Christmas Message: Thankfulness

London (England)


1978-12-24 Christmas Message London

…only thing to do is to come down as a human being, to live like a human being, and suffer like a human being. And He came down on this earth, to know now, to know the world that He has created, from inside, out. That’s how He came just to save us.

But I mean, he was talking and his Agnya was such a big catch that I was just saying ki (that) thing he is talking about itself is evident in him – that there is no sense of humility left in him! The way he was using Christ for that! And a very horrible Agnya! And I cleared it out. And the whole thing was like a…I was thinking he was putting up an act. And then the most miserable part was later on when he said that, “What is your message for the people of other communities who are here and what do you say?” He said that, “We should love our neighbour and that’s how we must love you. And it’s for the wellbeing, and that’s why we had started a thing by which we give people jobs and look after them.” And the thing all started with a philanthropic thing, and then it became a union, a labour union, and then he became a social worker, and ultimately he ended up with an employment exchange!! (laughing) And I didn’t know what sort of a bishop is he and when is he going to talk about the emancipation of the Spirit within? When is he going to talk about the evolution? And when is he going to talk that we have to be aware of ourselves? And – nothing! Not a word!  What he spoke was this, and so disappointing, I tell you.

I mean, all the way Christ came only just to give you jobs? (laughing) And then they had a man put up there who talked about how they give jobs to people who don’t have jobs and how they create jobs. So the whole thing became an economic activity!

So, [to] understand God and His humility by saying that He should come all the way on this earth just to give us employment exchange! I mean this is how if you are going to judge God’s incarnation, I don’t know what you are going to get out of them. Because this is a wrong conception you have about God and His ways. Absolutely. And people listen to him, I mean without any questioning or anything because he was a bishop elected by all of you, and he was on and on and on.

So this is, one has to understand, why did Christ come on this earth? Why did He come all the way with all humility? Why did He come as a poor man on this earth? And why did He, at all, wanted to get crucified and to sacrifice His life for the people who were supposed to be sinners? This is what we should find out. Not for unemployment or for getting you a material gain because He Himself has said that, “A rich man can never enter into the Kingdom of God.”

So to get jobs for people or to get them some…there was a disabled person, and “a disabled person should be helped, and that is the job of the Church.” And that’s what they were describing, that how they were helping the disabled people in this country!!

So, because He cured certain people that doesn’t mean that He came to look after the disabled hospitals and things like that! But He came on this earth for a new awareness being shot into our being. He was born at a time when human beings had no idea as to what is the eternal life, what is the Spirit, what we call the ‘Atma’ is. They never even thought that there is something like that. He was born in a place where they did not think on those lines.

And though in India, we can say that people have been thinking about Atma and Paramatma since long; but they also achieved nothing because all these so-called religious leaders of India were busy collecting money. Then Christ came in, you see. And they were – I don’t know what sort of temples they had or what sort of pujas they used to have, or what ideas they had about God because He came out two thousand years ago. And that same time Buddhism also was spreading in India. And all these things, if you see in the collectively, it is very disturbing to see people using Buddha in that fashion. And it was necessary that Christ should come on this earth to tell them that it is the Spirit that you have to find out. You don’t have to worry about other things, but it is the Spirit which is to be reborn. You are to be reborn. You are to be Christian. And that’s how we came on this earth. But He could not cross the limit of Bethlehem. I mean, He was just, we can say of – absolutely gated into that place because of the ignorance of the people. His message never spread out when He lived.

So His purpose was to come on this earth, on the Agnya chakra, as you know that, to open it, and to give a new dimension to our awareness by which we try to understand what Krishna had said that, “Nainam chidanti shastrani, nainam dahati pavaka.” Krishna had said that, “The Spirit cannot be destroyed, it cannot be killed, it cannot be wiped out, it cannot be blown off.” “Na chainam kledayantyapo, na shosayati marutaha.”  “It cannot be sucked in by any air.” And when Krishna said that people said, “What sort of a Spirit is that? Where is that Atma? What are you talking about? Which one it is?” So Christ came on this earth because He is the essence. And He showed by His resurrection that Spirit does not die. And He showed it very clearly what Krishna had said, because, you know, He was Krishna’s son, and that’s how He did it. But before He could deliver the complete thing to human beings they crucified Him. And that is the way they respected Him and that is the way they came to Him.

Now in Sahaja Yoga also, we must know that if you go to Sahaja Yoga, it is not [that] you are obliging Sahaja Yoga. You see, this is how a person talks today when Christ is no more. That, “Christ came on this earth, it was His humility,” because you understand how great He was. I mean, at least, you try to pose that you understand, then you say like that. But when you come to Sahaja Yoga, you think the Sahaja Yoga should oblige you and not you are being under the obligation of Sahaja Yoga.

[Part 2]

…conditions about your spirituality through completely humbling down yourself because it is the grace of God that must be sought for. And somebody’s grace you cannot force it down. You cannot demand it. You cannot ask for it. You cannot say that, “I am such and such a big king”, and something like that, “so the grace should come to me.” No, it may not come to you at all. Even you may be the highest priest of the Church of England, you may not get the grace of God. To get the grace of God you have to ask for it, you have to be humble.

It is like we expect to go to the king’s palace and then we want that the king should come forward, he should kneel down, and he should take you by hand and make you sit on the throne! I mean, this is something absurd! We can understand that. But even more than that is an incarnation. An incarnation comes down in complete humility, not to be humiliated, but to make you understand that an incarnation has come all the way for your emancipation and for your spiritual growth. Then you should with great surrendering and great humility should accept it.

But the general attitude, you have seen how Sahaja Yogis before coming and after coming, how they realise how others are behaving towards Sahaja Yoga. They have no humility about it. They are thinking, “Oh, we’ll come and judge Mataji. We’ll see how she is. We’ll watch her and we’ll do this, or we’ll come and see the Sahaja Yogis are like this.” They never come with the idea that they have to receive it out of their own humility, because they have asked for it, that’s why they are going to have it. On the contrary, they behave so funnily. Despite that, they get it. Despite that, they get their Realisation. Despite that, they get everything else.

But one should know that, somehow or other you should try to tell those who come, now you’ll be coming down here, you see I’ll be not here, and they’ll be coming to see you, many people know about your address, then you should tell them that, “We have to realise [that] if we have to get something then there should be an area created within us through our humility.” Like if you throw a stone into the Ganges you do not get any water out of it. But if you are a pitcher, if there is an area which can take that water in then only can you fill in the Ganges. Now, if you go to the Ganges and tell Her, abuse Her and say, “Oh, you Ganges, come along to my house!” Will She come to your house? In the same way one has to understand an incarnation or a blessing of God, or a grace of God. We have to ask for it and humble down for it.

They have all the rituals. For example – if you go to the church, they’ll say, “Kneel down” and even the priest would say, kneel down before him. Though he may not be a realised soul or anything, this bishop of Canterbury or somebody who spoke today, he is not a realised soul, his Kundalini is just frozen. But the way everybody was very humbled down before him. He never deserved it, according to Me, he never deserves it, but we’ll do that. But to an incarnation not only that you are not humble to Him, but we are extremely insulting, humiliating and we crucify. We have to see that human nature. It is such a terrible thing to do and if this is done often then the wrath of God has to come, we cannot stop it because the way we are behaving, and the way we are looking at it.

Now, think of Christ, how He was created, as you have seen in the Devi Mahatmyam, the Mahavishnu stage, how He was created specially in the heaven, and then how He was brought in. You have read it in the Devi Mahatmyam, His creation. With all those things which are being done to Him, all the powers that were given to Him, and was specially asked to come on this earth, to live like a ordinary human being. Say, if you tell a king to go and live in a shack, or you can say in a place which is not meant for even human existence, in such places, if you ask a king to go and live, it will be very difficult. But they do it, they have done it. And when they come here, the attitude of the people should be completely surrendering; to thank God that you have done this for us. Thankfulness. And the thankfulness is the way to joy, there is no other way. We get everything but we never thank. Grudging type we are.

Today is the day of thankfulness that He sent His only son, as we say, and he came himself so many times on this earth, and how we have been helped by his coming here, his aspect coming down on this earth. The thankfulness if you do not have, you’ll never see the joy that you have – whatever you have got, whatever God has given you out of His grace, out of His compassion, out of His love. There is not even a second, which you can spare, but thank Him all the time. It’s only thankfulness. And when you thank Him, the waves of joy will rise within you. Because we do not know how to thank Him for what we have got it. There is no joy within us and we are joyless people, we are very unhappy. Whatever we have, we are not happy about it.

So, this is the point is that, Have we thanked Him? Have we thanked Him every moment of our lives, whatever He has given us? It’s a great thing, the greatest thing, is that He has given us Realisation, and He has given us the way of Sahaja by which we can now find out ourselves fully.

And the another thing is, unless and until that is done, we cannot perfect anything in this world, nothing can be perfected. All your institutions, all your endeavours are going to be imperfect. A human being has to be perfected and he has to get cured and, for that, the only simple thing is to humble down. Humbling down is the only way you can get it. There is no way of arguing about it, there is no way of talking about it, or imposing on anyone – nothing of the kind – but how much you are humbled down within yourself is the point.

Always look into your heart, humble down, humble down, and humble down. And thank, every moment, every minute. And that is the key to spark the joy out of every moment. Every moment has an ocean of joy in it but to spark it you must thank for whatever you have got. But if you are a grudging type, all the time if you think that, “Oh, I haven’t got this, I haven’t got this, I haven’t got that,” then you can never enjoy whatever you have. And that is what is the message for Christmas for everyone: is that Christmas is a day of thankfulness because He gave His only son to you and He came as an extremely humble person, in a very humble abode, in a very humble birth. And that is a thing one has to know, that we have to be thankful for what we have got, materially, physically, emotionally, and mentally also whatever we have learnt. While He lived in complete poverty, with complete thankfulness within him.

So may God bless you!

I am very much thankful for this house, that my children have got it. I am very much thankful that my children are all here and they are enjoying.

I am very much thankful that I am with them and that your problems are solved.

I don’t know how to thank for all this, your love that you have shown, and all the beautiful things you have been thinking and singing, and how you have taken to Sahaja Yoga and working for it. There is no end to it!

But you also enjoy it by thanking all the time.

May God bless you!