Seminar Day 1

New Delhi (India)

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Seminar (Hindi). Delhi, India. 9 March 1979.

(English Translation from Hindi- still to be revised.)

[First 4:53 minutes conversations with new seekers are not translated]

[4:54] Shri Krishna has said in our Gita, “Yoga Kshemam Vahamyaham”. This means, “Yoga first.” He could say “Kshem” first but he said “Yoga” first and then “Kshem”.Kshem” means your wellbeing, your Lakshmi Tatva [element]. But first “Yoga” should take place. Until Yoga [union] happens, the divine has no business with you. First, you should experience Yoga i.e. union with Almighty, Atma [Spirit] should awaken within you.

When the Spirit is awakened within you, then you enter into the domain of Almighty in reality. Otherwise, just like a crammer [who keeps mugging things], everything remains superficial. Until you know your inner Self, until you have recognition of Self, you do not enter the domain of Almighty. That’s why you are not authorised to get what Almighty has said.

Many people put blame on Almighty that we are so much devoted to God, doing so much worshipping, we stand upside down on our head so long, we do this, do that, we offer food [bhog], morning till evening keep chanting, but still why don’t we find Almighty?

Reality is that in order to talk to Almighty, you must establish a connection with Him. Until one attains Yoga, Kshem is not possible. ‘Kshem’ means ‘your protection from all sides’, Lakshmi Tatva [element] gets awakened within us.

Krishna just said “Vahamyaham – I will do”, But He did not explain “how”. So let me explain to you how it works out.

When Yoga takes place, Kundalini rises up from triangular bone and pierces through Brahma Randhra (hole in Fontanelle area). When the power of Kundalini pierces through Brahma Randhra, it gets Light/flame [Jyoti] in it because it receives Light/flame (Jyoti) of our Spirit and due to this light, Lakshmi Tatva in Nabhi chakra is awakened. As soon as Lakshmi Tatva is awakened, you will see that from all sides you will get prosperity.

If someone becomes very rich, whom we call wealthy, it’s not necessary that he would be prosperous too. Most of the rich people are generally unhappy. More money they have, more stupid they would be. Besides, all sort of dirty things enters their homes like wine, cunningness, lies etc. all sort of such things reside within them. All the time they have fears that the government will come and catch them, they will lose money, this happens, that happens.

So, those who are wealthy, are not Lakshmipatis. Because Lakshmi Tatva is not awakened within them, they have just earned money. For them money is just like mud, it does not give any comfort/happiness. We must understand Lakshmi Tatva.

Last time, I had explained how Lakshmi has been formed. She has two lotuses in her hands, which are of pink colour. With one hand, she donates and with another gives shelter. Pink colour represents “Love”. If a human does not have love in his heart, he cannot be Lakshmipati. His house should be like a lotus flower. Lotus even gives shelter to an insect called “Bhowra” [black colour insect like a wasp], which is very dry and has sharp spikes on its body which would pinch if you keep it on hand, comforts it and makes it sleep with its glory. Lakshmipati is the one who has a very big heart. One who is very delightful to his guests and to anyone is Lakshmipati.

But you see, most of the rich people are the greatest beggars. If you visit their house, they would die of fear of spending some money. One who is always worried about his money that I am losing 4 cents on this, 2 cents on that, save this, how to save something there, such a person cannot be Lakshmipati.

A miserly person cannot be Lakshmipati. One who is miser is a miser, he is not Lakshmipati. A miser is poor, very poor. He has no royalty in his behaviour. One who has no royalty in his attitude, should not be called Lakshmipati. One who is royal always lives in a royal manner either in poverty or affluence. He lives like a king.

One who is worried about petty things, every penny, this thing, that thing, cannot be a Lakshmipati. Since Lakshmi Tatva is not awakened, he gets a strong catch of Nabhi Chakra. Materialism creeps in such a person, he becomes very materialistic/worldly [jad-wadi]. He picks on every small thing like this is mine, this is my son, blah blah. If all such things get in someone, he is not a Lakshmipati. “Should I steal this person’s thing, steal that person’s thing, take this or take that, everything should be for myself.” If someone thinks like this, he is also not a Lakshmipati.

One who thinks about others, “If I have a posh house, how many people will be accommodated, if I have some nice things, how many people will feel comfort. How would I welcome others, how would I be able to help others, how would I keep others in my heart?” There is no question of helping others. One thinks that these are my own [kins], “Whatever I am trying to do is, to help myself.”

Then Lakshmi Tatva is awakened in real. His face, his lifestyle has to be like a lotus, such a person should be fragrant and like one who stinks with pride. One should be very humble.

You must have seen Lotus that it is bent little bit downwards. Lotus never stands straight; it’s always bent down little bit. Likewise, at least the two lotuses held by Lakshmiji in her hands, have similar tenderness. While interacting with others, he talks with very cool attitude, with joy, in a very affectionate way. They are not artificial, those lotuses are not made of plastic, but they are real. Such a person should be like a lotus in real.

At one hand one has to be beneficent. From his hand, donations should keep on flowing and flowing always. I have seen my father like that. He was very generous person. If he accumulates something in ample, he would donate. He would not get enjoyment, until he donates something. If someone tells him that, “Why don’t you watch out what people are taking away?” On this he answers that, “What should I keep watch on? Who [divine] has to give out is giving away, I am just standing in between? What to see, I feel embarrassed when people say that I am donating.” One who is generous like this, the one who does not accumulate anything for himself but keeps giving things to others, he enjoys in giving and not in receiving, such a person is Lakshmipati. Only such a person gets it. One who keeps thinking of himself, “How I or my own children will be benefitted, how will I get better?”, such a person is not Lakshmipati, has no grace, he is like a beggar.

And with other hand he gives shelter. Whoever comes to his house, takes care with love, care him like his own son. In his house, there are servants, animals and people in his shelter and they all know that he is there to take care of us. If we have any trouble, he will help us. He would get up in middle of night too to help. He does it secretly and does not tell others or make them realize that I have done so much for them. He does it absolutely secretly.

Paramatma [God Almighty] is also exactly same. That is Shri Laxmi form of divine in a female form like a mother and she stands on a lotus. Just think about it, in order to stand on a Lotus how much simplicity one has to have, absolutely light [weight] without putting any load on it.

That person must be such that he can stand on a Lotus and he does not put pressure on anyone. He must be very humble. Those who show off about their possessions that, “We have this, that, blah blah” cannot be Laxmipati. They must have motherhood, heart like a mother, then we can call them Laxmipati. All these are characteristics of a Laxmipati.

And when this element is awakened within, the first this that comes to you is the satisfaction. There is no limit of anything otherwise, you know as they say in Economics that “No needs are satiable in general.” Today you have this thing, so tomorrow you need that thing, then something else and so on. Man keeps running like a mad, there is no end to that. Today I get this so now I need that, something else.

But one achieves contentment [with awakening of Laxmi Tatva]. One cannot enjoy anything until he achieves contentment. Because contentment is thing of present, hope is thing of future and disappointment is thing of past. When you stand in contentment, you are fully enjoying your possessions. Otherwise, whatever one gets he says. “Oh that other person has got so much. I want that thing. then why did you get this thing?” When he gets that he again wants something else. Such a person can never enjoy his life and neither can he ascend. Day and night his eye will be only on such things. Things which are in vain, Things which are not important, things which are meaningless in life, things which have nothing to do with joy in life, he keeping chasing only such things in life.

But first Yoga must happen then Kshem [wellbeing] follows. Here many Sahaja Yogis have accompanied me, who have been with me in Sahaja Yoga and they have achieved it and progressed in Sahaja Yoga. They progressed financially too, all of them A to Z. Some of them who were penniless earlier, gained hundreds of thousands of rupees [Lacs]. We have such people too here.

For instance, this foreigner couple, they wanted to visit India and have been thinking about this. They have money of course. They also achieved financial wellbeing, earned lot of money and enjoyed a comfortable life. But when they were about to travel, a firm offered to sponsor their travel since they had done something for them. Paramatma [Almighty] helps even in such small ways and you save so much of money that you don’t understand what to do with that money.

Earlier they used to take drugs, drink and all sorts of things. Lot of money used to get lost in such things. Now I notice that they have good homes, got all good things in their homes, they listen good music, developed all good hobbies, started living a good life, their children became very good. I asked them, “How all this happened?” They answered that, “Earlier we used to waste all of money and had no sense about our whereabouts itself. We were always out of our senses and had no idea about our lifestyle and actions.”

That’s the reason all Gurus prohibited wine and other such things. This wine is such harmful thing that the moment it enters the house from one side, Shri Laxmi immediately steps out from other. It’s simple accounting. The moment she notices your bottle of wine entering the house, she leaves immediately from other side. Such person never gets blessings of Lakshmi ji. Those who drink, will never have blessings of Lakshmi ji. Of course, they may have lot of money, their sons would waste all their money, wife would run away, something or other will go wrong, children would run away, some or other issues will happen. Tell me about one single home where they drink and have happiness.

They cannot be happy, as wine is always against the happiness. That’s why Gurus said “No” to wine especially. Why they prohibited? We must think about it. Afterall they were not insane. Thousands time they told not to drink, “Don’t drink!”

Wine is a thing, God never created for drinking. It was created for polishing, doing polish. Tomorrow they will start drinking phenyl [cleaning liquid], what to say about people’s mind? What can one do, if they start drinking anything? Man’s mind is so stupid that anything they like, start drinking it. Who told them to drink? When you drink this polish on the name of wine, all your lever, intestines get polished too. Even your arteries get stiffened with polish. Arteries become so stiff that their tissues are no longer flexible, means they cannot grow bigger or smaller, they just freeze. Arteries size just gets fixed, so even blood cannot flow. If there is no flexibility in arteries and it becomes like a stiff pipe, what would happen?

Such coatings of polish keep on accumulating beyond limits and man himself becomes like a polish. Such person is very artificial. Such drunker will show off superficially lot of goodness in him, [you might] call him gentleman, he is very generous, this, that. All superficial. One who can keep his family starved, one who can show high-handedness with his family, whatever fake gentle behaviour may be exhibited by such a person [voice not clear].

Every one [Adi Gurus] has prohibited liqueur, have prohibited so much. Why they did so? Now Muslims have been prohibited from drinking, but they drink it most. Why did He (prophet Mohammad) prohibit? One must think, that why a man like Prophet Mohammad, prohibited drinking. Shri Nanak prohibited it. In London, no one drinks more than Sikhs. They have even defeated English people there in this. Isn’t it true? In which religion, drinking has been supported? None of the religions would have said so. But in every religion, people drink so much. And our [Adi] Gurus are being insulted.

Our whole Nabhi Chakra and our ten Dharmas surrounding it, which are formed by (Adi) Gurus, these ten Dharmas are in our Nabhi. That’s why our Gurus have prohibited that in order to establish our Dharmas.

First thing is that you should not be addicted to liqueur or any such thing and become its slave. If you want to be slave, why do you talk about liberation? People think, this slavery is the freedom. If someone tells them that, “Son, don’t drink liqueur”, they think that they are being restricted and their freedom is being snatched. (Mother laughs.) Human beings are so mad.

They are told not to do something, so that they don’t become slave of these things. Whenever elderly people suggest something, then one must ponder over it, instead of cramming it morning till evening. We must ponder over it that, “Why [such person] has told so?” There must be some good reason behind it. Why so learned or respected people had to say such a thing? Why they told no to this thing in particular? Must thing about it, ponder over it.

Any person if thinks over it a little, can understand that such filthy things we have adopted, due to which, Laxmi principle (Tatva) has vanished [from our society]. Laxmi principle has vanished completely from India. Here Laxmi principle is not existing at all and awakening it is also very difficult. Because Laxmi principle is the main leg of divine seeking. Nabhi is the abode of Shri Vishnu and Shri Laxmi, whom we know as power of Shri Vishnu.

In this very chakra our seeking begins. When we are at amoeba stage, we seek food. When we evolve to bigger animals, then we seek more food, water, companionship. After that we became humans, so now we seek power, authority and money. Many people are all the time after the food. Morning till evening what to eat, what not to eat, do this thing, do that. They are engrossed in all these things and spoiling [themselves]. Those who have sickness of overeating, are not Laxmipati, they are like beggars. They are never satisfied.

Once one of our relative visited us, who happened to be our daughter in law in [distant] relation. She started saying, “In our paternal place we had all this, that.” So I said, “A little of that should reflect in you as you don’t have even little contentment. You want to eat this thing, that thing, want to roam around all over. Did your father nurture any satisfaction at all in you or not? If your father was really such a Laxmipati, there would be at least some contentment in you.”

If you get something fine, else forget about it. When a man reaches such a stage. When he loses his authority, power, money, he learns that he did not find happiness in anything that he had been seeking. Then seeking for the joy begins and that too from Nabhi Chakra.

Just due to this seeking, we evolved from amoeba stage to Humans. And due to same seeking though which we seek divine, we evolve from human stage to Super Human [Ati Manav]. We know Self, we know Spirit [Atma]. That’s the reason, Laxmi principle is very important.

Around this Laxmi principle is the Dharma. There are ten Dharmas in human beings. Now since you have become modern so go ahead and trash all Dharmas. You have become modern, great! But these ten Dharmas are anyways inside you, these are very much there. If man does not have these ten Dharmas [virtues], he would become evil [rakshasa]. Just like this gold has a dharma that it does not get spoiled [lose its shine], similarly these ten dharmas in you allow you to be humans.

There are sub-Dharmas too but basically you have to maintain these ten Dharmas [virtues]. If you disregard these ten Dharmas, you will never be uplifted, you cannot be realized.

First unless you establish your Dharmas, you cannot become dharmateet [go beyond Dharmas], cannot rise above them. First these Dharmas have to be established.

That’s why all these Adi Gurus have worked so hard, they worked too hard. And we are destroying their hard work with our intellect. We are completely destroying them.

Our first primary duty is to establish in these ten Dharmas. But nowadays these gurus have nothing to do with you or your Dharmas. [They would say,] “Okay so you drink? No problem. Get me a bottle too. Okay you keep many women? Okay, no problem you can keep tens of women. Just send one for me too” or “Leave you wife and children with me. Whatever money you have in your pocket, give it to me. I have nothing else to do with you. Whatever business you want to do continue. Whatever money you have in your purse, deposit that here. Then whatever you want, you are free to do.”

Just today only there was one incidence, she has accompanied me here. She has a cousin sister, who happens to be a princess [or elite personality] too. And her husband is a drunker, very bad man. He was disciple of a guru. She saw his guru and told him that husband tortures her, beats her up, has a keep, drinks etc., “Please tell him something [to mend his ways]. He keeps women, though he is a prince but what to do about him? He is getting so spoiled.” So he started saying, “Leave it, why are you worried about all that?” He kept on sucking money from him, as that’s only business guru had with him.

Is this a kind of guru? Those who suck money from you, how can they be your gurus? Those who survive on your money, are actually parasites, worse than your servants. At least your servants do some work for you. But such evil people who live on your money should be put in Rakshasa Yoni. And those who go to such people are also dumbest of all, I would say. Why don’t they see this? Can you purchase God? Can you purchase any guru? If some is [real] Guru, would he sell himself?

He is a dignified person, you can’t buy him. You can win him with only one thing, your Love, obeisance, devotion. He cannot be influenced by anything else. He has his own dignity, lives in his own prestige, is such a royal person.

Why would you care for riches? If you are one, then better stay at your own home. How does it matter to him? He can eat even in plate made of leaves, can sleep on the ground too. If he wishes so, can live in a palace too. He lives the way he wants to. He has no business with you except your love, obeisance and your seeking. If you are true seeker, he will put you on his head.

You must look for a Guru, who talks about God, who identifies you with your Spirit. Guru is only one who identifies you with God [Maalik]. You make anyone as Guru.

These are not even agurus, they are devils [rakshasa], devils… They give you rings. One who shows you rings, would he talk about God? Don’t you see that they put your attention in a ring? There is one who is teaching nude dancing, teaching immorality [adharma]. Which religion it is all scripted?

One more thing we must understand about modern gurus, that they have crafted their own ideas. They have no match with earlier Gurus. The way they used to live, what they taught, their behaviour, things, nothing is in common.

Every religion holds a tradition or history. We can say that in all religions, same thing, absolutely same is being preached. Study our Shankracharya, you would understand Sahaja Yoga. Study Kabir, Nanak, Mohammad, Christ you will understand. Right from Confucius and Socrates everyone you see, has only taught Sahaja Yoga.

And all these people who make you stand upside down on head, this that, dance etc. to destroy you, how can you accept them as Gurus? Guru has only one identification. One who connects you with God [Maalik] is the Guru and rest are not Gurus. If you are standing on Truth, you have to see only this thing. But man has become so superficial that he looks at the circus instead: how many bells and whistles one has, how many pots one has on his head, how is the hair style, any horns on his head!

Guru has only one identification. He does not know anything other than God, he is immersed in that only. Such a person is Guru i.e. much higher than you. But ones you purchase in market, whom you pay, who make fool out of you, hypnotise you. You are tied with them, completely associated with them. What to say about such people?

Let me tell you something: in this extreme Kali Yuga, there are many such weird cartoons. Whom to describe? But there is such strong attachment [with such gurus].

Recently in Dehradun [a place in UP state], a lady came [to program]. Her Kundalini was completely frozen like this. So, I asked her which guru she was visiting? She told about some guru she used to visit. I asked her that, “Did you learn about that guru from newspapers or not? He had done something wrong with a eighteen year old girl, whatever he did this girl with 25 more girls. And few others published news about him. It was published ten years ago.” She started saying, “Yes I read about this but all that is lie.” I asked her, “If that’s lie then what did you get from him?” On this she felt very bad and started saying, “Mataji I am a married woman, I am a good person.” Then I told her, “Then why do you even visit such person’s doorstep?”

But it’s not that woman is a mischievous or a bad character person, but she is under influence of hypnosis. She is hypnotised.

They have no freedom. Guru will sit in temple with them. You go there and offer seva. So big boxes are kept there for donations. ‘Seva’ means ‘you give donations’. And people go there with their pockets full to donate. You go and see anywhere, so big trunks are kept.

Even when people touch my feet, someone offers one rupee, sometimes five rupees. [Mother laughs.] I feel like laughing. I mean they got so conditioned. Right. You visit Shri Hanumana temple, there also offer one rupee and a quarter.

And for this very reason, everywhere, I mean everywhere they have messed up. They have not spared any holy place. For this very reason, our young sons, those young people wonder, “This is God or some drama?” They have some brain; their minds are still intact. They are developing disbelief. You will be surprised that it has spread in all religions.

A gentleman came from Algeria. He was a young engineer, very brilliant fellow. He was also in this protest, “These Muslims are such fanatics, these Mulla’s clergies eat up all money and make living out of public’s money and they think of themselves as very great people. Everyone bows before them. Then we saw Pope also, he is another cartoon.”

So, he came to me with all these disbeliefs. He said all this is falsehood, meaningless. When he came to me, I said thing is that, “If Truth exists then only falsehood will also manifest. When Truth exists, people make false things on its very basis.” Right? Truth exists, Absolute exists.

Then I told him, “Good now check out Sahaja Yoga. This Sahaja Yoga stands right in between fanaticism and disbeliefs. Here, God himself is with you. You get to realization, experience it. You must fix up yourself then.

Unless you establish in Sahaja Yoga, you cannot experience it fully. Those who established themselves, found it. Those who did seek, found it. If you do not seek, the Truth is not going to come to your feet pleading for its seeking. It has its own prestige. One must seek it, one is rewarded with bliss in seeking of truth, as both are same things. Both are same, like moon has its moonlight or sun has its sunlight. Similarly, truth and bliss both are one. When you find the Truth, you’re completely drenched in bliss.”

But this is not about lecturing that I keep giving lectures morning till evening. Lectures give me throat soars. No, it’s about finding it, achieve something, get to know your Spirit.

I have seen many such brave hearts who say, “We did not feel anything, Mataji.” As if they are very great. It must happen. If nothing happens, it means there is something wrong with you. There is some ailment, you must be sick, may be mentally you aren’t okay, might be you bowed before some false guru. If you have bowed your forehead before a false person, which has been made by God in all dignity, it’s all finished.

You should not believe me too, blindly. That’s wrong. I want you to find it and if you unbelieve me even after that, then you are biggest fool. What to say about you, if you don’t establish yourself even after [finding truth]? Once you find it [truth], you must establish in it. After establishing you see, your complete powers flow through your hands like this and you can share this bliss with others too. Can give to other too. And how it happens, how it works out, you will slowly understand yourself it as you make progress in it.

Amongst these people [Sahaja Yogis] these are many who came to me six months ago, only six months ago.

Now this Dr. Bergeogi [name not clear] came six months ago, who is a prominent doctor in London and runs his practice in Germany too. Since he found it [Truth], he is after this thing. Since then, he has cured cancers and many other diseases. Now he says after finding it, everything else looks irrelevant to him. Because when you get to the basic principle and get hold of it, it’s no more difficult to work out other things.

Like this, you all have right to get it. That’s why it’s called Sahaja. ‘Sah’ means ‘with[in] you’, ‘ja’ means ‘born’. You also have right to get it and all others have rights on it too and you must achieve it. Like one candle can light up another, in same way one realized soul can give realization to others but he must be realized soul. If one candle is not light up, what can it do to another? When second candle is enlightened, it lights up third one too. That’s how this happening takes place and one gets the light within.

Now light within does not mean that you see the light. Now this is also very weird thing that people want to see the light. When it’s about seeing something, you are not there. For example, understand it this way: you can see a building from outside but when you enter the building what will you see? Nothing at all! Then you become and don’t see anything.

Wherever one sees something, must assume that you are still outside. Those who see the light, it’s like a spark due to short circuit. So, whoever saw the light, tell me, Agnya chakra has problem. It needs to be fixed.

Your Kundalini cures all your chakras by itself. She is your mother, everyone’s individual mother. One that you call as “Surati”. She is the “Surati” and she ascents herself, cures you and takes you up there. If you have any defects, I can understand it. She informs about that defect too so that it can be cured. If you have done any mistake, that can be cured too. But one must be in receptive mood that, “Let me receive it and achieve it.”

Now one thing that was brought up yesterday, is striking someone’s mind today again that it is said that Kundalini Awakening is very difficult, very tough. How is it felt? People often dance, few dance like monkey and what not?

Nothing. I have raised Kundalini of thousands and they got realization. It never happens like that. God has given this thing for your benevolence; she is your mother meant for rebirth. She will never cause any pain to you. Instead, she gives you so much comfort. Ailments like cancer are cured by Kundalini awakening. All your diseases can be cured.

Such a loving energy which bestows all blessings, is sitting inside you. Having such disbeliefs that we will become monkey or a frog! This thing which evolves you into a super human, would it really turn you into a frog? You must understand this thing!

This is difficult for those who are fools, don’t know anything about it. It is difficult task for one who is unauthorized. For one, who is authorized and knows everything about it’s functioning, it’s very simple task to do. Quite possible that I have authority on it and I know all its functions and details, that’s why it rises so easily. You can witness its rising, awakening and its ascent too with your own eyes. And we have filmed this as well. But those who are very doubtful, Sahaja Yoga develops with bit difficulty in such people.

One must receive this thing and achieve it. Nowadays such a time has come, in this Kali Yuga that we are living in. I would say actually that we are very weak from spiritual perspective. No sensitivity! We don’t have sensitivity at all. If we understood spirituality, if we knew how to recognize the Spirit, we would have never run behind false gurus. But our ability to recognize Truth has become very lowered, very subdued. We cannot recognize where is the truth.

Reason behind that is that we have become so artificial, so artificial. If you become artificial, your ability to recognize truth will be lowered.

But as I see in villages even nowadays people recognize it immediately. They immediately know who is truthful and who is not. They have this acumen to know, they can sense that this person is real or fake.

As you know urban people become so artificial, they live artificially. They have no sense of recognition. That is why all these thieves are focussed on cities. They all go to cities, don’t work in villages at all. Because people in cities have money in their pocket and that’s what they are interested in. Why would they work in villages?

But our Sahaja Yoga works out in villages only. Actually, I visit cities just like that but real work is done in villages. Those villagers who are simple and connected with God, they get it very easily. They don’t take even a second. They don’t take even a second! But in cities due to the environment and their life style, people change themselves, they go down in their virtues [dharmas] so much.

Now about drinking they say, “What’s wrong in that, everyone must drink for business.” As if business is the God. “One must drink essentially, how business would run without drinking.” Or otherwise, you say that you do not believe at all in God and virtues [dharma]. And if you believe even a little bit, then you should not do anything not virtuous. Nobody has to drink. This is also a misunderstanding that we have to drink for business etc.

One who wants to deceive himself, no one can save such a person. You know my husband. He has been in government job. He ran a big shipping corporation. Even today he has reached great heights. I told him only one thing drinking is beyond me and whole life he even did not touch it, not even a drop. And by grace of almighty, he has been very successful. Everyone honours him, respects him.

Till date, has there been even a single statue of a drunker for this was a great drunker? Tell me about any one person, in any country. In England people drink so much. I never saw any such person’s statue there being worshipped for how much he used to drink. Has any drunker got any recognition in this whole world anywhere? Then how can your business prosper with its help? If you lose your reputation, how your business will grow? Business is rewarded for your repute, not by cheating. Should be like if a man stands anywhere, people recognize him and say such a man is there.

Why are you mixing yourself in these issues of society, these illusions? You take care of your own personality. God resides within you.

It’s foolishness talking on these lines in these times. Saying anything is foolishness. But you don’t know how much you have broken yourself within, how much pushed yourself into slavery. After getting away with such things, what is that I can grant you? You only tell me. Not at the least, you must take a vow that, “I have my self-respect.”

God Almighty has evolved us from amoeba to human. How difficult task is to develop a tiny amoeba into human. After letting you pass through thousands of yonis, God Almighty has created such beautiful humans. Then he granted you the freedom to make the choice of goodness or perversion. You can embrace anything you like. Do you want to embrace perversion? Go ahead. If You want to embrace goodness, that’s okay too.

One must think that the God who created us, with so much effort, must have built-in some arrangement to know him, understand him. Know self and understand the purpose of self and why we are born in this world, what is our fulfilment?

Humans never tried to know why we are born in this world? Why don’t scientists think that why amoeba was evolved into human? What’s so greatness within us for which God created us with so much effort and then granted complete freedom. Only at this point, even God surrenders before you since you are free.

God cannot take away your freedom. If you have to be settled in the Kingdom of God, to be adorned like a king, then how can you be in bondage? Should hypnosis be used on you? You are completely free. If you like, embrace God in your life or if you wish, go for Satan. God has opened both options for you completely.

And everyone has worked so hard for you. Let me tell you all Gurus have inflicted so many miseries for you. All incarnations, Gurus have put in so much of efforts for you people. How much we tortured them, how much we cheated them. They tolerated all those pains in order to establish you, people.

But this Kali Yuga came like a typhoon that we forgot everything. And we lost our sensitivity for our soul. So surprising, that we can recognize anyone by his face whether he is a real one or fake.

If a person is Godly, it becomes evident from his face. We lost this ability to recognize [truth], that sensitivity within us completely vanished. When Rama came in this world, all knew that he is an incarnation. When Krishna came, all recognized him as an incarnation. But now we are at such times that nobody can recognize anyone. The same thing happened with Christ too. But few people recognized him. But now such time has come that people recognize bhoots and rakshasas as an incarnation.

One must pull out from these illusions and one must ask for only one thing that, “O Lord, please be awakened within us. So that we can know ourselves.” Without recognition of Spirit, we cannot know God, can’t know, can’t know. Everything else is futile. All this is a circus. All these, as we call them are external displays. No point in satisfying ourselves with these external shows. You are deceiving yourself only.

Who can deceive God? He knows you very well. You are causing losses to yourself only. You must achieve it since it’s your own energy, your own property. The source is right within you. Everything is filled inside you only, you must get it and then must establish yourself in this.

I know that in Sahaja Yoga many people come but here people complain that they don’t make progress. I have seen such hopeless people but they have reached great heights. And we thought great about some people, but they are still stationed at the same place. They come back with same issues, same headaches, same problems, same troubles, all those same things still going on as it was before. Their level has risen only this much.

In Sahaja yoga, until you give out, you cannot make progress. You will have to give out. As you keep giving to others, you would keep progressing further. If we build a big boat say a ship and we don’t put it in waters, then what’s meaning of this? Just like that, if a man finds God and sits at home, what’s the advantage of lighting such a candle that you place it under a table? The candle is light up so that others may get the light from it. With its light you can see others and see inside you as well. You can see your own Chakras and other’s Chakras too. You can see your own joy and see other’s grief too. And you can know how to give it out to others, where is it getting obstructed, how to correct it.

For today’s this is enough. Now let’s meditate and see how many get their realization. You all sit comfortably. Please get the chairs for those who can’t sit down on the floor. Because those who can’t sit down, should not push themselves. Those who are tall, find it difficult to sit down on floor.