Mooladhara: morning talk

New Delhi (India)

1979-03-12 Morning Talk At Seminar New Delhi NITL HD English & Hindi, 64' Chapters: Talk in Hindi, Talk in English, Talk in Hindi
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Public program, Mooladhara (English & Hindi). Delhi, India. 12 March 1979.

In the morning, I was telling you that your attention which is towards Me, if I say that you take it inside you, that you cannot take.

(I want to ask whether I should speak in Hindi or in English.

Sahaja Yogis: Hindi.

Shri Mataji: All of you understand English or Hindi?

Sahaja Yogi: Hindi. Any language you can speak easily.

Shri Mataji: So, I can speak in all the languages. In this birth I learnt English also.

Sahaja Yogi: Hindi.

Shri Mataji: In Hindi? Ok, will speak in Hindi.)

For that, something should happen inside you. Some happening should be there. This I told you in the morning.

Another very important thing is that only one or two people achieve atma and paramatma. Only selected ones have and common man is left untouched then there is no meaning of it. There will be no meaning of paramatma neither there will be any meaning of this world. There will be no meaning of this creation.

Common man has to achieve it. If it is not of common man and only selected people get it then there will be same condition as of everyone else. Those who had it no one believed in them. And what happens even if we believe, tell Me? Just assume that someone is a king, so he is a king in his house, how does it matter to us. We did not get anything from him. We should also get something, then it will have meaning.

That’s why this happening should be there. Not only this, it should happen in common man and in many people. It should happen in many people.

I told you science has the same way. That you have come to know about electricity, whoever would have found it, if it is of no use to common man, then what is the meaning of that electricity?

Today whatever Sahaja Yoga has achieved, sahaj has been for many years, from the time this earth was created, it was created sahaj only. Like there is a seed, and its sprout is made inside it, everything is inside it, all the maps are already present inside it, all the trees which are going to come out of it.

In the same way, entire microscopic map of this universe is made from before only. And that already made is blooming since ages in sahaj way only. ‘Sahaj’ means: ‘sah’ means ‘with you’ and ‘ja’ means ‘which has taken birth’. This thing has taken birth with you only. And like one or two flowers bloom on a tree initially, but when tree grows and spring comes then there are many flowers which gets converted into many fruits. In the same way this Sahaja Yoga which is in our hands today is standing in a new dimension that is for common man. It is not for uncommon people.

So first, you should remove this from your brains that, “How will it happen to me? Whether I am worthy of it or not? This happening cannot happen inside us.” If you have come with all such thoughts in your mind so remove these thoughts along with your shoes outside. This is destined to happen. This happening has to happen. If not today, it will definitely happen tomorrow. And I have to do it. And you deserve it also. Now till when I can wander in finding the best deserving? What great will happen if I find the best thing and do all the happening in it?

So never think like this that this thing will never happen to us. First thing is that. If you have any nervousness regarding it then remove it first. Because I will work hard and this thing will happen.

Second point is that you can get doubt that who is Mother to do it. And we had heard that Kundalini awakening is a very difficult process. You have to stand on your head and it takes thousands of years to happen. Everyone says like that only.

Don’t know what all they have written about it. But this is not true with me. May be I am an expert of it, artist, know this work that’s why till today I have never seen that someone has asked for Realization and I have not given it. There are many kinds of problems, there are many permutations and combinations for it. Problems are also there as humans have put themselves on wrong ways.

It is not necessary that he is a bad person. Person may be good but there can be mistakes in the dharma. They bow their heads at wrong places. They start believing wrong people, get in the circle. Like this man is very nice, very nice man, do not have any bad habit, he has fallen trap, have done some stupidity, what else. And just because evil powers are so much active in Kali Yuga, that remaining protected from it is difficult.

These are all children. I have raised Kundalini of thousands of people and I can do yours also, there is no doubt in it. But when I can do it then there is no need for you to get angry with me because of this.

In the morning I have told you that when I am artisan of this so I can do it [referring to some other object]. If you are artisan of this, if anyone says to me to repair it, I cannot do it. This never means I have fallen down or raised high. If you ask me to operate it, then I cannot operate it. You may teach it seventeen times but it is not my capability. In this field I am of no use.

But the work I know, I know that work, I do it and I have done it and can happen in you too. So, you should be prepared for it before sitting. It has to happen, I deserve it and this happening will happen. And it is for common man. Just be prepared for it. If there is some problem, I will have to tell you, if something has to be avoided then it has to be told, or if you have avoided something which is wrong then I will have to tell you about that also.

People get angry on every small thing. Humans are weird. If I say that you bring three thousand rupees for me then you will have no problem. You will give it immediately. But if I say that, “Son, this is a wrong work and leave it”, then you will get upset and leave the premises immediately. I am mother and I will have to tell you. You will not get upset by it, first thing. Second thing is that you will have to set in it.

Today you have come many people, some people had come in morning and have come again. You have to set in Sahaja Yoga. Because like there is a tree and it has a live process, it has to be set. Initially when the seed sprout, then everything is so soft. It has to be nurtured and taken care. Once the tree is set then no matter winds move, any problem comes, it does not affect the tree. Therefore, you need to know this that after getting you have to be set.

Third thing is that many people have habit of listening to lecture. One person came, whom I think does guru shopping. I asked him that he goes to all the gurus, and have come to me in the same way holding his cloth bag, “Guru shopping is happening, let’s buy something here also.”

But here things are different. You cannot do any shopping here. I don’t get satisfaction from lectures. Lectures are alright, in that also I am making your Kundalini dance and rise. Till you do not get Realization, I will not get satisfaction. And you people why are you still stuck in all these things, why don’t you get your Realization? In the end you have to achieve it, you have to know it.

But Sahaja Yoga cannot be set due to the reason because people think they should give money to Mother or do something wayward, and you are free. All the gurus do it but you are not able to give money to Mother. You cannot win Mother till you are not realised and you are not set in it. These two things are there.

People do not want it and think it is something of hard work. At the time of Realization, you do not need to do any hard work. Not that time. After Realization you need to set and should also set. The time has come. It is the call of the time. If you do not awaken yourself [your Self] in this call of the time then it will be very difficult later. There will be very big problem which I will tell you later.

Second thing is that people do not set in Sahaja Yoga and after that they get all the diseases. Then they come to me and say, “Mother cure us.”

After coming in Sahaja Yoga people have closed the doors for the doctors. They don’t go to their house now. All the things can be corrected but there is one point that after knowing yourself you will have to get into yourself. You will have to be sam ras with yourself. And you will have to use all your powers. Sahaja Yoga is not for any person. Anyone who will be Mother’s son will get from the Mother. I am telling it first; you don’t mind it. Tukaram has said that [unclear] can enter in Sahaja Yoga.

Now I will tell you something about Kundalini. Which I have… (Mother and a Sahaja Yogi speak in Marathi). I am here for around five days more. In five days, I will tell you everything about Kundalini. From tomorrow you bring paper and pencil so that you can note the things I am telling.

First, you can see in your front this, the God Almighty has created an instrument inside us. Now this instrument is not dead like other things in the world but it is live instrument. And what you call as surati is only the Kundalini. After all we the human beings are moving on the support of something. Look at this eye so it is such a wonderful thing. Movement of the entire body is so efficient and beautiful. Creation of the entire earth has been done with such beauty.

All these things, there is some or the other powers which are secret, those are secret because our gross attention cannot know it. You will have to become subtle for that. Having this subtleness is the aim of Sahaja Yoga. To get into this subtleness is aim of Sahaja Yoga.

Like we say knowing yourself [Your Self], knowing the Spirit. Like I have told you in the morning that without knowing the Spirit your mystification cannot break. And you cannot know the God Almighty. Anything you know about it just the knowledge but not conception. Conception happens after knowing the Spirit. That’s why Spirit will be known first. After that all the things will be clear to you.

Now this is Kundalini. I will explain the entire instrument and then also tell the Kundalini where it is.

Firstly (Mother speaks in Marathi) in the left-hand side, you see from the right-hand side of the head power enters and flow through left hand side. Due to this power, we have our existence. It is a subtle power; it is not visible to us. It comes from our head, passes through our spine and comes till the bottom. It is not visible by eyes.

But when Realization happens then I will be able to show you each and every power. The channel which bears this power we call it Ida Nadi or Chandra Nadi. This subtle power when manifests outside, when there is its expression or manifestation, then our left sympathetic nervous system is made by it. It is the power of our existence and when this power sleeps then we die. That’s why people also call this power as samvhar power. In Sanskrit, this power is called ‘Mahakali Shakti’.

There is no word in English because in English they have not found about these things that what are its undercurrents. Science has not able to find about undercurrents of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system till now. So, you don’t have to be afraid if I call it Mahakali power. We are not English people. And second power inside us which passes through left hand side [in the head] and comes on the right-hand side it is called power of Mahasaraswati. By this power we do all the movements, physical activities and mental activities.

In medicine people are not able to find difference between left and right sympathetic. But these two are two different things.

Your emotional side is due to left, and mental and physical side is because of right. This difference is not found in medicine. Because of this people are not able to understand disease like diabetes. That I will tell that how imbalances come. And imbalance we can understand by understanding the difference of these two things that one channel is used more and other channel is used less. One channel is used less so because of that, diseases related to it happen and the one which is used more, then because of it, aggression occurs on it. Sense of imbalance comes only when you are able to see it’s two sides. The channel in which the power of right-side flows is known as Pingala Nadi. People also call it ‘Surya Nadi’. By this, sympathetic nervous system of right-side manifests.

In the centre what you are looking, there is a channel, this channel is called ‘Sushumna Nadi’. This channel is created inside us, it manifests parasympathetic nervous system in us. Human beings have reached till that only.

Now whatever we have achieved in our evolution from amoeba stage to stage of human beings it is recorded in our central nervous system. Our central nervous system can be understood as a reflector of all this. It is in our conscious mind. Left-hand channel called Ida Nadi nurtures our subconscious mind. Or it operates it, like if you are listening something from me, you are listening from your conscious mind. But it goes in your subconscious. This work is done by your left-side channel. It hears anything and then immediately transfers it in the subconscious.

And that is why what people call conditioning can be of two types. It can be good sanskars as well as bad sanskars. People like Freud have seen only bad sanskars. Their eyes are like the way of taking knowledge of such people is like it is a dark place and whatever is found in anybody’s hand, they take and sit, “It is the truth.” It is called ‘objecting’.

Second way is that light has been switched on. You see everything. It is the way of Sahaja Yoga.

Gaining knowledge by listening to someone or by science is a blind way. When searched by that method, Mr. Freud was already a blind. In my view he was a strange man by brain. People tell such dirty things about him. He held this thing and worked on it. And he said that whenever you stop someone from doing something it leads to conditioning, man is not free because of it. But he did not think that if you do not stop a person from doing things then his other channel will become powerful.

By first channel superego is formed inside us. First channel which is Ida Nadi it forms superego inside us. And the second channel which is channel of ego, which is on right-hand side, it forms ego. It means if you have become a government servant then you will not talk to anybody nicely.

Some people went to meet the Minister, there one person was jumping a lot. Villagers did not understand it so they asked what the matter is. He said, “You do not know I am the PA?” Villagers said, “You should have told us earlier that you are drunk; we would not have talked to you.” (Mother laughs.) In this way ego rises. It is not understood by Mr Freud. When you cut the left side, it will rise from other side and sit in your head in the form of ego.

Ego and superego are like that in our head. Now let me explain ego and superego to you. It is not due to psychology but by the grace of God. Psychology has also accepted ego and superego.

For e.g. a small kid is drinking milk from mother and sitting in joy. Now mother picked him up to take on other side, it awakens the ego of the child, “Why she did it?”, so mother scolds, “No son, you should not do like that”, this awakens his superego.

In this way balloons of ego and superego gets accumulated in our head. Ego is from front till here and superego is from back till here. Now when these two gets accumulated in our head then fontanel bone of our head gets calcified. It becomes strong and our head is filled.

Now you have become you, you have become you and you have become you. Everything else is left. Everyone is separated, everyone has separate shells, like there are shells of egg, in the same way humans also have shells. These shells are made because inside it, humans should recognise their freedom inside it. Use it properly. After using it he understands what is right and what is not. Though it is not left completely on the man.

Many big saints have taken incarnation in this world and explained you that it is dharma, “Don’t do this, do this.” Are they all mad? We all made their caste and made them sit separately in corner. Just fold hands in front of them from morning till evening, that’s it. Listening to their talks in our life is waste for us. After all, why they said it? Why did they say this thing that, “Don’t do this, don’t do that. If you do this. this will happen, if you do that, that will happen.” Because we are very intelligent, we will know about everything through science.

What is science? It is a very small part of this knowledge. I will also tell you that with science you know such a small portion. Very little. Through Pingala Nadi you get five elements, through science you just know five elements, like earth has gravity. But why it is there, how it is there?

You ask one question that why have we become humans from amoeba, what is the reason? If we are making something then human being will ask that, “Why are you making it?” After all it must be having some meaning. Why God has made us?

Today a biology person came, he said, “I don’t have faith in God.” I said, “I wonder about you that even a biology person doesn’t have trust then it is all done!” All others work with dead matter. At least who is in biology should think that God has made human beings with such beauty. And God has made in such small time that many big biologists are surprised that humans could not have been created by law of chance. At the max an amoeba could have been created.

So, God have given us this responsibility, he has given us freedom, that we know in our freedom about what is good and bad.

And when we accept God Almighty in our freedom then He gives us the blessing of knowing Him, the way this machine has been made and got ready. But till we do not attach it to mains, till then what is its meaning? A cord is made inside it only nad. In the same way cord made inside you is Kundalini. God has made it from before only, you don’t have to make it, you don’t have to put any efforts.

Like there is a sprout, a premule, in the same way God has kept its sprout inside you. Kundalini is the same which is in the triangular bone. Now you see the gap in between, this gap is there in central nervous system of the human beings. This gap is, that the gap between the humans and the Spirit inside in the heart, it is the same gap.

We have a Spirit inside us, It knows all about us, It is kshetr Heart. But it is not in our central nervous system, means it is not in our conscious mind. That means that we have not known It but It knows about us. That’s why this gap has been made because Kundalini has to rise from inside it. This has to happen. The happening about which I used to say you, Kundalini awakening, is the happening. It is not mechanical, don’t think it as dead. It is a live happening. Like a sprout comes out of a seed, in the same way it is a living process.

Humans have not done any living work till date, have you done? Try taking out one sprout from one seed. Any tree died, you fixed a pole there, you became a big person. You are changing a dead, whether you make a chair out of it or make anything else. Then you started sitting on the chair, so chair sat on your head and now you cannot sit on floor. You see people sitting in the back are hanging, cannot sit on the floor. This is your condition. You have become a slave of it. What have been the advantage from this dead work? You discover about all the dead elements.

Try finding about some live element, that how all this happens? How one sprout becomes a big tree, can you find about it? You see thousands of such things around you. Yes, you say it is like that, it is like that, which is visible. But how that happening happens? It is a very subtle happening. You are not able to see it. You also know that many sounds are of so high frequency that you cannot listen it.

The state in which humans are made, in that state he cannot know about such subtle things. But he is made like that, that he knows it also. Only human beings can know about it. Only in humans this special brain has been made, which is triangular, in which all the happenings take place inside which ego and superego meets. In humans only Kundalini is sitting like this and this happening can happen in human beings only.

Now you think that this universe was created, inside which earth was specially created, inside which plants and trees were made and then you were made. You were created in a special way and all such things were placed inside you. Only you have this right that you know about the God and carry His powers inside you. This is your aim and this is your fulfilment. Till you will not carry powers of God inside you, till then there is no meaning of you and there is no meaning of the entire universe. This happening has to happen, and today whatever is happening it is also historical thing, coming of all the people in this world, step by step is necessary.

I will tell about it tomorrow that how in this world all the big incarnations whom we call big prophets, we call them Gurus, how they came in this world and how they worked in our awareness and where inside us they are placed. I will tell about it tomorrow.

This Kundalini is in our triangular bone or not, people don’t know about this also and there are big books on Kundalini. Tell me what should I do? In all those big books they don’t even know where is Kundalini. I can show you this, you can see your Kundalini vibrating with your own eyes. With your eyes, whether you get Realization or not, you can see the vibrations of the Kundalini, you can see its rising and falling by your eyes. Like you are breathing in the same way you can see breathing of Kundalini. You will see triangular bone shaking, in that you will see Kundalini awakening, you see by yourself with your eyes. I have made a film also on it.

When Kundalini rises then it starts vibrating. Some people are such nice people that Kundalini rises in a moment. It is not visible in them. Who have a catch in Nabhi Chakra, the Nabhi Chakra present here, when it gets catches the Kundalini starts vibrating. Not only that you will also see that when Kundalini rises. Suppose you have liver trouble, then you will see it is going towards liver and vibrating. You will be able to see with your eyes. If you use stethoscope then you will be able to see it where it is rising. In the end it reaches here, on which Kabir has said, “Shunya shikhar par anhad baje”, means its pulsation is felt. ‘Anahad’ means ‘it pulsates’. When it gets open then the pulsation stops and the All-Pervading Power [Chaitanya] which is very subtle and you do not know it, by which each and every leaf, every flower, every fruit and every human being is completely taken care of, guided and sheltered, you become one with that Power.

Till now you have not known it, you don’t have any information about it. You have only read about it, till now you have not felt it. You should feel it, without feeling, everything is waste.

You have started doubting since the beginning. What is there to doubt in it? Have people not written about it in the past? Everyone has told. But if the time has come to receive it then everyone should get it. But everyone will take it, this also I know. There are many reasons for it, many reasons are there. Now all these centres, the subtle centres reside inside us. These centres are one by one stages of our evolution.

First, when we were carbon so this is the first centre of Shri Ganeshaji. After that when Brahmadeva made the entire universe, so the second centre is of Bramahadeva, that is Swadishthan Centre, it is also inside us because of it only we can make the universe. Because of this centre only we think and plan.

After that there is Nabhi Centre, For Nabhi Centre you know that whatever has happened in the evolution from fish to human being, everything has happened here. For helping in it many big Gurus have incarnated inside us, whom you know from Socrates to Confucius, Moses, Raja Janaka, Mohammed Sahib, Nanak Sahib, Kabir, all these big Gurus, all of them have worked hard on it and made dharma of human beings. It is the dharma of human beings inside, in the stomach, not outside. Like dharma of this gold is that it does not get spoiled, it is untarnishable. In the same way, 10 dharmas of human beings are formed inside the stomach. If the man gets (unclear word: blockages-?) from these ten dharmas, then his Kundalini will not rise. We have to rectify these dharmas again. Kundalini Herself has to feed them, nourish them. Only after that, Kundalini rises, otherwise it gets sucked there. And this work is done by Kundalini, you don’t have to do anything, it is effortless.

What effort have you put in getting born? Or what effort has been put by seed in growing tree from it? What books it has read? In the same way as it is a live happening then what effort do you have to put? Effortless: ‘sahaja’ means ‘effortless’. And by the word ‘sahaja’ it means ‘with you it is born’. This right to unify is born with you. Since you are a human being, it is your birth right that you achieve this yoga or unification and know the God Almighty. This is you right. But you yourself don’t want to use your rights. Then what will God do?

Now these subtle centres, if you are able to awaken these centres, then your health will improve automatically. There is one disease, what it is called, it is called multiple sclerosis, doctors say it cannot be treated but I say it can be treated with Sahaj Yoga. It can be cured 100 percent. In this I see three centres which get catches: Mooladhara Chakra, Nabhi Chakra and Agnya Chakra. If we cure these three centres then it can get cured.

When you try to search something from outside, suppose there is a tree, some problem has come in it, even if you do some treatment from outside also it may get cured to some extent, but if you know how to cure it from its roots then the tree will get cured.

In the same way, disease of cancer. You get cancer due to over usage of sympathetic nervous system. Either you do it emotionally or due to some other reasons, sometimes there is some irritation or some infection, in any ways these sympathetic emergencies are there on you. If there is emergency, is continuously on you. Then what happened in emergency here, same condition happens to human beings, in that time parasympathetic is constantly trying to cure your cancer. You get cancer daily. That means you use sympathetic nervous system daily and parasympathetic goes on feeding it to balance it. It is in the centre Sushumna Nadi.

Like there is a left side or right side, there is right side sympathetic or left side sympathetic, both are working all the time. When they break, the Deities inside it also sleeps. Then starts the malignancy, one cell starts expanding, from that another cell also start expanding. It is not related to the entire body; single unit starts expanding arbitrarily. It forms cancer. If we awaken the Deities inside it then the cancer can be cured.

Now there are Deities or not? People will say, how can we trust in Deities? After Sahaja Yoga, you yourself will see that after taking their names things get cured and you will realise, they are there. This will happen after Sahaja Yoga.

But mentally also we can explain. Like adrenaline and acetylcholine are two chemicals, two absolutely dead chemicals, but they have a weird behaviour in our body. Nobody is able to understand.

They say that we cannot explain their mode of action. All the scientists are genuine, not fraud but they have their own limitations and according to that they tell that at some places these chemicals augment and at some other places it relaxes. They are not able to understand.

Same thing is done by the Deities. If some foreign matter enters our body, then they try to throw it out of the body. But if there is a foetus in the womb then it is not thrown out but it is taken care, nurtured and at proper time, exact time it is thrown out of the body. It is the work of Shri Ganesha. It is done by Ganeshaji. Ganesha Tattwa does this work inside us.

Now, doctors will not believe in Ganeshaji but keep his photo in their house. There will be photo of Nanakji, Ganeshaji and all. But Ganeshaji is present inside us on our Mooladhara Chakra. This they will not believe.

Now what shall I do? You tell Me. How to teach?

Now, the girl that came here with multiple sclerosis, I told her to say the mantra of Shri Ganesha in front of Me, she got cured. But if you say it will not happen because you should have the right to awaken Shri Ganeshaji. But if you get your Realization, you will also get the right. If you are citizen of Delhi then whatever rights are there in Delhi you will get it. If you become the citizen of God’s Kingdom then what Ganeshaji and what Hanumanji? All will be in front of you with their hands folded asking, “Tell my child what has to be done?”

Now is this true or not you should test it and see. First, you come in the Kingdom of God. Otherwise, if you are not its citizen, you are of Government of India then live in its efficiency.

I am saying you come in Government of God, then I will tell you the things. You see your powers will reach where. Then no disease will be able to touch you, leave aside cancer. You will be able to cure cancer of other people.

But without getting Realization we cannot talk about anything; point is that first you should get your Realization. Only then you will be able to go in subtle. When you go in subtle you yourself will be able to control it. Your yourself will be able to control that which controls the entire universe. It is an All-Pervading Power and the moment you come in it, in your attention, it starts flowing from your central nervous system. The vibrations of your heart start flowing from your central nervous system and you feel cool vibration in your hands. We call it ‘cool breeze’. When it starts flowing through you, means the Spirit is flowing through you, then whatever you do, you are doing in the Kingdom of God.

This happening is necessary for man. Then I don’t need to say that you leave alcohol or leave cigarette. You have to leave everything and you leave it on your own. Because when there is joy inside then who will be interested in joys of outside? All of these people sitting here in the backside were drunkards, firm drunkards. What drunkards, they use to take so much drugs that can do anything to you. They have left everything and sitting in joy. It happens automatic.

Now there is no need to say, “When you start enjoying from inside then you don’t need anything from outside.” I don’t need to say anything. There is a small thing that if you take an animal from any dirt, filth, mud anything, he does not get smell. But if you take a human being, he gets smell. In the same way when you go in Kingdom of God your awareness becomes such that you are not able to tolerate it. You will get burning in your hands. You will not like all this. These things will be left on its own. And that’s why all the habits, everything falls off on its own. I will not have to say anything in that. Everything will happen on its own.

Today in front of you, I have given an introduction to Sahaja Yoga. Tomorrow, I will tell you about its deep details. I have told you that whatever subtle, subtlest its knowledge is, all of it I am ready to tell you. Entire knowledge is this, everything else is impure knowledge.

Things will work out just by the movement of your fingers, but first you should know yourself. You are not knowing your powers and just sitting keeping hands on hands. Till now, your motor has not started. First start the motor then you will come to know. Before that only you are doing other work. It is a small thing.

(Mother talking to some yogi, “How are you child? Please sit down.”)

So, the first thing is that this happening should happen, second thing is to establish in it, third thing is to get the entire knowledge, which chakra is where, how to move that chakra, how to cure that chakra.

There are only three steps of Sahaja Yoga. If this happens then you become a Sahaja Yogi and you start doing miracles sitting here only for you and for others also. You start enjoying because the power will be flowing from you all the time. Do you understand it? Everybody understood it or not? Or you still have questions in your mind?

If you don’t have any questions then after this we will go into meditation. I am coming in two minutes till then you people relax a bit, take off this tie as you are getting catches on Vishuddhi Chakra. Just become light and sit. I am not any Guru, I am your Mother. You have a place on my head. Just relax your body.

(Still Hindi translation.)

What should I say? Just tell me really, I don’t know what to say. (Mother laughs.) I keep on saying everything. Sir you tell me what do you want to know.

Yogi: Tell us Do’s and Don’ts.

Shri Mataji: Ha, Do’s and Don’ts. Actually, today here more Sahaja Yogis are sitting who have already attained Realization and those who are not realised are less. So, they are asking me to tell what realised people should do.

First thing is that Sahaja Yoga is not a lecture or a brain wash. It is nothing like these things. It is actualisation which actually happens to you. It has to be actualisation because if your attention is outside and if I say you take your attention inside then you cannot take it. If I say take your attention towards your Spirit then you will ask where the Spirit is and where I have to take the attention. It is possible only by one means when something happens inside you and due to that actualisation attention will go inside.

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

I am telling them about the way Sahaj Yoga is. It is not the talking about it or giving a lecture or a brain wash that is going to help but the actualisation, the happening that is going to take place within you.

Now why, people ask me, why this Kundalini was kept like that there and then it had to rise and that people had to seek it?

First of all, as I said that Kundalini is the residual consciousness within us is recording all that we have done before in many lives and today whatever we are doing. It is the subconscious which is like a tape recorder, the complete micro subconscious you can call it, which is placed in the triangular bone.

Now, why is happening is necessary because the attention that is outside of human beings have to be pulled inside. Now how is it possible to attract the attention inside?

Say something happens, say a tree falls down, you are listening to me with complete concentration but a tree falls down you all will pay attention to that because that’s a happening which attracts your attention. That’s why Kundalini rising was necessary.

If Kundalini was just placed in a way like all our nerves are there would have been no happening. To create the happening within us the Kundalini was kept in such a fashion in three and a half coils. So, the happening takes place and automatically our attention is attracted inside. Because we know Sahaja Yoga is a spontaneous happening. It happens spontaneously. You cannot take your attention inside whatever you may try. You think you are deluded in thinking that you are doing something about your evolution.

So, we come to the point, “What should we do after Realization?” Before Realization you don’t have to do anything whatsoever because you cannot do. It is something like this machine has not yet started or your car has not yet started. When the car has not started then how will you move about? What is the use of moving the steering? What’s the use of moving the brake or clutches? It makes no difference. So, doing anything before Self-Realization has no meaning. Has no meaning.

(Now don’t pay attention to every small happening anybody coming in and all that. That’s too much. Pay attention.) (Shri Mataji laughs.)

So, before Realization people think, “We should do some sort of a jap and tap” and all these things. This is all artificial. When your machine has not yet started why should you do it? Without knowing your Atma or Spirit you cannot know anything about God and whatever you try to do could be absolutely wrong because you haven’t got the eyes to see. That’s why all these people who play into the religions have landed in difficulties.

Once you are connected with God, you enter into the Kingdom of God, then you are looked after and then you have a right to use your powers as a citizen of that kingdom. But before that if you try to do any such efforts it is all futile. Could be like a telephone being used which is not connected to the mains. It is like a toy. It’s a dummy. Till you are Realised you are a dummy.

You must get your Realization. And for that God has already made arrangements in you. Why are you worried? As I have said again and again you have become a human being from amoeba without doing any effort. Who has done it? A seed sprouts (unclear word), do you stand on your head for a seed or does the seed stand on its head? This is a living process! Your whole evolution is a living process, which has to be worked out by God Almighty Himself. You cannot do it. Once you know that you cannot do it, then you will realise that all the efforts you have put in might have even spoiled your Kundalini’s channel. It has gone to such absurd limit of deliberations sometimes I do feel like laughing but mostly I weep.

Even like Raja Yoga and all that people talk of. Actually, these things happen within yourself to the machinery when it starts moving. You see it would be something like a car when it moves the wheel also move, automatically. You don’t have to move the wheel. But before starting the car if you start moving the wheel will the car move? It is something like that you have done. Artificially you have moved the wheels, you have moved everything, taken so much labour. And if you have to move the wheel, imagine without starting the car, how much effort you have to put in. You are exhausting your energy, you are spoiling the wheel and you do not even budge out an inch. It is as simple as that.

But when I say it has to be effortless, people say, “What about purusharth [effort]? Is all egoistical. Purusharth [effort] is in maintaining yourself alright.”

Like Kabir has said, “Das kabeer jatan se odhi, jaisi ki taisi rakh di ni chadariya!.” That you do not do. You will go to a guru, pay him money, run after him and do all kinds of thing for a guru. But you will not improve your moral life. You will drink, you will have woman, you will have all kinds of self-destroying elements working and here you will be going to guru.

You must have your dharmas intact. This is the effort [purusharth] is to keep yourself away from all kinds of non sensical temptations which come to you and use your freedom to maintain your freedom from this kind of non sensical enslavement. This is all enslavement. This is not freedom. To enjoy your lust and greed is not freedom. The freedom lies in achieving the power to be above all these things, above all temptations. Every moment we are enslaving ourselves.

There we do not put in any efforts. On the contrary we make all efforts to see that we are completely destroyed before we come to Sahaja Yoga. So now here Mataji is sitting and breaking her hands and making her feet.

Children get Realization in no time. They enjoy the vibrations without any difficulty. They have no problems. They are so quiet. They are enjoying the atmosphere while you have complicated yourself for nothing at all.

We read all kinds of non sensical things. By reading do you think you will reach God? What university did Christ attend? How many books did He read? What university any one of the saints who were regarded as a real saint have attended? Gyaneshwara the great person from the south, Adi Shankaracharya from Kerala, anyone of them, did they attend any university?

They never required it. Because knowledge is within. Whatever is with the out is non knowledge avidhya. Even Surdas says after writing Sursagar: “Surdas ki sabhi avidhya dur karo nandlal.”

What is the vidhya [true knowledge]? What is the vidhya of a motor car? To know what switch works what instrument, to know how to control the car, to know how to drive it, that is the vidhya of car. In the same way the vidhya is to know what is the key for different chakras, how to keep your own chakras alright, how to keep the chakras of others alright. How by these things you get the movement into your own being.

(What’s the matter? I don’t think I need it. It’s quite a lot.)

There is no need at all for you to know the key before starting the car. After starting the car, you can see for yourself. If this works, you can put on the switch, does the light comes in? If you are not able to start the car, what’s the use of knowing the keys also? But surprisingly nobody knows the keys. They are so silly if I tell you. You will be amazed to know how to work it out.

Now you get a car which is stranded. It’s not moving at all. You are a novice person; you have never seen a car. Alright, so the car comes to you. So, they say, “Alright you take one name, Rama’s name.” You don’t know where does this deity lie. Whether you have to put on that one or not? Whether you have to use that name or not? Whether you are endowed with the right to use that name or not? You say, “Alright I will take the name.” So, you start taking out the hood of the car. It is that foolish. It is that absurd. It is that stupid.

Vidhya [true knowledge] is to know all the keys of your being, to know about yourself, and about others and to know how to work out these keys of this mechanism, the tantra [conscience expansion system] of Kundalini.

But these horrible “tantrikas”, they call themselves “tantrikas”, they are thugs [cheats]. They are not tantrikas, they do not know the tantra. They know just opposite of tantra, how to insult the tantra by leading a very unholy life. Holiness is the petrol of this tantra. Is the light of this tantra. Without holiness you cannot work out anything about Kundalini and those who try their hands get such backfires and such shocks they describe it as Kundalini awakening. So useless and so thoroughly dangerous are these theories of tantrikas. Throw all these theories in the sea. Sea is the only thing can take engulf this poison. You are selling tantrism, you are selling poison, you are making money on selling poison, befalling your motherland, defaming your own Mother Kundalini.

So, realise that it is the work of God. It is the ocean which is going to engulf the little drop and not the drop that is going to fall into the ocean. It is effortless. Sahaja: ‘Sahaj’ means ‘effortless’ but the word has come from Sah and Ja. ‘Sahaj’ means ‘with germ is born’, ‘is born with you’. Even using this name, I have seen, I have seen people using this name ‘sahaja‘, have used all asahaja methods.

(Give them chairs if they want to sit. Come in the evening.)

Now, what the Sahaja Yogis should do and what they should not do, I am still not very sure. I am not very [sure] just now I should tell about it because there are many who are not yet Sahaja Yogis here.

So best thing is to give them Realization first. And then we will discuss this with the Sahaja Yogis, all right?