Advice at Bordi Shibir (English part)


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Advice at Bordi Shibir (English part). Bordi, Maharashtra, India. 22 March 1979.

About extremes in behaviour and morals; dishonesty and ‘sin’ against the Father; weight reduction.

You develop a hypertension, you become very agitated, you start dancing and doing all kinds of things. You see these things can happen that you can start, that you may start dancing, jumping, shouting, doing all kinds of things, getting into licentiousness, permissiveness because that’s how you are let loose, you see. The control on your being, of the wisdom is lost and then you just get into it. You don’t feel the pinch of, you can call the, your conscience. The pinch of the conscience is no more. You just go arbitrary and you just shoot off. It can happen to people even without feeling guilty. Even without feeling some people can get into that kind of mood. That’s how they become alcoholic and they become all these things where they have no control.

Now, did you speak something…?

Eventually he was absolutely on deathbed because he got cirrhosis of the liver and he was going to die. You see, he had left Sahaja Yoga and he wanted to do it on his own and all that, and he just lost it. Poor thing! Within three months he stared showing results and he was so badly off and I brought him home. My husband had gone abroad and when he came back he said, what’s this, you’ve got a dead person in the house, they are going to prosecute us, we are all going to be in jail, he’s going to die next moment the way he is. I just can’t look at him! He was very angry. I said, now where can I send him? He’s, after all, he’s so sick, it would be very inhuman to send him anywhere out. He said, all right, tomorrow you arrange something and send him away. But next day you see when my husband got up from his bed he saw this gentleman walking about. He was so surprised. (laughter) He came in and he said, the fellow is out of his bed! I just can’t believe my eyes. And then within seven days he was completely cured.

But then Das told me that Mother, some of us are so egotistical that we have to go to that limit to know You and to come to You. It’s not possible for some people to give up their ego and to behave in this manner, so You better allow them to go to that position and then to come back. I said, for a Mother it is difficult. She will try to tell them again and again that, no, no, you try to get all right.

So, that’s what he told Me. But this is very true you see. What I have found with the Western people is that they are really egotistical in the sense that they, they don’t mind killing themselves. The Ego is so self-destroying that they know that they are unkind to themselves but to just satisfy their ego, they’ll go on destroying themselves. And, they reach such a funny point that you just can’t understand how they are so foolish about it.

Then he started respecting himself and then he went to his mother and said, I feel tremendous love for my mother whom he had left for years, never bothered about her. And then he went down, now he’s in Australia looking after his mother and he’ll be coming back to London. I’m sure he’s much better off. He writes very few/sweet letters so this is what is the thing of Mr. Gus, who was the leader of all the hippies of London and who was a very clever boy. And he was a Physics professor and so you can imagine what can happen to egotistical person, how he can loose his complete wisdom.

So in Bakharidabhavan (??) there were about 300 people out of which were at least 275 people Indians and they were all suffering from some disease or other. And I got such a fright and I was so angry with all of them. I said, none of you are healthy to come to Me. Some were suffering from paralysis, some were suffering from gout and all kinds of troubles they had.

And in that lot I found Kuli sitting in front of Me and he was absolutely cool. Very, very cool, so much that he was like a frozen, frozen, you can say, a frozen, what is the door, you see, a frozen door. And I felt him and I said now this is too much. But because of his heart catching you see. When your heart is caught up you can feel that kind of coolness because it depresses your heart more and you get that coolness. So I called him Kuli.

And Kuli is one doctor whom you might have heard about him, who is in Houston where they are operating small children. I had taken my grandchild there. So I met him. He looked very much like our Kuli but he’s a very tall fellow, very kindly person. And when I saw him I combined these two things together because he’s so cool and also his face, so much like Dr. Kuli that I call him Kuli. And that’s how!

And then whenever he talks to Me, he says, You remember Mother, I’m Kuli speaking. So his name became Kuli forever (laughter). Now, come along. His name is Anthony. What’s the surname? Panayiotou. He is from Cyprus, you see, very near Greece from where Alexander the Great came to us and now comes Kuli the Great (laughter and applause).

But I must also give the other side of the picture. The other side of the picture is that though you people have one problem, which I call as the sin against the Mother, also Indians have sin against the Father, which they do not know.

You see in London you cannot imagine someone running away with your chappals (Indian sandals) at Caxton Hall. That, nobody would ever think of such nonsense but you see, but here how many of you have lost your chappals in the program and not only you but even yesterday, poor Mr. Pradhan lost his new shoes because where he goes for a function like that, you see. It’s a kind of absurdity. It’s only possible in this wretched India. Where you get all this kind of nonsense.

You see that’s the point where I really cannot understand that people are so much um, impressed about their belongings and their things and all that. They want to grab anything that comes in their way. If it is, if they can do it without paying anything for it, they’ll be very happy.

So, in this way we are really committing sins against the Father who has said that He is going to look after our ‘kshema’ (safety, security, welfare, tranquility) also. He looks after the Kshema and while we do not believe into it that He looks after, we get upset for little money spent here, we get upset for little things done there. And, I mean we are really that way, very, very funny people.

Though Indians are very generous no doubt but they do not mind taking away things without the knowledge of the person who is around, you see. Something so funny! Of course, everybody does not do it but quite a lot but especially the people who are at the helm of affairs are absolute cheats sometimes and are so funny that one can’t understand why do they want to cheat? I mean, they have everything and they have got a lot of money but they won’t mind taking some money away from you, taking some money away from the other person. For no rhyme and reason they’ll expect you to give them money and bribes and things like that.

So, this is something so surprising that in London we have taken a flat and now you know we have taken a house. We have taken a flat from one Indian and then we took a house in London. I didn’t have to pay any black money or anything like that for taking this house and it worked out very well. But here it is not possible unless and until you give them some black money and you do some kind of nonsensical things. It’s very, very difficult! Even in England Indians try this trick with others. If you remember our first flat fellow wanted us to give him some money and wanted some this and that, and I had a big argument with him.

So, this kind of a nonsense which I call as the ‘sin against the Father’ is all the time, even if they get, you see, a broken chappal somewhere, they would carry it out. All this kind of a thing is not possible in London. People are very, very honest and they don’t take somebody’s money like that nor do they take away things.

Here if you have the kind of newspaper distribution you have there, people will take away the newspaper, they will take away even the container of the money and also the cash box and also the lamppost! (Laughter) You see they can use it for any purpose. Even, you see, I’ve seen people putting their bottles out and our, everything you know, the way we have in London, the postal system you see, they send anything to you from thousands of rupees to any amount, nobody takes it. It is kept outside your house. It is lying there. Nobody takes it away especially in Oxted, a place of, so forlorn and I should say absolutely a derelict place and there also I’ve seen if something arrived by parcel, it would be lying there for two days, three days, if you were out. Nobody would touch it and I mean that is not possible here at all. People would even take away locks you have. They’ll take away the panels you have (Mother laughs) and imagine they’ll take away anything they feel like.

Can you imagine in India people can even take away a small little a, what you call, a tap, you see, that is hanging out. From the bathroom they’ll take away the taps. You allow them to go wash your, wash in your washbasin, they may take away the washbasin, you see. Dustbins. They’ll take away your dustbins, you see. They can take away anything! I mean like they are possessed by some people who are thieves and thugs. I don’t know what!

Our gurus are just the same. They don’t mind living on opium that is other people’s money, you see. They indulge in other people’s money all the time. They have no shame about it and when I say anything about it people say, Ah, Mother, You are very hard on them. What should I say? Should I garland them and make an aarti out of them that, what thugs you are, very nicely living on the people’s money?

I mean, I just can’t understand. What should one say? I feel so ashamed of them and responsible also the way they have really lynched all the Western seekers. And those sadhus (India’s wandering holy men) and they have no business to do that! And with that they have put all the bhoots (dead spirits) into them and have taken all their […] and even you see, some boy came to Me and he didn’t have a proper shoe on him, and he was the son of a Lord and he said, Now my father has no place for me because I sold some antiques from his house. Sold them to give it to this fellow who is having now an airstrip for himself. Is this the way to take money and lunch money from them and befool them? I mean, this is really shameful, absolutely shameful and I’m really ashamed of it.

So, though I mean we are in a way nice we are not yet exposed to that kind of a sex orientated society but it will take no time if we do not stop it now with a complete force. It will take no time for us to get into that horrible perverted thing, you see?

And the other day somebody asked Me what do you say to permissiveness and to licentiousness? So, I said, it means, in our Indian language, we call it badmashi (a dishonest and unprincipled person) and badchalmi. This is the word we have got. I mean we have no other sensible words for these things, called badchalmi and badmashi.

So this is the word we have got. What am I to do? I mean, can you suggest some new words for permissiveness and licentiousness? These are all horrid things and I mean, this is regarded as something very bad.

So, this one can be twisted also and people can say that Mataji calls all the Westerners badmash you see? But this is the way. If you are licentious, according to Indian language you see, in any language, Marathi language, we call it […] you see. This is the word we use and we haven’t got any word for a man like that, to call him.

You see, we do not call and enshrine people who are licentious. Never! We never enshrine people who are permissive but here, I do not know how do you accept it? That it’s a permissive society, so what? It’s a satanic society, so what? But satanic place, you have Satan! See, you have to say you are Satan even if you don’t like My language, what other words can I use, you tell me. Is there any other word that can really describe them?

It is simply a very, very dilapidated state of affairs and one has to accept it. It’s horrible! It’s rottening the whole society there and we have to warn our people with very strong words, even if people think that these words are very, very strong. You should not mind telling them that this is a very wrong thing that you are doing in that country and one should never do it, and one should never accept because this may come here also, it is so shocking.

Today she was telling Me something, Felicity and Pravin was there and she couldn’t understand anything. She was so shocked she was perspiring and Lyn was there. She couldn’t understand how could she stand all this nonsense? No girl in India would stand this kind-of-a nonsense.   Any man tries to touch her she will just slap him nicely and put him right. She knows what it means but you see you are so naïve also about these things that you go on compromising on these fundamental things. And on certain things, like putting on weight, you get so upset. You should be upset about loosing your chastities much more than about loosing your weight and things like that! It’s nothing important!

You see the priorities are so funny that sometimes I just can’t understand. The main thing is, your chastity is the most important thing that must be saved and should not be allowed to be challenged by anyone whatsoever! Women have givenup their lives! They have burnt themselves in this country for saving their chastity. That’s the most important thing that they want to save. While they are so sex orientated that you have to see, you have got ideas also about your figures and things so that the body should be so attractive. Like it’s more prostitution, I feel, Myself, the way you’re all the time paying attention to your body that you should be attractive to others.

I mean this is something absurd and there is no beauty in such things. It is nothing but perversion of life. Absolute perversion. You should try to remain in such a manner that you are dignified and, even the ideas have so much changed now. I think it’s much more satanic than anything else because if you see Mona Lisa who is regarded as still the best painting. She was a plump lady and nobody has any objection. They pay such a lot of money just to see her face while suddenly the ideas have changed?

The satanic forces have worked out to weakened the women in this manner because you see, for a woman who practices these things becomes very weak physically and then people can dominate them and can overtake them, you see. And that’s why these funny ideas about the (weight) reducing women and men and make them absolutely slaves of these horrible satanic gurus and things. This has started I think. This is how they do it. Perhaps it’s a very, very subtle way, the satanic arts for putting these ideas.

The other day a friend of mine had come and she was telling Me about her sister-in-law went into a drastic, this a, what you call (weight) reduction process suddenly. And I had met her about ten years back when she started it and I said to her, what are you doing? You are looking so much older than your age. You are looking at least ten years older already. Now she’s, this lady told Me that she looks like your mother! I said, really? She’s so much younger to Me in age. She said see, she looks so much like your mother.

There people look so much older. I have seen women of My age in England look at least double My age. I mean, they look like my mothers there. Because of this kind of thing the whole body shrivels up and also a little resistance or reserve that is needed is not there. And the balance in the body is not there. And, it’s a very wrong thing to treat your body so shabbily. Just to satisfy certain foolish ideas that are all around, you see?

Be kind to your body. Don’t try to be very, very hard on this. It worked on your heart. You might get a heart attack. You might get any kind of problems and it’s a very wrong thing. Don’t develop yourself in the lines, which are suggested in the West. I’ve seen women who are so fidgety and so irritating, really boring with their figures. I don’t know how people marry with them.

That’s why you are having divorces also. You are having divorces. The women who are always, who go to dieting, are very irritating type. Actually, it’s a common thing. You know that Brutus, as described by Shakespeare, as a, the man who was so irritatingly funny that people never liked him. He was always a complaining type. So, one must understand, you must have a little balance within yourself and don’t go all out for something that is so nonsensical.

And always after Sahaja Yoga you will find our will have a body which will have a weight and a little, you see, water is accumulated and you will have a personality with that. Otherwise, I have seen some ladies who reduce themselves too much.   And, when they went to England, one of them was the wife of a Cabinet Secretary and she was taken as a secretary! And, she was made to sit somewhere in the corner, you see. And the gentleman came in and he said, where’s my wife? They said your wife never came. He said, no, but I think my wife was here. So he said no, no, she’s not; she never came. But he said she was to arrive here earlier. Then they said, no, there’s only one Indian lady who has come. She’s sitting in the corner there. And they said, we thought she was your secretary.

You see, a certain amount of dignity is needed and also, we in India, also all of our Gods and Goddesses have been like that because it gives you dignity, a contour and a personality, which is required. Of course it should not be a hindrance to you in anyway and should not be too much. But the amount of fighting and quarrelling is going on among their people is so saddening that one wants to run away. On the contrary, a person who laughs and is relaxed you see, he’ll always, puts on weight. What’s the use of making a mess out of yourself that nobody can even stand you! You’ll become like a thorn.

So, I would warn you, don’t go in for these drastic things of (weight) reductions and all that. That’s not Sahaja. Of course, you should not put on weight much. There’s a difference. But don’t go in for drastic things that is a-Sahaja and don’t become like bamboos. Because these bamboos have no impression on people and people must see you flowering like a beautiful lotuses and they should be blooming with health. Because, as you know, the Goddess is described as Pushti, it’s ‘well nourished’. A person should look well nourished.

To stand up in London, when you walk, sometimes I feel that half of these women who have no weight might be lifted away by the breeze that is coming and may be planted into something horrible. It might be happening to some women and they are very irritated types. Extremely irritable temperaments they have and they are all the time complaining, complaining. We have some neighbours and I happened to go to one of their meetings. I got so bored with them I came away. They didn’t know how to talk to Me. … I asked for drinks. I started drinking. There was no other way out from this kind of an irritated nature where they were complaining to each other. They got so tired of each other that they said let’s have some drinks. That’s the only way they can express themselves.

So try to be very, very humorous and jolly and happy people. Enjoy yourself. That’s the thing God has given you and not try to become like Bombay matches! See that is one thing I must ell you. Very important because that is something that is very wrong and will be a-Sahaj. Of course you shouldn’t be extremely fat that you cannot move out. You need not be. You will never be with Sahaja Yoga because you get more fat, it will be dissolved, and it won’t be there.

Now, what is the Criteria? What are we to know? What sort of a weight is needed? There is no Criteria. You have to have different weights. You have to have different heights. You have to have different clothes. You have to be very, very different and variety brings the beauty. And if you have all of them put together, in the same way, in the same forms, with the same dresses going round, you’ll get so bored looking at them, as if some machine has created all these people, human beings. There’s no —- about it.

So, don’t try to play havoc with the nature. Never try that. Try to be attuned to the nature. Attune to it because all such things create problems and the first problem that is created is the liver. So, be careful and don’t go into such haphazard treatments. I would again request you, all of you, never to go in for such drastic things, neither in medicines nor in exercising yourself. Because, with exercise you know what happens to your heart. We have seen it now and it’s very difficult to rectify it. So be careful about it. And, automatically you come down and you are normalised and God knows how much weight you should have and all that.

Now, these people who eat more may not put on weight. It’s possible. It happens. So it depends on your temperament, whatever its requirements and of course, you must keep a watch. But still I would say, that one should not try to do something of that kind. On the contrary, somebody eats too much that means something is wrong. If he eats too little also there is something wrong. So, you should eat what you call, a normal type of food and lead a normal life. Only one type of food also should not eat, too much of one type of food. We should eat all kinds of food and try to understand your own nature and what sort of a nature you have.

And, tomorrow I am going to give you a little bit of Ayurveda, so you will know what is your nature and what sort of food you have to have to be a normal person.

May God Bless You.  Now, let’s have food.