Seminar, Kundalini Shakti and the Seven Chakras

Ahmednagar (India)

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1979-02-23, Seminar at Ahamad Nagar: Kundalini Shakti and the Seven Chakras, Ahmednagar

The people of Ahmednagar sent us an invitation with lots of love – we are all very grateful for that. And furthermore I feel Ahmednagar district to be very special. Because the work that began in Rahuri and which kept spreading – that made me realize that there was some special divine work that happened over here in the past. Likewise, Maharashtra is a spiritual area. Hence a lot of saints have taken their births over here and have done a lot of work. Finally, I have to also mention, Sai Nath has done beautiful work in this Ahmednagar. All this preparation has been going since prehistoric times – From an amoeba, the human grew to stage where he started to think about god. Why did he reach this stage from that of an amoeba? Why was so much effort put into him? Although he has come to the human stage, has he achieved his final state? The reason for which he has grown from an amoeba to this stage – has he come to know why that happened? The yearning that he has for getting to know god, the curiosity, the belief that there is a higher power – all these feelings that every human being has in him – Where did he get them from? How did he come to know about them? He has written many books, worshiped saints and has also troubled them. So this human – there must be something special about him. No one would have put in so much effort into making someone if it were not for some reason. At least God wouldn’t have wasted his efforts if it were not for some reason. If for example we build this instrument – we laid down its base, and then set in all the parts – you will obviously ask “Mother, what is all this? Why are you making it? For whom?” All this needs to be built up. The preparations need to happen. And once everything is set up and the instrument is plugged into the mains – only then it starts working. Same with the human – he is an instrument of God. That is why he was created. Not only that but it is very a beautiful, one of a kind instrument – because it comes to know about its creator. For instance this mic has no awareness, it will never know about who created it. But that awareness has been bestowed upon a human by god. And when that awareness is enlightened, the human is able to know why god created him. And then the power of the divine starts gushing through him. Your heartbeat is nothing else but a manifestation of that power. Now to say, it all looks very easy. Like Mr. Chavaan said – the realization process happens within a split of a second. Indeed the process has to happen in a split of a second. Because this is such an important event – this is the final stage in the human ascent. We breathe – if we start thinking and analyzing before each breath, half of the population will die. All the important processes that are within us – all of them are Sahaja. Sahaja – ‘Saha’ meaning ‘with’, ‘ja’ meaning ‘born’. They came along, built inside of us, when we were born. That is our birthright. Likewise, this yog(self -realization) is also our birthright as well. So, the final stage that we have to evolve to, that has to happen too. When I tell people that you don’t have to put too much effort towards it, they are surprised – “How can mother say such a thing?” But can we call the almighty to us through our efforts? Say, if a drop thinks that it can call the entire ocean towards itself through its efforts – is it possible? The ocean needs to absorb that drop into itself. It is the same thing. If, we say that we will slog – we will stand on our heads or we will run from here to there – that won’t help you achieve god. These efforts won’t help you get to him. But if you are in balance, you are dharmic and are on the middle path (not in the extremes), then this process has to take place in you. Like a tree comes to bear a fruit – initially it just gets one fruit when it is small. Then it gets a couple more. And then finally it gets loaded with them when all its flowers turn into fruits. Likewise, today we are in a very special time – this process had to happen in this Kaliyuga. It is already happening and will achieve its completion. So why is there so much disbelief about it, that I have not been able to understand till today. It surprises me that people still discuss and think about it. Now, if tomorrow I tell you that there is a diamond at such and such place, will you start thinking about it? Won’t you go running to it? So all that you have gathered since your past lives – if I say that you achieve it all in this life time, then why should it surprise you? Many an incarnations have come on this earth to help achieve this event. They have completed all the necessary preparations for it. What those preparations are, that has been described on this chart here. So look at it so I can explain you. All this body that you see on the outside, what is it surviving upon? If you ask doctors – what is this parasympathetic nervous system, they will say that it is the autonomous nervous system, meaning, it is self-functioning. But who is this self? “That we don’t know.” At least they are honest about it – that they don’t know what it is, how it works. Now, once we have our food, who digests it? This breathing – how does it go on continuously? Furthermore if you start running, the activity of your heart increases and it will start throbbing. That increase, you can achieve – but who accomplishes the task of bringing that heart back to normal? Who is responsible for that – if you ask the doctors, they will tell you “We won’t be able answer that question. Because that goes beyond our science.” Likewise, in the science of psychology, many people have experimented and proved that there is some power that is all pervading. They call it the universal unconsciousness. And it comes in your dreams and guides you. This guidance comes through the appearance of some unique symbols. If a specific type of a triangle appears that means something specific. And it has the same meaning across people from all parts of the world. But even then, the psychologists come to a point where they can’t find anything more and say that they cannot say anything more about it. “We can tell you what happens, but how it happens and what causes those symbols to appear – that we don’t know.” This country of ours – India, is really a very great country. We should be proud that of it. This is a ‘yog bhumi’. The people of this country never gave much importance to propaganda or other worldly things. They always thought of only questions such as – why did this human come upon this earth, how? From where? What is his meaning? And it is they, your ancestors, who have earned all this knowledge for you through all their efforts and hard work. The only difference is, back then, that knowledge couldn’t be manifested into actuality but today, that is happening through our hands. Like you are seeing this electricity today. It has such a great history to it. After years of efforts, someone finally found it. If that someone had not shared this discovery with the entire world, if he had kept it to himself as a secret, only letting a select few know about it – Would you have believed that that person was so great. Like every great discovery should be made known to the collective, this finding in spirituality should be made available to everyone. Otherwise no one will believe it. They say that we became human beings from amoebas, and that is a fact. But then again, not all amoebas became humans, not all beings in water have turned into reptiles and neither have all reptiles turned into the class of animals above them. There is some filtering happening. And it only due to that filter that we have gradually ascended and turned to humans. And if there is a stage beyond human – where we need to reach, that which has been described by many – then some filtering will be taking place out there as well. And this filtering happens for a fact. If 10 people come in sahaja, then 2 of them may not receive it. Now we were here at Covalam, the government of India had held our program – I guess this is the first time the government of India has displayed any wisdom. And there were some journalists and reporters over there as well. Now, we all know what kind of people these reporters are. Some of them are way too weird. As soon as they came they started demanding for alcohol – “Our fees are fixed – Give us a bottle of alcohol, else we will not come to your program” etc etc. I told them that I don’t need any one of them to print anything for me. I told them to leave the venue, that I didn’t want anything to do with them. They got offended by that and some of them wrote negatively against Sahaja. But I had given realization to a few of them. So some of them wrote good, some wrote bad. No matter what you write, the truth cannot be taken back – because the truth is standing on itself. So even if, due to your foolishness, you write anything thing false about it – the truth remains unaffected. So, if 2 out of 10 people who come to Sahaja don’t get their realization then this is the truth and that should keep happening as well. And you can validate it (realization) as well, through a number of ways. First, I will tell you about Kundalini and later, I will also tell you about how to validate its existence. Can everyone see this? (Mother is pointing to the chart). Now you all are listening to me, all of what I am saying is going into your mind and settling in your subconscious. So this channel on the left is called the ‘Ida Nadi’(left energy channel). It is also called as the ‘Chandra Nadi’ (the moon channel). And in ‘Hatha Yoga’ it is called as the ‘Tha nadi’. It is that power of the almighty which is responsible for our existence. It is the power of existence. And if you can agree, I’ll say that it is the power of Shiva. And it is called in Sanskrit as the power of Mahakali. Now doctors will say that we don’t believe in the existence of Mahakali. Now, our Sanskrit language has been written thousands of years before English came into existence, and discovery of these powers had taken place thousands of years even before that – so the English are still not qualified to verify what is written in our scripts. So, through this Ida nadi, our existence has begun. Our existence is dependent on it. And when there is no existence, we die. So many call it the power of destruction as well. Then, this(mother pointing to the chart) is your right channel. This rises up and crosses over to the left side, the left channel as well – both of them rise up and cross over to the other side. Through this energy on the right side, we perform our physical activities, our mental activities as well. For example, planning and futuristic thinking – like when we say that we need to organize such and such etc. So all thought of the future, the plans we keep making – all of that is manifested by this energy on the right hand side. Also, for example, if we decide to go running tomorrow, the running itself – the physical activity – is manifested by this energy. Now this energy in the center – it is called as the ‘Sushumna Nadi’ – that energy is flowing through this channel. This energy is responsible for our ascent. It establishes the Dharma in us. Now, carbon has 4 valencies. If we have any chemistry professors amongst us, they know that everything is perfectly fitted in the periodic laws. It seems remarkable, even surprising, as who must have planned all of that – how each and every element has been perfectly placed. So, like carbon has 4 valencies, or gold – it never gets tarnished, its color never fades away. That is its Dharma. Likewise, the dharma of human also gets created by this central channel. First the Dharma gets created and then its ascent takes place. The ascent happens as the Dharma changes – there is a difference between our Dharma and that of gold’s, between ours and that of an animal. But, now that this human dharma has been created, what is the next stage? That is ‘Dharmateet’(Beyond the dharma), ‘Gunateet’(Beyond the gunas that are associated with a human). Meaning, these 3 gunas that I’ve told you about – ‘Tamo guna’(on the left), ‘Rajo guna’ (on the right) and ‘Satva guna’ (in the center) – we go beyond all these 3 gunas as well. The human has now come to reach a stage where he only needs to know his meaning. He needs to be associated with the all-pervading power that has created him. And for that reason, there is this energy called Kundalini which is residing here(mother points to the chart) at the bottom. It resides there in three and half coils. Just like a tape in a tape recorder, it sits inside us and records everything about us – all our doings, our virtues, sins – everything. And not only from this lifetime but from all previous lives – the kundalini has it all stored in her. In such manner, this Kundalini resides at the bottom over there(Mother points to the chart). Just like the sprout is contained within the seed – this sprout in human beings, your own mother – this Kundalini, takes birth along with you, through all your lives. She keeps witnessing everything about you and waiting till the time you get your realization and second birth. In the past, only one or two people got their self-realization. But we haven’t heard of an incident where many turned into saints or they got to know God. People have the knowledge with them though – meaning, we have read the scripts, the bible, the Gita. But only a very few get the realization about God. And that is the reason why there is so much mess. To tell you, if you want to practice any Dharma or spirituality, the first thing that needs to happen is your connection with your Atma. Surprisingly, people don’t even know this fact. If you don’t recognize your Atma, if you don’t connect with it, you can never understand anything about God. You should have your eyes to see this beautiful hall, just like that – until the eyes of your atma open, you cannot form any relation with God. Hence, this is the reason for the mess that all these so called religions have landed up in today. The fake people have taken advantage of it. They have taken us onto a completely different path. And it has come to a stage where the youth has taken to atheism. Not only in this country, but everywhere across the world. You might be knowing of Algeria, many muslim people stay over there. And the people there are very bounded by their religion. Much more than us. And due to that, their children – who became doctors, engineers, architects – they said that they don’t want any of this religious rubbish. “You waste your time in all this, read Namaz five times a day, break your heads – do whatever you want, but we are not getting into all this” they say. It was in such times that a young boy from there happened to come visit me in London and I gave him his realization. After realization, I explained him everything – Dharma means what, who is Prophet Mohammad, what is his role in our ascent. Then, who is Christ. Furthermore, who is Ram, Krishna – what is the meaning of all these incarnations. And when he went back, he gathered all his friends and told them that what they thought about god was not true. God does exist. There is an all-pervading power. The only problem was that they had never recognized their spirit, so they were wandering about like blind people. And then they gave realization to 500 other people. So, you can see, our Sahaja is sitting right on top of time. When people will start wanting to get away from religion towards atheism, they can find Sahaja right in the center – where they will be able to experience God. Now this Kundalini – Dyaneshwara has also talked a lot about it. Markandeya has done the most amount of work on it, so has Adi Shankaracharya. They have described and explained it so beautifully. But I am surprised that no one reads the work of Shankaracharya. He was a resident of Kerala and he had spent his entire lifetime over there. So it was even more surprising when I came to know that the people from his place didn’t even know who he was. So much ignorance has come into people over there – they think, just because they have been educated in English they are someone special. The effects that the English education has had on the society, you can go and see it for yourself in England. And all that which we have forgotten about ourselves – the knowledge about the Dharma – is completely evident today, when you look at yourself. Just because we thought we were a secular state, we lost all importance about the Dharma. The dharma in this country is so deep – all aspects of it have been discovered with such efforts and depth. So much so, that based on the truth of this Dharma, we can rule the entire world – the rule of love. And there is a lot of affection towards this country from all over the world – that has been growing steadily. We know that a lot of people from all over the globe have come and stayed here, just to find out about the truth that lies rooted in this country. But even then, we came up with fake gurus for them. And those fakes are robbing them nicely. And those people will never happen to go to a real guru. For example, we happened to go to ‘Musalwadi’(a village in Maharashtra, India) a couple of days ago. Our disciples from there told us that it was only due to the Sahaja that they have been blessed with such harmony – “We visited this country so many times but we were never able to speak to any ‘Indian’. We only happened to speak to people from here who seemed very westernized – people who spoke English better than the people from Cambridge. We felt very dull and let down by this country.” So today, the situation is such that, these foreigners are astonished – seeing your culture and your conduct. And they are so infatuated with it that they don’t know whether to hold your feet or what. They see this carnival of love and they feel so astonished – “that we have forgotten all our ‘englishness’”. Due to their upbringing in that ‘englishness’ they had lost all the qualities of faith, devotion, the warmth in their hearts – that shouldn’t happen to us in this country. Although it is starting to happen. It is very sorrowful – that before we got our independence we were all nicely stuck to our culture, but once we achieved our freedom we started running amuck. We felt like we could do whatever we want. It doesn’t work out that way – because if the human doesn’t achieve his ascent, will he be even able to go back to the animal stage? I am faced with that question. It is possible that he may go into the stage of the rakshasa. The next stage in the evolution of mankind is that of a superhuman, so can they go back to animal stage? And even if they do go back, they might go to a stage where that being is neither a human nor an animal. So as I was telling, the mechanism to get to this state of ascent has now been completely manifested in the humans. For that state of ascent, there are multiple stages that have been created, let’s put it that ways. In the first stage, the first chakra, the one at the bottom here, that is called the ‘Mooladhar’ chakra. Now people have created a number of false notions about that chakra as well, in India there is there is no dearth for creativity when it comes to spreading lies. Any Tom, dick and harry from here thinks he can talk about spirituality. Because who is going to challenge them? There is are no metrics to validate the truth – are there? Anyone can get up and talk lectures upon lectures and thousands of people sit down to listen. And I can’t understand what so important is this person saying that these people want to listen to him, how are they benefiting from any of that? The only thing that I can point out is for you people to check your pockets for money before you leave that place. Now, this chakra that we call as the ‘Mooladhar’ chakra – on this chakra, the almighty has established Shri Ganesha himself. Now some people don’t believe in Ganapati (Shri Ganesha). The doctors, specially. They might keep an idol of his in their houses, but if they won’t believe that he is the one who cures diseases. But, he is the one responsible. But, you should have the authority to call upon him. What connection do you have with him? Nothing whatsoever. If you keep his idol in a corner of your house, that doesn’t mean that you have worshipped him. Also, neither does it work if you talk about him as well. Until you realize how to know him, until you get that wisdom – until you get that authority from the almighty, till then you won’t be able to understand why, for performing what tasks has god has placed him inside us. Now this Ganapati is the symbol of purity. In the beginning, the almighty created only the purity and established Ganesha as its deity. You will be surprised looking at the current situation in this kaliyuga – no one will believe that the first thing god created on this earth was purity. The almighty is the father, the ocean of love and compassion. His first thoughts were – “if I want my children to experience the ultimate joy, if I want to work that out, then I first need to establish the most beautiful quality in this universe.” And that’s why he only established the purity. That purity has been established inside of us by Shri Ganesha on this ‘Mooladhaar’ chakra. Now to talk upon Ganesha will take up an entire lecture. It is too huge, so we will offer our salutations to him and move onwards. Now this chakra which resides on top of the Mooladhaar, it is called the ‘Swadishthaan’ chakra, that too has been placed by the almighty inside of us. Now all the activities pertaining to creation that we do, work of art, thinking – the creative power that exists in this universe gets utilized by this chakra. Now, the Swadishthaan the resides in us – due to it whatever work of art we do, or futuristic thinking or planning that we do etc – the burden of those tasks falls on this chakra. Meaning, we feel like we think with our brains. That is true. But the fat in that brain – where does that come from? That is created in our stomach here and properly supplied to our brains by this Swadishthaan chakra. Now, he who thinks a lot, plans a lot, is always in thoughts – such a person is very prone to getting diabetes. Because such a person puts a lot of strain on that chakra due to his thinking. And the other task this chakra has to do is to look after the well-being of spleen, pancreas, kidney, uterus and the upper portion of the liver. So you see this chakra has to do this one task of looking after the organs and then the other task of feeding your brain – and if you overburden it with just one task then that chakra goes out of balance and diabetes sets in. A person from a village will never get diabetes. But those who live a sedentary lifestyle, those are very prone to get this disease – the reason for that is they are always thinking. Now instead of thinking and planning if they realize the planning of the almighty, then they don’t have to take that headache upon themselves. First understand god. Meaning, his all-pervading power is doing all the planning by itself. If you abide by that planning then all your tasks will work out beautifully. If instead you take it upon yourself then you will always encounter some hindrances and obstacles. You can see for yourself, the state of our country due to the existing planning. So the human doesn’t do anything, everything is taken care of by god – if I say this then people won’t believe me. But we don’t do even a single living work. You will be surprised. Let me ask you – what kind of activities do we do? See this floor – the stones have been broken and the tiles have been laid out here. The tree dies and you make artifacts out of it to put them in some gallery. Can you do even a single living task? Can you even make a single seed sprout? Can we even create a single seed for that matter? So why boast – that we do this and we do that? You do nothing – all that you do is dead. Now you pick this from here and put it there or vice versa, how is it going to matter? Just a waste of effort. Instead by doing all these tasks the human has become a slave to the matter. For instance, our people from oversees who are used to sitting on chairs are not able to sit on this ground. So you see, this chair has now gone and sat up on their heads. So I said, now you roam about in our villages carrying your chairs along with you (Mother laughs), I don’t know how you are going to manage. So this dependency on matter becomes so big that it eventually goes and sits on top of our head. But it doesn’t at all mean that you should go in the opposite direction and take ‘Sanyasa’ (renounce all wordly things and become a hermit). As soon as I talk about materialism, people start talking about Sanyasas. There is no need to take to such things – You should get properly married, it is an institution created by God himself, and you should take good care of your children. But you should lead a life of purity. So in Sahaja, people who lead a normal life – common folks – their path to ascent has been set. We can’t give realization to Sanyasis. If a sanyasi comes before us dressed as one, we tell them to kindly put on normal clothes and then meet us. Meaning, there is no need to walk around advertising yourself. The ‘Sanyas’(the state of being a hermit) takes place inside of us. To put on these saffron robes and show off yourself are signs of a monkey. Humans should not take to such stupid antics, shouldn’t get into all such things – it is all very wrong. Likewise there are many gurus as well who wear such robes and try to show that they are some special people. Such people are to be kept outside the boundaries of the village. Sita has told in the Ramayana that any sanyasi who comes near the village needs to be kept at the boundary, and that too, only for a day. He should be made to leave the next day itself. We are people with households, we are not associated with you (Sanyasis) in any way. You go and sit in the jungles, why is there a need for you to come here? They live a life of a parasite – they live off of someone else’s money. There is no place for such people in Sahaja. If any of you are Sanyasis like these, then goodbye to you – we can’t do anything for you. So if you get married, have children and lead a proper balanced life.. meaning bachelors too have a chance here (everyone laughs)…if you live a life like that, then Sahaja is for you. Because such a human gets into balance. If children are in the house, the parents are in the house – the human gets balance, he realizes his limitations, he acts in a sane manner. He who doesn’t have a mother, father, no one – who acts as if he has come from an orphanage, or who doesn’t even know what limitation are – how can we give Sahaja to such person? Because it is only due to limitations that a person gets bound and progresses. If you see, the plant follows the same principle. When the seed sprouts, it needs to be bound by a thread, needs to be looked after. Nowadays, the psychologists have started saying that in societies where family system has suffered a downfall, the children from those societies turn rogue. And all that we see around us – all the war, all the chaos – at the root of all that are such people. People who have broken homes, no mothers, no fathers. They are children who are the same as orphans. That is the reason for all this turmoil. This is what those psychologists have concluded. Now the second chakra that we call the swadhishthan chakra, the residing deity on it is Bramhadeva and his power Saraswati. But the kundalini is the power of Gauri (the virgin). And we know, how Gauri created Shri Ganesha and had put him front of her door. Now, from that act we should gather that this Ganesha is looking after the purity of this Gauri. That is referred to as ‘Protocol’ in English. He is sitting right there. He is not involved in the ascent of the Kundalini. He is just sitting there concealing and protecting the Kundalini. Now, this Mooladhar is also responsible for the functioning of the pelvic plexus. Now those who make attacks on this Ganesha. The chakra which Ganesha sits on is responsible for driving the plexus. This plexus also handles the sex aspect of our lives. Now the child is completely unaware about sex. So a child, who will forever be one – innocent and pure, has been placed on that Mooladhar in the form of Ganesha. Now there are some very dirty people out there who teach very filthy things – like trying to raise the kundalini by indulging in carnal activities. They need to understand that the Kundalini is like your mother – it is your mother. And if you talk such filthy things, it translates to doing to sin against your mother herself, they need to understand that. Every person from India has the utmost contempt and anger against such horrible acts. But fake gurus and ‘tantrikas’ have ruined our country with such filthy deeds. Any son who has come out of his mother’s womb and has experienced her love will never tolerate such filth. We need to understand this that these fake people who are involved in such filth and who are taking you away from purity, who are robbing you and roaming around in Cadillacs – they need to be picked up and sunk into the sea. Or to be sent abroad. We should not tolerate any of their business over here. But I am surprised, Our Indian people also pay visits to such gurus – I have even heard of some ministers visiting them. How can you even elect such people?! In our country, if we start forgetting what a mother means, if we forget that – then this country is going to turn to ruins. Atleast this much should be obvious – that mother is the utmost pure being, and she is the one who has bestowed upon us that purity. And those who talk such filth against her – you should be able to recognize how devastating and deadly they must be to the progress of this country. Now, the next chakra, above the Swadhishtan – we call it the ‘Nabhi Chakra’. It is even known as the ‘Manipur’ chakra. And on this chakra, reside Lakshmi and Narayana. These deities establish our dharma within us. Now when we think about Lakshmi, we assume that if a person has Lakshmi he must be wealthy. But there is a sea of difference between Lakshmi and money. Money does not translate to Lakshmi and vice versa. Even if one aspect of her represents wealth and prosperity, the form of Lakshmi is very different. I’ll tell you about it in short, because to speak about all the chakras is going to take a long time. If you see the image of Lakshmi, two of her hands are holding lotuses. Meaning, he who is a ‘Lakshmi-pati’, he heart should be like a lotus. Pink – as in the heart should have the softness and love. Similarly there should be a lotus-like beauty to his household. In his heart, in his attire, in is demeanor – he should have that lotus-like beauty. Even a bumble-bee with its prickly thorns is welcomed by the lotus. Despite its thorns, the lotus encloses the bee with its petals, comforts it and makes it fall asleep. Likewise, a Lakshmi pati should be the same. But the ‘Lakshmi pati’ that we know of, gets angry easily. So instead of referring to them as ‘Lakshmi pati’ it would be appropriate to refer to them as just ‘people with money’. You don’t get to see the real ‘Lakshmi patis’ nowadays. But in our times, when we were young – we have seen quite a few of the real ones. In that way, you are quite unfortunate, that you get to see only the miserly. But we have come across a number of so great a personalities that we could actually call them ‘Lakshmi patis’. Now, in her third hand is in a position which symbolizes giving. Abundant giving should happen through the hand of a ‘Lakshmi pati’. And finally, her last hand symbolizes refuge – People should want to seek such a person’s refuge. Such a person is called a ‘Lakshmi pati’. Also, Lakshmi herself is in the form of a lady, a mother. So the heart of such a person should be like that of a mother as well. So is the definition of Lakshmi that has been established in this country since ages – so great is our country. Can materialistic people ever grasp this idea of Lakshmi? And these fake gurus are even worse – for every penny they are ready to slit others’ throats. Do you think they will ever understand?! It is only us who have received this wealth, this heritage in inheritance. We are not to give away that wealth. We should live in pride with it. Even if we might be poor, we are rich in our hearts – that should always be kept in mind. A person does not become rich or poor with money or the lack of it – he becomes rich through his heart. Now, it so happened that my father was a very rich man, and so is my husband – but if you ask us, we can sleep anywhere, even on the roads. Because we are in joy – we don’t need anything. Such a person, who doesn’t need anything – he is the genuine one, the real king. And the one who is in need, who looks at others with jealousy – we can’t call him a king. So this is a huge blessing that the Lakshmi has bestowed on our Nabhi, and we should safeguard this Lakshmi. This legacy needs to be cherished and nurtured. And the people of this country have still been keeping it the same ways – they still are aware of the feeling that only money is not everything. That, even beyond it, lies the Dharma which is of a far greater value. They live, abiding by the values of the dharma. Now, living by the dharma doesn’t mean making rounds of the temple and reciting the name of god a thousand. The meaning of dharma has been told by a number of saints in this country. In this land of saints, a number of gurus have come and have spoken to great lengths about what dharma is – we can’t thank them enough. But we don’t follow any of what they have said. Out of all the gurus, there have been 10 important ones and they have come in this world multiple times – the prophet Mohammad is an incarnation of ‘Dattatreya’. After Mohammed sahib, Nanak who came on this earth was an incarnation of Dattatreya too, so was Janak. Likewise Adinath, who came before Mahavir, was also an incarnation of Dattatreya. Furthermore, the people of this Ahmednagar are extremely fortunate in the sense that Shirdi was the place where Sri Sainath chose to come and stay. He too was an incarnation of Dattatreya. So, it is the same element of the Guru, which keeps reincarnating on this earth. They focused on teaching about things pertaining to maintaining the balance of the dharma, they didn’t talk much about self-realization as such – didn’t work upon giving knowledge about the atma to people. The one thing – that all of them had said – was to not consume alcohol. Not to consume alcohol – the reason behind that is completely scientific as well. Alcohol and cancer – they have the exact same effect on the human body. Meaning, the OH ion which represents the water element in the blood – its behavior changes completely. That causes the heat to stay trapped inside the organs, heat that is produced in the human body. That heat cannot flow through the veins – and eventually out of the body – because that OH ion can no longer absorb that heat. And hence the all the different type of heat accumulate together and stay trapped inside your liver, your stomach and other organs. To tell you, cancer can be only cured through Sahaja, and through no other way. And we have cured it in people. We had cured a cancer patient in London. His wife is a well-renowned doctor. And she has been asking us to come give lectures at the medical school. Now this lady had so much heat inside of her – that when she got her realization she had to open all her door and windows of her house, that too in the middle of a winter. And everyone around felt as if there was a heater in the room. It the same in case of a person who drinks alcohol as well. The person who drinks accumulates a tremendous amount of heat in his liver to begin with. Then it spreads to his kidneys, then to other organs. Later on, his veins keep getting hardened. Now, the gurus have told to not drink. Now if I just tell you to not drink – you will never listen. Instead, you will stop coming here to listen to me. A couple of days ago, I asked people to promise that they would no longer consume alcohol – and half of them got up and left. Just a promise – it was not like I asked them to make any payments! Now alcohol is such a destructive substance – would any mother ask of her child to destroy himself? It is like you are asking for your own destruction. And wasting your money as well. Haven’t you seen a drunkard walking down the road? Now we saw three accidents on our way here, one where there was a drunk person rolling on the road. And this is something that we see every day. Yet, people tell me that the consumption has increased in India – that is something very surprising. So now, this alcohol, which is such a big enemy of ours – I don’t understand what wisdom are we showcasing by consuming it and giving is such importance. But even then, we don’t ask anyone to give up alcohol in Sahaja. That is true, we don’t make it a restriction – but you give it up by your own self once you get your realization. Now, a lot of people from London have got their realization, but there are these 300 people who are special. They used to take drugs as well – but all those habits of theirs dropped off. How? It is like this – when you happen to meet your atma, when the atma starts pulsating in your heart, when you start feeling that joy from within – then you don’t think about taking to such addictions. All such things just drop out from within you, automatically. This joy is incomparable, so profound that you nothing will take its place. So, why not drink something that will keep you intoxicated forever? And once you have such a wine, you will never turn back to any other form of alcohol. So, like I was saying, once this Lakshmi chakra gets awakened – another byproduct of that is your economic situation gets better. People are surprised – “What is Mataji saying! How can this be true? It goes against all laws of economics”. It is like this – The element of Lakshmi creates an establishment with you – due to which your economic condition becomes better and stable. Now, take for example – one of our students. Previously, he had nothing to start out with. He used to live like a pauper. Then, gradually he brought a good house, started living in a very hospitable condition. When I asked him what changed, he said that he gave up alcohol – since then he ends up saving a lot of money. It is not like you don’t have money to feed yourself. But the moment you go to the bar, the moment you take to the bottle – the Lakshmi exits you. Why don’t we ever erect any monuments of drunkards? They are in such a pitiable condition that you can’t even depict their personalities in those statues. And that why all gurus had prohibited such things as alcohol, tobacco etc. And this is extremely important – we don’t understand its gravity. It is of utmost importance to humans – because all these things go against the awareness of humans. The things that go against your awareness – the awareness through which you need to realize god – those things must be so dangerous, you need to realize that. Now the next chakra, the one above – is called the heart chakra. It resides in the interior, in between your lungs. This chakra, again is very important because this is the seat of the goddess ‘Jagadamba’. Whenever a human feels scared, he remembers his mother. If he realizes that his mother is the mother of the entire world, is extremely powerful, and come what may – she will save him from everything. We have heard about the stories of Jagadamba – like how many rakshasas she has killed and so many other such tales. Like so, once she got very angry and started dancing the ‘Taandav Nritya’- the dance of destruction. And then Lord Shiva didn’t know how to calm her down, so he had to place her child in her way. And then she see her child and places her foot gently on it – we have read about such incidents in the scriptures. All these stories are true. When a person feels insecure, when he feels like some calamity is going to befall him – his heart starts palpitating. The reason for that is that this heart chakra gets out of balance. The power from that chakra goes out. Those people who have ‘Bhoots’ in them, those who feel like that someone or something has possessed them – they have this problem on the heart chakra. When this chakra gets enlightened, the sense of security increases. Now, a lot of women suffer from breast cancer. People think that this cancer happens due to other different reasons, but it is pretty straight forward – If woman is feeling insecure she will develop the cancer of breasts. Likewise, many suffer from shortness of breath. We have cured many such people. The governor of Kashmir, Mr Sahey, he was suffering from this disease for almost 25 years. We cured it within five minutes. If you cure this chakra with vibrations, that person feels better for the rest of his days. Because then, the Jagadamba get in it gets awakened and the person starts living with joy and satisfaction. After that comes the Vishuddhi chakra. This is a very important chakra as well. Because it is due this chakra that a person has turned into a human from animal stage. He raised his head from a bowed down position on the neck – it was at this point that he turned into a human being. And this neck is not to be bent before anyone -and not before the untruth in any case. But if it is the almighty, or someone who is worthy of reverence – the head should only be bowed down before such beings. We bow down before every tom, dick and harry – then may it even be a bhoot, we come down before everyone. There is no need to do that. There is no need to come down even at my feet. Unless you get the experience, you shouldn’t come down at my feet. But we have witnessed a couple of incidents. When I was in London, the people out there were thinking like ‘Why should I come at her feet’? Now what to do if my feet are the ones doing all the work. Now people were offended because they didn’t want to come at my feet – even after they had got their realization. And on the contrary, yesterday when I was talking to people in (some) village – they felt very sad when I told them that I would not be able to have everyone come at my feet. So you see, you get to see these two polar opposite cases in this world today. The point is – you need to realize in your wisdom that the human is the most specially crafted animal, of the highest category. And that he is not to bow down his head before every one. Likewise this is the seat of Virata within us. The Virata encompasses everything – and so are we made like him as well. We are all cells of his being. These cells, that we are, have been built exactly replicating the almighty. When these cells get enlightened, they come to know the almighty. So this is the place (Vishuddhi) through which you realize god. Now, tobacco – I don’t know if Ahmednagar produces a lot of tobacco, but I see a pouch of tobacco dangling around everyone’s neck. Now I don’t understand how and from where this tobacco has come into this district. Even the women consume so many weird types of tobacco – I don’t understand where it all came from. But due to this tobacco, this chakra is so badly caught up amongst these people that even their children have developed coughing and breathing problems, and even the children of their children. But no one listens when they are asked to quit. It is only when you come to Sahaja that you have to quit it, and the ways through which you lose that bad habit are also very interesting. People tell me of so many different experiences. There was this gentleman who used to do a lot of work in Sahaja, I was very fond of him. Even though he was very deep in Sahaja, he wasn’t able to give up his habit of consuming tobacco completely. He used to get the craving every once in a while. There was this one time when he had taken tobacco, thinking that I wouldn’t notice it. But I did. So I kept observing him from time to time – and then he came up to me and said “mother, my face become as big as that of Hanuman sometimes. How is that happening? Is Sahaja turning me into Hanuman?” So then I asked him whether he consumed tobacco. And then he pulled his ears and said that yes, he did. So I told him that – “Now you promise me that you won’t take it anymore and I’ll make that habit of yours go away”. Just take a little bit of effort – because now that you have got your realization, you won’t really feel the need for it. Those habits are almost gone – just have to give yourselves a little push. And so, finally that gentleman gave that tobacco up. Like so, Sahaja cures everything effortlessly. And the way the cures happen are hilarious as well – Everyone should witness them. This Vishuddhi chakra – its importance cannot be over-emphasized. Sixteen thousand channels are dependent on this chakra. So you should understand that when you smoke that cigarette which is worth 2 pennies, you are basically destroying all those channels. You have no idea as to how those channels have been created and how they run through our system. In London, every cigarette pack is has written on it that it will kill you, yet people have not given up smoking. Now that cigarette has turned into a huge cancer, yet people don’t understand, they don’t give it up – Because habit is a thing that you cannot lose easily. And we don’t expect you to give it up. What you need to do is to accept it, understand that you cannot do anything about it – then work on your vibrations, and then, that habit will drop off effortlessly. All bad habits drop off. And then the human enters into such a state – we may call it the kingdom of god. Then the chakra above that is called the Agnya chakra. Now I have already told you before – all dharmas are flowers from the same tree. Yet we keep fighting about it – this is my flower, that is your flower and so on. It is just that different people came on this earth at different times and taught us all the same things. Like I said, ten different gurus came on this earth – in the same way, there is another guru who has his seat on this chakra – MahaVishnu. If anyone has read Devi Mahatmya, they will come to know who he is. And the essence of that chakra is that of Ganesha. Mahavishnu and Ganesha are two sides of the same coin. It was only once that Mahavishnu had taken an incarnation and that was in the form of Christ. Meaning, Christ is no one else but Mahavishnu. And if you read on Mahavishnu, you will realize that his descriptions, qualities, everything matches exactly to those of Christ. And Christ’s mother, Mary, was none other than Radha herself. Now it is described about Mahavishnu, that Radha herself created him. And his father was Krishna, hence he was named Christ. No one has realized why Christ was called after Krishna. Because Krishna was the one to bring in the ‘krishi’ (agriculture) and fruit of that is Christ. And it has also been described that Krishna has bestowed upon Christ his 16th right. That is, Christ would become the support of the world and show the people what Krishna had said:
nainam chindanti sastrani
nainam dahati pavakah
na cainam kledayantyapo
na sosayati marutah
(The soul can never be cut into pieces by any weapon, nor can he be burned by fire, nor moistened by water, nor withered by the wind.)
That this power can never be destroyed and will bring forth the ascent of people. And this has been evidenced in his (Christ’s) resurrection. So you see, all these folks(Christ, Krishna..) are related to one another, yet we keep fighting amongst ourselves because we have not been connected to them. You understand all of this once you get the realization. And after that, we realize that whatever we have had learnt so far, whatever ideas we have about ourselves – that we are hindus, Christians etc – all of it is meaningless and then we truly transform into a global personality. Now, the chakra on top of that is called that Sahastrara chakra. When the Kundalini pierces this chakra and passes through it, only then can it be said that the person has attained his self-realization. Christ has called it the baptism, Mohammad has called it ‘peer’ – it has been said in all the religions that you need to get your second birth. Now, there is a lot of confusion regarding this as well. Over here( in India), there is a caste called the brahmins. Now, this is just a caste, and those people are just like other ordinary people. However a true Brahmin is the one who has got his second birth. And hence, when we look at it from that perspective we can call people from other lower level castes -who have achieved their self realization – as the true Brahmins. And vice versa we can categorize the non-realized so called brahmins as ones from the lower castes as well. So there is no point in taking pride in yourself until you’ve achieved your rebirth. It needs to happen. And such false people have always been the ones to trouble the saints. You know, how badly such people have caused misery to Dyaneshwara (A saint from Maharashtra, India). Then, Sai Nath (from Shirdi, Maharashtra, India). They have not spared even a single saint. Not only that – when Shankaracharya wanted to perform the rituals after the death of his mother, these people didn’t even allow him to do those. They said he was not allowed to do them as he was a sanyasi. So, likewise, such unauthorized people claiming to be higher above others have always insulted the saints and made their lives miserable. Not only in India, but also elsewhere – Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was tortured by such people as well. He and his family were tortured so much more than Dyaneshwara, actually. Even today, such people are roaming the earth in positions of power, claiming to have the divine authority. You should never give a care about such people. There is a huge revolution taking place in Sahaja – the dharma is getting completely getting established in people in its true form. And due to that people are realizing that there is no point in entertaining such fake gurus who keep robbing them. There is no point in sticking to traditions that make you stupid and bring you down. Traditions which make you ascend, which take you to higher, which establish you in the realm of spirituality – only those traditions are supposed to be regarded as genuine ones. And you will be surprised – these fake people didn’t spare even a single saint. Even Christ, he too was crucified by them. The common man could realize who the saints were – but the fake ones always tried to bring them down. In these time, a lot of such people are against me as well. But they are not going to succeed against me this time around. So likewise, there has been so much injustice that has been done against the saints – but the common people have always recognized and revered them. And hence all my work is meant only for all you common people.
Now, moving on, we come to the Sahastrara chakra which has 1000 petals. Now doctors argue that there are 998, not 1000. And just because of this silly issue they won’t take to Sahaja. Now what to call such fools?! And it was for this reason that I studied medicine – I knew I would have to deal with such crackheads. Now, we have with us two very wise doctors. One is Russian. The other is a Parsi – he had been practicing in London for a long time and is also a psychiatrist. So likewise we have a lot of educated and learned people with us here. They have studied each and every aspect of Sahaja in great detail. Not only that but they know about the significance and importance all the deities. And they are extremely methodical – they have sorted out each and everything. They have recorded, documented and classified the extracts from each and every lecture that I’ve been giving. Which cure is meant is meant for what disease, how does the kundalini rise, where does it get blocked, roles of the deities etc. – they have studied everything in detail. So now you have to learn from them – because we only learn from the English, isn’t it so?! Because whatever I tell won’t make an impact – so I had to bring these people along with me!( Mother laughs). But, in all seriousness, you need to realize the importance of this precious tradition, this invaluable heritage that we have. Such a huge amount of wealth we have inherited and you are not even aware of it. And despite all this, if you start taking after the west, if you start following their ways – then it is just the same as a fool throwing all his gold away. Now once you come on the Sahastrara and Kundalini pierces it, you get to experience the collective consciousness. Again, I say, it is the experience – it is not like someone is lecturing you about it. It is the actualization of it, as they call it in the English language. It all pervading power of the diving starts manifesting in you. The vibrations start flowing through your hands. Then, on your fingers, you start understanding which chakras are catching. You can also understand the chakras of others – because once you are able to tap into your subtle system, you can tap into the subtle systems of others as well. As you can see on the chart, the fingers are colored per the chakras. And you will also know how to heal and correct the chakras. Even small children can tell you which chakras of yours are catching. Now I have 4 grandchildren and all of them are realized. Out of them is 1 and a ½ year old granddaughter. Now a couple of days ago, Patricia(a yogini) happened to visit her. She asked my granddaughter – which of her chakras are catching? And prompt came the reply – left vishuddhi and Nabhi. Patricia was stunned – she asked me – Mother how is it that such a small child knows? The thing is, that this is all subjective knowledge. All this realization has happened from within. Now as we can feel the difference between hot and cold, likewise the children can also feel similarly about vibrations. Just before coming to Ahmednagar, we had been to this one other place. There we met a lady who was attending the talk. Her thumb started shaking while she was sitting in front of us. I asked her about her children, if she faced problem while delivering them. She said that she indeed went through a lot of problems then. Now this finger(thumb) denotes the right Swadhisthan, which controls the uterus. So, as you can see, you all can get this realization, this power to know yourself. And you all need to get your realization. Once you get it, this collective consciousness gets manifested in you. It doesn’t happen by just proclaiming it – that we are all brothers and sisters. All that exists in the universe is present in this body of ours. All that you are, we are the same. So, feelings such as that of doing charity, are all false and invalid. If one of our fingers gets hurt, wont we correct it? If you are a part and parcel of us, and if we are correcting you – aren’t we correcting ourselves as well? How are we doing a favor on you then? It is a state that you achieve, you become connected. And your hands start speaking. Many small children start putting their fingers in their mouth. Psychologist cannot explain why they do it – but we know. If they are realized children then they can feel the catches of others on their fingers, it starts burning and so they start sucking on their fingers. Now this science is so spectacular – the science to know the divine is indeed very special. It is very vast. And we all need to do is to realize this all-pervading power. It is already present inside of us – all we need to do is to awaken it. But people have a preconceived notion – that awakening the Kundalini is a very difficult task. Many have told me that while it happens, they start jumping like frogs, etc. There was this person who had sat in front of me with his both his legs in the air. So other yogis told him to not do that in my presence. He then told them that if he sat the normal ways, he would start jumping like a frog! Because that is what his guru had told him. Now do I have to make you a super human being or a frog?! Some people claim they start roaring like a tiger, some say something else. We have given realizations to thousands of people around the globe – Columbia, Chile, Argentina, China, Russia etc. – I have travelled across all these regions. Besides that – Iran, Italy, all the countries in the Mediterranean regions – I have travelled across all of them as well. And so, we have given realization to many people across many places – but nowhere did we come across people who started jumping like frogs. And everyone felt good. Some people might have felt a little heat, but 99% of the people never suffered from any pains or problem when they got their realization. Sometimes there could some very low heat coming out your hands, but that is all. So people have some very wrong ideas about Kundalini awakening, and they think it is extremely difficult. But let us assume – for a moment – that Kundalini awakening is, indeed, very difficult. And if I am able to do it easily, doesn’t it mean that there must be something special about me? So you should all look at it this way – That there was a huge task that was needed to be accomplished, and it was this mother who knew it and who had to bring it you. And that she loves you a lot and you are all her children and that you all have all the rights on her. That is why we are getting to receive what she is giving and we should take it because it is rightfully ours to have as well. If you all take such a perspective then no one will develop any ego about it. Because it is really easy to get ego. Especially for people in the city. But it is not the same for people from the villages. So whatever it is, you should all realize that I am your mother and it all belongs to you. It is not complicated at all, it is all very simple. Even if you come and sit on my head, it is all fine – because I am your mother, not your guru. But even then there should be respect. The respect you would have for your mother. And that respect should be acknowledged and understood. If you get your realization with that sense of respect in your heart, you will be surprised to realize – that all that you had been searching for in the past lives, all the good that you’ve earned in those lives, it has all been manifested in you today. But even so, after realization humans need to work upon themselves. Because sometimes people who have been rescued and put on a boat still feel like they are drowning. And some of them fall back into the ocean. So after realization you need to put a bit of effort and establish yourself in it. And as to how to do that, there is center out here in Ahmednagar where everything will be taught. There are quite a few people who are working a lot for Sahaja out here (Mother says a few names), you can go and talk to them. And there are very simple treatments which will cure all of your diseases. So if you have any illnesses, you can get those cured as well. My photo emits vibrations so that can be used for treatments as well. And all these people are very wise and have done a lot of work in Sahaja. So I don’t doubt them a bit. I am sure that there will be the largest number of Sahaja yogis in Ahmadnagar someday. I am very grateful to all of you for inviting me here and giving me so much love and respect. So now, those who want to get their realization should stay back, and those who don’t should leave. There is no forcing anyone here because the truth is not going to come and fall at your feet, it doesn’t need your votes. So those who want it should sit down with humility in their hearts. Those who are meant to get it will get it. To start with, all your physical problems will start disappearing as soon as the Kundalini starts rising. Day before yesterday, there was a man who came to our program in Vardhe(in Maharashtra) who had a tumor in his brain. As soon as his kundalini came upto that point, he started feeling very light – his tumor had gone away. So it can take only a moment. But that is not the case with everyone, like I’ve already said before. There was a lady in Rahuri(in Maharashtra) who was not able to hear. I spoke a mantra into her ear and she started hearing immediately. So everything we are telling you is the truth. There are no lies here, because we don’t want anything from you. We only want to give, those who want it should take it. If you don’t want it, then you may leave – we won’t be hurt or offended at all. But being a mother, there is always this feeling that everyone should become well and prosperous.
So now everyone sit down with your hands towards me.