Seeking and Rationality

London (England)

1979-05-24 1 Seeking Rationality 1, 40'
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1979-05-24 1 Seeking Rationality 2, 31'
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Seeking and rationality, London (UK), 24 May 1979.

[Part 1]

Everytime we have some people who are new and I have to come with the introduction of the subject. After, all it’s the subject of the Absolute Knowledge. And, if I suddenly start-off, then, it will be difficult for you to follow it.

Though, through rationality, you can not understand it, it is not a subject which can be discussed or if you think by discussing or talking about it, you will reach somewhere then you are suddenly mistaken. That’s how people have been doing it, all the time, they have been talking, talking, talking, talking. And, this talking has lead you nowhere. For example, one can give a big surmon, as how you should be? Or, how I should be? And may go on and on like that from generations to generations.

And, people in search of Truth, do take to it easily, because they are searching whatever they get, they say, “all right. let’s have it”. And, there has been curricular force which has been guiding them throughout in their search, of which they may not be aware of. And, that’s why, they have been denying one after another.

All such people, all such organizations, which have not been able to give you the actualization of the Experience, and that is what it is, one has to ask for.

Now, it has been said in all the scriptures that you are to be twice born. Now, what is that, it has been said that you have to know yourself. The rest of it, has no meaning. Now, if they have said it, either, they were wrong, they were fraudulent ,or they were genuinely correct.

So, we come to a point, where we have to see whether, really such a thing like, second birth happens or not? Does it happen?, or it is just a myth, people are talking about? Are we looking out for something that is mythical or really there is something like second birth within us.

There is no religion, no religion I’m saying, which has not talked of your second birth. But, how to achieve it?, how to get it? All of them have said, that you maintain your sustenance, you maintain your equilibrium. I am not talking about the organizations that we have built up, all these so called religious faiths that they have. I am talking in the essence of every religion that we have to just stabilize ourselves and wait and it will work out.

So, all these promises were given to us by people who are still, till today, are respected, and are called as they say, “Sons of God” or incarnations, with such great names. They could not have told all us a lie. All right, then, we go out for searching the Truth.
We go out with our mind, our rationality in the modern times especially. We depend on our rationality. We go on moving in this direction in every enterprise, every enterprise, we move into is through our mind. And, if you see it closely and clearly, you will find that this mind moves in a linear line, it does not behave like a living thing, like a living organism, which moves in all directions, in proportion to others, in proportion to the Whole.

So, our mind is not connected with the Whole, if it was, you would not have all the problems like you have affluence money, you have pollution. Everything, that you do, ends up into a downward curve, because you have to face many problems.

So, this mind is not the instrument that gives you the awareness of the Whole. May be, because of certain past experiences, you may be aware of, or not, I would not say aware, but that you can think about the common problems, the common difficulties, but still you are not aware of the whole. So, there is a difference between thinking and awareness.

Awareness is that, we are aware that, there is light, we are aware, there is sun, still, in the sky. We are not thinking about it. But, we are aware. But, I am not talking of Awareness, I am talking of Actualization, of Enlightenment. So, we move from one stage, where we think, rationalize, then we move to another stage, where we are aware. And, the third stage, where we are enlightened. At least, minimum three stages, with this rationality of ours, which is limited, we can.think of.

Rationality has had all the times, since we are being human beings for ages now, living with your ego. It is so much connected, it has been so much in association with your ego, ego. And, that there has been a lot of rapport between your rationality & your ego.

You can not separate both of them. So, there is also a muddle about it, whether, you are thinking through your ego or you are thinking through your rationality? Is it pure rationality or your Ego is on top of your rationality?

Now, when there is such a muddle within our minds, How can we say that, we believe in rationality of everything, when your Rationality itself is not established?

Now, if we take to our rationality, how far are we developed in our rationality? Let us see. Of course, it is not perfect, this you know, this you will have to admit. If we leave our ego, little bit on one side, that whatever we try to rationalize, we do not reach the perfect conclusions. All kinds of problems, you start with democracy, you start with communism, you start with any enterprise, you do, you get into troubles.

That means your rationality is not yet perfected. What is the disease of your rationality, is your ego to begin with. And, second is immaturity of your rationality. Because, if you are matured enough, you should be able to tell through your rationality, why there is gravity, why there are vibrations in the molecules, say of Sulphur Dioxide. The Sulphur and Oxygen, both are vibrating all the time, all the time, with a particular frequency. Why? You can not answer even one “why” through your rationality? So, where is the rationality? Still, you take everything for granted. Whatever is discovered, is not through your rationality. It is dawned upon you. And, your rationality has accepted, [unclear is a different point. But, you can not give “Why” of anything. If you accept this, I can tell you, our ego can little bit go down.

Then, you start separating between the two, very easily. When, we will realise, that we can not give answers to any “Why”, whatsoever. Why are you made a human being? Simple question. We take for granted. Oh, we are human being. But, why are you human being? Why from amoeba, you are made a human being? When you can not answer these questions, then we take it for granted, is a good thing.

In a way, it’s a good thing to take certain things for granted. But, if you try to rationalize everything, you will go mad. Because, your rationality is not that much developed, is not mature, is not yet enlightened.

But, through rationality, you realize something. You realise something that certain things, you have to understand beyond rationality. Certain things, you can not rationalize. You do it, every day to day talks, you do it. I do not know, If you were perfectly rationalized, you should know everything.

But, it’s a common thing, we say to people, “I do not know”. And, people do not mind, if this answer is given. We say, “All right, he does not know, so finished”. That means, one does not know, that, “I” is not known to you, to your rationality. If it is no to your rationality, then you are an Enlightened person.

Like, you are a human being, alright, and you have a human awareness. So, you know upto a point. That is, supposing, you know this window, alright. I will say, I know this window. Alright. But, I am not that window, because, I know it. It is I, who has to know the window. So, I am different, otherwise, if I am not separated from the window, how will I know the window? Then, I say, I know my body, alright, that means I am not this body. Even people say, I know my mind, so that means, you are not even your mind.

That means, you are not your rationality. So, you come to a point, where you realize, that there is something, like this Mr. I, within we, which knows everything, but, this rationality does not that “I”.

So, we come to a point, where we realize, that there is something lacking, that a connection between I and rationality, is not yet established. Could be anything. But, there is an ignorance, that if we accept, then it’s easy to go further with this limited rationality, that we have got. But, first, let us accept that this rationality, can not know that “I”. “So,then what do you do with this?”.

Suppose, you want to fly. I am talking of flying into the space of the Eternal Love of God. Don’t believe me, but say, I am talking about it. Now, if you have a car, which can only move in a one line, you cannot [unclear]. So, you have to develop an aeroplane out of that car of yours.

Unless and until, you have your rationality enlightened, you cannot go further, which shows that human awareness, which have given us this rationality, which is not absolute, because everybody has a different type of an approach and attitude. If it was not so, we would have been all the same, no problems, no wars, nothing, no questions, no quarrelling. But, here, two people cannot live without quarrelling. This is the condition.

With the rationality, the way we are, we cannot see each others point of view, for a long time. So what do we do? How do we solve this problem? So, let us see, go back to our old question, why a human being has been made out of amoeba? How do we solve the problem? How do we answer this question? That, we have become human beings from amoeba stage. is a fact. But, how have we become?

Let’s go with our rationality on this subject, it’s very interesting.

Now, there must be some logic about it. You see, because rationality also give you the side effects of it. First of them is, that there is must be some logic in becoming human being from amoeba. And, the way, it has moved. Nobody, has put in any efforts, you have not put in any efforts. And you are a beautiful human being.

So, what efforts will be needed to become that higher being. If it has to be something like an Enlightened rationality, that I am talking of. No efforts, should be required if we logically see that, from amoeba to this stage, for years together, the whole process has been worked out within putting any effort, by the person who is transformed.

So, no effort is required for a person who wants to be transformed. That is one thing very simple. I tell you, all lazy people should say, “Oh God, Thank”. But, there is some place, where you get something without doing work. But, that’s rather difficult to accept this proposition. That, you can get it without doing any work, whatsoever. But, do we know that we have already got so many things without doing any effort? Like, you are breathing just now normally. You are digesting your food, listening to me, you are seeing me. And, all your body is working out. Your heart is pumping the blood. Everything is happening without you doing anything about it.

When we see this, then we realize that if it the most important thing that is to happen. Then, it has to happen spontaneously, like a living process of sprouting of a seed. Now, sprouting of a seed, how can you rationalize? Again, we come back to rationality, because, I know, this a very common topic.

How do you rationalize a sprouting of a seed? How does it sprout? See the incapability of this rationality, that It can not transform one flower, one flower into a fruit. Then, how can you understand God or anything divine with thinking? You can’t.

The one who is doing these things, thousand of these things, million and billions of these things, how can you understand that personality, if it so, through your rationality? You can not do it.
So, the best thing people do, is to negate, negate, then we can not understand, what to do? Just negate God.

But, only the human beings have believed in God, why? not the animals? We have ourselves discovered God or believed into some people, who have talked about God, and that we say, there is God.

Now, you negate God, now, what is the ultimate? What you get out of it, by negating? What do we get out of all our rational enterprises? What we have got? Are we happy people? Have we find out our meanings? Have we got our fulfilment? We haven’t got it. Let us accept it.

So, Something has to happen and we are looking forward to it. That’s why, we say, that people are seeking. We are looking forward to it in a very unconscious way. It is all the time in our mind. But, there is something, will happen in us. Something, that connection, which has not clicked so far. We are aware of it. And, this awareness is responsible for the seeking of the people.

Now, the second point of it, would be easier to understand, that whatever, I am telling you about, you may now just now, know about it. And also, you may find it rather difficult to believe into it.

I am not saying you should take it for granted, not at all. But, you have to keep yourself open, as if to a hypothesis.

Now, have you got something within us, an instrument, by which, we get that enlightenment in our rationality? Is there any width, that gets enlightened, within us, by which our rationality, feels enlightened. I would, “Say, yes there is”. Now, you need not accept.

In all the scriptures, it is been described. In the Bible, it is been described, that I will appear before you, like tongues of flames

I would say, anyone of these people, who are talking of Christianity. Let them explain, what it is? They cannot. Because, they have not yet actualized the second birth.

Anyone, who is following Islam, if they could say, what is to be a “Peer”? And, how it happens? I would really accept them, as realised souls. Or, even if they could explain the symbolic expression of the Namaz [unclear, could be exit]. They are just doing it, because it is told. What is the significance of this Namaz? What is the advantage of this Namaz? What part of being is enlightened by this Namaz? They do not know.

In the same way, any hindu, if he could explain to me, the symbolic meaning of the mantras, like ”AIM REEM KLEEM”, what does this mean? any of the mantras. What are mantras? What do they achieve? Then, I would accept it. But, they are just doing it, because it has been plotted out for them. They are going the straight forward march on the line, that is made.

Though, I would say, in religion, we have to be rational, but which way? When we come to religion either, we accept it, absolutely without rationality, or we negate it, out of rationality.

To accept anything, without rationality, is also not sensible, not to negate it absolutely, because your rationality is also not wise. You have to see. Keep your rationality alert. And to see, actually, if such a happening, then take place within you. And, if I say that “yes”. This will happen to all of you, has to happen. The time has come. The blossom time has come. And, many are going to be converted into their fruits. They will have their fulfillment. I mean it. But, as I again requested you not to believe me what, I am saying. But, not to deny me also, because you cannot rationalize.

It’s a happening. it’s a living happening and that happening takes place, because, we have an instrument. Now, instrument, what we understand, is a dead thing. But, if you understand the word plumule. If you understand the sprouting, germinating part of the seed, we have within us, germinating part, which connects with the mains. We have got it.

Now, there is a complete mechanism, built within us, in course of our revolution, and these subtle centers are placed within us. They all exist at different levels. First, in a medulla oblongata, then in the brain and here [unclear].

This is the instrument, which you see, such a beautiful picture. That is within us, kept already, to be started, to be ignited. And the cord, that is going to connect us, to the mains, is there coiled up into the 3 and 1/2 coil.

When this rises upwards, then you pass through various levels of awareness. First, from the gross, the gross, we see the fruit. We see the mother earth, let us take the mother earth. From gross to subtle, what is the subtle of mother earth?, is fragnance. We pass to the subtle, then we pass to the cause of it. Into the cause, what is the cause of mother earth? The cause of mother earth is the access, it has. We have got our access and in the same way, when we go to the cause of our being, we go to that access. We are attracted towards that access. That is, what is the central part. And, ultimately, we go to the primordial cause. And, what is the primordial cause? that is placed within us, is the spirit. Is the spirit, which is the reflection of God Almighty.

It’s the tremendous thing. It’s a very very deep thing. And, when it is worked out with effort, many Gurus, and very real ones, I am saying, I am not talking of the horrible ones, but the real ones, who have been working in the forests and the Great people like Moses, Abraham, all these people.

They knew, how difficult, it was to raise the Kundalini. This coiled thing, gradually, one after another. And, the detailed description of this, is so horrified, that people get a fright.

Actually, when Kundalini rises, normally, by effort of people, who are authorized to do it, is such a slow movement, that, at any centre, where, there is any escape, any weakness, the attention immediately goes on the side, from the cause, from the centre.

Once, it moves to the centre, you start getting all kinds of visions. This is for our Sahaja Yogis, this part is. That, every time, you get your introduction in different ways, but so. And, these are different levels at which you start rising in your awareness. And, the whole rising of kundalini up to the fontanel bone and piercing of that, in itself is such a dynamic process. That, we are not even aware, what has happened to us.

Absolutely, we are not aware to, what it has achieved. Of course, when I will be on monday, in the ashram, I will give you all the details about it. But just now, for the new people also, I would like to say, though, it is so spontaneous, it is so simple. But, it is a very dynamic thing.

It’s all dimensional working, which makes the kundalini rise. But, it has happened now. You should not be very shocking to see, a simple housewife, who has found out this method. I mean, that should not really jaar you too much, that, I am a very very simple housewife. That should not upset you very much too.

That, If, I have found out a method, say, for example. Say, by which, one can get a amass actualization of breaking through into the unconscious. One should not, I feel be upset. May be, sometimes, very simple, useless people, find something genuine. May be, the great, may not be able to find something, which, very ordinary, may find, for example, if you see, the life of Christ. What was he? A carpenter’s son. having only two ropes, to cover his body. What was his mother? Uneducated woman. If you, see Krishna, what was he? He was the one, who was playing with the cow, a cowboy.

What was their background, as far as, the rationality was concerned? So, if somebody finds the thing, it should not upset anyone. You could have found it.

And, I would have been, actually in your seat, I don’t mind. I could have been better, I tell you. To find something like that, is a big headache. I can tell you. Then, to tell, that, I have found out it, is a greater headache. You must wear a helmet for a thing like that, when you are saying it.

And, to announce it to many, then you had it. Thank God, nobody has stopped of specification till today about me. But, you can be in for any trouble whatsoever, if you say so. But, there are many who say, who have their found. Then, what to do? You find yourself in a mess.

So, what have they found it? And, what do you have to find, is on one simple thing, you should decide. That, have you been able to get your own power? Is your rationality enlightened? If not, better get it enlightened and see for yourself, is a simple thing, is extremely simple. And, there is nothing to feel upset about it. Because, it is simple love.

I should have contained with my findings, would have been much easier for me, because, I am a happily married woman, with all conveniences of life. But, this love, I do not know, I cannot keep it to myself. I have to give you. I have to give you. I wish, I could remain without disturbing you, but I have to. And, if that, is the way of looking at things. If you could accuse some of the things, that you may have to face. Because, you have to face that you haven’t got it as yet, which may be painful to some. That, you have not found it as yet.

You should understand, that it is in no way, to belittle you. But, to tell you that it is for all of you, I have found it. May be, that I am the one, who is crucified for all of you. Now, you better have it.

Until and unless, you have it, I am not going to feel alright. It’s a very very simple thing. And, as soon as, I entered into the hall, I did feel the rationality, looking at me, with that critical eye, and I started of with that. But, I would request you to relax, just relax. It’s not that difficult. You will be amazed, the things that we described as very difficult.

See sometimes, when I read these books which are being written about Kundalini, I get a shock of my life. I said, those who must have read this, would never see my face again. It’s a very simple thing. It’s a simplest and it will work out within you, no doubt. But, after working it out, you have to know, what powers you have got, how to ascertain it, and how to work out it, which is very very important part of it.

If you can not do that, then, you will be again lost. I would request you, even after getting realisation. Try to come and understand the whole mechanism within you. Mastery, and you are the one who, is going to give life to thousands. It is through your light, people are going to be awakened.

So, understand your values that, you are enlightened for a purpose. And, that purpose is to enlighten others. And, by which, you are going to help them, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Apart from that, they are going to play as the instruments of God, understanding all His powers, flowing through you, through your rationality.

Your rationality is going to see itself. It’s going to watch it. That, yes, the power is flowing through me. I can see. I can cure others. I am cured. I am going to do this. I am going to achieve this. And, you are going to feel that bliss and joy within yourself.

I would like today, for you people to ask me some questions. Because, I still find, there are some questions, lingering behind the mind. Of course, the questions, as I said, are again worse, worse, worse, worse, worse. You can make a pyramid out of it, you see. And, the whole thing will fall down just like that. But, still, if there are sensible questions, so very good to raise. I would love to answer, all of them. Because, I am here, first to satisfy. Then, when you are satisfied about it, to give you, what you have within you, just your own key, of your own greatness, of your own glory, of your own powers. Nothing, more than that. Because, sort of, I feel like a trustee of those keys with me. Or, I know, where they ly.

On Kundalini, they have got very good hand outside thing, I hope, they have brought some. And, moreover, Monday and Sunday, I will be in the Ashram. And, those, who have come for the first time, can come in the evening there. And, we can talk about it more, and you can, sort of, absolutely stabilize your realisation.

May God bless you. We will have that session after, you have asked me questions. Thank you very much.

[Part 2]

Question asked by Sahaja Yogi : (Voice is not clear)
Shri Mataji : Yes, yes. It is all right. It can come from anyone. It can enter into you through any forces. It is very true. I mean, they can. See,until and unless,absolutely,you are a hippopotamus. You cannot get rid of it. But, you have to become that cow in Sahaja Yoga. Once, you are back, no negative energy can disturb you. But, of course, it can. That is a magnificent thing. Isn’t it? So, I would say, will talk about it later, Will you come to the Ashram? You see, because, I know, I will talk about negative thing later will, alright, how how they work out, and how they are horribly attacking us. And, how we have to look after, for realised souls, you see.Only Until and unless, you are realised, it is rather difficult. You can not do that. But, now you know that. And, there are negative forces, there are. We are everyday clearing the mass, you see, in the programs, and all, they are pulled from here. The other day, we had a boy, who started a fighting here and he got really mad but he will be alright, I am sure he will be alright he is not a bad person it is some bad or negative forces it’s true but how to find out and all that we have lots of fighting methods and this greatest contribution is done by Mohammed saheb himself,he has given lot of ways and methods real those ones to remove those things and how we have to look for realised souls he has really done a good job And the greatest mantra this is Lord’s prayer because Christ is the one who removes all our negativities so Lord’s prayer is best for keeping agnya chakra open after realisation.Before realisation it has no meaning it’s just words, words and words.After realisation lord’s prayer is very good and Of course you must have detailed idea about the whole thing and that’s the way it should be.
Sahaja Yogi:{Question voice not audible}
Shri Mataji:No, I would not say it’s a maturity ,some people mature just like that they mature so fast it is so surprising and some of them do not they take time.for example the kundalini breakthrough may comes out may come out and give vibrations then the second state starts
when you get thoughtless awareness with that absolutely get relaxed and first shot is very very big good experience for so many of them but then what happens is that you have problems in your chakras so kundalini which is just waiting up she will shoots up but it goes back then start supplying to different chakras which has problem when such a thing start You start doubting ,you go in doubting stage.When such a stage start you go into doubting awareness when it is a slow moving thing say from here I have to go to America you can go straight otherwise if it is slow moving thing you may go by a ship touching all the ports so if it is a slow moving thing then may be maturity takes its time .But in sahaja yoga in a first shot kundalini rises just like that shoots but in second shot goes back and then slowly ,slowly comes up enlightening all the chakras and looking after them physically helping them and some people have mental problems solving them and things like that .At this time naturally a person start doubting then this doubting makes the movement of the kundalini is poor,very poor but What is the solution for this?If this is not your first experience ,Is to if you remember your first experience then you will not{voice unclear} ,so this question of doubting is very common ,where people use their rationality too much.Ohh Because I had vibrations first so what finish. because you have known that this is ocean of knowledge so you come to this,come to this you even facts and all you have to move around and find out .After realisation all the areas of your being fully and you are going to be masters chosen to be that .But you are chosen to be that what is there to be doubting what do I get? every time you asked what do I get out of it why I doubt let’s go forward again.What do I get if I go backward Ido not again you go forward again you go forward and you will find really you have found something that you will never get its fantastic,it’s all dimensional growth which we cannot otherwise achieved by our thinking, by our effort.

Sahaja Yogi : (Question Voice is not clear)
Shri Mataji:You have gone in a doubt??What faith you have? What is alright? Let’s rationalise,the way you live you feel it’s alright.If you think like that is alright but what is the meaning of it also because even if you are alright but why you have become human beings that’s the point after all .Have you be able to answer through your life?Why are you here on this Earth? But for what maybe you are alright say for example here is an instrument but why it is here its a point,alright its a point..If you think like that what is the positive.If he thinks by coming here he becomes negative so what is the positive how you will understand because you haven’t had any experiences,if you have any experience and you work it out then outside only you started giving all things you are not been.Suppose you are not been to Paris and I say oh I think Paris is the worst place so what you will say to that Mother has not been fair.So,I can say same about you but I would not .I have accepted you as you are.I have to work it out,not you.You don’t know by doubting, you are not going to help me in an way.There are many who will tell Mother has to work very hard for the negativity.(voice missing) So,by doing this I mean first of all one must know there is no obligation on me if you have come here by any chance.First to realise this then start coming here.It’s a big time. What are you going to give me?just think like that.What you are going to give me by saying that I feel negative.You are not going to be certified about it.What is your credibility.What are you going to give me?Nothing.I am saying I am going to give you a gift so what’s the use of saying that I do not believe it suppose I said I got a diamond ring which I am going to give you.You will come all the way from Australia running then you will not ask a question now this is the rationality, understand. So think first,understand this is your own power,do not cheat yourself,do not go against yourself You have nothing to lose,I have nothing to gain out of it simple thing if you understand it just think of it without feeling hurt.

Another question asked by sahaja yogi:(voice not audible)
Why I am doing it because that is done for all of you that’s all. I get my fulfilment.Everything is not done in the same way as human beings do.Why did Christ get crucified?Can you answer that question?What did he get out of crucification it?Why does sun shines?What does it get out of shining?Why does a candle burn?What does it get out of burning?Everything is not done for some gain.It’s only human beings who want everything out of everything.What does animals expects from you?Why it is put in here ?What’s the use of everything?Why it is for ?(voice unclear) What have you given to nature that has created you?After realisation you can but before that?.What have you given to society which has created?Just tell me.So there is a nature also so abundance just so beautiful.What do we do?God has given us so much.What we give to God?What thing we can give to God?What do we have, that can be given?There are some things which are done just for you.There some things to take, life is made like that.What does a mother expects from a baby? I Don’t know about the modern one?What he can give?This is not economic enterprise al right.,understand,good.

Question by Sahaja yogi:(voice not audible)
Shri Mataji It’s a very good question.If I start speaking of that already I am gone into the negative forces I do not know where i will be landing it’s a very good question which you want to know..I would like to answer this question when we meet in Ashram.If I start talking of Lord Krishna,I would be bit lengthy.Something that is endless.Lets go slowly slowly to it. I know that’s a its very good question.Because I have talked of Sat-Chit-Ananda but not of Shri Krishna so much so far.I have on about Vishuddhi Chakra but I have to take on it also,didn’t talk about Him.As we know to have as you said there are stages or not?It’s not the question of stages but there are people you see people get realisation alright, they have the vibrations know about chakras.But with the ego-oriented society like today what happens is people start drifting with their doubts first of all even if they do not drift difficult to accept what is sahaja yoga is.All this takes time,time has to be given,no doubt some people do not, that’s why I would not like to expose everyone of you to that kind of the Whole thing but as hypocrisy you will be definitely seeing all that now because now you have opened out your eyes you can see light ,you can bear particular light of a particular intensity and when you open your eyes more and you can bear more when you have strength to bear it,then you should see more light because I do not want that you should again be lost because you cannot face the truth with that intensity and that’s the reason we have done that way.Gradually only with six people worked on them initially and gradually and gradually we had to work it out because I have seen that the way people have reacted.It doesn’t help them much but it has gradually helped them if they are exposed to the truth that as much as they can absorb.It’s like a little child you see,you have changed the mixture of water and milk how it cooks than you can give pure milk because it can digest.

There is a another thing which I have to tell you that for reality you have to face that with the boldness one thing. Another thing is that when you see reality coming to it, you don’t depend on your feelings so called but on the vibratory awareness that you have achieved not on feelings I feel like that now you have been feeling like that so what you have achieved it so far your feelings have not been enlightened but only vibarory awaereness by which you get your vibrations,only through that you should see everything because it’s a new awareness because so many people says I feel like that it Are we enlightened?It have no meaning how do you feel, why you feel like that, has no meaning it’s just a realm of the brain.It must be something absolute and that just what happens. Enlightened means you that know everything in an absolute way, there is no second way,whatever you know is through your vibatrory awareness is a absolute truth like somebody believes in God somebody don’t believe in God,you cannot explain thats I feel, why he feel, he is also a human being so your feeling has no meaning but we just say because I feel some don’t think that you have achieved.
Question asked by Sahaja yogi (voice not audible)
Shri Mataji:What language you speak?Greek??That is too much for me Greek and Latin said to be most difficult language.But there is no language for love,I know vibratory awareness,there’s no language it is the absolute language it works out So .you can ask question about Christ you can ask question on your vibratory awareness.Ask any question about Him,Was he the Son of God Almighty?It’s a great question ask with the protocol because he is not standing on the street,just to ask a question ask with a protocol.Was he the Son of God almighty? Most of you will feel it but those who haven’t got vibratory awareness cannot feel it. And also these negativities that you have said things about doubting business which is all the time waiting at the doorstep but you have to be bold about it .Greeks can ask what so pity an Incarnation of Primordial Master .His birthday was celebrated the other day that day,I was so very happy, extremely happy.Anthony and andrew bought some flowers to me and said to me today is his birthday,I was so very happy all the time.Was he the incarnation of our sustenance ? Is he within us who looks after our sustenance . he was not the property of Greek?He is everybody’s property which is on this Earth.He existed. Ask such questions which can be answered only on vibaratory awareness.As a person that’s the trouble with everybody,that’s it ,see ,that’s the trouble with human beings.(Shri Mataji laughs) Christ they don’t think much of him now they think because he is no more.Not even one educated person went to Him not one.As a person they don’t think much of Socrates did they?Every word that Socrates had said is absolute truth.These are the human beings who are evaluating Him what is their measure,then they crucified Christ and think that they have done the greatest job.Some of you might have been at that time,also there and some of you might have been helplessly watching the whole thing must have been redoing that but knew not doing the right thing but couldn’t help it
Let us not do it same again,let us keep ourselves open,because you have nothing to lose again.

So,Should we go ahead now?You have to just put your hands like this, because all your points, centres are here. All the seven centres are here.And left and right sympathetic nervous system both are expressed on your fingertips here and here.There are seven chakras 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,and when you keep your hands towards me actually through these centres information goes inside these centres and then kundalini rises with the invitation of the vibrations.When vibrations go in side they invite kundalini to rise.She knows now she has rise out of joy just out of joy like a river when she knows, sees the sea,she hears the voice of sea,she rushes.In the same way kundalini flows it happens like that and I hope it is going to happen to all of yours ,rest that you have to assure .But I cannot your sa about stabilisation.That stabilising you have to work it out.Before realisation you don’t have to do anything but after realisation you have to stabilise yourself,may be some percentage will not require anything but same way.

Question asked by new seeker(voice not audible)
Shri Mataji: Let’s have it,so many are anxious to have it and there is a big lecture on that,I think I have spoke for three hours on that topic ,I don’t mind speaking again and also you can feel it.Now self is the one that is in your heart,that is reflection of the Divine which you realise to know yourself.You will know what you are,all your centres ,know centres of others and power of self is pulsation of vibration which will flow through which you will know everything that you have not known it so far.Self-realisation is a simple thing.In very simple words is the connection of your attention into the Divine as I said there is pattern on carpet ,you cannot see the color to see the pattern not on colors that is Divine play.By Self-realisation you jump on I would say aware of that color that is all pervading which is dynamic which is God’s love becomes one with that which is self realisation and which will gradually manifest and explain itself to you.But to give complete elaborate idea about self .I will tell you later.Better get it and best is to have it.

Question by new seeker:(Voice not audible)
Shri Mataji: Yeah,you see you will know it whether you have got it or not once you have it,others have got it or not ,you will know.If somebody claims he is realised you will know,such a person who is self realised he would be emitting vibrations you can feel it by your vibrations.Just put your hands like this and close your eyes,no thoughts on your mind.Ask your mind what you are thinking.Close your eyes,please close your eyes.