Seminar Day 2, Bharatvarsha Yoga Bhoomi

New Delhi (India)


Bharatvarsha Yoga Bhoomi, Seminar in Delhi (India), 10 March 1979. (Day 2)

Today morning I had told you people in English that the divine has indeed created you, whether you realize its significance or not, it exists and the way he has created you all, that it also a specialty. I had told you in the morning how, in a designated time-frame, human being was created from a miniscule amoeba. Now that a human has been created, what’s the way forward? Is there anything substantial for him on the cards or will he keep loitering around? So I told you that God has given you the luxury of freedom – choose the Divine or the Devil, your choice. This is your own freedom, God has no role to play in your choice. If you follow the wrong path, you will bear certain implications and if you choose the right path, you will receive certain blessings of it. To show the very difference between right and wrong paths, many incarnations arrived on this earth. Several gurus, who were the real gurus, came in this world and spoke about the power of knowledge and instructed people to steer clear of extremism. Each time they saw mankind moving towards its destruction, they have incarnated. All these incarnations fulfilled their designated works but that, in no way means that those incarnations came and left. They have their inner milestones defined in us, their reflections drawn within us. As we progressed, we created our respective temples in their names. We know Guru Nanak incarnated. Today itself, I went UNCLEAR (by the same route), saw the water body created by him, so many vibrations were flowing from it, it was so fulfilling being in that place. So, did he take his incarnation only to create that water body and left? No! His personality was so great that he built a temple for himself in our hearts. Within ourselves, there is a place for Shri Nanak, that’s how it is built. I shall explain in full detail all about the locations of these gurus within ourselves and how they guard us. God has created us with such finesse, even if you look at your eye, what a fascinating mechanism it is! Due to this mechanism, you can walk, talk, eat – and remember the Divine while performing all your worldly duties. It is apparent that HE must have placed something within us, due to which we recognize him. That built-in mechanism is indeed within us! However, the way it has been described, people either rubbish its idea or they think it is a big lie or they simply exploit its idea, make money, make fake promises of claiming a union with the Divine and then ask the seeker to pay as per his ‘devotion’ to the Divine. In the garb of devotion, they keep exploiting you. The dharma that was established within you, these people erected it outside (created respective temples) and now started making money on it. But today’s seekers are bright ‘n’ educated and they wonder why money is being associated with devotion, why such violence? Crimes that even goons do not commit, these people commit in the name of ‘Dharma’. So, should you believe in such a dharma (religion)? This is indeed the best time for SY to appear on the horizon. I conveyed yesterday that in between blind faith and disbelief, it is necessary for SY to arrive. Which is why, this is indeed the time when you should achieve your realization, your recognition of the Divine. When people claim this land of India to be a ‘yogabhoomi’ (the land of Yoga), especially the Hindu-dominated majority, I feel like laughing! Do these Hindus even know what they are talking about? They don’t even know what spiritual treasures were discovered by our great sages. Ours is a very special country. Look around, there is only a roof above and its open from all 4 sides. In this environment, you can easily listen to My lecture. However, in London, I bet if you can sit even for 10 mins like this! Extreme weather – perpetual rain, biting cold, a person can’t even walk conveniently. Such countries are bearing the extremity of Mother Nature. It is difficult to even walk around. If you have to leave the house, it will take you half an hour easily. Dare you go out without your shoes, socks, warmers and head scarves! Those who are born in such countries, have to put up with the extremities of Nature, they are challenged by Nature. Such challenges externalized their attention and they thought, ‘Let’s build houses that can bear the cold, create rain-friendly transportation’ else the weather take its toll on them. We people are very lucky in this matter. You don’t even realize that in such balanced weather conditions, a satisfied person can live under a tree or a jungle. In terms of eatables, it is indeed a salubrious arrangement. In the West, there’s nothing that grows on trees. All foods are tinned, you don’t know for how long they have been kept in the tins. Even fishes are imported from Australia and New Zealand. Now try comparing (India and the West). So many things are available here which aren’t available there. For e.g. if you wear Silk or Cotton there, those people think you must be very rich! Otherwise here (in the West) you can’t wear anything except Nylon. Even if you wear cotton, it is more Nylon mixed in it, simply because Cotton is so expensive that people long to wear it. In Rs 200, I would rather buy a voile sari (voile – a soft cotton like fabric), 200 is more than enough. In these countries, there is no easy living. Going out and managing the Weather-Gods becomes essential, else survival is difficult. No one can live there the way you people are living here. God must have created this country in a special way. You can view the moon and the stars in the night, the Sun in the morning. Those people long to see the Sun. Such bizarre countries where you don’t see the Sun for a good 6 months! Hence, this country is fit for everyday hassle-free living. In such a country, people paid attention to the Divine, thought about this entire creation as well as the Creator? The innate powers who are driven upon a bigger power? They introspected and made their discoveries. They found out that there are gracious powers of the Divine within us. We have a reflection of the Divine within in, that we call the ‘Spirit’. When a human being discovers his spirit, a connection is established and those gracious powers of the Divine unfold themselves. The Divine energy starts flowing through the seeker’s hands and the seeker himself becomes Divine. Nobody has worked out on this topic more than in India, not even in a thousand years. Hence, India is called the ‘Yogabhoomi’ (the land of yoga). You must thank the Divine and acknowledge that you must be having a great spiritual-legacy in you, due to which you got a chance to be born here. You can, of course, complain about the electricity problems, buses and trams irregularities. Well, these man-made arrangements are absurd. It is possible that those provisions may be better in those places (West). However, the internal provisions and powers created by the Divine are so efficient, when you imbibe them, all your works can be done without you having to go anywhere or discuss anything. Sit in one place and call everyone. You will be surprised but let’s understand that you cannot see pictures of what’s happening in London or Japan but whatever is happening here, you can see. If you put a television, you can see everything. In the same manner, when your Divine mechanism starts working and you integrate with the Divine, you can work out several things very efficiently. You will be amazed at how your works will get fulfilled. You can find your Divine sanction on everything. An introspective personality can even bring clouds in the sky, breeze, winters or summers and even call out to the Sun, everything! He can control all the five elements. When you get to know of these powers and when you get the power to awaken all these powers, when you go to your source and reach the sources of these powers as well, know your principles as well as the principles of this great power, you can control anything, create anything. Look at this place now, when I came here for the first time, this land was absolutely barren. When I came here, people said, “Mother, this is a horrible place!” I asked, “Why?” They told Me negative entities (bhoots) roam around here in the nights. Some people even died. People even rob each other. They had no clue what to do with this useless piece of land. They asked for something fruitful to be done about this. Filthy people were arriving here, they disturb everyone in such a way as if negative entities are walking in. All this happened around 5-7 years ago. I said, “Ok, get three coconuts.”See how simple it is. I asked for three coconuts, charged them with vibrations. Once they get vibrated, they get awakened. Now these vibrations, they think, act, attack and are weaponized in their own way. The powers of all the Deities are within them. You can fulfill all your purposes with them. After vibrating, I told them, “You can keep the coconuts here”. From that day onwards, all the negativities started running away. Mr. Bhat was saying, “Some negativities still come but then wonder why, they run amok! Don’t enter!’ Those entities know what the coconut is all about. I shall explain it to you scientifically. The vibrations, that were flowing through your hands, let’s see their importance! In Rahuri, there is a full-fledged Agricultural organization that contains a large university, 10 times the size here. Spread across 25 miles at least, very beautiful expanses of the university which comprises great researchers, who are actually like SYs, are the professors there. They came to Me and complained about the anti-social elements, goons in Rahuri, who would disrupt everything. The whole place seemed infested with negativity and the question remained, how to change it. I said, “Get three coconuts again, I shall vibrate them for you. To vibrate means to lovingly put the vibrations into them. Nobody has experimented with the power of love, everyone uses the power of hatred. The power of love, these vibrations, Shri Adishankaracharya has called them ‘saundarya lehari’ (saundarya = beauty lehari = wave Waves of divine beauty), these are the very waves that regulate the universal processes. Nobody cared to know of this power or use it. All our political organizations are based on the principles of hate. If they understand our inner power of love, all these wars will stop and wisdom will be restored in the universe. So I was telling you about the power of love. They brought the three coconuts and asked me, “Mother, please do something about them. Let’s place them inside the garden”. I said, “Ok”. I vibrated them. Now the vibrations were flowing through them and they placed the coconuts in the garden. Out of a sheer blunder, somebody created a staircase above them, someone else cemented them. After a few days, I saw that the cement broke and three trees emerged out of it. Now it is a place where no coconut trees ever grow. Secondly, the dried up coconuts became even drier. Now they got Me those dry coconuts that never grow there. They grew up and even produced three trees. When I extended My hands, the coconuts were emitting vibrations. After that day, the university where there was so much hue ‘n’ cry, began to function well, with no obstructions whatsoever. All because of those three coconuts! You can go and verify if all this is true or not. The first time when a person ‘finds’ God, the reflection of the Spirit pulsates in him, he offers something to the Nature. We are forever using the Nature for our benefit, do not offer anything in return. It is worthy of seeing that for the first time, man can offer vibrations to Nature in order to awaken her. Another example, once a man got a whole lot of Wheat vibrated from me and sowed it in the fields. That is also a govt. recognized research institute comprising many researchers. When the seeds sprouted, they looked like pearls, beautiful and shiny, a kind of sheen to it. His yield was 10 times more. So much Wheat was saved. He thought he should save some Wheat for further seeding. He put them in sacks and stored in godown which was infested with mice. He mentioned that they ate other things but there was not a single hole in the sacks where vibrated Wheat was stored. Even the mice know about the divine things. But in today’s times, we are surrounded by such superficiality that we do not know the difference between Divine and devilish natures. Nobody sees the difference, we are all sitting in the illusion of what is divine and what is demonic. A divine confusion indeed! Such is our condition today. We have fallen from our humanism as well, due to which at least we recognized Shri Ram, Shri Sita and Shri Krishna. In these modern times, (kalyuga) it is impossible to recognize whether somebody is Ram or Ravana. In this manner, I can give you many instances from which we can see that these vibrations that flow through us, with these vibes we can govern over things in a divine way, rule the roost in a loving manner. Many people ask me, “Mother, when you say India is indeed the yogabhoomi and we can achieve everything by mere introspection, why is our country in such a pathetic state?” People ask me, ‘we should be adorned with glory from all directions’. When such great saints and evolved souls were born here who discovered such spiritual treasures then why such a sad state? It is as if the Lotus is complaining for havng emerged from muck and now tells the muck to become like the Lotus itself. I feel people belong to this muck. Have people done anything about this matter? One should think. How many people in today’s times know about the books written by Shri Adishankaracharya? Shelly, Keats, useless people, Byron etc – just taking these names would require you to bathe in the Ganges, they were such filthy people. By reading from such filthy authors/poets, we feel we have achieved some very great knowledge. How will God bless such Indians? It is surprising that McLaughlin left English for us but without revealing which socalled literary works to ignore, which findings to discard. You are reading psychology here, reading all foreign material, what do they have? You see there are two very accomplished doctors here, from the foreign shores who themselves say, “Medicine is irrelevant”. All these things that I am telling you, are already written but nobody reads them. Who has the time? We have all become Englishmen who do not wish to know anything about ourselves. If only we knew how pure our country is, the purity on which the entire world is surviving today. If only we knew how such great Indian saints performed severe penances to discover such profound spiritual principles. Had we practices these principles, awakened the Lakshmi principle (within us and of our country) who could have dared reduce us to such a sad state of affairs? There is no beggar like us today. The sad part is that inspite of having all the wealth and means (Lakshmi) we still extend our hands to the West for help. Which knowledge there is sponsored by Me? Which knowledge have these people exhibited to see the affairs to their countries? Too much filth in the West. Value-systems deteriorating. All social values stand impaired. You cannot venture out post 6 pm, goons and anti-social elements rule the places. All devilish intent infested in those places. In a way, we too, support such elements. We people are no less. Our specialty lies in the fact that with the kind of nonsense they are doing, we are doing more nonsensical things and becoming the Englishmen like them. In the name of culture, whatever we are selling has no Indian depth in it. We do not even look for what is our innate property/attribute. The way we have been assimilated, the very core of our being, nobody knows and some 2-4 people who claimed to know, I haven’t seen bigger theives than those. Creating filth in the garb of kundalini awakening, that’s what the tantriks are doing. Kundalini is your mother. Do you understand what Mother means? What a pure attribute there is, such a pious relation. Everyone has his/her own exclusive Mother. To awaken that Kundalini, you invoke all filthy practices. If you misbehave with your mother, it is indeed a kind of an abuse. At least every Indian should know how the kundalini will be awakened if SHE is our mother. How God has created us in a very special way, transformed us from an amoeba to a human being and we didn’t even get to know. See how fast this earth rotates, we don’t even get to know. The way it is taking care of us, we are more delicate than roses. Would that Divine place anything within us awakening which would harm us? Why such orthodox thoughts. This is indeed an era of absurdity. Blindfaith and propaganda in the name of Kabir, Nanak, Tukaram, Gyaneshwar etc. Whoever reinstated that blind faith does not mean faith in the divine, was crucified. In this very country, those people were traumatized. Sadly, even today, we like people who bring in a kind of circus, befool you, take money from you. Because if Shri Mataji says, “What will you give me, My son? I am, after all, your Mother. So, don’t do this” then you no longer like Shri Mataji! But if you can pay somebody a reasonable amount, your ego also gets satisfied, hence you like such people. Such people will very nicely take your ego on a pleasure trip, dupe you all for 30-40 crores and abscond! Now if you like being befooled, carry on. At least do not blame the Divine for this nuisance, this blame totally falls on the human beings, especially Indians. Just where has their attention gone? Where is the attention of the Indians? It seemed to be in place earlier. There was slavery, those chains of oppression had to be broken. There is no slavery now, if only our attention stayed in place. My attention remained on 1-2 people. They used to work hard, attain their Spirits, as soon as they came back, if they come in front of you and start stating things, you people are the reason for it. But you were too busy pleasing the Englishmen. You adopted everything that’s western. I don’t mean the English language but adopting the western sensibility which is so superficial – devoid of any depth or essence. Everything is jumbled up! I have seen enough socalled intellectuals there. I asked them, “Did you achieve anything?” The times of Socrates were different. His preaching couldn’t get worldly recognition. People were flabbergasted by HIS knowledge. Everyone said, “It’s good there is no God. Everyone cold shouldered the Divine”. Now move further. Let’s kill the idea of Divine and then talk about him. So, what are you discovering now, stone! Discovered electricity, bravo! What joy did you find in discovering electricity? Your eyes are still not open to the truth! Even if you reached the Moon, so what? You can’t even cure cancer. We can sure it with Sahaja Yoga. You splurged all your money, after showing-off so much what did they (false gurus) give you? Alcohol! The very habit that breaks households the world over! You must pay attention to our lost spiritual legacies, think about the powers that reside in our bodies, the powers that we know are the divine powers, we must recognize them.

Not just this but we know as inner-knowledge, we must attain that Spirit. Its knowledge is the most available to the Indians, not so much in the outer countries. Lots of people come to My program but not everyone achieves it. In India, fewer people walk in but nearly everyone achieves his self-realization. How you say, ‘Water-water everywhere, not a drop to drink!’ (People scattered everywhere but v few seekers insight). In India, not too many people turn up, they have no time. Very busy people in our country. Busy fighting, insulting each other but no time to attain their Spirit. But the knowledge that lies above all forms of knowledge, only that is worth attaining. It must be attained, its time has arrived, hence, you are receiving it. This is indeed the ‘blossom time’, which is why you are receiving and enjoying it, you must receive it. I wanted to tell you about the Kundalini, what it is, where it is located, the corresponding chakras but look at these people, they didn’t bring them (new seekers). So, I shall tell you tomorrow morning about the Kundalini, where it is located, how it ascends, the corresponding chakras, the presiding deities, how these deities are, whether or not they exist, what is the essence of it? A snippet of information here, the Bhavsaga (Void) that resides here, it surrounds the Nabhi. Which is why I spoke about the arrival of the 10 gurus right from the ancient times – Moses, Abraham, Socrates till King Janaka, after that Prophet Mohammed, Guru Nanak and the most recent, Sainath of Shirdi, all these are the culmination of the same principle – the principle of Shri Dattatreya. When I say so, all the so-called intellectuals will cringe, “What is Mother saying?” But when one of these intellectuals get cancer, the status quo changes. Especially if that person is a doctor. There was a doctor from Tehran who had stomach cancer. When he approached Me, I conveyed to him, “You have too much blind faith, isn’t it?” He said, “I only believe in Islam”. I told him he has no real clue of who Prophet Mohammad was. I said, “which is why you got cancer”. He was surprised. I have seen several times that it is out of such fundamentalism, one gets cancer. I told him, “Mohammad Sahab, himself, is very angry with you”. He asked me why. I said, “Do you have any recognition for his other form of incarnation – Guru Nanak?” He refused and said he can never believe in anyone except Mohammed. So I told him, “I cannot cure you”. He left. A doctor suffering from cancer, I knew he would not be cured, so he returned to me and said he will agree with Me now. So I told him to take the names of Guru Nanak, Shri Dattatreya. He started recovering. Similarly, a brahmin comes to see Me in Pune. Pune, as you know, is the hub of Brahmins. Yet, those who are not enlightened are not Brahmins. Twice born – only those who are twice-born, only those are qualified to be Brahmins. The twice-borns have no caste, away from caste, they are beyond any attributes (Gunateet). It is a very great designation, to be a Brahmin. Nobody is born a Brahmin. All these are just misunderstandings that ‘we are Brahmins by birth, by our lineage’. Plus what do they do professionally – make shoes in factories but call themselves Brahmins! There was a lot of hue ‘n’ cry on this issue. They started saying that this is indeed written in the Gita. I said I have not studied the Gita but yes, I know everything, it cannot be written. They asked me why so I said, “Who wrote Gita?” They answered, ‘Sage Vyas’. I asked them whose son was Vyas, who was his mother? A bhimreen (Fisherwoman). She was not even married to Rishi Parashar and Sage Ved Vyas was born! The one whose father is not known, such a Ved Vyas, would he write something like this that a brahmin is a brahmin by birth – why would he invite so much trouble upon himself on his own? Do you know who Valimiki was? Have you seen all the incarnations, wherever they took place, have you seen how Shri Krishna preferred to eat spinach at Vidur’s place (Minister in the kingdom, v humble)? Why? Not that he didn’t get any food anywhere else. He ate there just to show how this casteism is indeed such a myth and it must end. Ram ate berries that were already eaten by low-class woman. Can you? An elderly woman, poor, wearing dirty clothes with barely 2 teeth left. She chewed (tested for their sweetness) all those berries before offering Ram. Will you eat like that? How many of you? But Shri Ram ate indeed. It is described so beautifully how HE says, “These berries are so precious to Me, am not going to share them at all, never eaten such berries, priceless indeed”. HE teases Sita ji, “I shall not even share them with you” So SHE yearns, “Why such antics? Give me some of this prasad too. Why would you eat all of it?” Firstly, Lakshman got annoyed. As he saw Sita ji eating, he urged her, his sister-in-law, to parkate some of the berries”. Such a beautiful description of this love, the love of a lower caste woman.

The praises of such love are sung across countries, with every incarnation setting examples but in India, we still fight elections on Casteism. I wonder if these people have lost their brains? Caste is not decided built by birth, it was built according to one’s inclination. Those who used to seek the Divine in political affairs were called ‘Kshatriyas’ and those who would seek HIM in ‘Brahm’ were indeed called the ‘Brahmins’. You people are Brahmins because you are indeed seeking the Divine. It is because of these vices such as Casteism that the whole machinery of our country has gone to dogs. Falling into such extremes. I don’t understand why all this was not explained in any scriptures. If you read the views of the torchbearer of Hinduism, Shri Adi Shankaracharya, he wrote, ‘No yoga, no seeking’. He has never written on Casteism. I don’t know which books you read and brought the vice of casteism in this world. He only wrote in praise of Mother. After producing a rather fragrant literary work called ‘Vivek Chudamani’ he moved on to writing ‘Chaitanya/Saundara Lehari’ in which he has provided an unparalleled depiction of the Goddess. He has written all the mantras in it. Every shloka is a mantra! I don’t know from where these people got such twisted ideas and call themselves ‘Indians’. An Indian who does not know anything about kundalini, I can never call him an Indian. You people know that My husband is a govt. official. I couldn’t find a single govt. an employee who knew about the kundalini, very surprising! When I went to Japan, people approached Me asking about the kundalini. They said they have never met an Indian who knew about the kundalini, they only know about ‘kundli’ (horoscope) but nobody knows about the Kundalini. The findings of the kundalini are indeed above all technologies/discoveries such as the Atom bomb. The entire humanity can be transformed with it (kundalini-awakening), it is a dynamic force! A very great power. To awaken your Lakshmi tatwa, there is no other path. In the West, people have progressed a lot, externally but they have become empty/hollow from within. But we people, we didn’t make any external progress and at the same time, let our inner treasure also vanish. If only we are aware of these powers, that have been spoken about aeons ago, it’s just about knowing these powers! The day is not far when the entire world will reap the benefits of these powers and be engulfed in its joy! But first and foremost, we must know that we are Indians, it is our right to know of this power. Now, in the US and London, doctors keep inviting me to come and share this spiritual knowledge. I kept stalling till now, kept thinking, after all, this knowledge is Indian. How will I explain those people about ‘Ganesha tatwa’ (the essence of Ganesha – innocence, chastity). Here, I kept telling the doctors that I have given 3-4 lectures, they keep reading, God knows what! But I kept telling them to meditate, take their self-realization but they simply don’t ascend! If they are themselves sick, they send the patients to me. What to do with such people! On top of it, they tell me, “Pls make statistics about how many you cured”. Don’t I have any other job to do? I told them, “You people don’t understand, you are like machines yourselves” I don’t do these works for money. This is the labour of love which you do not understand. If people arrive at your house to eat food, do you send them back after duly noting the names of all those people who ate in your house? Just how much they ate? This is the feast of My love for you, how will I keep a record of how many knocked at my doorstep and received My love? Is this the way? Is it ethical? Does it have any decency? The money-makers, how will they understand my love? Yes, if there were any ayurvedic doctors of the earlier times, they would have understood Me. This is a labour of love. I am distributing love, take it or leave it – it is free of cost, priceless! You can’t pay for it but you can certainly enjoy it. And then I said, “You are spoiling My joy, don’t you teach Me these statistics”. I said, “Is there a new auditor among us that one has to keep a record of patients who have been cured? The diseases? What not?” I don’t even check any paperwork. I don’t even your names. You people know that in the morning, a woman who was suffering from multiple sclerosis went back cured, I didn’t even know her name. She just came, sat in My feet and got cured, finished. What is the point of knowing everyone’s names? Does river Ganga ever keep a record of people who took away some water of Her holy streams? These people cannot understand because they don’t have the delicacy of love in their hearts. They cannot understand. Nevertheless, all the people who have understood this and ascended in their paths, are enough for Me. It is indeed My fortune to see so many of you sitting here ready to avail their realization. Still, I’d like to reiterate that in Maharashtrian village, I work and it works out much faster there. In Dehradun as well, I have seen that the natives are very sensitive. Hence, I know when I shall start My work here, many seekers will arise, as I had said in the morning. And then many thieves also appear for you people. Demands precede the supply, people’s pockets are full. There are too many thieves waiting around you. They come, charge you, you pay them the money to listen to their lectures and think you are indeed very lucky, such nuisance! Keep harping about being a random guru’s disciple and what about your disease? Paralysis? This way you should understand that SY will gain momentum. People in the cities are surrounded by superficiality. They something real, throbbing with life, for which they need to leave their artificiality. In front of Me, all you people are like little children. You may be very well-accomplished, on higher posts but that doesn’t work with Me. I don’t understand. I am not that intelligent. Which is why you should accept this spiritual knowledge with immense humility and go deeper in your ascent. Only the one who goes deeper can rise, in the real sense of the term. Those who do not wish to delve deeper into this subject and prefers to remain at a superficial level, this knowledge has no business to be there with that sort of a person. This profound knowledge requires a profound person. If you are a deep personality, you can gain a lot. One thing I would like to add here, the West has ‘progressed’ so much that they have ensured not to derive any enjoyment from what is the very source of joy. We keep taking the life out of the dead. Like, if a tree dies, they build a chair out of it but we cannot derive any enjoyment out of it. On the contrary, we get habituated. Such people, despite being superficial, ultimately when they realize the truth, they stick to it lock, stock and barrel! These (superficial, egotistic) people have been voracious readers (of spiritual books). They even read Shri Adi Shankaracharya. Hear their interpretations and you will wonder where have these progenies come from? Each one brighter than the other, even if a few of them come (in SY), but these are indeed the evolved souls. And you will wonder how they renounced everything to ensure one becomes his own master. It is worth the thought that today, in order to discover the spiritual wisdom of Indian scriptures, research findings, I have to go there. It is a sheer coincidence that I had to go. My husband got elected and there, I met seekers who had to be brought in SY for their awakening. When will that day arrive when Indian youth will discard the frivolity of cinema, delve deeper into spirituality, go abroad to spread the spiritual wisdom of India! This (SY) is a living process when such a day will arrive, I don’t know. I am waiting for such a day when the youth will come forward, surrender themselves to this divine initiative and adopt it in their lives. May God bless you.