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New Delhi (India)

1979-03-15 Advice to Delhi Yogis Hindi, Delhi, 57'
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Advice to Delhi Yogis (Hindi) “Every place has its own vibrations”, Delhi (India), 15 March 1979.

Translation from Hindi:

The efforts put in by the people of Delhi is very commendable, because as you know, in Sahaja Yoga, we have no membership, no rules, no regulations, nor do we keep any register, and  under such conditions, some people get so involved and work so hard and think such that there should be one place where all can come. Currently, programmes are being conducted in their homes. So they told me. I said ‘ Ok, see if you can find a place, it should be alright, whatever takes place with the knowledge of all should be good.’ But, according to my observation  blessings of God Almighty is in abundance for the people of Delhi. Because it is very surprising to see  the way these people have worked, and  in other places, after working hard also nothing could happen.

All this is your own. The place has been made for you, you will only stay there, and you only will use it and make it useful. But, it is important that there should be one nucleus, one place where Shri Ganeshji should be installed. It is essential to have a place like this. Because, each place has its own vibrations. It will be nice if you can chose a place where the vibration be such that a person can have peaceful meditation and get the benefit of it. But, I do not  have great understanding of money matters. As such, if you see any problem in this matter, your can tell me about it if there is any mistake or if there is any misunderstanding, but as such you may be surprised that people who have become sahaja yogis, are honest and faithful to such an extent that we cannot understand whether it is possible to compare their honesty to anybody else or not. Without any fear, they possess so much of honesty and duty-consciousness and there is so much of mutual love and understanding, that it is surprising to note that these people are so different, from different types of business, some are government employees, somebody is something else, but possess a sort of deep affection, and so much of respect that we are saints and saints should be safe-guarded, and they should be respected also. So much of thought has come from within, that it is very surprising. Like, for instance, here Shri Subramanyam Saheb, who has made a lot of progress in Sahaja Yoga. He has made a lot of progress. And, we have seen that a person who has made progress in  Sahaja Yoga, he will be recognised in Sahaja Yoga voluntarily. As such, he is such a likeable person. He does not say anything about anybody, but he will be voluntarily recognised and liked. Because, he will be exuding good and beautiful vibrations, he will be appreciated and liked. They will understand that now he has reached a bit higher level than themselves. And for such a person, there will be no competition from others. In the reverse, the competition will be on ‘how can we be like him’? How do we become good like him? How will we become giver like him?

The biggest gain in Sahaja yoga is that it brings fundamental change within us. Just as light comes within us, there is an inner change within us. Just as you see that when a person walks in the dark, it is not possible to understand his gait. He will rush here, he will rush there. But as soon as he sees the light before him, he will know where he has to go, how to walk, and all the respectful things of life start happening by themselves. By himself, he will not distance himself  from boundaries (‘maryada’). And he will be always sort of feeling the light of his spirit (‘aatma’). And he does not want to leave it. The minute he leaves that, at that very moment he sees that his vibrations have separated from him and he has lost his peace of mind. So, he keeps on sticking to them. Just as, if somebody gets nectar, he will never go back to dirty drain.

But all this has to happen. It cannot happen by lecturing. I am aware that by giving lecture on  this, nothing will happen. This is the matter of obtaining it. When you acquire it  and when your tree grows and becomes big in this and when you reach that stage, then this will happen. You have also experienced this. Many of you have experienced this. Many of you have been enlightened and many people have obtained it ,and for this, you need know the language also. Recently, one gentleman had  written a letter to me in French. I do not know how to read French language. Meaning I am able to read, but cannot understand. But, just by vibrations, I could understand the quantum of pure love with which he has written. All this is just a cup which contains words, but the happiness derived from the aroma within and the juice, which is nectar, is more valuable than words. It happens just on seeing such cups. Supposing if beautiful big cups have been made and some dirty thing has been filled in that, you will spit it out soon after drinking. Those cups have no meaning. Cups may be any how, but if it contains nectar (‘amrit’), then the satisfaction the person gets by drinking nectar, will not be found in the cups.

Yesterday, I had told you about Kundalini. I would like to tell you more about it. However, a big, new, good book has been published. You people may kindly take that book also, and quite a lot of minute information has been given in detail. But, you all must understand that all these are  just words and words. Without experiencing, and without concentration, nothing will happen just by mental, calculated approach. When you start getting awakened from within, then changes will start coming voluntarily.

Just as I told you, when Nabhi Chakra starts awakening from within, the first thing that will happen is, a sense of satisfaction will develop in the person. Priorities of person keeps changing. One gentleman was telling me ‘Mother when anybody comes to our house, they will not sit even for 2 minutes also. They just runaway. Do not know what is there in our home?” But, as soon as they got their self realisation, people started coming to their house daily. Good attraction developed within them. I asked him ‘do you feel any change?  What was the matter?’ He started saying ‘yes, I understood what the matter was.’ He said, ‘when people used to come I used to try to see how I could make them happy, I used to give some things. I used to tell them, take this, will you eat this, please sit; But, I do not know how they came to know that I was talking superficially. My wife also used to do the same thing. She used to tell, please eat this, please take this, but she used to save some things. She used to feel not to keep all things  before them. Suppose everything is kept before them and if everything is consumed, what will happen. And after this, it so happened that I used to watch myself also and my wife also and see that whenever somebody came to our place, we used to open our heart and say ‘brother you have come. Come sit. Becoming totally informal, used to ask, ok, what will you eat? You  take this, take that. In this manner, we used to keep all things before them’. And the surprising thing is that his wife started telling ‘Previously, I used to prepare so much and people used to eat so much, but they were not feeling mentally satisfied. And now, I prepare less, and people say ‘how so much of taste has come in the things prepared by you? It is prepared so nicely’  will eat and then will leave with lot of happiness.’ Gradually, these same people slowly started coming towards Sahaja Yoga again.

One of the speciality of Nabhi Chakra is that there is blessing of Shri Annapurna in the hands of woman. And when Nabhi Chakra gets totally enlightened, even if there are thousands of people to partake food, it does not become insufficient. But, there will be happiness. If people think, how much has been prepared? Not much has been prepared. But, there will be happiness. Through your hand, the positive vibrations go into it and person starts eating with happiness. Lot of love emits from Nabhi Chakra, within human being, lot of affection emits. The person does not understand what and how to give them? How to give them my love? We do not ever even think. Love does not even come within us and even if it comes, we just cover up the love thinking whether it will be thought we are wanting something or nothing. As soon as Nabhi Chakra opens, the person is so much filled with love, he feels ‘what should I give them, or what should be given’. He just opens up. He just opens up. He feels that brother has come and what should be done to make him feel good. What to give? How to give rest? What to do? This is not artificiality. A person may become artificial to any extent, but he knows the artificiality of others also. How much a person is speaking artificially, and how much from within, is known to him. How much the person is conveying superficially, and how much he is conveying from within, is then understood by the person.

In our villages, there are certainly people who become very happy if you go near them, and if you want to make them very happy. Previously, such people used to be there, these days there is nobody like that. We know our father that the day on which he is very angry, when you go and tell him that ‘I want to eat ice cream today’ then he would  be very happy. If you happened to tell him anything like this he would become very happy. In olden days people were like this, to give their love, to play, to feed, and to give happiness. All this gave them a lot of happiness. The same thing comes so overwhelmingly within, I do not know how to tell people that enough is enough, now do not do anything to come closer.

When people went to villages, just  do not know what all they did for them. Whatever we could do for them, we did all that. Foreigners say that ‘we never knew that there is so much of love in Indians.’ And I said ‘are you not like that? Even you have developed a lot of love.’ They have also developed love and you all also have. A revolution of love has appeared. We people, at the most love our own children, wife, or a few family members. And we do not even know the quantum of our love. Even in that we have our own choice. For instance, when our son comes back from battlefield, then we think from heart as to  how to meet him. Similarly, in enquiring about health, how to meet. Same quantum of love even in ordinary meeting, ‘oh, come, let us meet them. They stay here, let us see them. If they have any problem let us find out and help them. Any thing else we can do’? Such type of things start working from within as our happy vision gets a change totally. To give, brings happiness. To support somebody, gives happiness. Even if there are small requirements, a person volunteers to do it; he says could this be done? that done? can it be done this way? The happiness we experience  by this, cannot be compared to the present artificial calculation done for everything.

This love, which surges from Nabhi, which enters our attention (‘chith’) is spread all over. This is so large-spread, happy and peaceful, that your health gets well just by meeting people. I have also seen such people who always get bored with people. If somebody visits them, they say over the phone, brother I am not at home, please go. They keep running. Then they will be running from morning to evening. Some people happen to be big bore also. Keep running, and after some time, they keep running from their own people also. They wonder what to do? Two people are sitting, both are friends. In between, they read comic. One reads one comic, the other reads  the other, or they go to  see a movie together. There is no connectivity in both. But, Sahaja yogis  are not like that. They do not read anything. Nothing. When they are sitting together, peacefully enjoying sitting between themselves. ‘Oh brother, what are you doing?

Nothing, just sitting. Cracking jokes between themselves. If somebody gets realisation – recently, we had been to Kolkatta, we were staying in a Hotel there. One gentleman came to Hotel. Three to four people were with him, staying in different rooms. As soon as I put my feet , good vibrations started coming quite fast. These people came running and started saying ‘Mother who was at your feet?’ I asked ‘why?’ They said ‘vibrations started coming from top all of a sudden’. I said ‘see this’, They are inhaling, it’s scent. Enjoying it. Now, who is that person. What is his caste? What is his creed? Which village is he from? Which city is he from? Which country is he from? If he is getting vibrations on his back oh oh, what is the matter? Now he is standing, taking pleasure. He is also having fun, these people also are having fun.

Many times you might have seen that those sahaja yogis who bring you to my feet, are enjoying you in their meditation. Again I tell you, take pleasure in meditation, you started taking pleasure in these people. So, the pleasure a human being gets, is the essence on the returns of the earnings of the tatva. It is not on the worldly belongings. Do you have big vehicles, do you have big buildings, a house, what will you achieve by all this?

But the heart should be big and that heart, you will be surprised that, works from the Nabhi chakra. That is why the Aortic plexus many people say is the heart of the stomach. Many people call the Aortic plexus as the heart of the stomach. It starts running from inside. This happens only after your realisation. When you receive lots of blessings of the Nabhi chakra, you feel that you yourself was never such an enjoying person, but now how have I achieved this, you are not able to understand that. You think that you were always a boring person and that you always bore others always. But now what change has come in me, I am enjoying myself and I don’t get even bored with myself now. Now if you are sitting alone, you are just sitting. You don’t feel now that you are getting bored, so you should smoke a cigarette. You just enjoy yourself by sitting alone. You don’t feel like doing different things. People usually get into various habits because they are bored. People get bored with themselves, bored with others, people don’t have any give and take anymore. If anyone is called at home then it is necessary that you have to feed them food, this is not required. Just sit together and enjoy each other’s company, give (eat) love and take love. The enjoyment that you earlier used to get in having food together and doing all useless activities, you enjoy more than that just by talking to each other, not even talking but just enjoying each other’s company. Like you never know since when you have met after you had split, you are now at peace together. This you get from your Nabhi chakra. You get creativity from the Swadishthan chakra. When the Swadishthan chakra is enlightened within you the creativity within you increases. It means the same tree that you are seeing, you are seeing today, that you have been seeing since years, you could never see its beauty then. But after your realisation you yourself see that there are so many colours that have now come in the tree, it has got so much shape. You start seeing beauty in all such things. The example of this is in the Zen system, the people following Zen system were also Sahaja Yogis. Viditama saheb who started the Zen system had only 26 (twenty six) realised souls. The only problem with Zen system was that there were not many realised souls because there was no time. But if you read the Zen script, then for a roles flower or for a flower grown in the jungle, they have written poetries. It is so beautiful, but if a person is not realised soul then they will not be able to enjoy the same. There they build a garden even for the moss and if you go to see it, it has been made with so much attention and beautifully. Only some sand would be placed and on top of that there will be some stones kept and they will ask you to guess what it is. I said this is nothing, this just like that. They make such things that takes you into thoughtless awareness (“Nirvichar”) state and there are no thoughts. You are so happy that you become thoughtless. These are the different ways in Zen system through which they want you to get you into thoughtless state. The creativity sense within you comes from the Swadishthan chakra and it brings a kind of dynamism in everything that your do. There are many Sahaja Yogis who have never given a speech or orated anything nor do they know how to give it. But even if small kids start talking it is so surprising that it seems as if Goddess Saraswati is standing there. They talk such things that it is surprising. You can listen to this small kid’s recording here, you will be surprised that a seven year old kid gives such lecture that you will be surprised as if it is Goddess Saraswati who is speaking. One gentleman from panchan who later got his realisation, he said that he lost his job, what should I do? I asked him to do interior decoration work. He said, Mother what are you saying. I have never heard about this. (The audio goes blank for six seconds here till 17 mins 01 secs).

She is calling them. Respect the elders. This is a small thing. Even if they have said something harsh, no one is so difficult to ask you to go to exile. Who will goto exile nowadays? No mother or father asks their child to go to exile. This no one will say. The only thing that they will say as a maximum is that do not spend much. Don’t get into anything nonsense. If the father asks why did you come late? That is enough to create a disaster. We have lost our decency (maryadas). Completely broken. If some one is elder or is at a higher position, nowadays even some one walking on the street will abuse anyone. For them it is not important to know who it is? What is the position that they hold? We only have elected them and put them on the pedestal. Anyone and everyone is abusing. Ears start paining, I am surprised that how can some one abuse someone elder to them. And it is done by big people, people who hold higher positions. It is as if all our decency has been lost. Assisting elders, giving respect to elders is so full of manners. And it was also in England, that those who are from big families used to talk to their fathers with their head bowed in respect. Manners shows people’s special character, their nobility is seen, their knowledge is seen, their wisdom is seen. Insolence and inane behaviour by people, the way they behave and the kind of language they use, such language should never be used in front of children. In today’s times, there was a story which used to be told, there was a very interesting aunt used to narrate this story, that nowadays the time has come that, as an example she used to say that, one gentleman with whom his mother used to stay and the daughter-in-law was very upset with the mother-in-law. And when the mother-in-law passed away, the father-in-law was alive and she use to never care for him. And she used to give food in an earthen pot to him which was used to feed the dogs. Then their child saw that the food was given in such a pot, he used to see that everyone else used to have in good vessels and for the poor grandfather the food used to be served in the earthen pot. One day the child was taking the food for the grandfather, he fell down, got hurt and the pot broke. Then the child started crying loudly. His mother asked why are you crying so loudly, don’t worry another pot will be brought, it is not a big deal. The child became quite and asked another pot will be bought right? The mother said yes, it will be bought, but tell me why did you cry so much? The child said, I was thinking that when you become old, then in which vessel shall I serve food to you. These kind of manners, children learn from us. The children are surprised.

In this manner, even our ladies have given up their boundaries (‘maryadas’). Not  being able to have connectivity  with members of their family, their in-laws ,their parental connections, such strange feelings, the strange attitude grows within us, and if you want to see an example of this, you may go and see abroad. No woman accepts the person as her husband. Now, the poor husband comes home from office and he comes to know that his wife has eloped. Daily, such activities keep taking place. You may be surprised. There is no respect for anything. An Eighty year old man can get married to a eighteen year old girl. An Eighty year old woman can write a love letter to an eighteen year old boy. Tell me if anybody commits such a foolish things here, people will comment ‘what has happened to this old woman?’ Because, what is the reason for that? When there is respect, then the person becomes perfect. See, there is a tree. If it exceeds the limit of its growth, people cut it thinking that its branches have stated growing, they will not bear fruits. They cut the branches. Similarly, we also have to cut our such branches, which have spread  here and there, and keep them in limits, so that we can get seasoned completely. Maturity could come in us.

This maturity can only be seen as an example, in Shri Ramachandraji.  See what a mature personality he was. So much of balance was within him. What  a mature personality he possessed. Whatever that can be told about him, is that much less. But, his main quality was regarding how a ruler should be. Regarding sacrifice, how much he should sacrifice, here is an example, and all rulers should observe regarding his wife, who herself was Adi Shakti, he knew that she was Devi. He separated from her, even under such a condition, when she was about to deliver baby. In order to give satisfaction to the people and the society, he made such a big sacrifice. Tell people ‘you change your coat today’ that also they will not do. Within us, in our conscience, when Shri Ramachandraji came about 8000 years ago, at that time, the thing enlightened us, as to how the King should be. What should be the personality of a King. Actually, I will definitely say that on account of the mercy of  Shri Rama, eminent Rulers existed in our country. Our heart swells up while taking the name of each individual. Rana Pratap, how sacrificing he was. Shivaji, and one king after the other came here. While taking the name of each and every one, people feel ‘wah wah, what a name have you taken’. In England and America, such things were very much less. But, there also, I can tell regarding Abraham Lincoln. He was such an eminent person, absolutely right in nature, perfect in his administration, follower of rules, and there was maturity in him and there was nothing dirty about him. He was a totally established, and a great human being. But now, America cannot make a person like him, neither can Russia do it. Some how it happened, everybody’s respect was  broken.  The best  achievement  we did was that we broke our respect, and this we , think as ‘independence’. There is a small thing to understand, for example, there  is an aeroplane. It has to fly. It is kept in perfect manner, yes or no?  Supposing it says ‘I will not be in state of respecting the boundaries’ (‘maryada’). Then, as soon as it starts flying, it will fall here and there. Every thing, you have to tie in a disciplined manner, take for example, there is wheat, if you just spread it, nothing will come to the hands. You tie it up with discipline. The person who is not within boundary (‘maryada’), it is difficult to move about with him. Which side, this person is going to sit and get up, is not known. He has no boundaries (‘maryada’). He does not understand about mother, sister, nor about anything. Neither big nor small, when he will confront, come on brother, run from him. By talking like this, people think that we have talked quite smartly. Yes, what to say, I am surprised to see this debating, in Parliament also I have seen this. I used to feel very much surprised. How people can talk with each other like this, in a country where Shri Rama was born.

There is a lot of kindness of him on us. And the person in whom this is activated, he at once understands the boundaries (‘maryada’). It is like this even in our Sahaja Yoga. When people obtain this, they will by themselves acquire their boundaries (‘maryada’). If people come sometimes, ‘today, there is no time. Beta, do not touch my feet.’ That is all, they sat. There is no necessity to tell them. They will be just looking for signs. What they acquired out of this, what they have lost, and those who do not do like this, who have a behaviour like this for their parents, what did they achieve?

It is the same for governance. In governance, if you people think that we shall live in indisciplined way, and mother shouts and screams  and create confusion, then you people are breaking the boundaries. What did you get out of it? What can you get out of it? People tell, go on strike. We have seen that most of the people who indulge in strikes, earn a lot of money , they put a lot of money in liquor, what a big achievement like making Taj, have they done on account of this? Acquiring things by breaking boundaries is very harmful. Being within limits also, we can achieve everything, and by breaking limits you cannot achieve anything. Because whatever you achieve, will also be without boundaries (‘maryada’). The meaning of this, straight forward meaning of this is, if you acquire anything by breaking the boundaries (‘maryada’), like think that there is a child. He has broken the boundary (‘maryada’) and took away the money from his mother and father, he becomes a waste. You just do it and see, keep this in boundary (‘maryada’) and see it. I have seen that the person who is in boundary (‘maryada’), rises to such high level, because his softness is his beauty. And his respect of boundaries (‘maryada’) only, in a way attracts  you. The person who has no boundaries (‘maryada’), you do not know how and when he will pinch you. Would you like to sit on a sharp stone? Then, why do you become sharp? The beauty of the person lies in his maintain his boundaries (‘maryada’). The person, who has no boundaries (‘maryada’), has no beauty of any sort.

It is said that in London or western countries, people have said to have struggled. Have they broken their existing traditions, and after breaking, have they thought of making new things? And after breaking, did you start doing it? You started start taking drugs. If you have any  attraction, you have to break it. If you have any attraction there is a big difference between attraction and boundaries (‘maryada’), you should be able to understand it. If you have any attraction, like Britishers had their empire on us. This was attraction on us. This should be broken. We should not endure slavery. But whosoever is in their boundary (‘maryada’), nobody else is more free than him. He is in the boundaries (‘maryada’) in his freedom. Because he is independent, he is soft. The person who has sense of insecurity, and who always feels weak, he always dominates others.

Shri Rama, whose name, when taken ,opens the heart chakra, his wife Sitaji, is actually incarnation of Adi Shakti. She had taken other avtars after this. She had to go to exile (‘vanvas’). People think ‘when she was such a great  goddess why did she have to go to exile (‘vanvas’)’? Such people never go to exile etc. Wherever they go, they are there. For instance, today we are talking. Now I am here, we are talking. If not here, we are in London. What is exile? There is a pandal here, we are underneath this, If not, we are below the tree. For such people there is nothing like exile etc. Wherever they are, they will be there. For them, this atmosphere and such things are not of importance. Then, why did they go? It is important to note that they stay in their Raj Mahal. Why all this drama was made? Poor Shri Sitaji who had never walked bare feet, why was she taken bare foot at that time? There is a reason for this. In order to spread her vibrations, she had walked. When Shri Sitaji was walking, her vibrations were reaching everywhere, which reached country wide. The biggest of all tourist was Shri Ramachandraji, to the extent of even reaching places upto Bangkok etc., and coming back. All this was enacted so that he could go country-wide and reaching every place, he could leave behind his vibrations. The place where Shri Sitaji had her bath was made, near Ravuri. I had gone to see it. It was evident from a distance only, that it was the bathing place. So much of vibrations were coming from that place, so much of vibrations were coming from that place, and the water was flowing such that we could not understand whether the water has flown from nature, from where it was coming; It is all strange. But the most important thing is about vibrations. This was really a way of distributing vibrations. If the vibrations had not been distributed at that time by them, we could not have held Sahaja yoga today. Because even today people in India walk barefoot.

In this country, every bit is vibrated, perhaps you do not know, If you get cleared. While coming from London, I bent down and saw, I told ‘We are now in India’ . These people asked, ‘Mother how did you know? I said ‘see vibrations are visible. Vibrations are seen twinkling at small intervals. I said, see it is visible.’ People also said ‘Yes Mother, we are now in India’. Vibrations are felt. On which Earth are you sitting? The foot with which Shri Rama vibrated the Mother Earth, you are sitting on that earth.You try to obtain that Chaitanya. Whatever his sacrifice has been, it is just a drama for him. This is for sure. For him, there is no meaning in this. What is sacrifice and possessing for him? When he has not caught anything, where is the question of sacrifice by him? Whoever catches, he will only sacrifice. There is nothing like catching or sacrificing for him. But whatever he has done, it is preparation  for Sahaja Yoga in our land of India (‘Bharath Varsha), to enable our  people to obtain these vibrations. But, the sad part of it is, leave alone Chaitanya, we have forgotten Shri Rama. Now, we have opened shops of them. One plastic photo of Shri Rama was obtained by them, they sat down with that. And they started offering Pooja. Some became rich, had lots of money and they said, common brother, open a Shri Rama Mandir, by which our weight gets reduced, we have done something at last.

One gentleman opened a temple somewhere. He was a very rich person. He brought an idol of Shri Rama and showed it. He asked me ,Mother, is this alright? I said ‘No, absolutely not alright.’ He asked ‘Why?’ I Said, ‘This is the idol of Shri Rama, and the heart chakra has a catch on the right. Meaning, It is against Shri Rama. He asked what was the diagnosis? I said that the diagnosis was such that it shows that the person who has made it, had hurt his father very much. This is the diagnosis. You will be surprised that after one month it was revealed that the person was caught. He had murdered his father. The idol should be made only by such a person who respects husband or father like Shri Ramachandra. Otherwise, there is no permission for one who starts doing as per his likes. The person who has not served his father cannot make the idol of Shri Ramachandra. He has no right. But, person, who has served his father, who felt happy to keep his father happy, the idol made by such a person will be beautiful at any cost, his vibrations and giving happiness, will be complete. It may be  even marble, or soil, there is vibration in it. As soon as it is seen, people should also feel respect towards their father. Because Shri Rama is our father. He is like our father.

When your chakra gets a catch, it means that either you are angry with your father, or not dutiful, or your father is no more. You feel sad regarding him. There is some or the other  relationship with your father, and it could be also that you yourself are not a good father. The placement of father is on the right side heart. If this side is not in order, many such meanings  are revealed. What was the state before it got upset? Meaning there are many types of things, like your father is no more, which was all of a sudden, and you are also frustrated on account of that. He may still be wondering. Could be you are behaving very badly with him. Could be you are not a good father. Could be that you father is no more. Could be you did not understand the essence of father. This essence father somehow gives comfort from within us.

What is the effect of this. If somebody gets pneumonia, your this chakra gets affected. If somebody is affected with Aasthma, mostly this chakra gets affected. Astonishing thing is that , there are two chakras, wherein we see that it is connected with Asthma, but mostly we see that in people, this chakra gets affected when there is sadness somewhere in father’s tatva. To insult father based upon wife’s words. To insult father before his children, or insulting your own children. To neglect your own children. All these things are seen clearly in this chakra.

Now, this becomes so sensitive, let me tell you there was one sahib. He was very modern. His child was to be born. So, he got abortion done. He was asked  ‘brother, why did you get this done’? Started saying, we thought that if we had many children, we will be quite troubled. We will not be able to roam about. Now is the time for us to move about. What can she do at that time? And her chakras are so much caught, so much caught, that her going out has stopped.

She felt uneasy. In the end, she had to ask for pardon. With great difficulty, this chakra has got released. So, this is such that reality comes forth.

We have cured Asthma of many people. We have cured twenty five year old ailing from Asthma problem. In this, if you understand the reason for the occurrence of asthma, as it is controlled by lungs. If somebody gets pneumonia, you will come to know that pneumonia has occurred, because the concerned chakra gets a catch vigorously, and heat exudes from this. Now, where will this chakra be seen on our finger? This is on the right side. Now on the left side also there is heart, and right in the middle also there is heart. Thus, three hearts are placed. Now, where the centre heart is placed, this is the place of Shri Jagdamba. We also call them Durga, Lalitha etc., who have taken their Avatar in this world number of times. And those people who search for Paramatma in Void (‘Bhavsagar’), for them she takes the incarnation (‘Avatar’) and protects every one. So, her essence and her philosophy is protection.

Now, understand, if any woman feels a sense of insecurity, see how delicate the thing is, if any woman gets the sense of insecurity, if her husband is not good, runs here and there, from whose sake she is troubled, she will get breast cancer. She gets breast cancer, because the  place of safety is vacant. ‘There is sense of insecurity.’ Many men think  to frighten woman, scold them  that ‘you are suspicious you are like this, that.’ If there is they should give up such thing. They should not think bad of them frighten women or scold them that ‘you are suspicious, you are this, that  etc’. If woman is suspicious they should not indulge in such thing. Because if you do any thing forceful, her central heart gets catch, and she will get such problem. Such woman will not get milk to feed her children. It gets dried up. There is ‘sense of  insecurity’ happens even in men some times. Like, regarding career matters, if something happens, there will be palpitations. Soon after birth, where the thing called sternum bone is placed, within the said bone, there develop antibodies in science. Antibodies are the soldiers of Shri Jagdamba, which develop. They all get spread in the body and stay on. And whenever a human being is attacked, these antibodies help them. But, if Jagdamba’s tatva gets weakened these antibodies also become dry and stay put, because their essence is from Durga Tatva. You may be aware, whenever frightened, a person’s heart starts beating fast like ‘dhak dhak’. Now in this matter, we have to say that it is mother’s place. In our country, people regard their mother very high. They respect their mother, but do not respect the mother of their children. Because, she is the mother of our children, this  is also a very important aspect. Till we do not give that status  to the mother of our children, like what the place of our mother was. Their mother also suffered and her children’s mother is also suffering. Then this chakra develops and many serious talks take place.

Like the  Hysteria problem. All this is attack on the left side. On the left side, whatever attack comes from the sub-conscious, fear suffered by the ladies, screaming, shouting,  being frightened, nervousness, Insomnia, feeling insecure, getting worried, feeling of fear, insomnia, feeling insecure, getting frustrated, feeling of fear all the time of something, being afraid, unable to come forward to perform any work, bowing down before any aggression, all these things happen. Many men also experience all this. When this chakra becomes dull, these poor things  take big aggressions on themselves. It is also wrong thing not to take any aggression of others. You should be standing in the middle. You neither impose aggression on others, nor should you take any body’s aggression.

When this chakra gets totally balanced, then you will be standing upright, because of the presence of Jagdamba, who is the mother of the entire world, who is the saviour of the whole world, she is your mother. Then what is the fear about? But you will not do any aggression. Then you protect the devotes. Then you will shine in your goodness. You will not be  nervous. Many people will feel like ‘Sahib, what should I do? I am feeling very much frightened. I am more honest than actually required. In my office, all are non-trustworthy. They will just gobble me up.’ But, when Jagat Janani awakens within, he will feel very great. He thinks, ‘ok, these

people are useless. At least, I am on the right track’. He starts enjoying his virtues. We keep crying for our virtues. He does not feel frightened for his virtues, nor does he cry that ‘I am so virtuous, and you are not.’ He does not even do that. Neither does he aggress, nor does he  put any aggression on others, nor does he take anybody’s aggression, this way he gets a place in the middle.

Now, this middle heart chakra, is very important. If it gets spoilt, then sometimes, spondylitis occur. These are small things. They have to be understood.  Like, there is a girl, she is married. Her husband, if he makes her feel insecure, he should be made to understand, ‘see this is sin, it cannot be done like this.’ Do not pressurise, because the chakras of these ladies are specially very bad. Let me tell you, here ladies are very calm. They are very good. Because of these ladies, your status is like this. Otherwise, you see the men in England, their eyes somewhere, nose somewhere, face elsewhere. Can’t sit quiet even for a moment, they do not have decorum like you. At this age, they have 5 – 6 lines on the face, their eyes flutter, nose flutters, cheeks will be flying. Because, his mother would have eloped with some one, wife would have run away with somebody. Even now, the women here are very gentle, irrespective of how their their husband, children are. But, she has not taken them to task, because if she does that, England will come away here. There , women have put their husband in a strict condition. Absolutely. Such condition has been formed, men do not know how to live with such ladies. And this is not just one such, I have seen the state of all. From morning to evening ‘ do this cleaning, wash this vessel, do that, you have not done that. You have not done that.’

No sooner than he came home, there work will be piled up for him. In our country, gents do not even know how to carry the broom in their hand. When they go out, they cry, as to how to prepare food now? We do not even know how to prepare curry. Which is the Dal used? We do not know. Women have carried a lot of burden on themselves in this country.  The woman of this country is steady, great like Mother Earth, one greater than the other have been born. Take their names, like Noor Jahan, what a woman she was. Chand Bibi was there, Padmini was there. People would not believe that  there would have been a special woman like Padmini. Over there, if some man followed a woman, there would be immediate disappearance. There, nobody could understand that a woman could also take care of her chastity. These days, nobody can understand. You would be surprised that there are woman who are interested to know how many men are running after them. Old women talk of such things. I feel surprised  whether their wisdom has disappeared fully. I am telling you generally. Out of hundred, if you find one woman, who you think is alright, then you could say yes, it is alright. As regards men, their condition has been made very weak. If  a Hindustani gent has  married a foreigner, giving up his Hindustani wife, his condition becomes worth seeing. He cries regarding his fate. As, such it is not a good thing. But, these great souls cannot be criticised by you. Keep up their respect. ‘Yatra nari pujyante, tatra ramante devatha’; ‘Where a woman is fit for worship, and is worshipped, there reside the Devatha.’ In any of these countries, the status of woman is not like what it is here, meaning good. Here, as said, the status of women, have not become as proclaimed, and keeping in view, women here are not respected at home as required. Every where woman has become a big fool. These days, they have released some more things, ‘Liberties’, and what all has been released. ‘Lib’ – liberation. These ladies have horns coming out. They have become totally animal-like, totally become like donkey. They have no sense. To serve her husband, to take care of her children, is a great job. You will realise this when nobody does it. When children roam around on your streets, take drugs, and twelve year old child goes out and sells News paper, thefts takes place, and are killed. Our ladies have not been taught any thing like this by anyone. Though not educated, they are very good and generous from within. Some are spoilt. Especially if she is westernised, then she will not understand anything. As it is, women are quite silly. There is nothing to learn from them. I have told you 100 times. And women strictly do not have to learn anything from them. I have not seen even one woman, who is equivalent to even the dust of our feet, wherein there is understanding, adjustment and the character. You should be very proud that you are the son of such a person who was righteous, and the husband of such a wife, who is person of good character. Because he is a person of character, he should be respected very much.

But, we people are having a new fashion, high respect for the women with bad character. If one characterless woman enters, everybody starts running after her. Do not know how such type persons were born in this country. They were never here before. In about last 25 – 30 years many such bull-type of people have been born, I am telling you. In our days, young people used to lower their eyes and walk.They never understood who this other woman was. One’s own wife, means one’s own. But these days, the like of bull has come and on account of this  bull, even your wife will become like a cow and not the kicking type. Now, this has to happen, because you are after it. If not your wife, it could be your son’s wife. These are formalities. These have to be bound, and have to be taken care of. And this is the place of your wife  in the heart, the place of your mother. The most important thing is the heart on the left side, which catches thumb. In our heart, on the left side, is the place of Shri Shiva. Shri Shiva is the light of spirit, he is Sadashiv. Sadashiv is always present on our head. The reflection of that is within us and that is Aatma, What we call as Aatmaram. He rests in our heart. Whenever we work against our Aatma, then this chakra sleeps off  immediately. Consider those who are ego-oriented, who are very active on the right side, those who are ego-oriented work relentlessly like we have to do planning, have to do this and through this ego, have to execute a lot of work. Not after realisation, then dynamism flows from within. But in the beginning, it will be ego-oriented. Now, it will be overtaken there, now it will happen here also. This ego-orientation increases more within us, when our ego develops very much, meaning ‘we have become very big’, then your heart chakra gets catch.That is how heart attack happens when person becomes ego-oriented. But we express a lot of sympathy on the person who has had a heart attack. We think that this person has suffered a heart attack. If you tell that person, he has got a heart attack, and ask him to lie down calmly. I have seen many people, there was a gentleman, who was about 90 years and he got paralysis. Those who work a lot, are controlled by paralysis. He suffered a paralysis attack – ninety years old. Went to meet him, and he was giving all the statistics of shipping company.I said that this person does not know whether he can be alive for 2 days or not. His one side was damaged, and he is talking through the other side, and  he had by-hearted everything that he was speaking. I said, I do not know what is going to happen to him.

When a person does over-planning and thinks a lot and indulges in aggression, with this even  God Almighty gets angry with him. It means that our attention should be only on God Almighty. It means your attention (‘chith’) is not on spirit. You should be just the spirit. Human being feels the difficulty in that, if we do not see it, how will it work out. One power, who is going to look after this, is sitting there. O.k., you do your work. There is no problem in that. But, getting the fruit or not getting, there should be no involvement in that. But, this is also a fact that till the work does not happen the person cannot do it. Even then, I tell everybody, Shri Krishna has said ‘do not become over-worked’. Learn to take some rest also. At times try to take rest. Learn to take some rest every now and then. Whoever said ‘do not take rest at all,’ what great thing have they done, tell me. At least for some time, one should take some rest also and should remember the Almighty, the world planner, who plans for everybody, should be remembered. These days, scientists say that there is no God, negation of God. They have said it already.  For such people, if their heart is not blocked, what else will it be. Meaning, when you have not given attention to this at all, you have sacrificed it .Then, this thing is going to end. Heart attack happens on account of this. The most important thing is heart. If you can think from your heart, you will become very beautiful, and If you love your  wisdom, you will shine  like four moons (‘Char Chand’). Everything happens from the heart. All the knowledge comes from the heart. You might be surprised with what I am saying. We do not get knowledge (‘Gyan’) from wisdom, it comes from the heart. Whatever work you do, do it from the heart. If you want to read something, do it from the heart. If you want to do any job, do it from the heart. But, you do it from the intellect, you are ego-oriented. But, when you do from heart, then you will enjoy it always. The meaning of doing from the heart is that, the spirit which is within, the sprit ?(‘aatma’) there, you are bringing it to use. Whenever somebody is talking to you, say if somebody is giving lecture before you, if he is not doing from the heart, then you will realise that there is some non-sense going on. There is nothing in this.

By taking complete three and half chakra from heart, the mirror image of Kundalini will be completely like this. Till the matter does not settle in the heart, there will be no beauty, and no fruit will be achieved. Whatever emerges from intellect, does not give any gain. You do every  do everything from the heart. See knowledge also. There is a person, think that we have ardent love for you, so we know where your kundalini is. Now you are doing hard work, even sitting at two in the night, because you are doing from the heart. How to get up? Becomes fully aware of  you. There is mother, she loves her child very much. She knows minute details of her child. She knows everything. Whenever you do any work, do it from heart. You are a Government employee, if he thinks that ‘this work is of public, I am doing it from the heart.’ My heart desires it. Without this, I will not like it’. There will be no impact. But when this thing breaks down, then the spirit disappears, and then there will be death. This does not mean, those who do a lot of work are big sinners, but blind also. Do work, but do it from the heart. The work which you do, if it is not from the heart, it is of no use, there is no gain in that, and from this, there  will be no comfort to any body. You may create a mountain, everything is plastic. Now, you only think whether you do all your work in the office, from the heart? Many people do the work, because they get money. Have to do, what to do? Have to perish. You have to play the drum hanging on to your shoulder. Then what fun will be there? Otherwise, there will be so much of fun, that even you are may be standing in hurricane, you feel the pleasure in fighting that you are fighting with your heart. Because, the heart itself is happy. The ‘stotra’ of happiness is your spirit, your soul, and you are not going to get happiness from anywhere else. When your Aatma feels happy, then alone you will experience happiness in all these things, and the word called frustration, will go away from you.

In this manner, I have told you about three chakras, which is called Heart Chakra. This is also called Anahat Chakra. (Some one from the audience was talking – this is not clear. Shri Mataji asks ‘Did you say something?’ Anahat  means ‘without percussion.’ Because, the speed in the heart, the essence by which we are alive, its sound comes without any percussion, comes without any disturbance, on account of which we call it Anahat. When Kundalini awakens and when chith covers it, at that time even in kundalini, the heart awakens and it speaks. You can see  that it’s Dhak, Dhak, Dhak, Dhak, can be heard by you. You can  also see  with stethoscope the rise of Kundalini and when it reaches the peak, then Kabir has said ‘on empty tower, the heart sings. Means reaching here, the Anahat has started parlaying instrument ‘ I have arrived’ And when this Anahat breaks here, then the person becomes Realised.

I will explain Pranav, Anahat, Aum, Adi later. Now I have spoken to you about three chakras. It is quite late now. I want some of you (the audio has gone blank from 56 mins 32 secs to 57 mins 08 secs which is the end of the speech).

End of speech.