Seminar in Dole

Rahuri (India)

1979-01-19 Seminar in Dole, 74' Add subtitles:
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 Raho Ba a Yoginis who stay here that land is worshipped here. Himasaheb from Rahuri who also came from a rural village and use to give a lecture in front of me. Along with him, many Sahaj Yogis have come with him from Rahuri and each one of them is diamonds. They are so knowledgeable; you will know if you can discuss it with them for some time. Sahaj means Saha means with us and Ja means born with. Sahaja is very big Yoga. It is born with us. Shri Mataji tells one of the Seeker that Kundalini awakening has to happen and immediately says to the seeker to remove all the threads from your neck, please remove all the chains from the neck because Kundalini stops there. Like the Kundalini establishment is there within us and it has been told since ancient times and importantly it has been told by many of them like Adhi Shankaracharya and Markandaya Swamy and they have explained in detail. After that Kabir and Guru Nanak also explained and written in detail. Kundalini is our mother and she is pure. Wred Fright an author who is a dirty person and he has maintained a dirty relationship with his mother and has made a dirty situation. That is why in the western world it has harmed them you have to go and see there. This devil has destroyed them and Hitler killed people, but this fellow has cooked the kundalini of all people. Kundalini is a mother and is your pure Mother. The purity of the mother needs not to be told to people of India. Those who do not understand the purity of the mother cannot be awakened. It is not possible. I have also seen many people of Indian origin who have forgotten their purity. They have forgotten about the purity and importance of purity. They will lead us to destruction. 

This Power is inside us and it is situated here and it has been told by many of them. Many gurus who have come in the recent past, they don’t have any history and whatever they tell is in air. They are telling things on their own to earn money. There needs to be history to it. Every incidence has a history and if you see the evolution right from Amoeba to becoming a human being, we had to come step by step. That is how the whole history has evolved spiritually. Even this incident will lead you to a particular path. It is a live-action and for example, you will get roots, stem, water, flowers will grow and then fruits will form and this is how to step by step it will happen. This is what we have read about it is Spirituality. Tukaram or Gyaneshwar and many other big spiritual gurus who have come before them and many of today’s gurus have given up and they started new things on their own and they have made this a way for making money from people. Whatever wrong things they do, we think that he has done some miracle, but we will not understand as these are fixed in our minds by Hypnosis and we start believing them. Going forward, the situation of these people become bad as they become mad or like devilish and it will happen, because what is truth and what is correct or what is prevalent, we may not get without discipline. Why did God make us Human beings from Amoeba, how he made, what invention he made in us? The way we behave, what soft power works behind how we operate and many things have written in our holy scriptures. Even it is described in the Bible and described in the Quran and that is how it is written in holy scriptures. In every scripture it is written that you have to recognize your spirit, you have to reborn again. You need to take rebirth again. As long as you don’t take rebirth there is no meaning to your life. Gent a great scholar who has said that as long as you don’t get the door to your Soul, irrespective of whatever religion you follow and if you worship a devil you will not understand anything. Because of Soul, you will see light and your eyes will open. Like if there is no light and whatever you see in darkness and you may not see anything and whatever you get one may think it is true and you tend to follow. The Eyes of our Soul unless they open, we cannot know anything about the Spirit. What we need to do and what solution one has is the opinion of the people. One question I have is you have become a human being from Amoeba, what did you do? Otherwise, we have to ask the fruit of a tree that how you become a fruit. All life actions will happen on its own. We cannot do any life actions unless we are associated with our soul. Everything is dead action, like if you make bricks which are dead and you make a home from it or if a tree falls and you cut the tree and make a table out of it. All that is dead action and it is not live-action. You cannot do live action without the light of your spirit. Now I will tell you about the Kundalini and I will describe one or two situations of it. You can see with your eyes the pulsating of Kundalini that is our identity. Markandaya has given the introduction of it, that you can see the pulsation of kundalini on him. Many of them have seen the pulsation of kundalini and thousands of people have experienced and seen the pulsation of Kundalini. This pulsates inside the Prism of the human being. This happens in many people in London as well. This pulsation you can also feel when the Kundalini is rising. The people who don’t have any hindrances within and those who are pure very simple and straight in such people when the Kundalini rises, they become thoughtless and they won’t know and the divine vibrations start flowing on their palms. That is why most of the work I do in the villages. I don’t work in cities because many of them are impostor here and people here like an impostor and they need some type of circus. They don’t want the truth. They only want some circus company to be opened I feel. People in the villages are straight and simple and they are informed about God and we call it Spiritual Sensitivity or Spiritual patience. During the time of Rama, when they went on exile to the forest, while on the way all the poor people and each one of them and even while wandering in the forest they all knew that he was Shri Ram. Now we tell that we have Eight Ganesh or Ashtavinayak here and there is the importance of Ashtavinayak and Ashtavinayak mean who? Ashtavinayak is the vibrations that have evolved from the earth. Vinayak is a symbol and it is the biggest symbol that we need to understand. It is a symbol of Purity. When God created this world, that’s when he created Ganesh, first, he created Purity. But, if you talk about the False Guru, it is in reverse order, they destroy the purity and they pollute the place. For example, if there is a photo of Devi or Goddess then they do wrong conduct in front of her and it is black magic. Devi moves her mind from that place because of dirt. Devi or Goddess will move her mind from that place of dirt because she likes fragrance or she like flowers and she like all the beauty of the world. She doesn’t like dirt and prostitution etc she doesn’t like at all and the moment Devi moves are mind from that place and these devils will establish their kingdom there. Once they establish their kingdom, they start working on negative things and start hypnotizing, start taking money from others and enjoying on other money. That’s how the environment is out there. In this context, the Gurus start embezzling money from people. That doesn’t mean that there is no Good Gurus. There are many True Gurus in the world as well. But they are sitting deep inside the Jungles. Even If I want to meet them, they say that mother, you please work for 10 to 12 years more and we will come to a join then.

Today the world belongs to impostors or devils. These devils have come and people are impressed with these devils and they don’t want to know the truth, they are after their devastation and they don’t see their destruction and that is why we don’t want to come in this world, as they may crucify us or may poison us. But still, the way the situation of our Sahaj Yoga and I feel happy about in Maharashtra many have taken realization and have crossed over within one second. In one second the Kundalini has risen and has broken open our Fontenelle area called (Brahma Randra). We need to know whether it is there or not within us, we have two doctors and many other doctors are our disciples in London and we have done a lot of work there. I have also given a lecture on Medicine science and I have done medicine myself because I wanted to become a doctor. Moreover, I have treated a Cancer patient who is also the wife of a Doctor. He is a very big Doctor out there and he has called for a conference and he wanted to bring all this forward in this meeting. The power we have within us and how it is connected to God and the same things I wanted to tell you. One historic connection is that I want to tell you is till today whatever incarnations happened one after the other, it is the time that we have to take the fruits of these incarnations which have happened. These days something or other has started that whichever incarnation has come, they have made some disciplines and have turned the keys of our head and made a mockery of people and insult all. Even we think it is a discipline and it is considered a big sin and to make a mockery of the incarnation and make them a victim is dangerous work and we should not do. First of all, we should understand that where we are and what is our role and what we have achieved and if this man or Guru if speaks such things then we have to know that what this man has achieved and what is his situation, there may be a person who might have been sneezing whole day or he may not be well and he may not have cured even a single disease till today, but behind such people, our youth is following. Surprisingly, it happens in our country. But leave abroad, abroad people are very dirty and they have become masters of themselves and to teach them and they know everything. But the way they have fallen in the garbage, they are trying to get up from there. Many have understood that people have put us in a deep grave and all our administration has broken and our sons have become waste and we have become waste. These good people have completely marooned. People like Wred Fright know everything but still, the same Fright is sitting on our head. Our heritage is so old that we have to educate ourselves about this heritage. We need to know that we have very excellent writers and they have written with authority and we need to know that, instead of going and learning from these Fraudsters.

First of all, we need to understand whatever work of God or lecture of God or to know about God or to awaken the Kundalini we don’t have to pay money and those who take money are worthless people. Kundalini Awakening will happen automatically. By paying money can you remove a grape from the seed. Those people who survive on other money they are dirty and although they might have made money by cheating others, we should not trust them. It has also become a custom in our cities that is why I am telling people of Dhule until you know everything you need to keep your brain alert. This belongs to God and it has to be obtained and you should get it. It will happen on its own and if anyone asks for money you have to tell that this is the work of God and you cannot buy God and you cannot even pay for it. What surprises me is we can sell anything in the name of God. We cannot sell anything but, in his name, we can sell everything. It is very surprising and we need to understand that we have come to City and in Cities, I tell people that you have money with you and you have deep pockets as a saying goes where there is Jaggery you will find flies around. You all have money they know and these are devils that have stuck to the body of rich. Unless they take money out of you, they will not be satisfied. You have to be careful and need to know that for God’s work, you don’t have to pay money. They will swindle your money and then you come running to Shri Mataji stating that they have looted us. What is truth should happen on its own? Now you are human beings and this awareness will come on its own. You don’t have to jump around or arrest it or have to do anything and will happen on its own. It is God’s favor to you. In case of a water droplet moves away from the ocean it cannot come back to the Ocean again. The Ocean has to come back to the Drop. It is a question to God as well. As he has made this creation, which he has made beautiful and how he made this world. He has to get some meaning out of this creation. The way he has made the Human Beings with so much effort and within the human beings there are thousands of nerves interconnected and thousands of senses built in it and being in this situation like holocaust and god has to be alert in daily routine work, operation and has to give a meaning to this Human being which he created. If you think that if we have created this machine, then we need to plug the connection to the main. If we don’t connect to the main, it is of no use. As long as you are not connected there is no meaning for your existent. As it is not possible for many of those, it may not be possible for you as well. The only meaning is we have to do something or only we can do something. It is very easy. If any lamp is lighted and if another lamp is ready it can also get lighted very easily. God has made your light properly and that is why we need to see inside and we need to understand. The energy is inside the tripod which is your mother and she is a mother of everyone and this has been fitted by God. Let us think this is the place and inside where God has fitted the Kundalini in three & half coils and is sitting there from lives afterlives. Everyone will tell this and many of them give a lecture without understanding it. They don’t know anything but still give a lecture. She is your mother; she is the mother of everyone and below this, the chakra you see is called Mooladhara Chakra, that’s where Shri Ganesh is sitting. Why it is below because it has to safeguard the kundalini. It has to protect the respect of the mother. It is Gouri and she has made Ganesh sit outside. Gouri is your mother. She is waiting for that day some authority who will come and she can give your rebirth. She has come along with life afterlife. She is there alone. Below Ganesh is sitting there and how much ever I tell about the Ganesh Element; it is very less. This is a Child Element, a small innocent child. This element has been fitted inside you. The main thing is the action of some people is to destroy the innocence in you, they want to eliminate the Ganesh element in you so that your Kundalini will not read anything. This means the energy which Ganesh has is the energy of Sex which gets fulfilled in us. He is a kid and he doesn’t understand as he is innocent. That is why he is sitting there as we know in Sahaj Yoga and he is sitting like an innocent child if not your kundalini will not rise. It happens, when the kundalini rises, it can stop as well. When the Kundalini rises Ganesh tells you that we can witness the cool breeze of Holy ghost on your palms and Kundalini can move ahead and you have to get up and when this incident happens. We pray Ganesh but we don’t know about Ganesh. If I have to tell everything about Ganesh it is difficult. But there is a close relation between Ganesh & Carbon and this element is in every human and this element is getting destroyed in everyone. Once this element is destroyed you can easily be destroyed and they are after destroying it. Once your purity is destroyed you can be destroyed easily. This is the method. This Ganesh is sitting down there. Once the vibration comes in him, he is awakened he will give a signal to the Kundalini to rise. You need to know that Kundalini cannot pierce all the 7 Chakras. It can only pierce the 6 Chakras above and cannot pierce the bottom chakra and these chakras will be as it is. Many of them are destroying your purity by trying to activate the kundalini from this route and destroying your personality. They are dirty people and will do by taking money from you. Please don’t befool yourself. Please think, what you have got. God has fitted this Element at that location in you with a great difficulty you need to understand. We need to get awakened. Maharashtra is Maha Rashtra (a Great Nation). All these people will not sustain here because this is the place of Ashta Vinayak (Eight Ganesh). It is the kingdom of Ganesh and you will find a lot of vibration here and that is why the whole place is pure. Many of them say we are doing prayer or idol worship. How to tell this person that these idols have come out of the Earth and have vibrations. These people do not have any vibrations in their hands and those people on who’s hands vibrations don’t flow, there is no point in talking with them. That is why I tell as long as we don’t witness our soul, whatever action we do in establishing the religion is of no use. Like if we don’t connect a Telephone and trying to talk is of no use. Once Kundalini is awakened you will cross over after that you will witness vibrations slowly on your hands. 

How this is established inside us I will tell you. In this picture, you will see three Nadis. One on the left one on the right and one is center. These Nadis are called autonomous nervous system which is Self-Running and nourish them. These three Subtle Nadis are inside our Spine. These three nadis are three energies of God that operate within us. The channel in the left called Ida Nadi and that is why our existence is there. It is Shiva’s element. If this channel was not present, our existence would not have been. Our desires & feelings are awakened because of this Nadi and are responsible for actions. We also say Ida Nadi or Chandra Nadi. We have heard Ha & tha in Hatha Yoga. Ida Nadi is nothing but the name as Tha in Hatha Yoga. This energy belongs to God and is called Mahankali Shakti and in Sanskrit, it is called Mahankali Shakti and cannot be translated in English so what can we do. The knowledge of English people cannot be taught here as they can know about politics but have not earned any knowledge of religion. There are so many things consequently on our head although, we have got our independence we have not known our existence. In India whatever big inventions that we have done we have given them up, if you see, we don’t even remember or ask Gandhi Ji. This is a big mistake we do because when the whole of the science discovered everything and they have reached very well, but there it is said that the incident of Kundalini awakening should happen and many of them have reached that point because this incident is a trigger point. This cannot happen due to your intelligence nor it will happen by any action and it will happen by some triggers. Adi Shankaracharya the great guru has said that it will not happen by Yoga nor Sankya (Another Sect of philosophy) how it will happen. It will not happen by argument nor by dancing. It will happen by the grace of the mother as told by him. Vivek chudamani a big holy book written by Adhi Shankaracharya and he has written another holy book called Soundarya Lahiri and he has described the mother and the Lahiri which we call as Vibrations. People asked him why did he start all this. He said this is literacy and all other thing is illiteracy. This subject is very true because this is all-pervading and it is God’s element and can be implemented. Even a small leaf cannot move without God’s permission and without knowing that element you cannot do anything. Our situation is similar to the one in the villages. These villagers were sitting in the Aeroplane and they were asked to carry less baggage. These villagers instead of carrying lesser baggage, they were carrying more baggage and were putting on their head assuming that the weight will not increase in the aircraft that is how our situation is. As long as this incident does not happen in you and it will happen, I will not tell nor I have not taken the responsibility for it to happen in you. If it happens then it is your estate and your righteousness and God has given this special blessing to you and you take it and we are sitting in the middle. If it doesn’t happen then it is not our mistake, it is your mistake or you may have some mental problems or maybe you have some problems with your body or it could be physical or the mistake could be religious and that is why the kundalini is not rising.

One importance of kundalini rising is when it rises and moves from all the Chakras, you can see on the left side a small channel which is called Ida Nadi and in the same way, there is another opening from the right side called Pingala Nadi from where it will move up in the channel and awaken you. If you see these channels are crisscrossing each other and when the kundalini pierces the chakras in the centre and rises, it will benefit both left and right channels. These are the two Nadis through which we do both Physical and bodily activities. All our planning and future courses and all those thoughts we do with the Right channel. These two Nadis inside the subtle system called Ida & Pingala and outside that this element is called the Left & Right Sympathetic Nervous System. These six chakras which are above 1 to 6, these chakras I say with an attestation that you have a history. These chakras have been established within you during your various evolution it is like milestones and on each of these chakras, there are deities that you are expected to know. Once you know them and you can awaken them, it means you know God. If you are unable to know it then everything that your knowledge is nothing but illiteracy. As you know we can Treat a disease like Cancer and there is no doubt about it and we have done this in London as well. But this is not our Business. There was a gentleman by name Jaising Rao he uses to say that Shri Mataji we have taken realization 5 years back and we have crossed over and earlier my father was on a bed and all of them use to be ill, the day we have crossed over since then it is 5 years no Doctor has visited us or else every week we had to pay a fee and it was on our head. When the kundalini rises, it will nourish the right channel and it will benefit our body and in the same way, the conditioning that exists on our left channel will also vanish. Whatever Fright has said that whatever the conditioning has to be removed and it is an important activity. If a person removes the conditioning completely then he will get an ego. Now we see there are two Nadis the one on the left side which is called Ida Nadi, this is the one Fright has understood. Although he does not know completely, he knows a little bit like a blind man. This Ida Nadi where Conditioning is on mental plane belongs to past instances. Like whatever I am talking right now is recorded here and it will go into that area. We also have a future and present as well he could not understand this area and as he was blind and being a dirty person. A dirty person always sees dirt alone and that is why he has come out of a weird new theory. He was like a one-act play or playlet and because of his playlet attitude he said that you should only remove the conditioning part and he made the rule. Even if a person is not a gentleman then how much ego will form, we can see that it rises from the left side and an institution called Super Ego develops and the action that we do from the right side will form an institution called Ego. This is nothing much Psychology and everyone acknowledges Fright alone and they think he is God. After he Jung came, he has done a lot of work, but no one acknowledges him. Because people are dirty and they only want dirt. The superego develops in us how I will tell you. If a small child is drinking milk near her mother and he is very happy. If at that moment if the mother shifts him from to another person then the child will get angry and his ego will awaken, and why she has done and then mother tells him to shut up and it becomes conditioning and the superego will develop. Both need to be present, both Ego and Super Ego has to go exist and have to be in balance in human being.

When Kundalini rises through by making a space in between the Ego & Super Ego, it pushes it down and Kundalini will pierce through the Fontenelle area and you can witness it. You can see it clearly on top of your head the portion of the Fontenelle area goes in. These six chakras which have a different name, I don’t have time to tell everything, but what I wish to tell you is when kundalini pierces the Fontenelle area then you will witness collective consciousness which is called actualization and you don’t have to tell the incident but where your kundalini is at present, these people can tell who is realized. The fingers that we have on it we have all the sympathetic chakras (Wheel). Which wheel or Chakra is catching both on right and left hand you can make out easily? Before that, we cannot identify. Only after getting the knowledge of the Soul you can tell what is missing within us and once collective consciousness is awakened, there will be awakening and there won’t be any lecture or speech or any book will happen.

This incident you will witness and you are there and you are an ancient human being and you will understand the collective consciousness and even a small child will be able to tell you which chakras are catching. My granddaughter is two & half years old and a girl has come from England and her name is Patricia and she has gone back and when she visited us, she asked her Anupama which of my chakras are catching. She told that left Nabi (Manipura) and Left Vishuddhi. You will know on your fingers and it is subjective knowledge and you have become the subject and you are the doer. For example, if a person walks from the dirt for him that is the dirt but at the same time if an animal goes from the same place, the animal will not have any problem with the dirt but man will have a problem. These days few people will also have a problem with Scent, it means how dirty they are. Those people who will have problems with dirt are humans and they may go further and get awakened and if they are facing the problem of the dirt of moral that is why I tell that people have given up their bad habits on their own. We have not said to boycott alcohol but when we made them drink the nectar of the soul and they quit everything. We will take all these because we get bore. The person will rejoice in the happiness of the soul that and he becomes so much satisfied and gets happiness. This is the way his whole mannerism will become beautiful and attractive and after that they become dynamic. Whatever they have told is correct, that the children who never use to study started coming first in the class and it is very true. When such incidents happen, the human will not go near any addiction because his consciousness will never go to such places. His consciousness is so highlighted that he will never go to such dirty places and he withdraws from his addictions. From inside you will know that this chakra is caught and Kundalini where it is going and how it is rising. All this science is done from the past and not done today. Kabir has also said the same but they have made a coconut out of him. What amazes me is how they make a coconut of everyone and how you all agree with it. Kabir has written, Nanak has written, Tukaram brother has written and Gyaneshwar has also written very clearly.

The foremost important thing is we respect, which is a very big thing and our country means a very big thing to us. Those people may be having money but they don’t have the element of Laxmi. They are dirty people. If you need to know them you need to visit their country and know it. My husband feels amazed with the people out in India that people are very loving. If you happen to visit any of the foreigners out there, they will not even give you a cup of tea he may be a rich lord of that place. They will count every penny. So much dirt is there in that country that we feel that they are happy. Sweden which is a very prosperous country and where there is a lot of money and in that place, you will find suicide rate very high. The suicide rate is the highest in the world. Out of ten people, nine of them will think about suicide. What do we need to see the happiness and prosperity of this kind? In London, the statistics are that at least 2 kids are killed every week by parents. Out of every three families, at least 1 family kills their parents as per the statistics. They are so shameless that they tell everyone. I don’t know how shameless they can be and their shamelessness is their important element. In such a place as well, we have established Sahaj Yoga and there are 300 Diamonds out there and they are so knowledgeable that they will explain to you very well and there are a lot of my disciples from here who are out there and they have also done a lot of important work there. They are so deep in Sahaj and they have a lot of knowledge. I have never seen so many Foreigners who have worked hard and who have got deep into it and studied and got all the information about it. They have done complete studies on it and have given their lives to it and done this work. They don’t shout like mad and keep roaming. If someone is spinning a wheel they don’t run after them. They have put their brain and have understood which chakra is this and every word they understand and how the Kundalini rises on each chakra and how the kundalini rises and has helped in recovering more than thousand people themselves. I am not helping recovering people. This energy is flowing from inside. People who are living in villages have done so many magical things. We don’t do publicity about it. It will happen. Many of them sell a lot of things about Kundalini. In Kundalini a person has to become collectively conscious. He has to know where is the Kundalini of another person. He has to get into the collective consciousness. Many people come to me and say Mother our Kundalini has risen and I started telling him to sit and they start jumping like a horse or jump like a frog and when I ask them, they say that as they are awakened, they jump around. I said that do you want to become like a perfect human or become a horse or become a frog. You shout like cattle and is this as a human being. I talk about God and what type of things you present before me. Then they say that their Guru has taught them and they have given a small thread to tie. I told them whether your kundalini has risen and they say yes. I said to them to tell where are the kundalini of another person and they say that they don’t know and how it is possible. I asked them how your kundalini has risen. I asked them to tell them what disease they have and they tell they don’t know. I asked them to tell about the problems on their chakra and they say that we don’t know and they tell our Guruji told about the Chakras but never told how to identify the problems. How much Sin people have done to earn money?