Birthday Puja

Mumbai (India)

1979-03-21 Birthday Puja Hindi, 29'
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Birthday Puja. Mumbai, Maharashtra (India). 21 March 1979.

My heart is overwhelmed. Till date, this birthday has been regularly celebrated in Bombay (*former name for Mumbai). Had to work really hard in Bombay; had to work the most, here. People often ask me “Mother, why do you need to work so much in Bombay?” Initially, I stayed here, and, then I felt that there is so much work that can be done in Bombay.

However, some shadows are cast over Bombay. Now in Delhi, even less work amounts to a lot more. Lot of work has been done in villages too. Undoubtedly, thousands have got their realization. A lot of work has been done, even in a city like London. But, people of Bombay have an ominous shadow cast upon them. I think they are too indulged in materialism. Strangely, we have worked the most in Bombay and yet have the least number of Sahaja Yogis here. Can’t find a reason for this. Often, I contemplate; especially when people question me “Mother, why do you devote so much time in Bombay? Why is Bombay so special?” Although I am quite wary of cities. Because in cities, you have money, and, there are already enough conmen who ready to rob you. Since you have money, you prefer to go to these conmen. You run behind these circus owners. Thousands run to the sermons of such people; they do not seek the truth. They constantly experiment with the power of money that confers ego.

In spite of all this, I love Bombay. There is a big reason behind this – you people are aware that all three — Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati — have originated in this city. Unsure what Mother Earth would have thought, to have chosen nowhere but this land, and bless it immensely such that all the three powers (Shakti) have originated in this city.

But then people go to the Mahalakshmi temple and do all sorts of immoral things there. There is a race to be at the Mahalakshmi, so much rush there. Yet the people of Bombay are unsure of what they are seeking. I often wonder, when will these people use their brains? When will they understand? When will they realize that the foremost thing is to seek your spirit (Atma)? Without seeking your spirit, you can’t seek the Almighty (Parmatma). Everything else that you are doing is ignorance (avidya) and worthless. You’re aware that God’s kingdom reigns unrestrained in this world. He has not only created the universe but also you so that you identify with Him as the Doer (Karta), the Creator (Srishta), and the Nurturer (Paalanhaar). You must understand His Powers (Shakti). I don’t understand why man is so confused to have taken the wrong path, and, made his life so petty.

Albeit God has worked hard to create man; you have evolved into a human from an amoeba. If you notice your eyes, you will realize how important an organ it is. God has sculpted these eyes so beautifully. He has created this entire body so beautifully. He has created the entire instrument within this body through which you will receive this boon and it will be unlocked soon. But, the people of Bombay are asleep, in a state of deep slumber. Don’t know why they are so inebriated and intoxicated?

I repeatedly ask you to wake up, it’s time to wake up now. In fact, you already know that Sahaja Yoga is nothing new – Saint Kabir has spoken about it, Guru Nanak has spoken about it, even what Lord Rama did was, in fact, Sahaja Yoga. He walked barefoot across India including in your Maharashtra. He walked on this land, covering every bit of this Mother India, so as to vibrate it. Vibrations flowed from his feet. He walked barefoot everywhere to spread these vibrations. Even Mother Earth established the Ashtavinayaka here (in Maharashtra) so that vibrations would emanate, and people would recognize it.

Later, what Lord Krishna did was also Sahaja Yoga, it was all Sahaja Yoga. Radha ji herself was the Power (Shakti). Radha – “Ra” means power (Shakti), “Dha” means the one who bears it (Dhaaran karne wali); She was the Shakti. When She would put her feet in the Yamuna, vibrations would flow. When Radha would carry water pitchers on Her head, vibrations would flow. When He (Shri Krishna) would break those pitchers with stones, the trickled water would vibrate the ground. When Gopis would carry the Yamuna water in pitchers on their heads, Krishna would hit and break their pitchers, the vibrated water would then spill on their backs and thus the Gopis would get their realization. Then they would often play the Raas; Raas – “Ra” means “Shakti” and “Sa” means “with” (Sah). He wanted to awaken everyone, and, so they would run around and play, and, be immersed in the vibrations flowing from Radha. He did all this to awaken the kundalini in humans – playfully via all these acts — for He was the Leelapriya (meaning, the One who loves the Divine play).

But man has been doing this for thousands of years. Since birth, I was sure of an important aspect and therefore I would often seek my father’s advice because he was a very learned man. Even he advised me that unless this realization is available for common masses (Sarva Saamanya) and unless they experience this Spirit (Aatma), God or his creation would remain meaningless. It is important for people to recognize the Spirit because without recognizing the Spirit, you cannot recognize God. Like you can’t see without your eyes, similarly, you can’t recognize God unless the soul is awakened. Thousands of shops may be opened in the name of God, there may be all sorts of shams and pretence in His name, but none of it would work. Your Spirit resides in your heart. The witness that resides within you, must be recognized. This is very important. Yet you don’t understand. This is so important. The time has come now.

You heard from these foreigner Sahaja Yogis how their countries have been doomed — homes are shattered, families are broken, people are unsheltered and on streets due to alcoholism. Such apathy that there is no recognition of a mother or a sister. They are emotionally crippled, can’t sleep at night. In Sweden, nine out of ten people are suicidal. They have the maximum number of suicides in the world; even though it’s a country of conveniences and affluence.

Today we are running after money and wasting our energy in all sorts of meaningless things, we are just deteriorating our self-worth. For what and how we have been created? God has created us with such hard work. What is our significance? What is so unique about us? For us, all five elements have also worked hard. Everyone has painstakingly created and sculpted you. The entire mechanism, the kundalini and its awakening have all been created within you. But Sahaja Yoga grows slowly. One reason is, it is a living process, and secondly, it is the truth. You can make any artificial thing easily; you can make thousands of plastic flowers but real flowers bloom with much difficulty. However, when blossom times come, thousands of flowers bloom. But, in Bombay no one is aware of the blossom times; everyone is asleep in deep slumber. They are unaware that blossom times have come and so many flowers have already bloomed, and, they are lying lowly and just dying.

It is a very pious day today. Today isn’t such a day that a mother should scold the children, really it isn’t such a day. Since 1970, I have been insisting that this day should be celebrated in Bombay. And every time I shower praises upon you people. But then I see that Sahaja Yoga isn’t flourishing here. Dirty con men are running their businesses here. If such a person comes here today to tell you all sort of dirty things, thousands will run to him and dance naked; you dance. But you don’t need the truth.

And today I am warning, you must pay heed. In the same way, once I warned them in Andhra (*Andhra Pradesh is a state in India), but they got annoyed with me. I cautioned them that they must wake up because they were growing tobacco everywhere, fields and fields of tobacco. They said, “we don’t eat it, we just export it”. The rich peasants are cultivating tobacco and the poor ones are doing black magic. I forewarned them; this is enough — this sea would swell and engulf everything. And you must see, I said it on a particular date and then it happened. I don’t know why, but I got very anxious to see what they were doing. Have they forgotten that God watches and takes cognizance of everything? Every city has its virtues. Every place has its virtues. But there is a limit to it and people have crossed these limits. Ultimately you have to bear the punishment and its consequences.

Last year I heard about these priests and how they have been tormenting people. They are sitting on the shores of Ganga and Yamuna and selling religion. I warned people vociferously that they should be wary of these priests. Now you can see, how these priests had to run away dismantling their shops as the Ganga and Yamuna swelled. This is the beginning. But today I am telling you, you must think about the future. You must be wary of it, the Kalki incarnation that is about to arrive, it will not warn you or request you, it will not work hard on you or give you realization, it will not cure your cancer. It will just come with a sword for the Last Judgment. That will be a catastrophe. That will be its work.

Sahaja Yoga is very good – it has integration, it has joy, it was bliss, it has physical and mental well-being, and, it has the Almighty’s blessings. It is all very beautiful. But in the Kalki era, this won’t happen. You have heard about the Kalki incarnation and it is about to arrive. There is little time left for it. In the time being please awaken your spirit (Atma). Your spirit and Kundalini have always resided within you. But I don’t understand what gibberish people talk about Kundalini – it’s your mother. And you have been listening to all this. I don’t understand how you fondly listen to such people who use obscenities for Kundalini, which is your mother. You give them your money, spend your time with them, listen to their tapes and devotedly accepted their teachings. People who abuse your mother, you revere them. First, you must understand that when God created this universe, the first thing he established was Ganesha, the epitome of purity, He is purity. The first thing that was created in this world was purity. Someone who isn’t pure doesn’t have the right to talk about God. Because once you take to Sahaja Yoga, you become pure. Many attain it on their own. This is about prepossession (Poorva Sampada). But for others, they get it gradually, bit by bit.

You must understand where you have come, sixteen thousand people have quit drinking alcohol. So, people don’t come to Sahaja Yoga because they think Shri Mataji will ask them to give up alcohol. I never say it, they just give it up on their own. Because when you are drenched in your own nectar, when you feel joyous within, when this ambrosia is flowing in your heart, then why would you consume alcohol. There is no need for me to say anything. You can see these three hundred experienced people standing in front of you here, they have given up all these things including drugs. I never asked them, “you must give up drugs”? You have to seek your powers; the key lies within you. This is all that I have to say. But why should you be angry if I say this? Even the black magicians (taantrik) must understand, will a Mother ever say things that will harm her children. No Mother will ever side with her children for doing wrong things. I don’t say anything before you take to Sahaja Yoga – whoever you are, whatever disease you may have, whatever be your state — I accept it all and welcome you. Once you accept it, Sahaja Yoga automatically transforms you – from top to bottom – because it is a living process.

Like a tree, it has life. If it is damaged, you may pour a medicinal potion that would heal it from within, from top to bottom. But something that is dead, like a building; if its basement or walls are damaged, we cannot repair it. You are living. This living process occurs within you. For this, God has created you, he has created each chakra step by step – gradually and beautifully. But do you not wish to know anything about yourself? Do you not wish to achieve the powers within you? These chakras within you are so beautiful. They were created with many efforts and they are eager. Your kundalini has been residing within you since ages and has been waiting for that moment when you would achieve your unison with God. For this, how many times do I need to request and beg of you? You must also ask for the truth. The truth will not come begging to you. Truth is not asking you for votes or for any money. You cannot buy truth; this is its biggest flaw. If you could have bought truth and if it would have fulfilled your ego, then you would have continued like this. Just like how you are running after other gurus and wasting your time and money there. You are your own guru then why do you need to run behind anyone You must understand and achieve it. At least value yourself a little, respect yourself and understand yourself. Don’t waste this valuable human birth in such futile things.

Recently so many people got their realization in the Delhi program. I was amazed that so many people of such varied types had come. I must say that Delhi is blessed by Guru Nanak Dev, so people there accept it easily. But even in Maharashtra, so much is being done. This is the land of saints. Saints who nurtured it with their blood. Lot of work can be done here in Maharashtra. But this Mumbanagari, which is considered the capital of Maharashtra, I can’t comprehend why is it so devoid of saints, devoid of truth, is full of atheists and has become a land of sins. There is a huge responsibility that you must shoulder. Tomorrow God will question you, “Son, what did you do? Did you sin? Did you engross in that sin?” Then people come to me and ask “Mother why did this happen to my child? Why is my child suffering like this? Why is my daughter suffering? Why did this happen to us?” What have you been doing? Where have you been? People from different countries are coming and talking to you, your eyes will be opened once you go there. You are treading the same path. You are unable to see the pits where they fell. Because you are just enamoured by their path so you can’t see the pitfalls from which they are trying to escape and recover. And when they can’t find a way out, they commit suicides. Who can be saved despite suicide, because nobody dies? It is a vicious cycle of birth and rebirth – same dilemma, same troubles and same terror.

The cancer disease is a huge problem facing you like a demon. Looking at it, you must understand that it has no cure other than Sahaja Yoga. No matter what you may try, cancer can’t be cured except in Sahaja Yoga. You just met Dr Kajoria (please check his name, I couldn’t decipher from speech), he has treated cancer patients in London. You should go to the doctors. Many of our disciples here are doctors, who have treated cancer. But when you go to the doctors, they ask you to show a list of people that have been treated. This is the work of love. Do you give your guestlist to others when guests come over? Do you give proofs of how much food you fed them? These doctors who work for money, they can never understand this love? How can they understand Mother? They can’t possibly understand. I am surprised at the weird questions they ask me. I don’t know how many people I have cured or not? Ganga is flowing, whoever is cured, is cured, and, one who isn’t, isn’t. Who keeps a count of how many are cured? How many were blessed? How many were quenched? How many filled their pitchers?

The glory of love can never be seen without the light of the Spirit (atma). First, let the light of Spirit gleam. In this light, you can witness that love is actually a unique thing. Till now you haven’t understood love. The power of love is very compelling and great. There is no power subtler than love. Even though you may be sitting here, you can give realization to anyone, anywhere; you can benefit them and work for their welfare. Its power is so subtle and dynamic, you cannot comprehend it. Your science etc. cannot even come close to it. But you should come and witness it. Why are you sitting with such ego? The blindness of this pride is too much, too much blindness. Sometimes I’m very disheartened, when will people become aware and will achieve this.

Tomorrow I will tell you, who and what you are? What are the different chakras inside you and how can they be activated? And how this union, this kundalini which your mother, grants you realization. It is so creative, beautiful and affectionate; therefore, it is your foremost duty to understand it. It has stayed within you since ages and your ultimate goal is to achieve it. Why were you born? Why were you born as a human being? Why did you evolve into a human from an amoeba? Consider this, if we make a large instrument and do not connect it to the mains, then it is useless. It is meaningless, it is a waste. And even its creator is of no use? Likewise, even God would have been meaningless. But the Almighty bows in front of you because you have freedom. This work would not have been possible without your freedom. Hence you were granted freedom. But freedom does not mean unbridled exemption.

If the different components of an aeroplane claim freedom to attach themselves to wherever they want, can such a plane ever take off or fly? Similarly, when you are bound as the part and parcel of the Almighty, and, exist as the blood and tissues in the being of the Virata, then how can you exist as an individual personality, or claim that you are born free. The moment you say this, immediately you become malignant and cancerous to that body. As soon as you say’ “I will do, what I want to”, you must realize that all beings exist as the part and parcel of the Almighty. All the souls are watching you. Once you reach this cancerous stage, not only do you harm yourself but also to the Magnificent Body that has assimilated you. You should keep this in mind. It is very important because time is less, very less. You can understand that since 1970, I have spent several months in Bombay and have worked very hard. Like they said that I have worked the hardest in Bombay. But the people here are very difficult. May be here, it is the case of what they say — over-familiarity breeds disrespect (ati parichyat avaghya). But now there is no time to sleep. Please wake up.

Tomorrow all of you must bring more people with you, your neighbours. If possible, stay back for the qawwali session after this program today and I will try to give self-realization. At that time everyone should sit with your hands open towards me and gradually you will feel a cool breeze in your hands. You will see these cool divine vibrations flowing from your hands. Even Adi Shankaracharya spoke quite vividly about this cool breeze. The Bible says that these cool vibrations emanate from the body of the Holy Ghost, the AdiShakti. It is mentioned in all scriptures, it is nothing new. But till now, it has never happened for the masses, the common masses should get it. It does not thrive if it happens only for a few. Therefore, it was important to do this work in Kaliyuga.

Today so many of you congratulated me including the Sahaja Yogis. For Sahaja Yogis, I must say that since it has no branches, so it spreads comparatively less. Therefore, whatever Sahaja Yogis we have, they are very deep, and this depth is indeed praiseworthy. Because they don’t have too many branches, most of the Sahaja Yogis attain great depths. But their light spreads less on the outside. We have approximately 200-300-400 Sahaja Yogis here, they are very deep. But their lights haven’t spread on the outside yet. So, I want to tell you that instead of taking your friends and relatives to some futile parties and treats, bring them here so that they can get their realization and benefit from this boon. You know, we don’t ask for any money or any other thing, you just have to get your realization. Nobody can get their realization through arguments or brawls. Anyone who is realized is realized; and, one who is not. If you want to get a realization, you must. You can come once, or twice and as soon as you come, you will get your realization.

Last time I worked very hard and paid a lot of attention. But then I noticed that people are still asleep. They must be woken up now. So, in this hope, I spoke a little strongly to you today that you must wake up. If you can’t listen when spoken to softly and sweetly, then I must talk to you strictly “Son wake up, it is already late. The sun has risen in the sky, it will set again and then it will be dark and then you will drown forever in that darkness”. It is Mother’s heart and becomes very perplexed and distressed at times. You must understand this. Today you must promise me that next time when I celebrate my birthday here, you will come in huge numbers and all will take to Sahaja Yoga.