribed)

It gives us, our evolutionary ascent.
This central force, as I’ve shown you here,

is, first in a residue form,
kept in a triangular bone, and it’s called Kundalini.

The word, ‘Kundalini’, in the Sanskrit language,
is, ‘Kunda’ means, it means, is a, coil.
It means coil: Kundalini.

When it is a feminine of ‘Kundala’,
‘Kundala’ means: a coil,
Like the, as you can say, the ‘curl’ or a ‘coil’.

When the feminine is used, it is called as ‘Kundalini’.

Now this is the resident force. Which has main stem like cord, as I call, you can call it: .

and the residual of it, settled down there. It is much more than that which I am not going to teach you about it. How this force, each force is .
It is the subconscious stage.

That is, all your subconscious, all your lives.

even include amoeba stage.

Whatever you have been doing, whatever have been your search,

whatever lives you have had,

whatever genes you have passed it, like a,
if you can say, a line, it is all recorded.

And also it will record, all that has been happened.

In this present life, also,

this, through this area, it’s the subconscious area, it passes, and it’s recorded here, and it kept everything recorded, whatever it is.

You are taking, and experiencing, and putting to your subconsciousness. That subconscious area is all being recorded in that micro utensil, a micro , all that is so recorded, has also got the power to think, to lead, to organise, and to use whatever it is supplied with. I mean, we cannot think of such a record, or record player, or we can say, a tape recorder, it works out all this by itself. Look at it. It is fantastic, to think that we’ve been given such a power, but there is.

I mean, even if you see our eyes, it is fantastic, isn’t it? I mean, you take it for granted. Actually we take it for granted. You cannot even make one eye with all our scientific knowledges, you cannot make one living human eye. Let us accept that.

So everyone of us, has got two nice eyes, which are such complicated things, and the way that it acted work out. There must be some sort of thing, power, behind it. Some sort of an organisation, completely , institution. Which is absolutely integrated, and it’s related to something great, After all, when supposing I come to London <…..> Okay, I come, I find, that’s a very nice train for you, and I find a very nice tube station, <…….>, and there are all kind of funny things . Then, naturally I <…..who made of these things>, how is it that I find . So there must be somebody behind, but noe hyou may call it anything, anything you may call it nature, , you can call it anything. There is some power that’s organising all <…what’s about it>. Now which is the way we can call it’s the point. Either, by looking at the tree, you can be looking at the, say, houses, or a really good factory, and by going out, meeting people, can you find out. . I mean, it’s a very simple housewife, <….> Supposing one find out, say, from where to get some nice , we don’t know, from newspaper, to find that out, you ask another housewife.

In the same way, you can find out, what are these interference, you approaching them, who have known something about it, we should research, in their lives, . And when you go to them, you find, they also carry <…..>. They also talked the same thing as we are talking. And these are the that’s within us.

Now, some of the people who have talked about these chakras and all that about kundalini rising and all these things, they are shown here. Having looking at them, you can see, no doubt about it, , <….> which is the name of all that is found, <…..> He has talked a lot about it, <…..> but she just saw it, you see, she just saw it, other things. Like I see she just saw these things beside her, that means she is not correct. If you are there, then you do not see. She saw these things here. Now, for example, this is the chakra she sees. And normally they just see this chakra, most they can do is see this chakra, or this chakra. If they are seeing now, you are seeing it, that means you are now inside there. But they are seeing it, no doubt. They are seeing it. But there are not there, and they have not given the method how to be inside. From outside, you can see cancer, but you are not inside. This is the very point, that to go inside, must be another way! But from outside, if you see anything, that this chakra you see from outside, you may be going round and round and round, and that’s how you are seeing that chakra.

And that’s why these people did see, no doubt about it. They are not, uh, sort of to some sort of a false idea about it. But definitely what they have describing, is not what we are seeing. We want to be innate, and want to be that, that’s why some people said, why we didn’t rise with each other, I heard it as such and such. And none of these Sahaja Yogini also see these chakras at all, to begin with. But, they will just feel, sometime the Kundalini rising, and they see in other people, the arising of Kundalini, through this, they can also see the pulsation here When it opens a big lump, absolutely an abstraction. So that force you cannot see, but you are feeling that collective consciousness. That means you become.

Now you don’t see your eyes, . But you have eyes, you know that. So the seeing of it, has given us some idea that there is something beyond. They have helped us this way, you can say that, alright, they have seen something. But they have gone by a wrong method, by which they could only see, but could not enter it. There has to be some force here, which, has to give us, our evolutionary jump. We have it all from amoeba stage to this day, no doubt, and there has to be something that can this job. There is some force within us, which has the . If you understand this much, then there is some purpose, in evolution. Because certain things were discarded also. For example, big animals like mammoth and all those, are being discarded. Out of them, only elephant remained. Then some new animals came up, some of them has being discarded, then again, some were accepted, Is the first question you should ask , which none of the scientists have ever tried to ask, because they cannot answer it back. But should come to us as the first question, why are we human beings here, sitting down. But this question doesn’t come to us normally, because we take it for granted. And that is the trick of the nature. That is the trick of the nature, what you call it as Maya, in Sanskrit language. that you accept the trick of the nature.

Now everyone in this room know that we are going to die, which is the nature’s trick of the nature. Once, Buddha was asked by his disciples, said, which is the greatest Maya of this world? He said that, the greatest Maya of this world, is that no one knows who is going to die in the next moment. You may die, that’s all, nothing can be said about it, death, but you doesn’t believe that is truth. it’s the greatest illusion of this mind.

In the same way, take it for granted, it is the nature’s gift to us that we that it for granted, otherwise you would be all jumping on the desk for all the time, worry about our deaths. Yes, tomorrow we have to die, oh God, what are we to do. That with us, <….is taken for granted>, is also power given to us by nature. And because of this, you see, we take for granted among , and . But certain things, we do do not take it for granted, and we do this, we do that, and then we have gone wrong.

This evolutionary force which has to rise from here, has to go through this, and open out this, as the ultimate breakthrough for human beings, and ultimate bring truth for human beings. It’s unable to do that, why? The reason is, we have spoilt all these centres, by oth er , by self-destroyed agency we are putting in placed. Either they destroy us, or we destroy ourselves, we cannot sit here properly. Both things according to me, are just the same. Because if you are part and parcel of the one whole being, that even a part is, that is you, if it is destroyed, is a part destroyed in the whole. If you destroy other parts, then of course, it is a destruction, but we only see the destruction of others, but not of our own, .

So we either move this way, left side or right sided, as they call it, to our Superego and ego, all the time. Either destroying others, or destroying ourselves. So this force of sustenance, which has to rise, and has to give us that breakthrough, is obstructed by our , because we have no sense of . I wouldn’t say that nature has not given us power, it has given us this. It has also given us conscience. You see, so many people have now denied, I say, “No, shut up! We don’t believe in anything. What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” You may try that, but this is that essence, destroyed. You have a conscience, no doubt, you do feel bad about thing that is not , which you take just because it was the fashion, or because that was the . You see, this effort was born out of other people. An eogistical man cannot sit quiet. If you tell him to sit quiet, he gets , it’s a Jack-in-the-box. You see. Just ask him to sit down, please, for a while, just sit down, just keep quiet. So, if you just sit down, , “I don’t want to do something, I’m just wasting my time.” And this kind of attitude that developed within us, in the West, we should say, now we are facing the , why we should talk about the West. In the West, it has really there a lots of inner destructions and poisons that we have got within ourselves. Actually, we are not warmongers at all anymore. We do not trouble others much, but we torture ourselves. This is what has come to today’s situation as it is as I find, the people of the West.


Though you are the people who do not support any wars, or any cruelties outside, you are the people who are cruel inside, you are not kind to yourself. You don’t love yourself. You have no respect for yourself. You have not valued about yourself. And you do not understand how important is this temple, which you have not built, has been built from the time you were an amoeba until you are a human being. , the whole thing have been built up. Especially for this purpose that the light has to come in within you, you have to give light.

It is there layed down nicely within you, for all of you people, it is there. Exists in there.
So these centres that we have, all of them, first centre is down below there, as the red one, as I’ve shown you here.
It’s called as a Muladhara chakra.
It means the root of being support.
Support of the root, Muladhara.
Support of the root.
Which is the root?
Is this one.
And it is the support of the root.

In scientific words, you cannot understand, what is the root of the person?
Or personality? You cannot say which is the root.
What are your roots?

I mean, you cannot say that
I keep coming here, then I keep coming there,
wasting these,
that’s not the thing.

What are your roots?

From there have to come,
and there have to go.

This is the support of that root,
which is going to manifest your personality.

And this support, extremely simple to understand, [is] innocence.
Is the innocence.

Innocence, has been given to use by nature.
We may lose it.
But it is, this it resides, that it exists.
Innocense is in the animals,
which is given to all the matters.
The matter is innocence.

It neither attacks your, nor it attacks itself. (??)
You can use it whichever way you like.
But the matter, in there it is innocence, in a way, we can understand,
that we can say, it is muted.
Should have no feeling about it.
It is innocence.

You are the only people, human beings,
that has got this power,
either to be innocence,
or to be destroying that innocence.

So this is the root.
This is the root.
Either root has got the support, that is innocence.
Your roots have got the support, or feeling, of the root, is the innocence.
You can say the roots are embedded in the innocences.
The whole creation was created after innocence was generated, not the other way round.
So innocence is such a big thing, and that is the innocence.
Now, in science terminologies, you cannot talk about innocence.

Innocence is a part of human beings, you all should know that.
In the children you will find innocence very much.
They are ready.
How they express their innocence.
Now the new theory, I mean, I was amazed to come in this new country and heard that,
that there are people who believe that, children are the most ego-oriented, extremely possessive,
and they are very dominating.
I am shocked. I mean, this theory, just doesn’t tally to ours.
What did scientists find out they are wrong.
By God’s grace, now they have found out that’s a wrong thing.
What happened that, they found the childhood

Then they found out, if you have a slow motion picture,
absolutely a slow motion picture,
Then you’ll find, that the small children are moving their hands just like birds,
because they have got a flying capacity, and they are trying to try that,
try …..
And they just do fly, it’s not they are graping,
but to fly.
Their hands move like this, just to fly.
With the impulse that they see something, they try to fly.

Just imagine, what a big mistake it was, to treat your children like that they are very ego-oriented,
they are very possesive.
Now, such mistakes are condemned.
and some people, terrible people also have done,
they have been done with this centre also.

Because when you start finding out things,
through effort,
you can just wreck your nose,
just lift off your ears,
anything can happen, because you are .
So we must ask what enlightenment is,
like, to see what are we doing.
First thing, that we have to ask,
if there is no light,
whatever you are doing, you are not doing.
You do not know what you are doing.
This is a …. example.
I mean, all the children of the world were condemned by these theories that came out from somebody’s brains.
Is like they are trying to .
They have no sense of possession,
they have no sense of, they do not understand the economic things,
they do not understand how much an antique costs,
how much the desk costs.
How can they do all these things,
But even such a horrible theory was accepted,
and you know the reason of it,
your children has been such a ……
But one theory has been accepted, then the children suffer.
I don’t know how much time it will take for another theory to come out
to be kind, to these children of God.
In the same way, the theory about this centre has been very vague.
Absolutely, so damaging, so damaging!
You see, that a person like me, .
That, this center, is a very important center.
because it is the support of your root.
It is the support of your root.
And, all these centres, people have written books after books,
by saying that, this is the center which controls the sex.
And they got this wonderful idea that
because this center is there,
and it is the support of the root,
and because it controls the sex,
and because they have seen it there,
also they have seen the deity which sits there
which has got a trunk like that in front
so they have called it, the kundalini itself, the residue force itself, sits there.
Now this is one of the greatest and the greatest mistake
the these tantrikas have done to all the seekers of the world.
Sex is important.
It’s sacred. Something great.
Human beings must have it. They have to have children if they have to have development of the people.
That’s nothing wrong in sex.
and sex has to be properly appreciated, and it’s to be respected in its proper way, and it should not be punished.
But, it has to be innocent.
It should be spontaneous, and not deliberately by thinking about it,
having pornographic.
The more these people doing pornographic, then the more damage it has become impotent.
Because, it is potent only under circumstances where it is allowed to be spontaneous.
It is a very gray area, all of you are facing, when you do so much about it.
Allow it to work out more spontaneously, thinking,
“it is the most beautiful thing to be enjoyed by all of you, God has given you that.”
But the way we have ruined it now, you have no idea how long we have come,
how much the poor thing with just the oppose of it,
I think it’s joy thing, it will never give you joy .
So first of all, I must tell you that,
there is nothing wrong in sex.
But, when you start thinking that “sex can give you realization”,
that “Kundalini is sitting at the sex point, there is rules after rules, “
thanks to that, that’s the hell of everything.
That’s the hell of it!
We happened to have disciples,
someone came to us,
we have been told that some Lama buddhists .
Imagine! Buddha’s disciples doing like this!
I mean, I cannot imagine things like this!
Even Christians, how can they believe a thing like that?
That “you can achieve, uh, sex,”
uh, “you can achieve realization through sex.”
Sex energy, I don’t know what you call that,
you see, after another blind master like Freud,
absolutely blind, he didn’t know much about for being,
he knew just a part of it, he knew a very little part of it,
he did not know much.
He, he has idea about these things from his own life,
from his own character, the way he was fired from working.
The boss was thinking “he played on our weakness.”
You see, if somebody plays on our weakness, he tries to be nice to us.
You must understand that he plays on our weakness.
If he plays on our strength then he is our friend.
And that’s how he did it.
He completely wipe, brain-washed people
for he has to say,
that “sex activity, should be, there should be no individual, there should be liberation,
What is this liberation?
Is the enslavement of sex morning till evening?
Is it liberation, by any chance?
You are liberated, when you can master it.
But if you were enslaved of it, you cannot even control your eyes for two minutes.
What sort of a liberation is it?
And that’s why we have to understand,
fully value that “sex has to be respected, has to be sacred,
and it’s private.
Even if they have managed to call it, a liberated society.
Still, still whatever you may try, you cannot get
Even now I do not find people do sex on the street.
Still I have seen,
You see, many old people, having, uh, youngers around on the street, on the street I don’t see,
still they meet each other.
Is there no challenge?
Still there.
Whatever you may try with the liberty like that.
Still a man feels hurt at this point, if the sister is raped.
Still, there are so many things you see, that you know nothing about the ancient one.
There is absolutely a gift to all of us, even today when you are supposed to be so liberated,
I have yet to come across a man and a woman, really succumb to the person, who are not challenged.
Why should you be jealous?
You are not jealousy, ten people are used to do like that?
Why are you jealous?
If one woman tries to spoil another family,
or a man tries to spoil another family,
why should there be jealousy?
All these, have been built within ourselves, and this is the very important point for which you have neglected.
Because of these, we have lost all the joys.
All the joy of life, have been lost completely,
because sex is for giving the joy, and not auspicious.

In this chakra, there is a deity, who came as Christ on this Earth, in the embodiment of it.
And, she is the deity first created, first of all,
as Shri Ganasha as we call it,
who has a trunk,
of an elephant.
Now there’s a story behind it also why this is given.
But the second thing is, that an animal, any animal,
does not have this thing closed as here,
like the Ego or Superego,
like the fontanelle bone is not closed in the head.
Means that ….
Once this is closed ,
that innocence is lost,
you become Mr such-and-such,
you become Mr such-and-such,
and you become a different personality.

This is not among animals at all, only in the human stage, you are given the I-ness. Has a reason for that also, this I-ness is given.

And that’s why the child, Ganesha, has no Ego.
He is directly connected with the Divine,
and whatever he works out, it’s only the work of a Divine.


He is not at all hiding his Ego or Superego.
In between, it’s a hollow personality, it’s a hollow, uh, we can say, a very hollow entity, or you can say, a deity.
Which is being used to permeate innocence on this Earth.
And that’s of Christ.
I wonder how many of us know, really, what is the great nature of Christ.
Morning till evening, ‘Oh Christ’.
This one you say, ‘Oh Christ’.
Doing all sort of nonsensical thing,
which should not to be done in the presence of Christ,
which we do, and it is beyond Christian.
To understand His nature, you have to master this center.

I have never said that you give up marry life.
Not at all.
You all should get marry. Must have family.
Must lead a very normal family life.
Absolutely, that’s possible.
But, there should be sacredness about this.
Because the greatest deity, which is the greatest of all,
because he is the principle of life,
is the tatwa ,
called the tatwa,
is the principle of life, is innocence.
And there’s sitting down there.
And you see children, have no sense of sex at all.

Now This Mr. Vague, oh Freud,
I don’t know from where he didn’t take certain things.
He said that, children has got these and all that.
All nonsenses.
He just knew one side, it’s this side.
That too, I don’t know, how much functions.
He was not meditative at all.
You cannot know these things by judging some pathological cases.
He accepted all these pathological cases.
I would say, even the psychopatic ones,
Half of the people who came to him are psychopatic.
And psychological cases cannot,
which are made for .

They cannot save normal people.
He never treated normal people.
I mean, normal, do not possessed.
People are shocked when they heard certain things.

In India, they’ll say, ‘Is that madness?’
Nobody believes in all these.

If you go and tell them, they say, ‘Oh, you tell somebody else.’
Such mad people are born again and again, on this earth.

But for us, you see, he ruined us through the psychological cases.

Now supposing, take the case of a doctor,
now he is treating our cells,
or say, he is treating some sort of pains,
just they do that.

So he treats a cancer patient,
and says this is cancer,
and says this poor fellow is dying.
And then he says everybody has cancer.
Would you accept it?

These are all psychological cases which he had dealt with,
and naturally they are psychological,
because they are abnormal, so there is not normal.

By a simple deductions.
But I don’t know how they make sense at all?
Never take them seriously!

Have they tried many normal people?
Natural people?
And that’s why, you see,
when these people tried,
I wouldn’t say he did it for money or anything,
he really really just switch,
really towards to it,
but he was such a ,
and a can be really truly .
Very dangerous.
But the way we accepted him, has created this problem for us,
of the left hand side, as I call it,
that we do not know where we stand as far as the sex is concerned.

Why should he has an idea about how to lead a saint life?

Children don’t understand.

They do not.

The do not understand all these.

That’s the only time we start thinking about.

Even Adam got their Freedom by becoming themselves.

because you have to be born

Some of the things you should know, but didn’t.

You can be a disciple yourself.

You have to use , you have to maneuvre,
you have to give Realisation to people.

How they do it?

So, you are special,

you understand what is filth.

they will sit down nicely and enjoy themselves.

They have no sense of filth.

Now the fragrance have gone to such an extent.

But animals, do that need any perfumes?

But they have a sense of smell,
no doubt,
but not the sense of filth.

Not with Realised souls.

You have to understand, who has the fragranc, and who does not.

Human beings have a special sense.

They have the color sense, alright.

As soon as you put the red light,

they cannot understand this picture,
whether it is proportionate or not.

But for us,

extremely sensitive

We just take it for granted.


After Realization, you will be able to decide if it is correct or not.

Because as soon as you play the music, musician will answer.

Because he can feel the joy.

They are some great artistist,
who have been rejected by this society.

The person who has made it is very important.

For example, the painting of Christ.

How can the Christ , who come to remove the miserabilities of the world,
should look like this ,
and everybody should feel pity on him?

Just enjoy, and you do not talk about it, think about it.

and not to work it out, and write criticism.

I cannot understand, you sit down and slash joy?

Then you get the sense of …., which is spiritual.

In India …they are living things.
It’s a fact.

The Mother Earth has created it,
You should not re-create it.

This sense is developed in enlightened people.

Who is Spiritually awake?

Maybe the person is from a very low caste, a very low society, whatever it is.
But their vibration is so beautiful.

By truth you know, how the aesthetic is correct.