Letter Human Chitta has many illusions

(Location Unknown)

Letter translated from Marathi, 1979. (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1979 ISSUE)

Human chitta has many illusions. When they are removed, human chitta becomes enlightened and blissful. Many of your illusions have been removed by Kundalini awakening.
1. You have realised that Kundalini is not an imaginary but a living power in man.
2. This power is within every human being and its awakening takes place spontaneously in a normal person.
3. This awakening does not take place by any act. But, if a person has committed bad deeds, awakening is not possible because, even in the dormant state, She is aware of the past deeds of the person. Kundalini has righteousness and, although she is Mother, in witness state she knows what is good and bad for the person. Diseased body and mind get cured by the grace of Kundalini.
4. Kundalini shakti is the power of desire of Bhagwati. She is easily awakened just by the wish (Sankalpa) of Bhagwati. A person of very high order has to put in great efforts for it. But it is not his fault.
5. Brahma Tattwa which is flowing within you in the form of vibrations cleans all your three sheaths – body, mind and ego. When any of these sheaths becomes impure your vibrations give you the indications.
6. You get the bliss of the Spirit, if you become of sound body, pure mind and ego-less. Vibrations of bliss flow from the Spirit because its light beams unaffected (??).
7. How has this Universe been made? Why was it made? Is Param-Atma existing? These doubts are basic. Even Gods have not understood them. But what I have told, if it’s right or wrong, can be ascertained on vibrations. For that, your vibrations should be good. When you will learn with your experience’s that love and Truth are one. And when, with your experiences, you will realise your very subtle Brahma Tattwa, then your illusion, that Brahma is detached, will go. Brahma Tattwa will blossom from within you as a lotus, and its fragrance will spread. Impurities will go from the physical, subtle and causal bodies. When your chitta becomes Brahma Tattwa then the illusion due to unreal will be destroyed.
8. Although Brahma Tattwa  is like the sun, its rays reflect on the unreal (water) and that disturbs your attention. It will not be disturbed when your chitta becomes Brahma (sun) itself. This illusion will go by meditation in the company of the ever loving Bhagwati.
9. You have become collectively conscious. This power of collective consciousness which is awakened within you, is Brahma Shakti and it is present in the Universe, in different forms and even in molecules. It is the solidity (Jada Shakti) in solids. In living being, it is beauty (Saundarya Shakti). In waking state, it is the power of bliss. In Sahaja  Yoga, it is the power of consciousness bliss. In Param-yoga it is supreme bliss and within Bhagwati it is the power of being Brahma (Brahma-bhootwa shakti). You have understood all these, but should experience them. You should have a steady mind and, surrendering your heart, become free from illusion. These are my blessings.

Ever yours,
Mother Nirmala