Release of Advent, FICCI HALL (ANANT JEEVAN, ISSUE 1, July 1979)

New Delhi (India)

Release of Advent, FICCI HALL (ANANT JEEVAN, ISSUE 1, July 1979)

Our respected leader Shri Gulzari Lai Nanda, author of the book‘THE ADVENT’ Mr. Gregoire, members of the Sahajyoga Society of Delhi and Bombay and you all the seekers of Divine.
I am so very thankful to all of you for giving me this opprtunity to stand before you and say a few words about Divinity and about God’s compassion and love for all the humanity that He has created. We are not aware or we do not know that we have become human beings thr’ His grace and thr’ His own doings not by our own efforts from ameaba stage to this stage of human awareness. We never think why God has made us human beings ? What is the purpose of our being itself? As I said today. Gandhiji always wanted we to be ‘Swatantra’ That time the meaning of was political free­ dom but today the meaning has changed, like a flower ultimately becomes the fruit. Swatantra means : Swa is your­ self, the being and tantra means its mechanism. We have to become the mechanism of our being. We are the instru­ ment of our being. This is what today Sahaj Yoga is manifesting. Sahaj, as you know very well, is Sah means ‘with’, ja means born with you Yoga is the right to be united with Divinity, with God almighty. That is your right as a human being because God has given you that special right that you have to be united with Divine, with God Almighty. This is Sahaj Yoga, but this has been working not today, has been working since long. But it’s a living process. If you understand a living process, the seed sprouts, becomes the shoot and the root, the shoot develops into a proper tree and then the flowers appear at the blossom time. Many fruits are manifested out of those flowers. In the same way the living pro­ cess of life started long longtime back and today we are at a point when blossom time has come and many have to receive self realisation. The time has come. Krishna has said rfbr i e. first I give you tfjJT and then srm All of them had said the same thing. The only difference is : the different stages of human evolution took place when all these incarnations came on this
Incarnations have to come. If you reason it out you will understand why an incarnation is needed to come on this earih e g. if you are to be guided there are few
ways by which unconscious can guide you. It can guide you through symbols which appear in your dreams about which Yoga & Froid have written a lot. There are so many other ways by certain happenings the unconscious, the Divine can guide you ; but it is all vague, extremely vague. The unconscious must have a mouth to explain itself. It must have proper body to be able to communicate what it has to say otherwise how are you going to have a rapport with unconscious. If you take the position, that everybody has got a guru within. Yes, it is so. Everyone has a guru w’ithin, no doubt but still the guru is asleep, means that guru is not in your conscious mind. You can not consciously talk to that guru. If you think that you hre talking to your guru or God before realisation, I think you are under some illusion. You cannot have any rapport with the divine unless and until you are realised, unless and until you know you are Atman, your Atma. Before that what­ ever you may try may create a depth in you, a cerenity in you, a character in you but still you can not have a direct rapport. You are to be connected. Now somebody has to do this job. That is why many incarnations came on this earth. But some how human beings do not like them. They have never liked them. The reason is man does not like himself. He cannot believe that in his life time an incarnation can come. If he knew how great he is what a great wonderous thing God has created in him, if he knew what a great mechanism is built within him­ self, he would not have resisted against incarnations. At the time of Rama He decided, it was decided, that he should not also remember that He is an incarnation of Shri Vishnu because even that memory may spoil the game. But you know Parshurama recognised Him. There was a trick in that. Parshurama is also an incarnation of Shri
Vishnu and Shri Ram is also an in­ carnation of Shri Vishnu. Why these two incarnations came together ? Because when Parshurama came, He was a strong man very strong, fiery, extremely fiery, and in those days people only cared for very strong people. He had captured the hearts of people through His fierce nature. In human beings there are of different levels at different times. Then when Rama came and when Parshurama recognised him then people had to recognise Rama, At the time of Shri Krishna when He came on this earth, today we worship him in the temple, we talk about him but when he was here you know he lived with ordinary milk-maids and cowboys in a village, as a very ordinary person and the people did not recognise him much. They played with him and in his play He displayed Sahaj Yoga. When Shri Rama went to all these places in search of Sitaji, He wanted to vibrate this motherland of yours. That is why He went without wearing any shoes or without anything between him and the Mother earth. When Krishna played his game of RAS : RA means energy, S means with energy, it was ano­ ther kind of play for Sahaj Yoga because at that time there were no such halls, there were not intellectuals, there were not people who were over-read, there were not people who were willing to come to a hall and sit down and listen to Shri Krishna. So he caught hold of people who were playful, played with them. When Radhaji went to the river Yamuna and put Her feet in the river, the vibrated water from Yamuna was carried on Her head. He used to break the pitcher w’ith a stone to allow that waler to fall and vibrate and when the milkmades carried that water on their heads he used to break it at the back so that whole water would fall on the Kundalini and Kundalini would rise. As a child when he played, Goptal Kala, when He tried to steal bread,
butter which w’as kept in gifarr at top. It w’as a pyramid he created. On top of the pyramid he would stand, and the flow of Kundalini, with his feet, you see, he would press it on their heads. Now it was not possible in those days for any’ one to stand like that to put the Kundalini in such a way that the flow comes to the Kundalini and the Kundalini rises. Even when his mother punished them for stealing butter and put them together, tied a piece of cloth from one naval to.another and he started moving the energy of Kundalini through that. There was a gentleman who got his realisation in America and I think he was one of th e gopes with Shri Krishna and he described this experience when he had never heard of Shri Krishna. This was the Rasa (rm), this was Radha (ttut), Ra is the one who sustain, dha is the energy.

After-wards’ Jesus christ came on this earth, He is nobody else but Mahavishnu – the one described in our books. I do not know how many read Devi Bhagvat. People have no time to read these outdated books . Mahavishnu was a special incarnation created, and when this Mahavis­ hnu came on this earth, it is all very beauti­ fully described in Devi Bhagvat, what he is going to do what he is going to be, what is his relationship with Krishna. Krishna is the Father that is why he1is called as Christ & Mary, the mother, was no body else but Radhaji Herself. It is all written in the Devi Bhagvat. I am not telling you a new story. Only thing I am giving a mouth to unconscious to tell you that you can verify it yourself. His name was Jesus because you know that in U.P ‘Yashoda’ is called as ‘Jasoda’. It is Jasoda’s name Radhaji wanted to give Him and that’s why called Him Jesu or Yeshu. Now if Lam telling you lies or if I am telling y’ou tall stories, how are you going to know ? Are you going to believe me whatever I say ? Is it proper that you should blindly believe me ? That would not be alright. That is not going to help you at all. But how are you going to know whether it is absolute truth or not You cannot know, because you are not yet on that level or state w’here you have re­ alised your Atma. Like this instrument that is created here it has to be put to the mains. You have to be put to your mains other­ wise you do not know even your meaning. Once you are put to your mains, you can ask the question, you can ask all the ab­ solute questions, every thing, even a question like Is there God or not ? Immediately you will get the vibrations flowing into you. About ME also you can ask questions. There are many ways of recognising because in this life, you have to recognise. You have never recognised an incarnation so far. You have to recognise. That is compulsory and that is done through Sahaj Yoga because unless and until you are realised, how are going to recognise them also ? But even if you have not recognised them, there was no need for you to crucify them or to torture. Then all the gurus who came on this earth, the real ones, Fakes are never gurus. They are not gurus. The real ones that came on this earth, say, we can say Moses, Abraham, Nanak, Mohammed Sahib, Kabir, all these are incarnations of Primordial Master whom we call as “ Dattatreya” . If they are or not, if Mohammed Sahib and Guru Nanak are the same personality, same people who came in different times then what justice are we doing to them ? How are we to find out ? How are you to believe me about it ? I will give you an example. There was a Muslim gentleman from Iran who came to sec me, who was suffering from cancer. He asked me : Mother, I want to get cured. I said “you a Muslim”, he said ‘‘Yes, I only believe in Mohammed Sahib and no body else !” I said this would be something like that I only believe in my nose, and not in anything else. He was such a fanatic and fanaticism brings about the cancer of Nabhi Chakra as we call it, the stomach. You will be amazed fanaticism is Sin, Sinful. It gives you the cancer of stomach. I asked him ‘Will you worship Nanak Sahib T ’ He said, ‘No, why should I ? I am a muslim.’ I said, ‘Do you know Mohammed Sahib himself is angry with you and you have to worship Nanak. He would not but it happened for months and then he had to accept. Any extreme behaviour of this kind is prohibited in all the religions. When Nanak came or when even our Shirdi Sainath came, they talked about Sadachar. Even the Goddess’s name is Sadachar Pravartika. Sadachar is the most important thing. The dhanna is the most important thing. One has to be in Dharma. If you are adharmi how do you expect me to give you realisation, you just tell me. Today I went to see a tailor of mine who was saying “ Mother if I am bad you tell me but why should not I get realisation. I said, ‘true, why should not you?’ Alright ask a question ‘Mother are you Nanak ?’ He asked me the question. Normally the vibrations start but would not. Hesaid,” what has happened to me,” I said, “ see where -is your Surati”. Nanak has described ‘Kundilini’ as ‘Surati’. His Kundalini was pulsating at Nabhi. You could see with your naked eye. His friend or his proprietor was also seeing that. It was pulsating there. I said “ you have a liver. Do you drink ?” He said, “ I drink quite a lot.” Then 1 said “ how do you expect me to give you realisation in the name of Nanak who has prohibited all this?” When I say this people brand me as anything. Licensiveness and permissiveness is not the way of religion by any norms, by any measure. They are translated in Hindi, if you
see them, the words are s/fa

In Indian languages there is nothing like licensiveness and permissiveness as a good word. It is a bad thing. Absolutely it is wrong. It is very fashionable these days
to become sort of a disciple of a guru ! It is a fashion these days Divinity is not a fashion. It is the way of life. It is the need of your being, You have to be that Guru, shopping is on; people are going and1shop­ ping for Gurus. How can you pay for Gods, work ? Christ, the person, who forg ve the people who crucified him withthe shopkeepers who were selling things in front of the church What about selling the church itself, selling the God himself? How can that be religion ? You have to know that truth is not going to fall at your feet You hare to fall at the feet of truth if you want to achieve it. But it has happened before many a times and you did not recognise You did not recognise You did not like them. You do not like people who tell you about the truth. People had always made fun of such people. You have not one but many in this country it self. We had people like Tukaram, Jya- neshwar. Thousands would go after some­ thing that is falsehood and how many disciples did they have ?

The fakes are very clever. They know how to tamper your ego. I am your mother. I have to tell you the truth whether you like it or not. They just Pamper your ego. The first way is to say that you can purchase them. You can pay for it. So you do it. You have paid for it and you go on with it because you have paid for it. After all we have paid we should some-how make good of whatever we have paid. Then the second thing they do is to pamper your ego by saying that you cm do something about, it They will make you stand on your head, they will make you jump, they will make you frogs, I do not what all kinds of things they do. So you think, “ we have sacrificed such a lot’for God !” It is very difficult for a human being to feel and understand that you cannot do anything about it. Only thing, you keep in balance. Do not over-do things. Do not go to ati (xrfjr), to extreme.
This is the simple thing human beings are to do. Human beings do not want to be simple. They want to be complicated. There was no need for people to go to such extremes as to spoil all the chakras within yourself, why ? After all you have become human being from ameaba without doing anything and if you have to become some­ thing more it is God’s job. He is doing for His own sake. When you feel the need, when you are seeking, that is also God’s job.

So the Kundalini is placed within you. It is the residual power within you, God has placed it. It is there to give your rebirth. It is your Mother. It is the holiest of holy. We have forgotten the word holy now-a-days because it is not fashionable for people to be holy. People are afraid to say that you have to be holy because it offends people. To be righteous is another thing very important. All the ten commandments described in the Bible describe all the ten dharmas we have to have. Gandhiji, also, has described them. We never understand that Gandhiji’s coming was a historical event for us, is the base of Sahajyoga, absolutely. If you read this book (The Advent) you will know, what follies so called deve­ loped countries have committed and into what ditch they had fallen into ? But we are so pseudo westernised that we do not like these ideas. We do not want to hear anything against this. This is the sad part. 1am not against western people or eastern people but what I am trying to say is that if we commit one kind of sin, they commit another kind. We commit the sin that we do not believe that God almighty is our Father, that He ha* created us and that He is going to look after us in thick and thin.
He is the one who has said tfrir san the one who has given us n’m ; first you get your Yoga, then your will be looked after. Yes it will be, but first get your Yoga, will be looked after, is promised. It is time for you to find out if it is true or not but first get your jjIjt. Then your will be looked after. Then you will give up all these corrupt ideas and the corrupt ways we are living in this country. It is absolutely ridiculous and absurd the way we are. We get rid of this as soon as we get our realisation,
because our priorities change. We feel so secure within ourselves. As soon as we know ourselves, we feel so happy. We feel so relaxed that we give up all these corrupt ideas Because we are insecure, that is why we take to these corrupt methods. Because once you know the meaning of self (Swarth) people think is selfishness, it is not the Sanskrit word means ‘the meaning of self’. If you know the meaning of self, you feel so secure, so happy with yourself because it is such a joy giving, it is such a powerful thing that you just do not want to compro­ mise with all these useless worldly things. You do not think that they are of any impor­ tance. You just go through them without paying much importance. Your whole being is transformed. But that has to happen. In the same way, in the west people commit sin again the Mother. They will not steal anything if they come to your house. No, they will not touch even if there is a diamond ring lying they will not touch, but they may runaway with your wife, may run away with your daughter. They have no objection and even the daughter may not have any objection. Whole society does not have any objection as if this is the only dharma they have to look after. It is amazing For an Indian it is shocking when he see all these things.

So we have to understand that if we are committing this kind of foolish thing, also can be forgiven by God because He is the ocean of forgiveness. She is guru Nanaki. She is Daya Sagar. He has to do it because he hastocomplete His creation. Sobe assured about it that Sahajyoga is your fundame­ ntal right, is the one that God has bestowed upon you, is going to happen to all of you but why also argue about it. There are so many people who come—‘Mother Kundalini raising is very difficult. That you can only raise it upto Nabhi or something like that. We can live upto the ten dwaras and all sorts of ideas. But supposing this is done through this being just like that. There must br something with ME. I know the job. The one who does not know the job, suppo­ sing 1 do not know how to put this right I cannot. Whatever I may try I may break this. 1 may break that, I may go here and there. I may break the plug. But If I am a mechanic. I know’ the job. I can do it That is the only difference butfor that why should you be so much hurt. I mean you know so many things w’hich I do not know. I do not know’ how to
cash a cheque. You will be amazed. Till this day I do not know how to cash a cheque. Somebody has to guide me how to write a cheque I am so hopeless in so many things. But if I know another thing why should you be so angry with me for that ? Why should it hurt you ? And if I am going to give you, what you have been asking for, the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual being is within you, all that is there All your sciences, all your enterprises, all your knowledge is analytical. You treat somebody for one eye, you need another doctor for the other eye, something like that. But this is something else. This is what I am talking about your under currents, which ultimately becomes one current. That is what you have to get. Once you get it, you yourself start manevou- ring it, it starts flowing through you. It is always being promised to you. Kundalini knowledge is very much known to us. Actually we are so much englishized, thanks to lord Mackaule that a very few people who even know the word Kundalini. If you read Kabir, the whole thing, Kabir is nothing but Sahaj Yoga. How many of you read Kabir ? For fashion sake even if they read they dont know what he is talking about. Nanak has talked about it. Jynashwara has talked about it. Christ has talked about it that I will appear before you like tons of {lames. What is the meaning? Christians do not know about it. So it is being promised. Adi Shankaracharya, of course, the greatest son of our country has described it so elaborately, but those who call themselves also Hindus, do they know the word Kundalini ? While throughout in the Markandeya Puran, such a great sage, the one who has not read the Markandeya, 1 would not call him an Indian at all. One of the greatest sages of this country is Markendeya who has written a complete knowledge about the Devi to such a little extent, to such a small detail that you will be so surprised, how he could see all these things. Did he enter into the body of Devi to find out these small small minute things ? But all this we have done in this country much more than any other country.

There will be Prakopa (spfil’t) of Devi. There will be fury of Goddess. You do not know when it will be. If you have to go out, you have to take half an hour to get ready to go out otherwise you are finished. The nature is so misadjusted, it is so furious still that it is to be balanced, brought to proper levels, was done by our Rishis long time back. They harnessed the nature by doing ‘Yagnas’ It is because of their Yagnas only, we have been to discover sciences. We have discovered sciences long time back. At the time of Rama, we knew about Viman (air­ craft). This was all done by our Rishis because they did not have to fight outside so much. We can live in a forest. Really we can live in a forest without difficulty. That is how we have been able to find out about innerbeing. This is ‘The ‘Yogabhumi’ and you are the ‘Yogis.’ You are the special ones to be born in this country. You have to do great Tapasaya (rTIFtn) to have a great Sampda but we are not aware of it.
In this country, in this great country of ours, Sahaj Yoga was to be born in this new way. When I was born, my father was him­ self a realised soul in my family. He was a great man and he told me that unless and until you find out a method by which the common people get this realisa­tion, no body is going to accept God because one or two flowers here and there do not convince people of God. You have to work it out. My mother also knew about it. Till her death. She was asking me, “have you
been able to find out or not. ?” When I told her, I have, she was very happy.
It is a mass experience today. It has to be. It is a mass experience, no doubt. In villages, it works much faster than in the cities, because city people are very complica­ ted, very artificial They try to dodge the truth every time. They are over read. Kabir has said—
Just imagine what a contrast ! Panditas have become stupid by reading too much. What does that mean that we condition ourself with all kinds of knowledge whether it is knowledge or non-knowledge, whether
Vidya or Avidya (fam ur *rfe?n). Vidya & Avidya—we cannot discrimate between the two and we get all the things that are not congenial to this beautiful human personality of ours. We consume it. We go on con­suming it, destroying ourselve all the time and anybody who comes up with an idea that you are destroying yourselves, we brand him—oh ! he is the school master, or something more I do not know. In England they have real definite words of describing such horrible people who tell you not to destroy yourself. This is modern style of crucification, I call it. Because nosv you cannot crucify Christ. So you are going to crucify Him like this. Anything about self preservation is wrong. We must preach self destruction – Is this the way arc we going to achieve for which God has created us? But why, I cannot understand because ifby getting self realisation, you get that bliss, that joy, that happiness, and you also become collective conscious, what we call in Hindi— STTJrfp? %rPTT, you become. It is an actualiza­ tion, you start feeling another person. It is not brain-washing, just telling you that he is my brother. f|?sY =EfMt vnf–*TT#-All that is not done. It just happens. You start working out
that is a part and parcel of your being. If it is so why not have it. Why not try and get it ?
I know it is a very big thing to say that you have to recognise an incarnation. I am avoid­ ing for the last so many years of my age. Even Shri Krishna dare not do it. He said :-
Give up all the dharmas & follow me.
Christ said ‘I am the light. I am the path’— He was crucified.
It is tactless to say these things-people know and I am very tactful.
Normally I would not come into your aski­ngs. But one has to find out. One has to find out, One has to find out not ME but yourself. First find out yourself then you will know me. As I said, I am your mother. I have to work it out. You have to be-reborn. That is your right. Better have it. Better get it. For ME you are just children. Whether you quarrel with me, you tight with me or you argue with me or if you are humbleto me and surrender to me – you are my CHILDREN. The one who are sensible will get it faster, those who are not, will get it later – but all of you who are here must get it. Now for such a short time I cannot tell you all elaborately, what are the advantages of Sahaj Yoga but the e is nothing else but ‘Sahaj Yoga” which is advantageous because your physical being gets alright, you get rid of most of the doctors; your emotional beings receives balance; your mental being jumps into thoughtless awareness and your spiritual beings becomes that is sat- chit-anand. You become collectively consc­ious Your priorities change. All this happens to you It is a revolution inside out. It is the revolution within yourself -that all yourself gets integrated and you change yourself entirely automatically. Now somebody says that I cannot give up drinking. I say alright, come along. Have your realization. After realisation be does not drink at all, just does not drink. He forgets. If he tries to take, he vomits. You become that. Do you know by becoming human being, you know so many things. You know the shape ofthis room, you know the colour combination* you know the beauty, you can feel the dirt and filth. You can smell it. An animal cannot.
In the same way, when you get realised, you can see the dirt and filth of morality. No body has to preach you. You just do not like it. You do not like such a person who talks of thesethings because you start getting burn­ ing on your hand. You do not like it-you feel heavy in your head. You do not like it. You just get away from such a company. You do not like a word against God. You cannot enjoy anything that does not have the beauty of God. You just talk about it. Now, we have here many Sahajyogis. In Delhi itself we have lots of Sahaj Yogis. If you go and just listen to them, you will be amazed, they will be just talking about God Nothing else but about God. They have no i other enjoyment. They do not believe in gossips, they do not believe in any criticism or anything. They are not bothered about what money they have got but they are just enjoying the Divine that is flowing. They will just give their experiences. “I was sitting in meditation, breeze came on me and I felt so happy.” They will only describe all the things how they have cured people. How the people have been cured by them. You do not say 1 cured. All this happens to you. You can imagine Gregoire has done 419 pages of Sahaj Yoga. He has written such a big book and they have done 85 tapes in London Still they say ,‘Mother every time you always say something new.’ But you just get into it and start enjoying every wave that comes. simple thing.
Why not have it ?
This is the ‘If you do not like ME being here what can I do. This is how it has to be. But then somebody is going to come. As Gregoire has pointed out—is a fact and then it will be last sorting out. There would not be any arguments. There would not be any realisation. Nothing, it is just sorting out. So let us have it. It is the thing that has to work out within all of you and it has to happen to you and if does not happen, you should not be upset. It will happen to you, if not today, tomorrow. It has to happen. There is nothing to criticise if it does not happen today. Nothing to get angry. More­ over it is a very subtle happening. It happens en-mass but again you have to settle down. We have no centre as such We have not been able to get such a place so far because 1 have made one compulsion that we shall not pay any black money for any land and so we have not got an inch of land in this country. In London I have got a place where I can say this is my set. But still there is somebody’s house we are using now. You can get the address. Please, after realisation also, do attend the programmes. It is a very humble place. In a big hall people think, it is prestigious to go there and that is how people think that you should get your realisation in a prestigious place. But God always goes to the humble people. So humble down yourself in your hearts and come to the centres and try to establish yourself. We have many Sahajyogis like that—they just come when 1 am here and then say, “ Mother we lost all the vibra tions”. “Did you go to your Centres”. They would say, “No, mother we did not”. Because they are too big, they have big cars and they are big people. Before God, no body is big or great. We have to know that He is God almighty who is all powerful. He is the Highest. We have to be really humble about it if we want to kindle the light within us and also if we have to main­ tain that light kindled all the time.
May God bless you.