Seeking & Evolution, Q&A

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1979-05-17 Seeking, Evolution, others Caxton Hall, 45'
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Seeking, Evolution, Q&A. Caxton Hall London (UK), 17 May 1979.

[Talk only]
I would say those who have come for the first time please [UNCLEAR give them the front row]. [UNCLEAR Second row or first row]. Please. Aap bhi samne aiye [you too come in front].

You see if you leave the back seats vacant it will be better because there will be some more coming I guess. And occupy these front ones [UNCLEAR here].

So today we have [UNCLEAR this] introduction to sahaj yog to begin with because there are some [UNCLEAR interest in you]. You have read in many scriptures that there is the power of God that works out everything. Moreover, a human being just feels that there is something of the beyond, something beyond this [UNCLEAR more] comprehension that works out everything. Though we have heard about it, sometimes we get a glimpse of it also. It is not yet very well in our awareness or under our control that we can feel the divine power. As I told you the other day you are so confused about it because you do not know, you have not felt. You have just accepted certain things because some people [UNCLEAR have told] us, because it has been said again and again or somebody has tried to prove that you must have faith to understand. But actually, if it exists or not whether there is God or not, itself is a big question [UNCLEAR].

So, to approach this question either we start analyzing it, rationalizing it and as we have never reached this question through rationality [UNCLEAR]. The another way could be to understand that there is something lacking in us, something important, something we have to achieve, there is something less in our awareness. That’s why maybe we are not feeling. For example, animals do not feel the beauty. They do not feel the beautiful fragrance and they cannot discriminate between filth and [UNCLEAR fragrance]. In the same way our awareness, whatever it is human awareness may not be sufficient enough to feel that divine power which is [UNCLEAR that we call] pervading, all doing, all knowing, all loving.

So, the human being has got the freedom to find [UNCLEAR it] and he tries in his own methods to find it out. In his own understanding he works out how to achieve. But if you, if you think about our own awareness, how did we get it, did we think about it. From amoeba to this stage how did we become human being. Did we do anything about it. The higher state at which human awareness is compared to animals how did they, are enjoying it, what have they done. Nothing. You have done nothing to be a human being, I mean we could have been animals. In the same way to achieve that also you are not going to do anything about it. The nature, the evolving force within us itself is going to do it and it will achieve it. But rather difficult to accept this concept that we cannot do anything about it. I would say when I am talking to you, you did not accept me at all. It’s a hypothesis for you. And if it is proved then you have to accept and see for yourself. But you are not to deny it also, hypothesis means [UNCLEAR]

Now I have shown here a human being and he has 4 dimensions as you can see[UNCLEAR] clearly. One on the right-hand side, one on the left-hand side and one below him and one on top of his head. Now, as I said it you should accept it as a hypothesis. You can see here clearly, that the left-hand side and right-hand side, these two channels are absolutely connected and there is a gap in the central channel. This is the subtle instrument or you can say the [UNCLEAR scaffolding] of our being. And the centers are the subtle centers which work out our plexuses. For example, this first center here down below manifests, controls pelvic plexus. The second one, yellow one there controls our aortic plexus, the third one controls our solar plexus, the one on top on the center controls our cardiac plexus. The one here near the neck controls the cervical plexus and here on top is a passing point there, this center controls ego and super ego and the pituitary and pineal. And above all that is the center where all these seven centers are controlled. That area is called as limbic area in the medical terminology. Now these subtle centers exists partly in our medulla oblongata in the back bone and partly in the brain as shown there.     

As I have said man has got 4 dimensions, one on this one on this side, one on that side and one on the [UNCLEAR side/right]. Now these two channels here, the left and right represents two [UNCLEAR folds] which are within us. So, first one by which we exist, this channel in the Sanskrit language is called as the Ida Nadi and this controls the left sympathetic nervous system within human brain. And the right one is called as the Pingala Nadi and controls our creativity, it gives us creativity. The central one is our [UNCLEAR evolutional love], by which we evolve and we have evolved only up to that point and this is the gap that is left [UNCLEAR in you]. Because of this gap you do not feel that all pervading power. Actually, it is the all-pervading power which manifest at the [UNCLEAR], like you can see in the mirror you see the reflection but the mirror you do not see because of the reflection. In the same way, this all-pervading power is manifesting everything that is reflected on you but cannot be seen because our attention is on the pattern, on the reflection but not on the mirror itself.

Sahaja Yoga is a method which nature has employed from the very beginning from when the carbon atoms or even earlier than that when all the elements were created even when the creation was created. Sahaja, sahaja means with you it is born. Saha means with Ja means born. It is born with you. Like you can see in a seed, you have got all the maps of all the trees that it is going to [UNCLEAR create] and all the fruits it is going to [UNCLEAR produce]. In the same way is the seed of your being, all this was there gradually manifesting one, one being in you like physical being, then say emotional being, then your mental being, then your spiritual being and now the one that becomes one with the [UNCLEAR creator].

All this has come out of one being itself. Now, is there any method or not? The question is, is there any method to achieve this sprouting to a higher awareness or not? Is there any method by which you are triggered into it? I say, there is. And what is the method God has created [UNCLEAR in] us? He has created this residual force here, you can see which is called as Kundalini. It is called as Kundalini because Kundala means a coil, it means a coil. And it is coiled here into three and a half coils that’s why it is called as Kundalini. But this force is specially reserved, or is a residual force yet for this occasion when you have to get this sprouting. In simple words we can say, supposing there is a, now this instrument is here and it is recording my speech, but supposing if you do not put it to the mains it has no meaning. In the same way if you are not put to the mains, you have no meaning. And this Kundalini is the one, that is the cord within you which connects you to the mains. But this is a living process. It is not like taking out a cord from your television or any one of the instruments. But it is a living process that starts sprouting just like a [UNCLEAR premune] in a seed and rises up and breaks this fontanelle born area, which we call as Brahmarandra and takes your attention to that subtle awareness by which you feel this subtle all-pervading power.

But we have problems, and the problems are we are having these other dimensions also out of which the left dimension which I said gives you the existence itself and also your emotional [UNCLEAR]. Now if you try to be too much emotional or go into this kind of emotional behavior, you happen to go on this side more. Sort of you get into a new balance and go on sleep it off [UNCLEAR that’s]. When you go to that side you are attacked by being who are heavy in your past. Who have something to do with your past. May be not in this life, may be in previous lives. May be some of them who are busy bodies may not be related to you may attack you too. And that’s how people become mad, they become schizophrenic and they get all the problems of the, what as we call the left side problems.

The right side as I told you is for our creativity. By the left side we think of the past. By the right side we think of the future. What are we going to do tomorrow? I mean most of us are doing here, more that. We are not here today, at this moment we are not here, we are thinking now what are we going to do tomorrow. Or we can think, we might be thinking are we going to get a taxi or not, is it going to rain or not. But we are not thinking, that we are just now here and we are just here. So, we are not on this. But we are on the future or on the past. We are all the time moving from the past to the future, [UNCLEAR future to past]. Now the future thinking also gives you a problem. If you start thinking too much for the future, of course plans always fails, that’s why the problem is there. See if you plan out anything it will wrong, something will go wrong to prove that no use planning for the future too. It is as simple as this, that if you have to travel say to an unknown country, then if you plan out that I will be going to the right and then to the left, you cannot do it. You must see what side of the road is full. Suppose if you just plan out, supposing there is no road on the left, if you go on the road you will be in a ditch.

In the same way, the planning too much business also causes too much extreme movement to this. And when you move too much to this side you become emotionally also very much [UNCLEAR we react] and imbalance [UNCLEAR is created]. This can also create imbalance, people can become lethargic. You see we had some patients here, they were trying to cry and crying, crying doing no work. Extremely lethargic people. You must have also met some people, whatever you may try, give them injections or anything they would not get.  That type. So, they are the people who read melancholic songs and all the time they are speaking [UNCLEAR as Romeos and..] killing their time and torturing others and extremely boring. That type. The other types are very ambitious and all the time talking about the future plans. And they cannot sit quiet for one minute because they are all the time planning for the future. That types are on the right-hand side. And if this type goes too far to this side, they are also attacked by such ambitious people who are around and they can become over ambitious. So, a vicious circle is set in and you get a whole society behaving in a very funny manner, in a very sicky manner. Everybody is running up and down, you don’t know what are they after. You just can’t understand what are they afraid of and where are they up to. So, that sort of a thing can also happen to a person. [UNCLEAR Or this kind or that happens], if you go too much out of the balance.

Now, this center path is of temperaments, is absolutely of temperaments not overdoing something. Like you are going on a road, say you are driving down to the airport. Now, you are going just enjoying the drive just see the flowers that are out, spring is out, see the colours and all that. But not only this ever done but what you will see, look at this these people have not yet cleaned this. They have not yet, this, police must be told that they must put this sign like that. Why don’t, I mean you will work for the police, you will work for the sweepers, you will work for all the rest of the world but you will not see what is there in the nature. That sort of a thing happens with this kind of people and they are very dissatisfied with themselves and with others. They call themselves perfectionist but quite difficult to reading their[UNCLEAR] and they can be quite mad too you see, they do not realize but they could be very mad people. And sometimes when you talk you start wondering, what’s the matter with these people. How are they behaving in this manner? But the center path is that for Temperaments, is just to be kept.

Now what is to be done about religion people ask me, now you please keep quiet [UNCLEAR about it]. What is to be done in a religion is not to do anything nonsensical that’s all. I mean, when people say what should we do for religion. Now I mean you don’t [UNCLEAR do it], I mean, it’s all mostly don’t, you are not doing anything about it because it’s mostly don’t. So, you just don’t do this, that’s all. But people think even for religion you have to do something. As you are just keep yourself as you are and the thing will work out and this is the sustenance which is very important [UNCLEAR to you]. And this is the human sustenance, very, very important for human beings. Those who have got this balancing power, left hand side are the easiest person. But you know that we have to be worshipers. And in seeking, they go all out, headlong into everything without even considering what sort of a thing they are moving in, and in that headlong, you see they are, many are smiling because they have been, some of us you see they have been there too, and what problems they create by [UNCLEAR].

First thing that happens to them is that these chakras go into a kind of a chaos. These chakras are simply made of, out of left and right side the Ida and Pingala. Since left and right they come across and the chakra is formed. Now, if you start moving too much, any one of these they can get dislocated. Once they are dislocated they become on their own. Because this is the way they are connected to the whole and you become on your own. That is also very common, [UNCLEAR this one] I am on, on my own, now how can you be on your own when you are a part and parcel of the whole. Supposing you become on your own it’s cancerous. You become a cancerous cell, because you have to keep the relation with the whole and when this starts happening, then you develop horrible disease called as cancer. Its absolute [UNCLEAR]. Every day you are bringing up cancer, every day we are solving it. But that is done through the central part which is manifested with parasympathetic nervous system which gives us all the balance, all the harmony, all the supply of energy. But the energy is limited and if you use it too much, then any disease which is, which is manifested because of a malfunction of these centers [UNCLEAR]. If you could keep these centers alright then there could not be any disease. There could not be any madness or lunacy and all these imbalances, but you would be a very pleasant nice person just like a flower. Let the flower remain as it is at the [UNCLEAR].  Because that is innately built to be in every person to become fruit. This is Sahaja Yoga, this is the promise of God.

Sahaja is with you, spontaneously going to work out this process of becoming the fruit giving you your own [UNCLEAR joy]. It will work out if you are not [UNCLEAR medaled] too much. But perhaps it is rather difficult, after a certain age to find [UNCLEAR with you] who have not done. Some of them are Romeos, or some of them are great seekers you see they have taken to horrible methods of seeking like standing on their heads all their life, standing on their feet or do all kinds of funny stuff. You must have seen Hippy dancing in the Oxford street or doing all other nonsensical thing. [UNCLEAR Not good]. You give up your family you become a Sanyasi, you become this and develop a, shave off your head and put a small little “choti” as you call it, behind as tail. Not necessary at all. God has not made you with your self [UNCLEAR] not [UNCLEAR]. He loves you and He loves you very, very [UNCLEAR] and he wants you to enjoy yourself. He has made your instrument in such a manner that you are going to enjoy yourself. This is the way he wants you to look at yourself. And when you start torturing yourself what should we call. There is no torture needed at all. People have another idea that you must suffer if you have to go to God. I don’t imagine such a thing, I mean that is the greatest insult to God. God wants you to be happy, to be joyous completely one with yourself. He doesn’t want you to be unhappy by any chance.

Only thinking that if you have to be one to Him then you should be [UNCLEAR clearing chakras]. You need not do anything extra ordinary. It is a simple thing which I do not know why people require so much of explanation. Supposing you are going in a boat, now you go and sit on one side, if you sit on the outside it will topple down. You sit in the center. Everyone understands that if you are in the center you are just there on your gravity and you have your own sustenance quite intact. But it happens like that. Moreover, it is not an artificial thing by which you can work it out. For example, it will work out in some people, it may not work out in some people. It may take some time with some people, it may not take time at all. But when it happens, what happens is that I think I should not tell you. Because that you should see for yourself and you should know that when it happens with you, you start feeling cool vibrations slowly [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR and feet also hands], you find a cool breeze flowing forward. But if it is not flowing then, you, it is not a thing of pride but on the contrary you should come back and get it again, establish and have it. That’s the thing. If you are really the seeker there is no [UNCLEAR strategy, it is your right to have it].

And this is a very simple thing. It has to be so very and simple. How can it be complicated? because it is essential. It is the most important thing that’s why it has to be extremely simple. Supposing our breathing, you have to do by reading books, what would have happened? So, by reading books you cannot get. It is so important, just like our breathing, so how can it be difficult? How can it be a hazardous? It has to be simplest, but we have made ourselves upside down, topsy-turvy. What can one do about it. See only thing you can try is to put it straight and work it out. There is no use doubting anything about it. Because by doubting what have you achieved?  The first thing that comes to people is doubting. Now if you understand there is nothing is selling here. No, it is not. If you understand this point very well that this is not a shop. You are not selling anything here, am I? then what are we doing. It’s a gift. It’s a gift and if it’s a gift you are not going to doubt it. If you are going to doubt it then you sit down with your doubts and go on convincing yourself. But that doesn’t mean that you blindly follow me. It will happen to you. If it happens well and good if it will not happen you are willing to work it. Now, you are not to work it, till you get it [UNCLEAR and see you] have got it like a swimmer who knows how to swim can only say. But those who do not know how to swim keeps it quiet and [UNCLEAR].

It is so simple as that. But there is nothing to feel also [UNCLEAR] that if I say this, you go to [UNCLEAR Brahmacharya]. Nothing to feel bad about it. Because after all, all of us have to go to the other side of the road. So, it’s already question of how you cross it and how you land. Those who know the art can do it for you and then you just take their course and then you do it for others. It’s very simple, like one light enlightens another light. Now the light which is not enlightened cannot be enlightened by itself. But what is the obligation of the light which is enlightened, see now no obligations, come on. So, one should not also feel obliged, one should not even feel that some great work has been done, neither one should feel also sort of dominated. It’s a very free thing, it has to be absolutely accepted in your own freedom and in absolutely in your own seeking. There cannot be any force about it. You have to ask for it, you have to ask for it. If you do not ask for it nobody is going to fall at your feet and say sir please have it.  Of course, being a Mother, I will try to tell you stories and give you some chocolate but it has its own protocol. And one has to go with that protocol and must know we are asking for a Supreme. We are asking for the Supreme joy. For what you are, what you have received and you should, you must, that is your right and you must have your right. But in a proper way.

If there is any question you ask me because it’s a very big subject. You know that I have, must have given them eighty-four lectures and this is now the eighty fifth here in this hall. So, you can imagine how big is the subject if you go into details. But just now, I think it’s so sufficient just to give a introduction of subject. Now, if you have any question please ask, but ask sensible question, thank you.

Cannot think, [UNCLEAR, cannot think that happens]. You see when the Kundalini comes up over the Angya you just cannot think. The thoughtless, thoughtless awareness. [UNCLEAR That’s], what you call the Nirvachar Samadhi, [UNCLEAR sets].

Interaction with Seekers

Seeker:  [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: How do you, How do you feel?

Seeker: [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: We know you have a problem [UNCLEAR, my child]. [UNCLEAR, That’s it that’s keeping it out]. You got your realization alright but [UNCLEAR, it was little mistake] alright? You are alright, you will get it as soon as the problem goes away you will get it. Getting now? Are you getting?

Seeker: Yeah

Shri Mataji: Much better, your shaking is much better? [UNCLEAR, what is it doing?], still shaking? Equally? Feel the [UNCLEAR] You are feeling the cool breeze [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR, surrounding you]. So, feel it comforting you. It is surrounding all. It’s all over. It’s just there, it works out everything.

[UNCLEAR, laughing] [UNCLEAR

Shri Mataji: How are you Simon?

Seeker: Fine

Shri Mataji: Put your hands towards me [UNCLEAR, like this] [UNCLEAR]

Just close your eyes. Now what is going to happen to you. First of all, if you watch your thoughts, most of you will feel that there is no thought in your mind. Most of you, I would not say all of you but most of you are feeling there is no thought. If you see, that what your mind if thinking, you will think that it is blank. Then, after some time you will feel cool breeze flowing. Flowing [UNCLEAR]

Now, at one of your centers you see [UNCLEAR, stopping most of the places now] Thing is, you have to forgive others. When you are asking for the supreme you must forgive them, forgiveness is very important. Because it’s a myth to remember what others have done to you. Just forgive others. Just forgive them. It’s only saying that you forgive. Actually, by not forgiving or forgiving you don’t do anything. [UNCLEAR, though] you only play in their hands when you don’t forgive.

[UNCLEAR why are you shaking] [UNCLEAR]

Put your left hand on your liver this side. Left hand. Can you feel it? [UNCLEAR]

[UNCLEAR] Are you getting [UNCLEAR] Hamsa, have you been doing Pranayama? [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] That’s it, [UNCLEAR went] to another extreme.

Are you getting anything [UNCLEAR]. You, are you alright now? [UNCLEAR] Put your left hand on your liver. Your liver. Left hand. [UNCLEAR Cathy] can you check? [UNCLEAR]

[UNCLEAR] You did hatha yoga also? [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] See it’s a very wrong concept of hatha yoga we have here. It’s only physical, it’s not physically [UNCLEAR] did Patanjali Sastanga two simultaneously. It’s to be done when you are leading a very celibate life in a jungle with your Guru. From 5 to 25 years of age. But this one is only meant for becoming actors and actresses.  Shri Mataji Laughing. [UNCLEAR]

[UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR Now I think if you can get in and see their vibrations]. Now you all, new people do not get disturbed, these people will just come and feel your vibrations, that’s all. You just keep quiet and close your eyes. They’ll just come and feel your vibrations. [UNCLEAR if you are in trouble close your eyes] Just close your eyes and just can’t be disturbed, they will not touch you.

Swadishthan, ok. You feel so different on the face itself. Showing on the face itself, you see, relax. Enjoy yourself.

Seeker: [UNCLEAR I have little trouble hearing you]

[UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] Mother talking with yogis and laughing.