Public Program

Birla Kreeda Kendra, Mumbai (India)

1979-01-14 Satya Ka Anveshan Mumbai NITL HD, 57'
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Public Program (Hindi). Birla Krida Kendra, Mumbai (India). 14 January 1979.

I hope you have come here in search of truth. I am speaking to you in Hindi. If there are some people, who do not understand Hindi at all, then I will speak in English also. Okay.

Only humans can be in search of truth. Animals cannot be. They do not need it. Only man has a need for it, that he should know the truth. Only man is in a state, where he knows that something is hidden from him and he does not fully understand why he has come into this world. He is always in confusion about whether the aim of his life is only to eat and drink and to live and die like animals. Is there any truth other than this? 

The quest for truth gets awakened only in a man’s brain. But when we search in the name of truth, we do not know what we understand to be the truth. Like when man started thinking, he put his attention towards material things in the world. He has gone to such an extent, now he has reached the moon. What truth did he find there? Moon was explored. What truth did he get there? Those who have made scientific discoveries thought they are progressive, very advanced. They thought they have conquered the whole universe based on science. Today you go and visit their countries and see, each household is falling apart, every child is crying. They are in such a deplorable state. Now you know that I have been living in London for many years now. In the city of London, it is said that every week two children are killed by their parents! And these kids are not immoral. Killing children there has become like a shock wave. Some kill their parents. Some kill old people. A husband kills his wife, a wife kills her husband and if they do not find anyone to kill, they kill themselves. Do not know why in Sweden, where there are maximum material comforts, the maximum number of suicides take place. We do not look in this direction- we are developing! We do not think about ‘the truth’ which they found and because of which they are bent on committing suicides. Despite having all types of comforts, some hippie-like people are destroying themselves every day, finishing themselves. They have realised that we have not found the truth, but in its place, we have found tremendous untruth. 

In these modern times, my talks sound strange in India, but not abroad. Here in this city of Mumbai, I have worked for years on end, but in London, I worked for just one year, but it is too much. I am surprised! Indians are thinking that when we also become modern like them and when our food and clothing issues are solved, we will become very special. Who has a shortage of food and clothing in our country? 

 There in every third house, black magic is practiced. After every tenth house, there is a pub where they consume alcohol. Whatever money they have got, they have squandered it on drinking and other terrible addictions. Such terrible things are happening there and if I tell about them, you will not even believe. You will be surprised when you read the rules and regulations there. You cannot think of those. Our people who go there and when they come back wearing western attire, they will not even tell you about the filthy conditions there and how terrible conditions are shaping up. It is all immoral there to such an extent, I cannot tell you. Being a Mother, those words cannot come out of my tongue. Life there is so disgusting. It is broken and shattered. After seeing them we should think, what type of things are we hankering after. Those who have got this, they earn money while sitting at home and today their children are coming to your country to seek the truth. Here also they are being cornered by thugs at the airport itself. We have lots of thugs in our country now. Just like parasites mosquitoes and bedbugs, lots of dharmic thugs are making their appearance. 

All this happens because humans think that if we get some money and if we become financially sound, we will become great. There is no greater untruth than this which man has found out. You may be, perhaps, thinking that Mother is saying all this because we are now on strike here. I am not saying because of this. I am saying this because I want you to find out what you are seeking. Are you looking for peace or disturbance? You have to come to the essence. You have so much peace in your country, in your mind that at least when you go to your house at least you do not find that your wife has run away, your children have taken to drugs. Even if they have one-thousandth of this peace there, it is okay, you can become like them. But in our country, even the leaders are unaware of the greatness of our people, the specialty of our country because of which it is stable even today. 

 Our country has always been a worshipper of ‘Mother’ and worshipper of ‘Shakti’. Mother’s pooja (worship) is done only with purity and that means we have been worshippers of purity. Paramatma (God Almighty) first created the embodiment of purity, Shri Ganesha. We are worshippers of purity, not money. This is our country’s axis on which we were running our country and we should continue to run on this axis. You cannot destroy it. This indestructible axis is in place. Any number of idiots may come and go from this country and any number of fools may mislead us to any extent, even then the country’s axis cannot be changed; it is this world’s axis. 

I see a lot of unhappy people here. I am surprised. The reason for this is that the truth we had found and all the details about it that were in front of us, we have shut them up. Lord Macaulay taught us English and we have all become English. Now I am happy people understand Hindi. It was thought that understanding Hindi is a sign of backward people. Because Hindi people are backward anyway. They are also not aware that we found the truth rooted in this country through great penance. The wealth of truth is intrinsic in this country and due to which, we can lead the whole world. What is that wealth and what is the search which is in our hands, I am going to talk about it today. Please listen attentively. 

In our country, from time immemorial, people have meditated. Meditation means introspection. Not external but internal search. There are so many reasons for this. I again salute this Punya Bhoomi (land of holiness), Yoga Bhoomi (land of yoga) and say that the most important reason for this is the weather of this Yoga Bhoomi. It is so natural, so simple. There is no difficulty with it. When I first went to England in 1965, I wondered whether that country was under some calamity. Such a cold wind, such snow, sharp piercing wind, gets inside your body and pokes all over and fills the body with pain. People cover themselves with heavy capes and then only can they move. Then only you can go out. No one can live under a tree in London. No one can live in huts in London. You cannot sit in your house unless it is heated. Where the atmosphere is so difficult for one to bear, there a man will fight with such an atmosphere. 

But the weather here is peaceful. It doesn’t put you in difficulty in any way. It is not difficult to live here compared to living there. That is why even with a few things people are happy even in jungles. You will not find so many contented people anywhere in the world. This is because the weather here gives contentment. Only because of this contentment and the resulting mental state makes one look inwards. That is why from time immemorial our gurus, the real gurus, not the fake gurus, have found about the energy which moves inside us, the energy that is active within us and the reason as to why we have come into this world. What is the meaning of our life? Why have we been made? They put their attention on this issue. They have done lots of research on it. But we are English! We do not have time for reading them, knowing them or understanding them. Even those who understand, those who are called knowledgeable, they are hypocritical to such an extent, so false, so bigot, that the moment you see them, you feel like saying, ‘God save us from such religion!’. 

On one side is the limit of bigotry and on the other side is disbelief in God. Between these two shores, God’s Ganges is flowing in this country that you have to know about, get and absorb. This is our Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja- Saha means with you, ja means born, which is born with you, that is Sahaja Yoga. We can call this the climax of Sahaja Yoga. Krishna has done only Sahaja Yoga, Nanak also did only Sahaja Yoga. Mohammad has also done only Sahaja Yoga and Christ also did only Sahaja Yoga. But the finale of it, when the flower has to turn into a fruit, that is going to happen now. It has to happen now in this modern time. Now the time has come when this will happen. 

Now our state is like this, what to do? Our countrymen have become English- they are religious, their house is spiritual, their hearts are spiritual. They have become English. And the English have become Hindustani (Indian). But this spirituality is absent in them, purity is absent. They do not distinguish between mother and daughter. Where there is chana (gram- a type of legume) there are no teeth and if there are teeth, there is no chana. (Hindi proverb). Even then there is such boundless grace and even in both extreme states, many people have been blessed by this flow of blessing. What is this thing, and what is that I have found out, I have told many times about it in this hall and many other places. 

The power which is inside us, which is hidden from us, which cannot be seen through eyes, you cannot know it through science. Through science, you can grope in darkness and catch different things. Until there is total light, you cannot see the complete thing and you cannot know it fully. Manan (profound reflection or contemplation) is the process that gives light and with this, a man can know himself inside out. Such intense power is inside us in a dormant state. Many people have described that the Atma is seated inside you, it is KshetrAgnya (the one who knows the body, soul, consciousness, etc), it knows everything. Till that is awakened, nothing else matters. 

Yesterday, I was reading Guruwani. In the Guruwani, it is nowhere mentioned that you should take your name. It says until you do recognise yourself, you cannot realise Paramatma (God Almighty). In very plain terms, an Englishman (the name is Gent?) has written until you do not realise your Atma (Spirit), you cannot realise Paramatma, because to realise Paramatma, the Atma is the eye. Just as you need these earthly eyes to see the colours, to see Paramatma, Atma is the eye. These are your eyes. If they do not open, you cannot know Paramatma. 
Without getting their self-realisation, whatever people may do for Paramatma going to temples, giving money to brahmins, etc, etc. or going to mosques and after going there fighting with others, going to churches and offering costly jewellery, etc. to popes by doing all these things, one can never know about Paramatma. For this, you have to open your Atma. It has also been said that a person who is trying to realise God through these means, maybe he is trying to choose Satan instead of Paramatma. Because he does not have eyes to recognise. When a blind person describes something, how will he know whether he is describing is the correct thing or the wrong thing? So self-realisation is essential. People can even say that this is our ascent. Those who have fallen into the ditch, they trust me more. You can even say, ‘Mother, where is Atma? where is Paramatma? You go to a lunatic asylum; you will get the same experience. Where is Atma? where is Paramatma? Please show us. 

Atma and Paramatma are inside you, not outside. What is visible, you are not in that. When you were outside the hall, you could see the hall. Once you are inside the hall, you are not able to see the hall. When you are inside your Atma, you do not see it. You activate it. Atma’s place is inside our hearts. To realise this, whether some mechanism has been built inside or not, whether Paramatma has kept some special machinery inside us or not, some arrangement has been made or not, from time immemorial our gurus knew that it exists. How this has been made inside us, what arrangement has been made inside, they could see this with their inner eyes, because they had their Atmas awakened. Your Atma is still not awakened. That is why their talk looks strange. Like you tell a villager about the city, it looks strange. In the same way, those who have not come into this area, into the kingdom of God, all this looks strange. If Paramatma has made the human being, He made amoeba into a beautiful person, there must be some reason. Why has He worked so hard? Like if I say, I have made this beautiful thing. You will ask ‘Mother, who has made this?’. Have you ever asked God who has made me? Till I connect this to the mains, to its source, it has no meaning. It is straightforward. In the same way, unless you are connected to the source, your existence has no meaning. Your life has no meaning. That is why you get bored with yourselves. If you ask someone to sit quietly for 5 minutes, either he will smoke a cigarette or drink alcohol or he will run away somewhere. That is why human life is like imprisonment. If someone asks me to go to jail, I will happily go there and lie down! Man feels like he is in jail because he cannot see himself. Man is afraid when he is alone. If you tell someone to live in solitude, it will be a punishment for him. Sit in solitude, and what can be better, you are integrated with your Atma. You are moving with it, you are in its company. All have said that there is such a mechanism inside us. Not only in this country but in other countries also. Wherever there have been incarnations, they have all said, there is an arrangement inside you and now you take your birth again. Christ’s disciple, Nicodemus asked him, ‘how are you talking about rebirth? How can such big people be born again? Will they go into their mother’s belly again? What are you saying about being born again? What are you talking about rebirth? Like in Brahmanism, you are talking about being dwij (twice-born), Do we again get into our mother’s belly and take birth?’ Then Christ replied- ‘Yes, you will be born again with Atma and water’. Water means a lot. You can see how Christians have misunderstood what he meant by water. 

Ghalib said, there is no shortage of idiots, Ghalib, even without searching you will find thousands. How to twist the meaning of things, you go and ask human beings. Gita’s meaning has been twisted. Renowned scholars give discourses on Gita and I notice that they talk idiotic things. They have changed the meaning of the Bible. They were saying the other day that it is written in Quran, convert all into Muslims at knifepoint’. I said I have not read this. It is about Rahmat (mercy) and Rahim (the Merciful) and it is about Karim (the Honest One) and Karamat (miracle). Then how can it be that they say such things? This type of blindness, for Dattatreya Himself who reincarnated in this world? We do not hesitate even a little bit, we do not think even a little bit in saying such things about him. They do not know anything and don’t even think ‘why are we so foolishly saying such things in this way about such a great personality?’. How large-hearted were these people, who came into this world to guide humanity! Do they think they are Arab? Or sometimes I think these are unlucky Hindustanis (Indians), they have never known anything about themselves. Ask them! They do not know about their country, they do not know about their culture. Tomorrow if you ask them about their mother’s name, they will not be able to recall it. Like this, even today we are following the ways of slavery. In England, you will not meet any Hindustani who will speak with you in Hindi or Marathi. They are all English. Only they do not have tailcoat! British will learn Indian culture but these people will not learn to live in this India. How will you know about the great powers present in India, if you are so hollow and if you are engrossed in such superficial things? It cannot happen, unless you dive into depths you will not get anything. It is not difficult for you to dive because this land here itself is of such high standard. Whoever is born in India, he comes with some wealth or other. Even a very cruel person can be born here just to destroy good people. To take birth in this country, one has to do many good deeds, many saintly deeds. Only then you will be born here in India. But as they say, ‘it’s taken for granted’. Many have told about the powers inside us. They have said everything. But we have twisted it just for filling our pockets and we have not done anything else. 

Now we will talk about Adi Shankaracharya. Hindus have not done anything except ridiculing great people. He said, na yogena, na sankhyena (a Sanskrit hymn by Adi Shankaracharya) you will not get it in any other way, you will get it only through Mother’s grace. He has written a great book ‘Viveka Choodamani’, a book full of wisdom. He has shown his wisdom in the book. Later, he described only his Mother in the book. People asked him, ‘why are you praising Mother?’. He said, ‘there is no other cure, this is everything, all the mantras are in this’. If I say this type of thing, people will say, ‘Shri Mataji is propagating Hindu religion’. If I talk about Christ, people will say, ‘you are canvassing for Christ’. Is there is anything else, we can do other than giving it some political colour and do idiotic things? Then we should get it. Get that thing. Because it is located inside you. Especially, because you are an Indian, you are a great Atma. Awaken your Atma. Look at it, know it and recognise yourself. You have not found about yourself, your worth. When you know what you are, it will be a different thing altogether. What are we now? Kabir says, ‘what can one say when one becomes intoxicated with joy?’, He has become joyful, what is there to say! Once they became joyful, they went and hid in the hills. they then say, ‘Mataji, You do the hard work, we are not going to do that. They will put us on a cross’.

 To know what you are, you do not have to do anything. It is the job of Paramatma to enlighten you about it. To bring it into your awareness is the job of Paramatma. You are a human being, what have you done? You are born and you think you are a human because you are standing on two legs and you are not an animal. In the same way, you cannot do anything about it. As I say this, ego gets awakened in all. ’Why, can’t we do anything about this’. That is what Shankaracharya has said, ‘you cannot do anything’. It is awakened, it gets awakened by itself. You should know that you cannot germinate even a seed. To date, humans have not done any living thing. This awakening has to be done only by Parameshwar (God Almighty)- or you call it ‘Nature’ because of his ego, man does not believe in God. This work cannot be done by you. This is Sahaj, this is spontaneous, it has been set up in you. All that needs to be done is to connect it to the mains. You must be seeing, maybe all of you are not able to see it (chart.?). Look at it later. Here, what is inside you is depicted completely. 

My point is that I want to tell you about it. They are saying in London, ‘Mother, 84 tapes have been recorded until now but Your knowledge hasn’t finished yet!’ I tell them, ‘first get your experience and we will talk after that’. Think that, just imagine that I have prepared the food. If you are hungry, first you finish eating the food and then we will talk about it. It is better than My telling you about the chakras, where they are located, they go from where to where, how do they open, etc. I will tell you all about it. I have come only for that; to tell you all about it. Otherwise, who will tell you about it? Not only that, everything that is written in our scriptures, not only in Hindu scriptures but the scriptures of the whole world, about things even those written by Lao Tse, by Socrates- whatever is written because they all stood for the truth and the same truth. There are no two truths. All those things, all those points you can prove. Only to prove those, I am present here today. 

This power is lying in a dormant state in the triangular bone. Because I am saying and you don’t need to trust me. Once they trust, people think they have been swept away. We are very quick in trusting idiots, especially foreigners. One should be sensible. I am telling you that till you do not have ‘Atma darshan’, nothing is going to happen. You cannot buy this. You cannot purchase Me. You cannot give money for this. He who sells God through this, he will go to hell. It is a hellish activity. You should not entertain such cunning people. They are worse than you because they are living off with your money. You cannot do any hard work for this. Somebody says, ‘stand on your head’. ( They go even to such as an extent as they say in Marathi, ‘go, offer two coconuts to Siddhi Vinayak (Shri Ganesha’s famous temple in Maharashtra)’. That’s it. They are selling the same coconut through another door in Siddhi Vinayaka temple. Can you see it? You can see it in Pandharpur’s priests. It is not that you cannot see it. It is not that I am saying anything new. 

Kabir has said this, Nanak has said this. All have said this. They have come and gone. No one has bothered about them. It is again the same. But today I am saying ‘get your self-realisation’. Do not put your attention on such things as whether you can give some money for this. Or whether you can do something in this. Or whether you can get it in some way. Only the ocean has to come to you, you cannot rise to the ocean. The ocean only will adopt you, and you are a drop and you will become an ocean. This is the job of the ocean and not yours. And I assure you on its behalf. Many people would have told you that ‘Mataji awakens the Kundalini in a moment and the people get awakened, as a result’. On top of that people say that ‘they also cure, how can that be? We have heard that when Kundalini is awakened, people jump like frogs!’ In many books, it is written that when Kundalini is awakened, a lot of heat is generated inside the body. One will have different kinds of problems. Until now, in this city of Mumbai, I do not know, I might have given realisation to thousands at least, and so far, I have never come across this. I have not seen it happen anywhere. Why does it happen? You should think about it. Indeed, the awakening of Kundalini is not such an easy job, not at all. Hatha yogis work hard for thousands of years. Many sadhus have told me “Mother it has taken thousands of years for us and You are giving it to these people just like that. What a wonder!”. When something impossible is happening and it is happening on such a large scale, if it is happening, let it happen. I am a master. I am a magician or some such ability I have! Now what I am, what I am not, I am not going to talk about it. You find it out. Because if I say I am this, you will sit on My head. If I do not tell you, you will keep on asking Me. This, you will have to find it out yourselves. But why do not you do a favour to yourself? Why do not you find out about your Atma? I am just eager for you to find out about your Atma. I do not want anything else. This point cannot get into the heads of people. They do not understand and wonder ’why does this Mother toil so hard day in and day out when She does not gain anything from it!’ Mother’s gain comes from Her heart. And peace for Her soul. You have seen your own mother, haven’t you?? If your mother can have so much love, I am the Mother of the whole world. How much love should I have? And because of this love, I appeal to you, try to convince you in all possible ways to ask you to take your self-realisation. After that everything will be clear to you. Your politics will be sorted. When you are incomplete, when you are imperfect, how can you be in politics? You take any democracy, or any ‘cracy’, it is not going to be of any use as long as the man is still incomplete. Is the man perfect? Without that, you are not going to get the correct answer, till you become perfect. First, you become complete, then only it will work out. Is there any other simpler way? But when I talk like this, it does not mean you become agitated, or get angry or annoyed with yourself. Because you cannot do any deed, which Mother cannot ignore. There is no such work in the realm of God, which He cannot absorb. For the One who drank all the poison, can He not absorb all these small sins of yours? Even if you are sinning, it is done only by your ego. If the ego is destroyed, then the doer of the sin will also be destroyed. Then this issue will not be there. The issue will be something else. 
You are still in ignorance. No problem- become knowledgeable. Now you are sitting in darkness- come into the light. When I was telling this to someone here, he started giving a lecture to Me and chanting ‘Asatoma..’ (a Sanskrit shloka). I said, ‘What is this? Who has asked you to memorise this? Do this.’ It has to happen. Make it happen. By reading books and through your talks, who are you are impressing?’. Why stay on the outside? We are cheating ourselves and no one else, my child! We are removed from ourselves. Get your realisation. There is no sorrow of any kind in this. All the peace and all the joy is contained within you. You will become collective. It happens means, it happens inside, you will know which chakra of a person is catching and how to correct it. It is such a great driving force. 
In London, one gentleman got his realisation and on the same day, he said, ‘Mother, you said we will become collective. Can I know about my father’s condition?’. I said, ‘You open your hand like this, this is your father’s place, close your eyes and think about him’. He started feeling the vibrations and in this part of the hand, he was feeling the heat, which is his father’s position. I said ‘You find out from your father, as this finger (index finger) here is the Vishuddhi Chakra, which is Krishna’s place, Virat’s position, it is catching. Find out from your father, how he is’. When he rang up Scotland, his mother told him that ‘Your father is down with very severe Bronchitis and his throat is badly affected and he is very ill’. 

Not only can you know, but you can also treat it. When this power gets awakened, your mental, physical and bodily distresses will be gone. Many people come to Me only for treating their physical problems. They make Me work for hours together at their home. They say, ‘Work on me and cure me’. But once they get cured, they do not think of possessing this power themselves, through which Mother is treating everyone. We can also possess this power. Our children who are Sahaja Yogis fall sick and I cure them. You will become alright by yourselves and you can treat others also. I have told thousands of times that this disease ‘cancer’ is born with us and we can treat it ourselves. Through Sahaja Yoga, we have cured thousands of cancer patients. A few are sitting here in front of us. If you come when you get cancer, then I am not available to you. But if you are a Sahaja Yogi, I will cure you. If you are a relative of Sahaj yogis, I will attend to you. Otherwise not. This is not a hospital and I am not a doctor. Only Sahaja Yogis are important in the eyes of the Paramatma. When soon Kalki’s incarnation takes place, He will finish every one. He will not wait even for one minute. There will be no one to explain things, no one to tell you to get your self-realisation. He will hunt down and finish everyone who is left out. Today you get awakened and get your realisation and occupy a seat where you are worshipped. I am not telling you even a single lie. But you will have to examine it, know it and understand it with utmost humility. What’s required is that you must accept it.

People told me, ‘Mother, please give only the introduction today’. There should be an introduction first, that’s why I have covered general points on the subject. If you have questions about the subject, you can ask Me. But please ask sensibly, because I am a very intelligent person. I have a very sharp brain and not only that, I know you inside out. So, ask only sensible questions so that others will benefit and also you. If they are truthful and genuine, I am here to answer every such question. 

Whatever problems and troubles you have, Sahaja Yoga has the power to take you above that. That is why, I hope you get its experience and tomorrow you come and tell me that how peacefully you slept, after selling your horses ( A Hindi saying – Presumably in medieval times, it referred to a “horse” trader, who having cashed out, enjoys a well-deserved siesta)! 

Tomorrow, there will be a session here in which I will talk about the chakras. After that, you know two sessions will be held in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Come there in large numbers, whatever be the number, I will give realisation to all. But fewer people will come here. If someone says that you have to dance naked here, not only will this hall be full, people will dance on the streets- that too after paying money. They are visionaries, thinkers. This is the state of very rich people, very knowledgeable people, well-known writers. And whoever goes there, removes his clothes and starts dancing! They don’t think about it! It is happening here a lot in Mumbai and is happening elsewhere also. It happened in London too. That’s why whilst using your discretion, valuing yourself, and understanding yourself, you should receive this. You have to have it, don’t have to talk about it, you do not have to explain it, it just has to happen. This is called the actualisation. If it does not happen today, it will happen tomorrow. If it does not happen tomorrow, it will happen the day after. And until it happens, I am with you. So, keep faith in yourself. Do not think of yourself as lowly or a sad person. Understand and get this thing.
May Paramatma give you wisdom! 


Question and Answer session after the talk.
Shri Mataji: Whoever has a question, he may ask. What is your question? 
Q: Not audible
 A: (Shri Mataji repeating the question). Yes, I understand it. So, she is saying… should I say it in English? She is saying, ’in Sahaja Yoga, how does the Kundalini gets awakened? One has to sit or how should it be?’ It’s a simple question.
Now I want to ask you to know how a seed germinates, child? Do you know it? Does anyone know? 

Somehow it happens.
It does not happen by sitting down or from outside, this soil within you is sieved. As a lit lamp lights another unlit lamp, it happens in the same manner because we have light in us and you will get awakened with that. It’s as straightforward as that. You got enlightened yesterday, now you can enlighten the second person. The second person enlightens the third person. The third person enlightens the fourth person. One enlightened person can enlighten another person and there will be no answer for how that happens, my child. Yes, if the preparation is not proper, if there is no oil inside you, there is no wick, if the arrangement is not proper, that will have to be made. Even that can be done. The one who does it is like a swimmer who saves when a person who is drowning. because he knows how to swim, so he can save the person. The one who does not know how to swim drowns. But if the person who is drowning can learn to swim, then he can also do this task. The person who is drowning can become a swimmer and he can save others. But once you are a swimmer, then you cannot drown. Now, have you understood the point? 

Nothing is to be done. Put your hands like this. All your chakras are on your hands and your kundalini will be awakened. I am going to see it. I am going to do it.

Q. Not audible.
A: That is right. Sit down. I will tell you. Ordinarily, after the awakening of Kundalini, when it pierces the Brahma Randhra (fontanelle bone), after that it so happens, especially in Sahaja Yoga, perhaps because Kundalini recognises Me, it moves very fast. Many people get their realisation in one moment, the first experience is tremendous. After that, you know, because She is your mother and supposing someone has a problem in the liver, it will go to the liver and set it right. Then, it will go up and if there is a problem in the heart, it will go there and set it right. It keeps moving and correcting if a person does not take too much liberty with it. It means that after realisation a person becomes so joyful, all his addictions drop off. Man gets into addictions because he gets bored. We had people who were taking drugs and were in a coma. They have come out of coma and have given up drugs. I do not have to tell them, give up cigarettes, give up that, stand on your head, etc.; these drop off automatically. 
One gentleman came holding this finger (Vishuddhi). This chakra catches if you smoke a cigarette. His smoking habit dropped by itself. One day, he was driving a car. His friends were also there. They said, ‘you have become mad after Shri Mataji. Smoke one cigarette with us. Otherwise, we will look like bad people’. So, he was smoking. By coincidence, not because of Sahaja Yoga, the car fell into a ditch. May be while smoking the cigarette, he got distracted. All four of them fell into the ditch. The car was completely damaged. No one was hurt, except for this man, who had a small injury on this finger. When he came to me, I said, ‘it is very surprising. Because of you, no one got injured as you are a Sahaja Yogi. What happened to your finger?’ He said, ‘Mother, I committed a mistake. I was smoking a cigarette with them. I was being over-indulgent.’ When you do something wrong, from within yourself, you will start feeling it. Because you will get some burning sensation in the hand and start to feel troubled within. 

Another person, he is a doctor. He went to Germany. You get a very good alcoholic drink there. He had given up drinking. I had not stopped him. So, he went on to drink this liquor. When he went there, he got a craving and thought, ‘Let me have a bit of this as I used to drink it a lot earlier’. So, he drank. After he drank, he started having such discomfort in his stomach, he had to vomit. You do not have to tell yourself that you have to be righteous. You will start having vomiting. You might have also noticed when you go to some people’s houses, you will start getting vomiting sensation, even though the people are good. You will know that this man would have committed a murder or he would have troubled his father or mother or done some irreligious thing. You will not know what is the reason behind your discomfort. This is the dharma of the stomach. One does not have to think about it. You do not have to worry about any particular thing, whether it is virtuous or not, whether one should do it or not. It is seated in your stomach. Once you get your realisation this difference will come, like the difference between a human and an animal. Like if you take a horse or a bull or a donkey through filth, they will not be affected by it. Supposing when you go to Goregaon ( a locality in Mumbai), you will have so much trouble. You cannot walk there in that filth, because you are a human being, not an animal. Once you get realisation, you will become such a person, who cannot stand any filth. Filth leaves you. Behaving like this towards oneself or towards others, it will appear outright filthy to you. So, a man has to become a superman or a great man. This will happen automatically. But that does not mean that you do not have to do anything. Whatever needs to be done is after getting realisation and not before. We will teach you about how to clear the chakras and how to correct yourself. We will tell you everything.

Q: Not audible
A: It is a good question.
When you get light inside you, when you get illumination inside you, the darkness inside will vanish by itself. You may ask me, ‘if we put the light, will the darkness go away?’. Yes, it will go away completely. But if the light is of low intensity and if the lamp is dirty, it has to be cleaned. But if it is completely clean and if the light is intense, it will go away. It is very difficult if you ask me to do all this. There is a hole and it will all leak. I do not understand, how can I desire anything, I do not have any desire. If I get a desire, I will slip away from here. I will make a hole here and it will all go away. It is not a difficult thing. It has to happen. If there is light, in the presence of light darkness has to go. These things which you do, out of these, three things you do because of ‘Ego’ and three things because of ‘Superego’. You can see here (a reference to chart) ego and superego, these will come down. If they are gone- the doer is gone who else will do it? It is very intense, it is a new dimension. But you have to be watchful. You have to come into witness state. Like if I tell you one thing-the boat moves on the rising waves in the water. If you are in the water, you are fearful of the waves and you are also fighting with them. But if you get into the boat, you can see both things. Until you get into the boat, you will be wavering. You may ask when will it become stable. It will become stable when you are stable. When you get stability, you will become stable. In Sahaja Yoga, many people get their realisation- many people get it and then they fall again and many go back to their original state. But their awakening does not disappear. They will come back. I come back after one year and they become alright. Some are like a super-fast train and some are like a goods train (slow). It depends on you, what you want to become. 

Q: Not audible.
A: No, it happens in one moment. The happening takes place in one moment. But preparation takes some time. Sometimes people with lots of problems come. If they are caught by bhoots or they come from gurus, they are even more difficult for me. What can I say? If someone has bowed to the gurus, it is difficult for me. When I go to the rural parts, thousands get their realisation. They are very simple and are close to Mother Earth. You all are sophisticated people, so I have to remove those complications. 

There is no time limit to it, is there? You tell me.

Q: not audible.
A: you have said the right thing because you have a hunger for this. I will give it to you, just wait a minute. All others are exercising their brains…sit down. 
Tell me, son. (voice..) Have you got your realisation? No. Yes. You are not experiencing it? What is happening to you, you tell me? (voice not audible). It does not happen to many. Sit down. I will tell you. Many have got their realisation, but they do not know that they have got their realisation! Are the cool vibrations flowing in your hands or not? If you feel the movement of the Kundalini, it means there is something wrong with you. If you feel the ascent of the Kundalini, then there is a problem with your Sushumna, there is a blockage. If that doesn’t happen, it means you are in a good state like they say, if the airplane is good and if the flight is good, you will not know when it took off. It is like that. When you don’t feel the movement of the Kundalini and still keep feeling the cool vibrations, what can be better than that, my son? 
There is no fault in you. Why do you talk about it in vain? Do you feel vibrations coming out of you or not? 
What experience should there be? What is the experience of the Kundalini? 

Are you getting vibrations from inside or not? Good, what else do you want? Do you want to have a disease? This is the experience, child. Experience means you can give realisation to others. You can get into thoughtlessness. Your health will improve. You get mental peace. 
Experience means what? If it is written in the books you will jump like frogs, then what can I do? It always happens, son, if you maintain it. You have not done that yet. If you do that, it will certainly settle down. You are only one, there are so many here, who have felt it. There may be some fault in you. You have got your realisation, If you come to me, I will tell you what fault you have.