Talk to yogis Day 2

Maria’s House, Wellingborough (England)

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Maria’s House Day 2, Northampton (UK), 9 June 1979.

[Unclear] Because He must have been trained by a real tantric house, how to displease another one’s Krishna. Because if Krishna is challenged, you see he is the one who gives you the feeling of the whole, you see, you start feeling, you are a part of the whole because he is the whole. He is the primordial Virata. So Krishna [Unclear: Sister] by Digi his name, by crazy him, delight them[Unclear] he crosses all the plus, later on, I think maybe, I don’t know how the things must have happened. He thinks also there is the power of mother working. You see, so he wants to learn that also. So he gives the mantra of –’Shri’, ‘aim’, ‘hrim’, ‘kleem’- these are the mantra of- Mahakali, Mahalaxmi ,mahasaraswati. iem is mahakali- left hand side, – very dangerous, it is whole of subconscious, you said em is normal. but rim is also called as Shri at a point. At this point is called as Shri. So, you can say, these words are the short forms of mahakali, mahalaxmi and mahasaraswati. So, What she does as a [Unclear: transformer] – he discrete all this stages and overpower your areas, your chakras where this deities are resides actually he breaks them like this [Unclear] better not [unclear] This one is left hand side and this is right side- all right – left sympathetic and right sympathetic and the center is sushmana is the parasympathetic Inside of the deities place at every center What he does, he uses sympathetic system by fooling them off. By making for you first of all you take this mantra. So by doing that effort first of all, you get right Vishuddhi, which all of you have got i.e. right vishuddhi, because if you say a mantra, you see, it immediately came down there – right Vishuddhi is take- went off. Sneezing is nothing but right Vishuddhi [Unclear: open curve]. So, this right Vishuddhi is the – it also get spoiled because he makes you remember and that means, he makes you put your physical effort to remember that mantra, isn’t it. So your right side is unauthorized, you have no business to do it, so you got your right Vishuddhi, all of you must suffer from Cold[Unclear]because If you use that kind of right Vishuddhi then possibly also, your left Vishuddhi is spoiled why? – because it is unauthorized – first physical exertion and second the unauthorized you are taking them, and thirdly he makes you even more substantial by putting guilt in your mind. That if you don’t do this, that will happen. This is the fear side.

Question to Shri Mataji – you know one of the techniques is the[Unclear]

See, now – you are saying mantra this time, putting your attention in the heart. So, all the negative forces are drawn into the heart, it sort of channelized then which is only Krishna’s mantra if you give, there only one chakra is spoiled but spoiled drastically. IT cannot be spoiled so much Even by smoking 100 cigarettes per day. It runs very well – this visudhi but after spoiling that, then he is also interested in other chakras. So he gives you another mantra like mantra of Shrin. You can better be Shrin, your right side is [Unclear] then a ghost put there, there is a spirit it. One it is heavenly, there is a void in that area [Unclear]. The name of the fellow is Shrin, he resides in that area. I don’t know if you have that system but we have in Maharashtra. If that if I come say from Nagpur they called areas Nagpur girl like Londona, your surname could be a Londana. So they have called area in between [Unclear]. Also, they have gotten some sort of [unclear : mother] also readers of the delegation which are named like ing, bing, indya, pindya and all this. [Unclear: This is not any chance you see], so Main Chakras that he has captured is this one. as, He works on that. also on this, specially on the right hand side because he works more on right because he believes in supraconscious. When the superconscious spirits are brought in, you become over ambitious. You start getting ideas, how to agonize, how to do this & how to do that and that’s how you so much[Unclear] spreading this [Unclear] because they give you ideas, [Unclear] make this thing. They also give you an idea how to explain certain things. What happens to you, How pulse go that – in all scientific terminology. You see, they give you ideas. These are the some of scientists who have died and who have never satisfied with the progress they made. They didn’t have sufficient satisfaction of their success. So, they come very handy. They come & give you ideas. So all things start on the right side. It’s all superconscious work. He tries Shrim and all that. I think he also think of iem. Iem is left hand side and [Unclear: it’s the hotchpotch he is tied to] . I don’t know, he also know all the chakras and but that’s all . You see this started, I must tell you how it must have started because like you see. I also feel I must be , it’s my little chance to do that [Unclear] – little benefit of doubt. In the beginning, what must have happened, they must have put in lot of effort to get into their [Unclear: senses] and may be that some of them must have been to  real gurus and must have been discarded by these gurus and then they must have tried to mediate and find out themselves- all sort of activities – the original tantrica [Unclear: activities –] while working too hard, what happens that when you work too hard with sympathetic practices you may go around the chakras. So that, you can see the chakras like this chaos of [Unclear: easter], beyond[Unclear]. They were not in it. In Sahajyoga , I don’t see you pass through center but these people go round the chakras and they must have seen , you see going round the chakra. First thing, they must have seen- must be trunk of Shri ganesha on mooldhara. You see, they must have felt that’s yes that’s the kundalini at the mooldhara. So they must have this feelings. They must have thought sex to do something with Mooldhara. So they must have tried the sex business. Sex in a funny way, perverted sex. We haven’t seen sexo yogini [Unclear]

Then you see, first they started with over indulgence in these things like Saxo yogini business Rajneesh started, you see . May be first they to do that kind of thing[Unclear] then they must have been fond of this. So, these people go nutty and they are possessed, and they are destroyed. So, they must have tried another way now, that is to do some thing called as not actually do the sex but do require [Unclear] So, out of them, came out the kapalikas and you see, if you read our tantrism [Unclear]. Did you read the book of tantrism? that sort of people came. and they started having young girls with them, keeping them and not to have any relationship with them. They would try their sort of celibacy with the young girls who stayed with them and ultimately they would kill that girl like a bunny to the mother. Imagine what a thing!! and that’s how by doing all these things they got power, they got more dirty people coming out.

Child crying.

Shri Mataji asking – That little Kid!! how is he? Was he better? He slept better. Is he better now? Now lift your bag

Answer by Sahaja Yogi – It’s better that its not gone. It’s still there.

Shri Mataji having conversation-  Put this one on left nabhi -[unclear]

Shri Mataji continues –So, ultimately you see, they must have, another set of experiment with this Kapalika. In third one’s came who went into – severe austerity like they would not look at a woman. They would not go near a woman and just have nothing to do with that and just become severely Austere… very Austere… absolutely dried up being and These people developed a power by which they could curse anyone, they would [Unclear] they will become ‘bhasm’. They will just curse and it used to happen. These were the powers also of the supraconscious and they thought they are very powerful people like that they are many like horrible ones. There is no question of evolution or salvation but they could only develop a set of power by which they could just burn you off and could achieve results. And that’s what they did. And this austerity sort of things  started is wearing these kashaye vastr, wearing this rob of a sanyasi. Now when this sanyasi, you see this thing started, Parshurama came to finish them. Parshurama came out. He killed lots of horrible people. They called themselves brahamin. Thats why parshuram killed brahamin, you see. Why Parshurama killed Brahmin, because of the same reason, because of these brahamin. They had started with the austerity. You see it’s all movement in the center at point. If you move too much from the center, the center life is a happy married life, sensible normal life with the husband. Austerity and all those thing were not meant for a married man neither for a person who was grown up but it was meant for a time when 75 years of your has passed, when your wife is lost or your husband is lost, then you give sanyas. There was no question of people taking a Sanyasa in a way that was say [Unclear] because you see all the guru have their wives. All the guru has their wives. You can make out the guru from the gotras, you see,  gotra is the name of the university where the small children at the age of say up to the age of 25 years studied from 5 years of small children up to 25 years, the name of the university was gotra. If you say my gotra is Shandilya, then I can’t marry a man from the same gotra. It must have been in ancient times, the Shandilya gotra, I mean thousands of years, but it even today you cannot marry the same gotra. You can marry your own father’s sister’s son but you cannot marry same gotra he may be from another village. But from the same village, people would not marry. That was not regarded as good. Just to keep celibacy at the age of education, when they were educated, it was complete celibacy. To maintain they make relationship of brother and sister between the students. You see thats what they did. [Shri Mataji conversing with someone: Unclear]

So, this is what they did is to go up to the point of austerity then parshuram came and he just killed all these brahaman because they were of that kind who would just do bhasam. Vishwamitar – the horrible fellow, one of them another one was durwasa- horrible people. Lots of them

Sahaj yogi question – So, Vishwamitar  [Unclear]

Vishwamitar was horrible and later on he goes his realization.

But even after becoming a rishi – u see after becoming that he did these horrible things [Unclear]. He tortured the lives of so many people specially of very good being [Unclear]. He was horrible. But at the end of his life, he changed over and he become a good person, he became a saint. But people worship his back days, torturing all. So, now this another face after this one where he find austerity and all this. That people understood that one he has that you just tell, people he have austerity [Unclear] and you know that there is something, you have all the devils with you. So, you enjoying yourself and tell them alright what is in this money? Why should I have this? This is no good for you. You see – you give it up. alright. They put a devil into you and the devil tells you Give all this to babaji. Babaji is the one you must give. Why should you have it like this Satya Sai Baba. One of his affected one came to me and she told me, she is actually my sister in law. She told me…. My brother told me… that baba has given me a ring. I said why? how many rings you are having? He say many. I said why did he gave it to you? I mean if he was such a great revealer, he should reveal this country financial problem.

But in India people are seeking money. You see he enjoyed that  very much, and he said not only he gave me his blessings twice, What is they’re after all? Even if he has given me an ordinary thing. I would have taken it. Then I said why did you come to me? So, my brother told me there is a big problem. I found  from my house diamonds are missing.


Shri Mataji conversing on other topic [Unclear]

I tell you that see still there is a space in it.

Everyone laughing



Now then you see this fellow is I think he has done this austerity business and all of this he has done, and he has lots of ghost in it because he has been for a Narkasura was their fourteen thousand year thousand back. Narkasura was killed and he might have taken, may be one of his horrible people like austerity and all that. He must have one of them something like that. He might have been [Unclear] someone like that. Which are the third, repeat. Put hand or something.

Sahaj yogi question – [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – Where was he killed

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – where is that?

Sahaj yogi – In the middle of somewhere. [Unclear] Warick or somewhere else.

Shri Mataji- So you see but still when you see them you can find out from their qualities and the way they are. Find out they come back into sometimes, but they repeat themselves after 2000 years mostly, after 2000 years.

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear] They must have seen [Unclear] there was a very interesting woman who die [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – What did she say?

Sahaj yogi – She was able to see people and see them in their past incarnation and she believe that Maha Shiv but she never says who she was though, She was around the time of Christ and she never say who she actually was, but she was around at the time. and Then the story starts.. you know….. who he was, and what he was, and the pure mythology is broke up on rumour and you know…. people start then believing before you get away from the house. You start believing stories, you know Maha Shiv was this…. Maha shiva was this… [Unclear] and thats how the fear starts because they believe, if he was that person, he must have certain powers and these powers are able to destroy people and that you better do what he says

Shri Mataji – I mean they say, was he is good power or evil power at the time of Christ.

Sahaj Yogi – No one ever say.

Shri Mataji – I mean if she was say, a good power, he could not be better than Christ. Why believe in his?

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear] They must be covering up that’s how [Unclear]

Another Sahaj yogi -There was a rumor that he was a good person around

Shri Mataji – Alright.. I see…, that has to be. You see, Would you say that he is a bad person!!! You see, if you want to spread somebody’s message, you don’t say that person is bad. [Unclear] but it’s in such a big way that, you cannot believe how big it is. Now this austerity business, you see – this fellow knows nothing about us. But this fellow tells you alright like Satya Sai baba I was telling you about. My brother was losing his diamonds. You see…. so I asked him.. He was losing his diamonds from his house.. yo u see.. So, I asked about my sister in law, she came.. I put bandhan on her.. She was possessed, but what I can do Somebody in me, put me feel this – all of this is dust and all should be given to baba. I said you are a doctor [Unclear]. Now think, you are a housewife. In India I see every housewife, must wear her ornaments. You see  is auspicious. She cannot go out without ornaments, if I don’t have bangles on me, my husband would be upset to see – why the bangles are off. You see, it’s so auspicious. I said that is so why should you give your ornaments to this fellow who is Sanyasi, he is not a married man. I said if he was a Sanyasi that should be more than dust to him, if it is dust for you and then you know why this


She lost it too. She lost a lot of her diamonds.

[Unclear] This is the only bit of jewellery left. My mother gave me a golden watch [Unclear] So much jewellery I lost. Isn’t that truth!! [Unclear]

Sahaj Yogi – He materialize things. He knows how to  materialize jewellery He disappears jewellery from one place to appears at another[Unclear]

Shri Mataji – Thats how he did. Thats how he manages. These are not powers. This is only Spirits doing. If I remove this knife from here to here alright, what is so great. You must think about it. What I am saying you use your brain. Now, what is got interested in moving this knife from here to here.

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear] Not at all

Shri Mataji – But you don’t see the hand moving. That’s why you must put into the GOD, you must appropriate it with the GOD. How can you do that? But Indians are very much realistics. They think that we must get money. If somebody give them a diamond ring. Ohhh – that’s great but I am surprised. He only gives to the very rich people. I told my brother why didn’t he give it to your chauffeur who had gone with you. Because you have so many diamonds, your wife has so many diamonds. Why did he give it to you? Why doesn’t he solve all the problems? This is the thing people don’t think because they have that problem, they think this is very important. That’s why they do it. Now for you he is trying austerity trick, that like another one who is there. He says You must live very Austere life. Give your purse to me, I will look after that. And give your property to me & also your wife

Sahaj yogi – I mean we know someone [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – Not yet. We have never had that

Sahaja Yogi – [Unclear]

Another Sahaja Yogi – There is one girl we know. We see her in a very bad way.

Sahaj yogi – She is very in a bad way. She has been rounding and mediating. I know from 9 years.

Shri Mataji – She need to [Unclear]

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear] you must be very careful. It doesn’t backfire to you.Journalist will be sympathizer to 

Shri Mataji – They wouldn’t. I will tell you how to work it out. You see how to work it out. I will tell you.

Sahaj yogi – The Funny thing happened last week. [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – It is just a coincidence, but I would say. That’s why I always feel first of all  you get all these people into Sahaj Yoga. Your protection done and then [Unclear]. You must have your protection. You must have the force of GOD behind you. Once you have that, then it’s a very different thing.

Sahaj Yogi [Unclear] Do something, but now is not a time.

Shri Mataji – You just wait till you all are established in Sahaj Yoga. As you said now, but let’s see that I was thinking of going to Scotland say why  can’t we do this? When can if this gurupurnima?

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – Next full moon

Sahaj yogi – Next full moon is last night. [Unclear] – 7th of July.

Shri Mataji – Is it?

Sahaj yogi – First week end in July. 7th is the Sunday.

Another Sahaj yogi – [Unclear]She is saying, there is no train on Sunday but that’s doesn’t matter.

Shri Mataji – Everybody willcome.

Sahaj yogi -We can have people there on say

Shri Mataji – Just find out the exact date of Guru Purnima

Sahaj yogi –[Unclear] just give me my dairy

Shri Mataji – But I think we shouldn’t have Guru Purnima there. First one- you should get realized. You can have any date. Don’t you worry. We have it any date after Guru Purnima. That is how it talks [Unclear]. What is the program?

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – We have no program in July. So, let us do it from the 3rd of July.

Sahaj Yogi – [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – Yes, that’s how [unclear]. Guru Puja should be done. Why am I saying it is these new people are coming into Sahaj yoga because no doubt should be gone into their mind. You see – If you put them into Guru Puja how can they start? They will get ideas. So, better think to do slowly and carefully. What I would say – what about 3rd of July or something like that?

Sahaj Yogi – [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – What’s the day on the 3rd of July?

Sahaj Yogi – Tuesday

Shri Mataji – 3 days we do. Can you get those people?

Sahaj yogi – I will try. Lets see what happen?

Someone Crying

Shri Mataji – Why is she crying?

Sahaj yogi – She want to say sorry.

Shri Mataji But why she is saying sorry? It’s perfectly alright. For what? You have given me such a sweet child like Maria. What is this you are sorry about? 

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – [Unclear] After all So many of them recognize me so easily…………………..i am so happy about it. No, she is better on [Unclear] 

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – This is another side of life. [Unclear] There are not going to recognize because they have given  a wrong [Unclear]. This is another side……. You seek it for money purpose. [Unclear] If someone can remove that, then i think it would be a good change. [Unclear] One criteria is sufficient, Anybody who takes money is fake. Let’s say -How many are left, they most of them will be failed. This one small [Unclear]. 2nd would be, those who are interested in women [Unclear] ]It is one of the greatest things [Unclear]. But a Guru, who can say he is saint man [Unclear] he is interested not only in [Unclear]. He is trying another trick of tantrism in which he says – you wear that dress. Alright. A dress which announces that you are a dashed person and you indulge  into everything. See – Just a position, you understand that point. You please something and do just a position, to insert something like Sanyasa is the dress of the Sanyasi, is the dress of the person who is detached. A person who has renounced the word and made that person get involved in to very much. You see – you do just the opposite of what one should do by wearing a Sanyasi dress. You have to be really detached person. Such a person should not live in any city or in any village. He can only live in away from the village and that too not more than one night. That’s a man is known as Sanyasi. 

Sahaj Yogi – [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – Thats it. 

Sahaj Yogi – [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – You see to make a woman wear saree and insulted. You see this is the saree is the dress of the goddess. She wears the saree. The whole universe have saree and movement is that way. So, she wears a saree and the goddess is, that’s how you make somebody to wear a saree. You see saree has, I mean the biggest thing of the saree is to keep you modesty. It covers your body. You see it is the housewife thing. All the goddess wear saree. 

Sahaj yogi [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – Just imagine, then to spoil their chastity, to spoil their Gruhalakshmi, that is the sense of being the good housewife. So, just insulting that image which is so holy and that is how they achieve all the negative because it requires terrible..  I should say power or you can say negative power to face this kind of thing like a thief has to be very clever to enter into a say, pack which is guarded. In the same way, a person who can do such a thing,to insult a saree. So, what he does, is to put them in the saree and remove their essence of Gruhalakshmi/housewife that’s the best way of winning them completely, because their Gruhalakshmi completely, they use their left nabhi completely…..

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – How would you have children according to them? 

Sahaj yogi – you done 

Shri Mataji – Don’t have?

Sahaj yogi – No

Shri Mataji – That’s it. Now if i [Unclear: find] Germany that not having children. 

Sahaj yogi – you know, in Germany they believe, I mean, this is the way you get into [Unclear]. They cut tree from the roots. [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – The best part is using.. Take away everybody clothes and have a shop for yourself. You see –  It’s something like that. Take away everybody money. Take away everybody married life and enjoy them. 

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear]

Shri Mataji ji – Hello Amma . How are you?

Sahaj yogi – Fine

Shri Mataji – I am happy. You come. Is he your friend? 

Sahaj yogi -Chris.. 

Shri Mataji Chris.. Good name. Is he from the same university?

Sahaj yogi – Yes.

Shri Mataji – [Unclear] That’s [unclear] and mark. They are going to get married. We are going to have marriage in our Ashram very soon. 

Sahaj yogi – when?

Shri Mataji – On the 29. So, you are all cordially invited for the wedding ceremony. What i was saying about is people. See now, the custom in india is that unmarried girls are the Laxami actually  are the essence of the Laxami. They are respected as Laxami not Gruhalakshmi, but as a Laxami in her innocence, as a child and in younger in India who is not yet married, could not dress up in Gold and all that stuff. They are not supposed to do. Only after marriage this is the [Unclear: Alankara]. They have to put.. After marriage.. 

Sahaj yogi – There are 2 ways of girls

Shri Mataji – Not for unmarried girls. It’s only for married girls and not for auster people by any chance. You see, it’s not too good. It’s that in the ego of the women. You see, that younger get all that. They would like to do it. Only after marriage,they start,  you see, ornaments come from the father and mother and the ancient ornaments also coming[Unclear]. Then they started, otherwise not they are.. In India no body thinks in this way, you should lead like a.. Life like a.. what to call hippy sort of the thing. That’s not to be gave into. They will definitely come into if you become like that because you give them an invitation. They come into but everybody has a style of dressing up, even when Sita went with Rama in the Jungle. You see – she was to be [Unclear: detector]  because you see all this, we wear this one here, this is for the right hand side, chakra here and this is the right visudhi, protect your right visudhi, so your language is sweet. You see -When you speak, you see, you make that beautiful sound and you talk in such a manner, it make such a delicate you see – delicate feeling, women around, you know, she is there to look after you. She love loves you and its purity. Purity about her. She loves her husband in that way. The rest of them is a pure relationship and so that’s why you have to wear it. All this, you see this is the visudhi. This is a sign of marriage and this i wore it, just imagine – this time i have to wear drama on Sahaja. When I was going for a dinner and I had to take out some of my ornaments to go to dinner with my husband. See – When i go with my husband, really very well dressed and that time i had to take [Unclear] but normally for a work like this, I wear a white saree and i wear simpler things, and I don’t wear, minimum whatever is required. This is important for a married lady, has to wear this, This is given in the wedding time from the mother’s side and this one is important from the husband side. So, mine has given to Mrs. Mehra to wear because mine is very powerful and then you have to wear certain things like red mark here, you have to put red mark from here to here throughout, this is called as Alta. That is to protect a woman from evil coming through her [Unclear: feet] because she walk bare feet and that must be protected. This is the protection and apart from part,they gives us ‘maryda’, the boundaries of the family life. You cannot cross that boundary and that boundary is here, put down here. And then we have also got, another mark is very important mark is red mark. This is also for unmarried girls, but when they are married in UP, they put a mark here which is the ‘Sahastara’ you see – so mostly, the realisation should come after marriage. Mostly, it should normally comes   because then you are a complete person. You have married life you know but also before marriage it can come because if you are staying with Guru. When you are having your education and everything, that time Gurus can give it to you because of your innocence, you get it. But after the marriage, when it is crowned, you may get it earlier or later but it is crowned after the marriage. You see – after the marriage and the thing is put here. It is the wife who wears it, not the man. So the wife is very important. She maintains the spiritual balance and the protection of the family. So the Gruhalakshmi is so important, she has to wear all these things all the time. Now this [Unclear: story] you see the story, this is also in the wedding. There is another one here which I am not wearing because i have to wear socks but there is another one, which one has to wear every day after marriage and she has to be always auspiciously dressed and auspiciously living because she represents that power that suttle power which builds the family, looks after the family and that’s why she is respected and this Gruhalakshmi power, she has been trying to tackle, on the left hand side of her nabhi, that is typical. Because if you [Unclear: exide] the right side Swadishthana, your left nabhi catches. Say if you are a very great thinker,if you are a bigger planner, if you are planning out things , you possible get out of line, then what happens you get diabetes. You must have seen every day to day life, those who are planner, thinker, they get that because you are using your right side Swadishthana too much. Because of that there is effect on left hand side Nabhi. You neglect your wife, you become harsh to her. You see naturally those who are great planner, those who are organised their offices very well are very unkind to their wives. You see – because their left side becomes weak and left side start becoming weak. Makes your Spleen and Pancreas very weak and that’s how you get diabetes. Sahaj yoga can cure diabetes by giving you balance. It’s a question of balance, you lead an imbalanced life. When you are married, you must love your wife and spend time with her. She is the one who is your companion and she is the one who should be consulted and you must be with her, that should be your greatest choice in life. You see as far as the material side is concerned that’s what is very important, otherwise why should a person like RAMA, who was an incarnation should run after SITA. So, this is the duty of the housewife. In India, we wear such great housewife SATI’s but [Unclear] and  use the message of your mother. You also as a mother you say. So, all these things put together and it’s very important for men that there Swadishthana should alright because their left Nabhi should be alright. They get diabetes, They get kidney trouble, then also they become harsh husband, will [Unclear dry] people. They are not going to be have a sex life. So, he has excited, overwork your right Swadishthana and as a result left side frozen. You can say frozen, left nabhi is frozen. So he has a TB but he doesn’t know anything about Chakras. He doesn’t know anything. He has achieved because it happens. Say for example if i take, i don’t know how to drive the car and i press the escalator and the escalators start working and dashes against something.So, the person will say,yes yes, i have done it, but no it was the escalator which it has done, by mistake you put your foot there and it has achieved it, because it was to be.In the same way, if i excite your right side Swadishthana, it impacts your left nabhi, not through any power of knowledge but just by spoiling you, putting you on the ego trip. Those who are on the ego trip, always have a bad Nabhi. 

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – I know what it is… and moreover it has done it more here… because you were already on that sort of thing and he just got the point and he just pushed it more. Like Rajnish has got another point that you are on the point of melting awake, your morality about sex. So he’s got that point.. So he became guru of that thing… and This fellow has become guru of your ambitions. He is putting ambitions in your [Unclear]

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear] It look expensive but it was horrible 

Shri Mataji – Who has occupied that? 

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear] chocolate box, stylish, decorated

Shri Mataji – But who occupied that? 

Sahaj yogi – Well this is very old. The ladies of the government

Shri Mataji – But at least you can see, [Unclear], you can see that he was was so low [Unclear]. You see a person who is of that type. You cannot [Unclear] that person’s destiny. Western people have definitely a very great sense of [Unclear: estimates] and he could find it as very easily because lack of [Unclear] colors and form. So, if you find a Guru like that. First of all, [Unclear: see in her petals]. He is zero. He doesn’t understand it. You are a thousand times superior to him. In Intellect much more superior. In intellect, pure intellect, in pure knowledge you are much more. In pure knowledge i am saying. What he knows, is the knowledge of the evil. 

Sahaj yogi-  you see, there is another place, [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – You call that thing knowledge??  Knowledge to that evil knowledge!!!

Sahaa yogi- Oh No No.. no

Shri Mataji- No… What is that called? Tell me

Sahaj yogi – Shroud.. Very shroud

Shri Mataji – Shroud is a very simple word. 

Sahaj yogi – Very Shroud, manipulative.

Shri Mataji – You see – I will give you a simple word – evil genius. Is it better? 

Sahaj yogi – Evil genius. Yes.

Shri Mataji – That the one, he is 

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear] The more importantly what he has done to the people.. 

Shri Mataji – yes… debased!! He has debased… debased completely. 

Sahj yogi – He has debased something you say is beautiful

Shri Mataji – That my concern, 

Sahaj yogi – That’s my concern. It is something I always spoke against. That’s why sometimes you can ask a lady any reason [Unclear] and whenever he speaks, he wants [Unclear] he kicks everyone out..

Shri Mataji – which meant that?

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear] I don’t know.

Shri Mataji – [Unclear].

Sahaj yogi – There were 700 people in a room. [Unclear] He starts talking and obviously, he influenced in  a way because i mean last [Unclear] Its not just one people.. There are thousands of people out there.. Thousands of people… They are all being in the name of spirituality

Shri Mataji – I am saying from heart. I am saying what i think about him. I say they want to make money. Let them make. They want to be Thugs.. Let them be whatever they want. But how dare to touch you in the name of spirituality. They are touching your kundalini. You see – how can they… in the name of God. In the name of God of Course there are many… but to touch your kundalini!!!! You see – they have gone very deep. They  put into your superego, they put into your left nabhi which is the base [Unclear]. Now, should I also think what she is also thinking about how [unclear] is going to be saved.

Sahaj Yogi – [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – That’s why you have to build it up very carefully. What I am saying is you have to build up the base very carefully. You see – in such a manner that when they are away from it… they should not fall into it back…. You see [Unclear], it can do that, they can just wait for them to fall into [Unclear], then they will start to say, because you see you left me that’s why it happened. Because you see [Unclear] is consuming you all the time but while consuming you also just need that. You will all be shocked so much, inside so much shock, that by that shock only you might get into some sort of trouble. [Unclear]

Sahaj Yogi – and there is no concern for these people. You [Unclear] there was this woman specify, the person who is in charge of the people having…..yo know.. all the people who are mediating in this country. She used to write the monthly report and when we were having enough time..One of the girls asked.. What do you do of all these monthly reports.. She said what reports.. The all monthly reports..  They are all unopened & they could [Unclear: bring all the troubles. & there was this trouble] We know one person who wrote help to her home over a year [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – She doesn’t [Unclear] those letters. Alright?

Sahaja Yogi: No

Shri Mataji: You see – [Unclear] Now it’s good for my Sahaj yogi. 

Sahaj yogi – then he say [Unclear]. You are supposed to put A, B or C. A is for good, B is for bad….. 

Shri Mataji – Permanently they are branded.

Sahaj yogi -You brand yourself. You say with your month’s experience are good, bad or indifferent or terrible.

Shri Mataji -But How do you brand yourself? 

Sahaj yogi – Just the way you feel? If you know how you feel…

Shri Mataji – So that’s why you just make up stories and say – I am A. 

Sahaj yogi – yes

Shri Mataji – But he is not interested

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear] They said well we don’t want you to be here anymore. They talk that you are not of good vibrations.

Shri Mataji – They talk of vibrations… Alright. ?

Sahaj yogi – vibes are one of the thing, bad vibes

Shri Mataji – Where did they get those words – vibrations? 

Sahaj yogi – It’s common…. in explanation.

Shri Mataji – I think since I went their in some 70’s

Another Sahaj yogi – Yes

Sahaj yogi – It’s from the hippy in 60’s.  You know the california thing.[Unclear] It’s also the same sort of.. You know…

Another Sahaj yogi – When they come out, things like

Another Sahaj yogi – I didn’t want their [Unclear] because of very very wealthy woman. I didn’t know what it was? 

Shri Mataji – Everything is past.

Sahaj yogi – And [Unclear]

Another Sahaj yogi – she is very pretty

Sahaj yogi – She is wealthy to the extreme and  I said Tremanda.. Who paid this? What are they telling you?  [Unclear] and just say it is ridiculous.People are stressing [Unclear].. Nothing is being [Unclear] the money no one know where the money going. [Unclear]. She wrote it all down. & then. She supposedly talked to “mahaShri”..[Unclear] enjoy the moments… enjoy the night.. If there is any problem in this country. [Unclear] This is it..

Shri Mataji – What is it?

Sahaj yogi – I say this is it. This is nonsense. You know people having particular problem.. When Lili was having her problem… I spoke to MahaShri in front of 400-500 people in hall… & I said MahaShri because none of them have guts to say anything. That’s the one of thing you dont talk about and I said MahaShri. Certain people are having certain experiences of they feel that , they are leaving their body and they get very frightened.. They are getting death experiences.. They get very frightened experiences. [Unclear] biggest idiot there and that was it. You laugh & that was end of it… and everyone else laugh … laugh.

Another Sahaj yogi – They all laugh very well.

Sahaj yogi – You know – and we know all of them are suffering from it. The people don’t want to say anything about it. [Unclear]. Its like a spider web, you just hang on the thread. What happen when that thread snaps? You just left after that.

Shri Mataji – Because already he is burnt most of your boats. 

Sahaj yogi – the person reaches there have nothing. They have nothing. They have no training. They left school. They didn’t have any training. They have nothing. they left school.. they left to meditate young..they left school.. They go straight into teacher training course. They spend 3 or 6 months which  cost them anything up to 2500 – 3000 pounds to do that… then become four times [Unclear] for 10 years. Then they are not trained in anything else [Unclear]. What they do [Unclear]. They look to work in private then [Unclear] What is it? [Unclea] And they are fifteen- twenty thousand people. [Unclear] and their knowledge is so miniscule, They even talk and any of them.. I mean they are like [Unclea: Cats]

Shri Mataji – They are shallow

Sahaj yogi – They are very harsh. No heart.

Shri Mataji – They just go deep and it’s all made up like this.

Sahaj yogi – and they go up with a very set propaganda thing. You know – [Unclear], then you got all the anxiety of exams [Unclear] why do we have to pay 40 pounds. Well you see.. If you don’t pay 40 pounds then there is no meaning to it and you are westerner and you hold money as a … as a.. 

Shri Mataji- Symbol of meaning.  

Sahaj yogi – yeah… if you don’t pay then you don’t do it. You give up.. Why do we have to pay 1200 pounds without doing course.. you see.. city is ours

Other sahaja Yogini: This is the same thing they did to us.[Unclear] But people came for 2 weeks [Unclear] & stayed at our place… they were definitely not paying 1500 bucks a week.. And after the course we went to [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – so, you must have starved, eaten potates [Unclear] 

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – But Peter who did that .. telling 

Sahaj yogi – Who’s running the course.. [Unclear] We went their at a time. [Unclear] Anyway, we left

Shri Mataji – I would say at a stage there must be some people who are having [Unclear]. I am sure of that at a certain stage like you said a lady [Unclear] that’s sort. That’s done. You see.. So, they must be paying to their hands at a point. But all of you were sort of didn’t understand and we are trying.. You see couldn’t get out of it. That was the point. 

Sahaj yogi – The thing is like a person highly positive. [Unclear]

Another Sahaj yogi – This is mad. This is crazy. 

Sahaj yogi – You know.. I mean, the interesting thing was  that when MahaShri was speaking in public. He was a certain character and when He meets in private he was a completely different person. He said… Don’t worry… Everything would be alright. You don’t have to worry about money and open the door  and then… change like that. Like that… You become a completely different man. 

Shri Mataji – About what he say?

Sahaj yogi – Well for instance, there was one chance, when i am working in [Unclear]. I was working in the architectural department. Building.. The building was huge.. [Unclear] and they had bill for 60000 francs of electricity bill and Electricity goes and they hadn’t paid the bill for some time. So, the decision was by the electricity board they switch off electricity for the entire village because they didn’t pay the bill. [Unclear]. So the community, whole community operates in the small community. So community is like a council of this area, then council came to ask architectural department and demand 60000 francs So, there was this public meeting. So, one man stood up asks the person in-charge and asks why this money hasn’t been paid? Pay it…. (incomplete conversation)

 A lady with a child come.Child is crying.

Shri Mataji – No no.. Mooladhara and left visudhi. Now, it’s lot.

Shri Mataji asking from a lady –  Where were you born(in Hindi)? 

Shri Mataji asking from a child – (in Hindi) what happen? Should i give you something to  eat? Do you want a banana? Do you want to eat it? Come here.

Child crying again

Shri Mataji to lady – (in Hindi) Throw this photo away. Because of this my hand is not working. It is happening due to this photo. It is too hot.

Sahaj yogi – Jai Shri Mataji. I have to go now. I have to gives  sahaj yoga in [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – When?

Sahaj yogi – This afternoon at 2:00 clock.

Shri Mataji – ok.. Good.. May God Bless you. And [Unclear]

Sahaj yogi – See you in Balgarnium

Shri Mataji – Definitely. May God Bless you. You are going too?

Sahaj yogi – No, I am not going.

Shri Mataji – so, i have to tell you about baby. He had a supra-conscious ghost on it. And i have put it out.. Gone out. Now.. He is alright. So, you take him [Unclear] I cleared that first day. But this one was very bad when she gave him. Now he doesn’t shake. He is alright. So, you take him out. He is alright. He himself confessed, he was giving ideas of ego and all that. Now, he is alright. He will be alright. Don’t you worry. Things are being easier for them. 

Actually they came for the program and they telephoned me to come alone here in the program. There is no program That’s good. They came on their ownall and there was certain things, I asked her to remove. I am coming on the.. What date?

Sahaj yogi – 16th

Shri Mataji – Alright. May God Bless you. I hope you will be coming in one of the programs.

Sahaj yogi – Yeah

Shri Mataji – Good

Sahaj yogi going

Shri Mataji – May God Bless you. May God Bless you.

Child playing now.

Shri Mataji – What’s his name?

Sahaj yogi -Derek

Shri Mataji – Derek is his name?

Shri Mataji – Somebody says a gentleman comes to house whose name is joshi. What does he do for a living?

Sahaj yogi – My husband discovering [unclear: his wealth. He just found.]

Shri Mataji – Are you feeling cold in hands?

Sahaj yoga – Yes, I am feeling

Shri Mataji – What is the occupation of the Joshi?

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear] Satya Naryan Katha

Shri Mataji – When did you do? These are all businesses for money.

Sahaj  yogi – I don’t have his photo of Joshi.

Shri Mataji – whom photo do you have?

Sahaj yogi – i have a photo of Bal Yogeshwar.

Shri Mataji – [angrily]

He attacks the child. He is a very bad man. First remove his photo.

Sahaj yogi – When coming from India, photo was also brought.

Shri Mataji – First remove the photo. Just beat that  Bal Yogeshwar, a horrible fellow. Beat him out. Just see – this child had got it from that Bal Yogeshwar fellow. Due to him, children suffer from a very bad disease.  

Child talks with Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji talking to a child- You are liking it. You can take it. This is good. You can eat. You are liking it. Have it… Take it.. Yes its lemon.. Take it.. Eat it.

Shri Mataji talking to Yogis- That horrible Bal Yogeshwar. He killed so many people. Why you need him?

Do you know? His 14 years(age) pupil get a punishment. You don’t know. In switzerland.. You didn’t read.

Woman – I don’t know anything about him. 

Shri Mataji – That Johiji.. … Anyway.. don’t invite such kind of people at home. All the ghosts are in your home. At Least remove the photo of Bal Yogeshwar. Otherwise he will attack the child again. Thank God you told me. They didn’t tell yesterday? One child had suffered through Leukemia .. cancer because of Bal Yogeshwar. Don’t go to all these types of things.

Shri Mataji – Ask from yourself.. Are you ‘AdiShakti’? Ask this question? You do mediation of Jagdamba. So you ask.. Are you Jagdamba?


Woman asking question from Shri Mataji- My husband wants to do some business. He brought a shop. 

Another Sahaj yogi – Everything will be alright?. Will he be running shop alright?

Shri Mataji – First of all you must be alright inside… clear your Devtas, then everything will be alright. If all Devtas are happy everything will be alright. And all devtas are inside us only. So, first clear your devtas.

(Child playing now)

Shri Mataji – Child is alright now. Is he looking alright now? Is he normal? Does he do like this normally? Does he play like this normally?


Shri Mataji – She is asking you. She is opening their shop.

Sahaj yogi – yes, she told me.

Shri Mataji – What i said, that is also important. If inside you are alright, if there is Laxmi’s blessing, everything will be alright.

Sahaj yogi – Blessing will work. Don’t worry about anything.

Shri Mataji – Be alright. He is very good – I must say. What’s your name?

Sahaj yogi – Chris

Shri Mataji – Chris.. You are doing well.

Are you feeling alright? Give him bandhan though.. Give him bandhan  because this child [Unclear]

Shri Mataji explaining to someone – Just a child has come. Whose mother is worshipping the Bal Yogeshwar. She also had caught up.

What’s your name?

Sahaj yogi – Vijaya

Shri Mataji – his?

Sahaj yogi – Amin

[Some activities are going on]

Shri Mataji to child: Come… Come to me… 

[child starts crying]

Shri Mataji: Ok.. No.. no.. no..ok.. Take it.. Take it.. see..

You see – a little child can bring it. Just see – how he caught up. Now look at me. Don’t do all these types of things. Remove the black thread worn in the hand. Don’t wear black in hand. You can wear red but not black. Never take photos of all these Guru’s or such bad people. Child suffer through all this. 

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – you see it works out in the same way. See – what’s going on left Nabhi…. It is horrible. Do you also feel angry? Insomnia issues. These are the symptoms. See everybody is feeling. Now you are also feeling. A child has got it. Everybody is feeling. You see – this is a collective conscious. You see – all of you are feeling that. [Unclear] 

Bring the child.


Feeling Better?? Good.. Now do you feel cool breeze?

Mother to child –  Say Jai Jai” [asking child to bow down/worship]….. 

Shri Mataji – Its alright…Now, Are you feeling peace?

Say the Lord’s prayer – 3 times

Everyone singing Lord’s prayer

Shri Mataji – Better now.. See his chakra Agnya

Mother to child – Asking him again to bow down. 

Shri Mataji – Did you take kumkum?

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear]

Mother to child – Asking him again to bow down…Jai jai..Jai.. Jai. 

Shri Mataji – Please come here. Are your parents disciples  of Bal yogeshwar?

Woman – No, brother of my father in law

Shri Mataji – Did he get any benefit.

Woman – Dont know

Shri Mataji – Then don’t take his name. If you are not getting any benefit, why to go there!!! Then don’t go. 

Mother to child – Asking him again to bow down…. Jai Jai

[Many activities going on….]

Mother to child – Asking him again to bow down…. Jai Jai.. jai jai

[Child starts crying]

Shri Mataji – Don’t force him. he will not listen. He will be alright.

Sahaj yogi – [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – How are you? How many sister you are?

Sahaj yogi – 3 sister.

Shri Mataji – You all are come from…

Sahaj yogi – Malhari 

Shri Mataji – Ok. I have been there. Is she going to some guru or some. No.. you know her.. Have you ever gone to these horrible people?..No..  What about these Supra Nature business… No.. 


Put your left hand on me and right to [Unclear].. 

Better now? Much better?

How are you?

Linda how are you?


I can do anything to your eyes.


Shri Mataji working on yogis

What are you studying

Sahaj yogi- [Unclear]

Shri Mataji – you suddenly get nervous sometimes?? or depressed??


Shri Mataji –  you get Nervous and Depressed some time.

You shouldn’t go in the night out a door. Otherwise also. Not travel in night.. Say at least walk around after say 10’o clock

Shri Mataji talking to Yogi.. How is your mother? Alright?.. How is your father? Alright?.. Both of them are alright?? You have good relations with them? [Unclear]