Shri Ganesha & Mooladhara Chakra

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (India)

1979-01-16 Shri Ganesha Aur Mooladhar Chakra Mumbai NITL HD, 53'
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Public program, “Shri Ganesha, Mooladhara Chakra” (Hindi). Bharat Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 16 January 1979.

Before delivering the speech, let me tell you, keep your hands like this and sit comfortably. And keep your attention towards me. Not here and there, that someone has come, some have gone. Don’t put your attention here and there. Because we keep seeing others all the time, sometimes there should be time to look at ourselves too. Yesterday I told you about these chakras. Today I will talk to you about the chakra at the bottom which is called Ganesh Chakra. We believe in Ganesh ji, we also worship Ganesh ji. And they also know that there are Ashtavinayaks in Maharashtra, the eight Ganesha, have emerged from the earth element. But we know very little about this. And we do everything because our elders have told us. Seeing this fanaticism, people started saying that such, God, whom we cannot see, something is happening due to all blindness. So it is better that instead of not believing God in this way, we should work by keeping faith in ourselves. Now Ganesh is such a big thing, I will tell you about it now. Ganesha is a principal, an element. This is not a god etc. This is the one element, which is the element of God. That is the essence of purity. God created this Ganesh ji before creating this entire universe. Believe that first the purity was created in this world. No matter how much a person falls, no matter how much his condition deteriorates, no matter how much he invents God, he still knows this in his mind, recognizes him all the time, that I am doing some wrong thing. Why does this happen? How does man know that I am doing this wrong thing? Which element is hidden inside it, due to which he keeps on knowing all the time that I am not doing the right thing. There is a man who keeps bad eyes on someone’s girl or looks at someone’s wife with bad eyes or cheats on his wife. Or a wife cheats on her husband. Or some boy or girl cheats on their parents. Whether he does it secretly or even openly, but he keeps eating it in his mind, always eating this thing inside him, that I am doing this wrong thing. This happens in us because we have the element of Ganesha in us because here the four such squares which are made at the bottom, are Ganesha. The 51 elements in the earth element, the carbon in it. Ganesha is the element. As long as carbon is not present in any atom, in the molecule, then organisms cannot be born. That is, the first element of life is Ganesh Tattva. Purity is the first element of life. If any living being is born out of impurity and becomes in such a condition that purity has arisen from the world, then many evils come to mind. And as he becomes a bad sanskar, he becomes an animal human. Like I will tell you that, in western countries,  their society is broken, families are broken and in this way the part of purity is broken. They consider it as their duty to live here unrighteously. They think that if we are shown by living unrighteously, then we have become kings and emperors. You people will not understand these things. Because you are beyond this. These people broke their Ganesh Tattva. Somehow destroy your inner purity. Then you can walk however you want. Somebody has to do the work of breaking it. This Ganesh Tattva which is in us, wherever it is, where it appears, it is called Pelvic Plexus. Due to which there are four types of sub-plexes inside us. From that one, reproduction takes place. One is the act of sex. There are minor doubts etc. from one, in this way the immersion activities are done. And these elements are like this, it is adorned by Ganesha. Is the principal of Ganesh ji. Ganesh ji is a child, an innocent child, which is called the embodiment of innocence. Ganesha is the embodiment of purity. When the real appearance of this element is awakened in us, then we cannot do impurity. There we cannot keep attention on impurity. But if it is eliminated, then we do all kinds of impurity. Like today we were asked some questions by some journalists, the right question was, ‘Why do so many people from abroad come here and ask so much about sex, go to the gurus? What do you learn by going to the gurus who teach about sex?’ They don’t learn anything. There is no need to teach them. He is the maternal grandfather of the Gurus. Know them a thousand times more. Why do they come near them? The reason for this is that they want to break their Ganesh Tattva. They want that if some element of purity remains in us, then our mind will not be satisfied from within. In some way, we will not be able to live until this Ganesh element is completely broken by us. The struggle will always be there. We will always fight with you. The quarrel will continue. Because the purity which is within us will pull us and we will not be able to run away from it. That’s why they need a guru. That’s why they need a guru, that they should break this Ganesha. And these gurus also do such a thing, that the places they have, which we consider as holy places, they spoil it. By spoiling them and breaking the Ganesh Tattva. Ganesh Tattva | As soon as you broke it, the fragrance of purity also went away from inside you, then do whatever business you want. Pay money for this. Pay a lot of money. give so much money, that the gurus have become rich today. Those who did not have a house to live in, they have mansions. What is the fault of God in this? What is the fault of God in this? It has given you one of the most precious things, purity. It should be enjoyed. You haven’t been able to enjoy your purity yet. Hey, if your sari is white, beautiful and there is no stain on it, then how much a person wears it with pleasure and others are also happy to see it. But if the life of a person is very pure, and only purity flows from his life, how happy will the life of such a person be?It is a matter of understanding and thinking. Now you imagine that there are no mothers and sisters left in society. So you don’t deserve to stand anywhere.

Therefore, when these things start breaking down in these countries, then they quarrel with their own sanctity and when they clash with this, then you should add some other arrangement to avoid that. Because it feels strange looking at yourself in the mirror all the time. What to do? The man starts to panic, that oh my God, where am I getting caught in the web of impurity! Like a crocodile is eating you. No matter how wicked a man is, if he is in an awakened state, then it is very difficult for him to become pure. So how to do it now? So he thinks, come on, let’s drink some wine. By which will you be saved. To do wrong. It is said that if you drink some alcohol, then they will be saved from themselves. It does not have to be seen that we have committed impurity. Somebody tries to run away from himself. If he doesn’t run, he gets tense. Our fathers never had any tension. Still tell the old people that we got tension. So they say, ‘What happened? Did you lift the pitcher and go to fill the water?’ Those people do not understand this modern ….. that tension has come, why will tension come, brother? Because when you run away from your reality, then you are bound to get tense. If you are standing on your reality then why should you worry? Imagine, a truck parked on one side instead of the car park. So will he get tense or not? If a man is on his own… there is no question of any tension. Stand on it properly, the purity that God has given to us, so now look carefully to see that the place of Ganesh ji has been made under the Kundalini. Why did he do it? God made a child sit under the Kundalini. Since the child does not know what sex is,  Ganesha is very dear to the mother. They don’t even know Shiva except Mother, no one knows. Purity does not know anything except the mother. Purity has a power of its own, who knows his mother. The son has been placed there, so he should protect his mother. Your mother is Kundalini. And under it the childishness, your innocence, the purity of yours, God has placed it, to protect it, this mother. Those who pick up on Kundalini sex, they will have sex on the mother. You will accept this thing. I ask the Indian people, if anyone believes this thing. But after going to the gurus, they do this business, morning till evening. Many such, dirty people have come out today. All these are old tantriks, re-born demons. The kind of dirty things you are doing in the world, it is abusive in your own country, even thinking of such dirty things. The relationship of this Ganesha element, this purity has not been shaken so far in India. We all understand our mother. We remember Shastri ji, who was 65 years old, used to wake up early in the morning and lie down with his mother for a while. And after that he used to get up and do all his work again. When he died suddenly, his mother could not understand anything, his brain was completely blank. She started saying, It can’t be like this. Even today in the morning he used to come and lie down with me. Somebody will believe this? Can any mother keep her 12 year old child with her?

These western countries that you guys are following where you encourage your girls to wear pant-shirts and move around. Have some shame and see how bad the people of that country are. Do you guys have to be like them? No mother is ready to make a 12 year old boy sleep with her. She says that by this …. this will happen. Do you understand these people? That’s why sir, God sent me to London to see where you guys are running. I do not want advancement, for you people in this country. If I had not gone there, I would neither understand him nor see him. You will not believe it, every man has that feeling, every man has that feeling. Every mother has this feeling. Anyone can think of this. Mothers are also sitting here, sons are also sitting here. These people are so disgusting. We have nothing to learn from them. And that is because their souls are getting destroyed from within, so they are coming here to destroy them completely. Their gurus either impersonate them with some ghost, get them memorized, some people break their Ganesh tattva. Till today has there been any teacher in the world who said that purity is the highest thing in the world? Has anyone said? These new people have come out from somewhere, they should ask, brother, where are you from? These bad gurus are demons. Ravana had also accepted this fact that Sita should not be touched. Even he was afraid of purity. It is one level above them. This is the Ganesh Tattva, which God has given to you, that you should protect the Kundalini, which is your own mother and which is different for each one of us. It is sitting, and waiting for that day you are going to be reborn, the day you are going to get realization, then she will get up on her own and get you across. It is said that in order to get this Ganesha element, Brahma, Vishnu also lost. Ganesha is considered as the highest God and first of all. Because he is very holy. The one who is the purest of all in the child form is Shri Ganesha.Aa you may know when Dattatreya was also created, the Guru Tattva which belongs to Dattatreya ji, when he was created, he was also made a very small child. That innocence, that purity in a small child, where he does not see the difference, what is man and woman! He doesn’t even know what impurity is. Or what is sin? So stay away from doing it. God has given you such beautiful purity. But we do not show that gratitude, that he has given us this purity, due to which we are still pure. India is the most beautiful land on this earth. Ganesh resides in every particle of it. Due to the fragrance of this, this Lord Ganesha element has been created in us. Keep it clean, keep it organized. This should be in our behaviour. Those who become ill-tempered, whose eyes start moving here and there, their chakra gets spoiled. Many diseases can be caused due to this. And there are other diseases, such as if someone becomes constipated, someone else get in trouble. Whatever happens through this chakra, it is not necessary that the person should be impure. But also because of other reasons these may happen, like we have seven chakras, isn’t it? One of them is for purity. These diseases occur due to any number of other reasons.

So now Kundalini is sitting in the middle. You cannot reach Ganesh. So how will Kundalini rise? When you are now sitting with hands towards me, the five fingers in your hand are these five elements. Through these fingers, now the news goes to Kundalini, the message goes, ‘Yes, now you have come, those who know what Kundalini is?The one who recognizes me. Your Kundalini recognizes me. As soon as the news reached, so did the whispers. But first the news goes to Ganesha. He says to the mother, ‘Okay, now stand up, come on.’ Surprisingly, the speed at which the Kundalini rises in this country, did not happen in other countries.My hands are tired. I got fed up. I told the sahib, ‘When will I go to my country?’ My hands are tired. Yet three hundred men have got their self-realization over here. They got wisdom and changed their lifestyle. And those simple people are also saints and sages. Because they got confused. And these rascals went and told them wrong things, so they were doing wrong things.The sanctity of our country should be maintained. This is the biggest strength of our country, that we believe in purity. There is no power to eat or drink. Hitler covered the whole world. But he could not come to India. The British fled from here after ruling for so many days. No one has taken away our purity.Now you are going to become English? Have some shame. It just so happened that Bulbul would say, ‘Why am I not an owl?’ Where is that and where are you! There is nothing to be learned from them. That’s what I say sometimes, that they are donkeys with rump cut off. There is no wisdom in them. There is no wisdom. There is no wisdom.To understand the matter that without purity what else is important in the world. Now this is the condition in our country, that among the people of our age, when we were under the British, we firmly thought that what is our Indian culture, what is our power?All Hindus, Muslims, Parsis all got involved in this. Gandhiji also had leadership. What is our country? What is the wealth of our country? Find out what its power is. As soon as we became independent, the brain itself got corrupted.Now if you start speaking anything to anyone in Sanskrit, then we are gone. Somebody has started telling that what our wealth is, then from the work we have done. Now how many big people of Jana Sangh I met, I asked them, ‘Do you know anything? Have you read Adi Shankaracharya? They say”No.” ‘Who did you read?’ Did someone become a Jana Sanghi after studying Rajneesh and becoming a Jana Sangh? Who are your people? What is your power? What is ours? No one knows that. He doesn’t even know his mother. Where is this yogi? Where will the love come from? From where will their compassion come?Oh, this is such a land that gold can be spewed from here. This is that land, from here the whole world is going to be led. The whole world can touch your feet. But you don’t know anything about your country, about your wealth. Many people ask me, ‘What is Kundalini? Is this Kundali and Kundalini the same mother?’ And these people who are foreigners have read them all. Yes, this is definitely a thing. Those people are ours, there is nothing difficult in talking to them. Everything has been read. Having reached that verge, where to go, that this thing which we have been doing till date and the materialism in which we have been sitting and thought that by this materialism we will become very rich. But that’s not the thing. We are very sad, very sad.Is there a man who can be found, whose eyes do not twitch, whose head does not move around, whose hands do not tremble? It is difficult. If there is one, he is mounted on the head and the other is sitting, it is difficult to find a middle man. When they talk to each other, it seems that they bark.Never understand, keep barking, what happened brother? Never speak softly. Their mind has become so bad, that they are so worried about money that a……Let’s say a pie is like itself.If the price of bread increases, then everyone’s condition is bad. Because their women do not know how to make bread. The whole government will be shaken. You will add every penny like this, you are such a miser. American people are so stingy, you will be surprised, being with so much money, but no one will ever spend a single penny.Another thing if you want to listen. There is money for useless business. But these miserly people, adding every single penny and if you ever go into their house, they will not even ask for water. They do not have the sense to offer tea and water. You ask them to have some tea, they are scared. Thinking that, are they not giving us any poison?I am telling you the whole inside thing. Once, I saw the big Lord. A seventy-two-year-old woman fell from the horse. I said to the old lady, ‘What is the need to ride a horse? When you are seventy-two years old, will you ride on a horse?’ Her husband said, ‘We have become a little old. What if we fall?’ I said, ‘You too climb and fall.’ He is seventy-five years old.There are young people there, where the old people have been sheltered. They don’t care about them. Do not see them. It doesn’t make any sense to them. By the way, a sample is being made here too. They beat up children day and night and kill children. They kill children directly. Mother says that they killed them. What a violence there?You’d be surprised if I told you. No one can even think like this here. They find new ways to kill people. There, they even steal the bank. They had made a good way of that too. The scriptures were created with everyone. The scriptures for each and everything, make up the scriptures for each violence.We were just watching a man stealing a bank on TV. He said while watching, the magistrate was there, ‘Look, I jumped out of the window.’ ‘How?’ ‘Opened the window and jumped.’ He appeared on the TV, and he was saying as if he was a hero with no shame, Also saying where did he enter, and from where he broke into the bank. People are hijacking now. They think that they have become very skilful like Rana Pratap in hijacking. Where is our Rana Pratap and where is this junk, Mawali people. At least in our country no one considers Mawali as a hero. Yes, their photos will be printed. I am telling you the story so that you understand what you have.You can’t get it after you lose it. This thing is such that the day it is lost you will not find it. That’s why when you are doing your development, don’t women wear pants and men wear saris. Just wait and see, where are those people? Which pit have you fallen into? And there is no need to fall straight into this pit. Their Ganesh Tattva is broken. Nothing named Ganesha was left with them.There is no such thing as purity. And the Indians who go from here, the new Muslims eat more onions. They are more foolish than them. And when they come here they teach us wisdom. I am surprised to see it myself. Are they educated?If by reading and writing a person can become so foolish, impure, then it is better not to read so much. The one who did not save this Ganesha element never had his Kundalini would never happen.People say, ‘Everyone has theirs’. I said, ‘How do I do it?’ Because if you do not have purity in you, then if you are sitting with your hands in front of me, then is there someone going to take the message here? Ganesh ji is sleeping. He is in sleep. How do I wake him up?However, I rarely find such in Indians. Happens for some other reason. But it doesn’t happen in the least. Mother and sister, everyone is taken care of. But there it is, the one with the mad fun. Girls are like this, boys are like that too. Now these boys of today are roaming like big heroes, they will be the same examples tomorrow.Nothing in your education system should be taught in them that purity should be kept within. Everything has its own civilization here. While getting up in the morning, we should remember God that, ‘Lord, keep our purity.’ At every step we should see that we keep on saving ourselves. Kabir has said that ‘बास कबीर जतन पे ओढी, जैसी थी तैसी रखदिनी चदरियाँ। ‘ . And this is very easy. Difficult to do that. I told you only yesterday, that you have to drink only alcohol, so it is difficult.Take money out of your pocket first. Just find the alcoholic, and find the liquor store. If you don’t know what kind of liquor it is, then you will become a fool. Is it difficult to do a sinful act or to remain pure?Let us assume If you want to kill someone.So for him first bring a knife, bring this, bring that. Get some guns, etc. Choose the place. Do this, do that. And what’s the use of killing then? Then go to jail. Human being does not think of one simple thing. Which sin is easier to do? Tell me this.But do we have to do all the difficult work from here? But the people there take pleasure in committing sinful deeds. You must have heard by now that many people killed themselves in Vienna. This is the second sample. Either man kills another or he kills himself. When you have a violent tendency, if you cannot kill others, then kill yourself.The way to kill yourself is to drink alcohol, smoke a cigarette and what else. Kill yourself. You make cancer, so cancer is there. They started saying, cancer happened, so what happened? Ok. Bulls come to kill me and go on dragging. Needless to take the calamity. Isn’t it? What is the big thing in this bitterness?You will be surprised to know that these people are poor. We are not poor. That’s why I tell you, what do you have with you except plastic? If there is such a small brass vessel, then ten times they will show it by shining it. I said, ‘We people eat food in brass, what are they showing us.’ They said, ‘Well, you guys are very rich.’ And we think, eating in stainless steel is the sign of a big rich. . Those people ask, ‘Why do you eat food in stainless steel even though you are so rich? Why do you wear nylons when you have cotton sarees and silk sarees?’ They do not understand how stupid they are!These are signs of poverty. There, the person who is very poor will wear only nylons. If some cotton is mixed in it, then it is good. When I tell people in my country, they do not believe it. In the country where these things have flowed, they are so drowned in it, that they say, what is there in all these artificial things?Better than that, be a natural thing. take that one. All the women who are sitting here today must have so much gold with them. With them, no one has gold etc. There are such people who even crave for a bit of gold.We are not poor? If we have two cotton saris, even the big nobles there will not have two cotton clothes. And the price of cotton is so much there, you will not believe that the voiles that I wear here, I have seen its price there, about two and a half hundred rupees for a yard.But we do not value our things. Because we don’t know ourselves. We do not recognize ourselves. Whatever we had is lost because of the British. And now these Britishers who have come here, they drowned more money. It does not relate to any Hindu or Muslim religion.This is the culture of our country, it is for everyone. Everyone knows mother and sister. One day we landed a ship, its name was Vishnumangal. So what did an Englishman mean to us? So everyone started scratching their heads about what is the meaning of Mangal in English. Those people asked whether there is any good or bad for them. It is not known what eats the innocence in those people.You are very naive in front of them. They know how to make money by fooling. Today their children are roaming around like ghosts by making money. They come here too. Some are sitting in Kashi. If you also want to make your children into ghosts, then follow them. This is the essence of Ganesha, it has been established in us by God. Especially given to the Indian people. If you people are also not able to tell this, then you will disappear from the world. It is the responsibility of Indians to preserve purity. And increase its glory and it’s fame.Consider that we have a great wealth in keeping ourselves pure. Many said, ‘Mother, how is the Ganesha element instilled in us?’ Right now you are, mostly, much younger than us in age. But when we were little, our parents used to tell that boys and girls have to keep their eyes on the earth.Always walk with your eyes down. Ramchandra ji asked Lakshman ji, ‘Can you give some description of your sister-in-law?’ So he started saying, ‘No, we have only seen her feet’. We can describe that. And we can recognize the jewellery on her feet. We have not looked above this. Because this element is made from the earth element itself.The earth itself has given this element of Ganesha within us. Because we have all the elements inside us. So whatever the element of the earth is in our body, it is moving all these elements. Therefore, when this element gets spoiled, or gets contaminated, when a person goes on the wrong path due to wrongdoing, then you see, the diseases which mostly happen to us, they come out in the form of boils inside us. Because our earth element gets spoiled.That is why it is said that one should walk on the earth. One should walk barefoot. From this the earth element which is there, always removes the evils that are within us. I went to Kuala Lumpur. The one who is a teacher there, a program was held in his house. Thousands of men came there, and most were sick.I thought, my……. There is no Sahaja Yoga here, so many people have come here. , how do I fix them? He had a very nice garden here. I said, sit down with everyone in this garden, on the ground. And I awakened the earth element. I said, pull their pain. sour. There was a Sardarji. His son had polio. He got up and started walking.In this way, the earth element is of great importance. But here you are pure, only then can you tell Mother Earth to move on. Only Sita ji can say, ‘Take me in your stomach.’ Can men say that? For her only the earth element opens up, and is contained within itself. That’s why it came out of the earth element, this Ganesh element which is there, this is the real Ganesha.There is nothing false in this. But what people sell in their homes by making these idols are all dirty idols. The purchased idol should never be worshiped. People take it negatively when I say the right thing. The feeling of the one who makes, is that he has to sell it. Can one who sells such a god be entitled to make an idol?This must be understood that the Ganesha’s ride is a mouse which is very symbolic. Look, this is also a wonderful thing. Here you have a very symbolic form. The ride on the mice. How much humility should be there. Because he is the greatest god, he rides on a mouse. If you see, when people earn two paise here, then think of buying a bigger car.They will walk around with eyebrows in front of everyone. They will show off their wealth. Even if it is only black money, or whether it was stolen from someone or robbed from someone by becoming a guru. Everything has to be shown to the world. Lord Ganesha is the master of all wisdom and all intelligence. He just wants to have a mouse. His vehicle is the simplest of all. This is a very big thing. How much humility should there be?The man who has intelligence, he understands who you are giving an impression here with these external devices. If you have a motor then you will. How will it benefit you! Wearing the clothes of the external, showing it to the people of the outside, these are not signs of purity. Mostly you will see that there are cinema actresses who will walk around wearing white saris. No one becomes pure by walking around carrying the signs of purity above. Purity is something inside. For humans, their holiness is always with them.Not for anyone else. Whatever is holy is inside. It is not external. This is not for showing off. Many others have looted the world by showing off and by harassing. Purity is our own thing. Your private thing. There is no need to even talk about it. It appears and it’s brightness is visible from your face.When a woman is pure, it is immediately visible that this woman is pure. And men are also afraid of it, they live by it. A man like Ravana got scared. In your country, people do not understand that it is very important for them to remain pure. They say that only women have taken the contract of purity.The day man will understand this, on that day there will be balance in our social system. Otherwise, look at the women of England, everyone has been corrected. Good conditions have been created for all the men. They keep working hard day and night in Bun’s house. Women are sitting on his head.That is why it is the duty of every man to protect the purity of the woman who is in his house, to admire her purity and to become pure himself and to glorify her purity.If ten women are pure and their husbands are not pure, then five out of ten will surely be spoiled. Thinking that if our husbands are not walking on the straight path, why are we staying well? And if you are pure then you do not give this to anyone. You have this purity for yourself. We holy human beings live with this enlightenment.This becomes human being’s pride. Shastri ji has an example in front of you. He lived in this world only for a few days. But even today people start crying on hearing his name. Even after his death, no one took out books against him, saying that he used to run after this woman, and was doing wrong things. When we are talking about these frivolous things in our life, then we will take it out after life. No one respects such a man.Word of mouth. You can see anyone. If you have put such a work in front of you, ‘Yes, how are you? You were a great leader.  You will say behind your back, ‘Hey, he is a very bad man. Leave it Not fit to take your wife and children. Why did you invite him to the house?’You know they will say things like this. You guys also say the same, don’t you?Then it should be like this in your life also, that people say that ‘man is such that if you see in the morning, then ahaha! Where did these gods come from?’ But you think that that person should be another. I would say why you are not like this. Every man can be like this. If yes, then his Kundalini should be awakened and he should cross and establish himself.How powerful if our country becomes, on the day when we change ourselves completely and stand on the axis of purity. Even if you belong to royal law, bureaucratic law, horse royal law, cart royal law, it will not make any difference in your country. Hukumshahi Lav and what are the royals. Nothing is going to get better from this.Unless a man stands on his holiness, he cannot be free. Purity gives you freedom. Otherwise you are in bondage of impurity. Have you ever seen how impurity grips you? How does poverty catch you from all sides? You can’t even walk anywhere.Until this beautiful thing is completely illuminated in you, till that fragrance does not spread in you. Till then there is no goal of your life. And it’s that simple. There is no need to spend any money for this. There’s no need to go anywhere. No need to ask anyone. This is within you for free.You have to find it and know it. Then when you are fine, your children will be fine too. Many people also tell me that Mother, such a problem has come in India. Because cinema is bad. You also watch movies. That cinema cannot run, which is not of family. So remove the bad things in family cinema. Which spoils your children. Just refuse it. No, we don’t want this thing in it. Our country is run by family. If someone is intelligent, then he makes a family cinema, in which all the families can come. If one person comes to look at a cinema, in whose cinema will he come? If you come stealthily, then in whom will you come? The only ones who can go openly to watch cinema, only those  will run in our country.t is a different matter for other countries. Seeing himself within himself, man should create his own purity and worship it. When we worship Ganesha, then we should think that, ‘O Ganesha, you should also awaken within us, completely.’ Only by doing this, in this way you will see that your whole life can change. In Sahaja Yoga, when the Kundalini is awakened, the first one is awakened, that is Ganesha. Without them, Kundalini does not wake up. If a person does not have a trace of purity, then there are they are not humans, they are only demons, most of them are like this. There is no such thing in which even a fraction of purity is left. But if there is not such a purity, then there is no arrangement for Kundalini awakening in it.Those who come after going to such gurus, whose Ganesh Tattva is broken, they also hardly cross. It hurts a lot. But we should give realization to them too. And they become realized. This first element is very important. By saluting him you should go into meditation. And even after being crossed, this element should be taken care of above all.He should not tell anyone that he has to take care of himself. Just like the biggest wealth in the world, the biggest diamond you have, is to be chanted in the same way. I am not telling anything new. And the old thing is not pleasing to the people these days. But what is real is always new. Because the false thing stands up and disappears and the real thing remains forever.That is why it is called the imperishable truth. Today I have spoken on the same chakra. Apart from this, now you people have to cross everyone and you all want a lot. We will meditate by worshiping Ganesha. But first if you have to ask a question, then ask. Question: (Unclear) Shri Mataji: Yes, that has to be done. There is a lot of difference in its method, as you have been doing till date, it is not like that.After getting realization, you can understand which of your chakra is caught. Because burning starts in your fingers where the chakra is caught. Which are these chakras? Which is the sympathetic chakra? As the Ganesha Tattva is here, this Ganesha’s chakra is here. But if it gets caught up, gets caught in the left or gets caught in the right, then what are the faults with it? Then how should it be fixed?If you understand that your Ganesh Tattva has been caught, then you should worship Ganesh ji and correct your Ganesh Tattva. But if any other chakra is caught, then it should be worshipped by you and it should be cured. But to cure Ganesh Tattva, it is not necessary that you worship Lord Ganesha only. If you are right from Ganesh ji’s side and if Ganesh ji doesn’t want to do it, then it will happen even if you do purity. There is no difference between purity and Ganesha.