Vishuddhi Chakra

New Delhi (India)

1979-03-16 Vishudhi Chakra Delhi NITL HD, 87'
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Vishuddhi Chakra (Hindi). Delhi (India), 16 March 1979.

[Hindi to English Translation]

All the people in the world are looking at us, thinking through India only they will get their salvation. Until then they won’t get Realization. But we cannot even have a simple attitude.

Yesterday, I told you that I will be telling you about ‘sat-chit-ananda’, which is the same as Shri Shiva, and who resides in our heart. But today, I am thinking that I should tell you that, in the end, after I finish talking about all the chakras. That will be good. Although you should keep your attention on the heart from beginning to end. Just by putting your attention there, all chakras get healed by themselves.

Above the three parts of the heart chakra, is a very important chakra, it is called Vishuddhi Chakra. The Vishuddhi Chakra is right behind our throat area. Now you cannot say that it is exactly behind the throat area as it is a very subtle thing. It is likely to be a little up or down in the throat area. Just as human nature and their form varies, similarly the placement of their chakras varies. A little bit here and there. Sometimes, it could be as big as an inch. That’s why you can never say that it is exactly there. I have noticed for some people it is little up; for some, little down. And for others, it is even more down. But for now, you must know that the Vishuddhi Chakra is here, right here, behind the throat area.

This chakra is very important for human beings. For animals, this chakra is not that developed and mature. Understand this very well that human beings originated from this chakra.

Shri Krishna resides in this chakra and His power is Radhaji. Radha, ‘Ra’ meaning ‘power’ and ‘dha’ meaning ‘the one who seeks discretion’. ‘Krish’ means ‘the one who does farming’. He is a farmer and he did farming on all of you. He sowed seeds in you. He sowed the seed that first you know what Joy is, what God is, what supreme power is. He sowed the seeds that’s why he is known as Krishna.

This chakra took place in humans when Krishna lifted his neck all the way up. You know that the animal’s neck is always down. Then there is a category of animals like monkeys, chimpanzees where their necks are a little high. But no other living being has the neck as high as a human being. Only because the human’s neck is high, their independence could be established. And why is that, let me tell you. Because of this Vishuddhi Chakra, the two balloons, ego and superego, develop.

In animals, their shape goes this way and again this way and it then goes downwards. So whatever Chaitanya or light they get, it bends towards the earth. But with human beings, the neck is high up. He started feeling a lot of responsibilities on himself. And now whatever work he does, his ego develops. Now people are very afraid of this word ‘ego’ or ‘ahankar’. By ahankar or ego I don’t mean the feeling of pride. These two are very different. Feeling of pride is there in everyone and everyone should have it. If they do not have that, they are like animals.

We also get a feeling of the superego; it comes from the left side and comes right here. We have the fontanel bone here. It comes right here. And ahankar [ego] also comes from the left and comes here.

Now you see when it goes up, the left goes to the right and the right goes to the left. As it is shown here. It starts at Vishuddhi Chakra. If your throat is not well, the doctors would give you medicine for it, they will tell you that your throat is not well. If your Right Vishuddhi is caught up, which is the seat of Shri Rukmini, where Vithala-Rukmini resides, that chakra can be treated with medicine. But if your left side is caught up, it cannot be treated medically. Because the Left Vishuddhi leads to ‘prati ahankar‘ or superego. You get it because of conditionings. Whatever conditioning you have leads to that.

Now there is a little child, who is with his mother, drinking milk from her, is joyful. Now as the mother wants to change the child as I told you, the child develops ego. He thinks, “Why is she troubling me? Why she interrupted, why she disturbed?” But when the mother says, “Be quiet, don’t do this”, that leads to conditionings in the child: good conditionings or bad conditionings. That leads to the superego in the child.

And whenever our right side, our Pingala Nadi is activated and speeds up, works, it leads to the ego in us. And when the left channel activates and speeds up, we develop superego.

When both the things speed up and overlap each other, the child is around a year old. At that age this space gets all filled up and, “We are different”, this feeling develops in the child. We can say, it is an ego feeling that I am different from you. In the English language, it is called the “I”-ness. We all become different. We think this is my name, that is their name. If you talk to small kids, they always talk as the third person. They would not talk like the first person that, “I am going”.

Like, I asked Munna, “Will you go or not?” He said, “Nani [grandma] this Munna won’t go, he is very stubborn.” They will talk as the third person as they are not related to the name Munna. He cannot identify with the name; he will always talk as the third person. That he won’t listen, he is very stubborn as if Munna is someone else, and I am not him, I am separate from him. But as the child grows, these two things grow more and grow deep and he keeps getting away from this divine power.

Now animals are one with this divine power but they are not aware of this as they do not have that awareness.

Now you understand this difference that just so you become aware, God put it this way, in a shell. He put this different awareness in you. So that you seek God in your freedom. You seek goodness and then you believe in what you find. That’s why this kind of arrangement was made.

Now you will say what was the need for this. People say that God should have directly given realization to people. If an animal was directly made into a man and was given realization, then there would have been no question about it.

But God is responsible for the evolution of all living beings and they function according to their nature.

For example, a scorpion would not walk like a tiger, a snake won’t walk like a lion. Their nature won’t change and they will function based on their nature. Whatever you condition them to, they would function like that. They get conditioned with their environment and they live accordingly.

But human is the only kind who will have jackal in him, a tiger in him, snake in him, lion in him, monster in him, and also God in him. Because humans are free. He is the only one who is free. If he wants, he can be righteous or evil, become a scorpion, or may roar like a tiger.

God gave you this freedom because you cannot know God without this freedom. You have to find God in this total freedom. By being hypnotized you cannot know God as it cannot be forced on you. You have to say this in your freedom that, “I want to know God” and because of this, the image of your brain becomes triangular. Animals’ brain image is flat.

You see there is a triangle here. And because of this triangular shape, all powers flow in a quadruple manner. Because just like it happens in the prism, like a pyramid similarly the brain becomes. That’s why all four of these powers start flowing in it.

As I said the three powers are Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna and in the back, we have what we have gained so far as human beings, is the central nervous Sushumna system.

The reason these four powers start flowing in us just like a pyramid as you see, which has three sides, which has an apex. It has one top, which Kabir has called ‘Shoonya Shikhar‘. Kundalini passes through it and sits in the triangular bone.

When a human dies, this same Kundalini circulates on top of his head. It exits from the top of the head and it guides him. And the Spirit is also with it. That Kundalini, that Spirit, and all our four elements out of which the water element slowly reduces, earth element reduces, and in this way, the living being gets ready to go to the Mrityu Lok [death place].

And this freedom that God has given us and how we use it is pretty evident. We use it in a strange way. When the ego and superego are in balance and when you are dharmic [righteous] in your Void then we don’t even know when Kundalini rises. And the man gets to awakening in a moment. In a moment. And he doesn’t even know that he is awakened. Just like I told you today that when you travel in a very smooth aeroplane, you don’t even know that you are in a plane. They are very fine planes; you don’t even feel you are traveling in them.

But when you do not use your freedom wisely! First you understand, “How we do not use our left channel freedom properly?”

These days it is a business to print books. And what does it need: printing press. And you all have money these days. They print books after books on every subject, especially religion and God. They wrote thousands of books. Most of these books are unauthorized. Totally unauthorized.

During the times of Guru Nanaka, he felt that all kinds of men are printing. He understood that. So he made Guru Grantha Sahib [holy book of Sikh people] using books of only realized souls of that time. He said not to read anything else. Whatever is written in it, follow that.

But you all know how they manipulated this Grantha. Bible was written, it was manipulated. Kuran was written, it is also manipulated. What happened? We were supposed to get good conditionings from these books but we rather gained bad conditionings. It is like that. Although you cannot find faults in them.

Now one of the Nanaka bhajans which says “Kahe re ban khojan jaye” in which he has said that, “Kahe Nanak bin aapa chinai, Mite na Bharam ki kai”, now, what more could he have said in a poem? Meaning, he said a simple thing that, “Get your self-realization.” Now can you say anything more than that?

But now these people keep chanting and doing these akhand paths. I am telling you that no one wrote more clearly than Nanak Sahib. But people are saying, “Bin aapa chine bagair nahin hota.” It’s like you have a headache and I prescribe you a medicine, say Onasin. That you take Onasin for your headache. And here they start chanting, “Take Onasin, take Onasin.” Will that chanting treat your headache?

Actually, there is no more need to write any more clearer. Yes, Krishna played diplomacy in Geeta; that also I will tell you what he did.

And that way by continuous chanting we spoil our Vishuddhi; Left Vishuddhi. This is conditioning.

Some people are very habitual of chanting mantras. One gentleman came and said that, “I say Gayatri Mantra.” Who asked you to do that? He said, “I read a book.” He started talking. But am I saying you read the book? Who wrote it, what you read and who told you that you need the Gayatri Mantra? Why are you chanting the Gayatri Mantra? You don’t even understand what Gayatri is. And “I chant Gayatri Mantra.” Even with me he was speaking Gayatri, he couldn’t be quiet.

Best example of this is hare Rama hare Krishna people. They misbehave so much on Oxford Street. How shameful it is; they don’t know how to wear a dhoti or saree. They buy dhotis and sell them. They take money from everyone and make big hotels and they are running them. Whatever they want to do, they do, “I don’t care.” But this day, night, chanting is giving them throat cancer. And then they come to me to get cured. They tell me, “Mother, we are only chanting Krishna’s name and you are also saying that Krishna resides in our throat area. Then why are we suffering?” Who gave you the right to misbehave there on Oxford Street and behave in this cheap manner? Is He your servant? Then you get throat cancer.

Then I don’t understand how I cure them. Mantras are like this. Until they are enlightened; until they are alive, you will be sitting with dead stuff. Then it’s sure that your Vishuddhi Chakra will throw it.

Now Radha-Krishna mantra should be said in Vishuddhi Chakra but the mantra should be enlightened. How will it be enlightened? If only a realized soul has asked you to do that. Even they will not ask you to do it if your throat doesn’t need this.

You have an upset stomach and you’re taking Radha Krishna’s name, why? Because we live in Vrindavan. Now tell me, with any kind of mantra chanting Left Vishuddhi gets caught? Because it is not a proven mantra, that’s the fine point.

Now tell me, these days it has become a business to receive a mantra; find a guru. Now I am asking a simple question: why do you need to get a guru? If you want to get a mantra, any donkey can give you that. Why do you need a guru for that? And why do you need to give money to them? They made millions of rupees just by selling mantras. Do you know, millions of rupees!

Not sure if the government has rules. I don’t know these laws and rules, to ask, “What are you selling here, these mantras?” To give mantras is to only give bhoots. They make a bhoot sit there in that mantra’s name.

I told you yesterday also and today also, I am telling you that all mantras are big knowledge. The one who knows it is only knowledge, rest all is avidya. But what mantra has to be given, one should be knowledgeable to do that.

The one who himself is characterless and who keeps an eye on other people’s money and lives like a parasite, to take anything from that person is very sinful.

Mantra now became a half thing. People give money to buy mantras. When you go there, you will see they have big donation boxes in the name of service. It is done in the name of seva [service].

Now what to calculate here? “This is for service and we are doing it for service.” Service to these people who practice bhoot vidya, and take advantage of you. They give you a mantra to rest and your chakra where Sri Rama resides gets caught. Two chakras get caught. At Least with Sri Krishna’s mantra only one chakra gets caught. But it gets caught so badly that you get throat cancer. It is very dangerous.

Similarly ganda-dauda [the rudraksha beads necklace), now the ganda from Kashi [Benares], they are roaming around wearing it in their neck. This is a very sensitive thing, a very subtle thing. You must understand. You will not see more evil people than these necklaces selling Kashi people. All the Pandas in Kashi are devils, maha rakshas they are. All followers of Kansa are sitting there. And you guys take these ganda-dauda, tavijs from them. All the God’s people who came on earth, all prophets or any incarnation have they ever given these ganda-dauda-tavijs to anyone? And you take them from these pandits who you should not even be looking at. By mistake if you see them, wash your eyes. If you see them in the morning, the whole day will be bad. I had said last year that one day Gangaji will eat them up. And that’s what happened. I saw on BBC that all were running with their stoles.

Sahaja Yoga doesn’t only mean that you will have a union within. It is a revolution. Who gave them the right to sit at God’s door? Until they have purity in them, they don’t have rights to sit in the temples. What is there in these temples?

People will ask that, “Mother are these temples right?” Yes, they are right. From under the earth and from the earth element they are powered. This is the truth. There is no lie about it.

For example, Ashtavinayak temple, Jyotirlinga are all true. But to put a statue there, is not right. Even the stones of Kaaba are like Shiva. They are also swayambhus. They have vibrations. In olden days, the saints used to tell by vibrations if anything is swayambhu.

There is a small place called Musalwadi, we have a big Sahaja Center there. It is a very big, very nice centre. It is a small village though. When I reached there, people told me that, “Mother there is a place here from where some have come out. It is during the British times when they wanted to build a dam here. They tried very hard to build a dam here but every time they would put soil there, the soil would come flying back in a different direction. And whoever dumb people would take the soil, they would faint. They just couldn’t put soil in there. People gave up. They asked people what’s the matter. A saint came there, he said there are many beautiful vibrations flowing from here. This is a really pure place. Do not touch it.”

I saw that place with my own eyes. Instead of the dam they made a big round there and left it like that. And they made the dam at a different spot. This place has to be seen with our own eyes. When I saw the vibrations there, it was a lot. Adi Shakti did it there. And that’s why in Musalwadi our Sahaja Centre is also very successful. There are tremendous vibrations.

But to understand them one must be a realized soul. Without Realization how will you understand what thing has vibrations and what doesn’t?

I told you about an incident in Kashmir. Let me tell you again. I went to Kashmir and at one place I got a lot of vibrations. Then I asked the driver, “Is there a big temple or something? Do they worship someone?” He said, “Not here but two miles from here there is a worship place for Muslims, they call it Hazratbal.”

Even now as I talk about it, it gives me vibrations. There is the glory of Muhammad. I get goose bumps just taking his name. Taking Nanak Sahib’s name too, pours me with vibrations.

Then I asked him to take me there. I have to go there. My husband said, “Who will let you in there?” I said, “Let’s go we will see.” Surprisingly no one stopped me, I went somewhat inside.

So, these kinds of places should be there and you should feel them. That you can only feel once your Spirit is awakened. Until the Spirit is not awakened you cannot understand Dharma. Neither can you understand God. Now can you understand the All-Pervading Power?

Now see here, you feel that there is some picture or something here, but you cannot see it. You put TV here, you get pictures on TV.

Similarly, when you are connected you start getting vibrations. Everything is All-Pervading Power but until now you don’t have its knowledge, its understanding. That’s why talking about it is a waste. All waste. To obtain that power, to get dissolved in it, man is so incomplete, without becoming the Spirit; no matter what he will do, nothing would change him.

Now on this Vishuddhi Chakra, God Almighty Himself came in the form of Shri Krishna who is Virat. When Shri Krishna came on this earth then all the powers of Virata were manifested.

As I told you Shivji’s work is to give us existence, give us identity, which is done through the left channel. And Brahmaji’s work is to create. Shivji doesn’t incarnate. He incarnated once, but He doesn’t. And that incarnation was equal to no incarnation. Brahmadeva incarnated once, you will be surprised in the form of Hazarat Ali. No one could identify them. Muslims didn’t recognize him. Just once Brahmadeva took incarnation.

And only Vishnu incarnates, Vishnu Tattwa incarnates. He is the only one who can get out of the illusion of Bhavasagara [Void] through many incarnations. He is the one who comes many times on earth and guides you. He is your leader. It is because of this Tattwa, you are evolved. This is the evolutionary element of this revolution. You became human from the amoeba because of Him, because He is the bearer of Religion.

They change the dharma of all things and eventually change the dharma of humans. This is your human religion. But human religion is only attained once his Spirit is enlightened.

Now at this Vishuddhi Chakra, humans get connected into the Virata relationship. Like you put your hands towards me. Keep your hand like this. Now from this hand this channel goes here and goes here into Vishuddhi Chakra.

Now you see the human hand and the animal hand is very different. There is no difference in animals’ hands and legs. Human hand is so beautiful and intricate. And there is such beautiful artistic workmanship. We never understand this. Taken for granted. This hand is so amazing. If man wants, they can do amazing things with this hand. But we made this hand dirty, the hands God made to enjoy the bliss and happiness. We use these hands to kill others and torture others. We do all bad deeds with these hands.

And these hands first connected with Vishuddhi Chakra. Now this is a fine thing, try to understand our relation with the divine. Virat is a Primordial Being. All powerful. And we are actually its nerves, capillaries, muscles and bones.

When man is realized then he becomes one with the Divine, not before that. Just like your nail, even if you get hurt at the outside edge of the nail, you won’t feel anything. It’s just separated. Similarly, until a man is awakened, he cannot get Realization. He doesn’t have any awareness of the Divine in him. They might get a glimpse here and there.

Now the people who do social work, because of these glimpses, think that until society is not auspicious or benefitted, they won’t progress either.

Please wait. Everyone will pay attention there. As both of their attention is not stable, don’t give any bandhan etc. People soon start roving their eyes. 

Stabilize your attention and listen. It is very hard to have a stable attention in modern times, we have to be very stable. Then only we get some outcome. Then also most people get realized. So please stabilize your attention.

When a person gets enlightened, he gets connected to the God Almighty. But before that he gets its glimpses. Like one thought will rise and drop, another will rise and drop, meaning we can see the rise of the thought but we cannot see when it drops. When a thought rises, we are on one channel but when it drops then we go to the other channel. This gap between one thought and the other is called Vilambha. This is the place that needs to be held upon the awakening of the Kundalini. One thought rose, it ended, it went into the left channel. When the thought arises, we are in the right channel. We jump between the thoughts. One thought is thrown in the left, another is thrown in the right. But the gap between is the present. We have it very little in us. Vilambha has very short space in us. That’s why we are always thinking about the future. Sometimes we think of the past, sometimes the future. But the space in the middle, we fail to catch it. Both these things rise in us from the Vishuddhi Chakra. This happens from Vishuddhi Chakra. Vishuddhi is its controlling point.

But we also keep making ego and superego from Vishuddhi Chakra. To be one with the Divine, Mohammed Sahab has said to keep your hands like this. All namaz is like that. Because all the five fingers have five centres. If you take the book, you will know what I am talking about. This finger has Swadishthan Chakra which is shown here to you. This is Swadishthana Chakra. It starts from Mooladhara, here Swadishthan, here Nabhi, here Anahat and now here is Vishuddhi. Krishna used to have a Sudarshan Chakra in his hand. This is Vishuddhi Chakra, this is Agnya and this is Sahasrara. This way a man’s destiny is in his hands. Their whole picture is in their hands and also in their feet.

But there is a difference between hands and feet. I will tell you later about the feet. The hands are like this. When you keep your hands like this, then the left and right sympathetic chakras that are. Understand this; this is left and this is right, there are two sympathetic systems. When they rotate like this, and when they rotate too much, they break. There are Deities in these chakras. Even if you rotate them too much they will break. If they break too much, humans break. As he breaks, he separates. And when the Vishuddhi Chakra breaks, humans become arbitrary.

Now if a man is ego oriented then his ego keeps growing. And when the growth makes it too big then he loses connection with the Divine. He loses his sensitivity. He just thinks that he is everything. This is madness. You don’t know madness. To have an ego is also a madness. But people who have ego don’t know it.

Let me tell you jokes, what happens. Once Jawaharlal ji himself went to a lunatic asylum, there one person started misbehaving with him. They said, “Don’t do this. Do you even know who he is, do you recognize him?” They said, “He is Jawaharlal ji, our prime minister.” This person then said he will be alright. I also used to say this.

Another is this PA story. So, once they went to meet some Minister there, a PA was jumping too much. He was not talking to anyone properly. They asked, “Why are you jumping so much? What’s the matter, why are you so angry?” He said, “You don’t know I am PA!” Then they said, “We didn’t know if you are PEEYE or not [drunk in Hindi]. Please forgive us, we are going home.”

This is just like monkeys. They really become monkeys. You must have read in Ramacharitramanas [Indian Mythological book] that Narad Saint once became egoic and how he became like a monkey. In the end how his ego was treated.

So, when a person becomes ego oriented then God only save them. If they are coming from this route, you take another route because they are always on a horse. They don’t really see anything. So, they think that no one is better than them. He becomes arbitrary as if all gods left him. He runs alone, “I will do this, I will do that.”

Hitler is a very good example of this. He thought, “No one could do better than me. I do all the good. If I finished all the Jews then I did a very big moral work. If I killed them in gas chambers, I did good moral work. If I helped Germans rise, I did a big religious work.” He won’t understand, he gets blind, he gets arbitrary. He becomes malignant like a cancer cell.

We get cancer also because of this. Cancer is always forming and deforming within us. I just showed you so whichever route gets faster, left or right sympathetic, so because of this fastness, all the Deities of that channel go to sleep. Then you are separated, do what you want then.

Now those cells are malignant. If a person is too hyperactive, he can get cancer, because he is too busy in work affairs. He was not connected with God during his work. He got disconnected. As he separates, he can get cancer because his cells become malignant on their own. In England, In the West, everyone is on their own.

Even an 11-year-old kid is on their own. Just as the child is born, the parents leave the baby in a different room. They make dogs, cats sleep in the room. They make the baby sleep in a different room. They love their pets more than their kids. It’s very strange there. Everyone there is on their own. We also think that we should be on our own.

This is a very wrong thinking. People think that you are spoiling your kids. Kids should be given a lot of love. They should be loved. The child who gets his parents’ love, is loved by all the people in the world. Everyone loves them. The child should not have bad habits.

One gentleman was such, he said, “My son is 12 years old. I am a very free person, I told my son to, ‘Do whatever you want’. I gave my son a beer bottle and asked him to call his friends, ‘Do what you want to do’.” I told him, “What really?”

They have to be taught religion. If you teach him values, his left side will be alright. He will have good conditioning. Freud says, “Don’t teach them anything.” Because he did not see the other side. If nothing was taught, their ego increased. Good values should be taught to kids. It’s a waste to teach values to adults. Look at our children, what values they have. It is very important to teach value to small kids. That’s why keep your children in your home and teach them good values.

If the child is alright in childhood, he gets realization faster. The person who grows up without parents, that person may be a very nice and famous person in the outside world but if you go to his house then his wife or his kids will tell you that he is a very strict person. He is strangely uncanny. That’s why kids should be given a lot of love, so their ego and superego is in place; in the proper place. There should be a balance.

To become egotistical is different from what I said, this egoic thought that, “I will show this to the world, only I can do it.” You separate yourself from the divine. That’s why I am saying God is there, Shri Krishna is also there. Give it in their hands a little bit. They will do it. See how he does it. This is very hard for a human. Either they will be lethargic or they will be very egoistic. Until you are in the centre, it won’t be alright.

It doesn’t mean you stop working. Actually, the one who believes in God works the most in the Brahma. If you look at me you will say, “Mataji you work so much, You work so hard, You do this.” I don’t even know that I do the work. If you see Sun, he changes colour in each and every leaf. If asked Sun will say, “I don’t know if I am doing this. I am resting in Akarma. This is happening through me, happening on its own. It is most implemented.”

Giving example of Sun, I am talking of this Surya Nadi only. Same thing Shri Krishna told us. Shri Krishna also told us in Geeta to stay in Akarma. Akarma meaning you are active from outside but inactive from inside. But have heard people give lectures on Geeta. गीता प पाच सौ ट का हो शयार स पढ़नी चा हय (unclear).

Because even to understand Krishna one has to be realized. I have written many. But no one has ever understood Krishna. Krishna was the most ancient diplomat. He understood, human won’t get it in a simple language. Humans are crooked.

“If I tell him anything straight, he will not listen.” That’s why he first hand told Krishna to be sakshi [witness]. He did not say this later, he said this beforehand. First thing he said is to attain God, you attain his knowledge. It is all done here. He said that you have to be enlightened. Be a witness.

Now this is ignorance. They asked this, here you are saying to attain God, to become a witness and there you are saying to go on the war. How come both these things synchronize? To go on war, to be witness, to attain God, don’t understand this. Krishna sensed this, that Arjuna who is the superior of all can’t understand this, then what about others? Then He said Geeta.

Now there is big diplomacy here, let me explain to you that. Suppose a son is trying to ride a chariot, the chariot is in the front and the horse is at the back. Then the father as he comes out, will say, “Son bring the horse in the front and the chariot in the back.” He will say that, “I am going to ride like this. How is this that I ride also and I have to be in the back seat; to bring the horse in the front too and ride too?” Then the father understood that his mind is not alright. Then he said that, “Alright, keep on hitting the chariot but keep your attention on the horse.”

Now see, what people say about our actions. It is a very subtle thing, to be understood. You understand this. Keep doing actions or work but leave its outcome on God. This is a very diplomatic thing. This is an absurd condition. Diplomacy is practiced best when you put an absurd condition out there and the person gets trapped in it. This can never happen. Until you have ego in you, this can never happen that you keep working and leave its outcome on God.

Yes, people will say, “Mataji, whatever work we do, we leave its outcome on God; this is a lie; this cannot happen.” Because your ego is intact there and superego is also intact. You will say, “Mataji, I read a book and it affected me.” This cannot happen. If not for 2 or 4 people, it will happen for 1 or 2 people because you have superego and ego.

Now they put an absurd condition. Now they will say, “We work so much but we leave all the outcome on God?” but people say he is such an egoistic person that God only save us.

So, to leave things on God is a happening. This is a spontaneous happening. When the Kundalini pierces the Sahasrara, then it happens, before that it doesn’t happen.

Now after realization, this is how people talk, you see, “Mother, this is going, this is coming, he is getting it, he is not. Kundalini is stuck.” Third person talking starts. No one says, “I am doing this, I cured his disease, I am fixing their chakras”, no one says this. “Now their chakra is caught, now it’s open”, they talk in third person language. You notice that.

If your own son doesn’t get realization, then not. No one will say that he is realized. Here it’s actually the opposite. “If he is my son then give him everything in the world, others’ son let them die.” Even if you want, you can’t give it to your son. Because even with that desire one can understand, if Kundalini is not rising then what to do? When if he is your son; what can be done if it is your son?

I went to America, One Gujarati went with me. His wife said to me, “Mataji please give realization to my son.” I told her, “What are you saying? If he gets realized, he does. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. You know this.” She said, “No Mataji, please give him realization. It’s your will.” I told her that, “I have no will, you know that.” “Why don’t you have that will? If it works, it works.” When we reached there, this boy did not get realization. She became very sad, “Mataji, he didn’t get realization.” I said, “Son, you give her the certificate that he is realized? You are realized too.” He said, “How can I give a false certificate?” I said, “That is what. In Sahaja Yoga you cannot give a false certificate, even if it’s your son.”

These people teach falsehood to the child. They keep making treasure for their child. This way you cannot grow. Here no son or anything works, no relationship works. Only relationship with God works. The one who has relation with God only can get realization, others don’t.

You also need to have some good past karmas. If your son does not have any good past karmas then nothing can happen. You just leave it, leave it. When it has to happen, it will happen. You can’t force it.

The same thing happens with karmwad [the principle where work is the highest principle]. When Krishna said do the work and leave the outcome on divine, it just cannot happen. He put this absurd condition. Are you able to understand this? It is a deep thing.

Because till date we have been told to do your work and leave the outcome to God, everyone started singing bhajan about it, “Do the karmas and leave the rest on God”, but how? The God Almighty said, “Shri Krishna was like a father, let it be like this for some time.” This was told six thousand years ago and you guys are still chanting this. But I am a Mother. Mother says, “It’s enough. They should know the truth that this is not possible. This is all a lie, leave all this.”

What’s in it? Because a human follows a lie first that is the quality of a human, it’s less likely that he follows the truth. If I put two horns on my head and have a band party with me, then many people will gather here. Everyone said, “They don’t take any money, they must be useless. It will be a waste, Mataji doesn’t even take money. She doesn’t have anything still she doesn’t take money. What will she give then if she has no money. She is very naive. She is married, has children. She doesn’t even wear saintly clothes, nothing, then what will she give you.”

Until you bear a lie, humans don’t believe in you. That’s why Krishna had said, “Leave all the fruits of your karma on God.” This cannot happen. That happens only after realization. After that you don’t take credit for any work neither you keep accounts of your deeds. Now if someone will ask me, “Mataji, how many people have you fixed”, I said, “I don’t know.”

Today one lady came and was upset with me. She said, “We don’t even know how many people come here and go. How many are there?” I said, “I don’t know.” Now should I keep accounts of how many people I gave love to? I don’t know. You people understand love, right? We don’t keep counts of bites we feed to the numerous kids.

So, when it is a work of love then there is no favour. I love that’s why I work. And in that process if you feel you are getting something then I am actually benefiting. When you are part and parcel of Virata, you are actually my fingers. If I get hurt in the finger and if I rubbed it, then am I doing favour to anyone? I am doing favour to myself. If I don’t rub it and fix it then where will I go? There is no question of favour here.

They say, “Do favours for everyone.” These are such illusionary ideas people have. There are many philanthropic institutions, there everyone’s Vishuddhi is caught. Who are you to do favours? They made a building, gave food to hungry people. But who are you? You can’t even make a seed grow.

If you ask someone to say that, “Tell people that you are not doing but God is doing it”, then they will say it but it will be ego oriented. They don’t mean it. That can’t be said until you are realized. One should believe that. Meaning, your ego will always be there, sitting subtly. Sometimes it’s even in the roots.

One gentleman publishes a lot of his books, and in those books, even by mistake they misspelled his name. His father, forefather will come to fight. Many such things, humans have made that pamper your ego.

Now there is a book called ‘Who’s who’. They will call them and say, “We will publish your name in the book.” He will say, “Wao my name is being published.” Then they will say, “Send 100 pounds and we will publish your name.” He will be very happy that, “My name is written in Who’s who.” They made a fool out of you and you got trapped by your ego. You did not even understand this.

This is how all philanthropic work is. Because the one who did this is also trapped and the one for whom it is being done is also trapped.

Now you will say, “Mataji, should we stop all this philanthropic work?” Everyone asks me this.

Since you are asking, I will tell you, to actually stop all this work. And use your energy in Sahaj work and get people realized. Leave all philanthropies and get people realized.

You can heal people from diseases, immediately disease gets cured. They are sitting here, ask them, you can be cured in a second. After coming in Sahaja Yoga, they say any kind of disease can be cured. Except for two or four, that I have seen do not get cured. Most diseases here get cured. Then why are you holding on to philanthropies?

But you cannot charge money here. Doctors can work here. If you have some mental problem, some brain related problem or maybe you are really crazy still you can come in Sahaja Yoga. Your madness gets cured. Many mad people got cured. If you are not at peace, you are worried, you cannot sleep.

Now yesterday a lady came to see me, she sat here for half an hour. Do you know she hasn’t slept in so many years and she is an MD. And she fell asleep here, such sound sleep. She then said, “Let me sleep here only.” This all can happen in Sahaja Yoga.

Now the time has come to obtain all this. But there is no sense collecting ego within us. Although you can’t see it from outside.

Some people are very humble, when you see them from outside, But the subtle ego within them does not let the Kundalini rise and it breaks it again and again. You rise it, it again comes down, it keeps coming down every time you rise it. It can’t go very fast.

But once you get realized properly, we have people here who have given realization to thousands of people and helped them. Thousands of people. Just by keeping their hands like this, giving vibrations, by fixing their chakras.

That’s why Krishna has said, “Leave the outcome of your work on God.” Where else can you leave. This is such a condition; who will you leave it too? Because I am not even doing it, it’s flowing through me.

You also say that, “It is coming in me”, you do not say that, “I am taking it.” You do not say that, “I am bringing it in me.” Those words disappear, “I” and etc. “It becomes, it is happening, not happening, it is working” etc.

In bhakti also, Krishna has a very important role.

One must understand Krishna. I am happy, I am telling you all; your Vishuddhi chakras are opening as I am talking.

Krishna said “Pushpam, Phalam, Toyam” “Whatever you have, give it to me.” At the time of receiving, it is ok, but at the time of giving! It is all based on this word. You couldn’t catch that word. Do ananya bhakti. ‘Ananya!’ meaning ‘when there is no second in you, it’s just you’. Meaning when you are realized then do bhakti.

Now they will hold on to the word. They will say, “I am doing ananya bhakti.” But how is this ananya bhakti?

Then why are you crying? The ones who cry so badly, the poets who write about separation, referring to bhakti, what bhakti will they do? I find them very disturbing. They cry so much as if they will take their eyes out and wash them and throw them away. Why you have to cry?

Do ananya bhakti: when you enter ananya, then do bhakti.

Then there will be the voice of Kabira, the voice of Nanaka. Then there will be the talk of Christ. These saints talk with authority, they don’t have doubts. With full authority that this will happen, that will happen, this should happen.

But they don’t believe in Kabir. Especially our hindi poets who only like to cry. They compare Kabirdas and Surdas and say Kabir has Sadukktari (hindi word) and Surdas is very sweet. I would say Surdas cries too much. He himself wrote after writing Sursagar, that, “Krishna please remove all ignorance from Surdas.” He confessed that he is ignorant. But since we like to cry, we like all poems that cry.

When you rise above the weeping stage, then you do not like weeping people at all. It feels why they are crying from morning to evening for no reason.

Suppose someone is newly married and someone in their neighbourhood dies, then it feels, “Why such an inauspicious thing happened?” Exactly that’s how it is.

Then a person enjoys reading zen. You read Khalil Gibran. Khalil Gibran is all Sahaja Yoga. Zen is also all Sahaja Yoga. Then, your interests change, your priorities change. You start seeing the world from a different angle.

At first you ask then you give. Right now, you are asking then you give it from the other hand. When this happens then you become a witness. This is what Shri Krishna has said that you have to become a witness.

Shri Krishna is known as a complete incarnation because this whole world is like a drama. Even Rama also played this drama. But he played it so well that he made it look like he was not a witness. That’s why he is known as a maryada purushottam.

But this is all a play, this Shri Krishna proved it fully. That’s why Shri Krishna is known as the complete incarnation. For him all this is a play.

After Sahaja Yoga, you all also become a witness. Now you just see that, “Oh a nice drama is going on.” You don’t think about the past or future, you just become a witness and enjoy the play. With a stable mind, you start seeing. Even if you are angry, you are not angry within. You witness the whole thing, watching the drama of being angry.

Krishna’s world is also like this. All lila. Sometimes killing has to be done.

There are many people who follow non-violence. Don’t kill mosquitoes, don’t kill bedbugs. There are so-called non-violent people in the world, you don’t know. They will put the brahmins in a hut and leave many bedbugs in that hut. And they will let all the bedbugs eat the brahmin. And these people will then say, “Wah, that what nice work we did.”

Now tell me why do you want to save these mosquitoes, these bedbugs? Do we have to give realization to them? Ahimsa or non-violence can only be followed for humans. I don’t understand non-violence on animals. Yes, if eating an animal can harm you, then it is a different thing. But killing an animal sets him on the path of evolution. That is what is called as halal.

If you keep hitting someone then it is violence, no matter if it is on animals or humans. You have violence in you and you are taking it out. When one person does harsh behaviour towards another person, that is equal to eating a hundred cows.

Now, why do we have such devotion towards a cow? No one knows this. This is a high-level thing.

Because once Adi Shakti took the form of a cow named Surabhi. To honour that, we all respect cows. Because she was incarnated as a cow, maybe you have not heard the name Surabhi. You all are very modern; I am a very ancient person. Adi Shakti incarnated as a cow named Surabhi and she resided five thousand Gods in Surabhi. That is why we consider cow as a God.

In India cows are kept in the house and we get milk from her and we treat her like a mother. But in England cows are like buffaloes, exactly like buffaloes. You cannot say that it is a cow from any angle. My grandkids when they came here, they said, “Grandma why the buffaloes here are white in colour?”

Indian cows have a special quality. Because of Surabhi, all cows are Godly there. That is why cows are respected here. And Indian cows have a mild and beautiful appearance. That is why the credit we give to cows is limited to India only. You understand this.

Do not practice such non-violence. People will starve. In Greenland, it is only named sake green land, these poor people have not even seen a green leaf. One of my students came from here, she said, “Mother people talk of becoming vegetarian. We do not grow any vegetables there, why did God send us to such a cursed place?” I told her, we should save ourselves from these notions that have settled in us. You can take out all Muslims, all Christians, many Hindus, Japanese people, Russians. Take them all and may be few Brahmins will be left who won’t eat. They may also be secretly eating. No one else other than them. This is wrong.

Yes, no alcohol. It is totally wrong. Jain won’t even kill mosquitoes but drink alcohol. For them alcohol is essential.

And these days it is, you know it. You know in Pune, this monster is sitting there. A lot of westerners go to him. One writer came with me, I told her to see what they do. She told us, these poor people are in very bad shape. There everyone has to eat only vegetables. Now these people are all non-vegetarians, they will starve. On top of that they say, don’t put salt. Eat boiled food. She said, these people have all lost weight and look miserable. This man makes everyone work for 9 hours. One will keep cutting vegetables for nine hours, his hand got peeled off. Now when this man is totally wrecked then put a bhoot in him. Finish. Now man will roam around with clothes and a so-called holy necklace. And all his money is taken.

He has fooled many esteemed females by doing this. All big people do this. I will tell you all their secrets someday. I should do a lecture on that someday.

These people think they are very moral. Now Lama people think they are very moral. I haven’t found one yet. Morality is an inner thing. Some people do such harsh things in the name of morality and with animals they will be so loving.

A human passes through thousand lives to be born as a human. All these chakras are made within humans. Animals cannot equal the dust particles of the feet of humans. This is such a huge thing. And it doesn’t take you any time to make a human sad, to torture him, to trouble him. But you worry about mosquitoes, about bedbugs.

People roam around by putting masks on their faces. They are stupid. They waste their life, other’s lives. What is the need for such a thing? If you do not like to eat certain things, then don’t. You eat what you like. But to force people so much that they cannot eat anything. They starve! It is not right. I tell you that is a kind of aggression. If you don’t like certain things, don’t eat them. But forcefully you make people follow you!

Everyone has a discrimination point. And this can be found from the Vishuddhi Chakra.’नीर ीर [Nirkshirviveke tu]. In Sanskrit there is a sloka. When there is a mix of water and milk, then the swan drinks only milk from that mix. This is how his wisdom is. But the bird heron doesn’t get it and it drinks both milk and water. It cannot discriminate. So ‘नीर:, बको बक: [Nirkshirviveke tu hanso hans; bako bakah]. You can understand this with your wisdom.

And kindness is the most important thing. There should be compassion among human beings. Do the kindness first to the humans. Even in showing kindness people think they are doing favours. If someone gives a lift in the car, he thinks, “The other person is my slave.”

Compassion is a very inherent thing. I told you yesterday that when a person gets realization, he automatically becomes kind. Just when a flower blossoms, it gets a sweet fragrance and the whole environment becomes fragrant. This is how when a person is realized, he is enlightened. You don’t have to swear for it. If you put kasturi [a kind of precious musk] here, you don’t have to swear to confirm it is here. You will yourself know that kasturi is here.

But if someone’s nose is not working then what can we do? People’s noses even do not work properly these days.

Still humans have not fallen so much that they cannot identify the truth. They wander around for some time then they ultimately find the truth. This is also a blessing of Shri Krishna.

All discrimination is done by Shri Krishna’s Chakra. And he kept this chakra right here. We cannot really give a name to this chakra. You must know that actually Shri Krishna’s hands have reached here. When it gets caught then a person loses their discrimination.

This chakra belongs to Shri Krishna. He is the Virat. He is the one who creates the drama, who plays the drama and we are his parts and parcel. When we are realized, we are one with him, and then he manifests through us.

Mohammed called him Akbar. That is why the mantra here is very beautiful. You put these two fingers in your ear, raise your throat towards the sky and say Allah Hu Akbar. For whoever this chakra is caught, it will open. In Pune, I made many brahmins do this.

This finger [pointer] belongs to Shri Krishna. Using this finger, he held the whole Govardhna mountain. He would rotate his Sudarshan Chakra on this finger.

There are so many myths and misunderstandings about Shri Krishna, I would like to share some with you. Because today in a way, we inaugurated him. 

First of all, the myth that he had sixteen thousand wives. Many people have objections about it. He was a Yogeshwar, Shri krishna was a Yogeshwar.

You must know the story, where few women were going to a saint. He had five wives. These five women were his five elements. The river rose high and these women could not cross the Tapi river. They asked, “Krishna, how do we reach that side?” Then he said, “Ask the river, if Shri Krishna is a Yogeshwar and he has not been with any woman then please temper down.” And after saying that the river came down. People said that this is the height of lying but still what can we say. But they crossed the river and reached the other side. They treated the saint very well, fed him tasty foods. The saint ate very well.

Now when these women wanted to go back, they saw the river rose back up again. They told the saint about it. Said asked how they came there in the first place. They said, “We were told to ask the river if Shri Krishna is a Yogeshwar and if he has never been with a woman, if it was true the river would go down. We asked this and it did go down.” Saint then said, “This time ask the river that, “If the Saint ate even a bite of the food we offered to him, then go down.” These five women did the same, asked the river that question and the river went down again. These women did not understand anything. He ate everything but he did not take anything?

He has sixteen thousand wives and he has not been with a single woman. What kind of Yogeshwar is he? One has to understand that Shri Krishna has sixteen thousand powers. In our Vishuddhi Chakra sixteen thousand channels work. It has sixteen petals. Do you know they are also known as sixteen arts. Vishuddhi Chakra has sixteen arts.

Similarly, the plexus we have here is known as cervical plexus. It also has sixteen sub-plexuses. It is in our subtle and in our gross. And each art has one thousand channels, because in our Sahasrara we have thousands of his Nadis. Each Nadi has sixteen Nadis in it, this way we have sixteen thousand Nadis right here.

This chakra is so important, you must understand. It is responsible for our nose, outer part of our eyes, mouth, throat, teeth and forehead too. Other than that, our Ego and Superego is also controlled by it. This chakra with sixteen thousand Nadis is so important.

Shri Krishna is called Dhumil. We can see the dhumi. People say he is black but he has bluish, dhumil colour.

And he doesn’t like the cigarette smoke at all. He cannot tolerate tobacco. If you chew tobacco, then this is gone and the stomach is also gone. People are like, “Mataji I just take a little bit of tobacco in the pan and even that is also gone.”

One gentleman came, he is a very good Sahaja Yogi. He is a nice man. I told him to quit tobacco because it is not a good thing and it will give you problems. He did not take it seriously. The one day he came and said, “Mataji, I am in big trouble.” I said, “What happened, son?” He said, “When I sit down for meditation, I feel like Hanuman’s face is forming in me, it becomes very big, then it becomes small. Sometimes when I sit for meditation, it feels like my face is becoming like this, it is becoming kind of crooked.” Then I said, “You lie that you don’t eat tobacco. You eat tobacco, right?” Then he said, “Yes I do.” I asked him to hold his ears. I told him, if you eat tobacco again you will become Hanuman. Your face will become like Hanuman’s face. (Mother is laughing.)

Poor guy was a simple person. Although later he gave realization to many people. He was a known man but he was stuck on tobacco. See what happens to a human. Then he quits eating tobacco. It was gone.

Now this tobacco is a very bad thing, it is an insecticide. The one that kills the insects, will kill our cells too. It is such a bad thing. I don’t know who asked you to eat this. From where did you learn to eat this? Human beings don’t know what they eat. Why don’t they think that is it written here that one should eat tobacco? They wreck themselves eating tobacco. Kundalini won’t rise for such people and they get all the diseases of the world.

Now cigarette, this is also a big issue. In England, they write that it is poison and cigarette smoking can lead to cancer. It is written, still people smoke. Still people would smoke secretly. Whoever will come to London, will say, “Give the best cigarette you have here, that I would enjoy.” I just keep looking; these big people; big officers, the ones who are considered big officers, those people, they want the whiskey and the cigarette. What public work these people do and what public welfare they do, I don’t understand. This is insecticide, who asked you to eat or drink this? I asked them, “In what shastra or holy book have you read this?”

You will be shocked that eating tobacco goes so much against our guru tattva. Because of this first the Vishuddhi Chakra gets caught and later near Nabhi, it accumulates a lot of filth. The kind of cancer people get, I say you should make films and make people watch them.

First, they remove your, this pipe or poke a hole here, and then slowly they start removing stomach pipes. And this cancer grows so badly. Because in the Virata its main place is Vishuddhi Chakra. If this gets caught then it bubbles in the whole body. And this smoke gets deposited in the lungs so badly that don’t even ask me. It is such a dangerous thing. It is better to eat poison once and die, if you are really fond of dying. But why do you want to die such a death? But just by telling it won’t work. I know this too. This has to go on its own.

That also happens in Sahaja Yoga. This is also a work of Sahaja Yoga. Some of our people in Western countries, some people even take a lot of drugs. Because there everything is relative. “That drug is better than alcohol so take drugs.” But alcohol is such a dirty thing, why don’t you quit it? And for them relatively drugs are better than alcohol. And for cigarettes, they think it is a very simple thing. But it is such a dangerous thing.

It is also dangerous because to drink alcohol you will have to at least open the bottle, you will need a glass. In London, they have these tricks, they have special glasses for this. For brandy you use this glass, for this you use that. So, they can sell their crystals there. For different alcohol, they use different stuff. For that there is a big shastra [book] in French about it. And they are so proud of this as if they have not done better science than this. They have written many big books on this. And God only saves, by the names they give. And that too, that is asked in a particular way. They will say, “What would you like to drink?” They had such an attitude, a person like me did not understand all this.

In London they have a culture of shaking hands. That is ok, I give realization doing that. When I leave it is ok. But at the reception there will be five hundred people. They hurt my hands. That is also ok, but when they come drunk, then God only saves. You cannot talk to anyone there, without a drink. What a show! And this cigarette! If you want to talk to someone then you offer a cigarette, otherwise you cannot talk.

There is no communication. Until you give something to a stranger, there is no communication between them. I don’t know what intellect they have. A person like me does not understand this. And what is even surprising is, women smoking. They will wear a saree, also put on nathni [nose jewellery], the latest trend these days, and on top of that, cigarette. How to comprehend? In our culture did women ever smoke?

Yes, they said, in rural areas in Nepal, women smoke So now you want to become them? Do you want to become wild? They said they are tribal people. So, you want to become tribal people? So, if tribal people do it then you also become tribal. There are many people in London, they are like, “We want to become primitive.” I said, “You cannot become primitive.”

It is impracticable because your brain cannot be primitive. You will be a primitive bhoot. When you make hair like this, like a bhoot, why won’t bhoot come to you? Bhoots search out for people like them. (Mother laughing.) Bhoot will catch them only. Dress up properly when you go out, so bhoot will stay away from you. If you are a drunkard, then a drunkard bhoot will come and sit on you. Then you will drink so much alcohol that you won’t believe. If you are a smoker, then a bhoot who likes cigars will come to you. You don’t know that things like this happen. And if you have that cigar bhoot in you and you don’t get cigar from anywhere, then you are gone. Then life loses its charm. All your life you will cry, “I did not get the cigar.” Your whole life is dependent on cigars, how dangerous it is.

You must understand. English people used to drink very less alcohol but now their third generation will all die in the pubs. In our country too, it is a very dangerous thing. Once someone is high on alcohol, you can buy any officer or minister if they drink alcohol. It is a weakness. It is such a weak thing. Human beings have so much weaknesses in them. It makes humans very weak. Because you can buy it, a bottle.

Morarji Bhai says he will do something; God knows when he will start it. You guys write so many bad things about him, that is, “Why he is not doing it?” He said it will lead to even more bootlegging. It will happen but after a few days, it will stop. Let them die, if they are going to die because of this bootlegging. They have to die anyways. It will be good for them and for us.

And some people give explanations, that it will make it grow. It would never grow. If not in the first generation or the second generation, but in the third-generation, people will definitely quit alcohol. Try quitting first. Pakistanis are better than us, they hit people with heavy sticks [danda]. Because of this alcohol, women become miserable, their houses become miserable.

My husband used to run this office. He became very socialistic and he increased the drivers’ salary to 1000 Rs. After four-five months their wives came complaining about their husbands. They said, “What a disaster you did.” I asked, “Why?” They said, “First thing alcohol and second thing prostitutes and third thing they don’t even come home. They stay out only. They will bring alcohol in the house and the kids do not have food to eat. Sir, instead of making their salary 1000 Rs, it would have been better if you had paid for our kids’ education. You could have done us good in a different way.”

Now these people fight for salary appraisal. Don’t increase their salary; they will only drink alcohol and won’t do anything. It is better if you give them a house, give them clothes. They should also know how to spend the money. You notice that when you increase the salary of a servant, you think you are doing big kindness, charity work. You think you are doing favours on them. They will really show you what the money does. One should have dignity to receive money, they should have some prestige. You can never improve through money. You give them food to eat, it’s ok, but do not make them beggars. If you give 25 paise to a beggar, he will buy a cinema ticket and watch cinema. You see.

One must understand how to balance with money. The money that will lead to buying dirty things, that money’s distribution or growth will not make any country prosper. A nation prospers because of the humans.

Now we have this imagination that we develop our country like this. You will not get anything other than plastic. What do they have, stones?

Humans should be prosperous. Every human should be a king. A king like Shri Krishna. He was a shepherd and used to take cows for grazing, but he was the king of kings. He would sleep on the floor but he was a king. One should be king by nature not king of plastic.

The one who runs after things, after diamonds, jewellery and who tortures others, who will be more wretched and beggar than such person? This is a sign of misery. A satisfied being is actually a king.

It won’t take long for us Indians to become such kings. Just look at them, so many have even got it. And where they are sitting today? Shri Krishna gave numerous blessings to this world. Great blessings he gave, that he incarnated and he gave us that light that we should achieve the absolute and to accept only the absolute.

And under his power only we should grow. And after taking refuge at Krishna’s feet, our Vishuddhi also opened completely. And we become a witness. We will offer our namaskar and prayers to him and we will meditate.