Public Program Day 2

Birla Kreeda Kendra, Mumbai (India)

1979-01-15 Utkranti Ki Sanstha Mumbai NITL HD, 67'
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Public Program Day 2, Birla Krida Kendra, Mumbai (Hindi), 15 January 1979.

It is worth mentioning that a public program has happened for the first time though we have had such programs from this cooperation in this building in the past and many people benefitted from it. Today, I am going to tell you some things about your selves. Perhaps you people don’t realize why God has created you and you don’t even wonder just why did the Divine have to work so hard into creating such beautiful creatures like yourselves. Why did God create you as a human being, you don’t ponder on this question because you have no time to think about who we are and why have we arrived in this world. After all, what is the purpose of all this, after aeons and aeons when you have evolved from the stage of an amoeba, what is the purpose? We don’t think about these things. The reason being, our attention is always on the external matter. Our attention cannot internalize itself. If I ask you to look inwards, what lies inside you, you people cannot. You will ask me, “Mother, how is it possible that we can internalize our attention?” I am seeing you people, whose attention is always on outer things but if I tell you to internalize your attention, it looks very difficult for you. How is it possible that we take our attention inwards, know ourselves and realize who we are. The doctors will tell you that we are all blood and bones inside, have a layer of skin covering us, many faculties and functions keep regulating themselves inside our bodies. Such are the things that the doctors know. But little do they realize which power ‘within’ us regulates these living processes, what makes the stomach digest the food, which is the power that enters and minds and creates thoughts in our head? What is this power, how is it created and what does it do – nobody can tell you about it. If we look at trees, we can recognize a mango tree, tell about the kinds of mangoes that grow on it, how the mangoes will taste and how many times the trees yield the mango crop, how are the leaves, branches and the roots of this tree BUT nobody can tell exactly which power is flowing within this tree that is creating this mango which is regulating all its functions, how exactly the Mother Nature brings a flower to fruition, how the juice gets filled inside the fruit. We don’t know anything about such power. Many people think that this power comes from the Earth and goes above the Earth and works it out but what is it? In our everyday lives, we see innumerable instances of such living processes throughout the world, even see how the baby grows within the mother’s womb, gets all the nourishment and enters this world. Anything that enters our bodies, it nourishes but when there is a fetus, each and every necessity of that fetus is fulfilled. After all which power is this within our body that is regulating all the functions? We are simply not acquainted with this subject, conveniently unfamiliar with the very energy that is making us live and once you get hold of this knowledge, acquaint yourself with it you can perform many, many tasks. To bring this treasured knowledge to you, I have started this program of Sahaja Yoga. SY has been prevalent in this universe from times immemorial. The way this power works out among people, it’s very nature is ‘Sahaj’ (effortless, lucid). SAHAJA – Sah (with you) Ja (born within), the power that is born within you, the one that is presiding you at all times, the one that is working out the living process within you, ensuring you achieve your ‘yoga’ meaning establishing your connection with the Divine, this is precisely what Sahaja Yoga. In human beings, this power remains invisible and the doctors perceive it as the ‘autonomous nervous system’. Auto means self-operated. But what can work as ‘self’, we have not made this discovery yet. After all what exactly is this thing that we have to identify? Now if we have to identify the Prime Minister, we would ask who is the PM, what is he, how does he work, do we know? In this manner, someone gave this power an abrupt name calling it ‘self-operated’ and declaring that we cannot know this power. However, this ‘self’ is what we are. The moment we find our ‘self’ we become self-sufficient. This is the element of God, the essence of the Divine present in us that we know as the ‘Spirit’ – it resides in our heart but it is actually located in our heads. Many people give lectures on this topic that we have the Spirit within us, we must look for it, even make a headstand for it(.), get into silly rituals, offer money (in religious places) according to your devotion and the rigmarole continues everywhere in the world. By indulging in such antics, you cannot attain your Spirit and the human being will be lost forever. Spirit cannot be ‘found’, it can only be ‘enlightened’. Those people renounce the world, live in jungles, indulge in pranayama (breathing exercises) while searching for their Spirits are on a very wrong path. Spirit enlightens within itself, Sahaja in itself (effortless). Sahaja Samadhi (UNCLEAR) – settles itself gracefully within. All the gurus and visionaries who have spoken about this state, every word that they have spoken is the truth. It is time to certify those truths. The time has to verify whether there is indeed anything called the Spirit within us or not. Only when you will realize that there is Spirit within you, can you realize the existence of God? If you do not realize your Spirit (Atma) you cannot know the Divine (Paramatma), whether you roam around in temples of hurt your legs in mosques. Till the time your eyes do not open to this huge reality of the Spirit, till the time you cannot see things clearly, you cannot know the Divine. Hence, the first thing is to acquaint yourself with your Spirit – get your self-realization. All the machinery/circuitry required for your self-realization has already been created in us by the Divine. You don’t have to work hard for it. After all the breaths we are taking, do we have to work hard for it? Or the way our heart is beating, helping us at every instance do we have to work hard for it? Or the way food gets digested in our bodies; do we have to break our heads to make that happen? Attaining the Spirit and meeting the Divine are very important happenings for a human being and they must take place, it will take place and it has to be sahaja. But the masses today, especially the youth, don’t believe in God reason being, people with religious blind faith pushed their agendas so much and these people feel these pseudo-intellectuals are not right. Hence, blind faith has had adverse effects on the actual seeking of mankind. All the rituals are only a means to make money and fill one’s pockets. All these unemployed people who have nothing substantial to do in life, for them these are ways to make money. However, even by applying your mind (after discarding rituals and blind faith) you cannot know the Divine. Yes, by your mindful understanding, you will definitely attain a point where you will understand that you cannot know the Divine mentally. Yes, so you should not seek the Divine at a mental level. Mindfulness stays where it is, it just has to be awakened. Awakening/ knowledge must be gained. When you get your realization of God, it cannot happen by mere lectures but something has to ‘happen’ an occurrence has to take place, you have to ‘become’ that power that you are seeking. In order to attain the Spirit, you have to be ‘spiritual’. Till the time this doesn’t happen, all words are useless, discussions futile. With this talk, my intent is to drive all of you all to a point where you stand and wait till point for when this ‘happening’ to occur within you. (UNCLEAR) The second most important thing is that you cannot purchase it (spiritual enlightenment). It is such an obvious point, it is even bizarre to discuss it. Many people think that the Divine can be brought, one can give money, indulge in some kind of proxy, call a pandit and hold a puja, finished. Not possible. Such people live on such a superficial plane that they don’t know that they cannot achieve God like that. Truth cannot be brought, it can be found. The moment I address such issues, all the brahmins and mullahs gather up pleading me to stop because their religious-shops can get shut due to this. However, I am making arrangements for their next births, where they are unable to spread their sinful religious views and practices. In fact, I am saving them from going to hell because the way they have misled the seekers, done such dangerous sins against the Divine, they will go straight off to hell. All these talks seem rather revolutionary, not just I have said many times in the past but Guru Nanak, Kabir, all the Naths (Sai Nath). All those quacks who are only concerned with your wallets, they would not share these (spiritual treasures) with you. They will never share the truth with you but those who are concerned with your spiritual upliftment and ascent, they will say that Son, only ask for which is the most superior. Nothing else needs to be asked. Shri Krishna has said, “I invoke Yog and Kshem’. First ‘Yog’ then ‘Kshem’. He could have also said that he invokes Kshem and Yog but HE said that HE invokes you first, will give you your yoga first then kshema. The one who is not connected to the Divine power, hasn’t had his yoga first, why should I look after his Kshem? For instance, the people who are not Indians, why would the Indian government look after them? In a way, the Indian government doesn’t really care for its people (P.S. This talk was delivered in 1979). Going back, till the time you do not belong to the kingdom of God, you do not have the ‘citizenship’ of the Divine land, why would the Divine care for you? Now some people approach me with their wishlist, “Shri Mataji, my son should have a job, he must get married, my business should run well, all engagements of my son should run smoothly and (UNCLEAR)” I said, “Wonderful. Given me an entire list. How much is there your Divine bank account? (an account of your good deeds in Divine records) No good deeds, it is more like an overdraft in the Divine bank. So how can I look after you? If you don’t have a connection with the Divine, what’s the connection between you and me then, my son?” Now if Hitler approaches me and says that I didn’t do anything for him, well, I have made some v nice arrangements for him to perish in hell, what more arrangements can I make? So one must understand, to attain the Divine, one must have maintained some ‘treasure’ (of good deeds). I am also reiterating the fact that this land of India is extremely pious; it is the yoga Bhoomi after all (the lad of yoga). All the people who have been born on this land, their births can be attributed so countless, innumerable, unmatched punyas (good deeds) performed in their previous lives. Perhaps you will not believe but only if you can get a sneak peek into how the bad people are perishing in hell then you will believe me. You have had the honour of taking your birth in India due to your uncountable good deeds of the past lives and it is for this very reason that you can see your Spirit (get your self-realization) so easily. However, it is a common perception among the masses (Indians) that if they take to western habits, they will be uplifted. Things about those countries must be told too. In England, women kill their children every other week. They are good children, tot that they are illegitimate or anything. Can you believe it? A mother kills her own children. (UNCLEAR) The kind of chaotic world they have created there, nobody can stay with anyone for even five days. If two people can stay with each other for even 5 days without fighting, it would be (UNCLEAR) commendable. This country is brimming with love. Love is flowing from every nook and cranny of this country. Now if you people wish to behave like those in the west, adopt that kind of habits, so be it. First, go and see how their children have fallen in distress and then see if you wish to idolise them. Go and see the people, habits you are running after, what all are they lacking in? What’s their reality, how fast they are inching towards their self-destructive modes? You can see this mostly in Sweden, (UNCLEAR) insane amounts of money in there. We are indulging in a mad rush to acquire all the worldly things – a shirt, the desire for a sari without realizing that in actuality, a human being needs very limited things. If you want to follow such people, fall in rough waters like them, take to nonsensical lifestyles, reach the limit and then come to me, then I have to very work hard on you, fine, do it. I am ready even for this. But such a thing can short-circuit, you can narrow its scope(UNCLEAR) if you attain your Spirit and then you will realize your beauty and know what a masterpiece you really are, what have you really received. Like a machine, if it is not connected to the mains, the charge does not flow. In the same manner, till the time you do not connect with me, none of your beauty will flow (UNCLEAR) – either you become an Englishman or a monkey, no use. You have to become (UNCLEAR) become (UNCLEAR) the very reason due to which you have been brought from an amoeba stage till here. Nevertheless, Sahaja Yoga is a big breakthrough in science and spirituality and how this power culminates to translate itself into a living process; many things are being said on this subject. Today, I do have the time to reveal those findings but I shall throw light on the subject tomorrow. However, today I would like to tell you all to simply request me, say “Mother, pls give us our self-enlightenment” that would be enough. Ask me for your self-realization, nothing else. If you keep this desire only, you will achieve a whole lot. In my lifetime, many, many people have received their self-realization. It is easy to receive one’s self-realization and at the same time, many things can be achieved with a sound resolve. All my good deeds/fortune is sitting in your feet (of the seekers). After donating all this, It is my great desire that you all receive your self-realization. However, if when you step into the boat (a new awareness post-self-realization) it still dwindles, doubts start appearing. It is totally your responsibility to provide a kind of stability to your seeking/spiritual journey. You must understand this work of self-realization, of kundalini-awakening, is the subtlest of the subtle processes and happens with great difficulty. People say that awakening even one person’s kundalini is such a tough proposition and HH is giving en masse kundalini-awakening. Well, it has to be done, no doubt about it. SHE has appeared for this job. In villages and smaller places, thousands attain their self-realization in an instant. If you want to see, come and watch. Why and how does it work, it is not according to our thoughts. Well, you see, I am also a magician of sorts, some of this is my speciality as well. Whether or not you believe, there is something great, indeed a power by which this pursuit of self-enlightenment which has never taken place, even in a thousand years, is being initiated worldwide today. Now, without indulging in mental wanderings, make sure you achieve your self-enlightenment. I am your Mother and I am fully prepared and willing to look after you and work hard upon you provided you too, cooperate with me. After this, you will have to go deeper in your meditative pursuits. Only after you go deeper will you understand what the truth is. Before this, you cannot understand any (spiritual) jargon. You don’t even understand if God exists or not, whether to believe in him or not, whether any such thing exists or now, you don’t get any answer on it. Like I say as if there is a connection (UNCLEAR) created by the Divine – till the time you are not connected to the main, no question or answer can come towards you. Whatever exists which is eternal and absolute, one (seeker) cannot know of it. Receiving one’s self-realization, it is a greatly fulfilling process. It is not as trivial as going into a shopping mall and purchasing. This is more like phenomena in itself and a very subtle happening in itself. You must receive it humbly, with hands folded in gratitude. I sincerely wish many people out of this gathering will attain their enlightenment. It is the same building where I had desired that a centre be opened. Our Raja bhai is a very good SY here, take his address. There will be a programmer here tomorrow as well, I shall come here tomorrow too, so make sure you attain your self-realization fully. If the Ganga flows right into our houses, we don’t give it much importance. On the other hand, if there is a circus going on, immediately people jump on to the spectacle. And if miracles are performed, someone (a quack) pulls out a diamond in thin air, you people completely fall for the imagery. But God has way more evolved concerns than opening a jewellery shop. And these diamond-pulling people, someone should tell them that they should solve the problems of entire India. It is ironical that only those who are rich are given more diamonds (by these quacks). Fine, maybe this is a sane cure for the rich. The ones who are insanely rich, those will never come to Sahaja Yoga (UNCLEAR) I don’t think they ever will. (UNCLEAR) The haste of any kind is unhealthy, it only disturbs the mind or affects the body adversely – resulting in some of the other imbalance. So today, you must make arrangements to attain the ‘self’. The moment you find your ‘self’ everything falls in place. Haste vanishes and you come into a balanced, joyful state of life. I shall you naming terminologies later but for today, you should know that when you sit in front of me with your hands extended, in all humility, as if asking for something (worthy) from me, sit simply then the kundalini within you will awaken. Because inside you there are these five fingers (on both the hands) that are actually the five centres or chakras within you which are very subtle and this is where the power flows. After your kundalini rises, you will see that you (UNCLEAR) start getting thoughtless, you can close your eyes and see there will be no thought rising in your mind. After this, once the kundalini will pierce your fontanel bone area, you will experience soothing cool breeze-like, waves of power (vibrations) erupting from within. Then when you will put your hands towards me, you will start feeling the cool breeze from my direction as well. Sometimes it so happens that because of imbalances, you may feel the vibrations in one hand and not in the other, that balance I shall create. Many times chakras are catching (imbalanced), I shall restore that imbalance too but first and foremost, it is essential that I initiate your (spiritual) motor/machinery and we move to further aspects of SY. Till the time milk and water are not separated, no point getting into more discussions (Analogy: till the time’s different aspects are not identified properly, no point just talking about them). Today, receive your self-realization and tomorrow, I shall tell you what kind of power this is, how it gets activated and how you have to get attuned to this power. (COUGHS) Other than this, we have (UNCLEAR – names of SYs) Sahab, they reside in this area, they are very good SYs, you must utilize their prowess (UNCLEAR)

24:58 – MARATHI (has to be translated)