Seminar, Avdhootas

Bombay YMCA, Mumbai (India)


22nd January 1979 – YMCA Hall, Andheri (A talk about ‘Avdhootas’)

Some of our sisters have started the work of spreading the knowledge of Atma in this area. And we are seeing here – that a person(Mother seems to be referring to some person) who praises the avdhootas and is a devotee of lord Dattatreya, he has supported this effort. This is indeed something special. Ultimately, Avdhootas are our children as well. Although, they have a different state – their efforts are different, so are their rewards. They are great people. They are in their own different worlds. Everyone has earned their powers. They do work for you as well, that is going on as well. They are big people – if you call them my children that’s fine too. But so far I wasn’t able to chance upon meeting them. Because the genuine ones have left the society to live in the forests and mountains. If I ask them to come down they say – “we will come down after 10 or 12 years, the people below are all donkeys”. That is their style. You see, all of them have got their realization through their own efforts. Like a brother says while referring to his younger sibling – “I went through so many hardships and had to suffer so many ordeals, but this fellow over here gets it without doing anything”. So it comes as no surprise if they have the same mentality – because they have slogged a lot. They have earned it through a lot of arduous efforts and self-discipline. By burning themselves day and night, they have corrected everything within themselves. It can be said that they turned into their own enemy. So their methods are extremely arduous. “You are a mother, you work hard and give it to them for free, we will come later on” – this is what they say. They are present, a lot of avdhootas are here in India.  But mine is the heart of a mother – so everyone is the same for me. They are sweet towards me. And they are extremely obedient to me. That level of obedience is absent among sahaja yogis – Because, you see a small child, he goes and sits on your head. Extremely obedient, they(avdhootas) know every minute thing about me. Who is mother, where are all the chakras located in her, where are the deities residing – they know everything accurately. They know everything about me. Every one of them has got the opportunity to behold the sight of me before I even came down (on this earth). I was surprised when they narrated their experiences. Some said they saw the ‘Shri’ chakra, some say they saw the ‘Lalita’ chakra. That is true, they will never lie. You didn’t see what they saw. And also you don’t realize who I am, because you don’t have that sight – how can see then? They have that sight. It is surprising that there is a gentleman in Rangoon who is an avadhoota. Not only in India, but they can be found all around the world. Prophet Mohammad was an avadhoota. King Janaka was an avadhoota, so was Nanak. Many of them(avadhootas) did a lot of work in this Maharashtra. It is only because of their work here did I take my birth in this place. Sai Nath was the last of them from Maharashtra. Their work establishes the dharma. Or more like – the dharma settles down in that place. They take their form on this earth only to fulfill that goal. When the human loses his faith in Dharma – why should I do this? – When he starts thinking this ways, then the avadhootas take birth on this earth. And wherever they may be – in forests or mountains, dead or alive – all they do is keep working on giving you the validations of Dharma. If you tell lies and start suffering from its consequences then realize that there is some avadhoota, sitting on some mountain in the Himalayas, who is responsible for whatever is happening to you. He is the one putting you alright. The human doesn’t realize his mistakes otherwise. The mother’s love spoils them. For a mother to become a guru is not a simple task. If at all, one should become guru of a child such as Ganesha – who doesn’t need to be told, who recognizes his mother. Or such as Christ. Now sometimes people sit with their feet pointing towards me – Don’t do that, now how should I tell them – Recognize who I am. If you do something like that and if tomorrow Hanuman smacks you then you will be coming to me to tell me that “see – we do Sahaja and look what happened to us”. But such things needn’t be told to the Avdhootas, they know who I am. They know everything. We had once sent a gentleman to an Avdhoota. He asked that gentleman to go up the mountain with buckets full of water to wash the temple of Mahadev, every day. When I asked him why he did such a thing he replied – “the donkey should get the work that befits him and likewise for the horse. Why do you need to give them their realizations, mother?” Their ways are meant to imbibe discipline in you. Sahaja can’t work out without discipline. Discipline is a must. One type of discipline is what you learn from the outside. The other one needs to come from within – This type is called Dharma. Discipline and Dharma, these two concepts are one and the same. The Dharma in humans has at least 10 aspects of discipline to it that should be followed – and all Gurus have emphasized that this needs to happen.  They could be in the form of Mohammad, Nanak or Janak. The main point that the guru has put forth is that you shouldn’t consume alcohol. Now why did every one of them say that? Although Christ never said it, neither did Ram, nor did Krishna – because these forms came on earth for a specific task. And they only spoke what needed to be told to fulfil those tasks. But all the powers of a guru are meant to bring your dharma back to its correct state. No person can be higher or lower than the other. Now, are the eyes more important, or are the ears, or the nose? – It becomes this type of a question. The gurus, they reside in our stomach. And they stay there in the form of the power that brings our dharma into balance. As soon as you start doing adharmic things they will hit you. “What ill will happen if I drink, mother”? I will give you the answer to that question. But a Guru won’t. He will say – “Go ahead, you want to drink, then drink, and then don’t come to me even if you die”. Now who will drink if people hear something like this? Such are the methods of the gurus – cut throat. And if at all you go to drink, they will pinch you and throw you far away. You will be lying helpless, rotting away. Although such extreme methods are needed to correct people sometimes. Now let us see what happens when you drink – from a ‘scientific’ point of view. Because, since I am the ‘mother’, I ‘should’ tell you about the consequences. Gurus aren’t like that. Consider yourself extremely fortunate if they answer even one question of yours. Because they consider you all to be fools, they think like “why get involved”. They will say – “come tomorrow, then day after tomorrow”, and so on. Then we will hang you upside down for a few days. Then probably dunk you in some well. They we will judge your faith -“And when finally we are assured, then we will give you some knowledge – let us see what you are made of”. This is their style(Mother laughs). So now, about drinking. There is a scientific reason to it. These gurus weren’t talking nonsense when they prohibited drinking. Everything they have said has a scientific reason to it. Now take this gold, it has its dharma too – meaning it will never turn black. If gold decides to leave its dharma then it no longer remains gold. Likewise if a human gives up his dharma, then he ceases to be a human and turns into an animal. So this dharma needs to be held onto. Now I’ll explain the scientific part of it – why you shouldn’t drink. What happens when you drink. What is alcohol – it is a polish. Just polish – not to be taken into your stomach. Some stupid person consumed it, felt a little dizzy – and then asked everyone to drink that. That’s how it began. The brain of a human can be so stupid sometimes. That is a fact – you needn’t feel bad about it. It started out as polish. Now someone needs to tell you that you shouldn’t consume it, right? But who will listen if you put it that ways. Now let us see what happens, ‘scientifically’. Our liver is where our attention gets activated. It is supported by our liver. If we get too much bile, don’t we feel nauseous? So what alcohol does is, it coats the liver with it – just like polish does. Not only that, but the blood too gets coated with that polish. So now the water which comprises the blood – the OH ions in it, they get trapped. The ones in blood can’t cross over into the liver and vice versa. So the heat that gets generated in the liver due to our day to day activities has no way to get out. And since it cannot get out, it keeps burning the liver up from the inside. The liver breaking down from the inside. And the polish coats the veins from the inside walls as well. The ones passing through the heart too. So now the veins cannot provide any momentum to the OH ions as well. Logically speaking, if you drink alcohol, you should get a fever – but that doesn’t happen. Same is the case with cancer – a person never gets any fever. That is because the affected organ isolates that fever. The heat is contained within that organ. Until that heat passes into the bloodstream, travels through the body and dissipates itself through the flesh – that heat is going to stay there in that organ. So now you have several different organs burning together and then you have problems like diabetes, cirrhosis etc and then the person dies. Everyone has to die – but at least die in a proper way! It is like what they say in Hindi – “Aa beil mujhe maar” – meaning there is a bull walking down the road and you call out to him asking him to come hit you. Who asked you to anger him? Likewise, who asked you to consume this polish? So the first thing the gurus told was to not drink. People think – “are these gurus crazy – how is one not supposed to drink? Why are they so against alcohol”? But no one wants to ask about the consequences of drinking. Then there will be strikes – because extra money is needed for the booze. And then they will beat their wives and children. There are many examples like such. Prem Chand (an author from India) has written a very nice story about it – there was this one person who was addicted to drinking. Whenever someone scolded him about it, he would swear that he would never drink again. His mother kept telling people to not give him any money, because she knew he would blow it all on the bottle. Yet whenever he got a chance he would drink. His mother died one day. So he went around asking for money from people – for the funeral. The people took pity and cuffed up enough money for the funeral services. Then he took that money and headed out to the market to arrange the funeral. But on the way he stumbled across a wine shop. And yet again, he blew all that money away. And the mother got left behind as is. So you see, people have this stupid mentality – which sees a person having lost his control when he steps out of a bar, yet, still wants to go and do the same thing for itself! Can’t we see it? At least you have the eyes to see before walking into the shop, even if you don’t have them when you are stepping out. But if some Guru says that you shouldn’t drink – you will say that he is a fake. Is it so? Why? “Because he is talking rubbish – to think of abstaining yourselves from alcohol in this modern life is nonsensical”. So now you think you have become something special? I guess you probably must have turned into some new life form then. Have any horns sprung out through your heads? Look now, you are all humans. You started out as human beings and are still the same. And what was said in the olden times is still valid today as well. The truth never changes. The untruth keeps changing but the truth stays the same. Another issue – the problems with your throat. Meaning – the cigarette, the tobacco. Gurus have clearly said – Do not consume tobacco. So now people say – “then why did Shiva do so”? That was his job, to consume all the bad things in this world – you don’t take that poison within yourself now, do you? Are ‘you’ Shiva? He is Shiva, that’s why. Dattatreya himself would take in all such things – but actually he is consuming into himself all the poison that is present within you all. But are ‘you’ him? He is god. He is the almighty – you can’t compare yourself to him. He sucks in all your negativities. Now, I eat your negativities, your bhoots everyday – I don’t have any space left inside my stomach. That is the reason I am growing this big belly, with eating all those bhoots. Can you do that – eat someone’s bhoot? Can you get one inside your stomach? If at all you manage to take one in, you will totally start dancing. Likewise if these gurus smoked, it doesn’t mean that you start puffing up clouds of tobacco. They will never get a high from tobacco as you do – they have conquered it. Not only that but they took to all such things only to take your addictions away. There are many things about them that you won’t be able to understand. So, are you them? – that makes you think that you can walk their path? Without establishing your dharma, without setting it right – you will never be able to grasp the knowledge of your atma. But the concepts of dharma, as this world knows it today, are so complicated and twisted – “ I don’t drink, I don’t even consume garlic”. Is it so? Okay, you don’t drink, you don’t eat garlic, onions, etc. – You don’t do anything, granted. Then why is your void catching? Void meaning where Datta (Lord Dattatreya) resides, in the stomach. “But I am a huge opponent of Muslims”. That’s it – you have lost your quality of ‘Avdhoota’. The avdhootas have been offended. These entities – say Mohammad, or Janaka, or Sai Nath – do you think any of these belong to any religion, caste or creed? Say, we keep a photograph of Sai Nath in our home – who was he? Wasn’t he a muslim? Be truthful. So if someone becomes a muslim, he turns bad – how did you form this conclusion? Who was Kabir Das? Who was Nanak? Dyaneshwar came from a different caste – so all the brahmins troubled him. These so called brahmins – those that aren’t realized amongst the humans are not brahmins – They are just for namesake. Those that haven’t taken to the task of the brahma, those that haven’t achieved god yet – those people shouldn’t be called brahmins. And the ones that are true brahmins will forever be in search of god, and not money. They won’t extort money in temples from people, where they sit clanging bells.  So all such false people – call them brahmins, or mullah, priest, or pope – they are all peas from the same pod. All these people have troubled and tortured the avhootas – because when the real officers of Dharma are present, the false ones will be threatened. What authority do these fake people have on Dharma? The authority is of those people who became avdhootas. Those are the real officers. The term ‘avdhoota’ itself signifies – all religions alike. Sai Nath used to say – to mock any religion or dharma is a sin. You have no right to comment about any religion, because you haven’t grasped a thing about any of it. The main element of dharma is, that is resides in everyone. It resides in each and everything. Meaning, the inanimate object as well. Take the elements for example. They are perfectly alright. Carbon will always be carbon. The gold doesn’t turn into silver and vice versa. The river’s dharma will apply to river, and that of the rock will apply to rock. Same for the sun and the moon. Not only that but the scorpion will always stay a scorpion – it won’t turn into a tiger. And no one has seen a tiger turning into a deer. Everyone has their own dharma. So shouldn’t a human have one too? Or is he going to keep floating in the midair? The birds who fly with the wind – they too have their dharma. So likewise we do have our own dharma as well. If it won’t exist then we wouldn’t as well. But only the human has the capability to cross his dharma, rise above it and go beyond -even beyond all the ‘gunas’. But, for him to transform into that, he needs to be present in his dharma first – this needs to be understood. So the main task of the avdhootas has been to destroy all the misconceptions about the dharma – misconceptions that breed doubt and fear within the hearts of people, due to which they start fighting and killing amongst themselves. Another task has been to destroy all the lies that have spread out through this world in the name of dharma and to thrash all the people who make money spreading such lies. We are proud of these our children(avdhootas). It takes a lot of courage to undertake such tasks. Extremely laudable, those tasks are. They require a lot of bravery to be achieved. The Avdhootas have done a lot of great work, especially in our Maharashtra – So much so that I had to take my birth over here and no other place. This place has been rightly named (‘Maharashtra’ literally means ‘great state’ – ‘Maha’ means great, ‘rashtra’ means state). But we should first see how we ‘Maharashtrians’ are – If lotuses(saints) spring out in dirt, that doesn’t make the dirt any more important or similar to the lotuses. So are we the insects that crawl in that dirt, or are we the ones that fly out towards the lotuses – that needs to be seen now. Now, it is only the human that can change his dharma. Furthermore he is the only one who can go beyond the dharma, beyond the gunas – the animal cannot do so. So you see, this dharma of humans is so great – it needs to be safeguarded with utmost importance and respect. You keep yourself in balance, follow your dharma in a proper way. That doesn’t mean reciting the name of god a thousand times when you wake up in the mornings. This dharma is all to do with your sincerity – you need to be sincere about yourself, about your dharma. There shouldn’t be any show off – like someone wears weird clothing and proclaims himself to be a dharmic person. Such fakes come from time to time to argue with me. He who has put the dharma in balance is the real Brahmin and a real human being. This balance needs to be safeguarded. If adharma starts increasing, then incarnations take birth – else it doesn’t work out. And then those ‘avataras’(incarnations) are not really gentle. For example, the destroying power of Krishna. You need to bear in mind that although they are incarnations of the divine, they are not those of the mother. These folks (incarnations) start off with swords in their hand to bring forth the destruction. But then I stepped in the middle for no reason(Mother laughs) – I said, let them first get to know their ‘atma’ and start walking the righteous path. Get that invaluable treasure that has been your property all this while. Enjoy that state of being your true ‘you’.  Play along with it. And use that to become one with others. To help you achieve all this – that is our work. That is why we have come on this earth, to give you all that. That, you take. You should take it. It doesn’t require any money. Doesn’t require anything. There is no need to show off – we can see everything, in and out. You only need to desire and ask for it from within, sincerely – that’s it. About that, yes, the gurus do disagree with me- Why give realization to every tom, dick and harry, they say. I tell them they are somewhat right – But then there is no other way. If this realization doesn’t work out collectively in an amass way, then what will happen of my children? – they are my blood as well. They are my creation too. And so the mother has to save it. Until there is even a spec of energy left inside her, until the last drop of blood in her – she will try to save her child. She doesn’t sit counting – how many sins has that child committed, how he has been behaving. But you need to bear wisdom. And you need to stand by your dharma. We will bestow upon you, all its knowledge in detail. All that knowledge which the gurus refrain from giving you, we will give you all of it. As we hold them in high regards, we hold you too. And your state will keep changing, getting higher. Now, take all of it. Furthermore, how to give realization to others, how to bestow this grace onto them – learn that as well. How to clarify the chakras, how to cure others etc. – we will teach you all of that. All, that is secret, we will teach you all of that. Granted. But you need to realize this – now that we have made you an avdhoota, you need to be able to sit like one. You need to forget everything from your past. We have entered a new life. So now we need to have the dignity of a king – the begging should end. Yet people say that “Mother, my son still hasn’t got a job” – and then I sit with my forehead in my hand (facepalm)! Is this something that you ask of your mother? We have come to give you something invaluable and yet you keep begging for petty things. All of those things will be taken care of. Once you get connected with the divine, all of it will work out. But you need to raise your state. The power to be able to recognize your true self, then recognize the true self of others through it and then finally recognize god – Do you realize how big a treasure, how great a power is that? You don’t. And that is only because it was us who came running to you and gave this to you saying ‘take it’, and not the other way around. People say that India got its freedom without paying a big price – that is the reason for this situation. They(avdhootas) tell me – “Mother, don’t give it away so easily, make them slog a little”. But, the time is running out – that is what you don’t understand. But I do – there is no time left anymore. And the love of a mother will never accept that it is okay for her children to go waste. No matter how bad they are, the mother will always end up putting the last bit of her life to stake to save them. This motherhood cannot be understood. That is the reason we came here running for you. But then again, for you to recognize us in this Kaliyuga – that is something great. Not only is that, but the rate at which Sahaja has spread is astonishing. I am surprised at myself – never in the history of the divine has this work been done at such fast a rate. Previously, you built so many temples of us – and we are present there as well. But such a task has never been achieved where the human has been taken beyond his dharma, beyond his ‘gunas’. It is very surprising, really. What a miracle! It seems as if all the Paramchaitanya has descended to the earth from the heavens. But not so much in the cities. In the cities, the mentality of people has become heavy. Though the environment of the city has turned it that ways. But Sahaja is such that it changes you in and out. And it is a living process. It is not dead – for example if a house gets dilapidated, it is gone. But, a tree – you can heal it from the root to the leaf. It’s the same with humans. And likewise, once you get the blessings of Sahaja, its light starts spreading through the inner being. And through the collective consciousness as well. Now you cannot do anything to achieve it. That is a fact. You needn’t put in any efforts. In olden times, people who achieved their realization did ‘Hatha-yoga’. But that was a very arduous task. Back then, they used to work on both their ‘nadis’(channels, left and right) and cleanse themselves. That too, they had to finish doing all that before they turned 25. And they had to be celibate while doing that. Nowadays people start off by doing any ‘asanaas’( yoga postures) they see. Why do you need to do them – do you want to become cinema actors, or wrestlers or boxers? To bring all your attention to the physical – that won’t help you. To ascend through that type of yoga – it is not as simple as you think it is. To begin with, it should be ‘ashtanga’(a type of yoga based on eight principles and consisting of a series of poses executed in swift succession, combined with deep, controlled breathing). And most importantly it should be an act of devotion – ‘Ishvar Pranidhana’(Completely surrendered to God), as they call it. That is not an easy task. So, people had to go through such excruciating training – and then, out of them, the one who became a guru had to be an even greater personality. He had to be an ‘avdhoota’. ‘Avdhoota’ represents a very high state. Nowadays you get gurus on sale – “give us 1 rupee (Indian currency) and we will become your guru. Don’t have it – okay, then give us 5 pennies and we will do it”. You will get such type of gurus as well. And they have indeed arrived on this earth as well – these rakshasas – to empty your pocket. To fill you up with adharma. Those who teach you adharma can never be the gurus. In these modern times, there are a lot of people doing adharmic activities to make money. They will teach you smuggling. “If you do smuggling then that would be beneficial” – they will tell you. “We will be your guru – if you give 10% of your profits, that would be alright”.  Now what to call such people – gurus of dharma or gurus of smuggling? “You may act the way you want – you drink? That’s fine, send us bit of your stock(alcohol) as well. If it’s from England then that’s even better. Smoke cigarettes? – that’s good. Open up a factory – that would be best. But send a bit of it our way as well.” So you will have a lot of people teaching you adharma. People like Rajneesh. Another category of such people – who conjure diamonds to give out to others. Now, what value would a diamond have in the kingdom of God – They are nothing but stones and rocks. They will give you a diamond and take back ten from you. But to you it seems magical – you think “Wow, how can someone create diamonds?!” First of all, why did you go there? – To see the diamonds or to meet your inner self? Did you go there to meet your atma or to see the diamond business? You have so many Jewel shops around for that if you indeed are interested in diamonds – Why do you need to go such gurus under a false pretext then? The work of real gurus takes place in the forests. They reside in the forests.  The fake ones make lectures – I haven’t heard of any real guru performing lectures so far. Then they come out with their books. What are you (fake gurus) giving the lecture about – do you have anything to show for practical? Such antics will never lead you(fake guru) to god. If you(fake guru) are real, then enlighten the god within us. And then such people have huge chests and trunks outside their doors – ‘donate as per your devotion’! You should give them your shoes and tell them that that is your devotion, then they will be set alright. Tomorrow, your kids will start scolding you about your stupidity – about how you have been throwing all your money away, questioning whether you even have any brains. Seeing your nonsense, they will get fed up and renounce the pursuit of god altogether. And then atheism will set in. It has to. Because sane human beings have brains – they are not donkeys. After they have seen your stupidity, after they have seen all the nonsense that has been happening in the temples with their own eyes – they will indeed turn into atheists. They are rational beings – unlike old fags who shut their eyes when it comes to irrational things and ideas. They have brains – they think. The upcoming generation is going to stand up and question you – “You didn’t have anything better to do? Is that why you took to all this nonsense? Clapping up bells and filling up the pockets of priests in the temples.” What answer will you give them then? What did you get out of all that? What changed within you? Nothing at all. If you want to know God then you have to first get to know your atma. Without achieving your atma you can never come to know the almighty. You cannot find god by worshipping his idols at home. First get to know your atma and then there will be some meaning to that worshipping. First open up the eyes of your atma – and then you will be able to see god, feel him. And his powers will start flowing through you.  It is just like this (mother points to some electrical instrument – the mic, probably) – unless you connect the cord to the mains, it remains meaningless. And exactly like that, you too are meaningless. The meeting with the atma needs to happen. There is only one main difference between you and the avdhootas. In an avdhoota, the being needs to be cleansed first – it needs to be turned into a first class instrument. Some say that they had to slog and work upon themselves from the time they were frogs – from thousands of years ago. The body, mind and thoughts – they had to completely cleanse it. They had to make the being completely perfect – like the Rolls Royce car. And then, start it. Now we have a lot of Fiat cars as well. And also second, third, fourth and fifth hand cars. Now what to do – if at all they do, how long will they take to turn into Rolls Royces? Instead we decided – let us start them, to begin with. Let us fire up the engines. And once the car starts – all the things that are not pure start dropping off slowly, you won’t be able to carry them upon yourself anymore. And the human becomes complete. This is the only big difference. The reason why mother is awakening your Kundalini is just this – we start your engines. And then this, your car, starts rolling – moves a little, then stops – then we give a push, again it starts rolling – so on and so forth. And now we have learnt everything there is to know about you. In this lifetime I have come to learn all the things about humans – their stupidity, their over smartness, how their mind works in various twisted ways, why they do the foolish acts they do etc. etc. – we have come to know everything about you, totally – we have turned into humans ourselves in that sense. If anyone comes before us, we know about them already. We know all the permutations and combinations about everyone and we have the keys to all of you as well. So regardless of how damaged a car is brought to us, we know how to start it (Mother laughs). So that’s how it is. Because the time is less. And to bestow upon you has become a necessity. So now, how to give you? Just take it, once and for all, somehow. So people get their realization, then they leave, and then eventually come back when they lose their vibrations – then we set them alright, push their cars – and so it goes. Although, there are some people who start rolling beautifully once they get their realization. Another thing – you people haven’t realized your worth. Now you have arrived here – what does that signify? You wouldn’t have come here unless there was something special about you, right? In the whole of Mumbai, why did only a handful of you chanced upon coming here? Everyone knows that we give realization. Everyone knows that we have cured cancer – No one has any doubts about it. No one ever questioned us about it. It is because they know that we know the truth. Yet, it was only you who eventually ended up coming here. So there must be something special about you, isn’t it? Who knows, maybe we owe you a lot from your previous lives. And who knows, we might have given you so many promises – So today we must come to fulfill them. I did feel bad about the fact that I came a little late (Mother apparently came late to the program). The previous task held me up quite a bit – but I knew I had to come here because I had to meet special people. And I was worried that you my children would have gotten tired of waiting and all, how would you manage to listen to what I had to say. Anyways, so all the questions – what is Kundalini, how it gets awakened, how it rises, what are chakras etc – we will tell you all about it later. Let us not have that headache for the time being. It is like – if you want to enter a room, you first need to light a lamp. And then you can see everything inside. So, bring in the light first. Later on, we will tell you all about its engineering – how it works, what is the machinery behind it, its history etc. Let there be light first, and then we will talk. And we will tell you everything – that’s what we are sitting here for. And there are a lot of books as well. Take them, read them, see for yourself. But come on this path. It is not just the path of God, it is your path as well. You, who evolved from amoebas to humans, now have to turn into super-humans. It must happen. That is why we created you in the first place. If we create this machine but don’t plug it to the mains – then what is the point?! All our efforts would go to waste. That is why we are toiling and hurrying. That is the only reason. Because those have all been our efforts, and so we need to finish the task by completing this final stage. And you might ask why I am so concerned – You don’t know how you turned into humans from amoebas. And you also don’t know what you will turn into next. This is all our doing, and that’s the reason we are so concerned, so restless. So please do us a favor and get it. And it will happen. Everyone sit with your hands like this now. And now don’t ask any questions, because that just wastes time.