Seminar in Dole

Rahuri (India)


1979-0227 Seminar Dhule , Maharashtra 

This is a virtuous land.  The land where yoginis like Raul Ba reside is very venerable to me. Similarly Mr. Dhumal from Rahuri who was giving lecture before us, he has also created a revolution in the villages. There are quite a few Sahaja Yogis who have come along with him from Rahuri. And each one of them is a beautiful Sahaja yogi, chiseled like a diamond.  To understand how knowledgeable they are and how deep their knowledge of the Divine principle is, one must have discussion with them.  Sahaja Yoga means Sahaja, ‘Saha’  means with us and ‘Ja’ means born with. Sahaja Yoga is Maha Yoga (great Yoga). It is born with us. 

Just position your hands like this. If you wish to activate Kundalini, then keep your hands like this. Simple. Remove your caps. Also remove black threads if you are wearing them. If you are wearing religious beads in the neck, better to remove them because it obstructs, Kundalini stop there. From time immemorial, people have said that Kundalini   is an institution within us. This has been especially elaborated by Adi Shankaracharya and Markandeya Swami. After that Kabir and Guru Nanak have  also explained and written in detail. Kundalini is our mother and mother is a very holy establishment. Now a dirty person like Freud who had illicit relationship with his mother has created a dirty situation.   That is why in the western world, the extent of damage they have suffered  , you should see  and you would be surprised that this demon –  Hitler only beheaded people – but this person has adversely  affected everyone’s Kundalini. Kundalini is a mother and she is pure Mother. The purity of the mother need not be explained to an Indian. Those who do not understand the purity of mother cannot achieve Sahaja Yoga. It is just not possible. I have also seen many people, who in spite being Indians, have forgotten holiness, forgotten the importance of holiness. They have taken such a path that will straightaway lead them to destruction. This Power is situated in us, resides in us and many people have informed us about its existence. There are many gurus today who do not have any history and whatever they say has no basis. They have evolved their own spurious method to earn money. There needs to be some history to it. Every incident is historical. If you see the evolution right from Amoeba to becoming a human being, he had to come up step by step. Similarly the entire history of the spiritual life , that is also an event that leads you to a path. If  it is a live process then just like  a seed develops into roots, trunk, leaves, flowers and then it bears fruits –  all this takes place step by step. Similarly whatever we have read today of spirituality, may be by Saint Tukaram or Dnyaneshwar or great saints in our country before them – many spurious gurus have sidelined these saints and have professed themselves to be self righteous and have evolved different ways of making money. In this process even if they perform wrong deeds still they feel that these are appropriate. Somehow they perform some tricks with the help of hypnosis, these things get fixed in people’s minds and people start believing them. Going forward, the state of these people becomes mentally imbalanced and that is bound to happen because whatever is true, that which exists – there has to be means to achieve it.  Why did God make us Human beings from Amoeba? How did he do this? What design he created in us, whatever daily transactions we do, what is the ‘sukshma’ (subtle) power that drives these – regarding this, not only in our scriptures but in other scriptures as well a lot of study has been done. It is mentioned even in the Bible and in the Quran as well. Similarly it is mentioned in all our holy scriptures in great detail. And in every religion, it is mentioned that you should recognize your atma (spirit).  You need to take birth again. You should be reborn. Until as you take rebirth there is no meaning to other things.

There was a big scientist called DENT. He has stipulated that until you get the atma(soul) and its entrance, till then even if you do any religious work you will not come to know if you are worshipping a demon. Because it is due to the atma that a person becomes a whole and his eyes open. Means that if there was no light here so whatever you were seeing was in darkness. And in the darkness you were not seeing anything. So you believed that  whatever you got is the truth. Atma is the eyes of spirituality. Without opening them you cannot know anything about atma or Paramatma (soul or Supreme spirit). What should one do while doing this? What should we improvise while doing this – is what people say. I have a simple question. You became a human being from an amoeba, what did you do about it? Or ask a fruit that it became a fruit from a seed, what did you do? Any live process happens automatically. A human being cannot perform any live operation until he gets connected to atma (soul). This is all dead work. If there are bricks, these are dead if you build a house, if a tree falls down and if you make a bench from it, it is all dead work. It is not live work. Human being can perform a live work only when the light of atma (soul) appears in him.  

  Now I will tell you about Kundalini and I will describe one or two experiences about it. You can see with your eyes the pulsation of Kundalini. That is my identity. Markandeya has professed about me, that the Kundalini will pulsate at Her feet. There are many people who have seen the pulsations of Kundalini. Have seen pulsation of thousands of people. It pulsates in the sacrum bone. We have taken films of these as well in London, This work is happening for many people in London. You can observe this pulsation when it rising up. But for people who are not complicated and those who are pure ,simple and straight forward , they don’t even realize  when the Kundalini has risen. They reach thoughtless awareness and after that the divine vibrations start flowing through their palms. That is why I do my work mostly in the villages. I do not work in cities because there are a lot of impostors in the cities. The urban folks fall prey to these imposters. They want the impostors, need some circus. They do not need the truth. They want to participate in some or other   circus. A villager is simple, straight forward and religious. We call this as spiritual sensitivity. During the time of Rama when he went for his exile in the forest, that time all poor people and all the people in his path, even while wandering in the forest, they knew that this is Shri Rama. Now we say that we have Ashtavinayaks (eight Ganeshas) over here and we have a role of the Ashtavinayaks. Who are these Ashtavinayaks?  Ashtavinayaks are the divine elements that have evolved out of the earth. Vinayak is a symbol of these. This is the biggest symbol. We must recognize it. It is the symbol of purity.

 When God created this universe, he first created Ganesh, created purity. But the so called Gurus have created an exactly opposite situation. They destroy the purity by creating promiscuity and bring the demons there. For example if there is a photo of a goddess then they do some promiscuous acts in from of the Diety. This is the characteristics of tantriks. That is why the deity’s attention goes away from there because she does not stay where there is filth and promiscuity. She does not like filthy behavior, she likes fragrance, she likes flowers. She likes all the beauty in this world. She does not like filth. She cannot tolerate things such as adultery, As soon as she moves her attention away, the demons establish their reign over there. Once this happens, to entice people, to hypnotise them, to extract money from them, to have fun with their money – it is such a deplorable situation. It is a situation of great stupor. Similarly in this way the spurious gurus are cheating people. But it does not mean that real gurus don’t exist in this world. Even today there are authentic gurus in this world. But most of them are hiding themselves in the forest. They come to meet me and say “Mother, you work for 10-12 years and then we will come. Today’s world belongs to impostors, devils. These devils have appeared recently and people have fallen for these devils. People don’t need the truth; they are hell bent on destroying themselves. They don’t see their downfall. We do not want to come in such a world. These people will crucify us or they might poison us. So we don’t want to come.”

Even while this is the state of Sahaja Yoga today, I am very happy. In this tour of Maharashtra, many people got their realization. Within a moment, just in a moment Kundalini rapidly rose up and crossed the Fontanel area called Brahma Randhra.  We need to know whether it is there or not within us. We have two doctors and many other doctors are our disciples in London and we have done a lot of work there. I have a lecture on Medical Sciences; I have myself studied medicine as I have to deal with doctors. In London I have cured the wife of a doctor from cancer – this eminent doctor has organized a conference for doctors – here all these matters will be discussed. So whatever powers we have within us, how it is related to the Almighty is what I am going to tell you.

  One historic connection is that I want to tell you is till today whatever incarnations happened one after the other, it is the time that we get the fruits of these incarnations which have happened. Now a days there is a fad that for each incarnation, using self righteous ill logic and by causing confusion , by making fool of people, insult all of them. And we too accept it condescendingly. This is a great sin. To make mockery of the incarnations, to belittle them without understanding them, is a very fearsome deed. Should not do this.

First you should understand where you stand. What is your eligibility, what have you achieved and this so called guru or anyone who speaks like this – what is his achievement if any and what is his state. He may be sneezing throughout the day, is ill. Its not known if he has cured any sick person- youngsters these days are after such person too. It is surprising that it is happening in our country. Leave aside what is happening abroad. There are such dirty people abroad that to teach them – they themselves will educate their teachers- they know such things. But whatever filth they have fallen into, they are trying to come out of it. They have realized, in their thoughts they have understood that they have dumped in a deep pit. All our arrangement has gone awry. Our children are misled, we are misled. That person has destroyed all the purity that we had. In spite of everybody knowing all this about Freud (Sigmund ), today the same Freud is sitting over our head.  We have such an ancient tradition, should at least study that tradition and understand it. We have some of the best writers who have written a lot on truth. We should collect information about it and only then approach the fraudsters for knowledge.  First of all, we need to understand whatever work of God or lecture of God or to know about God or to awaken the Kundalini, you cannot accept money. It is a sign of baseness.

 Kundalini Awakening happens automatically. How much money you can pay to sprout a seed? Those who live off on other’s money they are very base people, Even if they have amassed money by fraudulent means, you should not believe them. This practice is quite prevalent in our cities. That is why I wish to inform the people from Dhule that until you are completely deep rooted, till then keep your intellect intact. And know that the Divine element is of utmost importance, you must get it, will get it. You will get it automatically. And for this if someone aks you for money, you should tell him that you cannot purchase God. And for this you cannot offer money as well. I am surprised that in the name of God they sell anything. Means what cannot be sold, people sell in His name. This is very surprising and you must understand this. As I am in a city, I am telling these citizens that you have money and you have deep  pockets. Sweet attracts flies. These people know that you have money . These are the devils stuck to the bodies of rich  people. They will not feel content till they extract all their money. That is why one should be careful.   They would sow an ego bolstering thought in you that you are spending money for a Divine cause and they will swindle you completely of your money. After being swindled, you will come crying to me that Mataji, we have been swindled.  

Whatever is the truth , should appear automatically. This awareness that you are human, this awareness has reached this stage. This you have got on its own. For this you have not jumped around nor did you catch hold of anything nor have you done anything so it has happened automatically by the grace of God.  If a drop separates from the sea, it cannot come back to the sea. But the sea itself has to come to the drop. The Almighty also has this question because if He has created this universe, the entire universe he created is so beautiful – whatever he created till today – then this universe must have some meaning. The human that He created with so much effort, and in which there are thousands of nerves and Thousands of organs in place – in today’s  state of a great deluge , in the daily behaviour , in the  daily dealings as well ,  He is  so alert – so such an Almighty did not give any purpose to this human ? –  Means imagine that we have created a machine and if we do not connect it to the mains then there is no meaning – similarly until you get connected to the mains, there is no meaning to you – but if He cannot do it then you will also not be able to do it. This does not mean that only I am doing something or I have done something in it. This principle is quite understandable.

If there is a lamp which is lighted and if another lamp is ready it can also get lighted very easily. This is a very simple principle. God has created a lamp inside you alright – this can be observed and we need to understand this. Your Mother, Kundalini is situated inside the sacrum bone – everyone has this mother and She has been placed there by God. Let us think that this is your tape – situated inside the sacrum bone shaped as three and a half coils, birth after birth. Now people will say that people give lecture on Kundalini without knowing anything about it and still they will give lecture and talk about it. She is your Mother. Everybody’s mother. And the chakra seen below this is called as Mooladhar Chakra. Ganesh is situated inside this. What is the purpose? It is only for the protection of Kundalini- for the security of the chastity of Kundalini. The one who is Gauri , has established, Gauri is your Mother. She is waiting for the day when some authorized person will appear before you when she can give you a rebirth. She has accompanied you since all your past births. She is located there and Ganesh is only installed below. 

Now what all is said about the Ganesh element is not sufficient There is so much to say about the Ganesh element. Because this is the element of a child. Just like a small child is innocent similarly this element is imbibed in us. The main intention of these people is to destroy the innocence within you. They want to destroy the Ganesh within you. So your Kundalini cannot be protected. Out Of the powers Ganesh has, one of them is the power of sex. Because He is a child who does not understand anything, As he is innocent he is positioned there. During the practice of Sahaja Yoga, you need to be innocent like that child. Or else your Kundalini will not rise. And it happens for sure. When the Kundalini rises, the ‘Bandha” (bond, knot) is formed there. And the Kundalini rises. At that time Ganesh tells that one is getting vibrations on the palm, then the Kundalini gets a directive that the moment is opportune, you can rise now and this event takes place. We worship Ganesh but we do not know what Ganesh is. Now to narrate all about HIM is difficult but still there is a close relation between Ganesh and Carbon. This element is present in each human being and it is being flagrantly destroyed. If it is destroyed then you destruction is imminent. Hence people are after destroying HIM first. Means after destroying your purity they can easily destroy you. This is their modus operandi. 

This Ganesh, who is sitting below, gets awakened  when the vibrations are created in Him. After awakening, He indicates Kundalini that there is no issue in rising up now. Now we must note that Kundalini does not pierce this seventh Chakra. Kundalini pierces the 6 Chakras at the top. The lower chakra is intact as it was. So such idiots,  who use filthy deeds to awaken the Kundalini, are  destroying your personality by destroying your purity –  that too after taking money from you for this – this must be noted. Don’t make fool of yourself, just ask yourself what you got from this. The almighty has installed this element with great effort, it should awaken there. That is why Mahararashtra is :Maha”(great) ‘Rashtra”( country) and such people will not thrive here. Because the reign of AshtavInayakas present here and the vibrations emanating from them reverberates the environment. Many people say that this is idol worshipping. How to tell them that this is the element of divine energy. Because there are no divine vibrations flowing through their palms. There is no point is speaking with those don’t get divine vibrations in their palms. That is why I say that until the atma (inner self) is tested, there is no point in doing anything regarding religion(dharma). If you wish to operate telephones without connection it has no meaning. It is like that.  The first thing is that the Kundalini should be awakened and you should get your self realization. After that the vibrations start flowing through your palms 

I will now tell you how this arrangement is made within us.(Start it)  In this picture, you will see three Nadis. One on the right, one on the left and one is in the centre. These Nadis nourish what is called as autonomous nervous system which is Self-Running. These three Subtle Nadis are inside bones of our Spine. These three nadis are three Powers of God that operate within us. Of these, the Nadi on the left called as Ida Nadi due to which our existence is there. It is Shiva element due to which our existence is there. If this Nadi was not there , we would not have our existence within us. Our desires & feelings are awakened because of this Nadi and are operational within us. We also call this as Ida Nadi or Chandra Nadi. We have heard about Hatha from Hatha Yoga. The ‘tha’ in Hatha yoga is the name of this Nadi. This Nadi exists due to the Power of the Almighty which is called Mahakali. In Sanskrit we call it Mahakali. If there is no equivalent in English for this, what can I do. There is nothing that can be mentioned here about the knowledge of English people. They may be adept at politics but they have achieved any knowledge about religion. We have suffered  so much from  foreign rule that although we have achieved independence, we have not realized our existence. That is why we have forgotten all those people who had discovered great things in India. Not only this we don’t even remember Gandhi Ji. This is a big mistake we are committing because- while the science discovered everything and they have reached this stage where they say that Kundalini awakening should happen and many of them have reached a stage where they feel that this happens due to some triggering, it cannot happen due to any intelligence or due to any action. But it happens due to some triggering. Adi Shankaracharya has said “Na Yoge, Na Sankhyena “ – (that it will not happen by Yoga nor Sankya (Another Sect of philosophy)   – how will it happen? It will not happen due to debates, will not happen due to dancing or swaying. What will make it happen? Will happen due to Mother’s blessing – is what he told. After writing a great treatise like “Vivek Chudamani” , Shankaracharya wrote another treatise  “ Soundarya Lahri” . He has described his Mother and these vibrations in them – which we call as the Divine vibrations. Someone asked him why did he start all this. He said this is wisdom and everything else is ignorance. This is very true because element that  is all-pervading, the Divine element , it is operational and not a single leaf can move without God’s will. Unless you feel this , you recognize  this, you will not  understand.

Our situation is as follows – its like the villagers sitting in the plane and they say that we do not want to overload the plane, so lets keep the luggage on our heads – our situation is similar to this. Until this event takes place in you, I am not saying that it will happen for sure or I have not taken the responsibility for it, If it happens it is your wealth, your good deed, this is a special blessing from the Almighty to you, so take it, I am ,sitting in the middle. If it does not happen it is not my mistake, it must be  your fault or  you may have some mental problem or you may have some physical problem or some intellectual issue or it may be some religious mistake on your part. That is why the Kundalini is obstructed. But it is the characteristics of Kundalini that when it rises , that time while going in through all these chakras, this left channel known as Ida Nadi similarly the one on the right called as Pingala Nadi – it activates these two while passing through them. Means the left and the right channel together form the chakra right at the centre. When this Kundalini pierces through this central chakra it benefits both sides. 

Now the Nadi on that side facilitates the physical and intellectual activities. Whatever future planning we have, whatever thoughts we have, we do through this. These two channels (Nadis) within us , these two Nadis inside the subtle system are called Ida & Pingala and outside in the physical world are called the Left & Right Sympathetic Nervous System.  Now these six chakras on the top, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,and 6 – I have told you that these have a history – during our various stages of evolution, these have been established within us. These are akin to milestones and one must understand that on each of these chakras there are individual deities, you must know this. And if you understand how to awaken them then you will have the entire wisdom of the Divine element. If you do not know this then it is ignorance. There is no doubt that I can cure cancer. I have actually done it. Have done it even in London. But it is not my business to cure people. Today Mr. Jaisingrao was telling me that ‘Mataji, I have achieved self realization five years back. My father used to be bed ridden all the time, everyone in my family suffered from diseases. After I achieved self realization, no doctor has been summoned. Otherwise we used to pay doctor every week.’  Because when the Kundalini rises up, then she nourishes the channel on the right side. This gives us physical benefit. Similarly the conditioning on the left channel is also rectified.

 Whatever Freud and others have said that whatever conditioning one has, has to be removed. It is a very individualistic work. If you remove the conditioning from a human being, it gives rise to ego. Now we see here two channels. The one on the left is Ida Nadi(Channel) which Freud has recognized. He does not know everything, knows a little like a blind person. So this channel, Ida Nadi is responsible for whatever mental things happen by conditioning means our past is created due to this. Whatever is our past, that is created. Now whatever I am speaking with you, this all will go in the Ida Nadi, in that region, in that area. But we have future too. And we also have this present. Freud could not decipher this as due to blindness he saw only half the thing and because he himself was a dirty person. , a dirty person will discern only filthy things that are why he evolved such a weird new theory. It is very individualistic .And due to the individualism whatever conditioning you have must be removed – he set this as a rule. But if a person does not have a decent upbringing, how arrogant he becomes, how much ego he develops this we can see here. Because the left side that goes up  it creates an organization called superego. And the activities we do from the right side – as a byproduct of this –  an organization called ego is developed. This all is definitely psychological.  Means this has certainly come after Freud. But after Freud nobody believes anybody else, they eugolised him as God. After him Jung(Carl) came and he did so much work but still nobody recognizes him. This is because people have a dirty mind set, they need promiscuity. So this super ego that evolves in us , it come in us like , say – Imagine a small child feeding on his mother’s milk, it is happy completely, at that time if the mother changes the side, then  it gets angry. His ego gets awakened. Why this was done? Then his mother says keep quiet, this is conditioning. This gives rise to superego. Both of these should exist. Ego and superego must be balanced in a human being. 

When Kundalini rises through by making a space in between, it is sucked down by both sides and Kundalini pierces through the Fontanel area and you can witness it. Here the   top portion of your skull (Fontanel area) goes inside. These six chakras have different names. I don’t have time to tell everything now, but what I wish to tell you is when Kundalini pierces the Fontanel area then you will develop collective consciousness in you, means what is called actualization. It will happen. No need to tell. Those who have got self realization can tell where their Kundalini is. Our fingers have all the sympathetic chakras. We can feel on the fingers which of the chakra on the left or right side has a catch. We don’t know before that. It is only after achieving self realization we come to know what is wrong with us. This awareness comes after the awakening of the collective consciousness. This cannot be termed as lecture or speech or book, but this event takes place in you, you become that, you become super human, in which you understand collective consciousness. Even a small child can tell which chakra of yours is affected. My granddaughter is two and a half years old. We had a girl named Patricia from England visiting us. She has gone back now. She asked Anupama (my granddaughter) , which chakra of mine has a catch. She said left Nabhi and left Vishuddhi. And she actually had a catch. Because the fingers get the burning sensation. This is subjective knowledge. You become a subject, you become the doer.  

  For example, if a person walks through dirt, he recoils. If an animal walks through dirt, it does not affect it, a human being gets affected. Nowadays I have seen such people who get affected adversely due to perfume, so how dirty the person must be. They suffer due to dirt, they are human beings. Going forward when they become aware ,they suffer due to  moral turpitude. So when I say that people have overcome their vices, it is not because I have instituted liquor prohibition because once the happiness of the soul starts dripping, then all these things detach automatically. We take these things because we get bored. But in this movement of soul (atma) a person becomes so engrossed in the happiness, he becomes so contended, so satisfied similarly his personality become so beautiful, so attractive that is to say he becomes very dynamic.  Whatever they have told is correct. The children who never used to study started coming first in the class and it is very true. When such event takes place, when it happens in human being, the human does not go near any addiction because his attention will not go there. His awareness is so illuminated, that he does not go to such filty thing and automatically it is discarded. You know it from within that this chakra has a catch. The Kundalini is rising from here, where she has reached at the top. Even if you did not see the Kundalini still you will perceive from within where this person’s Kundalini is going and where it has reached on the top.

This entire science is ages old. This is not explained today. Kabira has also explained Sahaja Yoga. But some people have also misinterpreted Kabira. I am amazed at the thinking of people; to see how they misinterpret everything and also how do you all accept it. Kabir has also written on this, Nanak has written on this, Saint Tukaram  has written , and Dnyaneshwar has very clearly stated. So first things about our country is that we have predefined limits. This is a very significant thing. Our country is a great country. They may have money but they do not have the Lakshmi (diety) principle. They are very dirty people. If you wish to know about these people, go and see in their country. Our Sahaja Yogis from there are very surprised to see how affectionate the people from here are. If you happen to visit any foreigners there, they will not offer even a cup of tea, even if he is a wealthy lord. He will preserve each penny. If we have some sundry visitors, our people may at most take their shoes and chappals etc. However, if you invite someone at your place over there, then he would elope with ladies and females in the house. So much filth is there in those countries. We feel that people over there are very happy. 

Sweden, where maximum prosperity is there, lot of money is there, the proportion of suicides is the highest. Means nine out of ten are thinking about suicide. What is the use of such wealth and property. Statistics in London indicates that In England parents kill two children every week. Out of every three families, at least one family’s parents are in the danger of being killed.  Statistics indicates this. And they shamelessly tell this. They are absolutely shameless, that is their main characteristics. They don’t have the concept of shame. Just live a shameless life. In such a place too, we established Sahaja Yoga. Today we have 300 diamonds, genuine Sahaja Yogis over there. And they are so knowledgeable that they can explain everything about Sahaja Yoga. I have seen so many Sahaja Yogis, I have so many disciples over there, they have done so much work there, including Indians over there and they have delved so deep in Sahaja Yoga and they have such detailed knowledge. But I have not seen such foreigners who have taken so much effort for Sahaja Yoga, and by reading every detail and extracting the essence, by examining closely all the aspects, and by studying it completely they have dedicated their lives to Sahaja Yoga. And they are still taking efforts, and are not   cribbing and shouting like idiots. Any Stray person should misguide you and you go running after him. They use their intellect to understand each and every word, what is this chakra and what is that chakra , and how does the Kundalini rise on this chakra, how to raise her. These people only have cured thousands of people. Nowadays I do not cure any one. This power is flowing within us. The simple people from average villages have created miracles but we do not publicize so much about these things, it happens automatically. I was very surprised to see an article from Mr. Pardhi in Tarun- Bharat (Newspaper).He had casually given that article, I had not asked him to do so.  

People sell many things in the name of Kundalini. First there should be collective consciousness in Kundalini. The person should get into collective consciousness. He should understand where the other person’s Kundalini is. I get a lot people, I tell you –

 ‘Mataji, my Kundalini is awakened.’

 ’ Alright. Sit here.’

 Then they get frenzied ( start flying) like a horse or start jumping like frogs.

 I ask them ‘What is this?’

 ‘Our Kundalini is awakened so we fly like this.’

 I say, ‘do you want to become a super human or a horse or a frog or tomorrow you may choose to be fleas. You shout like a cattle , Is this a sign of a human being? And I speak of a super human Almighty. And what are you doing in front of me.’

 They say,’ our guru has told us.’

 ‘Is that so?’ 

‘He has given us the mantra to chant.’


‘Has given us chanting beads.’

 ‘Fine. Where is the Kundalini? Has it risen up or no? if your Kundalini is risen up(awakened), then tell me where this person’s Kundalini is?’

‘How to tell that?’

 ‘Then I said ‘how did your Kundalini rise?  Tell me what disease this person is suffering from?’‘  ‘We can’t tell that.’

 ‘Ok tell me what trouble you have. On the chakras.’ 

‘Mataji, we don’t know all that. Our guru has only mentioned that there are things like chakras.’ ‘OK. And he has given you this. At the end, all of you should go to an asylum. Straightaway. ‘

So many sinful deeds are happening in this world. To earn money they could indulge in smuggling, they can do whatever they want.