Pune (India)

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1979-02-25  Sahajyogyanshi Hitguj, Pune India

Now as All Sahaja Yogis have assembled here, therefore it is a ‘hitguja’ and not a speech. The word ‘hitguja’ in Marathi language is so beautiful as it means whatever is beneficial for you or your atma is to be shared. And as it used to be said in early days ‘Satyam Vadet Priyam Vadet’ (Speak truth, speak what is liked). How to blend these two? If you speak the truth it is not liked and if you wish to speak what is liked, it may not necessarily be true. If you want to blend these, it is a difficult task. Lord Shri Krishna found a solution to this and said, “Satyam Vadet, Hitam Vadet and Priyam Vadet” means that which is beneficial for the atma, ‘Hita’ means atma’s contentment. Even if it is unpleasant, at the end it becomes pleasant and it is the truth. Imagine if tomorrow someone comes to Mr. Rajwade and he asks if some specific person is hiding here (taken refuge)? And if the person is wielding a dagger in his hand what should Mr Rajwade tell him? ‘that he is hiding is the truth’. Should he tell that the person is hiding here? Or if he tells this truth will it be appropriate, will it be beneficial? This is the question one faces. So the first thing is that this is an unauthorized gesture. If the dagger holder demands the whereabouts of the other person, then who is he to ask? And who is he to ask you?  This is an unauthorized gesture. Hence you are not bound to respond to any unauthorized gesture as it will not be beneficial. One needs to have the right. It is similar in Sahaja Yoga. Even though I love you all absolutely and I heartily wish that all of you should be blessed by the Almighty in Sahaja Yoga and should enter the kingdom of Almighty.  You have been given a big invitation, have been offered great hospitality, and have been invited with great affection. But this also becomes an unauthorized gesture. Hence it is not necessary that the unauthorized person will benefit from Sahaja Yoga . You need to have some right, even on your Mother. We have already garnered our rights. It is natural. ‘Sa’ means with us. ‘Ja’ means born with. These rights are born with us. The rights of this Yoga are born with us.

But just as we lose our rights as a citizen when we enter an empire, similarly we have lost some rights. So they have to be established. It is my job to do this. As we saw in Pune yesterday, the Ganesha element (tatva) is very sad. It was not getting awakened at all. Now see! Virtue is the prasad form of Ganesha. Means it is Ganesha only who gives us virtue. The wealth of virtue that we have is in our Kundalini and that accumulation is all of Ganesha, that is, the understanding of the Ganesha element that we have is where that wealth is. So no matter how much virtue you have accumulated if the Ganesha element is not right, now the Ganesha has been spoiled in this place. You know who has spoilt it. So the atmosphere is so contaminated, that even your goodness cannot be comprehended by Ganesha. If you put milk in the dirt, even the swan doesn’t know how to separate the goodness of milk. This is the way it is. So you should completely oppose those who are contaminating the atmosphere. We have to oppose not only mentally but completely, that we do not want a man here who spoils our Ganesha element. If you feel neutral about it, it is your fault. Yesterday I awakened Ganesha with a lot of cajoling. That is, the Ganesha element is the last of all. This is a very tolerant element. It is very difficult to destroy it and it sits on the main root. It is also being damaged by them and all this is happening before your eyes. He doesn’t want felicitation, he doesn’t want anyone. If all Sahaja Yogis decide it will not take any time at all. The Ganesha element has deteriorated here in Pune. So see how big the blow it is on Sahaja Yoga.

Then yesterday we awakened Ganesha in all of us by persuading and cajoling. When He awakened, many people got their self realization. Now you will say, ‘We didn’t go there, Mataji. We are opposed to him. We haven’t even seen his face, yet why is our Ganesha element deteriorating? ’ Whatever is in the well(environment) will surely come (affect you). So, the responsibility of the Ganesh element going bad is on the Sahaja Yogis here, this is the first thing to keep in mind. How to set it right? How to establish Ganesha? You should ask me all these things or these people know how to clean them. Ganesha should be invoked in every Sahaja Yogi. Not only this, but should be awakened and established. We really have some few people in whom Ganesha is fully awakened and it is by the Ganesha principle that we awaken the Kundalini. Because unless Ganesha says yes, Kundalini will not rise. The work of Kundalini will slow down where this element falls short. Even yesterday its effect was low. It needs the force of Ganesha principle. So, I would like to say to the Sahaja Yogis of Pune, that the element (principle) of Ganesha should be strengthened on our side.  I will tell you how to do it because this is a communication for your benefit. The first thing is that it is a vow of holiness. So the defects that happen to Ganesha happen first from the eye. Ganesha has a direct relation with the eyes and this Ganesha element itself has disappeared from Pune. So in the middle of it where the optic nerves cross, there is the place of the agnya chakra and the agnya chakra is the representation of the Ganesha element. It is a manifestation. So, if Ganesh element itself has gone bad, then it must be remembered that eyes have seen something that is not desirable. One must first know that the Ganesha element is made up of the earth element. As you know, Gauri had created  Ganesha by removing grime from the body. That is, Ganesha is made by vibrating the whole earth element.

The earth element is very sacred and its power is to absorb. No other element is so strong in absorbing. Such is the earth element. Earth is my mother. She is your grandmother. So you have a strong dual relationship with her. Your grandmother, she can pull out   all your faults, and place the Ganesha element in you. For that, you have to fix your eyes first. Always keep your gaze on the ground. You keep your gaze on the greenery or always walk on the greenery. In the morning if you walk on the dew, it gives comfort to the eyes. But the eyes should always be down. Again eye movements should not be done too much. Every time something happens you should not divert your attention this or that way. So think about what it could be and then slowly turn your eyes and see. People who have a lot of eye movement adversely affect their Ganesha element. It is part of flirting when we feel compelled to look at every woman. If we don’t look initially then we  keep on turning our head to have a glimpse. These are some dirty practices that have emerged of late. When we were young, our brothers and others were warned to keep their eyes to the ground while walking. Even today people of those days are identified by the fact that they do not raise their necks and look here and there while walking. In the past such a person was called idiotic.  Walking like an idiot looking here and there. The gaze should be kept down to the ground. We have the example of Lakshmana.  Sita was his sister-in-law. Now we do banter and joke with our sister-in-law. Even while talking to her he used to look at her feet only. Never used to look up. So much respect he must have had. So the gaze should be at the feet. Do not look in the upward direction. If someone does speak and ask, then look up slowly with great respect and reverence. This movement of the eyes helps in Sahaja Yoga.

You know our people from London. How deplorable their condition has become. How awkward their position has become. As soon as a few of them came here, you were in so much trouble. All of them are same there. I don’t understand why they need a guru. They have all the dirty knowledge that will teach this man hundred times. So they don’t have this (Ganesh Tatva). They have lost it completely.  Even then they have worked on their earth element and have improved their situation. Secondly, stand on the earth element and pour water on the feet, raise both hands towards the sky or even taking my name will also work. So the earth absorbs through the water. You will be surprised you will feel very relieved. Also lying on the earth, greeting her, apologizing to her, ‘forgive us for touching you with our feet.’ With the awakening of the earth element, the Ganesha within us, which is the essence of the earth element,  it is the principle of sustenance of the earth element meaning the complete flow on this earth it is all  due to Ganesha. And this contemplation which we call as meditation is the manifestation of Shri Ganesha. Unless we have the perception, nothing can happen. So nothing can happen without first worshiping Shri Ganesha. All the eight Vinayakas (Ganesh occurrences) are in Maharashtra. How great this is. But even there, filth everywhere! Recently I had been to Ranjangaon Ganapati, the vibrations were very low! Very little! Though awakened last time. Went back again, apologized for everyone. I also become devotee for you, that ‘let it go, they don’t understand. You are very benevolent.  So please awaken in them. What to say about you?  You are a very pure principle, but these people do not understand anything.  They are still ignorant. So please forgive them.’   There are dirty songs from movies blaring in front of Him. Now what to say to about this?   This has a spurious connotation.. To create filth before God.  So the demons come there. Use those demons. Pretend to be a hermit and say that we have renounced the world and then create filth. Behave in a manner that does not suit an ascetic. That is to say, from here, whatever element of celibacy (Sanyasatva) is there, that is the principle goes away. Once it goes, the demons arrive. In this way, demons establish their rule replacing the Almighty.

  So it should be noted that we have seen black shadows on my photos sometimes. Surprisingly, my awareness shifted from there! No, I am not there at all. Despite the photos. I mean, the photo depicts me in person, but a dark shadow creeps over it. The reason is that some unholy things happen in front of that photo or someone has accused me of something or something else.   It is the same with me. Most of the time I am really good but suddenly I lose my attention. I simply cannot notice that. Means in spite of all my efforts to pay attention to a particular individual, I would not be able to connect. My mind will just drift away. People say, ‘He is such an important minister, Mataji, why don’t you consider!’ ‘But somehow, could not meet him.  Whichever way, it was not possible.’ ” They are such important people, you should definitely meet them etc.. Etc.’ ‘it never could take place, somehow could not be aligned’. ‘I could never manage it. Something or the other reason.’ The Almighty’s awareness is also very holy. And a little bit ungodliness is tolerable. If a person is very fond of cleanliness and you tell him to stand in the dirt, will he stay? He won’t be bothered to combat with the dirt. Will go away from there. No, not at all. 

Such is the purity of the Ganesh element. Even though it tries to tolerate a lot, still His awareness withers away.  So it is the express responsibility of the Sahaja Yogis here that they should establish the Ganesh element. This means that people purchase Ganesh Idol and install it at home for worshipping. But we cannot purchase the idol. Because the person from whom we purchased – what mindset he had while making it, did he have vibrations, from where did he bring the soil. He took money for that, he sold the Almighty. How deplorable. Can you sell the Almighty? How can we purchase the idol? Can you purchase me? People just say Mataji we have installed Ganapati at home. Need to see the idol, and its chakras. Need to examine the formulation. And there are few such idols, really very few. I have only one Ganapati idol. Only one. Once we had been to Sangli. One of my accomplished devotees made it with his own hands and that too is made of wood. And I suggested that it should be installed in cow dung. Its colour is like mud – Such is the beautiful Ganapati. This is one Ganapati I have seen – He is so wise, it has such strong vibrations.  Once, in London, a gentleman came to see me. And he thought that he should first go upstairs and have the divine vision of Ganapati. So he went upstairs. And there he paid his respects to Ganapati. But it had no vibrations. He was terrified and taken aback. ‘ whats wrong with me? I was having such strong vibrations but after I came in front of the Ganapati there are no vibrations. What has happened?’ Eventually he started thinking what happened. So Ganapati also bestows wisdom on such people too.   So he wisely realized ‘I have not yet paid my respects to Shri Mataji. So Ganapati did not appreciate this. Let me first go and pay my respects to Her.’  Because Ganapati does not need anything except Mother. He came down running and fell at my feet holding his ears. ‘Mataji, you were inside. Forgive me.’ And again went up and felt very strong vibrations. He also apologized to Him. 

Ganapati cannot think of even Lord Shiva without Mother. Cannot think at all. Knows only one principle – Mother and her power. That is why he is so great and is worshipped by all gods and goddesses. Shiva Shankar, I say comes at the last and is present forever. He too worships Shri Ganesha. Then what to say about others like Bramhadev and Vishnu. Maharashtra is blessed by Him. We know what Ganapati is. And we have Ganapati’s mention all the time and we also believe in Ganapati.  It is very rare to find a Maharashtriyan (person who lives in Maharashtra) who does not know Ganapati. Hence Ganapati should be worshipped first properly and even I thought yesterday what should I tell Sahaja Yogis in Pune.  Something new, special. So it this that purify your Ganesh (element), establish within yourself. Understand the Ganesh element.

There was this gentleman from Sangli. His Ganesh Tatva (element) is very good. While his lever is a bit spoilt, his Ganesh element is very strong. I am very happy about it. Similarly we have our Dhumal Saheb. He stays in the village. Always connected to earth. So farmers have a tremendous inheritance that they always have Ganapati’s blessings. That is why I have started the work in villages first. Because it will happen easily there – wherever there are Ganapati devotees, it will happen first there. They do not sit for worshipping Ganapati but the Ganapati in them is awakened. More artificial the life becomes, the lesser is the awareness. So the first thing is that we set our Ganapati right. What all we need to do, what spiritual practice we should follow, this all you ask our other Sahaja Yogis. But if I could awaken Ganapati for the London Sahaja Yogis, then it has to happen with you, no doubt about it. After this how much the powers increase and how much force Kundalini gains, is something to be seen. So, after paying obeisance to such Ganapati, I proceed to tell you further about Sahaja Yoga.

You know what Sahaja Yoga is. You know a lot. All people here are Sahaja Yogis so I need not tell them.  Now there is a big question. The question was there even yesterday and it is there even today. Why does it happen so easily? But it is such a whimsical question. Now I speak through this mike. If there are any villagers here and if they have not seen a mike, they would wonder how this is possible that you speak there and it comes here. If any villager has not seen a light, if you call him inside the house and ask him to switch off the light he will just keep on blowing. ‘It is not going out, how to do it.’ Just like when you press the button here, and it gets illuminated there, he will be wonderstruck that how does this happen? Press the button there and it is illuminated here. It is a similar stupid question. Really very stupid. 

As we know when the sun rises in the sky, then chlorophyll gets developed in the plants. Due to this it gets a green colour. Where is the sun? Thousands of miles away. The moment it comes in the sky, this event takes place. If I ask you to give a green colour to the leaves, you will not be able to do it. Means you can pour it on the outside but will not be able to impart colour completely from inside and outside. How colossal the sun must be as he colours every leaf in the nature. But we are not at all surprised nor there any appreciation. In English this is termed as ‘taken for granted’ means this is bound to happen when the sun comes. How do the fruits grow in the world, overnight how do they happen? We do not wait for them. How do the trees grow up, nobody knows. There is no measure for this. How does the sun make it happen alone? 

How many types of powers his rays have. So the sun alone makes this happen, you see.

Similarly if I can make this happen then this must be present in me too. At least this much must be imagined. On the contrary if you keep on saying how can these happen then what is this method of thinking? I call this a human method because God’s method is different. I call this a human method.  It’s like you see from the opposite side and say how did you hang upside down?  All of this is humorous. You observe everywhere that how do we ask such questions when you can see it happening.

If you wish to see Kundalini  I will show you. Will show its vibrations, its ascent, will show its rising up but still people will ask you such questions. Then what is to be done? How to argue with them? This is the question before Sahaja Yogis. ‘Shri Mataji, when they ask such questions, how to answer them?’ Think for a while that if they are little crazy, you can set them right. If they are absolutely crazy then you should leave them alone. You need not stress yourself for that. Why to become crazy like them? So be wise and say, ‘it’s ok, let’s see.’ and avoid. But it does not happen like that. A person feels that since he has got it, it must happen, whichever way it must be done. Then we cannot manage it. So first understand the simple alphabets and solve them. Pune has a lot of simple people. Lot of them. Most of them are simple. But the difficult ones speak more; the difficult ones want to be at the forefront. The difficult one would have his way. ‘We especially came here.’ So why did you come? Is this important to mention this? ‘Mataji we came specially.’ Actually they came for some other thing but drifted this way. They do come with a purpose, but to emphasize – ‘we took effort to come.’ It is not that you took special effort to come here. But still they maintain that they came specially. Hence I want to say that a person’s intellect is so superficial that there needs to be some way to pull him in. Now your attention is towards me. Say some one is arguing with you, he is speaking something. So how to make him silent? His attention which is roaming outside, how to bring it in? If you learn to explore this path then you could become an excellent Sahaja Yogi. If he starts speaking something, do not pay attention to it. Give him ‘Bandhan’ by hand or you can give it through your ‘chitta’ (awareness) and immediately focus on Kundalini. He is speaking on one side and you focus on Kundalini and it starts rising up – because we have Kundalini in our gaze itself. Once we focus on the chitta – you are astride the chitta, really you are astride the chitta – You just focus your attention on his Kundalini, don’t pay heed to what he says – as Kundalini starts rising you can see the chakras clearly. Where they are stuck, where it’s ok – this all comes through practice. Practise a little. Pay attention to everyone’s Kundalini   and try to raise. When you are aboard a bus, or train, wherever you see people first see where the Kundalini is.

Our London has a custom. To shake hands. It is terrible stuff. Means till they suck half a litre of your blood, they do not feel that they have shaken hands. This is how they ‘Shake’. Shake after drinking. But before drinking also they shake hands that is when I give them realization. When they shake hands, I give them awareness. Then they drink less. Slowly their drinking has reduced. And it is in my fate that I have to shake hands standing with 500 people. This happens every third or fourth day. Wherever 500 people go, goes my hand as well. Now this custom has emerged in a natural way. I will not be able to touch their Kundalini without shaking hands with them. For a moment, a person pauses too.  It’s over once the hand shake is done. So we should focus on his Kundalini and raise the Kundalini. Immediately we will get to know through practice where the Kundalini is stuck. Immediately invoke the deity there. There is a science to it. One must understand it. Our London has a good arrangement for these people. What is the mantra for each chakra, what are their permutations combinations, what is disconnected and what is where, all this is extracted and all of it is written on paper and preserved in a folder by them. One folder is with these people. Make a folder like that. That is in English, you get it done in Marathi. Learn all that and remember.

 And when we need to do the task, it happens secretly. If you think that the person seems alright, if he has catch on 2-3 chakras then these could be resolved. However, you should give him realization. Do not speak too much after giving realization. He himself will feel that ‘we will come to meet you. How is everything.., this and that’? Move it very slowly because normally people have inquisitive mind. If you suddenly approach them, they will shy away. If you want to take away something from someone, how smoothly we extract it. We need to extract it the same way – Because it is very subtle. If you try to tell them something special, they get apprehensive. So Sahaja Yogis should keep in mind that it is very subtle and delicate work. The human is spoiled so much that it has become very difficult to seek his permission before experimenting on him. But you can give him realization without his permission. He cannot, however, get his self realization. To connect him with the Divine, we need his consent. We cannot have that authority. Due to realization, he may get good health, may become spiritually oriented but there is a difference between becoming aware and getting self realization (Connecting with the Divine). Even if Kundalini gets awakened but till it crosses the threshold and gets completely settled it does not stabilize. So to get him to this stage you need his consent. But if you have given him realization then it does not take time to reach this stage. And after they reach this stage, they can be made to get self realization.

Still it must be understood that this is a very slow process. So you first consider such people who have faith in you and who respect you. – Because even otherwise this is the thing that one should give to this world, nothing else. What is the use if you call someone for meals at your place? I have seen such people who have done so much for this world – they felt that they have done this work or that work for the welfare of people; we have given so much money to the people. Have done so much good for them but people do not remember anything. If they again come in abject poverty to us, we will not entertain them at the doorstep.  This is the mindset of people.  Over here, so many people have made sacrifices for the country. You know how great Lal Bahadur Shastri was. Have you seen any monument in his name? Can you see it anywhere in his name?  And there is no controversy about this. People have written books about others; people informed that their characters were not good. But nobody can say such things about him (Shastriji). He has accomplished so much in such a little time but have you seen any monument in his name. Sometime ago, when I saw his portrait I was surprised that how come it was there. People may have doubt whether he was actually a prime minister or not.

 So such things happen. What could be the reason? It needs the association of the atma. As Awakening happens from inside, it becomes like a soul from within and that is why it is remembered. Gradually this may fade off. But still we keep it alive. Now we should focus on the ten people whom we want to give self realization. Note their names once you come home. Should confirm that these look good. They should be religious, should not be very difficult people. Means drunkards, even they can get it but today this is not the time. Such people, who are religious, balanced, are positive, who are spiritually oriented and who are on this path- should focus on such 8-10 people and take effort on them. You will be surprised that if you take 10 persons at least 8 will get connected to Divine. If each person facilitates self realization for even 10 persons, you can understand how many will get their self realization. Then you should continuously look after them and nurture them. What is their status, how are they, are they catching, why are they catching negativity- Once you become self realized , you understand negativity , not before that. Even if a person gets mad, he would not realize that he is affected by negativity. Even if he dies after getting mad, still he would not understand. But Sahaja Yogis immediately understands that his agnya is affected. Catching agnya means something has stuck to you.  You start suffering. Then immediately the hands start moving, to remove the agnya affliction. Because you start suffering automatically. The reason for this is that when you become superhuman – this is an important point, just note it down , it is important point as – when you became human, there are a lot of differences between you and the animal. The significant difference is that if you remove the animal from the filth, it will not feel any different, It can tolerate anything. But if you do such thing to a human, he will not want that. He needs slippers and if even if he is wearing slippers, he feels dirty. Would like to bathe. The human understands the concept of cleanliness. Similarly a human understands the cleanliness of atma. And after getting affected ‘I don’t want this catch, I need Sahaja Yoga. Remove this catch.’  And he suffers even if he gets affected slightly. And then the person removes it. That suffering is not so clearly evident, you get an indication only. Just like a barometer gives an indication. That this person has got a catch at this place. Once you remove it, he is relieved as well as yourself.  

See how funny it is. These people purchased kumkum (red powder) from the market. I did not know what kumkum this was. It started burning the moment I applied it on my forehead. I asked them to first remove it. It did not strike me as it was very crowded, I did not realize first when I was asked to touch it. Again I got distracted. Then I took the kumkum and vibrated it.  I told Mr. Rajwade that ‘get the Kumkum from your place, it is good. The one you got last year was good.’ Such minute things are noticed. So everything gets vibrated. Vibration means Omkar only. This is the Pranav (the total form) of Omkar. Pranav means pulsation, the total holiness. This holiness is love that communicates, we become aware of everything.   As we get connected to the computer and the computer tells, similarly this computer, created by the Almighty, tells us every minute detail. We must understand from it. 

In the third stage, some people become very religious. Now the gentleman from yesterday revers Lord Mahadeva. And he has a catch on heart. How is this possible? Heart is the location of Mahadeva and Mahadeva is upset with him. How can this happen? People ask “ Mataji, we so ardently worshipped Lord Mahadeva , then how did we suffer from a heart attack?”. People say this does not fit. It’s not wrong, but there was no connection. Now how can such a person, who has worshipped Mahadeva ask Mataji “Shri Mataji, are you the power of Lord Mahadeva?” So as a response, you will get vibrations on your hand. Because it is true. If you ask me a question, I would say yes, it is like that only. What to do? I am what I am. How can I relinquish what I am? If someone is some special being, does he feel proud about it? That person feels proud who does not have it. If someone has it, what is there to feel proud about? Now you have fingers, nose, you are humans – are you proud of it? My case is something similar. Means whatever I have is there. What can I do about it? Now Mr. Pradhan is our old trustee, but he got affected. I told him yesterday not to go on fast on Mahashivaratri day. While he did ask me, he went on fast.  One should not keep fast in front of me. I feel very sad. You trouble your mother when you fast. We should fast only on Narak Chaturdashi day. Means sleep for a long time, do not take bath. That’s the day when the door to hell opens. If on that day you get up at 4 o’clock and have eats, the demons barge in. Some things have been planned so erroneously, so erroneously that it is surprising. Now another case, regarding Ganapati. This person had issue with his prostrate and he used to fast on Ganesh Chaturthi day. He visited me on Chaturthi and he had prostrate trouble. I could not fathom why this person, a Ganapati personified, had prostrate issue. Because Ganapati controls prostrate etc.. See how Sahaja Yoga is? The day of Chaturthi, same day he did fast and came to me on the same day. The whole situation was in the fore. This is the sign of Sahaja Yoga. My Prasad is that of Chana (kind of pulse), I took some and said take this Prasad. He would not say anything. But the person standing next to him said, ‘Mataji, today he is on fast’.  I said, ‘What is the fast for?’ He said ‘It’s Chaturthi today.’ I said ‘Is that so? If a son is born in your house, will you fast on that day? What sort of propriety is this?’ To fast on the day of someone’s birth is a concept I could never fathom till date. If a child is born in your house, will you follow a period of abstention? That is why it has been mentioned that one should not keep fasts.  Because the principle of fasting becomes so faulty, it has gone so wrong; I don’t understand what to tell these people. I am not saying you should just keep on eating. The people who fast are obsessed with eating, I am troubled so much with this. They fast for namesake but their entire attention is on eating. Means ‘what is menu today’ is their first question in the morning even before they bow to Ganapati. The reason is that we are fasting today. They need to create great commotion in the house. To fast means there has to be some special menu. Bring this, must eat this. It should happen this way, must eat these things. Means, what is all this? If fasting is suggested by somebody, I don’t know if it was indeed prescribed – it was suggested only for the reason that you should be in the proximity of the Almighty. There should be no emphasis on eating. If you start emphasizing on eating then your proximity with the Almighty..Now we have to go for meals , have to go there, now this is our program, etc… these thoughts will come in your mind. So to fast on that day means ‘To be completely in the proximity of the Divine.’  Actually this fasting. ‘Upavas’(fasting) means having close companionship  of the Almighty’ . This is the real meaning as given in Sanskrit.  And it logically meant that one should fast. But there is another interesting word ‘Upasana ‘. To perform upasana (to worship) means ‘upas-na’ (fast-no) . So this fasting should be avoided to some extent. But the dialogue continues – Today it is Ekadashi, so what should be brought? Then it needs this thing, needs grated fried potato, want this, need khichadi (made of sago), need peanuts, need shingade (chestnut). Now Shingades have become costly today. Why, because it is Ekadashi. The element of human is so important, so great, so superior, made with such great effort and where is it going, where are you taking it? The attention is to be placed at the Almighty’s feet and you are placing it on the peanuts. Are you going to get connected with God by eating peanuts? I don’t understand how this is acceptable to the human intellect. This religious fanaticism has given such adverse results that it has given rise to another outcome. Your kids will term you as mental cases. In the second generation you will see kid saying ‘our parents are completely off their rockers (mad). The Brahmins have fleeced them and the fasts have killed them. They did this.’  Nobody will have faith in God.  If you escape this then you may become an unbeliever. 

God is there. Not only that, his all encompassing power is doing all the work. No doubt about it. One must understand it, one must become aware of it, like I said yesterday, and we enhance our contemplation with the help of Sahaja Yoga. Now what he says is right. We have quite a few such people who did not know the ABC of giving a speech. Just timid people. If they do speak, actually Goddess Saraswati flows through them. There was an eight year old girl. She started speaking so well. In London there is a boy aged 8-10 years. He delivers such a beautiful discourse on Sahaja Yoga, people get surprised. How can one know so much? 

I can tell about my granddaughter. She must be around 5 years that time. They had gone to Ladakh. There was a Lama person sitting there. He was decked in his grand attire and my granddaughters were speaking in Hindi. So everyone paid respects by bowing at his feet. The moment her parents bowed down, she did not appreciate it as they themselves were accomplished Sahaja Yogis. So she stood in front of him and said, “Wearing this long gown and shaving your head does not let you become a realized soul, so why do you accept obeisance from others when you are not connected to God.” She said frankly, just like Kabir. Kabir has thrashed such matters so badly. One must read Kabir to get strength. He says that if by shaving your head you meet the Divine, then the goat and sheep get shaved every day, these must be close to God. He has thus reprimanded all such people, the people who wear long gowns and call themselves Sanyasis (hermits, saints). Another granddaughter of mine, she is slightly elder to this girl.  Once I was invited as a chief guest to a program of Raman Maharshi. There were quite a few well known Sanyasis sitting there. There was this gentleman sitting next to me. He is considered to be a very accomplished person. My granddaughter saw this and could not tolerate. She stood up and said,” Granny, the person who is wearing a maxi and sitting next to you, drive him away as I am getting lot of heat.” And she straightway got up and said this. And there were lot of Sahaja Yogis sitting there. They started laughing as they were also feeling the heat. The person looked around to see who is wearing a maxi. He did not realize that he was the object. So such power emanates from within that a person starts speaking only the truth, does not feel afraid. As he is standing on truth. 

Now look at the life of Christ. How pure it is! But a prostitute, people are throwing stones at her. What is His relation to the prostitute, He was Divinity personified. But when people started throwing stones at a woman, considering her as an evil person, a prostitute, he said that who so ever has not committed any sin should cast the stone and that too at me. And everybody stopped where they were. ‘If you think that you have not committed any sin, you hurt her.’ Later on she became his great disciple. She was Mary Magdalene, His great devotee. But these people have started emulating her. I do not understand the human brain.  The English brain is a notch superior.  I asked them why people behave in such a stupid manner. They responded, Mary Magdalene was a prostitute and she got liberated hence we all became prostitutes.” They tell me like this, what should I say? “If she would not have become a prostitute, she would not have been liberated. Hence we are also following the same path.” Now what should be the  response to this? That we are standing behind a donkey. We know it is a donkey. There are a lot of such idiotic things over there. Even after being so educated and considering themselves as advanced people, I discern only such donkeys. 

Now I have no hesitation to tell you that an eighty year old person writes a love letter to an eighteen year old girl. There may be one such idiot writing this, but it is flashed on the front page of the news paper. Columns after column. My husband used to say, read this “geeta” after waking up in the morning. And the people diligently read this seriously. Means all of them must be stupid people. I don’t understand how they read such stuff? And this is very common out there. An eighty year old woman writes a love letter to a eighteen year old boy. Have you heard such thing anywhere? Means what is this matter? We have seen donkeys but even a donkey would feel ashamed. Why to say donkey. Donkey is quite a good animal. Sometimes I feel, that Christ rode over a donkey, don’t know if these people were those donkeys? Such filthy matters. 

These people who have come here are not as difficult as we see there. Eighty years old people, 

who do not have a common sense, no concept of elderliness, what we call as maturity is also not there, means what is this? What sort of advancement is this?

Some of the questions that I mentioned are related to science.  Because people over here have started thinking that “we have become scientific etc…”. People who have become very scientific have also come here along with us. It is my wish that, of those, we should converse with a few of them and they should speak with us. You meet them, talk with them – means  if you have any questions just ask me , I will answer them, then you talk to them. This way you will get an idea as to where that thing called science has reached. So now you could ask me questions. You could ask me any questions. Ask those questions related to the obstacles you face in Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yogis should pose questions. So that I can understand, what you problems are? What are your obstacles? Or if the question is how to explain people, you could ask me.   Regarding Kundalini or about anything. Now this person has asked about”Jalandhar Yoga etc…” Listen to that. There is some confusion in this; you will be surprised if I tell you. The Jalandhar Bandha is part of the chakra and it means a knot. This knot completely opens up and then it secures Kundalini tightly – this is the meaning. This deals with Nabhi Chakra. When Kundalini starts rising – imagine when anything starts climbing up, it is a difficult task, isn’t it? Going downwards is easy, going up is difficult – To raise the Kundalini for an impact- whatever ardent desire ,  whatever is the knot that is formed by the chakras- the chakra tightens itself – so that the Kundalini that has risen up should not slip down – Jalandhar Yoga is for this purpose.

‘Khecheri’ is also a similar concept. Having arrived at the Vishuddhi chakra, when the Kundalini starts rising further, that time Vishuddhi Chakra holds her and sustains her so that she should not slip down. That’s fine. It happens. That time the tongue will get pulled inside for sure. As the complete awareness has gone inwards, it forms a knot. You don’t realize this. As it is very ‘sukshma’ (subtle, minute), you do not realize what all has happened inside. Only your awareness rushes towards Kundalini. – Because you attention gets pulled inside. This is a very subtle event. Your awareness also becomes subtle. So these events happen inside us that time.

Suppose this electricity starts from here and then how does it roam inside and become a loud speaker. It is similar to this. Means this is a subtle event happening inside. This all happens inside us. What is written here has a meaning. This is penned by Shri Dnyaneshwar (a great saint). But what people infer, that if we sit like this, it creates Jalandhar Bandha, is incorrect. You cannot do it. It just happens. See the vast difference here. It is natural, happens inside. Now if I hold the hand like this, will it become a microphone? If you say ‘I became the governor’, will you become one? Does it happen like this? Will anyone believe it? At the most they will put you in an asylum. A person yells ‘I am the governor’ or even ride   car while doing this – People will say ‘put all of them in the asylum.’ The authorities that are tied to these things which  are subtle and these authorities are subtle and they exercise these  themselves. This cannot be done by you.     

That is why it is called Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is the very best. It is the most superior and hence it is a ‘Maha Yoga’ ( ‘ Great Yoga’).  Sahaja Yoga means everything. Nothing happens that is difficult. If you banish the thought that you are doing something then it makes sense. You only put on the switch. Rest all happens by itself.  It is inbuilt in the electricity that it has to flow this way. Once it is connected, there has to be light. If it goes through such circle, it has to become a mike. If it goes through that circle, it has to become a fan. This is the principle of electricity. Similarly Kundalini and the contraption of the Sushumna Nadi and whatever else is situated in you, has its own associated principle. And when Shri Dnyaneshwar explained how this principle functions “that we can do.” If you say that we can light a lamp by touching here, then the lights will certainly get on. They should try this and if once the light gets on then they can write in a book what how painful the quest of Kundalini is. Means people will feel how cool it is. If these people have suffered so much, how much it should be for us.   

Now this gentleman, he has written that,” my Kundalini is awakened”. Means a self certification. “and because of that  I felt as if a scorpion has bit me. I suffered a lot. I had blisters on my body. Felt very hot from inside, my head started spinning. My condition deteriorated. Then I asked people. They said your Kundalini is awakened.”  Must have visited some guru. Must have tried some silly things and due to unauthorized gesture he got the whiplash from Shri Ganesha.  He felt it on the sympathetic. So people like such books very much. Means a person is troubling oneself with all his might. If you have suffered so much why do you pursue it?  Yesterday I told you that Kundalini is your Mother and how lovingly a mother looks after her kids. Just think why will she trouble you? Just think about it. So a person who has read such material would think that he is not awakened. –  Because according to that he should jump like frog or he should at least be bitten by a scorpion or he should feel the smell of bedbugs – these are some matters given in the material. But one thing is true. When the Kundalini awakens, then we have some other experiences as well. But these experiences should not be taken seriously. – Because if the Kundalini gets pushed more to the right side, you will see light. Don’t consider this as special. If you are right at the centre, you will not see anything. It is followed by fragrance. Because earth is your mother, her essence is fragrance. The earth is made up of fragrance. And as she is the mother, whenever you remember me, you will experience fragrance. Fragrance is the expression of my body. People experience different types of fragrances. Some say “Shri Mataji yesterday we experienced the copious fragrance of Guggul ( deva-dhoop) in the room”. Actually this person is moving around like a God man. He cannot tolerate any fragrance. God loves fragrance. What sort of God man is this? He is dirt loving. How can he be the incarnation of God? So if a person experiences fragrance, a person should go beyond the fragrance itself. A person may get carried away by this. May see light as well. Everything is there. But when you start seeing light, there is no doubt that the agnya chakra has been opened. You will also see black spots in that light. Those are catches. They may be in you, someone else, or in the atmosphere. How to remove them etc etc. the observation of the light –   first get the Kundalini stabilized – what I mean to say is first reach Delhi and after reaching know what Delhi is- . So you understand it later, the types of lights, what happens due to this flame, all minute details – till you see the vibrations, see their circles, their movement- these you should see afterwards. If you see a little of this in the beginning and if you get engrossed in that, then you have lost it. Means this mind is like a horse, you should get astride it. If the horse knows that you wish to eat the grass on the way, then it takes you to the grass. But if he understands that you wish to reach your goal, then it will be fully in your control. But it should know that this person is a horse rider. But if the horse comes to know that you cannot ride a horse then it starts bothering you. You must be able to sit on that horse so that he becomes your friend, your carrier. So imagining your Chitta to be a horse, you should continuously tell it tersely that he needs to take you to your final goal, will not accept you taking me anywhere else. Then he will take you to the ultimate pride of place that is moksha.