Agnya Chakra means: To order

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1978-12-18 Agnya Chakra means: To Order, London, England, 76' Download subtitles: EN,ES,TR,ZH-HANS,ZH-HANT (5)View subtitles:
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“Agnya chakra”, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 18 December 1978.

Today we are talking about the sixth chakra called as Agnya Chakra. The ‘gya’, ‘gya’ word means ‘to know’, Agnya is to know. And ‘A’ means ‘the whole’.

Agnya chakra also has another meaning. A-gya,  Agnya means ‘obedience’ or ‘to order’. It can mean both the things. If you order to someone it is an Agnya and the one who obeys the order is an Agnyakari. The one who does the Agnya.

This sixth chakra was created in the human beings when he started thinking. Thinking is language expressed.

If we do not have a language we cannot think. But it does not mean there is no thought coming into us. If we cannot express it, it does not mean there is no thought process working in us. But at that subtle stage when the thoughts are coming to us they are not in language, so they are not communicated to us, and that’s why if we do not have language we cannot understand what we are thinking.

That’s why you must have seen children cannot communicate to us what they want because they cannot say what they are wanting. They feel the urge in the stomach and they want to ask for, say, water or something, but they can’t say it to us, and that’s why they cannot think what they have to say about.

But afterwards when you start thinking and putting it into language, that language is stored in our brain as shown in the picture on the left hand side and also on the right hand side of that yellow and black, then it comes back to us, later on as, thought waves. As if somebody is talking to us.

But before the language starts, we can call it the inspiration or the thought process, at the very early stage, comes to us in certain forms, and those forms are in light and shade. They are not in language but in light and shade. And after coming to Sahaja Yoga if you go deep into your thoughts you’ll find they are nothing but lights and shade that are covering our Agnya chakra.

One after another a light and shade, like a circular lighthouse, they give a kind of a pattern in our head. Now these patterns are moulded into language by us at a very early stage and these are sort of filled into the cups of language and then these cups are kept reserved in the brain and they come to us that way. When we think we really understand because it’s a language that comes to us.

So what happens to the animals? Do they think or not? They get a thought, an inspiration but they won’t be just thinking about it. Now, these inspirations come to them as words when they start living with human beings. So these inspirations go into the thought again as we do. For example you give somebody a name, say you call him say Tom, or something – you call a dog – so now he knows that this word means ‘calling me’. So he connects himself with that word. But when he does not have the word, when he’s just an animal, he’s just there, he doesn’t think. That’s why they are very spontaneous and we are not. Animals are extremely spontaneous that cause they do not think the way we think. And this has created the greatest problem for human beings: how to get beyond thoughts.

It’s a little complicated thing because perhaps I can see that very clearly, as you cannot see the light. And then the light forms the language, and then language, according to us, becomes our thoughts. But these thoughts are really conditionings on us and they are not inspired things. They are not coming from inside and that’s why we are not spontaneous.

For example if I am sitting here, now I cannot keep quiet as a human being. I’ll be thinking about something. I’ll be thinking, “What am I going to say?”  Then “Should I say this or not?” “What if I say this, will that be alright or not?” “Will that go to their heads or not?” All sorts of thoughts will be coming into My head. Then from one side I will be questioning myself. From the other side the answers will be coming, “Alright you say this and if you say like this they may appreciate you. Go this way that way they will understand.” Like that you see. So the sorting out goes on in our brain through our experiences of this lifetime of ours.

Whatever have been our experiences in this lifetime in dealing with people in getting experiences from others: all these are conditioned into our brain and the whole thing becomes a thought process, which comes to us through this interaction of thought and action, action and thought, which just starts waves – which action to take, what thought to be put in, how to solve it and we think we are analysing ourselves. It’s a very superficial thing. Actually you do not analyse anything whatsoever, you do not. As I told you the other day you do not do anything.

So your thinking is nothing but a bubbling going on. Because when, like a sea even, which is, so deep down, so quiet – when it touches the shore it has a action and reaction. In the same way when you are seeing at something, because your attention is outside, immediately a thought wave is created out of that, which goes back and gives you all the images about it, whatever you know about that particular thing and it comes back to you as thought process.

It’s going on all the time, and it can be so maddening that we cannot stop our thoughts: it just goes on like mad. You don’t know, you can’t sleep because thoughts are coming. Sometimes they could be horrifying, sometimes they are gratifying, sometimes romantic, sometimes absolutely negative, sometimes very positive. Sometimes you feel “I must do this,” sometimes you feel “I shouldn’t do this”. But when you [are] actually doing – you do not think. It’s surprising, we never notice that when we are doing that particular thing, supposing I say I am going to speak, these things. Now when I’ve thought about it that I thought say about 10 minutes before when I’m speaking it, I am not thinking that what I was going to speak. Because that time I think I’ve built in that process of thinking into my brain and put it somewhere stored and then, now,  when I have started this talk, that is coming direct to me.

So human beings have developed, I should say a process, which can be a very sickening thing, very, very sickening. And this comes out of both of these. Is one the left side that we call the ego, which has gone this side, and the right side we call the superego. All the conditioning on the right hand side of the superego, is, gives us, the fears, the dangers, the possibilities. Whatever we have experienced before. As they say those who have been burnt by milk also [will] take a cold drink after blowing it a little. Because you have been burnt you know something liquid has burnt you so you think this may also burn your tongue. So you may try to do that. It is so spontaneous that time that you feel that, “Oh it is very spontaneous”, but it is not. It has been stored before in your experiences and something there that you are afraid of and that’s why you do it.

If we, once, realise that this thought process is absolutely not necessary for us to exist. There is no need to have any thought about the future or about the past if you want to exist as human beings. Animals do not bother. For example animals know that they are going in a jungle. Now suddenly they find some other animal coming from there and they know that you go there. Now what’s the use of thinking about the animal that is going to come? Supposing it does not come then it’s such a waste. But they have a hole here and they no problem as we have because have a hole the whole thing goes out. It doesn’t stick for more than a minute here. But you can condition them also. By experiences they are conditioned. By experiences that they have had so far, about other animals and things, they are conditioned. And they act accordingly.

So there’s a tremendous difference between us and them is that we think about everything. I mean, we think it is a very great thing to sit down and think about it. And we think it is very wise to sit down and think about it. Any problem comes in you think, “Better sit down and think about it.”  But now what do we do when a problem arrives? We think about it in relation to whatever we have been doing before and whatever our experiences have been. In the same way they want to think about Sahaja Yoga.

Now you cannot think about Sahaja Yoga. First of all you become thoughtlessly aware in Sahaja Yoga to begin with. You cannot think. But it is a happening about which you cannot think. It is a living happening, thinking is a dead movement, it is not a living movement. Whatever [is] dead in us comes back to us as thought. Inspiration is living, not the thinking. Inspiration is very different from the thought. For example, books are in the library, everything that we have thought of or have got it or experienced – this is in the books. Whatever is new coming to us is the inspiration. Now just find out how many new things you are thinking, perhaps not even a sentence. Mostly you say that “This gentleman said so,” “That gentleman said so,” “That gentleman said so”, or “I said so”. If you can think about that is coming just now into you, you don’t have to think for it, it just comes out, it is inside you, it just emerges and expresses itself. So that is the spontaneous living thing. That is what we call as inspiration: is a sudden glimpse of the knowledge that we get. But whatever we have [been] thinking about is all the play of the dead.

So this is a centre of Christ. He resides in the centre of Agnya, and He is, in the Devi Purana if you read, was born long, long time before, was created much earlier and how He developed into Mahavishnu also you can read it for yourself because it’s a big chapter and I wish you all could know and read about it and find out how He developed into Mahavishnu. It is very interesting. Because all these things were written in Sanskrit language, we should not say that Mahavishnu was not in the Bible, because Bible itself was not written at a stretch by one person. So that part is a part of Christ’s creation before He came on this Earth as Christ.

Actually Christians do not know anything about His becoming: how He became Christ or what was the need to have Christ or a son to come down [and] why not God Himself could do the job. And this is the reason why I would request you to read for yourself the incarnation of Mahavishnu by which you realise why Christ was born.

And it is the most important incarnation because He is the principle, He is the principle of creation, the tattwa, as they call it in Sanskrit language, He is the tattwa. Ganesha, though resides in the Mooladhara gradually evolves to be Christ at this stage. From that red chakra up to this chakra He becomes Christ. He is the principle.

Now what is the principle? Within us what is our principle? Is, say, the Kundalini you can say. In this (microphone) the electricity is the principle of this one is. In the same way the creation, the whole creation if you take it as such, it is the principle and the support of this creation. He represents the essence, the essence of creation.

Like we can say we have a family, husband and wife and the child. Now the child is the essence of husband and wife, he’s the essence of the family, of the house. The whole thing is sustained for him, is created for him. Till they did not have the child there was no meaning to that house, no meaning to their life. But when they had a child then they had a meaning. In the same way, Christ is the essence, is the tattwa itself.

He’s the Omkara as they call it. He is the first sound, first sound that was created – Om – when the Primordial Father and Primordial Mother separated, They created this sound. And He is that sound which is filled into All-Pervading Power and looks after and supports. Actually it is more the support because looking after is done by the Father you can say or by the Mother. But is the support of all the Universe.

And because He is just the essence, the essence never dies. Say My essence is My Spirit, it will never die. The body dies or the creation will die but the essence has to be there. If the essence is lost then nothing could be there. That’s why He’s the most important incarnation, because He is the support.

Now this incarnation is placed in this Agnya chakra of ours, here in the centre, where the optic nerve or optic thalamus cross each other like this. In the centre is a very subtle point which moves both the sides like this and like that and it creates two sounds  ‘hum’  ‘kshum’,  ‘hum’   ‘kshum’,  ‘hum’   ‘kshum’. ‘Hum’ is on the right hand side where you have seen the superego is there and  ‘kshum’  is on the left hand side where the ego is. Now these two sounds create two kinds of vibrations. The ‘hum’ sound creates the vibrations, which make you think, “I am, I am” ‘hum’, ‘I am.’ This comes from our existence power that we know we have to live in this world, we’re not going to die. Any human being who tries to kill himself is abnormal. Normally every human being…why every animal or any living thing tries to retain its life? That is through this power of ‘hum’,  that – ‘I am’. Now the superego on the left hand side and ego on the right hand side is kshum’.

But now I’ll tell you about the right hand side – superego. In this superego when you are conditioned by so many things, then you are frightened and you are worried because these experiences make you that type of a person which has fear in the mind. And this fear is all settled in your superego. This starts from your amoeba stage you can say and is, still today, is being stored there. You are afraid of police, you are afraid of that, you are afraid of this. Some people are not afraid of these things but are afraid of something else, because whatever have been your conditions, whatever have been your experiences, are all put down here.

Moreover when somebody reads the book of Dracula now he’s afraid of the word Dracula but the children who do not read they do not know what is a Dracula is. If you say Dracula has come they say, “Alright, lets have a look at him!” But those children [who] have read about Dracula, they are literally frightened and they say, “Oh God, Dracula is coming, something terrible is going to happen!”

So, whatever you have read, whatever you have gone through whatever experiences you have had – all is in the superego. So this superego in that, this centre, sends [this] message, “I am, you are, you are”, ‘hum’,  ‘hum’ : “don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid”, “you are”.

So the people who come to Me, and you have seen some people who come to Me are victims of superego conditioning. And these are the people…actually at this stage only, you can really discriminate between the two types: one who are very aggressive, the other who are absolutely we should say subordinated, frightened.

These people when they come to Me, I have seen, they go on crying and weeping, “Mother you know this has happened that has happened,” and I really get tired talking to them. And there are so many of this kind that really you have to pay attention to them as sahaja yogis because you’ll have to deal with them, how to manage them and how to work it out. Now at that time if a sahaja yogi says, now you go on saying ‘hum’, ‘hum’, ‘hum’, ‘hum’, a sahaja yogi, if he says [that], then the vibrations will drive out his fear. Even if you are under any fear and you are walking around and you feel that there’s frightened, you just say ‘hum’, ‘hum’, ‘hum’. Now with this saying the vibrations will clear out this side very nicely. Apart from that, that is the way you can get help from the Divine by saying ‘hum’.

Now there are many things about hum and kshum but as the time is you know, so I do not want to go into great details about it. But I would say the mantra for the right hand side is ‘hum’ and for the left hand side is ‘kshum’.

The right hand side is the ego, which is real problem, you understand that! Is a real colossal one you have to face them, I mean, [if] I say anything small here and there I find the whole thing coming up onto my head like that. So what is the solution for a colossal ego? Colossal ego can only be conquered by forgiving others.

Those who have ego must learn, if they feel hurt they must say, “forgive.” Then another person hurts them, say, “forgive.” And not only forgive but ask for forgiveness. Both things should be done, more asking for forgiveness. You have to ask for forgiveness if you have too much of ego. It is very important. Because if you have too much of ego means what? That you have pampered it too much. That means you have used it too much. You have dominated people and that’s why you have such a lot of ego. If you have such a lot of ego you must all the time try to humble down in your heart.

Now in the heart resides the Spirit. The ego, too much of ego in a person, always takes you away from that Spirit. That’s why it is said, “Humble down in your heart.” The reason is, in the heart resides that part of yours which gets completely obliterated or forgotten once you start pumping up your ego. But ego has its limits, it ends up into stupidity and foolishness. You take any person who is egoistical and who’s blowing his own trumpet, you will immediately know because he’ll be stupid, without understanding what he’s doing, he’ll be doing such stupid things that you will start wondering, especially children, “What’s the matter with this fellow? Seems quite funny!” And then the stupidity faces the person – then he sees for himself, “Oh God! how did I become so stupid?”

But stupidity comes to you because you forget the existence of God and your relationship with the Whole. You think, “I am on my own. Why should I not do this? What is wrong in this, what is wrong in that? I should do these things.” I mean in this country the way people are fighting for things, I mean, you must, anybody, I mean, those so-called developing countries can’t understand: what’s this kind of a thing happening to these people? Because the other day My son-in-law Luv was reading an article that people are demanding now that a son-in-law should be allowed to marry the mother-in-law (laughing) , and he just couldn’t understand how can people gather together and ask for such an absurd thing like that. She is your mother. How can you say that way? I mean it is something an impossibility for people, normal people to think like that, that a son-in-law can marry the mother-in-law. And what is there to make a law about it and to talk about it. It’s a very difficult thing.

All kinds of stupid things we are doing in this country, which really makes everybody roar with laughter. Is because of our Mr. Ego companionship.

It is not easy to understand how he befools us. It goes on befooling us all the time and then we think “what’s wrong?” An eighty-year-old man running after a twenty-year-old girl. And the twenty-year-old girl befooling this eighty-year-old man, supposed to be a statesman this, that and his statue is erected somewhere there. How is it possible? It is only the ego makes you do all these nonsensical and stupid things.

Once you are in Sahaja Yoga, you don’t know how to control your laughter sometimes, the way people are foolish, extremely foolish. And this is what it is; it ends up in stupidity absolute stupidity. I mean even if you want to write a novel you won’t get such beautiful characters as you could around you, when you listen to them. And you’re shocked, “Oh God what’s this going on!” And very embarrassing too, extremely embarrassing. And they become so foolish with their ego that one cannot understand how thinking man, because by thinking you get your ego, becomes foolish.

There is no wisdom in a person whose ego is completely developed like that. If somebody has an ego like that there is no wisdom in him. You can see that he does not know what is wisdom. He behaves in such an immature way. He may be an elderly man, great grandfather of somebody but as soon as he opens his mouth you are shocked at him. You think from where this joker has come? The maturity is completely lacking.

The other day somebody told Me that, “Mother how is it our parents are so stupid and we are searching God? And the elderly people are so foolish and we are searching God?” And then I said, “No, maybe because of war the parents are disturbed. Most of the parents were disturbed during war” and they said, “Majority of them are like this. And the younger people are searching God and much wiser and we don’t know how to compromise with them because they are not searching God. Why is it they are not searching God and we are searching God? And if there are some searching, they are very few.” Now I said this may be due to war but somebody said, “Then what about America? You see, in America the people didn’t face war so much,” the stupidity that they have is sometimes surprising. That is the same thing as I said, is the development of ego in a human being.

Now ego is the thing that makes you think about everything. For example, now we have to, say go from here to Birmingham, alright. So we think now, “how will I go?” Simple way is that I’ll take a train or I’ll take a car and go away. If there’s no reservation needed, I will just jump into the train or go by the car. If the car is available, I’ll go by car or by train finished! What is there to think about? But “No! Then we must plan it out, I have programmed! Now, I have to go!”  You go to the station and find the train is not there because there was some accident so the train is not moving. So you’re absolutely upset because you think that “The train has gone now what to do.?” In that upsetting you do not even remember that you have a car and you have to go by the car now. That whole thing upsets you because you had plans to go by train and you had planned everything, now you cannot reach there and what will happen? Now you are sitting here and worrying about it. As a person who is spontaneous what will he do? “Alright depends on, I may go by train or by car whatever I feel like at that time.” He’s sitting tight. So he goes to the train, sees if the train is there. If it is, nicely there’s a space available, he gets into it. If the train is not available, alright, he comes home takes his car and goes away.

So now you have informed the people that you must meet at such and such a place – that also is there,. So those people are running up, down there – and they will be there at the station. Now what’s the matter? Even if they’re at the station you can meet them at the station. You go by train and you can meet them. What is there to be that much upset about it? You see you can always contact them. But the way we get upset we have spoiled the complete program of going to Birmingham, which is a very beautiful program that we have got. We have to meet new people, we have to meet many people, we have to enjoy ourselves. That’s all finished! Because we had planned something and it did not work out, we are finished!

All these things make us a miserable person. And we are so miserable and so grudging and so boring that those who are next to you just get fed up with it and they say, “Now shut up! If you are not going to Birmingham, if you are not going don’t go. But don’t eat my head now!” is a common experience of many. It’s this Mr. Ego he’s so, he doesn’t want you to be happy. He doesn’t want you to be relaxed. He all the time gives you ideas and tells you, “Do this and do that and you must get it done and this is to be done. You had better inform that person, be meticulous about it,” and it will go to such details that anything fails you are finished because your nerves are already finished and shattered. Anything, even a drop of inconvenience comes into you or even a feather of disturbance is there, you are finished. And so everybody is rattling, “We have tensions. We have problems.” Why?

What is the advantage of doing all these things? No advantage you know that. But then why do you do it? Because you have a big ego, it won’t allow you to rest. Whatever you may try it won’t. So what is the solution of that? Morning till evening ask for forgiveness from God. Pull your ears from both the sides and say, “Oh God, forgive me. Oh God, forgive me. And, oh God forgive me,” so this balloon of ego goes down a little.

Remember Him morning, evening, every time. Remembering Christ brings down your ego very much. He did everything that was possible that you should not develop your ego. Everything that was possible. He was born as an ordinary carpenter’s son, lived in the most ordinary conditions, kept Himself behind the whole scene. He could have been born as a Roman Emperor. He could have been anybody there. But no He was born Himself. You know that He took his birth in a place where even ordinary people do not take their births. But, there also the light was there. Wherever He was born there was light and joy.

And this is the thing we have to know, that we have lost the joy because we have forgotten God Almighty. When we forget Him, that He is love and He is joy, naturally joy is also forgotten. And then we see people are not at all happy; they have affluence, they have money, they have everything, but still they are not happy. All the time they are in such a mess that you don’t know how to talk to them. If you say this word they’ll be angry, if you say that word they’ll be angry. They are not at all normal human beings, they are sick people. Sick with their ego.

Is a very simple thing is to ask for forgiveness, but how many times do we do that? Not even once a day, not even once a month, not even once a year. Even on a Christmas day if we could say, “Forgive us Oh Lord for whatever we have done so far.” It will work out. But that day we must champagne to forgive Him more. So we must have gossips and we must have all the arrogant things by the time it is the end of Christmas.

This ego, yellow side one, is the one that presses your superego too much. It does. It presses it so much sometimes that a person forgets that others are hurt by what they talk. On the contrary they devise methods how to say things which are cutting, which are hurting, which are painful to others. They say such things, I mean all the time if you see, a person say from a village if he comes and sees he’ll think, are they quarrelling, what are they doing? I mean the whole discussion, even in the parliament, I was surprised the way they talked to each other, no bull will treat another bull that way! Even a dog normally does not bark at another dog. No animal in the world all the time is barking at its fellow man. No animal in the whole world I can tell you this much. Only the human beings if two people are there all the time they are going, “ha ha ha ha” all the time, that way. How is it possible? His ego and her ego or maybe both his ego are dashing at each other. And there is a kind of a funny type of feeling that “Oh I have mastered the thing, I have got the thing, I have got the point. I have proved the point!” But in that I have lost everything that was so beautiful and so much joy giving within me.

Actually, a sensible person would recede from the place where two people are having an argument.

Argument is a sign of tomfoolery. I haven’t seen any argument coming to any end whatsoever. If it is then it is alright, but it never does come. Because, if say, you ask Me questions I answer you, alright. If you do not like the answer give it up. But if you argue with Me still and I argue with you where will you end? Argument is not going to lead you to any knowledge but a very terrible ego developing into you.

The whole modern concept is ego-oriented. All western countries are ego-orientated. They want to develop your ego and pamper it. There are so many other ways by which they do. Why I’m talking more about it [is] because we are all supposed to be western people and affluent people. Supposed to be very wise and leading or misleading, I don’t know, the developing countries. So we have to understand ourselves where are we as far as our understanding of things are concerned.

How ego is pampered within us is by a large-scale method. They work on your ego throughout to have all these so-called enterprises. For example to a woman they’ll say, “Oh you must have a waist like this and you must have a face like this and you must have…” For a man, “You must this kind of a body. You should be Mr. Universe or you should be something,” so the man starts working on it, immediately. You must. There so many people I have seen running on the roads in this cold, I don’t understand. Like mad, you know, and some of them are Members of Parliament! The whole night they keep awake and the whole day they are running about. I say – what are you doing? What is the need to do this? “To keep good health, you must do it.” To keep good health don’t work like mad, be a sensible and a wise person. Wisdom is to be sought to keep good health, to be alright and not this kind of mad ego-orientated things.

So then, the one way is to excite your ego about your physique. Then there is ego about, you must have a big car. You see, people try to show off their possessions. You have a big car, then they’re going about. I mean they really look, to Me, like jokers. That’s all they are. I mean, car I can understand is a convenience and a good quality car, if somebody can afford, should have it, because it is a headache to have a bad car. So, it’s alright. But by having a car you become something great. You may not have food in the house but you must have a very good car to go about. And all these ideas come. Then they will advertise – “This will be a very good car for you.” What is it for you? It is nothing but to pamper your ego. All these advertisements are nothing but by which your ego is pampered. All these things they are created.

Now in America, if you go, every handle has to be different, everything has to be different. Why so much difference in everything? Why do you want to have everything so different? Is it some aesthetics, you think in that? It is none of the aesthetics but is just to pamper your ego. Even the so-called art connoisseurs are nothing but ego-pamperers. Your stamp collections, this, that – all this is nothing but ego pampering. And what a waste of time, you just think about it.

This ego thing comes into us because we are, first of all, as I said, that, in the West, the living was very difficult, they had to fight the nature. And when you have to fight the nature you have to develop your ego to fight it. Or actually, when you are fighting the nature, the ego develops within you. And then, once that momentum has started in you, it is very difficult to bring it down. It is such a terrible disease that people have taken it for granted that that’s a part of their lives.

You are not your ego. You are not. When I say that you must surrender yourself to God they say  “Mother why should we surrender?”  ‘Yourself’ means that ego with which you are identified. I don’t say that you surrender your wisdom. Or I can say: surrender your ego to your wisdom.

But it is so difficult to give it up, because we have learnt to live with it, identified with it. We just cannot think of life without our ego, we just cannot. And it is gone to such an extent that we don’t even realise how far we have gone in cruelty. Like, “I like this kind, I like that kind.” You go to somebody’s house and you say like this: is indecent to talk like that. It is vulgar to express, “I like…” Who are you? Are you God? “I want this. I want that. I am very particular about this. I am very…”  Who are you? Just ask yourself a question, “Who am I? I am the Spirit.  I am that eternal being. Have I become that?”

On the contrary, we are hurting everybody’s Spirit by our ego. Every moment, when we talk to others, we are hurting them. Actually, people have lost faith in God, because those who are in charge of God are so arrogant and so egoistical that it has become impossible for anybody to think of God, which is beyond your ego. You’ll be surprised, ego is absolutely superficial like a bubble. It is just like a balloon, which can burst just like that! And it should go. It should go so that you should rise. It should disappear so that your attention rises in your Spirit and that you see the whole world as a part of that Spirit that you are. This is the boundary, which you have to cross and for that we have to take help from Christ.

Christ crucified himself. Why? Because what did He do? Did He loot people? Today you have thousands of these thugs coming here and looting you: nobody crucifies them. What did He do? He just challenged the ego of these Romans and of these Jews, those who were angry with Him, and that’s why He was crucified.

And we have to crucify our ego now through His cross, otherwise we are going to do the same again to ourselves that, in our own being, we crucify our Christ by our ego. It is a very symbolic death of Christ. His birth in the most humble place, in a very humble place. He is born in the optic thalamus, you can say: is the place where there brain, all activities coming and, all the, all sorts of problems there, facing you, and there He lives. And you have to just awaken Him there so that your ego is crucified once for all.

But I don’t say, “You fight your ego,” because it is not that important to fight. You are fighting with your shadow. You have shadow, which is called as ego: Which is not to be fought and to waste your energy on him. There’s no need to fight him. Only thing [is], if you stand in the centre of the light – you don’t see any shadow. It is so simple as that. If you stand in the centre of light that is Christ, you don’t see any shadow anywhere. But when I say this, I may sound like other people who give sermons, “Stand in the shadow of Christ” or “Stand in the light of Christ.” Now what does that mean? Where is that light, where is that place where you should stand? And that place is here in the centre of your optic thalamus where there is no thought. You have to stand in thoughtless awareness.

Many people who have had a problem with Agnya, many people who have come… (interruption in talk) …thoughts will stop and they will be beyond thought. And this a very, very important chakra for sahaja yogis because when the Kundalini rises above, above the Agnya chakra – immediately there is no thought. You do not get any thoughts from ego or superego. But there is a wobbling in the Agnya because of your imbalanced ways. And the imbalanced ways are, that sometimes you are with ego or with superego.

This has happened to our people in the West because we have had so much of ego [that] we got really tired of it. We got frightened with it. Then we started taking to drugs and things to increase our superego. But by doing that, what we are doing is pushing by one end bringing by another end and that’s how we are wobbling our ego and superego, by which we are not helping ourselves at all.

So what one has to do is to rise within oneself up to the point of Agnya and try to steady your Agnya.

There are many people have asked Me one question: “How to steady the Agnya?” Agnya is placed at the crossing point of our nerves and also optic thalamus. Now, so it is said that, if you have wobbling eyes, you’ll have a wobbling Agnya. You have to steady your eyes, you have to soothe them. Now it is very, very out of date, ancient, old and all sorts of names that you call it, to a thing like that, but you must steady your eyes and steady them in such a way that it is very soothing for the eyes. [That] which is the most soothing thing for the eyes is the green grass. If you could see the green grass with your eyes, means you walk with your eyes on the ground, your eyes will be soothed, your Agnya will be alright.

That’s why Christ said that, “I tell you about the adulterous eyes”. He talked about adulterous eyes. The eyes with which you do adultery. Is a very common thing these days. Every woman, a man must see; every man, a woman must see. As if it is the most important job, if you have not seen one woman you are finished! I mean this is being modern. But I am an old fashioned lady, and, as at the time of Christ, He said, “You should not have adulterous eyes.” And the ones who have adulterous eyes are, no more than any other, but our Western Christians, who all the time, even in the church, even when they’re giving sermons, their eyes are moving with adultery.

These eyes have to be very, very pure, very, very deep and very, very loving when you want to have your Agnya alright, because you receive through your eyes. Say, if you have closed your eyes, you do not put your attention to anything because your eyes are closed, you are not adding more thoughts to yourself. But if your eyes are open you are adding much more thoughts because everywhere the eyes go, the attention goes, and you see things and create thoughts and put in them. So your attention which has to go to the Spirit, which has to go to God, which has to shine through the window of Divine: this beautiful thing is ruined by the way we use our eyes and we do not respect it.

There’s nothing so pure and beautiful as the grass on the ground or the ground itself, which takes our feet, which supports us, which looks after us, enriches us. We should put our eyes on the Mother Earth instead of looking at every person.

But from Sahaja Yoga point of view, now many of you know what happens to your eyes when you look at somebody: maybe an entity might enter your eyes. And it is, you’ll be amazed, that it is the play of the entity what we call this so-called flirting is. I have talked about it, before also, and people didn’t like it when I told them about it, but I have seen actual entities entering from eyes to eyes. I have seen very simple people who come down to such places, say in a party. In a party, people are just exchanging entities from one eye to another. Once it goes to another person, he puts his entity into another person, and that goes into another person. All the time your attention is diverted and you feel it is attracted towards something, you do not know why it is attracted.

Now the certain symbols are also made like that. To add up to the problems, all the society is working at it – that you should appear in such a way that every man should look at you, every woman should look at you. Why? What is the use? Supposing I look at you what do I get? What do I get by looking at a person? What is the advantage? Just looking at a person? We are wasting such a lot of energy for what?

In the same way if you are walking on the roads, on, say, some, we are seeing some beautiful things, alright. If you have to buy something, alright go ahead, see those things, whatever you have to select is alright. But all the time just because your eyes are such, you are just doing it and you do not know the reason why you are doing like this, all the time why your eyes are wobbling. And that is a sure and certain sign for a person to become mad. Absolutely, that’s a sure and certain sign is, when a person is mad how do you make it out that a person is lunatic? If you see his eyes the iris in the eyes are all the time wobbling, they cannot keep it steady. Or [if] they are sick they’re also, you can see that these eyes are all the time wobbling, there is no steadiness.

Not only this but you have seen those people who have come in the Sahaja Yoga when they close their eyes they find their eyes are flickering. Their eyelids are flickering. That means there’s some sort of a disturbance in the Kundalini rising. Whole tension if you call it as hundred then at least 80% of it comes through our eyes. Then how important it is to protect our eyes from all kind of useless activities we are doing.

Christ – Christ’s life shows so many aspects of how to respect others. But one of them which has been very much misused throughout is that of the prostitute. He saved the prostitute, He saved her no doubt. But you spoil the prostitutes. A good woman you make her into prostitutes. You give her ideas by which she becomes a prostitute. A good hussif (housewife) is turned into a prostitute by an egotistical man. Young small girls who are virgins are being destroyed by your dirty glances. Do you realise this? That you are doing just the opposite what Christ had done? And you say that He saved, Christ, so even if we are prostitutes, He’ll save us. But why be prostitutes? This is such a stupid style of thinking. That we should become prostitutes so that Christ will save us.

One has to think about all these things in the proper light of Sahaja Yoga. Unless and until you are realised, My talk is just useless for you. But once you are realised, you will know that, if you glance at someone, you might suddenly get a headache at the back, you might feel a dart has gone into your head or something has happened, you might feel that you’re blinding with somebody’s face and you will get all kinds of experiences by which you will know how important are your eyes.

All your nervousness and everything can be cured if you have pure eyes. But it is such a vicious circle that, through your eyes, you gather all the bad, and is accumulated in the Agnya and you have to clear the Agnya to make the eyes clear. It’s a vicious circle. But it can start at a point as I said, we have to ask for forgiveness. Secondly we have to bring Christ in our Agnya chakra. Thirdly we have to give up all drugs and all intoxicants and all smoking.

That happens automatically when you are a sahaja yogi, it will work out. But eyes express the whole of your being, your brain, your body, your limbs everything. And if your Agnya is alright then your eyes are perfectly alright. They emit nothing but love wherever they glance. Only with a glance of your eyes you can raise the Kundalini. Only with the glance of your eyes you can cure people. Only with your glance you can bring joy into the destroyed and the ruined people.

So, these eyes which you see, are the windows of your being, of your heart. When the Spirit is expressed through your eyes, you must have noticed yourself that, when the Kundalini rises then the eyes become dilated. And a Realised soul has got black eyes because they have these eyes are dilated. At least when I see them they are all dilated black eyes. Apart from that, a realised soul can be made out by his eyes which are sparkling, there’s a sparkle like diamonds; they sparkle all the time and you can make out from the eyes that this person is a realised soul. There’s a tremendous difference between a non-realised soul’s eyes and the realised soul’s eyes. So you can imagine how your Spirit sees through your eyes, but if the eyes are not pure It doesn’t stay there long. So if we have to understand Christ, physically, we have to respect our eyes, mentally, we have to give up all that is impure in our mind.

Now. So, we come to the impurities of the mind: And the impurities of mind are, I mean, there are so many poisons, you know, about. I mean there are books and books written about the poisons. And the psychologists are supposed to take out all your poisons. I don’t know if they can do it at all. But they have the worst Agnya. All these psychologists have the worst Agnya and I don’t think they are capable of really giving any relief to people who are suffering mentally. Mental sufferings are of two types. Say the same thing is that one is –

Shri Mataji says aside: Vibrations are so much, I can’t stand it.

One type of mental troubles are where people oppress you very much – you go on bearing the cross! Now this is a very wrong idea people have about Christ. Bearing the cross doesn’t mean that, anybody who tries to oppress, you should go on taking the enslavement upon yourself. You’re not to enslave to anyone whatsoever. Anybody who tries to make a slave out of you, you should deny it absolutely! You should say ‘hum’, ‘I am’, “Who are you to dominate me?” Anyone whether you are of a black skin, or a red skin or a yellow skin, nobody has right to dominate anyone in this whole world, and if anybody is doing it, “Oh what to do now, after all we are poor people, or we are like this or he’s supporting,” and all that: then they are running away from their duty towards themselves. Such people cannot get Realisation.  Slaves are not going to become kings.

So, the slavery that is supposed to be confused with bearing the cross is another confusion of modern times. We have to rise in our self-respect and we have to understand that no one in this world has a right to dominate us.

But then what is bearing of the cross is? First of all the people of His level never suffer. It’s just a joke going on. It’s a leela, it’s a play going on for them. They never suffer, and even if they so-called act as suffering, they just do it because they want to do it. They are not helpless people, they are not slaves. And those who think that by bearing it up and by suffering it we are becoming Christians, they should know they are psychological cases. And if they are crying and weeping and all the time saying, “What to do? I am in love and my lover tortures me.” You are neither in love neither you have a lover. It is a kind of a psychological clubbing. That he is a dominating man and you like his domination, that’s why you are together, is a simple fact.

So, every human being has his own self-respect. And he must respect his self that is the Spirit within him. And nothing should dominate it. Whether you belong to this country or that country, or this ‘ism’ or that ‘ism’. All this will break down. Under the rule of God nobody has the right to dominate anybody’s Spirit. But when you are given freedom, you go to the other side that is Mr. Ego. You do not know how to use your freedom, so you try to dominate others. Your freedom is [making] everybody’s freedom is in danger. You are on top of everyone, and torturing everybody’s souls. And you are dominating by land and by properties or by possessions. So either this way or that way, mentally if you are of this category or that category, you are against yourself. Just be in the centre and see for yourself. Just be looking at it. Are you emitting love towards another person? If you are a slave, how can you love? You cannot. If you are ‘free’ and abandoned, how can you love? Love has its own bondages, very sweet and beautiful. You have to live with them. You enjoy those bondages.

For a little child will come to your house and he will spoil your house, no doubt, and that he should do, and you should enjoy that spoiling. Then your freedom, if it is challenged by a little child’s crying, then you are not wise people. This is abandonment! Or I would say it is loneliness, it is cutting out from the Primordial, from the Big One, from the large one that you are: is not to be able to tolerate the freedom of others. A child has no freedom to cry in the house? What sort of freedom you conceive of? A mother has no right to say something she wants to say about her child? Which is her duty to tell him what is right and wrong. If the son does not have [the] right to eat whatever he likes in his own mother’s family then what sort of freedom do you have? It’s such a confusion of things. So this kind of freedom is just the opposite and extreme of enslavement. But in the centre is love where you are bound by everyone. I am bound by My children; yes, I am, I am proud of them. They bound Me and I bound them too. It’s a mutual bounding which we enjoy among ourselves. There is such a give and take when there is such a bondage of love.

But do we understand the importance of bondage of love? At the slightest pretext we break it. Say a wife says, “I would like to go out today”. The husband has said “Why? I am very tired don’t you understand?” Or if the husband says, “I feel like eating something,” or some particular thing, he says pancake or something, a small thing. “Oh I am very tired every time you are demand…” If she could just think [that], by making that little thing, he would be so very happy. She should be dying to know what he wants. And he should be dying to do what she wants. And then enjoy each other’s company or you are wasting all your properties that you have as human beings. You don’t know how much you are wasting from each other. Every moment is filled with such beautiful bondages, where exchanges are there. What have you gained? The way you are fighting, the way you are going about: what have you gained let me see?

When you die you have to announce in the paper that “XYZ is dead” and you find there is nobody. And you have even to pay for people to visit you when you die. This is the case today. Such dryness, such emptiness, such loneliness exists. What have you achieved through this?

So this bondage we have to [have]. And there is no question of sacrifice, the way we must sacrifice for the family. What are you sacrificing? I mean if you pay for your family you get the joy out of it, that’s why you do it. If you have to lead a nice good life you are not sacrificing anything but you are gaining by that, leading a good life. If your wife says, “Don’t go to the pub,” and if you do not go there, then you should not say, “She is an orthodox, old fashioned this that, that and that and that”. But instead, you should thank your stars that, in these modern times also that, there is somebody who’s telling you the truth.

Because the whole edifice has come up, do you mean to say that truth should not be told? All this is falsehood in which you are living, and if you have to be happy – come down to reality.

Friends, also same thing: With the friends what sort of relations do we have with our friends? What do we expect from them? Sending them a Christmas card and then if they don’t send, feeling bad about it. There are no deeper bondages, we have not lived with them. If you allow our self to be bound by them, they will be bound by us. You better try this. Try to be bound by them, don’t be afraid of anybody else. Just try to be bound by others and you’ll be amazed how much they will be giving you. I am a living example of this. I can tell you, I am a living example of this; I am bound by all of you. If somebody says, “Mother when are you going to leave us?” No I cannot. I cannot. I am just bound by you. I just do not want to leave because I love you very much. How can I leave you? It’s impossible for Me. So then, what do I gain out of this life? Every – thing – that – is – in – this – world!

What do you want Me to get? I cannot even count what I can get out of it. Immeasurable ocean. I become an ocean Myself. Break your ideas about your own personal freedom and liberation, [what you are doing] is liberating your intelligence, you are liberating your own wisdom. And the sweetness and the beauty which is never perishable, whether you are old or young. That is going to be your own.

But these poisons that are being built outside and inside you, please throw them away. These are mental poisons. Through Agnya you can take them out. You see, this is an opening also through which many things go out. Try to work it out. Look at the tree with love and you’ll find that the tree itself is giving you the joy of its creation. Because you’ll become thoughtless. And the Creator who has made that beautiful tree will be pouring all that joy which is stored into it. Every human being is a store of joy, unlimited! I assure you, believe Me. And don’t waste them because somebody is not properly dressed, or he’s not according to the way you want him to be: which you learnt in your public school! Every doorstep, everywhere there is beauty lying, do not miss it. But if you have a possessiveness about it, an adultery about it, then you can never enjoy them, you can never enjoy all that beauty, all that store, all that wealth that is in every human being: every moment it is bubbling.

For Agnya, it’s a good thing, Christmas is coming. And at the time that, when I have to wish you a Happy Christmas, that, at this occasion, I am speaking about Agnya chakra in which, what I said is, Agnya is: one must know what to order and how to obey, obey the Divine, obey your elders, obey your Self and not your ego – and then you can order also others; not only human beings, but you can even order The Sun and The Moon and all the winds and everything in the world. Everything you can control, everything with this Agnya. You try one thing. If you know somebody is going to do something wrong, just take his name and put it to Agnya: He’ll not do it. Try it! This is a trick I’m telling about for those who are realised souls not for those who are not yet realised. But those who are realised can try. If the other person is doing something wrong you can try your Agnya.

Anything you order on your Agnya will be respected but your Agnya must have Christ there. Because you have The Great Support awakened within you, which does not exist [only] here, but into every man’s head. It is all pervading, into all small atoms and molecules, it is everywhere into The Sun and any place you go. It is there.

So try to develop your Agnya, that is the mastery of your self. Those who have a good Agnya can master anything. And understand that the idea about mastering worldly things and mastering human beings and mastering this and some of them are mastering in, say, other crafts and things, best thing is to master your Agnya! And you really become the master of yourself by which you can master many things.

And today on this great day when I’m wishing you a Happy Christmas, I wish you to have the most powerful Agnya, that people, when they see your forehead should know that Christ is reborn again with in you.

May God bless you!

We do not have any programs after days, I’m sorry. Because I’m going to India. I’m going on the 7th, the 9th back…I think in the end of march, all of you who have been here who have got realization and have not got realization should know that it is very subtle thing which has worked within you, and it has helped all of you every way. So, we have also an ashram. The address of the ashram will be now told to you, so that you note it down for yourself, where is the ashram. It is very near to the Dollis Hills station (not clear). Please go and meet those people. And meet your brothers and sisters who are there, and there is a telephone number will be there. Please contact them, and keep the contact. Another thing is that we are going to have a new year’s day celebration. All of us having lunch together and you are all invited to be there about twelve thirty or so. And we will have some lunch and some music and some, meeting together and the bondage part of it. Thank you very much.

May God bless you.