Seminar: The Almighty is the most powerful of all

Dehradun (India)

1979-03-04 Seminar Hindi, Dheradun, 60'
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English Translation from Hindi. Seminar (Hindi). Dheradun, UP, India. 4 March 1979.

Shri Mataji asks the audience to sit comfortably with their hands open.

I had told you this morning that Shri Ganesha is placed on the first chakra of the Kundalini. He is the giver of purity and is purity itself. This chakra is below the Kundalini. Not only does it safeguard the Kundalini but it is also vigilant towards anyone who tries to get to the Kundalini from that side. Nobody can reach the Kundalini from that way. And as I told you this morning, those who try to do so, commit a grave sin. Although they can earn some money out of it, the sins they amass can become the cause of grave misfortune.

Who is going to show them?

The second chakra, which I told you was Swadishthana, is used for thinking. When we use our brains to think, we use the grey matter which is made of fat globules. These fat globules are made from abdominal fat. This chakra converts fat from the abdomen to fat for the brain. So thinking puts a lot of strain on this chakra. If one gets used to thinking a lot, as is common in these modern times, then it has to work so hard that all the other functions of this chakra get affected.

As I had said, diabetes is the result of this malfunction because this chakra governs the functioning of the pancreas. Because this chakra is busy with this function, other functions get adversely affected. One of them is the pancreas, the spleen, the upper part of the liver and kidneys. So, too much thinking and planning aren’t good for the health of the body. And also from the perspective of the society, because men overthink when they don’t believe in the Divine. After a point, things must be surrendered to the Almighty.

The Devi Mahatmyam says ’Sankalp vikalp karo’ (ed- Man proposes, God, disposes).

Now, there’s a person, he’s going somewhere for work and plans everything. He has an accident on the way and hurts his hand and is unable to go. That which has to happen will happen. You may plan a lot but not reach on time, and then it doesn’t work out. That is why we shouldn’t be obstinate, that we will do this work, come what may and that it has to work out. Hurdles come up in that. Once you enter the Kingdom of God, then His ways work out and you know everything about where you have to go and what you have to do because it is His planning that works. If that person had his realization, he would never have gone that way, he would’ve never left at that time. This will happen, you observe it!  Keep making a note. Ever since people got their realization they have experienced that even if they have an accident, they never get hurt and are completely safe. Many people never even get into such situations, they either reach there late or something happens and they don’t get there. Such are the blessings of realization. Now you are in the Kingdom of God and just as your government looks after you, the Almighty looks after you, His government looks after you. In this way, mishaps are avoided.

Actually, there are always satanic forces after every good person. You can see that in life, there are always satanic forces after the good. There’s no way to protect yourself from them, except to come under the protection of God. It’s because of satanic forces that you all are undergoing hardships and that they are after you and  troubling you. You have no way to save yourself from them. They and their powers are very subtle and you can never say when they’ll attack you or trouble you. You cannot even comprehend them. But they do affect you and when they do, you realize that you couldn’t have predicted that things would turn out the way they did. So to save yourself, if God’s protection is around you, then there’s no question of whether you are protected or not.

Of course, you die when you have to, that’s another thing. But when a realized person dies, it isn’t through his nose, mouth, or eyes, it is through his Sahasrara. There’s no bleeding through the nose. Until now in Sahaja Yoga, you’ll be surprised that only two or three people have died, I know thousands of people. That too at the age of seventy – seventy-five. One died at ninety-eight and the other at seventy-three. You’re blessed with longevity. Sudden death is caused by satanic forces. Because you have no inkling about them, they can come at any moment and attack you and you become miserable. They upset everything because they have a plan of their own. You may have planned to do something noble but they always come and interfere

But if you haven’t planned anything from before

They can read your mind. Satanic forces can read your mind. To the extent that if you talk to Me, somebody will come up to you and tell you that they know what conversation you had with Me. He can read your mind. Immediately he’d be able to tell you what we’d talked to each other because you’ve planned everything in your mind, they can read your mind and they know exactly what way you’re going to take to reach where you want to go. That’s why you have to be secretive.

You have no idea how prevalent the satanic forces are in this world. All these rakshasas who call themselves gurus are all satanic. They have powers of hypnosis and they are satanic. These are satanic powers and they have an effect on you. In order to recognize these satanic powers, you’ll have to come to Sahaja Yoga.

You can then recognize where you’re being attacked from. Now these doctors, these psychologists are unaware that every crazy person has bhoots in them. They neither understand nor believe all this and therefore get affected by these boots. 

Today a psychiatrist came to meet me, those poor people do not know how to protect themselves. Now suppose somebody is affected by TB, so we protect ourselves against it otherwise we may contract the disease. But these satanic forces, we neither recognize them and nor do we know how to protect ourselves against them. However, our ancestors knew how to. But we have become westernized as I had mentioned, and so we do not have this knowledge. We do not know how satanic forces act in this world and how they trouble us.

But in front of the Almighty, nothing is powerful. He is the most powerful and when you are his citizens, then he protects you and looks after you. But He is always looking after you, anyway. That’s why a good person could get just a small hurt or something small may happen( in place of something big) – as it happened to you.

You know how little children hardly ever get seriously hurt even if they fall from a height, it is said that they are looked after by angels. Especially if they are realized souls, like this child who was born realized. There are many like her. She’s always been a bit sick since childhood because she was always attacked by satanic forces.

As I mentioned this morning, we have the left and right channels and if we veer too much onto the left side we go into the collective subconscious and if we go too much towards the right then we go to the collective supraconscious. The subconscious is inhabited by dissatisfied people whose souls are still hovering around. These are really depraved souls. There are also other kinds of people who are very ambitious, like Hitler and who inhabit the other side, the collective supraconscious.

Today one person asked Me for mantras. Those who give mantras are deceptive, you should know. Supposing someone gives you a mantra of ‘Rama’, you’ll never ask them why they’ve given you the mantra of ‘Rama’. You will start chanting,  “Rama Rama Rama” Now, Shri Rama does not serve at your pleasure. You are calling Him and summoning Him, what right do you have to do so? Think about it, if you are not authorized, how can you call him? It’s very simple if you want to meet our Prime Minister, can you just go directly up to him and say,” Morarji, talk to me.” 

( ed- Morarji Desai was the PM of India at that time.) There’s a protocol to meet him, you have to go through so many channels and officials. And the One who is the Prime Minister of Prime Ministers, will He be so easily accessible to you, that you just start calling Him and He will appear? It is very much possible there is a servant named Rama hovering here or there who gets into you, takes on your work and you feel, “Marvelous, now I’m at peace !” You don’t realize that you haven’t really found yourself but another is cohabiting with you, on your body. After five, six years you’ll realize how weak your body has become. So one must be aware of these energies too.

After you come to Sahaja Yoga and get your vibrations, you can understand what kind of satanic forces are around you, as well as how the divine energy is carrying you and making you thrive. How the divine energy is navigating for you and bringing you to your destination. This is well worth noticing. You will have these experiences as have the others. So be joyful and have this experience.

I had told you about the Nabhi Chakra, that it contains the seeds of our seeking. This is what causes animals to seek food and humans to seek The Divine. The capacity to seek the Divine is in-built in human beings. Whether he accepts or not, the human is seeking God and until this seeking is fulfilled, he will never be satiated. He can keep himself hungering for some time but he will never be at ease until he finds God.

Once he starts looking for God, he is supplied from all four directions. You know the kind of people who exist and can sell anything in God’s name and how they can dupe you in the name of God. Regardless of what is published about them in the newspapers or said about them, people still end up at their feet.

But why does this happen? It’s a type of hypnosis. They are false, accept that they are false! It becomes very hard to get rid of their effects.

Encircling this ( Nabhi) in green is the Bhavasagara, which is there in Humans too. To cross the Bhavasagara, the Kundalini needs a bridge. That bridge is made only in Sahaja Yoga. When you put your hands towards me or any realized soul, then the vibrations pass through your hands, inside, and make that bridge. The Kundalini uses that bridge to rise up. But not if there is a defect in the bridge or your Nabhi chakra or the surrounding Bhava Sagara, which is the seat of self-mastery. We believe that there are ten real Primordial Masters. There are a lot of phonies too. The Kundalini gets stuck here in any person who has gone to these false gurus. Two of their chakras catch, Nabhi and this one ( left Swadishthana.) 

Based on that, if you ask somebody which guru they went to, they will tell you names like Dhonganand, Vonganand, etc. They have such names – God help us! So then you tell them that their guru is not good because your kundalini stops at the nabhi. 

You have come to us for your realization, isn’t it? Suppose you’ve come to us to get cured, then you’d obviously have to tell us where you went wrong, wouldn’t you? 

If the Doctor tells you that you ate something sour and it was harmful to you. Then will you still argue with the Doctor and insist that it is actually okay to eat something sour. That would be a sign of sheer stupidity. But you will argue about the guru!

If you accept for even a minute that if your guru was alright, you would have had your realization. Mother has said that if the guru is a real guru, she can make out from their disciples and their kundalini. I didn’t know any guru, but when their disciples came before me, I could recognize which guru they came from.

There was a guru in Maharashtra who thought no end of himself. He was an ascetic, we are always impressed by ascetics and admire them. I am always nervous about ascetics. I’ve told you that we must stay far away from them. If we come in contact with an ascetic, we’re immediately enamored. We never think of what kind of life this ascetic leads, what he eats, does he exploit people. Just because he’s dressed as an ascetic, is he a holy person? And the Kundalini of their disciples has a typical characteristic that it rises up and falls down again with a bang! The Kundalini has to be tied. Each of the false gurus have typical characteristics, which you can recognize in their disciples. You cannot imagine how many false gurus are there in this world, there are so many. 

There are some real gurus too. Just today somebody asked me if there were any real gurus and I said there are. In Amarnath, there is one Nagnath Baba. He comes to meet me sometimes. In Maharashtra, there is one Gagangarh Maharaj. In the South, there is one called Brahmachari. He lives in Calicut. He’s not a brahmachari. There’s one in Rangoon (Yangon). There are many such people, but they do not live in society. They live outside the cities, deep in the Jungles. Gagangarh Maharaj would tell everyone that,” Now Mother herself is here, why do you come to me?” When I went to Kolhapur, I thought I’d go up and see him. Then all the disciples started asking me, “ Mother you’re so fed up of all the gurus, why do you want to go and meet this one?” I said,” Just have a look at the vibrations!’ It was a seven-mile climb and I said I would climb up to meet him. When these people spread open their hands, coolness started flowing in their hands and we decided to go up. When we reached up there we saw that he was nicely sitting there but he was very angry. He said, “ It was raining and You’ve got wet!” See how these people have learned to control the elements, the sun, the rain, this is what these people have done. But they rarely give realization. He’s given realization to just one person. I asked him why he hadn’t given a realization. He said he’d given it to one person then swore not to, he had worked for 25 years on the disciple’s chakras. Actually it takes him a lot of time, but I don’t! I’m an expert at it! Poor things! It takes them a lot of time. He was saying that it took him thousands of years to get his vibrations. 

He said he’d worked on one person named Arnamaharaj. He said that he didn’t want to see his face ever again. He is busy chasing two women Kamini and Kanchan; after realization and purification! One day I met him by chance at somebody’s place. He was misbehaving the whole time and had a lot of women around him. He acknowledged that his teacher (Gagangarh Maharaj) came down to Mumbai to meet with Me sometimes. Gagangarh Maharaj is 108 years old. He questioned the necessity for him to come and meet me because he rarely left his seat. This probably means that  He got affected whenever Gagangarh Maharaj came down and so he was very unhappy with him. So when I was ready to leave I suggested that I put kumkum for him and that he should do the same for me. As soon as he put the kumkum for Me, his finger got stuck and started throbbing. He started screaming and asking Me for forgiveness. I warned him that if he spoke badly about his guru again, nobody would be more cross than me. That his Agnya is completely caught up and despite that he was talking ill about others. He should be ashamed, sitting with all those women after having his guru work on him for 25 years. I asked him to leave.

Later those women told Me that he demanded that everyone give him 1,250 gms of gold, and Rs 125. I told them that later when he returned, they should beat him with their shoes as many times! I  said that although they’d offered him 125 because their hands would ache, they should beat him 1.25 times! ( Mother uses humor)

So if he could misbehave in this way even after having his realization, then what about those who’ve never even had their realization and have always planned to completely exploit people? They are thieves of the highest kind! 

Several come out of jail and become gurus! What do you people know? Now, you shouldn’t be upset about hearing the truth but accept it. I am, after all, your Mother and I have to warn you. There’s a guru in every nook and corner. If you find them out and report them to the police then you’ll realize that at least fifty percent of them have actually come out of jail. The ones from Bombay come here and the ones from here go to Bombay (Mumbai) There’s no better way to loot people. Just like Ravana had duped Sitaji! Put a beautiful facade on something that’s ugly and the ugliness gets camouflaged!

People from abroad are even more simple than you all. They believe in anyone who calls themselves God. What does it take to call yourself God? Only your tongue! They say it’s been published in the papers, for that too all one has to do is pay the newspaper and one can publish anything. Just because someone is saying something doesn’t mean it’s the truth! Because those people are like that, they believe anything that we say. And here one can say whatever one wants, doesn’t take much.

So this place of the guru, which I call Bhavasagara has to be understood. That is why I have been saying openly, from 1970, even taking their names and disclosing their wrongdoings. Openly! And nobody till now has had the guts to file a lawsuit against me, or report me to the police or take any other action. Openly, I’m taking people’s names and saying what kind of crooks people are. Nobody has had the guts! People have been coming and cautioning Me that I’ll be murdered because of this. Let Me see who murders Me! Nobody has complained or uttered a sound against me because they know that I know what they really are. Their disciples can go against me but not those people themselves. Those people are sitting mum. They’re all one worse than the other and they are all looting you and making a fool of you. So, become aware and be alert, don’t get involved with them! There’s no need to feel offended. I’m a Mother and I will tell you the complete truth whether you like it or not. It would be easy for me to please you by saying that everyone is good.

Those people don’t criticize anyone, why would they? They’re only interested in your wallet! They want to make you dance on their fingertips, why would they say you’re bad? Christ had that those who live in the house of Satan will never speak ill of each other. But Kabir, Nanak, and Christ all spoke up! It is because they are all false. 

It’s not a bad thing to earn money, they can become smugglers, I don’t mind. But they spoil your Kundalini. They interfere with your right to attain God and Sahaja Yoga and that’s why I’m against them.

Now above this is the Heart Chakra. The heart is separate from the chakra and that is where the Spirit resides. It knows everything about us and that’s why it’s called Kshetragnya. It is a witness. It knows what we’re doing and what we’re not. After the awakening of the kundalini, your awareness merges with the Spirit. Till now you have been separate and disconnected from the Spirit. You haven’t been aware of It. Once the Kundalini is awakened, the Spirit comes into your awareness. Because the Spirit is all-knowing, you become all-knowing too. (unclear)

The Heart Chakra is in the center and is where your Mother, the Devi, Jagadamba is placed. She is well known in the hilly regions and this is where she is placed. She has incarnated several times in this world She protected those people who were seeking God and were lost in the Bhavnagar and were troubled by evil forces. She protects. If someone feels insecure, then this chakra starts thumping. If a woman is insecure she develops breast cancer. Asthma is also caused as a result of something going wrong in this chakra, a combination of this and this chakra which we call Vishuddhi. Asthma can be cured within two minutes! The Governor of Kashmir, Mr. Sahai had Asthma since 25 years and I cured it in a second! One second!

When this chakra gets awakened, when Jagdamba gets awakened in you then you are secured, you feel secure and that’s why this chakra is of paramount importance. You can read about correcting this chakra in English, in our pamphlet. This chakra improves after the awakening of this mantra.

The chakra above this one is very significant for human beings. It’s at the back here and is called Vishuddhi Chakra. It has 16000 sub plexuses and is the chakra of Shri Krishna. Shri Radha and Krishna are placed here. On the left side is His sister, Vishnumaya, or Adimaya, And Shri Krishna and Rukmini are placed on the right.

Shri Ramachandra is away from the Sushmna and placed this side on the right, the right side of the Heart Chakra because as you know He removed all the aspects of His avatar to become a complete human being. He called himself ‘Maryada Purushottam’ ( ideal human being); although He was an avatar.

All the evolution has taken place from the Nabhi Chakra. The Dashavataras (10 incarnations of Shri Vishnu) started from the Nabhi Chakra The sixth incarnation was that of Shri Rama. That took place here. Then after that was the avatar of Shri Krishna. Before Krishna was the avatar of Parashurama. His incarnation was necessary too because it was needed for someone to come into the world and set people right using their might. Because the human mind isn’t always straightforward.

So he used the strength of his might to prepare people first. After that, he talked about Shri Rama. In this way, they both came together. Because Shri Rama lived like a human, Parashurama’s divine incarnation came simultaneously to let Shri Rama’s incarnation be known.

After that Shri Krishna incarnated on our Vishuddhi chakra. The Vishuddhi chakra is pivotal because the human became a human from an animal by lifting his head. Shri Krishna is the epitome of the Virata, the ‘Whole’. Supposing this ( brain) is the Virata and you are all tiny nerves in It, then you are also part and parcel of the Virata. Once you’re enlightened, you become connected to the Virata. That is the Divine Power that I’m telling you about and also the Kingdom of God. Once all its nerves are enlightened, then the entire Virata comes awake. This is the strength of the Virata. The slogan of Allah hu Akbar as given by Prophet Mohammed is the mantra of the Virata. These Vishuddhi fingers are its fingers, they catch whenever someone has problems with the Vishuddhi. When you put the Vishuddhi fingers in the ears, tilt your head back and call out ‘Allah hu Akbar’: Akbar means Virata, then the Vishuddhi chakra opens instantly. 

Your Dehradun has a lot of Vishuddhi chakra. There are several reasons for this and you can try to understand them. One of them could be that you smoke too much or chew tobacco, that spoils the Vishuddhi chakra. The second could be that you do some wrong kind of meditation and take the wrong mantras. The third reason can be that you don’t really care if you get a cough and a cold and you eat things that you shouldn’t be. The Vishuddhi chakra also catches if someone feels inferior. If he thinks that he is not part of the Virata. When he cannot understand that if he is a drop then he can also be the ocean; that’s when the Vishuddhi catches. It is called, having an inferiority complex. The fifth reason can be when he’s disrespectful towards women, then his left Vishuddhi catches. When a person speaks harshly and behaves arrogantly, then too the vishuddhi chakra catches. These are various reasons but that’s not our concern. If someone wears strange necklaces. Yesterday one person visited me who was wearing a necklace and someone was sitting with him. I asked him to remove the necklace but he became upset. ( yes, it was you) Later, he took it off. Then I asked you but you were sitting quietly wearing it inside. So I asked him where his father was, he’d passed away. I asked if he was wearing something given by his father; he accepted he was wearing a necklace given by his father. He was completely awed and admitted to having received the necklace from a guru through his father! It showed on the finger! 

How that is is very simple.

On the right hand, this finger is connected to the heart, to the father, and to Shri Rama and it was glinting. And it was so bright that I knew you had something or the other given to you by your father. 

Even you will gain this understanding. Even those girls had told you so before I did. And that’s how this chakra was caught up. The minute he removed the necklace, he got his realization. ( inaudible)

People get stuck on small things. I told you to leave that Kashi business, you didn’t. I’m waiting to give you the highest and you’re still stuck with small things! Do I really need to tell you what the pandits in Kashi are like, don’t you know? And the dirt that they give you, do I need to tell you what good it is?

They sell anything that costs a paisa for a rupee and they are such wicked people. They’ve spoilt the vibrations of all the temples!

Should you feel bad when you are told this? You shouldn’t feel bad about anything that’s told to you for your own good. I’m doing all this for your emancipation. People have taken such trivial things to heart.

I was telling you about the Vishuddhi chakra that is the Virata.

Above that is a very important chakra. It is the Agnya chakra. The Agnya chakra is very tight and it is hard for the Kundalini to pass through it. When the Ego and Superego press it from both sides then this chakra becomes even tighter. When a person doesn’t forgive and keeps thinking day in and day out how another person has troubled and tortured him, such a person’s Agnya chakra gets completely caught up. The Agnya chakra is also a bit physically weak in people who wear glasses. This Agnya chakra has many aspects, if you read the book I have, you will know. These people have written extensively about it.

This Agnya chakra is the seat of Mahavishnu. But you all don’t really know about Mahavishnu. But those who’ve read the Devi Bhagwat would’ve read about Mahavishnu. He is considered a great incarnation. He is the son of Radhaji. That he is going to come into the World was predicted fourteen thousand years ago. He is verily Isa Maseeh (Jesus Christ). Isa Maseeh is the incarnation of Mahavishnu. 

How will you know if this is true or it’s a lie? It is actually very easy. Once you have your vibrations, just ask, “Is Isa Maseeh the incarnation of Mahavishnu? Is He on the Agnya chakra?” The vibrations have started right away! The Lord’s prayer is the mantra for the Agnya chakra. But He is made of Aum and the Pranava (vibrations). That means that he is the incarnation of Ganesha. He took a physical form and came to emancipate this world. Because He is made of Aum and Pranave, when He died, He was resurrected. And Krishna is His Father because He had said that the Aum and Pranava cannot be cut by any weapon nor destroyed by anything and so to prove him right, Mahavishnu incarnated in this world. Krishna was His father and therefore He was called Christ. And, Radhaji called him Yeshu after Yashoda. His mother was Radha, the incarnation of Mahalakshmi. They are all part of us and they should be known. However, Pranava is formless as is the Aum. There’s a lot of conflict between ‘form and formless’ and that is why I want to address it otherwise the conflict will continue permanently. Especially in Dehradun, I see ‘Sanatan dharma’ and ‘Arya dharma’ ( different sects of Hinduism), etc continually arguing. Although none of them have achieved it. They’ve been arguing for centuries but neither has achieved it. I haven’t seen anyone getting that fulfillment. The concept of ‘form and formless’ should be explained so that these conflicts get resolved.

When our right channel was being created, the five elements had to be awakened. You know these five elements, all of this creation was made with them. So, these five elements had to be awakened with yAgnyas from the vedas, and prayers and praises were recited. The five elements were awakened with yAgnyas. It was necessary to awaken these five elements, the fire, the water. It was only after they were awakened that human beings could have put them to use. Agriculture started after that as did the idea of science. If our Pingala Nadi hadn’t been awakened we wouldn’t have researched into science nor known how to use these five elements; how to make electricity and how to use fire. We wouldn’t have known fire let alone how to make it! So that we become capable of making all this, that’s why the right side had to be worshipped. That’s why yAgnyas were performed and because all these energies are formless, that’s why the ‘formless’ was worshipped at that time.

Once these were awakened, people wondered what to do next. Then meditation started and people came to the Central path. Once they started progressing on the Sushumna, they could see where the Deities were seated and that the bodies of the chakras were made of these five elements. When they studied the Elements, they realized that they were governed by Deities. After that, they got to know these Deities one after the other, through meditation. Then they claimed that they had forms so the focus shifted from the formless to form. Those whose awareness evolved came to the ‘form’. Then you know what happened to the ones who started believing in the ‘forms’. Worship this! Worship that! Ritualism came into being. Blind faith and religious fanaticism came into being and things were in a miserable state.

Then there was a great revolution and not only that, Mohammed Saheb took his birth. Christ came into this world. These people said that the formless is to be worshipped and to do away with the ‘form’.

There was a lot of secrecy in this matter at that time. However, the Bible says that all that is made by the Earth and the Sky should not be replicated and worshipped. If Christians could understand this and apply this understanding to the practice of idol worship. What has the Earth made? The Earth has made all the Swayambhus. Now tell the Christians that the Earth has made the Swayambhus herself and if you make their replicas, they are not worthy of worship because they’re imperfect. These things have a coefficient too. Forms have a coefficient because of which there is a flow of the Chaitanya ( divine energy). It is impossible to replicate those forms in exactly the same way. Also, the one who makes them should be a realized soul who should not put his creation up for sale. Keeping this in mind, mostly all the idols that we worship are of zero value.

Now if you go to Raanjhana and see the Ganesh, he is exactly like Shri Ganesha and he has come out of the Earth. Nobody has ever touched Him. This has been known for ages. I Myself went to see this Shri Ganesha. There are such tremendous vibrations there as though a live Shri Ganesha is sitting there, the vibrations are so tremendous. That’s why it was advised not to replicate these idols. Now, what do we do? We see anything, replicate it into an idol, and start worshipping it! We never see if the Chaitanya is flowing or not, if it has the coefficients or if it is awakened! That’s why idol worship is prohibited.

This is what happened at the time of Jesus Christ in those days. Because idol worship meant all kinds of ritualism. Now the stone at Kabbah is a genuine Shiva Linga. It’s a genuine Shiva Linga that came out of the Earth and the Prophet, Mohammed knew about it. The Shiva Lingas that are authentic are authentic but every other person tries to replicate them in clay or in stone. This is not permitted. That‘s why idol worship can be a hindrance. Those who are against idol worship are correct in so far as saying that the idols that are not original should not be worshipped. But to say that God has no form is extremely wrong. It means that you have gone to one extreme.

The reason for that was different. When people started worshipping the ‘form’, they realized that they’d gone astray. Suppose I ask you to bring some honey and I describe the flower to you. You find the flower and bring it and then start worshipping it. But you still haven’t got the honey. You can’t get the honey just by talking about and discussing the flowers. So then they felt that since they haven’t got the honey, they should talk about the honey. So then they started talking about the ‘formless’ and that too just remained talk, a futile mental exercise. Whether you talk about the flower or you talk about the honey, you can’t get the honey unless you yourself become a honey harvester. Until you yourself become worthy of receiving the honey, you will not get the honey. The flower is important as is the honey. And to receive the honey you too should have developed into what is called, a honey harvester!

One can argue for the sake of arguing! But the Truth is absolute and irrefutable. How can one argue in the present day about what people were doing in the past, at the time when they were enlightening the five elements? There’s no need for that. It is absolutely true that God incarnates, comes into the World, and emancipates human beings. This is the eternal truth as is the fact that yAgnyas are done to purify the five elements in ourselves. Because if your chakras aren’t pure then My talking to you is pointless. Purifying the chakras is necessary as is to know the Spirit. If this is understood then all debate can come to an end. All the confusion you’ve caused by writing so many pointless books can come to an end too.

Yesterday a gentleman came to Me and said that he recites the Gayatri Mantra. What for? He’s also unable to get his realization. I advised him to ask about Gayatri Devi. He said he didn’t believe that She had a ‘form’. What is the basis for you to disbelieve? 

Because you’re born in an Arya Samaji family(Arya Samaj- monotheistic Indian Hindu reform) you become an Arya Samaji! Where has man’s freedom gone? Because you’re born a Hindu, you practice Hinduism! Maybe you could have been born a Muslim or maybe have been born here in Africa. If you have no past lives, you could have been born anywhere! Maybe in your last life, you were a staunch Muslim, and now you’re a staunch brahmin. Anything’s possible! And that’s what happens! Humans go from one extreme to the other extreme! From one fanatic idea to the other! But Truth is not a fanatic idea, it is reality! It should be seen for what it is through discretion and common sense. We have to achieve that which is the truth and accept it and forget about that which is the untruth.

This is what is happening today. The youth doesn’t believe in God and nor are they interested in what I’m saying in the beginning. This is happening in the whole world and not just here. In many places that people don’t believe in God anymore.

There is an engineer from Algeria who is my disciple and comes from a Muslim background. All the educated people from that place, engineers. doctors, architects, etc, do not believe in God. He was one of them. Somehow he met Me and got his realization. When someone moves from blind faith to atheism, then Sahaja Yoga can catch such a person midway. After he experienced reality, he gave realization to five hundred more people there in Algeria, who are all Muslims. Who worship Shri Vishnu and also know Mohammed. It is not because I have said so but because that’s the way it is. If you have cancer of the stomach and you’re a religious fanatic, you will have to take the name of Prophet Mohammed. If you don’t then I cannot cure you. If you are a Muslim with stomach cancer then you will have to take the name of Shri Dattatreya and of Shri Vishnu, regardless of whether you’re a Muslim or anything else.

Nobody can own any form of God saying ‘this is mine’. He hasn’t been understood and ( religions) have been made. And now religion itself has been turned into politics so God save us! Those people who politicize religion, ask them whether they know anything about religion at all. Religion should not be politicized! 

I told you about the Vishuddhi chakra, now let me tell you about Agnya chakra.

When the Kundalini pierces the Agnya chakra, then one becomes ‘thoughtless’. ‘Thoughtlessness’ settles in you. This chakra also catches a lot here. Don’t know why but you don’t forgive enough. You must forgive. It’s very important to be forgiving. Because if we’re not forgiving then the Almighty doesn’t forgive us either. Agreed that we have a lot of painful experiences in life, but we must forgive so that the Almighty also forgives us. Otherwise, why should the Almighty forgive our mistakes? This is also a reason why the Agnya chakra catches. To be forgiving is very essential. That is why I tell you over and again to forgive, to forgive completely.

Finally, you have the chakra called Sahasrara, which is made of a thousand petals. According to the doctors, there are 982 or 992 nerves and they call it a thousand. They are continually arguing about it. There are 1000 petals that open on that lotus. They have many different colors and when they open, the Kundalini passes through them and pierces the Brahamarandra. It is called Brahma – Randra. Randra means an opening. Brahma means the all-pervading power that acts. The Almighty’s power that is all-pervading and is inherent in you and you. And as soon as it pierces, this power gets established and even you can tell who has what problem. This collective consciousness gets awakened in you and it’s not through a lecture! This event will take place today.

Today is my last day here as I will be going to Delhi. I had asked yesterday for some people to get together and allocate a place in someone’s house. Even a small place that can be used as a Centre where everyone can meet. We don’t need to have a very big place, there just needs to be an address where everyone can meet, then Dehradun’s Centre can start functioning and this work can take place in Dehradun too. I will even send a few people from Delhi who can come, explain everything to you, and help you.

Many kinds of illnesses can be cured through this. Cancer and all kinds of illnesses get cured. They will teach you everything and you too should become enlightened and progress.

I have never done this kind of experiment where I go to a new place where there are no Sahaja Yogis. This is the first experiment of this sort and the reason for this is that my grand-daughter attends school here. Last time I was here I thought that this place is very much a land of penances and there would be nothing to lose by starting here. And some people immersed themselves completely to start this and it worked out.

If there can be one such address where everyone can meet, just a normal home would be sufficient. Those who get their realization here can get together and identify such an address. Then something can be started which is in the town and not too far away. After that older yogis can start visiting to guide you and you can progress.

Now see this gentleman sitting here, note his experience. This morning he wasn’t feeling any vibrations and there was some obstacle. Then someone, one of our foreigners, advised him to ask who Mataji is. He just had to say that and tremendous vibrations started flowing! He was also amused at it. This is the way miracles happen. 

Even a small thing can become an obstacle just as you stop seeing anything even if a very small particle of something falls in your eye. We remain obstructed through small things. Even If there are any small hindrances, we easily get stuck. So we should remove them and they can be removed

You all should remain sitting with your hands like this and I’ll attend to you in a moment.

If you have any questions, ask them. But not unnecessarily as it is a waste of time. That which needs to happen in you should happen, it is your own birthright and you should receive it.

People get stuck on very small details like she was asking why Shri Mataji was wearing a diamond ring. I do have a lot of rings and my Husband wants me to be bejeweled as he earns well. All those who know my husband, know that he’s a very honest man, he’s never earned anything dishonestly. Surprisingly, that ring-stone isn’t a real diamond, it’s fake. Someone gave it to me with love so I put it on.

See this is how one gets into Maya (illusions). I have a lot of real diamonds but that day I was wearing a fake one out of love

I never take a single paisa from anyone and nor can you give Me anything. My husband is very wealthy as was my Father. If I have a lot of jewelry, I do wear a little bit, far less than I can. But my husband likes to see me bejeweled and well dressed as I’m a married woman so I do it for him. In any case, I’m not an ascetic or someone who has renounced the world. I’m not taking anything from you to dress Myself. I dress as I should traditionally, I’m not an ascetic and nor have I renounced the world. Also, I don’t need to tell any lies. So, what is the point of asking me why I’ve worn this and why I’ve worn that?

Those people who are very informed on such matters are actually thieves. This isn’t a circus where people dress up as clowns and deceive you and you get befooled by their appearances

Here, you should understand that you are the one who has to receive – not me. I’m here to give. If you don’t get it then it’s a discredit to you. It will be your bad luck, not mine.

This morning I told you that I don’t need anything from you, not even your vote! Nothing! Nor am I standing for any election! I don’t need fame! But as a Mother I’m telling you only to receive that which is hidden in you and is yours. If you can understand your mother then you can also understand Me. I’m not here to impress you and anyway, what would I gain from that? What are you going to give me, first tell me that? I was so surprised that a well- educated lady should talk this way. It’s very surprising!  That’s probably why in this birth, my husband has such a prominent position so that I don’t need to. But people are so foolish, so foolish that they don’t even want to recognize the truth