Public Program on Sahasrara

New Delhi (India)

1979-03-18 Sahasrara Chakra Delhi Source NITL, 74'
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[Hindi to English translation]

Public program, Sahasrara (Hindi). Delhi (India). 18 March 1979.

It should be understood what Sahasrara is. No scripture has vividly described anything about Sahasrara, not because people would not have known about it, but because, till then the Sahasrara had not been fully opened, so no one wrote anything about it. Sahasrara means – like this (flower) bud, if we consider our brain to be a lotus flower, then inside it, layer by layer, like these petals, each different level has been made, and these layers are formed from grey matter and white matter. In the center, if you open and see, inside that you will see the core (gabha – गाभा) and thousands of small, small pollen, (paraga – पराग) inside that.
Similarly, our brain is made up of fat, and it has layers. If you take a cross-section of the brain and study it, you will be surprised that inside, you will see each layer, they look exactly like the petals of a lotus flower. Because doctors had no relation with poetry, they don’t think of such a comparison. Doctors are mostly enemies of poetry, so they can’t see this thing. But God is integrated – he is poetic also and is also creative, so he has made the brain like a beautiful lotus flower too. And it has one thousand petals or layers, “Sahasrara”. And inside each petal or layer, in the center, is the thread (sutra – सूत्र) of energy. And below them, in the center, is the core which has pollen. When the thousand petals close, there is an empty space in the middle.

[Apart: Don’t move your attention so much, sit quietly now. So, what if someone’s handkerchief fell down? While I am speaking, I am also opening your thousand petals, and I’m also speaking, I’m doing all of this effort by my willpower, so at this time, you should not do something just casually. You should not move your eyes suddenly, just like that. Keep your eyes steady — this is something you must do in Sahaja Yoga. Otherwise, if your attention goes to such things, close your eyes.]

Now, in the core, down below, there is a, sort of a circular bed, and above that, there is empty space – which doctors call as “limbic area”. The pollen here are the thousand chakras that are in our body. I have told you only about seven chakras – just by knowing seven chakras one gets self-realized, if you include the sun and moon chakras, then anyways these are nine chakras. But there are one thousand chakras in your body, they are not yet awakened – but there is no need to be afraid, they will be awakened gradually. So, the one thousand chakras are placed on that bed which is in the core, and above that is the limbic area. Out of them, are the seven main chakras that you already know of. There are seven main chakras and their seats are here (in the core), similarly, the seats of all the thousand chakras are also there. In all, there are one thousand chakras, out of which we regard seven to be the main chakras; then there are sub plexuses, but all this will be too much detail.
Now see how these seven chakras are formed inside us. (In the head) first, this is Agnya, this you know, now behind it, is the Mooladhara, third, back here is the Swadishthana, above that, is the Nabhi chakra, above that is the heart chakra, here is Krishna’s chakra. If you are properly self-realized, then by placing finger here, you can control that chakra, these are the seats. This is Shri Krishna’s chakra. Sometimes, I ask you to lift your hair because on the sides there are these 2 chakras that I have told you about that take care of ego and super-ego, these are the places of Buddha and Mahavira, so these are 2 more chakras, so seven plus two, nine chakras. This is the heart chakra, the place of the heart chakra. If a man’s heart is weak, his Realization also remains a bit weak, and then here he gets nourished. So, the core or the bed of Sahasrara contains seats for all the one thousand chakras, and these one thousand chakras guide the one thousand layers. And the big-big chakras that are outside, at least they get awakened after Realization.

Now, how does the Sahasrara look before Realization? Similar to how a flower bud looks — all the layers are covered, and inside there is no light; not enlightened. But when your Kundalini rises from bottom to top, then these seats (of chakras) get enlightened. At a minimum, these seven seats (get enlightened), because the Kundalini does pass through these seven chakras. So, when these seven seats get awakened, and because of that the pollen in the core also get some light, then Sahasrara looks like thousand candles that have wicks inside, but the candles are not lighted. Like if there are candles placed through layers but not lighted, then nothing will be visible. It looks as though a flame is lighted from here, then you can see only these flames, but these flames are very gentle. In the bible, it is said, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames” — similarly, alive and moving flames like that, moving very beautifully, in many colours especially in seven main colours.

Then Sahasrara opens like this, and then Kundalini passes through the middle of them and goes up.
In a person who has less hair, if you see, a hole forms here, in the Nabhi, because the Kundalini rises from the Nabhi, then a hole is formed here, then here, then comes in the fontanelle bone area (talu) and then a depression forms in the fontanelle bone area. So those who are realized souls, have a depression in the fontanelle bone area similar to that in infants – that should be maintained. I will tell you later how to make it. So, this is how Sahasrara is awakened.

Now there is a lot to understand next. 

In a human being, the heart goes on one side, the brain goes on the other, liver goes in a third side; and the human being does not have control over these three things, they each go their own way. Now the human heart would desire eating this thing, then brain will say don’t eat this it will cause trouble, and after eating the liver will say what a useless thing was eaten and will throw it away. On emotions if we like something and we accept it, that it is looking very good… in western countries, it is the only criteria, this is the only way or proof of knowing, that “I like it”; that ” You like it?” – then finished, then no question after that. “But, I like it” – then finished. “I” – there is a big “I” there. And when that “I” started, then it is the order given by the brain, this “I like it” is the order given by the ego, not by the heart. So it is not understandable if what we want from the heart is right, or that what we want from the brain is right, that we… what gives us trouble in the stomach, what causes that? A human being does not understand these three things; that how to know if something is really okay for us or bad? Like it was said earlier, “Satyam vadet, Priyam vadet” (speak the truth, speak what is pleasing). So people said, this is very difficult. If you speak the truth, it is not going to be pleasing, and if you say what is pleasing, it will not be the truth. Because truth will be known through rationality, what is pleasing will be known by heart… and liver will go according to its own accord, you don’t know when will it mess up. So Krishna said the middle thing, he said, “Satyam vadet, Hitam vadet, Priyam vadet” (speak the truth, speak benevolence, speak what is pleasing). That if you say something beneficial and auspicious, which gives benevolence, then even if it is unpleasant for some time, it will become pleasing later. 

And the question about truth is, what will be the truth? Suppose, a man is coming to murder someone. And the one who he wants to murder came and hid behind you. And he asks you about the man whom he wants to murder. Now the truth is that you know because he is hiding behind, will it be the truth to tell him? And if this is the truth, then you will get him killed, you will be the reason for him getting killed. Then the dilemma is, what is the truth? And people use rationality in truth: that this is unauthorized, who is he to ask us, who are we to tell him… The language, definition of truth is that one must also be a bearer of truth. Otherwise, Jesus Christ has said, “Why are you casting pearls before swines?” 

A man like Jesus Christ said that, who was very forgiving, was the incarnation of forgiveness. He said what is the use of speaking our words, auspicious words in front of these wicked people? The truth is to be told with a great balance. This is the advantage of rationality, but if there is no wisdom in rationality, then that subtlety is finished. The one who has wisdom, says the truth very loudly, but he keeps on weighing and tells the truth in a way that it gets absorbed. Otherwise, it is useless, what is the use of throwing such truth? So now the question is, how to match (integrate) these three? That is, how do we satisfy our Mental being, Emotional being, Physical being, and finally, our Spiritual Being? Because there is no integration within us. Integration meaning, the front of every – for example if you take ten needles, and they have ten holes, then a thread that passes through all of them integrates them. 

So integration is not in us. Within our being, integration is not there. Our one hand wants one thing, the other hand wants another, the eye wants one thing, the intellect wants another, the ego wants a third thing, the super-ego fourth thing. So we – for example, if there is a point in space which is being pulled by a lot of forces, it will not go anywhere, it cannot have any progress, and it will get diffused. When your Realization has not happened, integration has not happened, what should be the arrangement? For this, God has made a very good arrangement within us. So he pulled it from all four sides from below and put a bridge in the middle like this pandal. By pulling a point from many sides, if you put a bridge in the middle, then it becomes like a tent or a pandal, similarly a human being becomes when he stands on the support of dharma. Until you become paar* (पार – gone across), you will be tied like this tent – you neither wobble too much on this side nor on that side, remaining stable in the middle. And because you have not gone into extremes, it becomes very easy at the time of awakening of the Kundalini, the Kundalini just pierces and goes up, and then very beautifully the whole sky opens up. Then you become completely integrated, your thread runs inside the fronts (agra – अग्र) of all the chakras I have told you about. And when this thread runs from within – then the attention which is in your stomach – this thread runs with that attention on its head. If you have to insert a cloth through a hole, you put a needle or something inside that cloth and you move it from inside. In the same way, your attention, by sitting on the Kundalini, itself comes up, and then becomes one with the all-pervading power. When Kundalini comes in Sahasrara, it integrates all seven chakras. So the guru mantra of Sahasrara is – integration, unification. Integration. 

The task of the incarnation of Sahasrara is to integrate all religions, integrate all truths, and integrate all hearts. First, you have been integrated within yourself, after that, everyone’s hearts have been integrated, everyone’s intellects have been integrated, and everyone’s nabhis have been integrated. For this, imagine if you take such needles which are placed in this way, and for you to integrate them, you will have to bring these needles exactly in the middle, so their holes all come together (align). If they are off here or there, then when the thread goes from inside, Kundalini will not be able to ascend. So there are some practical things that you would want to understand, like these are the fronts (agra – अग्र) I showed to you, these. Now if they are properly aligned one above the other, then Kundalini will go straight through them. But if they have been stretched, then there will be vacant space here. Although the Kundalini may slide up a bit, but if there is weakness in chakra, she will fall down again. 

The work of Sahasrara is that when those who have authority of Sahasrara come in the world, then lift up the Kundalini, bring into Sahasrara, and pierce from here – this is the work of Sahasrar. This is one bandh (बंध), especially the bandh… as I said that all the bandh’s of Raja Yoga happen in the rising of the Kundalini. They do not to be done, they do not to be done – understand this a hundred times – Raja Yoga cannot be done, it happens inside yourself. Even hatha Yoga is not done – that also happens inside. Even when a guru does it, (s)he makes it happen. And in the end the Mahayoga happens at the Sahasrara, where it is the time for your union. So, when all the force stops here in the Sahasrar, first “Entry into the Kingdom of God” takes place. This is the Kingdom of God, this is it. When you make an entry into it, first thoughtless awareness comes because you cross the Agnya, you become thoughtless, so now your attention does not expand towards thoughts, this is arranged first. Gradually, however much attention the Kundalini can suck-in, she sucks in above. When Kundalini has pulled up your attention however much could be, absorbed it, however much attention came above, then first of all she calms your “moordha” (मूर्धा)  which is the lower part of the brain. And from that “moordha”, the Kundalini rains (or showers) a little in our these 2 Nadis (channels) which are called Ida (left) and Pingala (right).

It does not happen in everyone, happens in many, the reason is that, in those whose Ida or Pingala Nadi is not alright or is too active, meaning who had too much sympathetic activity, such attentions are found to be stretched. So, after she comes at the “moordha”, which is the lower plate of the brain, this is before crossing the Agnya, the Kundalini spreads herself (छा जाती है) here. So the person feels that the eyes are getting bit heavy, feels some relaxation, feels slightly sleepy. In the beginning, if someone is too burdened, then there will be slightly more sleepiness. Then she spreads here, after which, these 2 Nadis (Ida and Pingala) start becoming lighter, meaning after coming on these Nadis, their fronts (agra – अग्र) start improving gradually. Then the part of Kundalini which descends down, it again comes in the Nabhi and then rises again — now these are all bandh’s (बंध), I will not tell you all those long-winded things — however, she rises up again. After ascending, She crosses the Agnya chakra again – actually, she first just touches the Agnya chakra slightly. When she crosses the Agnya chakra, then dilatation of the pupils takes place so I ask you to close your eyes. Now doctors do not know whether dilatation of the pupil is exactly sympathetic or parasympathetic activity, they say that it is sympathetic/parasympathetic, they don’t know, they are still fighting about it, because they are not able to settle all these things right now. However, now we have nothing to say to them, but dilation of the pupils takes place. The eyes become completely black. Now, these foreigners who have blue/green eyes, their eyes also look black, so they say that mother our eyes have become black? I said you are my child, so you will have eyes like mine. Because the pupils dilate completely. Sometimes it dilates so much in some, that at that time it seems for a moment, that everything has become dark, just for a moment but most can’t see. Happens to a few, there is nothing to worry about, it happens just for a moment. 

A lady, we had a lady doctor, I was giving her Realization, it could not be finished, but she said she had to leave. While going in a car, she felt as if it was getting dark, so he stopped the car on one side. She felt like this for a while and after that, she felt like she had blossomed. She went and called from there, that I don’t know what happened to me, I just opened up, so it happened to me on the way, mother, so why is that? So I said you had dilatation of the pupils. And for this, I ask you to close your eyes. Because the poor Kundalini stops, she thinks so much, she knows everything, that the eyes are open, so just wait and then open, otherwise, if it will go into the eyes suddenly, this person should not become afraid. Very soft, very delicately, slowly, like “gajgaamini” (गजगामिनी, one who moves in a graceful way like the walk of an elephant), slowly-slowly, watching your eyes carefully, and then –

But when does the Sahasrara close even after the Kundalini has come in it? I have told you, I do not know whether I have not told you or not, that the Kundalini is made of many strands (बल), just like a rope that is formed from many strands of threads. So in the beginning, only one or two strands pierce absolutely in the very innermost of that which is called Bramhanadi which is right in the middle of the Sushumna Nadi – now I have not told all these lengthy, fine details – and they (strands of Kundalini) come out from inside of it (Bramhanadi). There is no alternative to this. It is a very subtle. Only one or two strands of the Kundalini rise from inside of it (Bramhanadi). And after coming up, they push the attention up here, they keep the attention pushed up here. So because of this event, your attention is removed from the outside, and here they (strands of Kundalini) nourish and awaken your Sahasrar, and due to its awakening, chakras also start getting awakened gradually. Because there are seats here, as the seat of our India is in Delhi. If you have to get some work done, you have to come to Delhi, even if you want to get work done in Madras. Similarly, because the seats here, you have to come here. So when they (strands of Kundalini) come here, then orders are issued from here that –  yes, wake up; then your chakras get awakened, and the deities within them get awakened. In some it happens very fast, in some, it happens late, in some, it happens very late, in some, it takes even one month; happens sometimes, but I am not at fault for this. 

After this, your Sahasrara opens, but that too opens only when you have accumulated enough attention inside. That’s why I say, don’t move your eyes here and there, because, due to the eyes your attention gets distracted here and there. If you keep looking at me, then whatever is growing inside me, the voice is coming – Chaitnaya (vibrations) is coming, isn’t it? Chaitanya (vibrations) also goes through your eyes, and by that your Ganeshji is pacified, that’s why I ask you to keep your eyes open. But later, even when I ask you to close your eyes, then I ask you to stabilize the attention, because as soon as the attention becomes stable here, then it gets established here properly, it gets fixed because of its pressure… which means that this thing is not mechanical. Kundalini understands all this, she organizes, awakens; and she loves you. She is the power of love. Like your mother has the power of love, a thousand-times more, million times more than that is this power of love within you. So she does all this with great understanding and gives you rebirth. But Sahastrar’s hand is the biggest in this, that the integrated awakening of the seven chakras takes place in it.
In Sahasrara integrated awakening happens. Suppose seven men are working in parallel, doing seven types of work, nothing will get formed from that. If you want to build a house, you need cement, wood, stone, and whatever else is needed. Now you put seven things separately, it doesn’t make any sense. To harmonize those seven things, to coordinate them, to organize them, and finally when completely such state comes, when so much attention reaches there, at that time opening the Sahasrara, this is Sahasrar’s work.

The deity of Sahastrar is “Nishkalanka” (unblemished), his name is Nishkalanka, people also call him Kalki. Kalki incarnation will also be coming. Kalki is an incarnation of Mahavishnu – meaning it is on the Vishnu principle, Vishnu principle means evolutionary. And evolution has two meanings – in evolution, always there is creation and then destruction. Like we had very big-big animals earlier, you must have heard names like mammoth, etc., among them was elephant also. So elephant still exists, evolution happened, and elephant was saved because it was found to be al lright, not too big, and not bad. It was saved.

You must have read about “Gajendra moksha” (गजेंद्र मोक्ष, salvation of elephant king), elephant was saved by Vishnu. I don’t know how many people read or not. That place is very beautiful, on the bank of the Gandak river. If you ever get a chance, go see it. There is also a park, and a very beautiful place, where Sitaji went and lived near Sage Valmiki. It is a very beautiful place, worth seeing. Valmiki Nagar is a place in Bihar where “Gajendra moksha” (saving of elephant) happened. “Gajendra moksha” is a reminder that Vishnu saved only elephant among these big animals, and all the other animals had to be destroyed because they had grown too large. So always you see that, even in a tree, when a tree forms a flower, when the flower becomes a fruit, something falls off from it and something becomes the fruit. Some things definitely fall off, and some things become the fruit. 

That is how it is in Sahaja Yoga also. Now it is a matter of fruition. Now fruits have taken place, now whatever is waste and useless, or harmful, all that will have to be thrown out, brushed off. Like in the case of wheat, we keep the thing as it is, till its hair mature in the sun, then gets completely separated, then you know how we separate it – when the wind blows [unclear word] catches in it, and the wheat separates from it and the chaff falls apart. You see this every day. So that event will happen when Kalki will incarnate. At that time he will not give you realization, will not explain anything to you, he will not do any work like me. He will not have the time. He will just bring eleven rudras – which I had said, eleven Rudras are to be incarnated, Rudra means the destructive power of Shiva, so he has eleven destructive powers, he will come into the world upon awakening them – and he will destroy whatever useless things are there, will put them in their place. And all the destructive forces that exist will be completely destroyed, and in this way, “Raam Rajya” (Shri Rama’s rule) will be established in the world, which we call “Kingdom of God”, “Thy Kingdom Come”. All people will be Realized Souls, they will be endowed with collective consciousness, and from that they will be working, using that they will work. 

So, now its last stage is in front of you at this time. It is not only about fixing our social or political, or the pace of our time, but it is the last time, now the time has come for this creation to achieve that for which the whole world was created. Just as a pot is made, whatever is useless to it is thrown out. In the same way, whatever is useless, whatever is harmful, whatever is destructive, whatever is in opposition to God, whatever is painful everything will be destroyed. That’s why, I am a mother, and the mother always thinks for her child that he should get benevolence and auspiciousness – and if she is the giver of that, then she wants that whatever is my “punya”, whatever I have, my children take all of it, take everything, but get all their own. Mother’s power grows in the children only. She doesn’t care about her own power. She is proud of her children’s power, and she is contained in the power of her children, and she has no other existence. If you people are not there, then I am not there, if you people are there then I exist, such is the thing.

Otherwise, I am absolutely a bubble, I have no meaning, I have just come, and will disappear just like that, there is no meaning to this human body. You are its meaning. Like a matchstick, it has meaning by how many lamps it has lit, otherwise, it has no meaning. In the same way, is Sahaja Yoga work. By looking at its depth, its importance, its profoundness, and its divine power, you should understand that what you have got it is invaluable. When people get something readily from the Mother, they don’t think much of it. This happening (realization) takes place very strongly, especially in my presence. There are people sitting here right now, who were saying that “on the first day my Kundalini stood up so strongly, the whole night I was in bliss, and this happened, and, then now it came down”… So this also happens. So you will say, Mother what have you done? Using my willpower, I had you sit on my Kundalini and gave you birth from my heart, and from your Sahasrar in fact, I gave you complete birth. Just as a mother nourishes a child in her lap, and then gives birth to it, in the same way you have been given birth from Sahasrara. And it is such a universal phenomenon, that it happens even on the photograph. It is surprising that there are so many vibrations in my photos too, it is a matter of surprise. And I owe it a lot to science, even as I speak through this (microphone), my vibrations are getting carried. 

Many times when your chakras catch, then I put this (microphone) on the Agnya (Shri Mataji’s), then your Agnya gets cleared. See, science was created so it would be useful to Sahaja Yoga. If you put me in the TV, on the TV, and if people put their hands towards me, then I don’t know how many people will get realization. But I don’t know when will such days come when TV people say, Mother, please sit, and we will take vibrations from you. It is a very difficult task, they never even call me, and people tried, they say, many such cunning people keep coming. One of my disciples, poor thing she had just come to England, then the TV people got after her,  she is a painter or something. So she said that such a great power is sitting here, why are you after me, get her to do something (like a program). So then they inquired who and what, and then said, so many have come here and gone. And they had programs with all the wicked, but have a program with me. There is a big flaw with truth that until a lot of people do not come in positivity, the light of truth does not come in. Because if you are a stone and even if sunshine falls on you, there will be no reflection. Yes, if you have a mirror, then its light will come out. So the first task I said, let’s start making mirrors first of all. Now in your city of Delhi many people have become realized, many. It’s a great thing. In city, in such short time, I was able to give realization to so many people in Mumbai also, And even after so many people got realized, after I am gone, you see what happens. 

Now all of you make a resolution within yourself too. My resolve has been fulfilled. Today you also have to resolve that whatever happens, we will keep our Kundalini alright, whatever we have to leave, we have to leave the gurus, we have to leave anything that mother asked to leave, we will keep our Kundalini awakened, and we will keep ourselves alright. For this, the biggest thing that has to be remembered is that this is the work of Viraat. Now the Sahasrar of the Viraat has opened, which means this is now a collective work. This is not individual work, it is collective work. So at home, you can do a bit of clearing, but unless you go to the centers, it will not work out that deeply. We have had some amazing people. When I came, some people got realized so strongly, today itself one gentleman had come, everyone said “how good he is, how wonderful”, but today his vibrations are not that great. There was another gentleman, he was very well educated, he kept arguing with me a bit, his motor moved a bit slowly, but slowly-slowly I now see he has risen very high. Very surprising. The one who took a big leap remained there itself, and the one who moved slowly has moved ahead. You must have read that story about the hare (and tortoise)? I see that the case is similar in Sahaja Yoga. So the one who has completely adopted it with determination rises very high. And the biggest thing is collectivity. You have to give it to others. If you do not give to others, it will not work out. Slowly give to others. By giving, you yourself will understand how it is given. Nobody lights a lamp to keep it under a chair, correct? These lamps should be lit and their lamp-pillars should be made, so that others who are looking for their way, may come on the right path and reach the shore. 

Now I have to tell a little about what should be done, what should not be done. First of all, we should first find out about ourselves, what kind of habits do we have? Straightforward, because first thing is to see yourself. First you have to look at yourself, then you can look at others, right? So first we have to see what is the defect, what is wrong with us. Then you will see that you have got strange habits, which are not needed. So like you have done in Sahaja Yoga, you have to similarly do for your habits, that you tell me on the photograph, that Mother please get me rid of this habit. Straightforward. First, use my resolve, then keep attention to yourself. I have seen such people, big drunkards… There was a gentleman in Singapore, he used to smoke too many cigarettes, that his chest was as if rotten from inside due to the cigarettes. When he came in front of me in meditation, so much of cigarette came out of him, bad smell of cigarette, and after that fragrance started coming out of him. Now he is in such a state that whenever he tried to smoke, he would get the fragrance, so his attention would move away (from smoking). So it should be remembered that you have got these habits because you are not able to face yourself, you are not able to see yourself, so the habit is formed. Suppose a man is sitting quietly at a party, he feels I am bad, I am having to see myself, so immediately he took a cigarette, that somehow remove the mind from here. If four friends came, now it is best for the four friends to talk, exchange with each other, be happy from that, but they felt that if they sit with each other, they will have to see each other, there will be an exchange, so better light cigarettes, take alcohol, just disappear from there. This is escapism, we call it running away from the battlefield. It is only because of this escapism that addictions are formed in man, all the addictions are due to escape. Because man does not feel empowered, and he does not know how to enjoy himself. So anytime you start having such desires, start laughing at yourself, that great mister, what to say, now you are remembering cigarette? And this cigarette, Mother I give it up in your name. By doing any kind of talk like this, coax your mind a bit.

Now this mind you have, is a horse, and the horse climbs on you.  You have to sit on this horse. After Sahaja Yoga, you can bring the mind under such control, as you could have never done. If you had tried earlier, you would have developed abnormalities. If you suppress the mind, don’t know what can happen. Now tell the mind that, go on the right path, sir. Now you know how to move this horse, you have become an expert, when the horse knows that now you have learned the skill, that it should cooperate and walk straight, then the horse itself takes you there. So the horse should neither be dropped (felled) nor tortured. Tell it that sir, you know the destination, now let’s go. Now you should start seeing yourself as other [press?], that whoever this Mr. X is, let’s say this Nirmala, see, how she is getting these whims now. So the one who starts laughing at himself becomes great in Sahaja Yoga. He laughs at himself, that from where did this horse of ego come in me, now how can I remove it, how is this bed bug (ego) biting me, in this way he removes himself. Because now there is light inside. As soon as there is light inside, you start seeing your chakras, you can’t see them with the eyes, but can be felt on the hands. Now you do not feel sad, but you will say that my Agnya chakra is bad, everyone says that. The Agnya chakra is bad even in mad people. But man does not feel bad that my Agnya chakra is bad because his Agnya starts hurting. “Mother, please cure my Agnya”, or you will rub (clear) your own if it is catching. 

This means, your awareness now becomes such, that it does not tolerate any filth. See what a feat of Sahaja Yoga, but if you stay with it. For example, an animal going from a street does not see that there is filth, bad smell, it just walks, neither does it notice beauty. These days the flowers are in bloom so much, you go on looking, “Ahaha what flowers have bloomed”. Whether flowers, grass, leaves, are all the same to animals, makes no difference. As human consciousness is of beauty, in the same way, after realization you get a complete idea of your own beauty also, whatever is ugly in the world, it automatically makes you feel bad, meaning your chakras catch, you say, “oh no, got caught up”. Your friends will change, your companions will change, your priorities will change, you get a transformative change in you. But stay with Sahaja Yoga, flow in its stream, don’t get upset in it. There was an American girl, she was into business, she knew all about what is imported, what is exported, how much is earned, where every cent goes, she was quite miserly. She wrote to me that, Mother since I have become realized, I can’t remember how much came in, what came in, but my business has grown significantly and I can’t remember, everything is working by itself. So you become a witness, you see – this has come, that went, this came, you are viewing that, “wow, what fun is going on”. You start watching everything as a witness. Now if any question comes before you, you watch as a witness. Now tell me if without a witness form, can there be a solution for anything? Suppose you are drowning in water, then you will drown, how will you survive? But when you want to get out of the water and look at the water, you can survive. In Sahaja Yoga, you have come out of the water and in the boat. But now if you want to get down into the water, then go, because freedom is the prasad of Sahaja Yoga, you are completely free. You become so free that you will get rid of all habits, you will be free from whatever had enslaved you, but if you want to get stuck there, then go, you have freedom for that also. And then you go with a great force, the higher a man has risen, he falls with that much force. So be careful. In this matter, you do not have to be afraid of anyone. Even Sahaja Yoga, you don’t need to tell anyone forcefully, if you see a man is going in this way, slowly you can make him. That thing you have, you can nourish it. But be wise while talking to people. 

Now one thing you must always remember is that a cool breeze is coming in our hands – this is undeniable, there is no doubt about it. And it has been described by Adi Shankaracharya and others. If you have to read the Bible, then I have told you that it is in John’s revelations, that cool breeze comes out of the Holy Ghost, all that is described in the Bible. And in all our books, Chaitanya Laharis (cool breeze) have been written about, it’s not a new thing. Don’t forget this. It is a great truth. It is a subtle thing, and you should understand how wrong it will be to lose it. You must not lose it. Now when I leave, many people will experience that the Kundalini will go to places where you have weaknesses. For example, if you have liver trouble, then the Kundalini will go down into the liver, no problem in that. The people at the center (Sahaja Yogis) are quite smart, you should ask them about what is happening and what should you do. They will tell you how to take vibrations and nourish yourself. 

You don’t have to renounce your house, no need to renounce anything, but the need is to get into the essence of everything. You do not have to renounce any religion also. Whatever religion you belong to, stay with that religion. Although after realization you go beyond religion, you do not have any religion left. When you believe in Mohammad Sahab also, also in Nanak Sahab, and in Hazrat Ali also, in Fatimabai also, and in Sitaji also, also in Jesus Christ, and also in Ganeshji, then how can you sit in these small compartments of religions? Then you become “dharmateet” (beyond religions/dharmas), and beyond religions, you also become “gunateet” (beyond gunas or properties), gunas meaning three — Tamo guna (Left side), Rajo guna (Right), and Satwa guna. Due to Tamo guna, a person keeps thinking about past things, and sleeps too much. Due to Rajo guna, you become overactive, overactivity. The problems of Rajo guna are more in the west, but now they have started here also. The problem with Satwa guna is that one becomes too interested in dharma and becomes bit scared of Tamo guna and Rajo guna. But because of balancing, Satwa guna is okay.

But you go beyond these three, you don’t worry about anything. Now it is not like, “if after getting up in the morning, I did not do namaskar to mother at 9, now I’m gone” — it is never like this in Sahaja Yoga. Know this. I am saying this, beyond dharma, “dharmateet”, “gunateet”. Not necessary… it’s a matter of the Mother. But the mind has to be kept clean. If something (ritual) could not be done, what’s the big deal? It is not necessary that the cow was not touched… such is not mother’s work. Believe from the heart. When you believe from the heart… Then Shabri’s ber (berries), Ram ate. Which dharma did he follow? Which berries were washed, wiped, or cleaned? But given with love, he ate them. So in love, these bondages are not there.  But automatically beautiful maryadas (boundaries) get created in a human being. It is fun to roam in it because it is from that maryada (boundary) that its beautiful shape and form gets formed automatically. Just keep the attention there. Now after Sahaja Yoga many people say that Mother had said that everything happens automatically, so there is no need to do anything. (Shri Mataji laughed). I want to touch upon both the points because if I push from this extreme, then they go to the other extreme, and if I push from there, they come to this extreme — you still haven’t become “dharmatit” (beyond dharmas). You first have to tie your dharmas. First, tie your dharmas, then you will transcend them (become dharmatit)…

After you get self-realized, you have to go through three stages. As it is, whatever the situation is, whatever the state is, has its own rights and its own blessings. For instance, suppose I become the head of some place, then it has its authority, then if I become the “sarpanch” (head of village), then from the head, the authority becomes that of the “sarpanch”, then suppose I become a minister, then that has its authority, then if I become Prime Minister, then it has its own authority, similarly, according to our state, we receive rights from the kingdom of God.
So the first right you absolutely have got is, you have got dharma which means you can become thoughtless. Getting thoughtless awareness. Not become paar* yet, just thoughtless awareness, meaning the thoughtless awareness has come after the awakening of the Kundalini — just based on this little thing, you can cure anyone’s health problems. Any physical disease you can cure, meaning you can give wellbeing, meaning you can give bodily comfort. Just this much. But there are many who say they cure others by touching or something, they are not paar*. But the [sounds like “fake”] healers are of two types, ones who work with bhoots (dead souls) – leave them, they heal with bhoots; the other, whose Kundalini has crossed the Agnya, they also cure by touching or something, some of them are paar* and they cure. There was a gentleman in London who was paar* and he used to heal others. Later when he came to me, he found out everything, but he was paar*. So there may be people who are paar*, some people whose Kundalini has crossed the Agnya. Keep one hand towards the photo and the other on this, and after doing namaskar to the photo, you can cure their diseases. Think, disease cure! Now when the Kundalini has crossed over and if your Kundalini has pierced, you can awaken Kundalini.

All of you who have become paar* can awaken the Kundalini of others, and after some time you can also make them paar*. See, just in thoughtlessness you got so much and as soon and just as you become paar*, you got this blessing. Even if your chakras are catching, you can still awaken other’s Kundalini completely cleanly (Nirmal), she’s not going to touch, even if your chakras are caught, the other’s chakras won’t be affected, see the wonder of Sahaja Yoga. All the Sahaja Yogis who are here will appreciate this fact that even if their chakras are catching and they give realization, that realization is completely clean (Nirmal). It is surprising but true. What more do you want. Kundalini awakened from your hand, with your hand the Kundalini rose. On my feet, you must have seen that you can see the pulsation of the Kundalini very well. But even when, you raise the Kundalini, you will be able to see, you will come to know you felt coolness till here, here and here. If you can learn the chakras, as to how to tie them, how to raise them above, if you learn its art, the “vidya”. It is the “Vidya” (true knowledge). “Vidya” means rising the Kundalini, making paar*, and being authorized for it. After you become authorized, you raise the Kundalini of anyone sitting down wherever you are. 
Its second right is that you have come into the collective consciousness. Now its rights what should I describe to you, how many infinite rights you have obtained. That if you want to know about someone, all forward-looking instruments and all get switched on. We have an English gentleman. His father was very sick. He said, “Mother it’s been many days since I received their letter, what should I do”. I told him, what’s in it, you do like this and check. When checked, he felt a catch at this place. Now, this (probably pointing on the hand) is father’s place, this is mother’s place. Father’s this chakra is catching means he has some serious thing like bronchitis or something. So he telephoned, his mother came on the line, and when he asked about his father, she said he has serious bronchitis. So he started moving his hands like this and this – see this is also a power you have – he started clearing like this and he felt better, and there the father also got alright. You won’t believe, this power has come in you. What do you understand about yourself? You have become paar* (realized), have become saints, are people endowed with great experience. But you do not know because in Sahaja Yoga you get the biggest thing, humility.
These people are not even realized, they do not know anything, absolutely useless people, they are sitting there making their own big-big monasteries; strange, monkey-like people. And you people, despite being paar*, despite having your realization, you say nothing, you do nothing, I don’t understand who had asked people to be so humble! They are shy even in saying that “I am a Realized Soul”. There are many such people who don’t even want to tell that they are realized. You are! Absolutely. You have got it based on your pre-earned wealth (your punyas or good deeds). This was meant to happen to you, so it has happened. You do not get any ego in it. What you are, you should say, “Yes, we have got our realization, Mataji has given us, we went there and it happened”. (Laughingly) Defame my name only if you have to do it, If you feel so shy then say “yes, Mother did it”, I don’t mind. But you are realized, surely you are realized. And it’s a very big thing. It is not any initiation-finitiation; you are realized souls! You try using this (power), thousands of things happen in it. You grow in it, then you will find out how many deep things work out in this. In the collective consciousness, you give realization to a man, you will come to know which of his chakras are catching. You just rotate your hand properly on him — there is a difference in doing it from the front vs the back, you go to the centers and learn the subtleties — and then it will be alright. It’s not a lie at all. After Sahaja Yoga, you will not get any physical trouble at all, even if you have any, just learn how to correct it. You can correct yourself, and also others. Believe it, it is such a thing that your entire store has been opened, but if you do not use it, what can I do? In a few days, it will be locked again. if you use it, see how awakened your own power is. Now the gurus who show you all kinds of miracles of the world have not given you any power, so such a guru should not be accepted as guru. One who gives you your power is the guru. The one who connects you with the divine is considered to be a guru. So if one is realized, but has not given you realization, why should you accept that as guru? So, there is no need to bow your head in front of anyone. Never needed. Let thousands bow down, but you do not, you are paar*, you are higher than them. Now this vibratory awareness has come in you, you have got vibrations in you. You can ask them any question you want to ask. You know that many people became paar* just by asking questions. This is vibratory awareness, your computer has started, now you have to know everything from this. Like man knows everything from his humanity, similarly after realization, now know through this. “Mother, what to do in this” — check vibrations. Initially, there may be some dilemma, some confusion, you may feel. this is not correct. After using it, you will be surprised by how exact it is. We keep giving bandhans from morning till evening that they get good sense, this thing gets corrected, this, that.

One day, while giving vibrations to Mr. Nixon, it felt now he’s going to get his ‘welfare’ (Shri Mataji laughed). All the boys told me that Mother his vibrations are going all bad. This was many days back. Much before his ‘welfare’ (impeachment), that everyone came to know. You can also correct people at home using vibrations. But first is to improve yourself. If due to a guru there are quarrels and discord at a home, and if they follow a guru at that home, and if the discord and strife is increasing, I don’t understand what use is the guru? Gradually so much love surges that we start speaking even with those that we were not speaking with earlier. Gradually everything becomes so clear that you will be surprized. Now you give bandhan to yourself for this thing… let’s say there is a gentleman, your brother, he’s upset with you for no reason. Write his name on your palm and give bandhan like this, seven times, you can take Mataji’s name if you want, and then do like this and leave it. You will see the whole thing will change. He will be alright in a few days. Because this bandhan is of love, this is the use of power of love. This power of love, it tells you, it has taken you into the collective consciousness, and which has awakened our collective consciousness. And so you can get answers to all collective questions here. But there is only one hindrance everywhere, you must not forget that, and so you should also not feel frightened ever, that human freedom will never be taken away. If someone wants to be a rakshas, you can’t make him God, unless he asks — please bring me on the path. No one’s freedom will be taken away in Sahaja Yoga. This is the only hindrance. And if every person solves this hindrance, then it will work out. For that give bandhans to this person in advance to bring him on our path, once the fronts are aggregated, they’re not integrated yet, but upon aggregation of fronts, the Kundalini may rise.

But the Sahasrara will not break till the other person asks that, “Yes I want to be paar*”. Yes, the Kundalini may be risen, but Kundalini rises in many, but even risiing of Kundalini may make get the (pure) desire. Gradually, his attention goes to God, his desire goes there. So you may not say anything to him verbally, but keep rising his Kundalini. By doing this also, the Kundalini rises. Write the name, do like this, the Kundalini will rise, may not become paar*, they don’t become paar*. For that, permission is needed. it should happen in the knowledge of that person. Because, if you have paid attention to this, it is the first time that this higher step of evolution has happened in your awareness. Not before this. When you became a tortoise from a fish, you didn’t know, from tortoise onwards as you became a monkey, you didn’t know, and from monkey when you became human, you didn’t know. But today, from human when you are becoming superhuman, you know. 
Now, what should you not do, what to do, I have told quite a bit about this. For diseases and such, for that we have a few doctors here and they are realized souls, you can speak with them… But I have mostly observed that after Sahaja Yoga, the first thing people do is to make a list of all sick relatives, “when Mother comes, we will take so many sick people to her”. Very common. Sitting down they think all the time that when Mother comes, then I will get my uncle’s nephew who is there in England, that xyz had that problem, I will call him. And this is the worst thing. This happens with everyone, and it’s a very harmful thing – for me and for you also. For one, till you yourself become powerful, do not go to people who are sick, sad, worried, because if you go to them, then you will catch from them, their disease will stick with you. Especially run away from mentally affected people; initially when your own sapling has just been planted, it has to be taken care of. In the morning before going out, take bandhan. And in the night also sleep after taking bandhan and washing feet. Maintain yourself in this way at least till I come back. It does not take much time – in just 15 minutes the whole thing can be done in the night. And in the beginning, please don’t gather all made and sick people. I have not come to cure diseases. I have come to give Realization to all.

First you become Realized, then the diseases will run away by themselves. And those who are not seeking God, what do I have to do by healing them, make pickles? You tell me, think from my perspective, that the lamps that are not going to get enlightened, rather than correcting them it’s better to put them in junk so they get remade then correct, won’t someone think like that? Yes, if someone is seeking God, then even if he is ninety years old or a hundred years old, even if he is in a bad state, for such a person, I will work day and night. That is very different. Gather those who are seeking God. Who is seeking God, gather those. Now next time I should not see that every person has brought twenty-five sick people, out of them, I tell you, not one person will stay. Now you see, how many sick people were coming initially, they all got alright, they even brought reports to show that, but who is coming now, will they come? I have healed thousands, my disciples have healed thousands, but nobody cares.

First we want Realized people, a lot of people should become Realized. Give them, there must be intact people in the world. And even if these become corrected physically, what good are they for, because that way there are many strong people (wrestlers) – what is to God? If they don’t get corrected, a new pot will be made from them. But the pots that are already made and ready to receive water, they will be filled with water. So gather such people who are seeking God, who are wholeheartedly towards God. If they are already stuck with a guru, do not bring them to me and stick here, otherwise, they fight with me. If they think some guru has given them the absolute, then please spare me, tell them to go to the same guru, that your guru is a very nice man, you stick with him, pardon us, please do not torment Mother. Otherwise, such people trouble me a lot. So I have this much request to you, that those who are sticking with some guru, let them be stuck, when the guru will give them a few blows and they will understand, then they will come. We do not have to go to any gurus. Recently I went to Pune, and [many?] said, “Mother should we go there and work”? I said there is no need, let them be there. They become very difficult. And the more number of gurus they have been to, the more problems they have. Those who come by themselves, let them come. Yes, but if you know such a man — it is not necessary that he may be taking God’s name in big ways, but he is a good man, about whom people say he is a very good man, he is innocent, whom everyone cheats, he is okay. The one who cheats everyone – let him cheat, he will be cheated such that he will understand, his cheating will eat him.

So, a good man, who is innocent, simple, who is not very boastful, who does not spoil other people’s minds with his own intellectual brilliance, find such simple straightforward people. Everyone must know such people, who are good people, who have goodwill in them, who do good to the world, always wishes well for others, and who does not hanker or lust after anything — gather such simple people and bring them. And do not gather patients (sick people). I am fed up of sick people now. Now if someone’s some disease does not get corrected, they get after my life, “my this thing did not go away” — if it did not, what can I do? The point is, what will I gain from removing it? And they will be after me. And they will be the first to come and sit. The most caught up come very first and sit down. Now the problem is, how do I heal them — and they will be after my life, “no, please heal, you have to” — how to do, you also need to have some accumulated wealth (punyas), you also need to have a bank account, isn’t it? Now if you do not have a bank account (punyas), what can I do? You need to have at least a little bit. The bank may even give overdraft, but how much (Shri Mataji laughed), that also has an end, isn’t it? So don’t gather such people.

Those who are good people, who do not go into extremes, remain in the center, who live in dharma, who are ordinary, find such people. Very big people become difficult. And then those who work as servants and maids at homes. Some servants are okay… we had a driver at Mumbai, we used to call him Raja Sahab (Honorable King), some servants are also like king (by temperament) but not all. Because they are your servants, don’t bring and put them at my feet, “because these are our servants, so we brought them” — don’t do this. Just now one lady had come, she ate up (figuratively) my whole foot, burned my foot, and then if you say something, they get offended. 
Have interest always in Sahaja Yogis, how are Sahaja Yogis, that they are not in any trouble, they are not bothered about anything. But it (the interest) does not stay in that. Do not have interest in useless people, but in those who are Sahaja Yogis. And first gather those who are seeking God, who are simple people. When these people will be all right, the difficult ones can be corrected later. Otherwise, such people come – who seem to have four horns, and I can’t understand how to save myself from them. Sometimes they run here, sometimes there, they just don’t listen. So bring ordinary, simple people.

Now, if someone is your father or your mother – that is not the criteria. The criteria is, that who is seeking God – that is my brother, sister, mother. Christ once said, “Who are my brothers, and who are my sisters?” – it is a very big sentence. “Who are my brothers and who are my sisters?” — The Sahaja Yogis are his brothers and Sahaja Yoginis are his sisters. He is their eldest brother. Ganesha is your eldest brother. And those who are related to you by these “laukik” (लौकिक – worldly) relationships, and into “laukik” (worldly) relationships, these are worldly only, there is no need to go crazy after them. Gradually, you will be surprised, they will come into it. By observing your behavior, your thoughts, your ways & methods, gradually they will all come. But there is no need to waste energy after it. They will all come gradually. “My”-ness has to be reduced – this is too much in our Indians, and completely missing abroad. “My son”, “my daughter”, “my this-“, reduce this a bit. But because this Sahaja Yoga is going to grow in family (environment), it is very essential that family atmosphere must be good, and gradually it must be expanded in your family as well. There is no need to hurt any family members in any way, gradually everything will be alright. It depends on your handling, and how powerful are you at home, it depends on that. This way, bring everyone in love and by proving your love, bring them in Sahaja Yoga. And Sahaja Yoga is self-proven, there is no need to prove it. And because of that (Sahaja Yoga), you also shine, and that is your proof too. Now you are all proven, and I bow to you.

Tomorrow I will go and will come back here on the twenty-eighth. I hope you all know the venue and everything and will be present there. And this book – you all buy one copy each, because how much can I say in one lecture, I do not know how much I might have said in that book also, but it has some deliberation about some subtle things. So you see it, understand it, from that you will know more about me, because when I speak, I keep myself in the back because this is a maya form, and is a bit difficult to understand, so from that book also you can understand me. So it will be good if you buy that book. And if there are a few questions, you can ask, otherwise meditate. 

[ Later, Shri Mataji talked about balancing vibrations, how to raise the left and bring down the right, and vice-versa. And She talked about the bandhan ][*Paar: One who has got Realization and has crossed the Sahasrara and has got the knowledge of vibrations.]