Sahasrara Puja Talk: How Shri Mataji Experienced Sahasrara Opening

London (England)

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Sahasrara Puja. Dollis Hill, London (UK), 5 May 1979.

So today is a very, very important day, you know that; because in the history of creation, till the time of Christ, in the human awareness, only the sense of resurrection was created – that you can be resurrected or you can be reborn. That sense came down with them. People recognised it, that it could happen to all of us, sometime. But it did not happen. Actualisation never took place. That was a problem.

And without you entering into the Reality, whatever one may talk about, it sounds imaginative. So, one has to jump into the Reality, into the truth. This never had happened before and, as I have told you that, if it had happened to one or two people it makes no difference at all, to the masses, and nobody accepts it. And like the small little river flowing in the desert it disappears in the thin air. The truth also, whatever was found out, never had any roots. And all kinds of funny things started with this reality, which these people preached.

So it was to be the culmination of human consciousness, where he becomes one with the Divine. That he becomes one with himself. It was to happen. And that too was to happen at the time, which was most opportune, the best time. Because, unless and until the human desire is very strong, the human will is very strong and is asking for the Reality, the Reality does not go into action. Other things, of course, as far as the creation is concerned, creating the animals and all the trees and the fruits and flowers, all these things are done. But the human evolution could not have matured earlier because there was not so much of seeking. So when the time came, when the necessity was so great that the necessity itself brought forth Sahaja Yoga.

And it happened that I really saw the Sahasrara. Of course, you know there’s a difference between your Sahasrara and mine. And I saw the Sahasrara, which is the Great Sahasrara, opening out beautifully. And the petals were just like flames, rounded flames; not like flames but rounded ones: rounded, beautifully coloured flames, of different colours. That’s why I wore today a blouse of many colours and a sari of many colours. Because I saw so many permutations and combinations of these. It opened out so beautifully. And as if every petal was individually, absolutely complete and perfect, but so integrated at the base. And the way it opened out, and the movement, was so rhythmic and so harmonious. There was no problem. Such a harmony was between them; no fluctuation anywhere. As if they were dancing to the tune, they opened out.

And the colours, all spread out their light around the aura. And in the centre I saw the Agnya (inaudible), or you can say the Sun colour, and all the chakras from there also emitting light. But the chakras were darker in shades and they were emitting. So dark that they were all looking blackish, so dark. Sort of a condensed colour they had. And they were also emitting light all over. And the light, as soon as the whole thing opened out, the light absolutely spread out, and then I said “It’s done,” it can be done.

So, first I had to open out my Sahasrara itself, then your Sahasraras could be opened out. And then I felt that, a tremendous flow of my grace, started flowing. So much grace, even upon me. Like torrential rain on me. Absolutely I was so drenched in that joy. Really I was lost, absolutely lost. I felt that the whole Creation is now resounding with that Universal Consciousness. Just like that. Everything was finished. Only the joy was permeating. It was such a beautiful time. And then I started my work.

But as you know, in the beginning, it’s very difficult to talk about these things. To begin with it is very difficult for a person to say that “I am such and such.” It’s a really embarrassing stuff. It’s extremely embarrassing to tell someone. I mean if you have some power, or something you feel shy to talk about that. You just don’t want to stand out and be singled out. You feel so lonely about it and you don’t want to mention it to anyone. I managed it for quite some time. But when the Sahasrara opened out, I knew that I will have to come out in my true colours. Of course, not yet, I have not yet come out because that would be terrible. But, as it is, when the Sahasrara opened out I realised that the instrument is now operative.

So this Instrument that is before you is the Instrument by which you are going to know the truth. You can find out the truth now, through this Instrument of mine. Because through this Instrument you will get your Kundalini awakened, you’ll get your Realisation. And through your vibrations you will be able to know the Truth. You already know that the rapport between you and the Truth has started. You can ask any question and you get the answer.

So, first of all the Truth will be known, and that Truth, once you know, will be followed by another dimension of that Truth and another dimension. And I knew a stage will be reached where I will have to give the whole of it. And the whole of it you have got it. But this Instrument has a special thing about it, because Sahasrara is, the essence of Sahasrara, is integration, is ekagrata. I have told you what is ekagrata: that is all the holes of all the needles if you put together and thread them together that is called as ‘ekagra’. ‘Agra’ means ‘the end’, ‘ek’ means ‘one’. All the ends are put through one string. Now what does this means? In a very subtle way if we understand that all the chakras are threaded into my Being. That means all types of patterns that have been created, all types of religions, all types of faiths, all types of ideas, all types of enterprises, science, yogas, everything! All of them are threaded in this Being.

So supposing you are a hatha yogi, then you have to just ask question, “Mother, are you hatha yoga?” finished. If you are doing Raja Yoga, you just ask, “Mother, are you Raja Yoga?” If you are a Christian, just ask, “Mother, are you Christ?” If you are a Muslim you just ask, “Mother, are you the Prophet?” Even if you are people who do not believe in God, [you] say, “Are You the Abstract Image? Are You Buddha? Are You Mahavira?” All of them are with me. So that all of you, wherever you may be, whatever you might have developed, nothing is wasted, but is given a proper meaning.

But with that meaning you will be integrated with others also. Because there’s One Personality, which has all these within. Like one thousand names of one Goddess. So automatically they will be integrated. You can be a Hindu, you can be a Muslim, you can be a Christian, if you want to call yourself something like that. But once you become a Sahaja Yogi you are all integrated. You can go to Church, if you want to, you can go to a Mosque if you want to, but you know who is the person who is there. Do you follow that point?

This is the essence of Sahasrara. And for that reason we have to give up our misidentifications. Like if you say, “I am a Christian,” then how are you a Christian? “I am Church of England,” that’s not the way to understand. You are a Christian, alright, then you are following Christ, because I am Christ. If everybody is following one lamppost, you can say, then they are all integrating.

You may seek from one angle another may seek from another angle, but by this integration you will realise that the Light is the same. So all these years, the way people have been fighting and quarrelling, all that is going to be absolutely neutralised. This is the beauty of integration. Anywhere in the world, whatever they are following can be answered. But supposing its some sort of a falsehood thing like voodoo, then I am not that. Of course not. I am not falsehood.

Whatever is the Truth, whatever you have followed something which is called as ‘truth’ – which is called, also. In the sense, like Christianity is not Truth, Christ is the Truth. But if you are a Christian and followed Christ in a false way, because following pope is not following Christ at all. Or say, becoming a Church of England, this thing is not following Christ. But, if you have been following Christ even through Church of England, it’s alright. Even through pope it’s alright. Because now you have found out the Truth.

So this was a very important and a crucial day I would say, the 5th of May. And it all happened very dramatically, extremely dramatically, that I went to a programme, not a programme, but I went to find out about one of the horrid rakshasas’ places, to see what sort of a thing he was about to.

And of course I had made my own arrangements and I stayed in a friend’s place. But I went to the camp to see what he was doing, what was he up to; in a very simple innocent way, he could never have guessed that I was up to some mischief! Extremely simple and innocent. I look so innocent don’t take me for that. I am very clever! So I went down and the fellow thought me to be a great disciple of his and all that. (laughing) Then I went to the seashore and I saw what he was up to, I was so angry, I said, “Now, what is it?” I said, “I must hurry up. It has to be done now. It’s no more time needed. Because just see what is he up to!” He was working on a chakra which is to be worshipped and I felt that I must do something about it. And really it happened, that I could just open out the Sahasrara. I said, “That’s it!” Because as you must’ve heard that Goddess has no [purpose]. She’s nishprayojana, She’s purposeless, She has no purpose at all. But, if the purpose comes in Her way, then She may do something. But She doesn’t have Her own purpose. She’s absolutely purposeless, useless! Without any desire. Imagine! Without any attributes. What a thing and a half, whatever it is! Such a personality when It is faced with a demand like that, comes up with it’s form.

So now you understand from there that, on this Sahasrara day, you have to also demand. I want you to demand and ask, because I have no desire. And you just go ahead! You have all the rights to demand from me. And ask for the biggest and the highest and the most fantastic and the most dynamic that you want to do. Put up your minds and heads together, and ask for something big. This is a very great day today. Go home, think about it. Collectively also you decide. I’ll go now, so then you decide and put a demand and it could be done! Now, thy will be done, not mine.

After lecture conversation:

So, I will make a move now. I hope all of you will come on the 7th and bring all your friends and all that. We might get a big crowd, I can’t say. But crowd is a crowd. Sahaja Yogis are Sahaja Yogis. You might get a big crowd out of which, we put in them in the sea you’ll find only two remaining back. So sahaja yogi is different. We might get a crowd. I don’t know depends on Caxton Hall maybe. Thanks to Caxton Hall Meeting that my children have lost all their seats and all their ?? (laughing)

Douglas Fry: I thought something would come of it.

Shri Mataji: Ha ha! You knew that.

Douglas Fry: I knew something funny would happen, it had to!

Shri Mataji: There is a saying that ‘When the fox has to die, he runs towards the city.’ Then they told me they are coming to the Caxton Hall I said, “Very good idea!” You see that’s a very good trap. And not a single person, all of them lost their vibrations.

Sahaja Yogi: They went down

Shri Mataji: You see hatred is not going to work out. It’s nice, in a way, this lady has also come, lets see, she’s after all a woman and we can work on her. Though she’s also with this crowd.

Sahaja Yogi: She has a colossal of ego.

Shri Mataji: She has, for a woman, eh!

She does. I shook hand with her, raised her Kundalini and with the speed with which it raised I felt wawa! I’ll raise her Kundalini all right. Don’t say. Not much hope from her but. We might get a good group. There’s Lord Hailsham, I met him in a dinner very, very intimate dinner we had. Dr. Nagendra Singh was there and he told that She is a very big spiritual leader of India, this and that. He said, “If you want to know anything about Truth, She’ll be able to tell you”. He said, “I know all about the Truth”. So he (Dr Singh) asked me, “What do you know about this one?” I said, “His Kundalini is frozen down below there!” (laughing) He was a very proud fellow – “I know all about Truth!” Imagine to say that!

Rustom: Should I take some vibrations from you?

Shri Mataji: Lots of it left here. Nabhi, most of you have a left Nabhi….