Evening prior to departure for London, Importance of Meditation

Pune (India)

1979-03-24 Evening prior to departure for London, Pune Marathi, 26'
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Evening prior to Her departure for London (Marathi & Hindi). Pune, Maharashtra, India. 30 March 1979.

[English Translation from Hindi and Marathi]

Tell them to go. All of you sit with hands towards me like this. Like this, you hold your hands, sit, and be relaxed. Why don’t you sit on a chair? Why don’t you sit on a chair, there, there? Or in front is better. Sit like this. Simply sit like this and sit very relaxed. No need to take any special pose, sit completely relaxed, in Sahaja aasan (posture), with complete simplicity in which you have no pressure on yourself. You do not have to move your head up or down, nothing. No need to get any special expression on your face. And anything like, crying out loud or shouting, swaying hands or legs, breathe heavily, stand in between or breathe inflating nothing of this sort you need to do.

It is Sahaja in a simple way and on its own, it takes place. Inside you, there is a seed of it. With much care, it is placed inside the triangular bone. For this, you do not need to do anything. Keep your eyes in this way, moving eyes frequently will also move your attention (Chitta). Keep your eyes this way. Do not move your attention. By moving eyes, attention also moves. Close your eyes, no problem in it, instead it is good, close your eyes. If your eyes are not able to close or your eyes are twitching then open your eyes.

First thing is that this incident should occur. Hearing lectures and knowing about Sahaja Yoga, every time talking and talking about this, has made me tired now. Moreover, a very big book has written in English. Maybe the copies are over now but more copies will be available, whoever wants it should give their names. In that book everything about Sahaja Yoga has talked about, it is a big book. Therefore, I will not give any lectures now. Delivering lectures often has made me tired now. Now you all get realization. Whatever you should achieve, achieve it! We will give time for it only because today is the last day that I am here then I will be going to London.

The thing that you have to achieve is Sahaja (spontaneous) and it happens Sahaja (spontaneously) only. No need to create any nuisance, shout or yell. When it happens you will know it yourself that, it has happened. Child, you keep your eyes closed completely. Close your eyes completely, your Agnya is catching. Both your hands towards me, keeping them in your lap in a relaxed way, in a relaxed way you sit. No need to hold your hands high. Sit relaxed, very relaxed. For time being keep your thoughts outside, you will not gain anything from them. The thing that will happen let it happen within yourself. Do you want to achieve it? Then you achieve it. What will you gain in thinking about this and that? Listening to anyone is also of no use. Those who have not done any good to others, what they are going to speak? All of you accomplish good for yourself. You should accomplish it. Sit lightly, some people are bit nervous, sit lightly. Leave your legs etc light, keeping in front. No need for any locking system, sit lightly. Keep your body completely light. No need to put any aasan (posture). Put both hands towards me and close your eyes.

Now you see it what happens. Now look towards your mind and find out if any thought is occurring to you from inside, from within. You are listening to me from outside. You are alert. However, you look at this, that are you getting any thought? Sit now sit, sit fast. You should not disturb this way by coming

late. Therefore, I come late. So that everybody has come then I should come. Now no need to look at every one. Only to save you I am saying it that do not look here there. If anyone has come, why do you need to look at him or her? You all sit silently and accomplish this within you. Do not look at others. From next time, after I come, you must close the doors. [Blowing of wind by Shri Mataji.] Within. Now see if a cold breeze is blowing from your hand. Put your attention on your hands do not open your eyes. Without opening eyes, put attention on your hands. See if a cold breeze is blowing from your hands. If the warm breeze is coming then shake hands once. Shake hands a little bit, rub hands or blow on your hands if a warm breeze is coming. Is it coming? Sit relaxed and watch. Take your hands down. You put your hands down. Tell him he has to put his hand down. Keep them like this relax. Put attention on your hands. Firstly, put attention on your hands. Shake hands a little bit. Little bit shake your hands like this if.

One or two things I will tell you if you pay attention. Therefore, keep your eyes closed. Do not open eyes. Please do not open eyes because when the kundalini rises at agnya chakra dilatation of pupil occurs. Therefore, if eyes are open then Kundalini will not rise. This is exactly the opposite of hypnosis, Sahaja Yoga. [Pause]. Close your eyes. Sit quietly, put both your hands towards me, and close your eyes. Sit silently completely. Put both your hands towards me this way and close your eyes. Assume as if you are asking that give us kundalini jagruti (self-realization). Make us realized. [Pause]. Now to understand is that. You child you go down or if you want to go out then go, do not disturb others. Among you, whoever has assumed some traditional deity or has worshiped any deity, like if you have worshiped Dattatray. Then at this moment whatever the situation is, in that you need to ask whether actual Dattatray deity is sitting in front of us. Whose body is shaking can open their eyes? If you believe in Shri Ram then ask a similar question. Someone is standing in that corner, Jaywant you check there vibrations are not good. In that corner, behind. [Pause].

Such kind of questions. If you believe in Jagdamba, then ask whether Maa, are you Jagdamba? This is the only way to achieve in Sahaja Yoga. Even I cannot do anything in it. In a way like an electric plug, which is working, in that only we plug. At this time only I am working. When Shri Krishna was there, then people said that they believe in Shri Ram. When Shri Krishna departed and Lord Jesus came, then people said we believe in Moses. When I came, people say that we believe in all of them and do not believe in you when they all are me only. Therefore, what can we do? If they all are me, then what can I do? Moreover, why do you feel bad in it, I do not understand. You can do many different things, which I cannot. I cannot do many things at all. This is the work if I know about then why do you feel bad about it, I cannot understand this. If you are something then you are. Why do you need to fear about it? I make thousands of kundalini rise, it means there must be something in it else how would I make kundalini rise. You should think about it. Those who say Gayatri mantra, they should ask Ma, are you Gayatri, Sandhya? Those who believe in Mohammad Sahab should ask if Maa, are you Mohammad Sahab? Those who believe in Laxmi Narayan should ask if Maa, are you Laxmi Narayan? Those who believe in Hanuman should ask if Maa, are you Hanuman? Those who believe in Bhairav should ask if Maa, are you Bhairav? Those who believe in Shivji should ask if Maa, are you Shivji? Similarly, you should ask Jagdamba, you should ask Shri Ram. Similarly, you should ask about Shri Krishna that whether you are Shri Radha Krishna. Similarly, you should ask Lord Jesus, ask me whether Maa, are you, Lord Jesus? Similarly, you ask whether Maa, you are Kalki? Ask whether Maa you are Adi shakti? Whatever has been told, about Adi Shakti if I do all that work, then while believing in me that I am Adi Shakti, why should you hesitate so much? You get Cancer cured of me and make your kundalini rise. Then why do you stay in fantasy? Until today, I have not said this because I know humans are more of idiots. Those who are cruel, fraudsters, and thieves humans consider them as God. Super idiots have the same characteristics. Moreover, harass them those who are sage, saints, and real people and avatar who descends on earth. This is a special feature of most human beings. Sit this side, this side you sit. Are chairs there? Take chairs. Relax and sit here in front. Come sit with hands this way, this way you sit. Sit completely peacefully with your eyes closed. Okay, sit with some belief. You have come to me to take the realization. If you do not believe in me then why should I give you realization? First, you calculate and tell me that I do not take any money from you. Neither am I going to give you any. I never demand anything for you. Instead, I only make all the expenditure myself and stay here by spending my own money. Then why you are showing your ownership on me? You come to me to ask something or give me a lecture. If you had found something so far, then why would you have come to me? When some diseases will strike you then you will come again. Get cured now, then you will not get bad diseases in the future, otherwise, diseases like cancer will also strike you, I am telling you, be cautious. You should achieve this. This is param (ultimate). This is especially for you that I have gotten it has made it very nicely and you take it. You have come here like a big sane, where have you come from I am not understanding. All insanity signs are visible. All rampages are also of human beings. Now keep some understanding for some time and get realization. Childishness is not good. You have wasted all your life on useless things. Will Maa ever say you that go and drink alcohol and destroy yourself cause your destruction? Moreover, the person who says these things will she garland him and say, okay you destroy my child. At least in our country, such mothers have come. This is your fortune. Similar questions you ask. Keep on asking. Ask, Maa, are you Adi Shakti? Ask such a question. Bhai Sahab, close your eyes. The one in the blue shirt close your eyes and keep your hands towards me. Tell [some name not clear] to close your eyes. You had better sit on a chair. Those people who are not comfortable to sit down should sit on the chair from before only. Those who are not comfortable should always sit on a chair, to begin with instead of disturbing everyone. Sit initially only. Come those who want to come, come. Moreover, do not stand and watch as if entertainment program is going on. Strange people are there in the world. What to say. You should love yourself also a little bit. You should also worry about yourself. If you keep watching others the whole life, then when will you look at yourself. You close your eyes, please. Close your eyes for a while. Give them bandana. Joy. Joy. Yes, sit. Sit down relaxed. Now look, do not allow anybody to come now. New people come and get bad vibrations along. Until 9:00 people will keep coming. Is this the way? If you want to achieve God, then you should come before and sit peacefully. At least something, people should have. Hello, why have you come to disturb everybody? Sit silently. Sit relaxed for some time. You have to achieve it. Close your eyes dear. Close your eyes. It will happen slowly, slowly. I need to explain you every time like small children that you have come for meditation, to know God, to know yourself. There is no such thing, that you are considering it as a very small thing, it is a very big thing. It is a thing of many ages that you have come to achieve. You are behaving as if you have come to some cinema show. Get some seriousness in yourself. You need some profoundness in yourself. One must be profound. All of you sit silently. Until I do not explain, nobody understands. How early have you all come? Everyone is disturbed. Now come and sit. Now, tell them no if anybody comes. Sit in the front. Sit. You are coming so late, neatly after cooking your food and then you are coming, how will it work? Everyone is getting disturbed. Sit now and at least do not talk. People here are sitting in meditation. This has become a meditation land now, at least after coming here you should think about others. Sit with your hands this way. You have come to meet God then what so you should be on time. Still, I come so late that after everybody comes, I come. Keep your hands this way and sit, this way you keep your hands. You should have at least some seriousness in everything. You have come to ask me such a big thing. It is such a big thing. Our Sahaja Yogis also come so early [sarcasm], then what should I say others. Yes, sit. Now you stop the trespassers. Hmm. People are not able to meditate. People keep coming and going. Yes now sit for some time. [Put the diya]. Sit now. Sit with some love. The breeze is so good.