False gurus

Kovalam (India)

1979-02-09 False gurus, Kovalam HD, 16'
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Thankfulness, false gurus – India Tour, Feb. 9, 1979

..the Deities that are in these centres, the Deities just sleep off and the malignancy is set in, cancer is caused. Cancer cannot be cured unless and until you get your Self-realisation. Whether you are a doctor or anything I’ll tell you this! He is also a doctor from England. We have cured a cancer recently. I mean I can cure many cancer patients but my interest is not to do that.

The only thing that will happen to all the saints, if they go wrong any more, will be cancer itself. Because ego, ego is too much, and ego comes from over-activity here, it bloats out like that and from this another side where is the emotional side on which we get a superego. So you are clutched like that.

Now what has happened in the West we must understand. That you had too much of over-activity, your ego really bloated like a balloon and pressed this (superego) down. So you got fed up with it. You just said, “To hell with all this materialistic development!” Now we are trying to develop materially. You see, Indians must open their eyes, they have to short-circuit. They want to go into the same circuit of getting into the affluence and then coming back to their own norms.

So they should feel their satisfaction within themselves and try not to overdo anything. By overdoing it you just got tired of all the activity, so you said “Give up that life!” That’s how you have given up that life. Alright? But by that where did you go? From one end of the pendulum you go to the other side. That’s why you have taken to the other side by which you take drugs and things – so you go away from yourself. It’s an escape. As this is an escape, this is also an escape. But face yourself in the centre.

So all of you are catching on the left for the same reason. While Indians will be catching more on the right because they are developing now, advancement.

Advancement only should be of the Spirit. Once you get the advancement of the Spirit, Krishna has said, “Yoga kshema vahamyahem.”  That first you get your yoga and [then] your ‘kshema’ is looked after.

But Indians, they may not accept these nonsensical ideas about sex but about material welfare they must get people from Russia, from Germany, from America and from England to teach us. Now, you have to tell these people that this material thing has led you to this kind of life – you are fed up of it, the complications of it – and that our people should not follow you and go into the same ditch and come back with the some drugs.

Tomorrow Indian children are going to give up God, the way you people negated there – all the churches are telling this. Because in the temples you find all kind of nonsense going on!

So we are on one extreme that once we give up, we become absolutely people who do not believe in God. So to avoid all this, you have to stand on your legs. By the rising of the Kundalini the Spirit here is expressed through the Sadashiva, the God Almighty, there. When this touches, passes, through this it integrates you completely, enlightens you, and there that principle of Sadashiva starts flowing through you, through your hands as vibrations. Cool vibrations come into you. Then, as soon as this happens, the whole instrument starts working – that your fingers start telling you what’s wrong with the other person. You start feeling on your fingers what is the chakra catching. Even a child can tell you. This is what has to happen to you.

Then you get the state of satchitananda. ‘Sat’ is the knowledge: you get the knowledge about yourself and about others. ‘Chit’ is your attention – becomes so powerful that you can pay attention to somebody and can cure the person. You can find out what’s wrong with the person just [by] paying attention to him. Just paying attention to a person! It’s like a dynamic communication that is established in the Collective Consciousness. You become, you become! It is actualisation, it’s not lecturing. You really become collectively conscious, in the sense that you start feeling others. You attain a state of awareness in which you become aware of others, automatically, spontaneously. Anybody, even a child can say, “Yes, this is wrong with this person. This is catching, that is catching.” You just become. It is not lecturing or brainwashing. It’s the happening which should take place. This is what you should ask for and not for some sort of a ‘kick’ and a hallucination or some sort of a mesmerism that’s going on.

And you must know that a person who is a religious person, a person who talks of God, has to lead a very, very moral life, has to be an excellent person, has to be full of compassion and love and should be above all these worldly things: he should not take money from you. How can a parasite be a Divine person? These are all parasites! For them, money is so important. They divert your attention to money. All the time they are diverting your attention to money! You cannot purchase such a person. Such a person is a king! You cannot purchase such a person. You cannot capture such a person. You cannot handle such a person. He lives beyond!

But this is a big thing going on. People are creating a big rigmarole, and a very big enterprise. They sit down and find out how to propagate, how to have a big advertisement, how to do this, how to do that. And they work it out. They know. They are psychologists, they know how to handle your psyches. Without doing anything for you they have become multimillionaires!

People are disillusioned, no doubt. But say, about today there are 1.000 people with them. Out of them five, six, they are disillusioned first, so they get out. Then again five, six get disillusioned, they get out. Like [in] Penang, I would say. This ‘Maharshi yogi’ started his work in Penang. In Penang now he dare not go there, because people will really kill him! Because they are all like a junky car. He went there about fifteen years back. They are just like junky cars, rattling just like that. They cannot take the name of God. One man told me, he cannot go near a church even [because] he starts rattling – like a junky car. This is all known as Smashana Vidya (Black Magic) in this country. You have no idea as to what you are facing with these people. You must only ask for this Eternal, of absolute values. But you ask for something cheap – then go and purchase it. There are markets for you. People are doing guru-shopping, go do it! If that satisfies your ego, go ahead! You will be born again and again doing the same work. What’s the use?

If you are saints, take to the right things. Only because I do not take money from you and I cannot pamper your ego, you should not give up what is Reality is. I will give you whatever is the Reality; for which you cannot pay, which you cannot manoeuvre, which you cannot get with your effort, but through your spontaneity you are going to get it. Just ask for it!

I am your Mother, I am going to tell you the truth. I am not going tell you, “Go and smoke and do whatever you like.” None of these gurus ever say that, “You don’t smoke!” Nor do they ever say that, “You don’t take drinks!” At the most they will tell you that, “You become vegetarians.” That’s the best way of making you people weak! This vegetarianism of this extreme type is also not necessary. All right, those who do not need [meat] should not eat. But that does not mean a person cannot achieve spirituality if he eats other things; like Mohammed Sahib was a great person, Christ was a great person; even Rama was a kshatriya (warrior), Krishna was a kshatriya! So only thing you can do is to control your food. By controlling food and all these things you cannot achieve God. You have to control your whole religion within yourself. And that can come later on, once you get Realisation. So my style is first to give you Realisation outright, [to] start your machinery, whether [it is] second hand, third hand, fifth hand. Whatever kind of a car it is, let us start it off, then it will work out by itself, you will correct it because you will know where is the trouble. This is how my work is going to affect you and give you health. By this, your physical being is first corrected, naturally, because, if God has to enter into your being, if He has to be enlightened and enshrined, your temple has to be corrected. You must respect your body. You must respect your body! Then, your mental being is going to be corrected. If you have any mental problems, psychosomatic problems, they will be corrected; naturally, because the mind that is going to receive the knowledge of God has to be all right. And you are going to be emotionally absolutely stabilised in love, in pure love, and not this lust love that every time you look at a woman you have a feeling of possessing her, every time you look at a man you have a feeling of possession. But flee from all this enslavement into a real dignified life of yours, that is what is Sahaja Yoga is. For which you have to understand that it’s not a cheap thing. It’s a very subtle happening. And if it happens to you, you have to maintain it. And how to maintain it and all that, we have worked it out.

I have started my work with one person and now, as you know, in London, we have thousands. And that is three hundred very good Sahaja Yogis who were just like you. They were taking drugs and everything. They have given up – I never told them to give up -because you start enjoying yourself so much that you just give up. Because when the vibrations are flowing nicely, you feel better. And then you start doing with your hand all the miracles, the raising of the Kundalini. You yourself can do it. You can give them Realisation. You can do it. Now you have felt it isn’t it? You have felt the vibrations of others. Didn’t you feel it? You felt it, what was burning, what was happening, isn’t it? All this sensitivity comes to you as soon as you start opening it out.

Now, the only difference is [that] – you are the people who are really ardently seeking it and renouncing it – but you have spoiled your Kundalinis by this kind of a plunging into all kind of nonsensical things. So I have to put them right. While Indians have got beautiful Kundalinis, they get it in no time, but they do not seek it!

Where there are teeth, there are no chana, and where there is chana there are no teeth. Indians are only, when I go to them there, they’ll say, “All right, we have had darshan Mother, now we are alright!” That’s all their interested in, my darshan – finished!. Or at the most, somebody is sick, somebody is ill, just to cure! They are not interested in my programme, because now they want to develop themselves, you see. You must frustrate yourself! Worldly developments have brought no peace to you, no happiness to you, that you know, but they do not believe you. In this country, it is so great, that we can live with very little. In London, I have seen, that you cannot go out without wearing a coat! And you have to have centrally heated your house, otherwise you will die. You have to struggle all the time. That is the reason people have paid their attention outside to overcome the natural problems. While in this country there is no need. That’s why in our country, only, these great people like Adi Shankaracharya, like Nanaka, like Kabira, like recently, our Shirdi Sai Nath, and all these people were born because there you can live just in the jungle. You don’t have to pay much attention to your wellbeing here you can get everything nicely.

This is the reason why Indians are so much religious. Their attention is religious, their traditions are religious, we started religion. But we have got such a big heritage, but where are we looking forward to? America and to Russia? Just go and see yourself how they are then you will never look forward to them. We have to look forward to Adi Shankaracharya, we have to look forward to our Nanaka, and to our great saints, those who lived in complete joy, peace and happiness. That is our heritage. We are not to play and go to these horrible things like casinos and things. That gives no joy, otherwise why are they (foreign seekers) here?

We have to manifest our own, project our own; our own image, which is actually based on the Self-realisation only, nothing else. Let us be proud of it that we have got this heritage. And they are not going to respect you unless and until you are yourself.

So, for Indians also, one has to learn a lot to be an Indian to understand what they have got already. These are all saints, you see. Really they are saints. Believe me, they are saints, reborn to seek God. But they are misled and with the thugs that have gone from your country only, so you are responsible to see that you give them love and to bring them back to normalcy.

I would like you some time to come and visit the villages where I have done a lot of work. I don’t want publicity, that’s why I don’t have much publicity. City is useless for me. City is meant for people like Rajneesh and all these, who can go and put their bags filled up there with all the money that of city people have!

I go to the villages, and in the villages, you will be amazed, how they will assimilate you. Because you dissolve into yourself, and they dissolve into themselves so you become just one! You can ask – these boys have been – how they were dancing and jumping with them and loving them and kissing them.

All these false ideas, nonsensical ideas: this Freud, who has separated man from man, woman from woman, woman from man, husband from wife, children from mother. All this nonsensical fellow, this Freud, was another attack on the innocence, and you accepted him so readily. That is the reason why such people, like horrible people like these sexologists are thriving at your cost. Ask any Indian if they‘ve read anything of ‘Kamasutra’ or if they want to? None of them! See the innocence here isn’t lost. They won’t even understand half of what I am saying. They are so simple. If you talk to them you will be amazed. You have complicated yourself for  nothing at all! Tantrism is the sewage of this country. Don’t come to us through that sewage! Come to us from the main door, then you will know what side of the sewage is.

All right, thank you very much! May God bless you, let’s have it. Now, that you get your Realisation and settle down with it.