Sahaja Yoga & the Subtle System

Mumbai (India)

1979-03-22 Sahaja Yoga & the Subtle System, Mumbai Hindi, 60'
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“Sahaja Yoga & the Subtle System” (Hindi). Mumbai, Maharashtra (India). 22 March 1979.

[English translation from Hindi]

There was some misunderstanding, some other people had booked this hall and they were saying that they will not vacate it before 8’O clock. However, in Sahaja yoga, it happens many times.[Shri Mataji clears throat] I told you yesterday that you are a beautiful creation of nature. God Almighty has created you with great love, effort, and compassion. You a very special being who has been transformed into human form after taking countless births in different forms. You do not understand its importance because you have got it very easily. You would have realized its importance if you had put in lots of effort and worked very hard to get it. Then you must have been aware of the fact that you are such a special person.
Humans must understand as to why God has created them after going through a lot of labour Why did you come to this world? What is your future? What is its meaning?
As I told you yesterday if we make this machine and never use it, there is no point in making it. Also, you cannot use it, until it is connected to the mains. Likewise, till the time you are connected to your creator, you cannot know about him. Many saints and yogis have described him and a lot is mentioned in many books. You must have heard about the all-pervading power of God almighty who takes care of every task and controlling the movement of every small thing. Till the time you are connected to your spirit-the the ‘ATMA’, you cannot know about the God Almighty-The The’ PARAMATMA’ It is something you have heard several times but still cannot understand till you are connected. As I told you yesterday also that you cannot know about God-PARAMATMA without knowing-the ATMA. It is similar to a situation where you want to use your landline phone without plugging it to its connection. Whatever you have been doing till now in the name of religion was done like this only in blind faith. You will understand it once you are not connected to God. This question will remain with us till the time we are not connected to the God almighty. what we are; what all arrangements have been done by God in us? And due to which machine & instrumentation we are going to achieve it. I want to tell you about all this. It is a very complicated subject. It should be discussed with you after you get your self-realization. The moment you get connected you will understand it. Suppose you are a blind person and I tell you about its structure, light arrangement, colour combination, and its beautiful environment. You will say “I don’t have eyes thus how will I know about it” and it will be difficult for me to explain it to you. Just as I want to switch ON the light of this room. I need to turn its switch ON. Similarly, you also have such an arrangement within you created by God which is ready. When you are enlightened & awakened You understand everything easily. If before switching ON the light, I start giving you a lecture about how this light came, how is it generated, from where we got electricity, what is its history, how is it created then everything will become messed up. Modern humans have a habit of taking everything on their heads he wants to get headache first and then take anything if he gets anything easily then he asks, “I have read about kundalini it is a very difficult thing it happens in thousands of years oh it’s so difficult, a man has to do this and that”. Thus I can just say that maybe I am an expert at it and I know it and I have something special in me so I can do it easily and it has been done to many people. Not only this when you get your self-realization, when you become enlightened you spread the light to many very easily. Many have seen that after getting their realization that they do not put any efforts they don’t do anything to grow. In Mumbai, there is some kind of inertia yesterday I told you about it. You also live in Mumbai that is why I want to tell you that it is a very very minute divine process, it is the result of your good works done in your different births.
After several births you got it, you must understand that you need to progress in it and not just be stagnant when it happens then I see you are not benefited by it, it is very very beneficial, the biggest gift is that your physical ailments just vanish away it is a by-product because you are about to get enlightened by God and your spirit is going to be enlightened by God and therefore the temple of your body should be pure even if there are any mental problems they get removed. Your wisdom is also enlightened and you become wiser. The fourth thing that you get is that you have cool vibrations coming out of your hands it is called “Saundarya Lahiri” by Adi Shankaracharya. In the Bible, it has been described as a cool breeze. When you get it, if you get, you feel something cool, the breeze coming out from your hands in form of cosmic breeze. If you consider vibration means some part of your body moving or shaking or something moving or having some seizers, then it is not right. You must understand that vibrations mean cool, very cool air, a cosmic breeze coming out (or flowing out) of your hands, which makes you cool and composed within, you feel blessed and have divine feelings. It is a reality, it is actualization, it is not a lie or some kind of brainwash. It is actualization in this if you come in it. And this thing happening to you is a very important thing for you. If it does not happen then humans will remain as it is, then & there.[he will not be able to know the real meaning of himself and will be unable to become capable]
He will not be able to get that thing by which he knows his meaning and become capable. Now kundalini is in front of you all I hope you all can see this picture made here.
[Someone tries to leave mother tells them if someone wants to go to do something important then he must leave at once, and not disturb by going out and coming in during the lecture. Shri Mataji tells that she is giving self-realization as she is speaking, She says” those of you want to go must leave and that you must be patient with yourself and you must take out time for yourself otherwise there is no point of coming here to get self-realization]
This kundalini is like a seed planted by God inside us and I will explain in brief about it today because realization and kundalini awakening are important but as I am speaking your kundalini will rise so keep your hands towards me like this while I’m talking. Now, this kundalini will rise which resides in you. Please remove your shoes because earthing has to happen with mother earth. Remove your socks also it is good you should touch the ground this event will happen instantly but the preparations have to be done. Sit comfortably and give some time, don’t make noise, sit quietly, please sit quietly. This is kundalini and it resides in you like a sprout in your triangular bone. God has planted it in you. A lot can be told about it, but I will just say this that she is your mother who has lived with you in all your previous births. Whatever you have done so far she knows about it, It is recorded within her, you cannot deceive her. She keeps a note of your earnings, mistakes your qualities, your good deeds, and your shortcomings. in this triangular bone she is very Pious and your mother, and below it is the Chakra that you can see here, is the Chakra of Shri Ganesha. It is there to protect his mother Gauri whom we call kundalini that is why he is sitting there below her to look after her. The person who is not pure, he cannot perform the work of kundalini. Only a very pure person is authorized to perform the task of kundalini. If such a person tries to do any work of Kundalini, then he lands into great trouble why because It is an unauthorized action. You become like Ganesha when you get your realization because when you have opened your hands towards me, the cool breeze travels through the two channels and informs Ganesha that now the kundalini can rise. The kundalini is that Chaitanya, that state which she knows, loves organizes and gives you your second birth with this you become DIVIJO(born again).
This is pure untouched power and no one can reach it until a person who deserves it stands before you. This power goes in when a deserving person stands in front of you than through your hands and the KUNDALINI awakens, it rises on its own you don’t have to put in any effort’s Because it is a living process no living process needs any labour, it happens on its own, kundalini awakens or rises on its own. it just wants to know that a person who is standing in front of it is a deserving or an authorized person this goes up piercing six other chakras. Then goes to the important Chakra that is Swadishthana Chakra though it goes to the third Chakra still kundalini goes to this third Chakra because the second Chakra comes out of Nabhi Chakra and rotates over it. The power is extracted from the second Chakra and then The Chaitanya is on your attention on the chakra that recites in your second Chakra that is the Swadishthan Chakra. The attention is drawn from this Chakra and kundalini covers itself the way my hand goes up from a cloth You will be surprised to know that your attention lives in your stomach and not in your brain attention is in the stomach but we realize it from the brain how it happened I’ll tell you about it later.
At present, I will tell you only this that kundalini moves upwards taking the CHITTA (that is the attention) along with it. After that the Swadishthana Chakra which is responsible for doing all our works, future planning and thinking about one thing or the other. It is responsible for converting the fat of our stomach for the brain. This chakra is responsible for our Aortic plexus. The doctors sitting here know about it. In modern days this chakra has to work harder as we keep on thinking about one thing or the other. Due to overthinking, the other tasks which this Chakra has to do, also get affected and they cannot be done as they are neglected. This Chakra takes care of the upper part of the liver, pancreas, spleen, Kidney, and uterus. All these organs are taken care of, by this Chakra only. When we do overthink it results in diabetes. this Chakra is responsible for thinking as well as burning the fat and taking care of the pancreas. Thus those people Who think too much get diabetes and the second disease that is also due to overthinking is a kidney problem. There may be other reasons also for kidney disease but the main reason is thinking too much. The liver also gets affected and the uterus is also found to get harmed due to overthinking. Now you will ask my mother how to stop thinking. Human beings are involved in thinking all the time. This thinking never stops and if it gets stopped it is something very surprising. and this is the thing that I will tell you about how are your thoughts will become quite in a few minutes. You will see inside and find that you have absolutely no thoughts. You become very quiet. It happens when the kundalini crosses your Agnya chakra. After that Nabhi Chakra is another very important Chakra responsible for our digestion process. Nabhi Chakra creates our dharma. Every human has dharma and he has the freedom to follow it or not. Just as Gold has dharma that it is pure, Scorpion has dharma and snake has the Dharma to bite others, the lion also has a Dharma. They all follow the dharma only the human being has freedom whether to abide by the law or neglect it, whether to follow evil methods or be on the right path. This freedom has only been given by God Almighty to humans only. (Someone disturbs and mother asking to sit quietly and put the attention to words mother she says I am pulling my attention towards your kundalini so please be quiet).
So the dharma that has been established in us by God Almighty because if we want to go to the kingdom of God then in our freedom we must desire to get to God. If someone tries to pressurize us and says you must ask for God, then it is of no use, it is not an evaluation. That is why to reach in this state, a person has to seek the God as per his own independent sweet will and not due to any pressure, Or any disease or any hardships or any sorrow but only because of the fact and realizing that it is the only motive of our life to seek God. That is why, when we desire for this divine gift then the doors of God Almighty’s divine blessings open for you and around the centre is a place of 10 primordial gurus. These are the main gurus which are the incarnation of Sri Dattatreya; they are Socrates Moses, Mohammed Sahab, Guru Nanak, Shirdi Sai Nath, and Zoroaster. They are all incarnation of one incarnation. There is no difference between Muhammad Sahab and Guru Nanak. When Mohammed Sahab saw that people are taking wrong interpretation of his dharma and doing everything against the Dharma then, he was born again as Guru Nanak to correct it because he wanted to bring unity among people but you know what happened during their lives.
Swadishthana Chakra is a place of Shri Brahma Dev and Saraswati is his power and Nabhi Chakra is a place of Shri Laxminarayan. There are many opposite imaginations about Sri Lakshmi Narayana. This Chakra only gives us the inclination towards the Dharma and due to this, we become “Dharma Parayan” i.e. the followers of dharma. The four valencies of carbon are also due to this dharma. Your evolution as a human being is also due to following the dharma and this is due to and the Vishnu Tatva. Those who call themselves as Vaishnavas, they must know their Vaishnava Dharma is not attained till the time they found their spirit. It resides in our Nabhi Chakra. Vishnu Ji has incarnated in different forms, Shivji never incarnated and Brahmaji Incarnated only once. You will be surprised to know that incarnated as Hazrat Ali. You can check it if it is true or not with the help of your vibrations. If somebody gets a disease of diabetes, he/ she has to take the name of Hazrat Ali to cure it, whether you are Hindu, Muslim, or Parsi. Because his incarnation is present on this Chakra and it gets cured by taking his name only. We have cured diabetes in Sahaja over almost a hundred per cent and the doctors call it as incurable as they will not ask anyone to take Hazarat Ali’s name. They don’t even know about these undercurrents, they only know about this is due to the process in which our plexus work, they see what is outside or gross or what is visible. They only know about it that is solid or gross. With meditation, you know about your inner being and those gurus who know about it they know that on our left at the place of Swadishthan we have to take the name of Hazrat Ali and Fatima. In Nabhi Chakra at the place of Shri Lakshmi Narayan you know he has taken 10 incarnations nine have already been incarcerated and 10th is about to come. In nine incarnation most of them are evolutionary. Earlier he came as a fish, you know earlier a creature appeared in the ocean after that the fish converted into a tortoise and like this different Evolutionary stages appeared these are the Evolutionary stages of evolution are of indications of incarnations of Sri Lakshmi Narayan. All these are inside every human being. All that happened to date that entire history is present inside every human being. A man has been given the highest position because its condition is the best of all creatures. Rest all stages in human beings are of low-grade. Bhavsagar is all around Nabhi. Humans have evolved from here. animals could not come out of present they have a word from here. We had Vaman Avatar then Parshu Ramji incarnated it then Shri Ram incarnated. Shriram’s incarnation is present in Right Heart Chakra. His place is not on the centre channel, the Sushumna Nadi because he did not consider himself as the incarnation, he considered himself as a human being that is why he is known as Maryada Purushotam. It is the place of your father or the place of your pitratava If anyone has troubled bothered or tortured his father, then this chakra gets caught. Doctors don’t agree to it, that if this chakra is caught people suffer from a disease in which they cannot breathe normally, their breath moves very fast and does not get cured. People say that they suffer from it for years. It is a very simple process, If this chakra gets affected there must be due to some problem with the father. It may be fathers who don’t take care of his children means their Pitratva is not alright then also this chakra gets caught. If the father dies when his child is very young then his jeevatama bothers about him and remains around the child worrying about him, this is also the reason for a catch in the right heart chakra. You all know that ATMA never dies. We have cured many people in Sahaja Yoga just by saying this to father’s that “please don’t worry about me, I am alright and just fine, you go and take birth somewhere else and this disease was cured. It may be with them for so many years but it can be cured easily. One gentleman had it for 25 years and was surprised that the mother had cured me in just five minutes. If you understand its undercurrent then this disease is not something special is not only this body, his mind, his heart, his ego, and his spirit as well. Till you understand all these together you cannot know about the reason for heart disease. On the left side of it is the organ of heart this is the place of Aatma, the spirit. It resides in your heart, it knows everything about you. but it is not in your consciousness means you have to know that someone knows about you but you may not understand it.
In medical science, a human is seen from its outer appearance but doesn’t see him integrated as we see and cure him.
It knows everything about you but you don’t control it in medical autonomous, who does digestion in your stomach swayam is Atma. This Atma controls our parasympathetic nervous system but Atma is not in our central nervous system, as soon as we get Atma in our central nervous system many of our diseases get cured as heart attack nowadays it is a very common disease but why do we have a heart attack? In our heart, there is Shiv’s place meaning Atma is where Shiv resides. When a person is a workaholic, very hard working, his left side gets affected and his heart gets weak when Shiv gets angry he gets a heart attack when a person is right-sided his Pingala Nadi is very active then nature’s to slow him down gets him a heart attack. When a person is a workaholic his ego increases.
One person came to me, he had Parkinson, I asked him “do you believe in God?” and he replied no. I asked him who made you and the galaxy? When a person’s ego rises then one gets Parkinson’s disease, the reason is their Atma is weak, they shiver. Suppose you are sitting in a hall and to reduce the burden you think, “I should keep these chairs on my head.” If you are going on an aeroplane and you think to reduce the burden, “I should keep a few things on my head” like that only you keep the burden on your head everything is done by God, not even a petal can move without his will.
Without self-realization you cannot understand whether this is right or not, you cannot understand God’s love and his power, till the time you don’t come in this kingdom as till you come and be the citizen of India, then only you can know rights of Indian citizens but God’s government is the best government you just have to enter in his kingdom you can cure many people, you can give realization to many people you can enjoy bliss as long as you wish and your work gets blessed by all angels like Hanuma, Ganesha and Bharavnath and you get help from them. All your works become very easy.
If you talk to Sahaj yogis you will be amazed a person who was not able to earn even a rupee is earning a lot, but there is no extreme in Sahaj yoga because with extreme there are problems. An extremely intelligent person will not get realization, if a person is an extreme Shrimant, he will not get realization and if someone is extreme Rajkarani he too will not get realization because extreme is problematic. After all, in extreme, you enter into your nadis on both sides Ida and Pingala, your parasympathetic nervous system and if you further go into extreme you go beyond them also. Because it is your Kundalini which is in the middle, it becomes a bridge through which you rise upwards in your Sushumna Nadi. You have to be in the middle, the humans have to be in the middle and follow the middle path. Because when you go into extreme you always regret it. You will be frustrated and you will be sad, even go mad. There is no need to go to the extreme of anything if you are in the middle then it is very easy to get self-realization but if you are very successful then I salute you because you are successful in this and not that. The central part of the heart chakra is very important. It is the place of JAGDAMBA. When Jagdamba is weak our heart starts palpitating. We become insecure. When women have insecurity then they have breast cancer whatever extreme we do from that only one gets cancer. when a human being remains in middle he will not get cancer to decrease both Nadis Ida and Pingla are sympathetic nervous systems overactive in them only we get cancer decease.
When one is in middle and leaves everything on God and works he will not get cancer. Only Sahaj yoga can cure cancer. It cannot be cured by anything else because with Sahaj yoga only you can Atma and your parasympathetic nervous system which in the centre helps both left and right. In middle, there is a chakra and within that, there is a deity when we overuse the chakras the deity leaves the place and then the person becomes arbitrary.
I am on my own when he becomes arbitrary he is separated from almighty he takes on his on then only one gets Cancer disease
If you can awaken the deity in that chakra then the situation can be established then he can be cured. Today only one person came who had cancer his one side was. because doctors have only one thing cut the organ cut nose eyes this is not the way to get cure cancer he came today only in one day only he was cold now you will say mother how is it possible it is very simple because they don’t know the machinery without knowledge about machinery event do anything from outside one will only spoil even further if the doctor had been told to understand machinery know about the machinery then they will say give me the list of people whom you have cared now am I supposed to make a list. Whoever comes near Ganga it’s fine it is the love I am not sitting here to make money but people who are there to make money will never understand nor they can even understand that Chaitanya is flowing divine Love is flowing in this way only there is joy.

When Chaitanya flows it implements.
Entire nature is working on god’s compassion and mercy we all have committed mistakes many so many mistakes that we all should be thankful to God for his Grace hi we should be thankful to God for giving us how many people are there who have time for god there are very few people who believe in God and think about him when chakras are affected then humans get deceases the biggest decease in this is breast cancer.

All those for men who have insecurity even in life if this field the husband is on a wrong path nowadays you cannot say anything to men and women are also on the same path I have already said purity is most important the person who is not seen pure cannot do anything in this world all of that a person is is achievements are overshadowed by the bad deeds in the memory of masses in all literature written about that person they are showered as on evil person never in history such person will be popular with people.
The chakra above this one is also very important the awakening of this chakra comes when new humans evolved to stand up stand straight humans action stage this is Virat chakra. The word signifies the knowledge humans gained with evolution mentioned are only a small part of Virat the ceremonial being the realization that Virat reservation that they are just a sack of meat within Virat. just a drop in the ocean.
Does human begin to give thought to the supreme being Shri Krishna in whom they have to ultimately merge with when you’re one with the ocean? when the drop and ocean are one again at that time the individual realizes that there is no individuality at all there is no that there is only collective consciousness and one is the supreme being and the powers of the ocean and the power of the drop collective consciousness. it is not that I give a lecture to you people that you are brothers and sisters but you become brothers and sisters if I cure you then what because you are part and parcel of me suppose my finger gets hurt and I try to cure it then I am not doing any favour to you, I am just curing my finger.
when people do work for charity and associated with God then they do not get philosophical self-realization people their kundalini cannot be awakened because they are not there because they’re in a missed it is ok if you want to help poor you are doing this because there are in a mist it is ok if you want to help poor you are doing this because there is something inside you which is crying part which is feeling food or challenging you from inside if you are fat and helping a patient then there is even in times of something which is pulling you and you are helping the patient when people say we are very charitable it is being egoistic people who think I am doing this for my happiness And this is giving and happiness that’s the reason I am doing it those people gets awaken very quickly. one should not associate this one with God it is your thing you have sympathy for that its the reason you do it. People make a mission for this and associate it with God.
God’s relationship is with Atma only. People who are doing god’s work should understand that God works only to connect humans with God help people connect with Atma and help in connection with Parmatma this is the only work you should do and for God’s name.
Collecting things like blanket clothes and distributing them is not God’s word this is all material work and is not associated with God in Ashok chakra there are 16000 veins think how important it is your 16000 Nadi work with the chakra when one smokes then you spoil this chakra.
why do you people trouble yourself and inviting problems and paying for it. You do not have any idea of devastating effects of smoking smoking causes Cancer only cancer can be dealt with but excessive smoking virtually and your chances of privileged access smoking happens with the functioning of this chakra and surprising the everything is forgiven inside yoga even if you are a chain smoker you can achieve the ultimate goal of self-realization one such men at achieve this the moment he did a lot of smoking was realize from his body and he send a strange sent whenever he would try smoking he would encounter the the same sent until the point he quit smoking humans only used in toxic weather at 20 drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes only used by humans as a way to escape their own reality and avoiding introspection want you realise that your own inner beauty you are not tempted bye there vices you become content with yourself and you quit them yourself this is the reason there are little to no medication in sahaja yoga you will be surprised to learn that through this method 300 edits rehabilitated without medication does it differ in the people in India are blessed to higher degree give for their actions in previous lives your previous lives determine the circumstances of your current life which is also the reason you are religious.
Though Indians are not flawless a major problem is that Indians don’t realize that things that you can acquire easily may be just as important or perhaps even more than things that require more effort you will be astonished to learn that in the Sahaja yoga program in London attract so many people that holes are always full. These people follow the program religiously having red in men’s mount of literature including the Devi Mahatamya, Adi Shankaracharya’s manual. They took visa to accompany me and oversee the functioning of sahajyoga to an extent that 1520 of them have come here spending their own money I have celebrated my birthday in London for 9 years even the my followers in Delhi outnumber those in London but our focus is on Mumbai today people in Mumbai seem to be lagging behind perhaps it is because they are too fascinated by Western culture it is easy to join and it is sting inside job and doing service is what tough the realisation comes easily to Indians whereas for a foreigner it may take up to 8 days however when the foreigner achieves this feat they do not let themselves reach the same level at which they were earlier district around and devote time and effort to sahaja yoga but since Indians achieved this almost effortlessly they do not comprehend its value, therefore it is my request that after achieving realisation please do remain connected to sahajyoga We frequently conduct program so even after receiving the previously mentioned realisation please do attend those programs people somehow only value extravagant events and not attend a simple stick even historically people have ventured into forest to gain what you are getting staying at home do respect that using this repeatedly is not a good thing if you lose his divine attribute you would end up confusing God himself as to whether he should place you in heaven or hell therefore it is my request that you read our literature attend sessions at the sahaja yoga centre that’s all for vishuddhi chakra up next we have the it is located where are optic salami intersects it controls volt battery and pineal gland as well as our eyes if the functioning of this track rise compromise once mental state would become words or one could have anger issues become egoistic when the back side of this tracker becomes for the then one get infected by superhero in which in such a scenario one becomes extremely lethargic that persons willingness to work vanishes where as when front side of the same chakra becomes for the then one becomes over ambitious starch displaying narcissistic traits in this manner the balance is broken this chakra is embodiment of lord Ganesha who is Jesus the description of maha Vishnu in Devi mahatyam similar to that Jesus Christ if you dive deep into the text you would realise that this correlation when kundalini passes through this chakra one becomes thoughtless if you concentrate then you will have no thoughts for majority of people when they said in silence and they would be thoughtless yet aware of this this is called “Nirvichar Samadhi” it is also the first stage when this stage is achieved then you will be surprised that you can awaken to anybody’s kundalini.
Still, you are not realized no vibrations are coming from you people but when you can achieve the thoughtless awareness then only you can cure diseases and awaken the kundalini somewhat but you can’t give realization when kundalini process Sahasrara thousands of veins are crossing in MediaTek terminology it is called area merges with extremely Chinese movie Power at that time one gets collective connections one can feel the vibrations of heart on hands and place of Sadashiv head please in heart also as soon as there is light on Sahasrara then spirit get enlightened one can control parasympathetic nervous system one gets cool vibration on hands as well as on Sahasrara. This chakra is most important till that time one is not self realised now you can say mother why can’t we be realised I will only say your this is not working properly and that can be corrected one does not have to think about one’s mistakes all this is vanished once since and virtuous these are our result of ego and superego when ego and superego vanishes one becomes a new personality one becomes what we call as Atma one start seeing things from Atma till the time one is in water tell the time one one is afraid to brown boat he starts watching waterfall the time one achieves the thoughtless awareness state and still there one should do yoga regularly on the first day kundalini rises very high because it knows me season her happiness to meet me prices hai but then starts correcting your diseases so to achieve thoughtless stage one should regularly practice as when she disseminated then one needs to take care of it till it becomes plant there are many people in Mumbai who have achieved awareness same way you should also give it. Now I want to see how many people have a cool breeze in their hand’s mother is instructing not to get up in between she says many people are fascinated with lectures they will listen to lectures and go out they used to have a fascination for darshan just to see Srimati and bow in front of her. some of them will say lecture was very nice what is this you should get self-realization there is no need for a lecture but without electric, you will not sit his mother is instructing to close eyes she says one should close eyes if eyelids are not flickering we are the ones who have to give the certificate to ourselves this can be achieved with debate if it has to happen then only it will happen even if you want to give it to your daughter it won’t happen we want anybody to get it won’t happen just relax and close your eyes if eyelids are flickering then open them otherwise close your eyes. Even if your body is shaking still close your eyes do not do anything show off like breathing faster etc if you want to do any drama then go to your place here silently get your realization and don’t spoil your time in any stupid things close your eyes this is very important thing get it seriously please put your hands towards me and close your eyes. Mother gives the realization to all those people present there.