Rising above the three Channels (poor sound)

Caxton Hall, London (England)


Rising above the three Channels, 1978-1127, Caxton Hall

” Can you see all of you this one?  That is too far away. I mean upto this point can you see here? Alright. We were talking about this center of ours which is called as the Anahat Chakra. It also controls, it  manifests the Cardiac (heart) plexus . Why I said  manifests (also manifest) because this center is subtle and placed in the spinal chord, also do other things, apart from controlling, like solar plexus or any other plexus like heart plexus or cardiac plexus it is called in the medical terminology. They do also other thing apart from this is of what you call is controling antibodies. Now this chakra is very important. I have already told you that you should keep your hearts clean. If our hearts are clean we have no fear. When our hearts are not clean we have fear, so keep your hearts clean. God has already provided you many things of which, perhaps you are not aware of. Firstly this chakra is placed  just near the  sternum bone, bone is at the end you can say, here(showing in chart). Now, this bone has got the capacity to produce antibodies within itself. Now these antibodies are like soldiers within us and after a certain age,  I think 12 years of age and so they start getting distributed into various parts into the lymphatic glands. And they are, all of them, are kept there stored up, you can say like (UNCLEAR ). And whenever there is an attack on these chakras in different places, immediately these anti bodies come out and protect. These antibodies are, some of them are here in the lymphatic glands, studies I don’t want to say all that but if you studied they are all placed in the lymphatic glands. These are for our protection. Now we think that these antibodies are for our protection, only for physical side is a wrong idea.It is not only for physical side, also it is for our emotional side.  Supposing we are emotionally disturbed. We cannot differentiate  between our emotional disturbance and our physical disturbance because they are so interconnected as I have shown you that left and right sympathetic nervous system are like this. This is simply left and this is the right and the centre is the connector. Now they are showing the connector.(showing on chart). If there is any movement, this side, this also moves. So we are not able to differentiate between emotional disturbance and physical disturbance. As soon as there is emotional disturbance there is also partly a physical disturbance. As soon as there is a  physical disturbance there is also partly an emotional   disturbance. So these are placed at different levels in the lymphatic nodes. These soldiers protects  from emotional aggression and also from physical agression. Both aggressions, they fight in their own ways. Now they are all through the blood and they are in various places. But how they multiply how they come up in the lymphatic. Whenever there is a danger they come out and start fighting and they are fighting till the last until they are absolutely killed. So this is the arrangement already God has done for you here to fight. When a person sees a danger his heart start beating fast. Immediately, you see, immediately, he feels the fear of some sort of an aggression is coming, his heart start beating fast. As soon as the hearts start beating fast these lymphatic nodes which are not connected to lungs but they are immediately  informed with the vibrations that are passing from here, you see because when you beat that fast they can feel  immediately they felt there is (UNCLEAR) house fight for you and they will fight it out for you whatever is the problem. Then these fighting forces are placed for your protection. There is a deity on this point, who is the mother of the Universe. Mother of this whole universe, she is the one who looks after her children and protect them. And this is the one, we call as the shakti, is The Jagdamba we call her because Jagat Amba means the mother of the World. Now this is not anything to do with Hindu religion or Christian religion or any religion whatsoever but it is a deity which was universally seen and felt that she was here.  Now while raising the Kundalini, supposing you find the Kundalini doesn’t rise above this part, then you have to take the name (of Jagdamba) then only it rises. This is the proof that there is the deity called Jagdamba. That is how we are going to prove what is Sahaja yoga. By Sahaja yoga you can prove the incarnation of Christ resides here within us and there is an incarnation of that mother here. Now this is the aspect of God which is the mother and that aspect resides here. We never think about it. You see, we take everything for granted. Now why should our blood cells fight? i.e. Who has told them to do that ? We don’t think about it? These are simple truth  absolutely simple truth. But we never think about it that when we have disease, Why should they fight? Why do we get a fever? What is the need?  Who has trained these cells to do that ? We just say scientifically that there are some cells who fight but how do they do? who has created them? how these haemoglobin is put into one and another into another one and how these react? There is lot of understanding. There is absolutely thinking about it. We understand ( UNCLEAR) . Where is more power within and where is less power within  and they move from one place to another should they move and they try to fight and fight the aggression. Now this is the deity here is very important for all of us because that is the shakti,  root of our evolution. This is placed at this point where we have called this void as the world where we are born, this is the world where we are born. Now for us this world as you see  these houses and all that but this is very superficial way of looking at. Now if you see this room you have to know that this room has a background somebody has thought of. Then the one who has thought of also has a background. Because he has thought of putting up this special type of thing and special type of projections he must have had some sort of a background .. that’s all.. so when we  look up at the things we just see extremely superficially at the most we see whether it is… but we cannot go further and further in the depth of it to find out actually what has brought of all this. All this means such a huge thing behind it in the same way when we are here we see this fighting of these soldiers for us we just think Oh! its alright! that’s a blood cell that is fighting. These are known as antibodies that’s all we can know but why are they fighting? This is the question can be answered only through Sahaja yoga. Science doesn’t answer anything as to why? They say Yes! there is  gravity. Alright! there is gravity. They didnot say why there is gravity? From where it has come? What is the gravity in the earth fields? This is not explained in the science. It can  be explained only through your evolution when you evolve. And that’s why these point is an important part in the evolution. The thing is, as I said, this is the earth that we are in or this is the world we are in and it has many layers  and many (UNCLEAR) but  in this world when you are placed, you are trying to rise above. Because there is a ladder from here you are trying to rise above. When you are trying to rise above, what you find that it is difficult. It is very difficult to rise above,not only that but what you find that when you are trying to rise above there are lots of obstructions. In the past the saints have suffered so much. They have been pained, they have  been doing all kind of means to achieve their ends. They were never interested in the material side of life they went to the forest and they tried to explain and ask for the help of God to rise above from this point.This is the point of the solar plexus, now in the stomach the materialism, they try to rise. When they try to rise from here to here (showing dots of Void), this point extremely and here also they have this  from Amoeba stage to the human stage. Upto the human stage they could come. During that time also these deities has, when I say deity you must know it is the aspect of God has protected this Universe, this world and then the human being, to become human being from Amoeba. You know there were very big animals and there were very giant animals and then very intelligent small animals came. There have been always a struggle between this animal and that animal and fight going on and they had come to this human stage to achieve their security as they want. Also if you look back about say a thousand years back or two thousands years back we were very much more insecure than we are today. The insecurity was all within us because we were afraid of the natural catastrophe or afraid of other things like animals attacking us or some sort of a unknown danger coming to us but when human beings grows to a stage of this modern man he has been able to protect himself well from animals and from all such natural things of which he has been so much defenceless before. Now he has developed his defences. He should be much more secured but he is not. He is much more insecured. The surprising part is he is very much more insecured now  than he was in those days when he was called as (UNCLEAR) So what has gone wrong with us? what has made us so insecured in the modern times? When we should have been really very much more secured when no tigers are going to haul in the Caxton hall neither (laughing) some huge big thing like  cobra snakes is  going to bite us when we go to the Victoria station. Why is, we are so much insecured within ourselves in the modern times? The answer to this, I don’t know, some Sahaja yogies can give, I would like to see (laughing). You see, we have some Sahaja yogies who are very well learned even and I have been talking them now for years so I think somebody can come up with the idea, what has happened? What has gone wrong with us? why we are more insecured now?(UNCLEAR) We created the second world war for ourselves. We created atom bomb for ourselves to fight  (UNCLEAR). Let us have. But that, I would say it’s very near but quite far. But still I would say, I mean, that once you have reached there you see the position of this one is very near. And at this stage when you have reached now you can feel the distance from yourself. Till this, there was a problem how to crawl upto the shores there is an (UNCLEAR)  till it was the problem how to crawl up to the shores and in India now we say that in India  people have to survive so they are crawling out just taking themselves out some how or the other … but now you all have reached this point. When you have reached this point now you can see … we are so much awakened ourselves. And whatever we may call we cannot reach that spot. That is called in the west to find such a God as seeking. It is not a fashion. The other security is being established, the new insecurity which is the real insecurity of the human being is felt. And that’s why people are much more, I would say people in the West, are much more insecure than in India, much more insecure. You see, if the rain is coming, for example, I mean in India.. here people are ..So to them they feel that now the light is off and that the heart is so far away from us, the self is so far, we have not achieved our goals we have not reached our fulfilment and here it is then standing before us.Then what we have to do. The people who are not seeking are not afraid of that so much as those who are. All these insecurities are now at present much more, the restlessness is much more. Because you are feeling that you have reached that destination that you want. Alright! You wanted to build your railways, you build, underground Railways, done! then you wanted to have stations and all that, done! then you wanted to have bridges… Now you can sit on your head …You have reached that stage absolutely. Still what you find, young people… They are fed up, they are bored, they don’t know what to do with themselves. They are jumping out and killing themselves in seeking highest may be … Till you have to achieve a certain economic skill, you are working very hard. As soon as you achieve that certainly it comes upon you . O God! this was not the thing I was seeking. If so, why am I smoking? Smoking is much more in the West, why?  Because you cannot face yourself even for a minute. If you are made to sit for 1 minute you get so upset. You must start smoking otherwise you just turned off. Because you think that self is so far away … This is, had to be …  you have failed somewhere ..the problem of introduction to self was to be solved. That is absolutely… but by your proactiveness, by your over activity you have to get problem…Because you cannot face yourself, I was, yesterday only telling these boys when I was going by train by seeing the mind.  I asked them to sit down for 5 minutes. They are sitting near carriage. Immediately their attention goes on to say, some sort of a projection or say  light …This is not good. We should have another way. This is not good. Now, we are not supposed to do anything with the light, you are not working in the railways, you have nothing to do with the railways, you are just the passenger. But you will be  worried about what the railway people should do about your light. Then you get down, then you think all this door is not good, this door  has to be this way handle… Then you get out. Every time you see any thing you just put your projection into it and you think oh!, why such a chair, you could have had another one, now it’s out of range. So the mind goes like a mad horse, like we can see, goes like, I feel, it is more like horns and you gets entangled into it but it cannot. Then you are trying. Then you go to something else attacking then your mind start, you see, throbbing there. (UNCLEAR)This is the condition of the mind because of, because you cannot face yourself. What happens it goes does this, and does that. Now, in that doing, I mean, it can do anything.  And I am surprised people cut their nose. Why did you do this?you just cannot explain how people behave like this. I mean, all the perversions that you see are there and there is something people are ashamed of and they are doing that they should not have done it. It is nothing but it is just an expression of that kind of a mind which has to do something about something odd you must do, something funny you must do then it comes to that, that you find that you cannot see yourself at least others should feel this is another type of psychology. Is that natural? But you cannot see yourself, others must see. So you start expressing the other side of  yours (UNCLEAR) maybe a nuisance also like painting your hair or doing  something odd that everybody must knows because you cannot justify your history. You think, why am I here? After all I must do something about myself and this absolutely (UNCLEAR) and everybody can understand it then you will not be angry with yourself at all because you are at a higher level, there is no need for you to be angry with yourself and the first thing I tell all the westerners. Just there is Christ means that you are not guilty, you are not guilty, you are not guilty. Because of this kind of sense that you want to be…that you are guilty  it upset about everything that mind itself give you ideas like  you are a guilty person. I mean  what guilt can you do, I don’t understand. Those people who even crucified Christ never felt the guilt you feel guilty here for something small you feel guilty. I mean, this is not the kind of mind which is going to help us. You have to be just like Christ (UNCLEAR) but you  are dejected, you are upset, you are depressed, you are angry with yourself (UNCLEAR) I should say, in your advancement but you have got… I mean when we started using things like soap case (UNCLEAR) but now if you have become a soap case (UNCLEAR) If you go to America and if you have to enter into any bathroom please ask (UNCLEAR) because in the bathroom if you go to find (UNCLEAR) even be greater somewhere when you never expect this (UNCLEAR) and you may just start getting water, hot water or completely cold (UNCLEAR) I mean the mind has put to something nonsensical that a variety entertainer. What is the need? (laughing)  To person like me I don’t understand who is going to see all that, why worry so much about all this nonsensical thing but that is how the whole mind has spilled itself and that is how you are upset. Apart from that, in this way another kind of a funny insecurity is being built, which of course people are fighting it down is this having certain  (UNCLEAR) like onward changes are made… All these nonsense create a problem for you. Now supposing, you see, one day I was in a hurry and I wore a , say, a chocolate or what you call Brown colour shoe and a red colour or may be black colour coat may be. Every body is looking at my shoe or looking at my coat.. What is wrong with me. I am quite alright. What’s the matter? They are looking at my shoe, looking at my coat. I didn’t understand. And why are they enjoying the whole thing? Then you see…O! What’s the matter with you. they say are you alright? I said, I am alright. What’s wrong with you? I am quite alright (UNCLEAR) Are you modern? Then why you wearing Browns shoe and a black coat. I said, I was just in a hurry and I may have walked sometimes with red on one side and brown on the other side (UNCLEAR). I mean it becomes such a big thing such a nonsensical thing become so very important and this is called (UNCLEAR) minds creations… One of that is the atom bomb and now the monster is sitting there … make us feel insecure but now the monster is there… This is what we have done. I mean,  you may not have done but but someone like you has done. So this is the responsibility. It creates artificial insecurity. Next  time I would never go with the thing like that I need 10 minutes to find out (UNCLEAR)  Is it alright or wrong, otherwise may be absentmindedly I walking out like that. All these artificial things that we have built based on all sorts of working on our mind.  But say if you see birds chirping and there are (UNCLEAR crops) and the beauty, you can say…You get to love…You see, I was surprised when we came back, my son in laws … Why everybody is laughing at us..Immediately..I got it done. So it is, what you call artificial makeup ..making a fashion out of everything.This is also a human madness which is so superficial and useless absolutely, is a joke going on. The people are so much involved in and spoiling special chakra which is the Main chakra which is… So now let us forget of all this at this point. Forget! Forget it completely. We have made this point clear and now from this point we have to rise. To protect this one we have two other points the first one on the left is the point that controls, that is the, what you can say, is the controlling point of the left nabhi and also there is a connection with the heart, the built one and the right side one is very (UNCLEAR) that is the point God has given us on our right hand side. Now if I tell you, you donot believe because it is,  you have to get your vibrations, you have to feel that and you have to go and see the people and then only you can believe that absolutely this is the centre of the father and this is the centre of your mother. Now the father centre is so strong and is so important, the other day we went to a meeting  and there was a girl whose right heart was catching very much. So I asked her. How is your father? … She was very much disturbed. I said, your right heart is catching very badly. Must be something. There must be something, must be something (UNCLEAR) And it was burning. My right heart finger was burning. And everybody felt the burn and they couldn’t understand. I said you will be Alright, we will work it out and it will be  alright but you see, she was so upset and she wouldn’t say but we could make it out that this is the catch of the right heart. We have got father with in us which is also the Father, the God Almighty.Now this father, the one which is with in us who is our father, every human being has a father and a mother within. Now the father within us is a very special. What do we expect of a father? Now, you are all very serious I think this time. Did I say something serious (UNCLEAR) Now you don’t expect your father say i have seen here, but say an 80 year old father, that great grand father having a love affair with an 18 year old girl. It is absurd. But they don’t think. You have seen perhaps and I have seen a  father, 60 year old father … turning his heads up around and shaking his hands on stage … ( laughing) It is absurd, it is stupid. Absolutely. You do not expect your father to be a stupid fellow, do you?,  or an idiotic fellow would be very (UNCLEAR). I mean that would be the greatest abuse in India, if you say that your father is idiot, for a man,  if  you say something to someone that your father is an idiot… So you don’t expect your father to be a stupid fellow or an idiotic fellow. You expect your father to be a magistic personality. And a personality that is divine that makes you real. When you are a father you expect your children to be real, you may not be real to your father that’s a different point. But when you are a father you would not accept your father become a ticklish or your son become ticklish. But when you are a  child you also think what is the image of a father and then you will realise that the father, the image of a father is already filth whatever modernism you come to whatever so called…might be you have a certain idea about your father and those all ideas are within you and there is a deity which is expressed in you on your right heart. I know of a  boy and his father is over and he has made a huge statue of his father… and he came to me and his right heart was catching. So I asked him why is your right heart catching ? He said, “Mother! I don’t know because my father … So you see these and  … And that how he has failed in his and that …such a conditioning! You take the responsibility from the child. When you are giving him the birth, it is your responsibility to see that your child is brought up properly and that he lives a proper life that is the quality of a father and that is what he expect from him. If the father neglects the child or say no I just don’t care I have my own work and all then he is failed and no body likes, the whole society,  no body might go and tell him on his face but it… No body likes a child  to be left alone or rejected by the father that is a father’s dignity and he has to be a dignified and magistic and loving person who has to be strict also but for all these what he has to be himself, is to be in the maryadas, called in sanskrit, that is boundaries of all his senses. He has to put all these boundaries. Now the vagabonds cannot be father, abandoned people cannot be father, people who have no values and no roots cannot be father, they may become by chance nature has given them but they are not and they will show … this clearly you can see. You have seen also, yesterday a girl has the catch on this centre, on the mother side and she wouldn’t tell me about why the whole of this centre is caught, the  whole of this area was caught..and I asked what’s the matter? How is your mother? Everything alright? After some times…I am very anxious to know …she was a dejected child, this has happened that has happened. I said, now see. Can you feel the mother in me…How do you feel about your own child. If you start feeling like this about your own mother, your child will also feel the same and this is what a great wealth you are loosing… I mean the mother … that should be a mother if the mother is not like that and the minimum … She has not been alright she has to be compact, She has to be  mother, I agreed but if she has not been, that’s what is your problem. Your problem …. Because this chakra is not good.  Now when I see about  Kundalini rising, kundalini is now rising once, twice… Your feelings about your mother are not correct….You can even think… only thing can I see… Loving some person is much more than hating someone. Just try, thinking about loving, how you can love and it works. Once you start doing…It happened. We had a girl who had not talked to her mother for last 11 years, can you imagine? And have to think Kundalini couldn’t rise and she was very unhappy about it, and said mother what to do? So I said, alright now, you go and talk now… I said just go and tell her for my shake she just tried, just tried and she worked it out… she has to forgive, I know… I am amazed. A mother who has no patience is no mother at all…but they are.. You must forgive her, a mother that you have, had drugs, had all kinds of problems in her and they are not melting …so forgive her and try to rise above this chakra. I met some of the people they were very angry when I tell them… How will you understand… If you have to understand this you have to understand that … Because she is your mother  she is the only mother you have in the sense that she has built in your birth. And you are the only child she has and this Kundalini, the mother, follows you from life through lives through lives and today she is very nicely waiting down there absorbing all your shocks and everything within herself just waiting to rise at the moment when somebody controls. Now those who loose who do not think about love, donot … Because love is the key of God. Because He loved us He created us. Because He wanted to create his own children, he created us. Because of his love only that we are made all from Amoeba to human being and He is anxious to reveal himself through his loving quality. When we say God is love in Sahaja yoga we realize this. Whatever I say if it doesnot have love behind it has no meaning it has no difference. It love even … But if you hate someone and try to be nice that person will go away… He is interested in my pocket he is not interested in me. He is just … So it is not difficult for human beings to understand. Even animals can understand. Even things like cobras can understand what is love. Then for human beings it should not be difficult unless and until they are too complicated and can be easily befooled by another overcomplicated person. You see if there is one cunning it is the another cunning but love has no  cunning. It is so straightforward, simple. It is so pouring all the time. Just cannot control… I have met some … I must say they are realised soul. They didn’t come down from their hiding, they are hiding themselves thinking someone will crucify them.. they said why mother you want to …Why mother you are giving to these false people….I said, that’s my will what I have to do, that’s my will, thats my style, thats my.., thats my emotions of my heart, I cannot get over this. I cannot live like this, the way you are living.  so they are…after 12 years …I said you can sit down and move on that, hibernation…  and my children are there they are seeking… And you cannot understand this love because you are not a mother, you are a father. I said you are even worse than a father.  Because they way you sitting down is the way the father  sit down like this. Just sit down and nothing at all and some people coming to them that’s all… So, this is how things are but those who are out, now the gurus who are out… They are only worried about your pockets and they don’t know even the slightest thing the real thing or we would say the main thing that you cannot get your realisation without your kundalini awakening. Any body who says you can get, is a false person. It would be something like saying that the seed can sprout without sprouting, without germinating. In scientific language it is called premune. The premune is there to give it sprouting, if the premune doesnot work out nothing is going to work out. In the same way if your kundalini does not rise you cann’t get your realization. The kundalini has to rise to give you the rebirth. All those people who talk about only give you a brainwash. It is for you to now decide. Do you want to solve your problems? Do you want the reality or not? Or are you going to be brainwashed morning till evening? or are you going to teach yourself like this? Yesterday I met somebody who was a, what you call, a spiritualistic person , … much younger to me, all full of wrinkles and all that think down looking like he said, mother I have found. I said what you have found … I said are you a doctor?  Is that the thing you have to do? But he couldn’t accept that he has to have self realization. He has to get his self realisation. He would not. He is only happy with those … and overpowered by his possession. And his kundalini couldn’t rise and he couldn’t get the realisation and he just got angry. I said, I am not responsible for this. You have to give up this nonsense of your spiritualism what you are doing to your spirit. He said I don’t believe that you can give… Now in English language even alcoholic… “