Deities on all chakras

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (India)

1979-01-17 Deities on all chakras Hindi, Mumbai, NITL HD, 99'
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Public program, “Deities on all chakras” (Hindi). Bharat Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 17 January 1979.

 (Conversation with a man)

“Are you coming now? Not coming, right? Did you used to smoke cigarettes?”


“Never smoked? Or someone might have recited a mantra?”

“Used to recite earlier, not anymore.”

“That’s it! Look, you used to chant mantras; your Vishuddhi Chakra has been caught. I’ll show you from the Vishuddhi Chakra, I’ll tell you now. See, these two nerves run here, this specialty is in the Vishuddhi Chakra and not in any other chakra. These two nerves run from here. These are both channels. So when you face your hand towards me, it comes from the hand. There are two nerves in the hand. So these nerves have disappeared. If a person’s Vishuddhi Chakra is caught, then you won’t feel anything in the hand.” Many people reach a point where they feel everything from within; they feel it in their body, but not in their hands. They feel it inside. Kundalini is here, it’s in the head, you will feel all this, but not in the hands. “Mother, how do you know when there is a perfect peace, that the Kundalini is there? When you touch others, you will automatically know inside. You will also know within yourself. I’ll tell you how to establish it. You don’t need to know too much about it. It is known from within. Just like you know whether something is hot or cold.” Speak up! This is already known to you, it’s in your consciousness, right! Similarly, knowledge of Kundalini also comes into your consciousness. You say, “Look, Mother, here is Kundalini.” When little children get realized, they indicate, “Mother, it’s here, it’s here.” They feel it. He is Phadke Sahab about whom it was told. We have many such people with us. They are ordinary people. Sahajayoga happens in ordinary people. Those wealthy people, you haven’t seen them. They are here for five minutes, then they transcend. They got their mother treated, their father treated, achieved this and that. They’ll sit for five minutes and then leave. They don’t have time. They won’t come to the program ever. They won’t come for the entire year. After that, when I come, “Mother, caught hold here, caught hold here, caught hold here.” This is done, the issue is resolved. They won’t come to the program for the whole year. This has gone wrong, that has gone wrong. Like, how once a week we take out time for ourselves and pray. They are Christians, they go to church. They’ll go to Siddhivinayak on Tuesday and will stand for hours. Similarly, one day in a week, you should definitely take time out for yourself. And you should find out where and what is happening. Where is the program being held? Go there. Where everyone will remember us together, that’s where we will come. Not by sitting alone, thinking “I’ll just sit at home.” Then this trouble arose, and then this problem occurred. Those who go there don’t have any problems. All problems get solved. Problems occur, that’s why one should go there. Because that place is meant for solving problems. If you have any problem, just go there and speak up about your problem, your problem will be solved. But you don’t go, then how should I treat the one who has a problem? Understand, if you go to the income tax office, the income tax problem gets solved, so why are you sitting at home? So, people don’t even come to the program. What’s so difficult about taking out one day for you! I receive such long letters, then this problem arises, that problem arises. Our husband got this illness, we got this illness. It happened like that. Ask Srivastav, his situation was the same. He’s fine now. That’s why you should go to the program for one day. You’re not doing me any favors by going there. You’re going for yourself. There’s no permanent place yet, but wherever there is, we used to have a terrace; we used to do it there. Now the government is saying to demolish it. Okay brother, we’ll find another terrace. We’ll do it there. Wherever we find it. The place for Sahajayoga hasn’t been finalized yet. It will be finalized too. I told you yesterday, it doesn’t happen. Because we don’t give black money. We’ll give money, but we won’t give black money. It will happen. But you guys should go there, wherever you go, my mind will be there. Ego causes great harm in this, Ego is the biggest issue. And then laziness. Either there will be laziness or ego. Those who have ego, oh, what do they know? It hurts me when they come here. When I come from London, I see that everyone is in a bad condition! Even now everyone says the same thing, what they always say, “Mother, these people won’t come all year.” Ultimately, when you arrive, there’s this problem, that problem, and they’ll just sit and do nothing. There won’t be as much benefit in meditating at home as there is collectively. Because today I will tell you that collective is more important. Take my photograph from here. Everyone should take this photograph now. Because then we won’t meet. Everyone should take a photograph and keep it carefully. Keep it in order. Not like put it here, put it there. They get upset about this. There are divine beings in the photo. Now, let me tell you which deities are there! All deities are present. And vibrations also come from the photo. It’s not good to put the photo here and there. It has its own protocol. It has its own dignity. A photo is more important than any idol because so far there hasn’t been any incarnation or avatar’s photo. Some photos need to be kept very carefully. And besides that, whatever religion you belong to, whether Hindu, Muslim, or any other, some fault has definitely occurred. That’s why a little worship should be done. You should face your hand before it when taking the entire work from this photo. We will also cure our cancer through it, everything will be fine. And as for the photo, nobody will even ask once. It’s covered in dust. What kind of approach is this, brother! If you’re going to take the entire money from the bank, you should at least consider something. No, then just leave it. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t do it. But if you want to, then do it wisely. You are an Indian man; you know how we conduct ourselves with everything here. How we respect and honor every single thing. If you’re English, you’ll understand my point. And about them, the divine beings, they are not even that angry, I’ve seen it. The English people, they don’t even have that much intelligence. Even if you put your feet up like this in front of them, they won’t get angry. I’ve seen it. Divine beings think, but as soon as an Indian sits down, it reverberates through their feet. So, I kept the photo understanding this. Putting both hands in front of the photo causes vibrations. And all the obstacles, all the troubles inside us, which cause our vibrations to stop, come from the five elements. They come from the five elements. You know the five elements, right? Earth, fire, water, air, and you… etc. Alright, whatever obstacles you have within you, they get dissolved in that very element. If you take the element of water, it is very important. If you add a little salt to the element of water, it’s as if you have embraced the ocean itself. The ocean is considered a form of the Divine Guru. By paying respects to it, by immersing both feet and both hands in it, you will be amazed as it will draw everything from you. Light a lamp in front of the photo. Your light comes from the lamp, meaning it represents the fire element. The fire element attracts things. It also comes from fire, from everything. There are many ways to do this. We have devised methods in Sahaja Yoga to bring balance to whatever imbalance has occurred in our five elements, such as when there is an imbalance in our bodies, or when there is instability in our five elements, how to bring it back into balance. As soon as balance is restored, all our illnesses disappear. It’s a very straightforward calculation. You have a photograph there. Keep it there. Face both hands towards it. Until cool air comes from it, until you won’t feel contententment. When you start feeling cool air within you gradually, then you should think, “Yes, Bhai, I am fine now.” You should examine it like this. Understand, if you are not feeling vibrations, then you should see why not? You will start feeling a glow in your hands now. These fingers are glowing, that these fingers are glowing, that these fingers are glowing. You will know from these fingers, if you have taken a book, then there are chakras on it (on the fingers). From this, you will know which of your chakra is caught. You will have to take the name of that deity. You will be surprised when you take its name, as the finger will open. All the vibrations will start coming. In this way, its complete study should be done.  This should be understood after transcending. But if you don’t even come to the program, then how will it happen? Two things, one is that you always keep one day. There is time to go to the party, time to go to friends’ places, time to go out, time to go to the cinema. Everything has its time. Not even one day for yourself. Then it hurts for Mother too. When I come back from there, I see, oh my God! These people from Mumbai, God save them. Now I will go to the countryside, in the village, everyone wakes up at four in the morning, and do regular meditation. 

They do it. Those people meet every evening at the Sahaj Yoga center. They say, “Now there’s no fun in going to the liquor shop. What fun it is among yourselves!” True friendship is with Sahaja Yogis and who else’s? Real friendship exists. People will give their lives for each other. It’s so much fun among yourselves. When everyone is enlightened, then the conversation takes a different turn. Not everyone feels good about others. It doesn’t seem like they’re talking to juniors or inferiors. So, what to do? What’s the process? How to do it? There’s a book for that, you should take it. If you don’t understand anything from it, then come to the program. People are there, ask them. Many have reached the pinnacle. You’ll make progress when you become stable. Then you’ll be exposed to more things. Your stability will increase further, but if you’re still wavering, if you doubt, no one will tell you anything. Then there are even higher states after that, where you can enter. Like what is worship? And so on. Then not everyone attends worship. Because we don’t invite everyone. That’s not the situation! There should be faith. Nothing happens without faith. Until you haven’t transcended, God forgives. Even after self-realization, if vibrations come from your hands, even if four people get realized from your hands, and even if your illness is cured, still you don’t have faith. So what does God say then? What will God give to such faithless people? You can’t give anything to the Supreme Soul, not even money or anything else! You can’t give anything. You should only give faith. Faith means to believe after experiencing. Not blind faith. Look, even after seeing, even after understanding everything, even after experiencing everything, people still don’t believe. That’s why Ravana is prepared, how is Ravana prepared? Ravana had transcended, he was a Brahmin. Even after realization, he again had doubt, started wrong deeds due to doubt, and then saw what happened to him! What does faith mean? Many people say, ‘Mother, everything happens for us, but we can’t surrender.’ Oh, can’t you surrender? What are we taking from you? What do you have that we are taking and you are not surrendering? Tell me, what is it? It’s your ego, isn’t it! We are saying just surrender your ego a little. We are giving you wisdom. If you don’t surrender your ego, then divinity won’t come within you. Become foolish. Stupid. This is what happened in Western countries, those people are stuck in ego, and they are ego-oriented. So they became stupid. Narad Ji had shown this here, right?  Valmiki Ji has described it very well. Once they were very egoistic, but when they went to Mayapuri, all their ego shattered, but they became very foolish. A person who has ego is indeed very foolish. It is better to surrender that ego. An arrogant person is truly foolish. Everyone laughs at him. He doesn’t understand. Even those who show humility from the outside, businessmen, government officials, speak very nicely from the outside. There is no real humility. Real humility comes only from wisdom, from intelligence. It is only when the awakening of intelligence happens, from the blessings of intelligence. This person is remains where he is. I have already told you that if your vibrations are lost, what should you do? How should one live? Now, you all take photos, and again I say that wherever the program is held every week, you should attend there. Now, we have programs in Borivali as well, wherever it is, come there as much as possible. Besides, we live nearby here too. Come there as well. Try to learn. Find out and see what it is! It’s not like we went to the market, gave five rupees, and said, “Give us rice.” No, it’s not like that. This is not shopping. Everyone comes with a shopkeeper’s attitude. When you enter the shop, why isn’t it happening to us? If it’s not happening, it’s not happening. What should I do? Its attitude is wrong. Do you understand? Its attitude is wrong. “It’s not happening, what’s wrong? I don’t know!” Saying this is wrong. You have a right to make it happen. If you don’t have the right, then you should see what’s missing in you, like, “What’s going on, mother? What’s lacking in me?” It’s the opposite; it’s not happening to me, it’s not happening to me. If it’s not happening to you, then what should be done? If you have the right, then it should happen. It’s like this, when you go to the bank, if your money is not deposited there, you will say that my cash deposit hasn’t happened. If the money is not deposited, then what should I do? We are sitting in the bank. But your money should also be deposited somewhere. If the money is not deposited there, then the overdraft is still running. So, it stops after a while. Now, you can’t give more than that. This is not a shop, it’s a bank. Alright! Now understand the opposite attitude. Most Gurus have a different matter. Because they fill their own pockets. They don’t care about how you’re doing, brother. Now understand that if someone comes to me, right now, this brother will say, “Mother, why did I get stuck?” “Son, do you smoke cigarettes?” “No.” “Do you chant mantras? Stop chanting mantras.” “No, I can’t stop chanting mantras.” “So brother, what should I do? You asked about treatment, so I told you.” There should be a difference in attitude. We should think about what we are asking for? Or what are we giving? What about the Gurus! Do whatever you want. Do you smoke? Then we’ll get you an even better cigarette from foreign. Some disciples of theirs come with foreign liquor. Good quality. Foreign liquor. Some gurus even have foreign liquor. If you want marijuana, then take marijuana. Do whatever you want. They themselves keep five-star air hostesses, and you guys can also keep them. No harm. They won’t say no. We are not like that, to torment you. “Do you want to drink alcohol? Drink. Do whatever.”  We told you, do whatever you want to do. You’re a very good person. Just give me your wallet. And also give me your wife and children. Job done. Why are you getting upset? I’ll keep all the money. I’ll take care of your wife and children too.” Such people flourish very quickly. Mother says, “No, son, a complete change from within is needed. You have to change. Whatever you are from the inside, you have to be that. You should get what belongs to you. Whatever your duty is, you should fulfill it.” Mother will say this. Don’t rely on artificial things. Embrace reality. Step into truth. And by stepping into truth, no one has more power than you. And stay in this power. Enjoy this. That’s what mother will say. People who don’t like this are not pleased with the truth! Here, I don’t really need anything from you guys, so that I can keep doing something. But in the end, I make you happy. Because when you acquire your wealth, you say, ‘Thank you, Mother, you have given us this thing that we were searching for.’ Oh, many people also curse me. You don’t know. Many people also trouble me. Many people trouble me. Tell them, ‘Don’t do this.’ Then it’s done. It’s Kali Yuga, right! In Kali Yuga, who respects Mother? Many people say, ‘Mother, she is very simple.’ Everyone comes and takes advantage of you in some way.’ I said, “What is it?” What advantage of mine are they taking? I am doing all the work in compassion. Know compassion and understand it. It’s for your benefit. The river of compassion is flowing, if you want to drown in it, come inside. If you don’t want to drown, go your own way. But Mother moves a little further ahead. She says, “Son, come, come.” Somehow, she manages to call them with a grandchild-grandfather style. But people feel bad very quickly, right! They get offended very quickly. Say something, they will get angry immediately. If you were perfect, why would there be a need for you to come to me? It’s a straightforward calculation. There must be some fault, right! I understand that and remove it with love. I don’t beat you with a stick, do I? As it is, the real ones, they sit with the mortar and pestle. First, they will hit you with ten pestles. Whoever takes those ten hits, they will say, “Come on, move forward.” They will turn him upside down over the well. He will stay there for ten days. Then they will take him forward and say, “Come, sleep here tonight.” They will leave three or four snakes there. I don’t do that. In the city, in your home, the Sahaja Yoga happens naturally in household life as it is. I don’t say anywhere, “Go sit in the jungle and leave your home, leave your wife and children.” I don’t say anything. As it is, what you seek is already within you. There is no need to go anywhere else. No need to take renunciation. No need to do anything. Just look towards your faults and clear them. You have to make yourself holy, and I also give you the power for that. Now let me tell you a little about Kundalini. After that, you can ask some questions, and then you can go beyond. This is the main thing. Vibrations should always be active. If the vibrations are not active, then there is no satisfaction. Some fault has arisen within us. Someone went somewhere, someone else went somewhere else. Someone got stuck somewhere. Someone got connected somehow. Fine details catch up. But I have seen one solution to this, that if a person does not focus on themselves but instead thinks about other fellow seekers, like how can I help them get realized? How can I help them transcend? How can I do this for them? Then it’s quite surprising that at that time the power of the Divine starts running in full force. This is definitely one thing. This is its secret. If a person wants to progress, then by extending his hand and saying, “Come on brother, let me help you get realized,” he can do it. Otherwise, a person will just sit there thinking, “I have caught hold of this, I have caught hold of that, I have caught hold of this.” It won’t work for them. They won’t be able to do anything significant. For the one who extends his hand to lift and support others, he will succeed. 

Now look, it’s the same in life too. Our heart is so important because all the energy in the entire body runs from it. Now there’s one cell, a nail, and we throw it away as a thorn because it’s just sitting there. It’s going to end. And the cells of the heart are given great importance because its energy powers all the blood circulation, all the circulation goes on. Similarly, what you are, the Divine sees. It’s not about whether you are a minister or not. But how much work you do in Sahajayoga, why? And how? You will understand this when I explain the purification of chakra. Now I’m telling you briefly. Because what’s the point of explaining too much, you know how many chakras there are. This work cannot be done quickly. Yesterday, I told you about the first chakra. Because it’s a very important chakra. That’s why I explained it. Because it’s the root chakra. It should be called the root chakra. And the Kundalini, it’s in the Mooladhara. Understand the difference between both, that the Kundalini, which is there, is in the Mooladhara, and Lord Ganesha, who is there, is in the root chakra. Because sex operates from the root chakra. This means there’s no connection between sex and Kundalini. The Kundalini that rises, rises above the point of sex. That’s the point. Understand? It’s below, right? The root chakra, which is there, is below. Kundalini is above. So when Lord Ganesha gets the news, “Yes, Mother has come!” He recognizes me, right? So similarly, he informs this Kundalini, “Bhai, she’s here.” The Kundalini stands up straight away. Now, one of Ganesha’s tasks is a little lesson in sex. But when you people come and sit in front of me with folded hands, you become like little children. Then the question doesn’t even arise. It just can’t happen. Because Lord Ganesha’s consciousness goes here to inform Kundalini. That feeling just can’t come. I mean, even if there were demons, they wouldn’t come either. At that time, everyone becomes like children. Ignorance comes. Innocence comes. When it happens even in countries like England, America, then what can I say to you people? You people recognize your mother, don’t you! So, the first chakra is the Muladhara chakra, and above it is called the Muladhara, some also call it the Kulakunda. Kulakunda, you know your clan, right! What is your clan? Its kunda. Your clan’s kunda. The clan means all the births you have taken so far, all of them are located in that kunda. That’s where the Kundalini sits. The other meaning of Kundal is orbit, so because Kundalini is in the three and a half orbits. That’s why it’s called Kundalini. Now, when it rises, it doesn’t rise for everyone. Understand that it’s made up of many threads. It’s like woven, made up of many threads like this. And some threads of it rise. And when they rise, slowly, gradually, as Kundalini pierces all those chakras, it pierces the six chakras, the seventh chakra is below, the Muladhara chakra. It’s called the piercing of the six chakras. Nowhere is the piercing of the seven chakras written in Sanskrit. Its meaning is that the Muladhara chakra is below. Piercing the six chakras, it goes up. Now, in any chakra, there’s an obstruction… I told you, the people who came there on the first day, I told them that above it, the chakra is the Svadhishthana chakra. 

It’s considered. But the Svadhishthana chakra keeps rotating. Sometimes it’s down, sometimes up, sometimes on the side. Now, this Svadhishthana chakra, when Kundalini enters it if there’s any defect in the Svadhishthana chakra. Let’s say, on the physical side, you think, the liver. So your spleen, liver, especially the upper part, and pancreas, kidneys, and uterus, all these are supplied by it. And even in your brain, the fat, which is converted, changed into brain-worthy fat. It forms brain cells. It changes and converts in brain cells. Brain cells. So this is also one of its functions. Now understand that if you’re a person who thinks a lot, plans a lot, then first there’s an obstruction of Kundalini here. First. The Svadhishthana chakra went out of function. Now, there are two sides to it, right and left. The right side has gone physical, and the left side has gone emotional. Now, which one in emotional? I mean, this is the creativity chakra. If you are an artist, a musician, you have practiced a lot of music. Yet you have exhausted that chakra. You have used it extensively. Even then, Kundalini will pause there again if it supplies. What happens on the left side? Now, on the right side, it’s like you used this, did that, and so on. On the left side, understand that you went to a spiritualist, to a psychologist, this is also the creativity of the mind. It’s an unauthorized endeavor. A psychologist has no authority to play with your mind. No authority. Or you went to a hypnotist. Going to such wrong people and if they hypnotize you or do something like that, then your left Svadhishthana gets caught. I have seen many psychologists, all of them catch the Svadhishthana. Because they are psychologists by mind! They use psyche for their creativity. Those who use their body for creativity, their right side catches. Those who use their mind, emotions, or feelings, their left side catches. I’m telling you a general thing. You will understand the details gradually. Now, coming up to the Nabhi Chakra, around the navel, which I call the ocean, is formed. The stomach. Religion is in the stomach. It means you are a human, this is your duty. Animals have tails. Humans have some qualities. Its sustenance means its holding power. 

On what basis is it held, are you a human or a demon? Are you an animal in human form? Are you a ghost? To look at, you appear to be human. But perhaps you are a ghost. So, its sustaining power should be tenfold. If its sustaining power is not tenfold, then it becomes separated from humanity. It’s like how there are insane people in mental asylums, walking like ghosts. They appear human, but if you go there, they will grab your head. You won’t understand what’s happening. We arrived, why are we being caught? Even a drunkard loses his dignity due to his habit. If a drunkard comes from one side, run from the other side. What will you argue with him about! There’s a joke someone tells. Some rural folks went to a minister’s place. So, it was seen that a man there was boasting a lot. He had a lot of swagger. 

He was boasting. So they asked, “Sir, what’s the matter? Are you feeling alright?” He started saying, “You don’t know, I am a PA.” They said, “We didn’t know, sir. Sorry. We’ll come again tomorrow.” ‘”They don’t know what PA means.” They thought, “He must be drunk. That’s why he’s behaving like this.” But what does it mean to be drunk? It means you deviate from your principles. When one is intoxicated, their consciousness deteriorates in some way. They say, “What harm is there? Just have a drink.” Earlier in London, people used to drink the same way. You know, we used to say to the English people, “What’s with the English people that they drink so much?” Go there now and see! They line the streets there. It starts with one. Then children do it at ten. Then their children do it at a hundred. Why do something that you don’t need to do, or go down that path? So, being detached from religion means that you are disturbing the human religion within you, the belief in humanity, and the sustenance of humanity. There is a big and heavy religion within it, the universality of all religions! That’s also a significant religion. Just like some big fanatics, their navel gets caught. Fanaticism, that’s what it’s called! We say, “We are Hindus, we are Muslims, we are this, we are that.” You’re just wasting your time. People like that will get stomach cancer. I’m telling you the truth. Don’t take it badly. How did you become a Hindu? If you were born in Africa, you would roam around like they do there. And if you were born in the jungle, you would live in the trees. Now that you’re born here, you’ve become a Hindu. Now, Hindus should, first of all, have universality of all religions come into their lives. Because they know that there is the residence of the same soul in everyone. When the same soul resides in everyone, then who became Hindu and who became Muslim! All the big fanatics are usually Christians. My goodness! It would be surprising; they won’t get along easily from here to there. Their navel chakra catches strongly. Then there are Jains. Their navel chakra also catches strongly. If you are a Jain, don’t take offense. Others catch the second chakra. But Jains’ navel chakra catches very strongly. They don’t eat this, they don’t eat that, no garlic, no onions, no such thing, and no such place to go, day and night worrying about this. Others are very harsh. They keep eating. Parsi people, the entire life of Parsi people revolves around food. Don’t take offense. Onions are essential for them. Going beyond them are the Japanese people. They eat all kinds of things. Reduce your food intake, even if you tell them, they will die of hunger. I told a Parsi to eat less, and they started starving suddenly. I told a Jain not to do so much, not to eat like that. So, they ate beef, they ate pork, they ate all the meats in the world. I said, hey, I didn’t mean that. I mean, come on, and think about it. It’s not right to constantly think about food. What will we eat now, what will we eat in the morning, what will we eat in the evening, this, that. Our Kayastha people are something else! Our Shrivastava Kayasthas, they are so much into eating, that’s it, and they just eat. From morning till evening, their woman is always engrossed in this. They are very finicky people. Living in a Kayastha household is very difficult. There’s a lot of emphasis on food. This is not good, that is not good. Why? Isn’t it? And the woman’s life revolves around this. She has to prepare 

Shrivastav people are even more finicky than Parsis. They have no shortages. Then our Maharashtrian folks. They need a lot. Glittering! So what’s the plan for today? It means, the plan is just to eat, why else! (Marathi) Meaning if someone asks, “What’s the plan for today?” It doesn’t mean they have any other plans. It means food. “Plan” and “food” is the same thing. Now, “plan” means eating. If you ask them, “What’s the plan for today?” They’ll say, “Today we’re making this to eat, that to serve.” Then there are stingy folks. Miserly. “Give me two fruits, that are enough!” Meaning they’ll bring two pears and share them among eight people. They’ll hold onto their navel chakra. Miserly people. Miserly people are those who, if someone visits their house, they’ll hide things away. No one will eat. So, what happens is that its balance also comes in a person’s nature. You see, if someone drinks alcohol, they become generous. Its balance comes little by little. Like if someone remains a drunkard, then they…(unclear). If someone is finicky, a foodie, they’ll feed four people. But there’s no cure for stinginess. Treating this is very difficult, for a miser. It’s also difficult to tell a miser that they’re stingy. They won’t even let it slip. They say, “They’re stingy at home.” Meaning, they’re very much like that. Then their belly starts to bulge, from the front. Miserly people have a very bad condition. They don’t think that being stingy doesn’t awaken Kundalini. Think about it, if you’re stingy, Kundalini won’t awaken. And I feel so much pain from stingy people that I can’t understand it. There’s really no need for stinginess. You give with one hand, you’ll receive with ten hands. A person should be generous. Someone who eats and drinks, at least he’s generous. But someone who doesn’t even eat, just keeps a bottle of ghee and sniffs it, such stingy people exist in our country too. What will they give to others! In their own homes, they think, “When will we run away? If someone drinks water in this house, it will be a disaster.” It’s like a matter of life and death for them to offer a glass of water. What is this? So stingy people, they don’t have it in them. They don’t have it, and this thing is a serious illness, stinginess. Stinginess is an illness. Just as overeating is an illness, so is stinginess. This is also a very serious illness, run away from anyone who catches it. If you don’t leave, they’ll make you leave too. It’s very contagious. If someone sets foot in a stingy person’s house, the whole household becomes stingy. Yes, we’ve seen it. Good people become corrupted. Because they use their intelligence too much, far from everything. They say, “This isn’t economical. Stop it.” They’ve given a big, heavy name to something simple like being economical. It’s not economical. Another person says, “Yes brother, it’s not economical. Okay, fine. These big professors are saying it. Let’s go. Just save two rotis from this.” A person should live with food, drink, and comfort. When it’s about oneself, one should eat less. When it’s about others, they should say “eat.” Such a nature, a person with that, their naval chakra can’t be caught. Whoever comes, they should say, “Take, son, eat! You eat, you eat. Here, you didn’t eat this. Eat that.” There should be a place for Annapurna (the Hindu goddess of food and nourishment). Just as the place of Goddess Lakshmi is revered here, whose establishment should be in our navel. I had told about Goddess Lakshmi here that day, didn’t I? There were some people; fewer people have come now. She is just like Goddess Lakshmi. In one hand, she has her charity, and in the other hand, she has her shelter. Those who have Lakshmi should have charity and shelter. People who are stingy should be avoided, from whom charity is not possible; a place for Lakshmi can never be made with those people. They may have money, but they are not wealthy. They should have shelter. They have two lotuses in their hands. Lotus means coziness. Inside it, wherever you go, you can sit comfortably. Their heart is like a lotus. That they feed. Even those who have thorns in their path, he accommodates them within himself. Anyone who comes, “Come, sit down, spread out,” he says, comfortably. If not, some people, when you go to their house, they don’t even open the door. Just stand outside. This happens more at the homes of big rich people. They’ll start shouting from the gate, “Who’s there? Get lost!” Such people are not wealthy. The house of a Lakshmipati should be open to everyone. Four people come, “Sit down, brother! Where have you come from? Had something to eat, had something to drink, and came like that.” Whatever food and drink are in the house are placed in front of them. That’s a real Lakshmipati. Otherwise, they’re not Lakshmipati, like people in London. They clean the house every day, polish it, and do this and that. Not even a mouse enters their house. Not even a mouse, they’re so stingy! Who goes to their house? They’ll open the door just a little to see who’s coming. Then after that, they’ll close the door. People will sit outside in the cold, and the door will be closed. And they’ll say, “We are English.” They’re such miserly people. They’re very miserly people. We are much more generous than them. In Hindustan, it’s not like that. Go to any village, go anywhere, even if someone is poor, they’ll say, “Mother, come sit. Have a little something, just have a little milk. My health will improve.” Any woman from the household will come out and say, “Son, where have you come from? Come, have a little milk.” Their mother will say, “Bring money by selling newspapers, and then I’ll give you something to eat.” A thirteen-year-old child goes out to sell newspapers. Women, girls, thirteen-year-olds, wake up early in the morning to sell newspapers. Think about it. When they bring the money, their mother gives them something to eat. This is the scene there. And here, no matter how much a child grows up, the mother still says, “Come, son, you haven’t eaten anything.” It’s the opposite here. But still, it’s good from them. Those who eat less are better than those who are stingy. So, Lakshmipati should be called the one who is the embodiment of a mother. Lakshmi is indeed a mother and stands atop a lotus, see her radiance. They are humble. Stand anywhere. The one who is Lakshmipati should be very humble. It should not be evident how much this person possesses. Even now, in my city of Mumbai, I can tell you, I have seen many such people from the old times, who are millionaires but living very simply. They are millionaires. Their women also wear very simple clothes. It’s embarrassing to say to the people of the past that we have money. This is our house. Earlier, we used to say, “Come to our humble abode.” It is only by having such a form of Lakshmi that our navel chakra is balanced. May the heart of this person always remain pure, because Lakshmi always wears a pink saree. A person is adorned. Otherwise, they wear torn clothes, and their condition becomes dire. They are being miserly. Such a person cannot be a wealthy one. They have become perpetually poor. What happened to the kingship? Kingship means that wherever you sit, you are a king. That should be called kingship. The navel chakra of such people always remains open, who are not kings. Now what is kingship? We have a lot of pomp and show here, but there is no kingship of character in a person. The person who is a king by nature, whether rich or poor, is rich in character. He would be a king. No matter where he sits, there should be no deficiency for him. Now, another example of this. Suppose someone comes and says, “My bathroom should be nice, my bed should be comfortable, and the food should be good.” What did you do? The rootedness that is on you, it has settled on your head. This is a root, isn’t it? You should have a good place to sit. You should have a chair to sit on. You can’t sit below. The chair has settled on your head. Now, roam with the chair. You can’t sit on the ground anymore. Now, put the chair, stick it with you. The rootedness has settled on your head. How will Lakshmi be pleased with you? You have become rooted. You need this cleanliness, that thing, this thing. What does it mean to be a king? If you leave him in the jungle, he still remains a king. Wherever he goes, his kingship is evident. Even if the situation is not so extreme, but someone who is very particular, like “I only eat clarified butter,” so he goes. And I always travel first class. He goes. Whatever I do, this show-off person cannot be a wealthy man. The meaning of a wealthy person is a magnificent individual. Even in speaking, he feels ashamed, like how should I say this? It doesn’t feel right. It feels embarrassing. If there is any deficiency in someone’s house, he quietly sits down. That is a king. Otherwise, why would I face such defeat? Bring me this, bring me that, I want this. Always craving, whether it’s for things or materials, even if I have ten saris, I want the eleventh. If someone wears nice clothes, I also want them. If the fabric has a slight tear, it embarrasses me. One should wear good clothes, be well-dressed. That’s what I want. Dressing up is one thing, decorating is another. Wanting beggar-like clothes is not good, instead, you should shine. It means that materialism, what they call attachment, never pleases Lakshmi. Lakshmi is never pleased with someone trapped in materialism. Alright, wear good clothes as usual. When father used to live in the palace, she stayed in the palace too, and when it was time to go to the jungle, she wandered barefoot. No matter where you are, never lament that you walked barefoot; I was the queen of the king. Many people talk like this, that when we were in Pakistan, we had so much money. Now, having come here, they have become like this. You were the same. There is no difference in you. The way you are talking, there is no culture in it. Talking about your money, telling about it, or thinking today I have to buy this, tomorrow I have to buy that. Gathering money for that. People start gathering money from today if they have to buy something tomorrow. Wrapping oneself in money all the time, every time. This is a sign of materialism; it catches hold of the navel chakra. Tell me, how many things does materialism catch hold of? Alright, if you find someone, it’s fine; if not, it’s fine. That doesn’t make you poor. Poverty is about one’s temperament. Now, think about it, when you want to buy something, do you consider the other things or not? It’s written in economics that in general, it is not… This desire, or lust, it never ends. Today you want this, tomorrow you want that. If you get that, then you want something else. What’s the cure for this? Contentment! Sit in contentment. Contentment is the cure for the navel chakra. The cure for the navel is contentment and resolution. As soon as contentment and resolution come, these waves of the ocean of desires start flowing straight. And this ocean of desires is the essence of all religions. 

So, the second chakra contains Brahma and Saraswati. In the third chakra, there are Vishnu and Lakshmi. Lakshmi is Narayana. The Narayana principle is what gives us evolution. It is through that we evolve internally. That’s why where affluence and prosperity come, where money flows abundantly, people start thinking, “What’s next?” That’s why there is more evolution there. When something is filled, when a fish thinks, “My stomach is full,” then it starts coming towards the ground, then it becomes a turtle. Then the turtle thought, “Alright, my work is done. Now I need to look ahead.” When it was satisfied, it moved forward, and its evolution happened, and it stood on four legs. It became an animal. From a reptile, it became a mammal. When it had to move forward from being an animal, it said, “Let’s go, I’ve eaten grass and everything, everything is done.” If you want to see ahead, then he became a chimpanzee. Thinking ahead from the chimpanzee, he realized that this couldn’t be it. Stand up properly and look around, what a world it is in all directions! When he thought of this, he became a human being by going there. So, the hunger is the pull of the navel chakra. The amoeba turns into a fish out of hunger. The fish turns into a tortoise out of hunger, and man also has such a hunger, from which a superhuman is formed. What we call the hunger for spirituality or hunger for the soul. This hunger is what is called “seeking” in English. The form of search keeps changing. Like a leaf comes out of a seed, a flower comes out of a leaf, fragrance comes out of a flower. Similarly, one thing leads to another. Now, when a person reaches a certain state, if you’re not in search of the soul, then you’re not doing anything. Searching for the soul is the duty of a human being. And that also happens right here in the navel chakra. Now, when a person embarks on the quest for the soul, if his search is rooted in matter, then how will he find the soul? The point is understood! So, of the ten avatars described here, seven avatars are within the abdomen. At least seven avatars. The eighth avatar is said to be Rama. What are avatars? They are our leaders. The ten gurus within the abdomen, the main gurus, such as Zarathustra and others I mentioned to you, Nanak, Janak, they are the incarnations of Dattatreya, who is the primordial master, they reside within the abdomen. They guide our religion. Now, when human evolution occurred, it was necessary to first bring forth the best king to show who the most ideal king is. So, the incarnation of Rama happened. These were leaders. What are incarnations? They are leaders. Because without leaders, evolution does not happen. And these leaders are a part of the Supreme Being, that’s why they are called avatars. So, the incarnation of Rama happened. Rama came into the world to show what an ideal king should be like, how governance should be. Eight thousand years ago, this came into our consciousness. Eight thousand years ago. At that time, there might have been pigs in England. I’m not sure about America, but there might have been mosquitoes. So, here, the story of Gajendra Moksha, which you might have read, when Gajendra was liberated, only elephants were saved from the first animals here. The saving of the elephant was essential in evolution because all these actions happen through the power of Vishnu. That’s why the story of Gajendra Moksha exists here. Among them, the elephant was saved. At every level of evolution, some beings do survive. Just as fish still exist today, elephants too, some evolution continues slowly. We can say that up to seven evolutions, the first evolution was when the Supreme Being had to be in human form, which was the Vamana avatar, a small man. He first showed that humans can conquer all three realms. It means that humans can conquer the five elements. This is the Vamana avatar. After that, the incarnation of Parashurama showed that humans can conquer whatever problems arise from their anger or strength, or any natural problems that we face from nature. Therefore, the incarnation of Parashurama happened. After that, the incarnation of Rama occurred when it was to be shown that a person can attain such a state within themselves that in governance, they can become leaders of others and lead everyone on the path of the Supreme Being. What philosophers call the Philosopher King, is exemplified by Shri Ram here. Just ask how many rulers here have taken the example of Ram. Those who abandoned Sita Ji. Sacrificing one’s own family is necessary if one is to enter into governance. If one gets attached to this (the body), then it’s beneficial for the country and for you as well. He who has recognized this mosquito is a great burden-bearer in governance. Only he can govern. That’s why the incarnation of Shri Ram happened in the world. But he loved his wife very much. And not only that, he was a very heavy father figure. Now, if you understand, let me say this: “Keep your hand like this, son, if you catch hold of this.” Right heart, where the incarnation of Ram is, either you are upset with your father, or there is some illness in your father, or your father has heart trouble. If you are a father, then you’re not right with your child. Look, how amazing it is! You are just sitting like this. If you think about someone and this thing is getting hold of you, it means that the essence of your father is messed up. Now, one should see where it stands equally. It helps to put things into perspective. Here, your father could be right here. Or your father’s father could be here too. And here, the essence of your father is slightly off. It means you are troubled for your father or you are not behaving properly with your children. In this way, you can figure out on every chakra. The chakra of Ram, which is there, is on the right side of the heart. Now, along with the principle of Ram, there is also the principle of Hanuman. With the principle of Hanuman, we contemplate, we think of the future. It’s a tremendous principle. When you transcend effortlessly, then if there’s any work to be done, Hanuman gets it done. Now, you’ve got the connection, right? It happens, any work, no matter how difficult. But first, you need to be an authority. If you’re not an authority, they won’t listen to anything. But once you become an authority, just say, “Let’s go, Hanuman Ji…” Once said, the work is done. It’s just a matter of saying, and they start running immediately. But if even your chakra of Lord Ram is flawed, nothing will happen. While we continue to work tirelessly day and night even here in London, Bhairavnath Ji keeps running around here. Everything is within you too. They can also help you. In English, Hanuman Ji is called Gabriel, which means in Christianity, Saint Gabriel, and Bhairavnath is called Saint Michael. It’s the same. Absolutely the same. There is no difference. The names are different, all are Hanuman Ji.  

After that comes the heart chakra of the middle. Here is the heart chakra, in between. This is a different kind, where Lord Shiva resides in the heart, and leaving Shiva aside, by assuming the form of Shiva’s consort; Shiva’s consort, by becoming Jagadamba, rises above the ocean of existence. When her devotees are drowning, when devotees are troubled in every religion, then she becomes a mother, becomes Jagadamba, and protects them. That’s the essence of protection. Some people have a sense of insecurity. We can bring this principle to modern times. If there is no sense of security, then this chakra catches hold of them. This is what drives the breath forcefully. When a woman has breast cancer, this chakra catches hold of her. If a woman’s husband is flirtatious, abusive, and she can’t say anything to anyone, then this chakra catches hold of her. Even Ram’s chakra, if a husband doesn’t treat his wife properly, doesn’t give her the place of Lakshmi in the household, and harasses her, then his right side can also be caught. Similarly, if a woman faces such dilemma, then this middle chakra can catch hold of her. If you experience a sense of insecurity or feel haunted by some entity, or if you face any trouble, then this middle chakra catches hold of you. From there, the breath flows very strongly. Allergy originates from this. When there is a combination of the liver and this, or if there is a combination of the sacral chakra, then allergies begin. People say, allergies don’t get cured, but in Sahajayoga, it gets cured instantly. Breast cancer can be cured instantly, completely. 100%. After that, the chakra above, as I said, belongs to Jagadamba, the chakra of Sita-Ram is on the right side, and the chakra of Shiva is in the heart on the left side. It’s the principle of Shiva. Now, understanding the principle of Shiva and Kundalini, which pulls your attention inward? And when it reaches your consciousness, the Sadashiva, who is sitting here, is present. This is the place of Sadashiva, which is our existence, whose reflection is in the heart, the form of the soul. As soon as it awakens here, the divine light enlightens the heart, and the essence of the soul begins to flow from within. This is the pulsation of the soul. When the pulsation of your heart begins, the flow starts from your hands. This is realization. Not just idle talk. You will see. Try it yourself through hard work, it’s entirely scientific. But you guys learn, otherwise these English people will come and teach you, I’m telling you. They are much smarter than you. They get stuck in Sahaj Yoga. Day and night, they have clung onto this through hard work. When you talk to them, you’ll be amazed, like, “Wow, where did these people come from?” They have mastered everything about your avatars and the like. Tell them any permutation and combination, and they’ll say, “Chant this mantra, do this, do that, fix it.” It’s possible that old Indians were born there and those who used to rule there are now ruling here. Because their kind of research has such depth and elevation that I am amazed. Right now, there are so many people busy in our Hindustan that they don’t have time. Ask them, they keep busy day and night. They wake up at four in the morning. They bathe, meditate. And they focus on one thing at a time. Although they don’t have that thing which is called purity, which you have. Nothing. They accumulate that too. To gain! They accumulate everything. 

Tomorrow, these people will surpass you, and you will remain here. I’m telling you. I’m telling all the young boys here that sits on this and studies its science thoroughly and internalizes it. Otherwise, you will roam like fools. Then these others will rule over you. They will impose their culture on you. Right now, there are two or three with us. I asked them, “Do you want to marry an Indian girl?” They started saying, “Yes, we want to, but only if she is Indian. If she becomes English, then we don’t want her. If she has a short haircut, then we don’t want her.”  Look, they don’t like girls with short haircuts. They say, “Why are they wandering around acting English? We don’t like these girls. We’ll call the one who is Indian very beautiful.” From their perspective, she might be a bit backward. But for them, she is beautiful. So now I have told you about the heart chakra. I have told you about the heart. And here, it is said a thousand times that Durga has incarnated, although it has happened many times, but the main one is a thousand times. For that, you should read about Durga, read the Durga Sahasranama, and you will know her names. Whoever catches this chakra, mentioning Durga’s name will be relieved. But one should transcend. Without realization, nothing will happen. If your stomach is upset, take the name of Jorastar. Take Nanak’s name. The latest one is Sai Baba of Shirdi, take his name. I’m not talking about the other one. His name should not even be mentioned. The real Sai Baba of Shirdi is the last incarnation of Dattatreya. Just by taking his name, your stomach will be fine. Similarly, whatever ailment there is here will be cured. Now there is a place for Shiva in the heart. This is a very important thing. It should be understood. If Shiva gets angry, only God can save you. Because that’s the ultimate thing, if even the heart closes, what will I save? He is a very innocent soul. Bhole Shankar. He gets angry over trivial matters. And he also becomes happy over trivial matters. If he gets happy, he would even give you his wife, just like he gave to Ravana. Remember? He is indeed a very innocent soul. Many have been blessed, many have been redeemed. The essence of Shiva is the essence of existence. When you move away from it, when you indulge too much in thoughts, in planning, forgetting the Supreme, then the essence of Shiva takes hold. That’s when heart attacks occur. The person who is ego-oriented, who works from ego, meaning someone who thinks a lot, from the right side of the nadis, his ego develops. Those whose ego has developed excessively will suffer from heart attacks. Therefore, there is no need to sympathize with those who have heart attacks. They should be told to have mercy on others. 

When someone has a heart attack, they should be told to have mercy on others. Your Shiv principle has become angry. Meaning, he becomes a powerful individual. He suppresses others, he becomes aggressive. He should be told to sit down for a while, love his wife and children, and talk to them for a while. He keeps working day and night in the office, and then he gets a heart attack. I mean, there are two types of ambulance. One comes from over thinking. There was a Gujarati lady. They were the Vice-Chancellors of Gujarat, his wife, her heart chakra caught. I asked, ‘What planning do you do? You are a housewife.’ She started saying, ‘Making papads in the morning, making pickles, who will come to eat today, what to cook? Messed up on the maid, messed up on her. Messed up on the husband. Why keep it here? Sit there.’ A heart attack is bound to happen. Such a woman will have a heart attack. If not a heart attack, then a stroke. Paralysis, which happens to a man, also happens for the same reason. There’s no need to be compassionate with that man. Tell him, “You be compassionate.” Beg for compassion from the Almighty. Hold your ears, ask for forgiveness from the Almighty. There’s a very nice verse here of theirs, you know Lord Ganesha’s. In which they seek forgiveness because they are compassionate. Because they are the ocean of compassion. You should tell them, if I have done anything wrong, then forgive me. Fold your hands and ask for forgiveness. So, they forgive. So, if a man has a heart attack, has a stroke, then you should know, he’s an aggressive man. So, nature says, okay, I’ll just finish you off. Now, there will be a little imbalance. The hands will become like this. His face will become twisted. Now what will he forcibly do? He won’t be able to speak. There are two types of aggression, one is those who speak more. One is those who don’t speak but their anger rises on their nose. When they come to the office, it starts. When they leave the office, it starts. Everyone says, is he a tiger or a lion! They won’t say it, but they’ll look at you with anger. Everyone, the compassionate, the ocean of mercy, God, the essence of Shiva, they get angry. Such people have heart attacks. The embolism of other people comes in such a way that those who are very emotional from their hearts, meaning write poetry, cry all the time, and become great Romeo and Juliet. And the big things we do from the heart. The heads of such people get messed up. Or they indulge too much in sex. That’s why Rajneesh’s disciples often go crazy. These are the kind of people who take aggression from others. They are selfish. If someone is an aggressive guru, very forceful, then his disciples will be like, “Yes, brother, you are great. Hit us with shoes, it’s very good. Make us dance, it’s very good. Take our clothes too, it’s very good.” It’s like a club. An aggressive person comes, and then others come in front of him, saying, “Brother, it’s okay.” Whatever aggression you put on us, we bear it. We serve the guru, and we are sweeping his house with our own hair. People like these have their heads messed up. The balance comes from the head. We think with our intellect. The work of the intellect is to think, but when you work with the heart, the brain works. Show mercy to those who are mad. Those whose minds get messed up are mostly elderly people who become senile and then go mad. Because they think they are being disrespected. No one respects us. If someone is greatly disrespected, and they have to endure it a lot, they go mad. Because it recedes within itself. This is escapism, one should say. It’s a feeling. One is to dominate on others; and the other is to run away from it. These are two things that happen. It’s better to stay in the middle. Neither should you aggress upon anyone, nor should you attack anyone, nor should you be attacked by anyone. You stand in the middle, what do you say? The path of the middle is the path of love. Even if a mother slaps her child, it’s out of love. The path of love lies in the middle. Therefore, the essence of the middle is love, and if we receive it from the Mother, then it’s the love of God. 

We can understand love. We have only one mother, her body is earthly, everything is earthly, but still, her love is divine! Even when she is no more, the memories of her never fade away. If she were alive, look, my mother wouldn’t do such things today. Sometimes, even a mother turns out to be flawed, but mostly, it’s the children who turn out to be flawed. The relationship with a mother doesn’t go bad. Those children who don’t respect their mother, trouble them, their also this Chakra gets caught. Those who trouble their parents in old age, their also this Chakra gets caught. Respect your mother first, then your father, because the father will make you respect him by force. Otherwise, he’ll give you two slaps. He won’t let it go. No one questions the father. They question the mother because she’s poor. But whoever respects their mother is a true companion. They do the same with me too! They trouble me a lot because I don’t beat anyone. They keep troubling me, but I enjoy it, how long will you trouble me? You’ll have to be set. Then, my mother caught hold of my head. I said, “Alright, have you caught hold of me?” Sit calmly for a while. They were arguing a lot with me. After that, I explained the Heart  Chakra. I explained that the essence of Lord Shiva is in the heart, and the element above it is very important. This is called the Vishuddhi Chakra, which is located behind here at the end. When a person lifts his head, this chakra is activated. This is Krishna’s chakra, Radha-Krishna’s. This is the cosmic chakra. This is cosmic. The entire cosmos has become complete. In all these cosmos, you are small cells. But so far you have no idea that you are a small cell. That is a big cell. When you transcend, your connection is established with it. You also become cosmic. This cosmic chakra is very important. It has two sides, the left and right sides. In the right side, there is the rajasic aspect, meaning the one whose right side is caught, should focus on Rukmini ji and Shri Krishna. And the one whose left side effected, should focus on Vishnumaya. It means that those who lie in politics will be caught more by the right side. And the one caught by the left side lacks intelligence about mother and sister. This is for those with the Vishuddhi. Who is mother? Who is sister? He does not have intelligence. This is what is caught. Every woman will definitely catch the left Vishuddhi. Or the man who feels guilty about himself, “Oh, I’ve also committed this fault.” (Unclear) should be seen. If he goes away, keeps sulking with us, that also catches him. “I’m very guilty.” That also catches him. There are many such things. And in physical terms, if someone gets a cold, or catches a cold, the right side catches it. This is why diseases like bronchitis continue to occur. Or by chanting mantras, this chakra always catches. Like those who chant “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” have “cancer of the throat” written for them. Then they will come to me, they come. He gets cancer of the throat. Uttering wrong unauthorized mantras, cancer of the throat happens. The chakra above it, the chakra of Krishna, is much less talked about than you can say. Its sixteen petals are all its subplexes. And those sixteen thousand were his wives, they were his sixteen thousand nadis, who took birth in the world. It’s a very big thing. To talk about Krishna, one lecture is not enough. Then I will tell you about Krishna. When Vishnu’s Krishna form is present here, then your Virat mantra… That’s why until you don’t make such a gesture, you cannot transcend. Now the relationship is with the Virat. Because the same chakra is relevant here. And when you bless others, then the Virat is pleased. The relationship of others is also with the Virat. It happens through the hands. After that, this chakra is very important. It controls both the ego and the super ego. Although both ego and super ego start from here, they are controlled by the Agnya Chakra. It is very important. This is the solar principle within us. Or it should be said that there is a fiery element within us. Radiance comes from it. That’s why one should always keep their head open. A person’s head should always remain open. Nowadays, there’s a trend in fashion, do this, do that. It may not be a sign of foolishness, but it’s a sign of superstition. Ghosts have such hair, you must have seen, if someone draws a picture of a ghost, they have such hair. By wandering as ghosts, ghosts will only come. Hey brother, ghosts will sit among ghosts. The grasp of the Agnya Chakra comes in people like this who wander around with their untidy hair. Hair should always be kept clean. The head should always be kept open. And this head is a very heavy thing. It’s such a big thing, it shouldn’t be bowed down in front of everyone. Many people go and bow their heads, in front of any Guru. This sign should not be displayed in front of anyone. Until you achieve something from it, you should never bow down. That’s why I say, transcend, and then come to my feet. No argument over this. Because if you people are eager to come to my feet, what can I do? The head should only bow where the presence of the Divine is. The head should not bow anywhere else. Everyone has said the same thing. Look at us, whenever anyone comes, they bow at his feet. Except for our parents and elders. There is no need to bow in front of everyone. But because of these Guru-fanatics, it is not understood where people keep bowing. And if this chakra gets caught, then it is very difficult to correct the Agnya Chakra. Because Mahavishnu resides on it, who is the son of Krishna and has incarnated in the world, his name is Jesus Christ. The cross that is here is the same cross. He crossed it. Coming into the world, he proved Krishna’s words: “Weapons cannot cut it, fire cannot burn it.” Krishna said, “This self is indestructible by anything.” Its truth was proved by Jesus Christ through his resurrection, asserting it. Jesus Christ doesn’t belong only to Christians; he belongs to everyone. No one has taken a contract, and its mantra is the Lord’s Prayer. This is its mantra. And most people touch the Agnya Chakra. As many wicked people there are, “Finish Jesus Christ first.” Because no deity greater than him has emerged in the world. Because He is the essence of Lord Ganesha. They are verily Ganesha. If Ganesha is behind, then He is in front. Two parts of the same coin, it is the form of Ganesha. Because beyond Ganesha, there is no other deity. No. So, everyone first tarnishes this. Alright, just lay hands on the Agnya. Whoever you see, touches Ganesha. Don’t let anyone touch your Agnya. Until you are realized, you won’t understand. It’s a very terrible thing. This Agnya Chakra is here. His mother, whom we call “Marry,” is Radha Ji. Whether it is or not, its recognition is that once you get realized, ask, Mother is saying whether it is true or not. Look how many vibrations are coming. I tell one true thing. That’s where the vibrations are coming from. Vibrations of truth are telling you. Radha Ji was herself that. But she didn’t say anything at that time. Even Jesus Christ didn’t say anything for his mother. They called him Holy Ghost. It was the primal power. Primal power and Holy Ghost is both the same thing. But he didn’t say, “My mother is the Holy Ghost.” Otherwise, they would have crucified him right away. Someone was staying silent. He would take it and beat. He is very powerful. His incarnation is coming now. Those who are here and Buddha and Mahavir are here,  sitting on our foreheads. Buddha and Mahavir are not someone else; Love and Kush, whom you call, their names are Love and Kush. They are the ones who take birth in their world multiple times. They came into the world under the names of Buddha and Mahavir. Consider them as incarnations only. They are a special being who take incarnation from humans. He came into the world and preached non-violence. But his non-violence was not like the Jains, who say, “Take care of the ants, take care of the mosquitoes.” So then he said, “Take birth again.” I don’t know what drama he created, so then he took birth as Hasan and Husain. Their mother, who was Sita Ji, was also Janaki, was also Radha. She is also called Fatima, and her place is in the left navel. Hazrat Ali is also a very significant figure. Without taking his name, the left navel doesn’t open. Hazrat Ali. He is the same incarnation of Brahma. Why are you arguing for no reason? These people are talking big in Tehran! I am talking about the same person they are talking about. But these fools don’t know whose words they are talking about. There was immense power in that. So why argue over something? And you are quarreling among yourselves. After this power, it is the power of Mahalakshmi. My form is that of Mahalakshmi. And it was with the support of that power that Jesus came into this world. After that, when they crucified Jesus, then he was resurrected. After that, he came to Kashmir in my Hindustan, and his mother also stayed there. That was his death. Now there are over fifty disputes over it. No one knows the truth. After that, the final incarnation of Lord Vishnu is considered, known as the Kalki incarnation. He is coming. I came earlier just to handle things a bit. Because he is coming, bringing the eleven Rudras. Rudra means destructive power. Destructive power, annihilating power. Eleven. Not one, not two. Bringing the destructive power of eleven, he will come into the world. Kalki, who is coming. There is no doubt about it. I have come earlier because I’ll make you transcend first. Convince completely about religion. Completely recognize the Supreme Being. Save as many as you can from the ocean of existence. Because sons are indeed my own! When the Supreme Being created you, did he create you just to destroy you, or did he not create you to destroy you? He created you for his play. That’s why I have come into the world, to tell you all about these things. And once  this is done, after that, Kalki will come. That’s why I say you need to prepare. You are welcome. Come into the kingdom of the Almighty and be established there. Because Kalki is coming. He will come, you don’t need any argument with him. Because he will not raise your Kundalini. He is the fiery one. So, sort out your own matters. We are ready to work hard. Jesus Christ said, “If you say something against me, it’s okay.” But if you say something against the primal power, against the Holy Ghost, then there will be no forgiveness. So, be cautious. When he came, and he said, “I am the son of God,” people crucified him. Someone asks, “Mother, what is this? How does this happen all of a sudden? How does Kundalini rise?” Those who know, they know. I tell them, “Don’t ask me, you should know it yourself. Don’t write anything about it in papers or elsewhere. Know it by yourself. Because I say, if I ask and you misbehave or say something wrong, you will be caught. Then don’t blame me. Understand the matter first. Nurture it with devotion. After that, whatever happens will be seen.” I have explained to you the description of all seven chakras, in a very general way, showing how vast it is. I will continue to explain it in depth later on. Right now, I am here. But you come and attain it. Investigate whatever explanations have been given about religion and irreligion so far. Know them. Actualize it. I haven’t stated anything that I can’t prove. I can tell you about each thing with evidence. And you can see that I haven’t lied about anything. Not only that, but I have told you the supreme truth. And such secretive, hidden things have been told, which are never disclosed, and I will tell them all, every single thing. But keep increasing your own following. And as you slowly become involved in this, you yourselves can correct and guide thousands of people. Transcend, reach from one place to another. But always say that, “Mother, give us everything…” Because there is another form of ours, which is called Maya. Because the primal Maya is also the same, the great Maya is also the same, so I keep you spinning in merry-go-round . If you want to get caught up in the whirlwind, it becomes very deceptive. Then you come spinning around, saying, “Mother, it’s become a big illusion. I understand, this went wrong, that went wrong.” So don’t get caught up in my whirlwind. My whirlwind is very destructive. A hundred times I say, “Don’t get caught up in my whirlwind.” Still, you come. And I whirl you around. So be careful. Understand my love and accept it. Accept it. Then it’s fine. But if you come to mess things up, then everyone is sitting there. They’ll fix your spot, what thing it is. Don’t ask subtle questions. So I tell you, it’s not a matter of jokes. The subtle is perceived only by the subtle. Although I keep making you laugh, keep making you laugh. I’ve told you such profound topics in laughter. It didn’t make it serious. But you should understand, this is a very subtle thing and a matter of utmost reverence and love. It cannot be taken lightly. But it’s a great source of amusement and joy. It’s a lot of fun. This is another matter. Such a society, such a new..The world comes within us, which makes us understand each other. We start loving each other. We become one in unity. Then there’s no need to say that we are all brothers and sisters. It’s not known, it’s just there. There’s a great atmosphere of love among each other. You come to London, and the people there are ready to give you more love than even your siblings; you go to America, and the people there are ready to treat you like brothers and sisters, even more than actual siblings. In this way, you can connect thousands. No one is of any use. Everyone is invested in money, material things, but only you have the investment of love. Unity in diversity is the essence of today’s cooperation, in all societies, all religions, and all things. We have to bring everyone together. Bringing together means putting everyone in the same drawer. Kabir said, “I will catch hold of everyone, from the five to the twenty-five.” Look, what language! What dignity! He speaks with such dignity, never cries. When will you meet God, there’s nothing like that. He speaks with dignity, “I will catch hold of everyone, from the five to the twenty-five, and I will tie them in the same thread.” This is Kabir’s dignity. Read Kabir, read Khalil Gibran, read Nanak, then you will understand us. Reading Rajneesh won’t help me understand. I just told you about history. I have told you about thousands of years of history. These people can be born from anywhere. There is history in this. They come with their new systems. There is nothing historical about them. They are not related to any scripture or any religious gurus. They are made up of their own. They come and go. Some grow and then disappear. These are not the people who will stay. Stay away from their circles. If you have any questions, ask them after a while. Then it’s time to cross over. If you have questions, don’t waste your time. 

Question: How to be stable? 

Answer: I’ve already mentioned the methods for stability. First, we have our photo. You have to use it. How to do it, what to do, it’s written in the photo. 

The biggest thing is, vibrations are coming from the photo, just like they are coming from me. Put your hand towards the photo. Your hand will instantly know which chakra is being held. Know that chakra. Know its mantra. And by chanting that mantra, your chakra will open up. But the best way to do this is to come into the collective. Meaning, come into the collectivity. Where everyone comes naturally, if ten more sahaja yogis come there, they will have to reach the same level as those ten sahaja yogis. I don’t ask those who are playing bells in front of me. It’s okay for a little while, but not permanently. I even did some rituals at home, Mother, applied tilak, rang the bell. She doesn’t enter my ears. If you’re going to ask, then ask the Supreme. Mother, I don’t want a job, a certain status. Where you’ve set your mind, mine doesn’t go there. We seek only the Supreme. Then comes the assurance of well-being. Your well-being, I must see that first. That is automatic. But first ask for yoga, then well-being will come. If not, morning and evening, my husband fights with me, my wife fights with me. Forget about my place, my things, leave everything. First attain the Supreme. Rise to higher levels. Then everything will be fine with the blessings of the Supreme. It’s not like I said, “Come on, let the Kundalini rise,” and it happened in a minute. Crossed over. No. The Kundalini rises, for sure, the first time. Many have experienced it. A girl had just arrived. She said, “Mother, in two days, I will be fine.” 

Okay. She said that because of us the Kundalini rose, but now because of you, she’s wandering here and there. First, clarify your reasons. We showed whether the Kundalini rises or not. It rose, vibrations came. Then where did it vanish? Why did it vanish? This needs to be figured out. Surrender is needed. Surrender means to merge like a drop in the ocean. It works very well. And ask questions. 

(The unclear) Question: is like a photo of deities, should it be removed? 

Shri Mataji – No, no, but foreigners sell photos and such. If a sold photo is there, then remove it. If someone has sold it! If it’s made by someone, it’s fine. In such sold photos, I see that all kinds of dirty vibrations come. They sell God for a few pennies! What can I say! There’s no faith in it, nothing. 

Question (unclear) 

Shri Mataji – Throw away such useless books. They are all rubbish. Books are already filled with garbage in the head. Pick up the books and throw them in the ocean first. Yes, but don’t throw some books like the Quran, the Gita, or the Bible. Who wrote the Gita? A hypocrite. Who wrote the Bible? Mr. Bond. What should I do? Its vibrations are bad as soon as they come. We just see, brother, look at the vibrations. Anyway, a man who is in bliss, what does he care! Keep some books, keep some, it doesn’t matter to him. But if you’re holding onto them, then throw them away. Why keep garbage in the house? Certain books are like cow dung. They decay. They emit dirty vibrations. The biggest book is the human being. Learn from humans. See, what is where? What is what? The biggest book is you. Look, understand. Reading and reading, the pundits become fools. Kabir has said. That’s why it must be said. Hmm, forward, backward, somewhere, say. 

Question (unclear) 

Shri Mataji – God.….. Their choice. It’s their game. Not everyone will understand. Only a few will. Everyone will have to digest it. Question – Where are they going? Shri Mataji – To hell. Straightforward march. Now what will happen? Think about the next step. Hold your sacral chakra. Right now, you are sitting in front of me, aren’t you! That’s the truth. Leave what will happen next. Don’t worry about it. Now who will go to hell and so on. Leave that. Forget what you’ve read. There’s no use in reading. Now you’ve read one thing. Let others read the rest. Why do you need to tell what you’ve read? You’re speaking what you’ve read, saying it’s your own? Yours! It’s your own problem! 

Question: All five chakras are gathered in the Sushumna Nadi. (Unclear)

Shrimataji: There is a place there. There is a place in between. A balanced point is caught there. That’s why a little Marathi should also come. If you are living in Maharashtra now, there is nothing to learn Marathi. Hindi speakers never learn anyone else’s language. This is just forceful. Firstly, learn another language. Like everyone has learned English. Now that you are living here, drinking Marathi water, learn a little Marathi. There’s no harm. A little Marathi should also come. Marathi should be learned because the beautiful books on Kundalini are still in Marathi. It means that Marathi people shouldn’t think themselves as special. Don’t think you’re superior just because you’re Marathi! Marathiness is just a perspective. “Marathi language has very beautiful aspects. Because of Gyaneshwari. A lot of work has been done on this in Maharashtra. I was born there. But just because I was born in Maharashtra doesn’t mean that a lotus blooms in mud, so mud becomes something great. Mostly, it’s just mud. But here, many great beings have emerged. For example, the Nathpanthis have done a lot of work, and Sai Baba of Shirdi was also born there. The people of Maharashtra have some good qualities as well as some flaws, maybe more than necessary.” “There’s nothing like that. But the Marathi language is unique. Because Marathi literature is very beautiful.” In English: “You may not be able to learn Sanskrit. Learn Marathi instead. Because Sanskrit is a difficult language, Maharashtra is very good in Marathi. A lot of good content about the chakras and so on is written in it. Now many translations of various books have been made. You will find very good translations of books like ‘Sundar Kanda’ in Marathi. Because people have paid a lot of attention to it. In Sanskrit, because Sanskrit language and Marathi language are very close. Marathi language had become established even before being a Prakrit language. Therefore, it is possible that a lot has been written in Marathi. So, it’s not a bad idea to learn a little Marathi.” “And for me, speaking in Marathi is easier because it has more words. There are more words in Marathi than in Hindi. But learning Hindi is also necessary for every Marathi speaker. Whether they learn Hindi or not, those who speak Hindi should definitely master Marathi. Hindi speakers don’t speak Hindi as well as Marathi speakers speak Marathi, if they make an effort.” “Because the base is Sanskrit. So, what was to be said in Hindi? (In Marathi) What was the question? About the Sushumna. The space in between, that’s the ocean of existence. To swim in it, to build bridges in it, that’s why Kundalini is needed. This gap here, that’s Kundalini; it builds the bridge. First, my vibrations go into your hands, and a bridge is formed, and if there’s any Kundalini… it doesn’t flow out, it flows upwards like that. It’s correct. The question is correct. People widely say this with confidence. And if there are any more questions, ask.” 

Question: How can the composition in this are identified?

Shri Mataji: Which one?

Question: The elements of the five great elements…

Shri Mataji: Each chakra is associated with them. I have prepared a chart for that. You study it. It’s very detailed, like which element is in which chakra… For example, the Earth element, Fire element, Water element, which chakra is these elements associated with?

Shri Mataji: These are on different chakras. Those elements are the ones that the body has absorbed. The absorption of these elements into the body is through the respective chakras. Take the chart from here and study it thoroughly. What you say is already written with us. Only I haven’t written a book yet.

Question: Are you going to write one? 

Shri Mataji: Oh, I am writing your book. When the situation is right for you, write it down. It will go through the printers. Where to go now? We have one or two phone numbers here, write it down. Nowadays, it’s the same situation, like a cat, after having babies, roams around seven places in the house, similarly, my situation is like that these days. There’s no particular place. But currently, I’m staying in Nilambar. In Nilambar, on the ninth floor. From Monday onwards, you can meet me in the morning. I’ll be there from Monday morning. In Nilambar, on the ninth floor is Rajesh Shah’s flat. I’ll give you two or three phone numbers. Modi’s is 663421, this is Mr. Modi’s number. Ramesh’s phone number is 466096, and Pradhan Sahib’s is 453395, this is Pradhan Sahib’s number. Call Pradhan Sahib, and you’ll find out where my program is today. Were you sitting? Do you feel a sparkle? It means there’s an obstruction. Then there’s another treatment for it. Ask them what to bring when they come to me. They’ll tell you. Whoever has pain moving from here to there, whose mind is disturbed, meaning someone has an obstruction, ask them for treatment. If someone’s mind is disturbed, take them for a walk sometimes. Walking is good. Sahaja Yogis should walk a lot. If you want to walk, vibrations also walk with them, isn’t it? It’s best to walk a lot. Walking is the best thing for Sahaja Yoga. First, it is ongoing. There is no need for any special activity. It happens naturally! It’s done. If it’s done, it’s done. Question – We say that there is no need to speak in front of anyone. Why not bow down? Shri Mataji – Because these are the eyes of God. Towards God. 

All are divine. The divine is not yet awakened. This does not need any augmentation. This is true. If you do like that, all are divine, then horns will be on the head. I don’t like that then. That’s how it is. All are divine and so on, that thing is different. The divine needs to be awakened. Otherwise, they are just stones. Without awakening, we do not consider divinity. It needs to be awakened. Since when it is, it is said that without self-realization, there is no religion. Then bowing down is somewhere else. First, it needs to be awakened. After awakening, then it needs to be at the feet. That’s the understanding.  Oh, Devotees, they have thought about the right question.. Think of such a question. Tell me, Mother. This is correct. It should be seen like this. It means we say how far we have reached and where you are going. This should happen. And what about the rest of the world? If you have made a mistake, what is the benefit of bringing its explanation? Your Kundalini is not moving. What should I do? I have told you what it is. Now if you don’t want to believe it, then don’t believe it. Hmm, this is the limit. Rise up.