Dehradun (India)

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Seminar (Hindi). Dheradun, UP, India. 4 March 1979.

1979-03-04 Parmatma Sabse Shaktishali Hai Dheradun Source NITL

Shri Mataji says how are you and ask to sit comfortably with Hands Open towards her. I told in the morning about the Kundalini, on the first Chakra Shri Ganesh resides. It is a Place of Shri Ganesh. Shri Ganesh is the symbol of Purity. Mooladhara is the First Chakra and below the Kundalini and it protects the Kundalini and anyone tries to get into Kundalini this chakra will be alert and protect it. Nobody can touch Kundalini from this route. I told you in the morning whoever touches the kundalini from this side will be a big sinner. They may earn some money and nothing more. Whatever they earn through it will perish one day.

The Second Chakra which is Swadistan Chakra which I told you is the one we think through it. When we think from the mind the layer of it is called Fat Globules and the skin is made out of the Fat from the Stomach and the fat from the Stomach makes the layer of the Brain. That is why when we think a lot, we put more pressure on this Chakra. When you keep thinking it becomes a habit and the habit becomes a disease for the modern man. The Swadistan Chakra has to keep working more and harder because of the excess of thinking and intern all other works of this chakra gets effected. Diabetes also happens because of this Chakra and Pancreases also operate because of this chakra. The other works belonging to this chakra become week and the scope of this chakra includes Pancreas, the Upper Liver, Spleen and kidneys. It is not good to think more or plan more, as it affects the whole body and it is not good for the whole world. Humans think a lot only when he does not believe in God. One should live everything to GOD. In DEVIMAHTYA it is written as Sankalp Vikalap bane. Which means determination lead to obstacles. For Example, if you are going for a Work outside and you have planned everything and an accident occurs and you get injured. What has to happen will happen and excess planning does not help. That is why we should not have the determination or challenge that you will do this work. You will get obstacles. Once you come into the kingdom of God, his rules will apply. His planning will apply. You will know when to go, where to go. I was talking about this gentleman in the morning had he would have been realized, he would exactly know whether to go or no and he would not meet an accident. Those who have realized people even if accidents happen, they do not get injured. How your government takes care of its citizens in the same way if you are in the kingdom of the god he will take care.

This is the way all accidents of life are avoided. Behind every person, you have satanic forces who keep following you. Those who are Good people, there are Satanic forces behind them as well. There is no escape from it. The only option is to get into the kingdom of the god. These are the Satanic forces because of them you are always in trouble. They are behind you and you don’t have a solution to getaway. Their power is so strong that you will never know how they affect you. The only way to escape is to be in the Kingdom of God. Death is completely different and that has nothing to do with this.

Unexpected Death occurs due to Satanic forces. They have their plan to destroy your plan. Satanic forces read your plans very well and affect you. You do not know how strong the Satanic forces prevail and they keep affecting you. The Satanic forces can read your mind very well. Hence you have to be careful. All these wrong gurus are also part of Satanic forces and they use Hypnosis. To identify and safeguard yourself from the Satanic Forces you need to come into Sahaj Yoga. The only way is to identify where the energy is coming from and how it is affecting you and troubling you. Take the example of a Psychiatrist they do not know that there is a satanic force inside a Mad person. They don’t know about them. It affects them as well. There was a Psychiatrist who came from London and he did not know how to protect themselves from the Satanic forces. If someone has Tuberculosis (TB) then we know how to protect from that person and infection. Likewise, our forefathers knew how to protect themselves from these Satanic forces. We do not know how to protect ourselves from the Satanic forces. But nothing is powerful in front of God. He is the most powerful, once you are part and parcel of God then he takes care and keeps protecting you. Sometimes a kid falls from top but does not get any injury and we say god saved him. There are Two Nadis as you are aware that is Left side and Right Side and when we go to the left side it is Collective Sub Conscious and when you go to the right side it is Collective Supra Conscious. All those on the Left side are Collective Conscious, who are Dead, who are not happy and have their souls wandering all over. The second type of people who are over-ambitious like Hitler type they dominate the right side Collective Supra Conscious.

Some people who ask for Mantra to me, those who give Mantras are the ones who cheat people. You never ask them why this mantra is given. If someone gives you the Ram Mantra, you will keep calling the God Ram Ram Ram. God Ram is not your Servant. You don’t have the authority to call him how can you call him. When you don’t have authority how can you call him? For Example of a Prime Minister, if you want to meet him, can you go and ask him that you need to meet him and will he be ready to meet you. There is a protocol for the meeting. In the same way, if you need to meet God then think how difficult it is to go to him. You may be calling RAM and a dead soul by name of Ram may enter your body and you may be happy for some time and as he is taken your work and in 4 to 5 years you will know that your body will become weak as you have brought different soul on yourself and carry all around. We need to know these forces as well. Once you are in Sahaj yoga you will know through vibration and will notice how satanic forces are present around you. The Power of God will also guide you and help you. You should experience this and obtain this like others.

I have already explained about the Nabi Chakra. Our Search is another Seed. Like how animals search for food, in the same way, human search God. Searching God is inbuilt and he will search God all over. He will Search within that seed, whether he accepts it or not. He will keep searching the god until he is satisfied. He will not be idle until he searches God. When he starts searching for the god, he will get many different types of supplies. You know many people have come to this world and they want to sell god to all. They are selling all the wrong things to you. You tell anything about them or even if you publish about them in Newspaper but still, people go to their feet. They do a type of Hypnosis and people follow them and it will be difficult for people to come out of there clutches. The green colour around the Nabi is called Bhavasagar. This Bhavasagar is inside the human being. To cross the Bhavasagar kundalini need to build a bridge. This bridge can be built only in Sahaj Yoga. When you spread your hand in front of me or front of a Realized Soul you will find the vibration coming out that will cross through your hands and make a bridge across the Bhavasagar and allows the Kundalini to climb up. If there is a problem in the Nabi or Bhavasagar around. It is the place of Guru. We know the10 Primordial masters which I told today. There are a lot of False Guru as well. Whoever follows the Wrong Guru then the Kundalini gets stuck at two places at Nabi & Bhavasagar. If you ask them the name of the False Guru, they tell like Tom, Dick & Harry and the kind of names they have only god alone can save them. When they say the name and I tell them he is a false Guru, and that your Kundalini has stuck at Nabi, then I tell them that you have come to me to get liberated. If you have done something wrong you should tell me or not. If you visit the Doctor and he says that you have eaten some pungent and you have suffered on that count Should you tell the doctor or not. Do you fight with the Doctor? They tell lie to me that they have not gone to any Guru.

The moment we see a Sanyasi we get attracted. The moment I see a Sanyasi I get scared. The moment we see Sanyasi we think he is great and we don’t know how they live, what do they eat and do they trouble others or not. The moment we see the Sanyasi with his clothing and we think he is great. The sanyasi also has a problem like there Kundalini rises and falls in one short because it is not tied. There are countless False gurus around. There are many Good Gurus and bad gurus. Today someone asked me if any Good gurus are there. One guru by Name Nagnath from Amarnath he comes to meet me sometime. Gagangad Maharaj from Maharashtra, One guru I know from the south by name Brahmachari and one guru from Rangoon. They all do not stay in the cites they are far away and reside in jungles. Gagangad Maharaj of Maharashtra says to all that when a mother is here then why you need to come and meet me.

When I was in Kolhapur, I wanted to see the Gagangad Maharaj, everyone was surprised why I wanted to meet him as I dislike most Gurus. We had to walk 7 miles uphill. I told my disciples to check the vibration. When the Gagangad Maharaj spread his hands and Cool Breeze started flowing in everyone’s hand. The moment we went up he was in excitement. It was raining. How these people have control over Sun & Rain Etc. He does not give realization to all. He gave realization to only 1 person and I asked him why he did not give Realisation to all and he said he has given to only one and it took him 25 years to clear his chakras. It takes time for others. As I am an expert, I can do it quickly. The one who I have worked hard his name is Arana Maharaj. I don’t want to see his face. He is after Kamini & Kanchan both women after realization and after purification. I met him once at a place it was a coincidence and he was sitting with women around. He told that our Maharaj comes to Mumbai to meet you and his age is 108 years. He never leaves his foothold on the seat normally. He was not happy. Why he needs to come here I told him maybe if he comes this disciple will be uncomfortable. Are you not ashamed of yourself I told him? Your Maharaj has worked so hard on you and the way you are behaving is not correct.

As I was leaving, I told him to keep Kumkum on his Agya and I told him to put Kumkum on my forehead. He started shivering as his fingers got stuck and he started jumping and said Shri Mataji Forgive me. I warned him that you should not talk bad about your guru, your Agya is caught are you not ashamed that you are sitting with women here, he has worked 25 years on you. Please get out of here. The women later told that he has taken 12.5 Grams Gold and 125 rupees from each one of them. I told them to hit him 125 times with shoes. He has done so much harm after realization then what to say about others who are not realized.

Many of them become Gurus after they come out of jail. Which world are you guys are? You don’t have to feel bad. You have to know the truth I am your mother. I have to warn you about false gurus. Gurus are sitting in every nook and corner and if you can send police behind them you will see 50% of these Gurus are false and are out of Jail. False Gurus from Mumbai will come here and False gurus from here will go there and there is no better way to cheat people then this way. The way Ravan cheated Sita. If you want to hide dirty things with beautiful things you can hide it. Many foreigners are cheated by them they tell that they are god. They have published in the newspaper. If you pay money anything can be published. The Bhavasagar is very important you need to understand. I have been telling from 1970 all in open about all these False gurus along with their names and how dirty they are. Now nobody has filed a case against me nor complained against me in the police. No one has guts to raise against me. Some people tell me that these people may murder me. I told them don’t worry let’s see. No one has said any words against me because I know everything about these people. Their Disciples I know who may talk against me but not their gurus. They all are corning you. You don’t have to worry and don’t get into their zone and they all are cheating you. I will tell you everything correct and complete whether you feel good or bad. I can always tell good about all but so that you don’t feel bad but not required. Christ raised that the people who are satanic nature will not spoil another Saturn’s home. Even Kabir told about it, even Nanak Sir

told about it. I don’t mind they can do any other wrong things do smuggling or any other wrong thing to earn money but the problem is they spoil the Kundalini that is the problem. The Kundalini belongs to the divine and no one has the right to play with it. That is why I am against them.

The next chakra is Heart Chakra- the Anahata. The Spirit rests in the heart. It knows all about us and that is why it is called Kshetragya means the knower and is the only witness. What we are doing and what we don’t know. You are not connected to the Spirit. The Spirit is apart from you. You are not connected to the Spirit. The rising of the kundalini allows raising your awareness. The Spirit is not in your awareness When kundalini rises your kundalini gets into your awareness. The Heart Chakra is in the middle and belongs to the Devi called Jagdamba. She is famous in the mountains. This Devi has taken many incarnations. All those who were searching for god in the Bhavasagar, she has come in this world many times to save people from various demons. She saves people. If someone’s Place of Safety effects this chakra gets affected. If the women feel insecure, then the women’s Heart chakra gets affected they end up with Breast Cancer. Asthma also comes due to the Heart Chakra problems along with the Vishuddhi chakra in combination. Even Asthma disease can be cured this way. The governor of Kashmir who was suffering for 25 years of Asthma problem was immediately cured. The moment the Heart Chakra gets purified your Asthma will get cured in two minutes. Because it is the place of the Jagdamba. When this chakra gets awakened you will feel secure. This Chakra is very important and you can read this in English Pamphlet you will know how to clear this chakra. By which Mantra this chakra can be cleared

Above this chakra is a very important place you will find the Vishuddhi Chakra and it is connected by 16000 Nerves. It belongs to Sri Krishna and in it resides the Radha Krishna. On the left side is the place of Vishnu Maya the sister of Krishna and on the right-side Rukmini & Vittal reside. Ramchandra’s place is on the right side from the Sushumna nerve below on the right side of the Heart Chakra. He moved out of the Avtar to become a simple man. He is called a Respectable Man. The 10 Incarnation have started from the Manipura Chakra. The 6th incarnation belongs to Shri Ram, then came the 7th incarnation of Krishna. Before this, he also has come as Parashuram Incarnation. He needs to come and it happens because he has come in this world to introduce his Power and Strength to the people. He made the people ready with his strength. When he came he mentioned Shri Rama. He came along with Shri Ram because he was called a Respectable Man and he wanted to tell the same to the world. After that Sri Krishna Incarnation happened on the Vishuddhi Chakra. This Vishuddhi Chakra is a very great thing. When the man lifted their head above the animals they became human and that is when the Vishuddhi chakra was formed. Shri Krishna is a Virat and inside this Virat, we are small particles. We are also part of the Virat and when we get awakened we become part of the Virat and the whole Virata will also become awakened. It is the power of God. It is the kingdom of God. When all these particles get awakened the whole Virat will get enlightened. That is the energy of the Super Spirit. Mohammed told about the Allah U Akbar is the power of Virat. The index finger is the finger belongs to Vishuddhi Chakra. If the Vishuddi Chakra is caught you need to put the Index finger in the ears and raise your head and say Allah U Akbar Immediately the Vishuddhi Chakra problem is the cure and the meaning of Akbar is Virat. In Dehradun many of you have the Vishuddi problem Vishuddhi chakra get impacted because one of the reasons could be you smoke a lot of cigarettes or Chew Tobacco or secondly It could be due to the wrong mantra, it will also be caught due to Cold and hence the Vishuddhi gets caught. The chakra gets impacted because you feel very small or feel inferior or have a tight chain on the neck or feel that he is not part of the Virat. The left Vishuddhi gets caught if he does not care about his sisters and mother. A Person who was wearing a tight chain on the neck given by another guru. The moment the neck chain was removed the Vishuddhi was rectified. You should never feel bad about such things, everything is done for your good and wellness. The Vishuddhi chakra is Virat.

After that, the next is Agya Chakra It is very important and it is difficult for the Kundalini to pass through it. Both Super Ego and Ego Squeezes and pushes the Agya chakra. This chakra gets pressed. If a human being does not forgive others and keep thinking about the troubles they had to go through and think about the same time and again. Such persons Agya chakra gets caught. Those who were spectacles their Agya chakra is weak due to health reason. The seat of the chakra belongs to Maha Vishnu. In Devi Bhagwat, it is written that it is a big Incarnation. He is the son of Shri Radha Ji and he will come after 14000 years and he came as Christ. Christ is nothing but Maha Vishnu. How do you know if it is true or false? You can check very easily once your vibrations start. Please check yourselves by asking whether Christ is the incarnation of Maha Vishnu and is he on the Agya Chakra and immediately you will be witnessing the Vibrations on your hand. The lord prayers on the Agya Chakra is his prayer. He has come from the OM incarnation. He is the Ganesh Incarnations

Om is Pranav and he has taken this incarnation to rule this world. This incarnation Om is Christ and that is why when he died, he was resurrected once again. Lord Krishna is his Father and as Krishna told nainaṃ Chindanti śastrāṇi nainaṃ Dahati Pavaka, this OM or Pranav cannot be cut by any weapon nor can it be burned by fire to prove it he has taken the incarnation of Maha Vishnu. Krishna was his Father and Yashoda is none but Mahalakshmi and she told Raadha Ji to call him Yesu. They all belong to one. We need to know. Pranav is Nirakar which means formless, Om is Nirakar ( Formless). But there is a lot of fight between Nirakar and Saakar. I will explain a bit if not this will be a permanent fight. There is a lot of debate between Arya dharma and Santana Dharam and this argument is happening from ages but none got anything out of it. Once I explain the Nirakar ( Formless) & Saakar( Form) then these fights will end. When the Pingala Nadi was made which is on the right side the five elements were supposed to be awakened. You know the 5 Elements with which the whole world was made. These required to be awakened that is why the Yagna and other things were done in Vedas. These 5 Elements were very important to be awakened like water and fire. It was important to awaken these elements so that humans can make use of them. Only after the awakening of these elements, the Agriculture started and science came in mind. If the Pingala Nadi was not awakened, we would not have known Science and we may not have known how to use these 5 elements or how electricity was made or how fire can be used. We cannot even make fire as we did not know about the fire. To awaken all these the right side pooja use to happen. Because of these 5 Elements were Nirakar, Prayers of Nirakar ( Formless) happened in those times.

Then they started thinking what to do next now awakening happened. Then they started coming on the central path. They started coming on the Sushumna Nadi and they started seeing the deities sitting here. Then they understood that their bodies were made out of these 5 Elements or tattvas. Then they started understanding the Deities one after the other and they started saying that this is Saakar – Mean Form and started moving from Formless to Form and those who came to understand Saakar(Form) then they started doing the pooja and Ritualism started and Wrong Beliefs and it leads to a very bad state. Then there was a lot of commotion around, then Mohammed Saab took birth and then Christ came in this world and he told us that we should let go Form and start following Formless. Everything is very confidential given in the bible that, whatever made by the Sky and whatever made by Earth, please don’t make them. Please tell which thing the Earth has done please don’t make similar things to pray. You tell me which things Earth has made. There are many Swayambu Ling made by the Earth. Tell the Christians that you should not make similar idols like the earth has made and pray because they are not perfect. There is a co-efficient of the shape. Because of the shape, the vibrations flow. You cannot make a similar shape and whoever makes should also be a Realized Soul. You should not sell them. That is why whatever idols we pray have no value. Now you go and see in Ranjana a Ganesh is beautiful which has come from the earth. No one has touched it. It is coming from ages and I have gone to see it and see so many vibrations flowing. Like an alive person is present inside there that is why it is advised not to make similar idols. Now we started copying the idols and started making them. We don’t see if vibrations are coming, is it awakened or not. That is why they object to create idols and worship it. This is how during the Christ time Idol Worship was not accepted

If you go to Kaba and inside the Kaba, the stone is nothing but Shiv Ling. It has come out of the Earth. Mohamed Saab knew about it. Whichever the shiv ling that is natural is fine but whoever is making idols of black stone or Mud is not accepted and that is why Idol worship is a problem. People who talk against Idol worship and doing the pooja of Idols which are made by man simply and that is why Idol worship is not correct. But if they say that God does not have a form is incorrect that means you are one-sided. It had a different reason. When people started doing the worship of the form then they saw that they were wrong for example to think that you bring the honey, will you tell them that honey should come from these flowers, etc Now you got the flowers and you started doing the worship of these flowers, will you get honey by talking you will not get honey then people talked about the flowers by talking you will not get honey. Now they thought we will talk about the honey then they started talking about formless which is a waste of energy either you talk about honey or flowers you will not get honey unless you become a honey bee, whether you talk about flowers or honey. Unless you do not become honey bee you will not get honey. Until you become capable to find the honey which is nothing but becoming a honey bee. They fight for everything. Truth is always one. In the olden day, we were establishing the 5 Elements, and today they are fighting for it which is not required. This is correct that God takes incarnation and he comes in this world and helps the human this is lineage no doubt. Doing Fire sacrifice is also important and it is coming from lineage because this will help the 5 elements to purify within the body. This means you will clear the chakras with the Fire Sacrifice which is also important and knowing your spirit is also equally important. If you understand this there will be no fight. Many things have been written and are the cause of all fights. Yesterday a person came and he told me that he does Gayathri Mantra. Then I asked why do you do. I asked her What do you know about Gayathri Devi. Then he said he does not believe in forms. I said that you don’t believe in form because you are born in the Arya Samaj Family then where is the independence of human beings. If you are born in Hindu family you become Hindu or if you are born in Muslim you. Possible that you may be born as Muslim in the next life how do you know. You have to take the realization and intelligence is in it. We have to follow the truth, today the children don’t believe the god because of this and a lot of them don’t have faith in god. In Algeria one of our devotees, he came somehow and he got realization but many of the engineer’s doctors architect there don’t believe in god. Today once he got realized he has given realization for 500 disciples who are Muslims in Algeria. They all pray Vishnu and also know Mohammed. Not because I am telling. If you have cancer being a Hindu you have to take the name of Mohammed’. If you cannot take his name, I cannot cure you. If you are Muslim and have Cancer in the stomach then you have to take the name of Lord Dattatray and Lord Vishnu. No one can divide God. Those who play politics in the name of God ask them do they know anything about the religion. You cannot mix politics with religion.

Once Kundalini pierces the Agya chakra, then you become thoughtless. Thoughtlessness is established. This chakra also catches often because you do not forgive. We should know to forgive others. If we cannot forgive others God will not forgive us. I understand that we had a lot of troubles, but we should forgive others if not why will God forgive you. You please forgive everyone. Complete forgiveness

The last Charka is called the Sahasrar which is made of 1000 Petals. There is a problem with Doctors who claim that there are 992 Nerves as per them and we say 1000 nerves. 1000 Petals open. These petals are of different colours and when it opens the Kundalini pierce through the petals from the Fontanel Bone. It is called Brahma Randra. The power of God exists in you. Once this pierces you will be able to understand others. Which is all-pervading? Today is my last day. I am leaving for Delhi. I wanted to establish a small centre in Dehradun. We don’t require a big place we can start small and Dehradun centre will start. We will also send people from Delhi to help. Many diseases can be cured like cancer and other diseases. This is a very divine place and this is the first experiment we are doing here. Please give an address. We have come to a place for the first time where there is no Sahaj yogi exist. A small house is enough. It should be in the city and not very far. One person who is sitting here, he was not getting vibrations. Someone told him that you ask who is Shri Mataji and the Vibrations will be started immediately.

If anyone has a good question please ask. Don’t ask me stupid questions. Like someone was asking why you are wearing this ring. This ring was gifted by someone. It is not a diamond. Please do not ask all such questions. You have come here to take and I have not come here to take anything. I am here to give. If you don’t receive it is your bad luck. I don’t need any money from here nor I want to fight an election here. I want you to achieve your kundalini which is inside. I have not come to impress you what will I get from you. I was asked by an educated lady. The people are fools that they don’t want to know the truth.