Public Program University of Delhi, New Delhi (India)

Talk at Delhi University (Hindi). (India) 11 March 1979.

[Hindi to English translation]

Work starts at 4 o’clock in the morning and it takes time till finish all. Yesterday I told you that [today] I will tell you about Kundalini. Can everybody is able to see this chart? Those who cannot see come and sit on this side. Come here and sit here nicely. Those who cannot see come to this side.

(Shri Mataji says in Marathi that, […]

Talk about Gandhi New Delhi (India)


Talk about Gandhi. Delhi, India. 11 March 1979.

[English translation from Hindi]

I had talked about Vishuddhi Chakra, now it is from this Vishuddhi Chakra that you get collective consciousness. 

I had told you that Krishna is a complete incarnation because he is Virata. Virata is that power with which you get complete assimilation. In the heart there is power of Shivaji and in the stomach, there is power of Gurus and in the Swadishthan Chakra there is Brahmadeva’s power, […]