Conceive something beyond

Doctor Johnson House, Birmingham (England)

1979-05-31 Public Program At Dr Johnson's House London NITL HD, 61'
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Public program in Dr.Johnson’s House, Birmingham (England). 31 May 1979.

[Introduction by a yogi]: [unclear]spiritual personality and who has reincarnated on Earth and She has given many of us here realization of our true natures and I hope you’ll all sit here with an open mind tonight and try and receive what She has to give you. And all I can ask is you just hold out your hands towards Her, relax and listen to what Mataji has to say.

[Shri Mataji speaks]: I am thankful to Balaa and Philip, all My children, who have been able to arrange this hall and have you all here for this program.

Modern times are really very different from whatever time the incarnations came on this Earth. There’s such a tremendous differences when Christ came on this Earth and today when somebody has to face the seekers. There were no seekers at the time of Christ, not a single seeker. When He came on this Earth, He had to actually persuade people, He had to put some sort of a explanation for them that they should seek, that there is something beyond which they should ask for. But today it’s a very different thing, today we have seekers, and not one but millions of them; especially in the West, people are seeking.

The seeking comes to us through our capacity to conceive something beyond. We do not know why we are seeking, what we are seeking, but there’s a craving within us which makes us feel uncomfortable all the time. Despite the fact we have such a lot of affluence around us, I mean as far as our food and our clothing and our housing questions are there, most of them are solved. Despite that we feel that we have not been able to feel happy, joyous and have not been able to understand our own fulfillment.

We do not know why we are on this Earth, why we have to be born as human beings, what is our mission in life. But there are so many who do not think about it, they’re not bothered about it. For example, the scientists of the West do not think why they have become from amoeba, a human being, why God has made them from an amoeba, a little unicellular animal, into a human being; and why such a complicated instrument has been created, and how it has been created. What are the under-currents? What are the powers that have created this wonderful thing known as a human being?

They have not been able to find out the why of it. Of course, whatever they see they can tell you that “This is what a human being is, this is what is, this is his nose and these are his eyes” and whatever factual things they find out, they tell you that “This is what it is.” But what is our destination? What is the purpose? And this is what they cannot answer and that’s why we have another type of people who are the seekers. But for your information, I have to tell you that God has already made all the arrangements for you. You have come up from amoeba stage to human beings. What did you do in your evolution? What effort did you put in for your evolution? To become a human being, just think of it. They say that you were monkeys and, today you are human beings. What did you do? Do you remember what you have done to become human beings? Who has done all this? Somebody who has done with his own effort. And that is the same thing that will happen to you when you have to go further in your evolution, that source or that energy or if you like it I would say, the God Almighty who has created us, is going to give us that special being, a birth within us. We are going to achieve that through His grace, and through nobody else.

Now it is being said, not only by Me, what I say I have a complete historical background. You can go up to Socrates and you can come up to Christ, everywhere you will find what I say is written down there. I do not have to quarrel with them at all; they are My own, they are with Me. But I am here to convince you that whatever they have said is the truth. Not by preaching about it, not by brain-washing, not by writing books about it, but by giving you the experience of your being, actualizing it, what they have said that there is a Spirit within us and we have to be born of the Spirit. And what is that Spirit is? And how do we become that? That is what we are going to experience.

As soon as I say, “You cannot put in any effort about it,” our ego gets challenged. How is it? It’s difficult for a modern person to understand, that God’s grace is going to work out. Even Shankaracharya, you know Adi Shankarachayia, the one who propounded Hinduism in India, said that “na yogena, na sankhyena,” not by any of these things that it is going to happen, but by Mother’s grace it’s going to work out that you are you going to be realized, there’s no way out. No way thinking about it, writing about it, preaching about it, talking about it, it has to happen to you.

It’s a living thing that has to happen to you. Like a little seed, it has to sprout. Now no use standing before the seed and doing all kinds of asanas. No use giving a lecture to the seed. Just a little water of love and the seed sprouts by itself, it comes up by itself. And that’s how your own seed is going to work out, the whole process of manifestation, spontaneous. But we think of effort because we are used to it. For everything we have to have effort, so we think even for realization we have to go in to some kind of a terrible effort, but that’s the wrong idea altogether.

It is a spontaneous thing, it’s a living process, you are made specially like this since you were a little animal called as amoeba. Till today you are looked after, you are brought to date and now you have to happen. How are we built within ourselves, and what is the specialty that brings forth this manifestation? We have to see about it. But when I’m talking to you, you need not sort of blindly follow that whatever I have said to you. But you should not also close your minds about it, because by saying it’s not going to work out, it is going to work out by some other method; and when it works out within you, you yourself will know that it has happened.

I will not have to give a certificate; you will yourself give a certificate about it. Now here I’m going to tell you how we are built within ourselves. As I have said, you should not close your minds about it; it is a hypothesis which you should see for yourself. If it works out, if you find that whatever I have said really works out and you can work it out and you can maneuver it and you can understand all the powers that are within you; then you just believe into it, then don’t deny it.

So to bring forth your rebirth or your Self-realization, already there is a mechanism made ready, we can say that as we’ve got this mechanism made ready here, in the same way there is a mechanism within us which is absolutely ready to act. We can say like a computer, a computer is being built in us, only thing you are to be put to the mains, like this cord has to be put to the mains. That’s the only thing now left, and if you have put in effort, I’ll have to little bit what you call, demolish that much of effort of yours. Because there is no effort needed. Only thing is I have to take this cord and put it to the mains. But supposing I do not know how to do it, then I will spoil this. Or this by itself cannot do it.

You can see a candle and candle itself cannot light itself. But if there is an enlightened candle, it can enlighten that candle. In the same way if there is somebody who’s enlightened, can enlighten your candle if he knows how to do it. This knowledge has to come to you and you have to get that enlightenment within you, then you can do that enlightenment for others also. Like that you’ll find there are at least here eighty-five percent people who know that, who have got realization, and why not the rest of them should get it? They should; that is their right, that is their birth right and they must get it.

Sahaja, Saha means with, ja means born. It is born within you. It is within you, the right is within you to get it; and you all are meant for that, and you have to just get it, for yourself.

Now here is the instrument, I would say placed like this, out of which if you see, the three energies that are flowing. Is: one of the left hand side, this black one, then another on the right hand side and one in the center. Now these three energies give rise to three autonomous nervous systems within us. The left one gives rise to our left sympathetic; the right one to the right sympathetic and the central one is the parasympathetic. These are the subtle energies placed in the spinal cord also in the cranial bones. Now these energies are: the left side gives us the existence, by which we exist, by this energy we exist. But this also stores up our subconscious or we can say stores up all that is conditioning within us because, say I am telling you something, now you are listening to Me and all that you are listening is going into your subconscious, all that is stored up here.

On the right hand side, the energy that is there is for our physical and mental activity. The left hand side is for our emotional activity, and the right hand side is for our physical and mental activity. By this energy we do our physical, any emergencies or physical activity. Like if you have to run, you do Hatha Yogas, and you do all kinds of frantic things. Nowadays in London we have a group of people who are dancing nude all the time. You see, all such things are done by this energy. The upper part of this channel provides for our mental energy by which we think, plan and all that we think about the future. So we can say that this energy is for the future and that is for the past, the central one is for the present.

Now you cannot be in the present for more than a second, even a split of a second and that is what is the energy you have developed through your evolutionary process, by which now you have become a human being. Now the whole system is just like this, it’s seven centers within you. You can see for yourself: the red, the yellow, the green, the blue, the smoky, and the brilliant white, or you can say the goldenish and the top. Like that there are seven centers, these are the subtle centers all within you, placed within you; they are all there, already there. I don’t have to create them they are just ready and placed beautifully there inside you and these, all these centers outside manifest what you call “the plexuses.” For example, the lower one manifests the pelvic plexus, and the aeortic plexus, then we have solar plexus.
[interruption in recording]
[unclear] has to take place. When these two activities, the emotional activity and your what you call, the creativity activity start working together, as a by product we assimilate in our heads two things. One is called as the superego and another as the ego, you can say the smoke out of these activities accumulated there. So the ego and superego meet like this in the brain and it all fuses together and we get this fontanel bone completely covered. When this happens then you become Mr. X, you become Miss Y and you become Master Z. You become different people, you get this I-ness within you and you are separated from the whole.

Like I can say, first of all I separate this instrument and try it on its own battery and then I put it to the mains. You have been given freedom. By giving you this I-ness, you are free to do what you like with yourself. So you start seeking, you start thinking, you start a job or every sort of enterprise in your life comes in. We have seeking for money. Those people do not have seeking for money have got seeking for positions or for power. Some people of course have seeking for the Divine. But in all these seekings, we go out, like horns. We do not stay in, we seek it outside; we cannot take our attention inside. For example when you are listening to Me, if I say, “Take your the attention inside,” you cannot. The attention is all out, it has come out because of this kind of arrangement that is the brain, and if I tell you all about it, it is going to take another lecture. But how it comes out is also a very interesting thing. Only among human beings it is like that, because our brains is like a prism, and because of that the energies that coming to us, actually go very little inside, most of them go out, that’s why our attention is outside.

Now, how can an attention be taken in? Say you are listening to Me, all right, now suddenly if something happens, it falls out, or something happens within you then your attention is immediately drawn to that. Though you are very attentive to Me, still your attention will be drawn to that. In the same way, there has to be some sort of a happening within you. When that happening takes place, immediately your attention goes in and the happening will start by a circular thing, which is kept there, which are three and half coils and that is the energy which we call as the residual energy, which is kept there like a coil.

As I told you that you are to be put to the mains so-called, and this one is called as the Kundalini, and this residual energy has to rise, and when it is awaken, and when it rises, it passes through all these centers and integrates you completely and then you become one with the Divine. You are opened out to the Divine, and you find that both ego and superego open out like that, and you enter into a new consciousness, into a new awareness, by which you become collectively conscious. Now this is little bit too much to understand what is collective consciousness is. But as I would say that you must have heard all UN people and everybody saying, “We are all brothers and sisters, and we should not fight with each other,” but it is all outside. It is all outside to say that we are all brothers and sisters, we do not think that we are brothers and sisters. Or to say that this whole Universe is one, we are all one, part of the One, and the whole primordial Being is there and we are just part of it. How are we to believe it? It’s all stories.

But it happens to you that you start feeling the another person, on your fingers you start feeling the chakras. You see, here I’ll show you when you are enlightened you start feeling your centers on your fingers. You start feeling what are the problems of another person. You start feeling where is the imbalance in those energies, which energy is more, which energy is less, how to raise it, and how to put it right. Because you are open to the mains, all the tension drops out, you become absolutely blissful.

Supposing your car has got little petrol and it’s about to finish, your patience goes out. But if you know that there is a pipe which is all the time flowing into your car, which is filling that tank, then you are not bothered. In the same way you get open to that all- pervading Power, that grace, which is all the time filling you later on and you feel absolutely blissful. The tensions go away and you start feeling the another person, his chakras and her chakras and you can correct them also. Now we have cured cancer, no doubt, and only this Self-realization is going to cure cancer. Now this I have been saying from the year 1970. When they get cancer they come to Me, even doctors. They get cured, but when they say that “Mataji has cured us,” people just don’t believe them. It is too much for them to believe that cancer can be cured by Self-realization.

Now what is cancer? Is nothing but over activity of these two nadis, or these two channels. They are like this, this channel is say the right, this is the left. Now this is the channel and these are the centers. When they start working too much, whatever it has stored, little energy you start losing it. When you use them too much they separate, and when they separate they are on their own. Once they are on their own, then they become malignant. With Sahaja Yoga what do we do is to pour that energy more into them so that they again come back to the normal state, and then the energy is sufficiently flowing in there is no exhaustion at all, and the person feels perfectly all right.

But if you say this to anyone else but a sahaja yogi, they don’t believe it. I did My medicine because I had to talk to doctors, and I will be talking to doctors now in England, London, when I come back from India, and that’s why I did My medicine. And I find that My professor who was teaching Me, his wife got cancer and she had a secondary cancer. And then his wife said, “Why not try Her, after all you people cannot cure me,” and they said that “It’s a secondary stage, it’s horrible,” you just can’t say about the patient. Not that she is cured but there is no trace of it and the doctor cannot explain how it has happened.

I can explain to him absolutely, scientifically that we have managed the parasympathetic nervous system, which they call as autonomous. They say it is run by itself, by auto. Now who is this auto? You say it is a automobile, all right, there’s somebody sitting and running it, isn’t it? But who is running this? This you cannot explain. Doctors say, “We do not know the mode of action. We cannot say, how it works we do not know.” They are truthful about it. But when I say, “You can jump onto it, you can just control that parasympathetic,” they say, “How can that be possible?” It is, believe Me it is possible, it has to be. After all if some instrument has been made with such care for years together, for thousands of years, do you think it is just a wasteful activity of God? That He would not do something about it? That He will not give you your fulfillment? How is it possible? Any rational person can understand it; through rationality you can understand all these things but the happening is for change, is a living process, and works out by itself.

Now there are some people I’ve seen that in seeking they have gone to wrong places, they have been hurt, they have been troubled, they have been tortured, they have been misled, but doesn’t matter. It is a living process and living process is very different from a dead process. For example something goes wrong with this say, a hall, then you cannot do something about the foundations. But if a tree is say in a mess, you can treat the tree in such a way that the whole tree can be all right, the roots can be all right. In the same way, this thing is absolutely a living process everything can be all right, and has to work out. Now but the biggest problem of the West is Mr. E-G-O, which is colossal sometimes, and it’s very difficult for people to understand that they cannot pay for God, they cannot purchase Him; you cannot. Maybe in your churches people take money and live like parasites, but God is not a parasite. These are horrible people, maybe in your temples, maybe in your mosques, maybe anywhere people are purchasing God; but that’s a myth, that’s absolutely a myth and insult of God. Nobody can purchase God, nor can you have a say of His grace and love.

So this is a big challenge and people don’t want to accept it. And so many thugs who have come from India, I take the responsibility as an Indian, if you call Me an Indian, that of course they did come here to rob you. But you are also partly responsible. Your ego was satisfied that they said, “You can pay for that,” that you were robbed by these horrible people. And if they have robbed you they are going to be punished, no doubt they are going to be punished, because you are seekers they have robbed you. It’s the sad part of it. If you were ordinary people they would have not bothered about it, but because you are seekers they’ve harmed you deliberately, and they have robbed you.

If they are robbers they should become, say, burglars. They could be good burglars; they can earn much more money by that; they should take to smuggling. But why trouble the seekers? It has happened with so many people and so many that are here who have got realization also have gone through not to one but four, five of them, one after another.

In America people told Me, “Mother we’ve been to guru shopping.” I said, “Now will you settle down somewhere or are you still shopping?” They get into a mood of shopping so they cannot stick on to it. It is a terrible thing, and that is the worst that has happened in the modern times.

To awaken this Kundalini they say is a very, very difficult thing, they say. I don’t believe it. It is not, it is the easiest thing for Me, it’s My play. I can just do it like this, I can raise your Kundalini like this and you will also do the same. Once you are realized, you will also start moving other’s Kundalini. You can see for yourself that how the power of your Spirit grows. You can raise their Kundalini, you can cure them, you can understand what’s wrong with their chakras, and you can look after all the people whom you want to pay attention to. You can do it too, because the time has come, the blossom times has come.

It was difficult when only one flower was to flower, then only three, four flowers came in. Now it’s a blossom time, so many have to become fruits and many are changing fast. It has to be en masse, it is working out that way. It has to work out for many of them, otherwise the creation won’t stay anymore there. Already the destruction has settled into our minds. This time the destruction is not going to come from outside but from within because we’ll be frustrated that we are not been able to find out what we have been finding out.

But people are of varied nature. Just now Baal asked Me on the way, “Mother how is it I am such a fortunate person that I should, I should get it so easily? I haven’t done anything about it and I get it.” Because you are blessed specially, you are especially blessed, that’s how you are going to get it. Now in this Birmingham I saw nothing but people and people and people, all kinds. But here how many do we have? This is what it is, so there is a choice and there is a selection and there is a way of getting the right people at the right time. It can only work out with people who really deserve it to begin with, but gradually it works out in a very much bigger way and a very much bigger way and many people can get it and can work it out.

If you have any questions you please ask Me because it is such a vast subject, I don’t know how will I cover up in one lecture? Tomorrow I am going visit Balaa. Those who want to come and see Me personally, can come and see Me there I don’t know his address he will tell you. Tomorrow I’ll be there till 12 o’clock. All of you are welcome to come and see Me, but here also if you have any questions you must ask Me and also we’ll try to work out the realization part of it.

[Audience]: question unclear
Shri Mataji: All right, now karmas are – this is also karma. Who does the karma? Is your ego. You do not do it. If you ask, say an animal, say you ask a tiger, he does not do any karma. We, in our ignorance, think that we are doing the karma because we have our ego there nicely placed, and because we are something that suggest the karma. But supposing I remove your ego one side, then who is doing the karma there? You are no more there, you go into akarma. Moreover if I am something, say I am something, then I can cleanse it also, possibility is there. All right.

Do you know My name Nirmala, what does that means? Means “Purity,” if I’m anything of My name, I may be able to cleanse it completely. If I’m your Mother I have to do it, that’s My job, and I’ll work hard. So don’t you stick onto your karmas, do not identify with them. They are nothing for Me, I know how to cleanse all these, very well. I’ve studied all the permutations and combinations of all this. All right? These people have also put ideas into your heads that you have very bad karmas, especially you see in the church you say, “you are sinners.” Sinners, morning till evening.

Those who say are the greatest sinners I can tell you that, and those who receive from you confessions, I am surprised they are not mad as yet. They should become the way they are taking confessions from everybody. Just think of it, absurd. Human beings are the most beautiful things God has created, the most beautiful: he has done some mistakes, all right, but God is the ocean of forgiveness. You know this: what is an ocean? So do not worry on that kind. Not only I, but you will raise the Kundalini and give them realization. All right?

Some question coming into your mind, Sir?

Shri Mataji: Already your the Kundalini has risen very high up. When it crosses this point you do not think even, you become into thoughtless awareness, Nirvichar Samadhi. Already even if you have to think of a question, you’ll have to assert a little pressure. That’s the trick.

Some questions? Unclear]
Shri Mataji: They are just like you people, like the human beings are. You see how human beings live, they will go to the church and from the church direct to the pub. How do you explain that? You see your own mother dies in the house and you have a champagne. Human beings are like that. In the same way these are just ordinary human being, they are not realized souls. A realized soul will never hurt anyone. So they try to be good; they try to be bad. They are half-hearted, half-baked people, so they are like that, but why take help from anybody else, why not be yourself?

You see, we do not like to take help from anyone normally, you see, especially in the West people do not think they should take any help. “I on my own.” But why in spiritual life you want to take help from a spirit? You should not, because they are parasites. Once they get stuck onto you, it will be impossible to get rid of them; and then they start doing all kind of tricks, you see. In My presence the other day, “This you remember Maria had come in our house, we had a program and there were all spiritualist there.” And one of them got up suddenly and he started moving his hands like this, [unclear] going on. He said, “I cannot control it.” I said, “You better control. You say you are a spiritualist, so why not control your spirits?” So it was going on like that, and like that he cannot control.

So, these are the permutations and combinations of all types they are but basically they are the left and the right, but they can combine as I told you, and they are horrible. The sooner you get awakened to their cunningness and to their stupidity better it is for you because you are seekers. You are not seekers of this life only, you have been seeking for lives together.

It has been said at the time of Nala and Damayanti, just image at the time when it was Satya Yuga, just at the end of the Satya Yuga; you can say a little at Dwapara, thousands of years back it was said that you will be born like this. Because, you see, this Kali, this modern times, the one who is the Kali Yuga as you call it he is responsible for, you see, intriguing people against, intrigue and confusing people. So he is the one who is the, we should say the driver of this Kali Yuga is. So, this Kali was caught by Nala because poor Nala was once intrigued by this Kali, and was so much tortured that he gave up his own wife. He gave up his own wife, you see, and he was tortured and this Kali was again was caught up by Nala, and he said that “I am going to now kill you, So, because you are the one who is an intriguer, who confuses people, and who try to create all kind of problems. Because, you see, there is going to be a Yuga,” as he said, Kali Yuga. He knew at that time everybody would be in a confusion.

So he told Nala that “You see, you wait for some time, and I will tell you, explain to you what is my importance is, what is my mahatmay, importance is. When you will realize my importance then you will leave me.”

So he said, “All right, you tell me.”

Said, “You give me some time to explain to you”, and then he told him that “In the Kali Yuga when I will be the driver of that yuga, you see, the people who will be born will be the seekers who are today seeking.” In those days, you see, Dwapara, long time back are seeking in the caves, and in the jungles, and in the forest, “Who are seeking God, will be born as ordinary human beings, living as house holders in very ordinary way and they will get their realization. And that’s why you should not try to kill me, because Kali Yuga has to come. If the confusion is not come in, people do not seek it that much and that’s why out of confusion only the light comes. So that stage had to reach, of that culminating point had to reach and that only I can do it, so you just spare me,” and he was spared.

Now this is, when was this? Dwapara means at least six thousand or eight thousand years back. This was, that had happened. Eight thousand years back these things were said or even earlier we can say even before Rama’s time, would be about nine thousand years back. So this was said nine thousand years back, that you will be born. So you are seekers, and you have been seeking for many lives, not this life only, and now you have come to a point when you should get that what you have been seeking, so just ask for that.

Why ask for these rope tricks? You see, that vanishing tricks, rope tricks, all these tricks, because this means all spirits. This is not your own Spirit – the Atma is. And the English language has one confusion is that the spirit is for everything. Spirit is your Atma, is the reflection of God within you in your heart; spirit is also a dead body and spirit is also what you sell in the pubs. So all these things confuse. You see, is a confusion, again is a very big confusion. But you must know that within your heart resides God, and once you become that power then you become your self. That is the self which is to be realized, that is to be achieved and that you must ask for; all the rest of the things are useless.

These are all outside; even what is the asanas for? For having a good body, for what? All right, we should keep good health I can understand, but all the time your attention is on your body, what are you going to do? Are you going to wrestle somewhere or are you going to join these, what you call these boxing bouts? You are seekers, you are a different clan altogether, you are not one of these horrible people who take out the bone of their nose just to box each other. You are not those people, you are different, you cannot make jokers out of you. I mean you are different people altogether, the flowers of the creation.

How can you accept all these nonsensical things what others are doing are doing? You cannot. You try, you will try it for a while, and then to give it up. Because there you will not find what you have been seeking – is the self, your own being within yourselves. Now how are you to believe into yourself also, how are to know what is Self-realization is? This is the point because that is what one should know; what we should know when we are Self- realized.

First of all, it is all described in the scriptures, whether you take Bible, Koran, or anything. But supposing you do not understand. But still after Self-realization what should happen? When you realize your self means you have enlightenment. What happens when you get the light in this room? You start seeing everything, you starting seeing yourself and you start seeing others. In the same way when you get realization, Self-realization, you should see yourself first of all. That means you should feel your chakras, you should feel them. Now you put your hands towards Me, you can feel your own chakras whatever is catching in you, you can feel it on your hands.

You can feel the silence within you and you can feel it. If you are not feeling anything and cool breeze is coming then your chakras are clear, that means you are seniors. After sometime you’ll be amazed that you will see within yourself the Kundalini rising, putting its pressure here, going there. You can also see in others, the same thing. You can say, “Where is the Kundalini?” When I ask you say, “Mother, it’s here,” “Mother, it’s not yet risen.” Not that I don’t know, of course I know, but I just ask you and I show all the [unclear] that is possible because I want you to learn and work it out you see. So I say, “Oh really its there! I didn’t know.” But I play an illusion by which you just don’t, you hear Me but you don’t believe in it, you see, and so next time you will do it very seriously and I like it, because then you learn this art. Otherwise you see you will say, “Mother, You are doing everything then why should we do it?” So I want you to learn this art of Kundalini fully, that you know about yourself, that you know about your own chakras. You find out where is the Kundalini is, how it is working. Then you know about others, you know about others’ chakras, where it is, where it is moving, and how it is working, so that you get into collective consciousness by which you know others and Self-realization by which you know yourself. These two things happen.

Now what happens thirdly, thirdly it should happen that you should feel that you are one with the Divine so there’s no pressure in your mind, no tension. Now, how do you feel you are one with the Divine? Say for example how do you feel it is connected? When it is passing the energy through you, isn’t it? Now when you see the energy passing through you, you just say, “It is going, It is coming,” you don’t say, “I’m giving this.” You are the channel, but you never say that, you say, “It is going,” “It is there,” “It is not there.” You start thinking about the third person. You separate yourself from that and you start seeing “It is going, it’s not.” And, moreover, you do not say that I am doing it, neither you feel that you are doing it so your ego is finished. You just say, “It’s going.” You cannot say. Now yesterday as we were working a doctor was there and these people they Gavin was there. They said, “No Mother, not yet. No, no, it’s not done.” They could not say that “We are doing it,” neither they could say, “Yes it is done.” You cannot just say it. If it is done, it is done. If it is not done, it is not done.

See, maybe your own son cannot get realization, maybe a problem with that also. It is quite possibility, So it is the truth and it can happen to someone and may not happen to another. Truth is a truth, you cannot force it onto anyone. It has to get into a place and it is has to work it out itself.

Say, here is the light. Now here is the light so you can see, but if there is no light in the other room, you cannot say there is light. You cannot force, you cannot give a certificate, a wrong certificate – “there is light.” You can clearly there is no light, so it’s all right there is no light. You are not attached to it. You cannot say that “Because he is my brother, oh, he must have the light,” you cannot say that. Or you cannot say falsely also that there is light, because you can see clearly. No, there is not; so there is not.

So you are identified with truth, first of all. By Self-realization, you are identified with truth. If you try to identify with untruth you cannot. You just cannot even if you try, you cannot, because how can you do it? Because you can see for yourself it is not working out; it is not going up. It’s not happening, so how can you say? So first you are identify with truth, and truth is the nature of God, is the nature of God’s truth which is expressed through your Spirit, and the vibrations that you are getting is nothing but the pulsation, the Spirit speaking, the Spirit is talking to you. There is a rapport between your awareness and that of the Spirit. Actually, the Spirit is giving you this light through you. You have become the lamp of the Spirit now, and the light is enlightened so you are identified with the Spirit. You become the truth.

Then, the second point is that you have to become, you can say steady person. You have to be steady into it. Like you see believe into something, All right, now you know that this is yellow color or this is white color, but supposing somebody says, “No, no, no, this is not white, this is black,” and you start figuring whether it is really white or black, is it true or not. You see you are not sure about it – the surety of it, the surety of it. Even if you put ten children together and tie their eyes and ask them to see the vibration of a particular person, all of them will raise the same finger, everybody is catching on this, everybody will say they are catching on this, nobody will say that [unclear]. So you get the sure and certain truth, the truth is a sure thing, there cannot be two truths, it has to be one. You understand this? So the truth that you see is absolutely the one, and what is the one truth is very subtle, which is very difficult