What is the Kundalini and how it awakens

Talk in Hindi at the Bharat Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 9 January 1979. [English Translation from Hindi] I feel glad about meeting everyone. A human being reads, listen from people, listen to lectures, big scholars come and give lectures, many books have been written, that there is a kingdom of God in this world. God has made this world. Do your hand like this. Sit like this till I give the lecture. During this only kundalini will be awakened. Today I am going to tell you what is kundalini and how it can be awakened. Yesterday I told you that the human body we are looking at today, powers running this human body are flowing inside us. Though we do not know those secret flow of energy because of which we have all the powers today. We do the business of our body, mind, intellect, ego, etc. From science, we have known about them. We have only known that there is some autonomous nervous system that runs everything. These powers do this work and we can’t say much about these powers like how these powers are and how they work. The process of knowing anything can be your search for that thing in the darkness. Like you have come in this room, and there is darkness here, so you explore it slowly and find out what it is. Some people who have come from this door, they might say that it is a pole. Some may have come from … Continue reading What is the Kundalini and how it awakens