Letter London (England)

Letter translated from Marathi. London 1979.
My dear Sahaja Yogis,
Received your loving and beautiful letters and messages of greetings. Here, I am busy in the work in London and could not write. Once I told you that Sahaja Yoga is beginning from Navaratri this year. That is, Satya Yuga, for which you were so far preparing, will now be seen. As a tree has to sprout first in the earth and then its sapling peeps out, […]

Letter Human Chitta has many illusions (Location Unknown)

Letter translated from Marathi, 1979.
Human chitta has many illusions. When they are removed, human chitta becomes enlightened and blissful. Many of your illusions have been removed by Kundalini awakening.
1. You have realised that Kundalini is not an imaginary but a living power in man.
2. This power is within every human being and its awakening takes place spontaneously in a normal person.
3. This awakening does not take place by any act. But, if a person has committed bad deeds, […]