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University of Delhi, New Delhi (India)

1979-03-11 Delhi University Hindi, 68'
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Talk at Delhi University (Hindi). (India) 11 March 1979.

Work starts at 4 o’clock in the morning and it takes time till finish all. Yesterday I told you that(today) I will tell you about kundalini. Can everybody is able to see this chart? Those who cannot see come and sit on this side. Come here and sit here nicely. Those who cannot see come to this side.

Shri Mataji says in marathi that “wind is very strong, right.”

Yesterday I told you that the constitution with which human beings are made up of, that constitution has done very special work in us and due to this only we are created. The things which I am going to tell you now are not discussed (described) in current modern sciences. As I told you current modern sciences only knows those things which are comprehensible or can be actually visualized and this vision of human beings is not yet having light of spirit. Still human beings are not enlightened (matured). Things which now I am going to tell you can be known only after enlightenment(maturity). Whether these things are really existing or not existing within us, that you yourself can see. First thing is that human beings gets situated (settled). Firstly his existence is formed. Whole universe also initially get its condition. If it does not get its condition then cannot happen.
So when this condition is created is due to power of God in us, the power which we call as energy (shakti) of Sadashiva or energy (shakti) of Shiva. Due to this energy our existence is created. Rishi-munis named this shakti (energy) as ‘Mahakali’. This energy comes in us through our right side and settles on our left side. As it has been shown here (Shri Mataji says in marathi “you show .. show Ida Nadi .. from top to bottom). The channel carrying this is called by Ida Nadi (Ida Channel). So all these things are very minute. These are subtle things. These cannot be seen from outside. But due to this channel only left sympathetic nervous system is being manifested in us. So like this as condition is there, the way in which our existence is also there. If there is no existence we reach to death. It means that when this power is not there within us, we get destroyed. Therefore many people’s know this as ‘power of destruction’. When sun sets, allover gets darkened. In the same manner .. .. as existence of one power or not existence both are symbolizes same power. This power has to symbolize both existence and set.
Another power which is moving in us due to which we create, due to which we thinks, which retain body, due to which we keep this body moving. This energy is called by energy of ‘Bramhadeva’ and this energy of Bramhadeva is called as ‘Mahasaraswati’. I am talking in english because we get confused in hindi language in left and right. This energy passes through our left side and settles in our right side. The channel carrying this energy, which is very minute very very minute is called as Pingala Nadi (channel). The channel which is first is also called as “moon channel” and this (second) channel is also called as “sun channel”. Due to this channel within us right sympathetic nervous system .. this is subtle channel but the material channel i.e. right sympathetic nervous system which can be seen with eye which is active channel is manifested. This channel is responsible for physical and mental work is performed ,due to which we think.
First channel which is called by ‘Moon channel’ or ‘Ida channel’ activates subconscious in us. As you are now listening to my discussion; at this moment at present you listen to my talk and immediately you throw it in subconscious mind. You are listening this in conscious mind and from conscious mind you move this in subconscious mind. And due to this mind; conditionings (sanskar) get developed within you ; may be those are good conditionings(susanskar) or bad conditionings (kusanskar) which is called by conditionings in English.
Due to this channel our past is created, ‘bhav’ is formed. Means whatever has happened in past which is called as “bhutkal”(past tense), whatever is over is stored in us and very minute recording or collection of this (past) is kept in Kundalini. Kundalini Shakti(energy) is also residual Mahakali Shakti. Shakti of Sadashiva is always static as in one seed there are these 2 energies enlightened and at the end absorbed in it only and that’s why it is called as Sadashiva. Because this energy is always static and other energies gets awakened from this and gets absorbed in this only.
Other than this there is one more energy in between in us ; the channel carrying this energy is called as Sushumna channel. Some say it as Sushumna, some say as sushumna. Its having different pronunciations but Sushumna is proper pronunciation which can be sing in Mantras also. So this Sushumna channel is carrying our activity of ascent, evolutionary processes. Due to this channel we became from amoeba to human beings. Through all these 3 channels whatever is achieved, whatever is worked out, whatever a being obtains, whatever is happened that is stored on our central nervous system which enters in us through rear side of brain going to downwards. Today whatever is having human beings consciousness, like now at this moment whatever you have obtained that’s is settled completely in your conscious mind.
So likewise I have told you 4 systems. The central system which we call as ‘Shakti’ of Shri Vishnu. By Shri Vishnu’s power firstly Dharma gets retained in us. Through retention of Dharma only we ascent gets developed. Like if you see periodic table in chemistry you can understand how properly neatly God Almighty have arranged all elements there in it and how he has given different types of energy or special Dharma have been allotted to them. They have 8 valency and this you can ask any specialist of chemistry or medical science and from these 8 valency some of them have either fulfillment with 8 or with 4 valency in case; if they are complete and due to lack or excess of 1 or 2 or 3 (electrons) transactions takes place in between them. This has been created very delicately. This retention also, this retention of Dharma also takes place due to ‘Shri Vishnu Tattwa’. As gold is having quality that it never gets spoiled, it never becomes black, untarnishable. This retention of Dharma is due to Shri Vishnu principle. When this Vishnu principle is spoiled then our ascent is stopped. This Vishnu principle mostly we have to use/ follow/practice in Sahajayoga and this mostly we have to consider.
Before I told you that Kundalini is residual conscious of Mahakali power. It is having collection of whatever we have done till this time, what mistakes we had done or what religious acts we had done, what we had gained, what kind of conditionings we are having good or bad, all our diseases, problems all not just of this life but of many lives are stored in this and this is your Mother who have stored all your conditionings(sanskar) in her and is moving with you every time. That’s why this is called as Sahajayoga as it is setteled on your triangular bone in 3 and 1/2 coils. Why it is having 3 and 1/2 coils is topic of great discussion….. if I start to talk on this then time will not be sufficient….
You can see with your eyes whether this kundalini is there within us or not. When kundalini is being raised you can see that how it is vibrating on this triangular bone. When there is clutch in Nabhi chakra then specially these vibrations can be seen so strong that any small child also can see this. This does not require any proof. For this we have prepared film also which we will show on BBC TV. Kundalini resides here only at this place. You can read some of the books have been written down about Kundalini. Irwin Sahab has also written such a big book about Kundalini. Till now he also don’t know that where is Kundalini residing exactly. Then why they are writing about this? Who has given them rights to write such a big book? If he is British that does not mean whatever they feels can write. By reading books and without experience by observing he had written may be Kundalini is in stomach… or may be little bit below this or may above sit.
All things made by God are never little bit here and little bit there (not flexible). Truth is unique. All this confusion is there only in human brain that whether it is here or there. Things which have been created by God are just at that place only and not at any other place. You can see this with your eyes. This Kundalini residing at triangular bone is moving with you for many lives. Even after death she is wandering above your head and when you again take birth then enters in you and resides inside. Death and birth are work of very great compilation. If we start to talk on this topic then will take a big lecture. But we don’t have any connection with death at this moment. Now we are just related with present and we will discuss only about it.
As left side channel ‘ida nadi’ is related with our subconscious about past in the same manner channel from right side which is called as Pingala Nadi is related with our future and the channel which is in our middle is related with present, now, at this moment. See this there is gap between these due to which human beings cannot stay in present; either he goes ahead or stays behind but cannot stay in present. Cannot stay in present.
Now see what happens due to awakening of kundalini . When you hold your hands like this in front of me; then energy or vibrations flowing through me enters through your hands through fingers and these fingers see these fingers. They have not shown this in chart but another chart have shown this. These are also having centre. On right and left on right hand and left hand are also having these centre and all these fingers its edges at that place are centre (chakras). And when these chakras or centre are awakened then you can feel on them that your which chakras are caught up. Due to this you can understand chakra from both left sympathetic and right sympathetic and when you know chakras then due to chakra you can cure any diseases due to chakra. Like yesterday one girl came. She was having multiple sclerosis which is incurable, nobody can cure this. Then why it was cured by Sahajayoga? Because in this first diagnosis is that which chakra is being caught up. Mooladhara chakra is caught up. Heart chakra is caught up. If you awaken Shri Ganesha on Mooladhara chakra and in heart Shri Shiva is being pleased then immediately that person will be cured because his chakra which are subtlest, which are basic are cured then that person will be cured. Diagnosis also will be done by human being. That person who get realized he himself will diagnose, will give treatment, give medicine and can give self-realization to others.
The first chakra is below kundalini. God almighty has kept this here with proper wisdom. So this chakra is adorned due to Shri Ganesha. It is called by Mooladhara chakra and above this is Mooladhara. Triangular bone is called as Mooladhara. Some peoples call it by Murgund . Many names have been given. But Shri Ganesha resides on Mooladhara chakra and its very necessary to understand this Mooladhara chakra. Our sex is controlled by this chakra and Shri Ganesha has been kept above this. Shri Ganesha is an innocent child. That’s why he has been positioned there because he is so much pure that no dirt can touch him. That’s why is being seated there. Because small child is having so much innocence that all such things are all above him, that’s why Shri Ganesha is seating there. By residing there Shri Ganesha (protects), kundalini which is Gauri swaroopa (form of Gauri), means she is married but still did not meet to husband, still virgin, in virginity only she has created Ganesha and kept him here. See such a beautiful organization is this and she is residing there waiting for husband, waiting for meeting with Shiva. For the protection of her chastity, for her protocol Shri Ganesha is residing there. Now on this I will tell you what Mantrika’s (TANTRIC’S) have done mistake. Because I am Mother I will not say that they do this deliberately. But this can be greatest sin, this can happen by mistake only.
Initially when they started doing “manan” because was not having so much pure mind due to which it might have happened that’s why may be they feel Shri Ganesha’s trunk as Kundalini and due to this they considered Kundalini at that place where we sustain chakra. Where there is Shri Ganesha, there is no kundalini and that’s why they developed such theory that by doing sex Kundalini comes up. May be initially this mistake has happened. Might have happened but being Mother I cannot blame them. They are also my children. But human being have never done any mistake more than this. See Kundalini is your Mother and this is so strong to blame on her. But by this mistake all Tantric society was created. In sixth century there were riots in our country and all kings, emperors who were filled with dirty life style were giving more support to such activities. They ruined it to such low level that our all architecture, scripture as much as even in our all sciences they featured it. They started saying that Shiva and Shakti were homosexual and they also started saying that “Ashwamedha yadnya” is also unisexual. The person whose eye becomes blind in Shravan(one season with all greenery around) he see everything as green.
Such a highest virgin great principle they brought very low level and ruined it. Tantric are actually we , we knows its technique (tantra) and we know how to operate this technique. This is your technique by which Kundalini comes up. But these bad peoples named themselves by tantric. It is like as if one thief has come and is calling himself as a king and due to this confusion human beings cannot understand that while discussing about Kundalini why Mataji is saying about purity. Actually this Kundalini which is purest thing and peoples get astonished when we relate it to purity. Such a darkness is here. Then when such peoples who do not value character in their life, who are not pure, those who are spending their life by wrong ways, those who have completely prepared themselves for their destruction so if such peoples when try to raise Kundalini then it’s must that heat will be created inside them. They will start jumping and will do many funny things. Those who have faced such experiences is natural because Shri Ganesha is survivor of mistakes , he cuts all sympathetic nervous system.
We have such peoples when their kundalini was raised then bristles came out from here to here all over their body. This is not due to raising of Kundalini but its reaction of sympathetic due to .. see here its flowing through two sides . You can see that you cannot raise kundalini through Ganeshaji. He is residing at rear side but I feel that when peoples come from foreign countries to our country they come from bathroom or from drainage and they write explanation of that (drainage) as explanation of our country. They are donkeys only. If they want to come then they can come from main gate and then understand what is culture (civilization) of our country! Such a learned man like Jung, I admire him a lot; he was also donkey because he came from same way and he spread all Tantric and its importance. No Indian is remaining with us to tell them the real truth. Because Indians do not study and also do not try to understand these things that what is the science of Kundalini actually. When your Kundalini is awakened, you will be surprised to know that you just become like innocent child because Shri Ganesha is awakened initially. At the beginning Shri Ganesha receives vibrations which are flowing through hands. Your hands are towards me. Vibrations enters through your hands and informs Shri Ganesha that now Mother has come and you become like small child. Because he breaks the way in between.
Then after that Kundalini rises. Kundalini never rises till Shri Ganesha do not sanction. If you are very impure person then Kundalini cannot rise or if anybody has damaged your Mooladhara then also cannot rise. Now a day’s mostly Gurus do this dirty work. These peoples break your Kundalini. Peoples become unhappy with me if I say something against their Guru’s “ Mataji, don’t say this.” Then what? shall I adorn them with garlands? Or shall I do Aarti to them who breaks your Kundalini, who destroys your chance to have second birth and dispel you from your own right to get this. These peoples are just interested in money. They eat your money; I don’t have problem. They crook you ; I don’t mind. Whatever they want to do, they may become thief, they make your women dirty. If your women are so stupid; let them become dirty. I don’t mind. But when they troubles Kundalini and makes your Kundalini dirty then they should be called by “RAKSHASA”(DEMONS) and they are demons only. I know such 16 demons who were killed by Goddess many times and they have born again and again and again they are born in this Kaliyuga (era of Kali) and 6 Rakshasin (female demons) also have taken birth and peoples worship them. Such senseless peoples are. They don’t have any limits.
This kundalini is your Mother. She is waiting that a day will come and her child will get his second birth. She only gives you second birth. Due to her you are known as twice born. If you are superficial person, if you don’t have any depth in you, if you don’t feel that Kundalini to raise on her own, even if you have done some mistakes still she is telling that he has done this mistake. From your chakra it can be known that you have done this mistake, you have done that mistake and in this way we can know completely about Kundalini. But if you have carefully kept your Kundalini properly like as Kabira has said “das kabir jatan se odhi, jaisi ki taisi rakhdini chadariya”. At that time Kundalini of such peoples get easily awakened.
Now after this next chakra above this is called as Swadishthana. This chakra comes from our Nabhi and is moving around this (nabhi). Due to Swadishthana chakra our attention is activated. Wherever we put our attention there Swadhishtahana chakra starts working. That’s why when we think too much at that time Swadishthana Chakra converts, transforms fat from stomach so that it can be used in our brain. Brain is also having fat globules in it. These fat globules which we use are transformed in stomach by Swadishthana Chakra and transfers them to brain.
This is the chakra which keeps control on our liver, pancreas, kidney and some part of uterus. This is the centre of creation. Whatever we think about future, we feel like to create, whatever we do planning for future then this Chakra starts working and it enlightens our attention. It enlightens our attention. The person who has bad liver, his attention is always sad. He will not like anything, it’s not his fault because his liver is not good. That’s why it is called as liver as it is related with your life. In the same manner person who thinks too much and do too much planning his liver also becomes worse because either it is doing work of thinking and supplies continuously to brain which or will look after all these organs? From these organs when Pancreas becomes bad then you get diabetes developed. Diabetes can be cured 100 percent. In this manner due to excessive thinking right side of a person is doing excessive work and left side becomes orphan aged or becomes sad gets neglected. Due to this when person thinks too much, does too much work, does too much physical efforts then he gets heart attack. When he gets heart attack then he should understand that “ Now I have done too much.” He becomes imbalanced. He should understand immediately that now he should pay attention towards emotions and try to bring balance. In Sahajayoga after self realization there is very simple process to bring balance, raise left side and put it on right side. Just now many people came here who were not able to get realized, their only left side was raised and put it on right side only 3 times then immediately their Kundalini came out.
As you can see here that when you think too much or when you are very busy in work then your ego gets developed, as shown above. Which actually goes through your head up to here revolving like a balloon and when you develops conditionings in yourself means when you try to press this ego then superego is awakened in you which is called as superego. In this manner two different types of balloons are developed in you. When one balloon is more developed than another balloon then it tries to control another balloon and it exerts pressure on another balloon. Nowadays ego is more developing in Indians because we are developing so we do much planning. We are very active that’s why due to thinking our ego is increasing. Nowadays in Western peoples superego is increasing because initially there ego was so much grown up that it completely controlled superego. So they were disturbed and through ego they started thinking there should be some control over this and they started taking drugs etc.. Due to intake of drugs superego was increased. As superego gave push to ego then ego came here and superego was expanded. Now wobbling is going on in between these two. They are pushing each other from here to there and nothing is at proper place. All the time wobbling is going on in between two in their mind. They are having very different worries. As you know that those who are very wealthiest countries as like Sweden are having more no. of suicides because in their mind this quarrel of ego and superego is going on. Living is not in their tract (they are not having capacity to stay live). In one minute you can see in America hundreds of peoples ; somebody’s nose is moving, somebody’s head is moving, somebody’s eyes are flickering, somebody’s mouth is twisting. They cannot sit in peace for one minute. If you see young peoples can see big wrinkles over here due to worries.
The reason for this is quarrel between ego and superego which is continuously going on within them and so much fallacy and confusion is going on in their mind that they don’t understand ‘What is it?’ and by taking benefit of this demonic powers or negativities enters in their brain and that’s why they follow such things so that they can run away from this and can run away from all problems in this world. This Swadishthana chakra is very important. Because those peoples who do excessive work either goes to extreme, we call this as supraconcious area which is on right hand side ; so when its transgressed then we enters into collective supraconcious. In this manner when they are transgressed on left side then he enters from subconscious into collective subconscious. Upper part of human beings is of collective consciousness.
The person who thinks too much about dead persons, about death specially in Buddha Dharma(religion) this has entered. It’s surprising I don’t understand that why Buddhist have given so much importance to death. Actually according to me Buddha never conformed it and Buddha said that don’t worship any dead things. Buddhist peoples are just opposite to this. If you go to Ladakh then, many Buddhist do necromacy, tantrism. With Mahavira followers is also same thing. But these peoples go to more extremes than Mahavira followers. But at least Mahavira’s followers due to his going backward whatever may be like but they will prepare temple, will prepare caves, will do drawings, if not anything else then will work for cloth shop, sell clothes these kinds of work. And Buddha followers but Buddha who never talk about death. Surely Mahavira has said about death and hail but Buddha never talked about death. All are just going on discussing about death. In Ladakh there is science formed about which person is to be seated by which way? How person is to be kept in funeral? How he his hand is to kept? How to have management for him? In which Buddha’s book this has been written I don’t know. But he can never write this thing. All this necromacy, tantrism all forces them towards left side and with this you have the equations about whom you must have heard ‘dakini, shakini, hakini’ etc. etc. in this way have seven resonance. With its resonance a person is just pushed forward in collective subconscious and in collective subconscious all those persons who are dead are there who are afraid of their life, who run away from life, sly being those who are very wicked in nature are also there, very nefarious peoples can also be there. But they don’t have courage to do this work openly. They do this dirty work very secretly. Those people who are not satisfied in this way are also wondering there only.
Our place is beyond this. When we are dead then we stay in collective conscious and we are waiting for the day when we will get rebirth. We don’t believe that you wonder here and there with unsatisfied emotions. These wondering beings are very bad in (their) left side and when they enter in our body through our Agnya Chakra then a person can get infected with diseases or becomes mad or many other different diseases. These all diseases are of Ida channel and those diseases which psychologist treat are due to our left subconscious. So our Fraud Sir was only Intelligent according to me he was just having one eye and don’t have another eye. He Just saw one side but he did not saw another side. He used to say that ‘it’s all conditionings and nothing else and it has already started with sex’. He brought all things to the sex… if he would have read at least little bit of Indian Psychology then he would have become little intelligent. But his vision was so much one sided, he just used to see only one side and he himself was very disgusting. He was having bad relationship with his own Mother. He brought all creatures and deceived them in dirt. And this must happen because if psychologist all time stays with mad peoples then he himself will become mad. All that dirt comes in him which he see in mad peoples. This may be psychologist don’t know and the one who has come with me here. He is very very good psychologist there, he himself told this. Because if somebody has got TB then we understand that he has got TB, need to protect ourselves. But we don’t understand any way to protect ourselves from these spirits, possessions. We meet them, we talk with them then it might happen that we also take something from them and due to this reason they cannot cure many people’s diseases because they cannot see them. This is very subtle thing. It resides inside us and it is there surely there and this is settled in us.
Now if you go to right side then in right side you reach in supraconcious area then from there if you go beyond then you reach in collective supraconcious area. At this place those peoples who are very ambitious people stays there. They are very ambitious peoples those who always talk about future. But as Hitler is dead he must be there. Because he is still not satisfied . Many ambitious peoples are in this place. When you go to supraconcious then one of these gentleman enters in you. When these spirits enters in you then you become mad. Extremity of anything… in this an ambitious spirit is filled in you. Spirit named “Ram” is filled in you then you starts working. They starts working on you. In ten years your condition will become as like broken car starts doing sounds. Now I went there they used to do trans . There who ever have followed it, listen carefully because when you go in trans then you go in supraconcious and after entering in this supraconcious then these spirits ride on you. Spirit named ‘Ram’ will ride on you. Whatever is your own is all lost. You take somebody else’s load on yourself.
Try to understand if Hitler comes and sit above you then how will be your condition. It might happen that you become very successful person. Very successful person. All world can see this. But after ten years your condition will become such that you…. That’s why somebody have very bad spirit then can be seen within one year. Will tell you one example from here only. Last year when I came here he started saying that, ‘Mother, my condition is such that if from any place some fragrance comes my breathing starts becoming faster. My condition is that I cannot go through any temple or masjid. If anybody says name of God then my breathing becomes faster. What is this?’ I removed his possession and now he is better. So this also can happen and that’s why you need to understand that both things are wrong.
We have to do in centre, Middle way. This has also been told by Buddha. Same thing has been told by all, that we have to be in centre. In chakra from Nabhi kundalini which is.. about which I told you yesterday that nabhi chakra of our country is spoiled. One thing is that we god… first thing is that why you want God? Why god should give you peace? Why should give you health? Why should give you joy? You don’t have even seeking of him. You don’t even desire to know him. You are wondering here and there. All kinds of teasing going on. I am asking on behalf of God to you that ‘Which God have you seen ever?’. He has created all this nature for you and you are just overpowering it. You are quarreling in between. Even two brothers cannot stay in peace then why should God look after you? Whatever problems have occurred in this world are all human problems. This is because human being itself has adopted demonic power in him and forgetting all about God he is walking on wrong path. Then why should God almighty look after you? What is that for him, today he has created you tomorrow he will destroy and will again create another world. He have no concern with you. It’s me only that I am Mother and feel that no children’s should be saved and this will happen. What do you think, that you will be sitting relaxed? That thing is going to happen. It all right that now time has been given, now you get realized then it’s all right. Else Kalki incarnation is going to come and when it will come he will not see anybody, he will not give realization to anybody, will not give lectures to anybody. As now I have requested you , he will not request you that , ‘Baba, come , come, come..’ . with one sword he will just cut your neck and will finish. And will do so much destruction that you will not understand that where you are.
That’s why must understand that now last time has been given to us and last chance also and we should achieve it. Don’t spoil your life by walking on wrong path by hankering after wrong things because your life is very precious. Through so much difficulties you have been created. See all chakras has been created by God almighty within you. Firstly beautiful centre like Mooladhara on which Shri Ganesha is residing. Then Kundalini, through which you will be reborn. Second one is Swadishthana due to which you can control whole nature. See when I was coming here these peoples told me that in Delhi it’s raining a lot. I said Don’t worry since I have arrived. The day when we arrived rain has stopped. Suddenly rain stopped. It’s not difficult work. I will say that even sun and all that to make it proper is not difficult job. But human beings are very difficult. Most difficult thing is human being. Sun, moon, stars all are under gesticulation of God. It’s no difficult task. But human being who are free; in front of them even God is also bowing low. How, by which way he should persuade you that see how beautiful thing he has created within you? Through this beautiful thing achieve God. Get joy through this. But human are not relieved for even 2 minutes that he will sit and settle in God, achieve it, clear in it and give it to others. But they don’t have time though actually they always have watch. For which purpose God has given you time? For what God has opened all secrets of nature which you call as science? From where did you get all these powers? For what purpose you will save time? Everybody will save time. We want to save time. We want to save time. For what you will save time? They will say that we want to go to pub. What we will do by saving time? And will say we want to go to ball room for dancing. You need to save time so that you can do meditation, settle in meditation and achieve yourself. That’s why god has given you all these powers.
And above this you can see is Nabhi chakra about which I told you yesterday that how much important is this Nabhi chakra. That’s why will not tell you more. But human being get evolved through Nabhi only. When he achieve God then only he becomes right. Then only his vision becomes good. If his attention is always on money, status, politics on all lower level things then Kundalini cannot cross this chakra and this chakra is very important chakra within us and this needs to be well preserved and understood. ‘How our Nabhi chakra can be kept properly? What can be done for this?’ These things you can discuss with these peoples. They will tell you about this.
Chakra which is above this is very necessary centre. It has been created specially in us. As by Nabhi centre developed role of ascent, role of evolution in us then as you know Dashavtaran (10 incarnations of shri vishnu) took place. Means one by one incarnations took place. As firstly fish incarnation took place. Means initially fish came out. After fish when fish touched to earth then became reptile. Then incarnation of tortoise took place. All these things are in science and also in our. In this way one by one creature were developed. Incarnation means life comes and shows to you. But this live achieves to partly form (‘anshswarup’) of God and tell to you, guide to you and his place is within you. So from this whatever incarnations took place mostly took place in Void and helped you from there and at that time many people tried to achieve God but whenever they they tried demonic or satanic people attacked them. At that time as you know goddess ‘Shakti of God’ itself incarnated. Like this has been told about 1000 incarnations but she took many incarnations. And she protected all those peoples who were doing yadnya etc. with the purpose of crossing void and protected them. Yadnya were performed with the intention to enlighten all 5 elements in nature. That’s why yadnya were performed. Now there is no need to enlighten these elements. All of them are already enlightened in you therefore you get electricity and you can use this energy. Due to enlightenment of all these elements you can do agriculture and have all these new advancements because all these elements were enlightened. That’s why now there is need to go beyond all your Dharma’s. To achieve last stage of our evolution means to get introduced with your own spirit. This is your job. All other jobs are finished. Only this last job. Now as I told you Goddess (incarnated) for your protection and she has 1000 names and about them it’s very difficult to express in words. You know all things that how are divine powers? How it is dynamic and how it is subtle. It’s not easy to express about this. Means it’s so active, so loving, so subtle that if one of finger of that is moved and then all world will be moved. It is having so much power. This goddess has incarnated many times and destroyed demons so that you can follow your Dharma.
Now in this right side which is heart chakra is having place of Jagdamba who is your Mother. When you forget that Jagdamba is your Mother then sense of insecurity gets developed in you and when this happens then you get disease of breathing. Disease of breathing which is called as asthma. So asthma and in case of women they get Brest cancer. This is also caused due to sense of insecurity. This sense of insecurity is developed because this abode of Shri Jagdamba remains destitute and it is cured with awakening of this abode of Jagdamba. All such diseases like lungs cancer etc. are cured due to awakening of this centre. But till human being don’t know that we have abode of Shri Jagdamba in us. To know all means to enlighten. I don’t mean that to know means knowledge. There is a lot of difference in between knowledge and enlightenment. When one gets enlightened that Jagdamba resides in us then only he gets his ascent.
The chakra which has been shown on its right side is chakra of Shri Rama. Here have incarnation of Shri Rama. This is abode of Father. On left side this there is abode of Jagdamba. In the central have abode of Jagdamba and on left side have abode Shri Parvati who is our Mother. This is abode of Mother. If you are having catch in your left heart chakra then if you are asked about your mother then will get to know that either your mother is sick or she has been dead. If you have catch on left means you have heart disease.
After this the next chakra/centre which is above is very important chakra, is called as Vishuddhi Chakra and through this 16000 nadis or channels are spread throughout the body. This is the abode of Virata. Which is called by primordial master which is all this is primordial being and in which you all are these small small cells which is called as microscopic in English. So in this Great God almighty you are these small small cells. When these cells are awakened then this Great body is also awakened. God almighty is awakened who has created you as human being and now you know him and achieve him. This is your enlightenment. He creates you and that’s why this centre is important through Sahajayoga point of view. Because in Vishuddhi chakra is having abode of Shri Krishna. We cannot understand Shri Krishna now. Shri Krishna was very Great Diplomat. If you want to learn from him learn politics and that’s why you cannot understand all Geeta. Because he was such a Great Diplomat that he thought that these are foolish and these foolish peoples cannot understand straight way if you tell them (cannot take out ghee with straight finger so its better to bend it). That’s why he told you all things in puzzled ways. This I will tell you after some days as there are many things to be told now. As it has been told in Geeta that achieve this, seek for this, you get to know yourself. ……

Note : Later on voice is not clearly audible