What is the Kundalini and how it awakens

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (India)

1979-01-09 What is the Kundalini and how it awakens Hindi, Mumbai, 74'
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Talk in Hindi at the Bharat Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 9 January 1979.

[English Translation from Hindi]

I feel glad about meeting everyone. A human being reads, listen from people, listen to lectures, big scholars come and give lectures, many books have been written, that there is a kingdom of God in this world. God has made this world.

Do your hand like this. Sit like this till I give the lecture. During this only kundalini will be awakened. Today I am going to tell you what is kundalini and how it can be awakened. Yesterday I told you that the human body we are looking at today, powers running this human body are flowing inside us. Though we do not know those secret flow of energy because of which we have all the powers today. We do the business of our body, mind, intellect, ego, etc. From science, we have known about them. We have only known that there is some autonomous nervous system that runs everything. These powers do this work and we can’t say much about these powers like how these powers are and how they work.

The process of knowing anything can be your search for that thing in the darkness. Like you have come in this room, and there is darkness here, so you explore it slowly and find out what it is. Some people who have come from this door, they might say that it is a pole. Some may have come from that door and might say it is a curtain. Those who have come from that side may say that there are books. Quest in darkness is incomplete. Not only that it is unclear also. Since it is incomplete, it may prove to be wrong. For example, if someone believed this room to be a pole then that person has known nothing about the room. Like in science people make discoveries with objective knowledge in a similar way.

Another way of knowing the process is that if we know this room completely, we are it, owner, we know all the switches inside it, and the moment you come inside the room, we switch on the light and you start seeing everything. This is another way by which you can know God. By which you can know the truth. But powers creating light like this have been quite less. Because of this little knowledge that you have is incomplete. But all the human beings and the scientists should think that today we have become human beings from amoeba, why we have become so? What is the reason?

For example, we make a pole like this, then a pole like that and that put a thing like that over it, and then connect it like that, then another person asks why? What is the reason behind it? Why you are making like this. When we ask ourselves why we have been made human beings, we do not get any answer in science. We cannot get also. We have been made human beings because we are a special instrument. We are a resource. We do not know we are the resource of which thing. The human structure is so beautiful. It is made so beautifully. Even if we look at an eye only, then we will see so many minute things have been made over it. If from a single cell, such a beautiful structure has been made, then it should have some internal purpose. Till we do not know about that purpose, we should find out whether there is some purpose or not. Do we have to go beyond it or we are stagnant somewhere? Like I told you yesterday that till you do not connect it to mains, it does not have any meaning.

In the same way, till you are not connected to the mains, you will not have any meaning. Vul like this has a facility of being connected to the mains, in the same way, that facility is in the human being also that he can be connected to the mains. Kundalini is that thing, that leads, that cable which is connected to the mains. It is a gross thing which I have said. But subtly we can say that it is a power which is sleeping inside us and when we are in the condition of being one with the all-pervading power of God, at that time this power awakens on its own and makes us one with that all-pervading power. Because it is a dead thing, so we have to join it, and since we are living, so this live process takes place in us automatically.

“Sahaja” means, “sah” means with you and “ja” means taking birth. This power is within you and because of which this integration takes place. By this, you know the Spirit within you. It is the process of Sahaja Yoga. This power is situated in the triangular bone. On this many arguments takes place. Those who search in darkness do that only. The quality of blind people is that they do not see anything but the only talk. Because they do not have eyes so does all the work by mouth only. It is not a thing of argument. It is a proven fact. You can see your kundalini with your eyes, it is vibrating, it is rising, its procedure and you can see its effect inside you. When this happens only then you can know whether there is All-pervading Power in this world or not. All the things said about God is true or not. Before that, you are incomplete and not complete. You cannot know before that. That is why before knowing the Spirit if any person says he is walking on the path of dharma, then he is wrong. Because he does not know what is the path of dharma. At the max, great people have told that you should speak the truth, live nicely, and by this, you can establish your dharma. But by this you cannot walk in that path, you cannot progress, you cannot go beyond dharma.

For that, this event has to take place, and that is why people who talk about God without knowing God, or without being connected to the Spirit and talk about God, then they are of the same kind that if I am not connected to it and I am speaking on it, but you are not listening to it. I don’t know what I am talking about. Maybe you are following a bad spirit in the name of the God or you are following something wrong in the name of God, you cannot see it because you are blind. To know God, the eyes of your Spirit should open. You can know God only by your Spirit. There is no other way for it.

To know the Spirit, your human awareness should reach a level where the Spirit is situated. Now till where is your human awareness? People say that your awareness is higher than animals. But you should achieve awareness higher than this. Many people say that this is the last awareness for human beings and there is nothing beyond it. But if there is awareness above animals then there may be awareness higher than this. What should happen in the awareness higher than this, a lot of things are said about it in psychology?

One advantage of science is that it has made a stage for Sahaja Yoga. The place where science stops, their Sahaja Yoga becomes useful. In psychology people say like there was a renowned psychologist Jung, who was a student of Freud. He used dreams of many people and came to the conclusion that we have some sort of power either outside us or inside us, which is all-pervading. They call it Universal Unconscious. They guide us in our dreams. For instance, if a person sees in dreams that he is surrendering to his son every time, fold hands in front of him, this means he is been made aware that this child is respectful and should be respected. If there is a girl and she sees a dream that her mother is a rakshasa, then she is being made aware that her mother is spoiling her with excessive love, and you should be aware of it.

Jung has done many such experiments and he has many societies. In London, he has a big organization and people think he is a great psychologist. Many others have accepted that there is some power which is known by the name of Universal Unconscious. Unconscious because it is not present in our conscious mind. When it will come in our conscious mind it will also become conscious. Through Sahaja Yoga, you can make this Universal Unconscious, conscious inside you. It can come in your conscious mind. The thing which you called autonomous power, you can make it move.

This means the sleeping power within us which we call kundalini, which is sleeping in our triangular bone in three and a half coils, when it awakens, crosses our spinal cord, penetrates from our Sahasrara, and be one with the all-pervading power, then that All-pervading Power starts flowing inside us. When this process takes place, then seven chakras inside us depicting our seven parts, which we commonly call as our physical, mental, emotional and physical being, it makes everything conscious and integrates it. In human beings, this integration is not there. If some work we do with our brain, then our mind may say that it is not right. If we do something with our mind then the body may say that I am not feeling like getting up, I will not let you do it. But after crossing the seven chakras- no six chakras as the seventh chakra is just sitting, so after crossing six chakras when this power crosses our Brahmarandhra, then different aspects within us gets integrated.

Secondly, we integrate with the All-pervading Power. I have told you many times how the All-pervading Power is. For example, in a necklace, there is one thread but every pearl looks different, in the same way, this power has crossed us all. All-pervading Power has crossed inside everyone. But in everyone, there is a small gap. When kundalini crosses this gap, then the integration gets completed. When your attention is on the pearls then you believe that you are different, you are different, but the moment your attention integrated with the all-pervading power, then this happens. It is not just a lecture. This happens that you integrate with others also.

Then you will not need to give a lecture or establish UNO to show that we all are brothers and sisters. Then we can see on our fingers what chakras they are catching and what chakras we are catching. We can see each other and can also see what are our weakness, what chakras of ours are catching. We can see ourselves; self-knowledge and we can see others also. And then we can feel that integration that if someone has a problem then we can feel it on our finger also and we wish to rectify it. If we rub it, their problem will be solved. On seeing it looks like some magic. It is some magic. I have told you before also that whatever I am telling you is magic. It is something out of the blue. Looking at the present world, no one can understand what great thing it is. It is such a high thing and we are living in ignorance. When you get this, you feel amazed when the truth is revealed to you. And when the truth is revealed, you see that you do nothing. You only work on dead things.

Like if some tree is dead, you make furniture and you think you have done something great. You bring some stones and make building and think you have something great. But you cannot do one live thing. All the planning in this world is done by the power of God. It is done by the attention of a God. And when you integrate with that attention, you are amazed how you too become so powerful and how your power starts flowing.

In London there was a person, I told him you can find out everything by sitting over here only. Did he say how? I said who you want to know about? He said I want to know about my father. So, I said think about him and do your hand like this. The moment he did his hands like this, he felt severe pain and burning in the index finger of his right hand. This finger is of Vishuddhi chakra and the lower part is of father and this of the mother. I asked him to call his father who was in Scotland. I told him that your father is ill from Bronchitis. His mother took the call. I told him to let us treat him from here only. Since it is a universal power, it indicates your hands only.

This doesn’t mean that someone comes and ask the number of winning horse. There are many fools like this. They don’t have the wisdom of what to ask God. They will ask for the number of winning horses or whether they will have a baby boy or baby girl. Or they will ask whether I will be safe in income tax or not. This power is not for such stupid people. it is for intelligent people. it is for wise people not for fools. I run 500 miles away from such fools but work hard day and night for wise people. then this power awakens within you. When this power awakens within you, you can experiment with it slowly.

Now if you are born Realized, you have this power since birth, still, you don’t know burning in which finger means what. Many people say I don’t go anywhere because my hands start burning. She doesn’t know anything else more than this. Which finger is there? Which chakra is catching? What does it mean? What is its treatment? What is its solution? What problems it has? For which all reasons kundalini gets stuck? How any kind of kundalini can be raised? How to make them steady at a place? How her threads should be tied in the entire world. It is great knowledge. You need someone to tell this. This is why to tell I have come to this world. Because I know everything. Now when you will meet me later you will understand that I know many things. I don’t write books but I know many things and I am telling you that you can also know it. I am going to tell you everything. I will tell you about the most secret things. I will tell you everything.

Many deep people are sitting over here in midst of you. They are sitting wearing normal clothes. They do not have any horns or wearing saffron clothes that we are great saints. Those who do not need to advertise about themselves. Sun does not advertise itself that I am sun. it is clear just by looking at it. In the same way, this process is internal, not external. He does get a shine on his face. His temperament becomes cool. He gets rid of bad habits. He becomes loving. He becomes sincere. He sleeps in peace. He enjoys the bliss of God’s kingdom. He doesn’t get bored. He doesn’t hurt others and always wish to give happiness to others. He is always in joy. He is always in present. He doesn’t annoy anyone. He keeps on correcting the imperfections. He keeps on correcting their weaknesses. He can rectify his physical, intellectual and mental weaknesses. He can rectify his weaknesses as well as other’s weaknesses. He understands the true meaning of the power of God. As the power of God flows through him, he does many such works by which people get amazed.

Like they rotate a finger and we can see the magic of God. But real magic. Not they produce some ring and give. All those people who believe in such non-sense magic don’t have any work here. A man who is truthful talks about ultimate and not about stones. He talks about the truth. He does not have any temptations left. Dharma gets invoked inside him. He gets satisfaction in his dharma. He gets blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. I said Lakshmi and not money. There is a difference between Lakshmi and money. There are many benefits to which I will tell you in the seminar starting from tomorrow. But the biggest benefit is that the human being knows what his meaning is. Why he has come to this world. He comes to know that he is an instrument playing in the hands of God. Like in the hands of an artist his or her brush plays, in the same way, power of God flows from his hand. After that cheap, dead or small talks become ineffective. You become a fruit from the flower. You mature. Your priorities and values change. You automatically start understanding what you should give importance and to not. Then we do not need to give a lecture. Anything wrong, you will do you will come to know you have done something wrong. You will not feel good. You will feel burn on the fingers. You will not enjoy it. You will start enjoying life.

The first thing that happens on the awakening of kundalini is, when kundalini crosses Agnya chakra, tomorrow I will tell you what are chakras and how they are situated. But when kundalini crosses Agnya chakra, you get thoughtlessness. You come to the center of your thoughts. On one side there are thoughts of the past by which you are conditioned, and on the other side, there are thoughts of your future that you keep on thinking. What will happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? When you come in the middle of both, you become thoughtless. Because you are in the present where there is no thought. You are awakened, you are aware but you become thoughtless.

The moment kundalini crosses Brahmarandhra, the power starts flowing inside you. For the first time, the power of Spirit starts flowing inside you in such a way that your central nervous system and nerves become powerful. Till now for you, this was just a hand. Now the power is flowing through the hand. You are the one who uses it and you are the one who knows it.

Till now evolution has taken place in the central nervous system of human beings, in that a new dimension comes because of which we start feeling that we are something hollow and from us, the tremendous power of love is flowing. For this, there is no need to brainwash you or explain it to you.

My granddaughter who is two and a half years old is born Realized. All four of my grandchildren are born Realized. My children are not but they are. In England, a Sahaj Yogini came and asked her what catches are there in me, she, little girl of two-and-a-half-year-old said your left Vishuddhi and Left Nabhi is catching. She was surprised. My granddaughter said I will treat it.

The children who are coming in this world, who look special are born Realized. Many great souls are coming in this world. It is very important to take the Realization to understand them. Otherwise, you will keep wondering what they are saying or doing. And whatever they do, they do in Sahaja Yoga. They will come on your back and hit your Vishuddhi. They will keep on shooting you with a gun. You will not be able to understand what they are doing. It is because our knowledge is complete only when our inner sight gets opened. So, when kundalini gets up it awakens all the chakras, it spreads the light within, it enlightens our awareness and crosses our Brahmarandhra.

The place of the Spirit is in the heart. But the place of Sadashiva is over here. When this gets awakens then thing who is just an area in our heart, gets awakens in our brain. And the thing which is in our brain is in our awareness. It comes in our awareness. That is why the universal unconscious becomes conscious. This process takes spontaneously. “Sahaj Samadhi lago”. It should happen spontaneously. If it is not spontaneous then it is not alive. For example, if you had to read books for breathing then you would have had it. All the important things in this world are spontaneous. So, this last process of evolution has to be spontaneous. This power is born with you, situated within you and will happen by the hands of God.

Nothing can happen by you. You cannot grow a seed also so how can you raise the kundalini. You have not done a single live thing till now. But when you get Realized you start doing live work. Then you can raise other’s kundalini. Wherever you put your hands, it has so many miracles I will tell you, when we will meditate. Like there is a big agricultural university in Rahuri, many scientists are Realized. They started experimenting on wheat, rice, cows, and buffalos. They told that they gave vibrated water to an Indian cow, they were surprised to see that Indian cow started giving milk equivalent to Australian cow. And the taste of the milk was also very good. Because Australian cow’s milk does not have that much taste like an Indian cow as she gives milk with a lot of love. And their face is also different. If you see a cow in England it looks like a buffalo. There is love on the face of Indian cow. They have a face like a buffalo as they have been mechanized.

They were telling about wheat that they gave vibrated water to wheat. There was big wheat like pearls. They filled its gunny bags and put them in the Godown. There was a big Godown. There were many other things kept there. They were surprised to see that rat put their teeth on every gunny bag and ate many things. They even ate the husk left after extracting oil after the seeds. But they didn’t touch those bags with wheat. Even they understood that it is vibrated and should not be touched. Then you even understand that which thing is real and which is artificial. Like worshipping a statue. Like the “Ashta Vinayaka”, we say it is swayambhu. But if it is a swayambhu or not, how will we know? You go and see the vibrations and you will come to know it is right or not. Even in the bible, it has been said that we should not make a statue similar to that made by earth. It means humans should not make statues similar to swayambhu. Because it gets impurities.

But after Realization, you can awaken any statue. Like in a normal statue there should be a co-efficiency, it should have a manner by which it can be awakened. Like I have awakened this statue and it is more or less a swayambhu only. This means you can give vibrations to stone and make it swayambhu. But you cannot do that if you want. Now there is meaning of everything.

There is a village, on land in that village, some stone came out of the earth, people said that they are not able to build a canal around that stone. They were not able to understand. No matter how many people tried it, it used to fall off. So, they saw what power is stopping it, they saw some stones have come out of the land and what power is there that they are not able to do it. It was the time of British rule and English people were trying it, so they decided to leave that much place and build a canal around it. They could not build a straight canal and had to take around it. When I went to that village they asked me, Mataji what problem is there? I said look at vibrations over here. That place was like Sahasrara. Vibrations like Sahasrara were coming from there. Look at the vibrations, it is a swayambhu. If you try to tie something on swayambhu, how will it stay? We have come to know about swayambhu linga also in the same way. Realized souls were crossing from there, they would have felt the vibrations and they would have come to know.

I went to Kashmir, there while going to somewhere I realized that there are many vibrations over here. So, I asked the driver whether here is some temple or something like that over here. Is there some old statue over here? He said there is nothing like that over here. So, I asked him to find out. We stopped the car. He said here there is someplace of Muslims. So, I asked what place of Muslims is here. Let us go and see what it is. When we reached there, I asked what it is? You have made such a big mosque over here, what it is? They said it is Hasrat Iqbal. A single hair of Mohammed Sahib has been put over there. Listening to that I suddenly went into deep meditation. There were so many vibrations in a single hair. I didn’t only know that a single hair has been kept over there. Over which these Muslims are fighting with each other.

In the same way, we stupid Hindus also fight. We don’t know anything but keep on fighting like fools. What is the point in fighting for dharma? For that, you will do violence. Ask someone whether it is his one hair or not. Tell what is the proof. Maybe it is someone else’s hair. How can they say it is hair or not? In Delhi there is Hasrat Nizamuddin, he is a Realized soul. He is Realized for everyone in the world. He is not the property of someone’s father. Sai Nath of Shirdi was Muslim but he was Realized. He was not only Realized but the incarnation of Dattatreya. How will you know about it? Till you are not Realized, how will you know that you are Muslim or we are Hindu? How are you Hindu? Till now your kundalini has not also awakened.

Go and ask these Jain Sangha people that how you are talking about Hinduism? You don’t know anything about Hinduism. And you are making a political party. How can you make a political party in the name of religion? Religion is religion and all religions are on a single thread. They are based on the same foundation. There is no difference between them. Like I say, on the single tree there are many flowers born out of the same power, but cunning people break those flowers and fight over them when those flowers are dead and long gone. The thing which is not live is not religion. And the thing which is dead is waste and calling it a religion is wrong. What is Hindu dharma, what is Islam, after coming to Sahaja Yoga you see that every religion is the same beautiful flower and every religion is situated inside you? You are Muslim, Hindu as well as Christian. You have Mohammed sahib inside you, you have Christ inside you and you also have Krishna inside you.

All these things are not simple lectures but you will have to experiment. So, I can tell you who was Krishna and what relation he had with Christ. Who was Mohammed Sahib and what was his relation? They all are one and we are fighting over them. I often don’t understand what shall I call these fools. Christ has said that those who are not against me are with me. Now go and ask the pope who is he. He is only interested in collecting diamonds. How many pairs of clothes Christ had? And he is busy wearing a diamond robe. These days we are also listening that Shankaracharya is making an umbrella of gold. He is so small and such a big umbrella when it will fall on his head, he will realize. Go and ask Adi Shankaracharya, he did not even have logs to burn the pyre of his mother. And these people are making.

Go and ask these Jain Munis, where is Mahavira and where they are. They are standing exactly opposite in juxta opposition. And we believe that by worshiping their feet we will find God. They are all going to go to hell directly. And you will go along with them. That is why you need to be aware of. You need to find religion in its real form. Only those people criticize the religion that does not know anything about it. The moment you come into the light of religion you will be amazed to see how beautiful and balanced it is. How beautiful seating it has. By forgetting all the fights, human being starts moving in a universal world where I people of all the countries, states, race and colour have the power of single God moving. Only then it can be said that you have entered into the kingdom of God. Where there is no discrimination between rich and poor. Everyone is in their shadow and enjoy it. They build an unbelievably beautiful palace.

I hope you will gain many achievements in Sahaja Yoga and give its benefits to others also. You will appreciate this thing, have faith in it and respect it that it is a true thing. There is no circus, advertisement, favouring or any other show in it. It is the truth. Accept the truth. It is such a beautiful thing which God has made for you, which you have to gain, which is your right then only I am giving you. I am giving you your value. I am just explaining to you how to use the key and then you take care of your valuables. You have to gain what is real and nothing else. When a person gains that, he finds all other joy as the water of a dirty pond in front of the elixir. It happens on its own. I will never say to you that you don’t smoke cigarettes or don’t do this or that. You will leave it on its own after getting Realization. I don’t force for anything.

But if you smoke cigarettes, then there is little difficulty, kundalini stops here. We can work hard and open it. Yesterday one person was telling me that, “I am eating tobacco for fifteen years, it is so amazing that you gave me Realization in one minute. It was my good deeds or yours, I was blessed and got Realization in one minute. I was eating tobacco for fifteen years”. But I told him there is little effect on it. He said yes there is the little effect and it is cleaned also. Difference between Sahaja Yoga and other yoga is that in other yogas first, you had to clean the chakras, make everything all right, scrub your subtle system, take rebirth, then clean the system, and after when everything cleans up then light the lamp.

But I am a little impatient. I said, “Let us start from the back”. One is to repair the entire motor, then start it, it does not start, then again repair it. Another way is that if you are intelligent, then at least start the motor, then you can repair yourself with that kundalini only. You can repair yourself from top to bottom from the power of the kundalini. First awaken you, introduce you with the Spirit and then you can repair yourself. This is another way that is called a way of Sahaj Yoga. Because it is jet age so kundalini should be in the same way.

But I have told you before also, and telling you again and again, that this process takes place fast and kundalini crosses the Brahmarandhra very fast, but there are many complications in you. You are people living in cities, people from villages are much simpler than you. You are a little complicated. You will take some time. So, kundalini goes, again and again, repair it, it goes down to repair it. So, you will have to give it a little time. And if you give it some time, understand it properly and do it properly, then you will get stability. Because it is a very subtle thing and you will have to accept it with subtlety.

If anyone has questions, you can ask Me today. Asking questions is good. You are excited since long. What’s the matter? You have got your Realization. You got your Realization yesterday. What questions are left when you have got your Realization? Which chakra you are catching at? No chakra? Then what is the trouble? Everything is fine. What is your business? Teacher. To whom do you teach? In College. Which subject? Science. Are you seeing the downfall of science? You have faith in science. Have little less faith in science. Here many scientists have come. From London, many big scientists have come. Which subjects do you teach in science? Physics and chemistry. You have to neat both your physics and chemistry. Then there will be no questions.

Ask Me what questions you have. A group of new people has come. No need to hesitate. You can ask me your questions. Or there are no questions left. You have become thoughtless. Ask your question. Ask your questions.

Seeker: Awakening of bhakti is due to the awakening of Kundalini?

Shri Mataji: No, we have bhakti because we have an emotional aspect of our personality. Emotion is one thing. It is on our left-hand side. We call it emotions. We call it Ida Nadi, we get this emotional power from here. It is a balance of all. Balance of emotions and power of right side by which we become creative. That also. And middle power by which we evolve, that also. On the integration of all these three powers, Sahaj Yoga takes place. People who have too much bhakti in them, like people following Hare Rama Hare Krishna, those people stand on Oxford Street, they don’t know how to ties a dhoti, half of their dhoti is undraped, they beat the drum in Bhakti, they will never get their Realization. It is not working with mad people. But if bhakti is with love and after surrendering towards God then it works like a miracle. But Kundalini integrates all these three powers. It is the fourth power. One Ida which is on the left side, Pingala which is on the right side and in the center there is Sushumna. On Sushumna, we evolve. It is an evolutionary power of Vishnu. On the left side, there is the power of Shiva by which we exist. It awakens emotions in us and establishes our past inside us. On the right side, it is the power of Brahma by which we create, think, take care of the body and do work with Brahma that. There are three powers like this. I will tell you about it tomorrow. But the power which integrates all these three powers in Sahasrara is this Kundalini Shakti. It ties the three powers together. It integrates all the three Powers of Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, and Mahasaraswati. When all these three powers integrate it opens the Brahmarandhra and then this synthesized or absolute power flows in the form of vibrations. The first one power is divided into four parts then it becomes one.

Seeker: When kundalini power awakens within us then what happens?

Shri Mataji: When kundalini power awakens within us then what should happen. Because in every person kundalini awakens differently. For example, some person has a catch in its Nabhi chakra. Then after awakening kundalini will push that place. So, you will be able to see pulsation over there in triangular bone by your own eyes. You can see it in your own eyes, I have shown it to many people. if your Nabhi chakra is catching, so by methods of Sahaj Yoga if you clean your Nabhi chakra then your kundalini will rise.

You can see its pulsation by stethoscope on different chakras. Then it goes here and pushes the chakra. If it also does not get open then there is sound over here. That is why Kabir has said, “Shunya Shikhar par anahad baje”. You will be able to listen to Dhak-Dhak sound over here. Have you read Kabir? That is why you got a Realization so fast. If you are a very good instrument. For example, there is a very good airplane and its airport is also very good, then you will not come to know about it takes off. The airplane will go up instantly. Similarly, if you are a very good person then you will get Realization instantly, you will not come to know how your chakras got opened, you got the vibrations and you reached in which state. So, it depends on person to person.

But what you can do after Realization, by this you can judge whether your power has awakened or not. If you are in a very good state, then on the awakening of kundalini you get Realization and vibrations start flowing from you. But it is a goods train, for many people it can be a goods train, so it will rise, then there will be dhak-dhak here or there, if you are a liver patient, it will go in the liver and pulsate. Then your liver will become alright. Then it will rise then if your heart is catching it will pulsate over there. But two things happen in it, one is awakening and another is opening of Brahmarandhra. When you are awakened and kundalini crosses Agnya chakra, then you get thoughtless awareness and you become thoughtless. But it is a surprise that Sahaj yogis whose Brahmarandhra is not yet open, have only crossed Agnya can also raise kundalini of other people. they are not completely self-Realized. It is a surprise. I am surprised to see this magic of Sahaj Yoga. But if it has opened Brahmarandhra and vibrations start flowing from your hand then you come to know that now you are Self-realized. If you ask them, “Are you Self-realized?” then they will say, “Yes we are”. There is complete peace inside a person. From here you feel like fontanel bone opens in a small child, like that it will open in you. Then sometimes it closes a bit, then opens, then it is set over there.

In this way, Kundalini Shakti moves. Then you start feeling chakras of other people. then you can tell they have this or that problem.

Do you have a question? Is it a secret? Just tell me. There is nothing secret over here. Everyone is open here. Just ask.

Sahaja Yogi: [Inaudible]

Shri Mataji: Come here. Please speak a little louder.

Sahaja Yogi: Asking a question in Marathi.

Shri Mataji: [1.00.00 to 1.04.00 speaking in Marathi].

One characteristic of a saint is that he neither does aggression not take any aggression.

Shri Mataji: God has established Lakshmi and human has established money. It is the biggest difference. God makes everything in balance. And things which are beneficial to us are made by God. The things which do us good are made by God. Lakshmiji is a feminine character. This means the person who has money should have a heart like a mother. How many people who have money have hearts like a mother?

The second thing she is known as Kamala. She stands on a lotus. She is such a light natured. A person who can stand on a lotus also. Otherwise over here, if someone is rich, he will not have that much shame to go to a poor person’s house in a big car. If he is rich, he should feel the shame, that this person is poor, I shall go to his house walking, how I will go in a big car. My Spirit gets hurt by it. How many rich people can stand on a lotus? Money always makes people hurt or harass others.

Out of four hands of Lakshmi Ji, one hand is like this and another hand is like this. By this hand she gives. Money that does not give is not Lakshmi. How many Lakshmi Pati people give donations. They will give to their children, grandchildren, great great-grandchildren, and those children will only cut their throat later and their also nose also. But if they can snatch it from other people, they will snatch away. They will leave his children hungry and wife to wander around. This is money. For Lakshmi, there should be a donation. It keeps on flowing. You like it pick it up, you like that pick it up. Money comes from here goes there, and comes from there and goes here. I have seen many people like this. My father was also like this. He used to give a lot of donations. And at the time of giving, he never used to keep his eyes up. If someone says see before giving, he will say I am no one to see. God is sitting above to see. I am giving. He is giving, those who want is taking, I am just sitting in the middle. If anyone likes it, you take it.

Wealth is which flows. Something stagnant is not wealth, it is money. Then thief will steal it or something else will happen. If you have wealth, you should support others. Shelter them. Otherwise, is wealth for drinking alcohol? These days wealth means to how many alcoholics you have given alcohol. To how many people you have given dinner at the Taj Mahal. Only then he is rich. But he is not Lakshmi Pati. In our country, people do not have money to eat food and you go to the Taj Mahal to drink alcohol. All this is the publicity department of hell. You will go directly to hell by this.

She has lotus in two hands and that too pink colour lotuses. Her saree is also pink. This means such a person’s heart should have warmth. It should be full of love. Earlier there were such people. these days they are not found. What do you want, take jewellery from my wife? They have an open heart. They feel the responsibility, “God has given me wealth, it is to help others”. What do you want or what not? Take it. Then others will stand to create further problems for you. It is known as Lakshmi Pati. They don’t or weigh, they just give. Lotus means they have inner beauty. Miser people are not wealthy.

Miser people are repellent. How will they become Lakshmi Pati? They are miser, wear a torn vest and call themselves wealthy, how will they become Lakshmi Pati. A person who is wealthy by nature is called wealthy, wherever they sleep, they sleep like a king. A wealthy person is the one who never feels any wealth bigger than himself. Only that can become a Lakshmi Pati. He is so humble that he feels shy in even talking about his money. As it is not my money so how shall I talk about it. He will be Lakshmi Pati. He is so like a woman. But these days if you have one tree in the house, you will say I have gardens. If you have one room in the house, you will say I have buildings.

Such stupid people are not wealthy. A wealthy person is extremely shy. He feels shy in saying that I am wealthy. He helps others without anyone knowing about it. Such noble people, they are called noble in English, are Lakshmi Pati.

A lotus in two hands means the house of that person should have beauty. If you go to a rich man’s house and his wife gets irritated. Is it the house of Lakshmi Pati.? It is the house of a mad person. But a house where they respect you, welcomes you, is the house of Lakshmi Pati. Like in a lotus even a bug is respected. To that also it gives comfortable space to sleep in its womb. Money is a [vidrup] thing.

Did you understand my son? Now, what are you? Whether you are wealthy, Lakshmi Pati or just rich? The place of Lakshmi is in our Nabhi chakra. We awaken it also. Otherwise, nothing will work out. We should not have excessive Lakshmi, but balanced Lakshmi. There should be a balance.