The Higher Life

Reading (England)

1979-06-15 1 Sahaja Yoga Introduction 1, 62'
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“The Higher Life,” Public Programme, Reading, 1979


This is The Living Power that I am talking about. It has so many more facilities and also capacities to work out that no camera can replace. And there are so many eyes we have gained without any effort, without any money being paid for. Only we realise it when we have a problem with our eyes. In the same way if you have to achieve something higher, if you have to get something more than what we are, if you have to perfect ourselves, the One who has created you, the One who has manifested this human awareness within you is going to do. And He has to do it because it is His creation and He is going to see to it that He achieves the completion of His [Creation].


They were quite shocked, one or two people, when we start talking of God. That is something very, very usual I have seen in people that they do not like it when we talk about God, because they think God is a myth. Now, I would say that before we start off, with such problems of whether there is God or not, let us first see, whatever is said about God, is it [??]; is there some sense in it? Let’s find out that point. If we can find even a little bit of it, then maybe we might be able to see the whole truth.


So first of all it is said that, “There is God’s All-pervading Power, which organises everything, works out everything and which loves.” How many of you can say that they have felt it? Very few. What is the reason we cannot feel that within us or around us?


Now, for example, here if I say there are all kinds of pictures around you which you cannot see. But if you put a television immediately you catch all these pictures. That means you are not a television as yet to see that. But as soon as we put the television it can catch. It has more sensitivity, more capacity to capture that which looks absolutely hidden and unknown; you cannot see it. In the same way, we have to be something more than what we have been to feel that, to understand that. And that’s what gives you the reason for our seeking.


We do feel we are not perfect: there’s something is lacking in us, we have to go beyond; it’s not sufficient for us to be satisfied. That’s how you are seeking. What is that and how we are going to reach there is the second problem which we face.


I would say that truth is truth by itself and you cannot conceive it through your own understanding, when you are not in the truth. For example if you are dreaming, then in dreams you cannot think of the truth. Supposing you are all in a dream, you have to be awakened, to know the truth. In a dream you do feel everything being truthful. You think that, “Yes, there’s a ??, there’s a light. Yes all these things are there.” But when you are awakened then you know that it wasn’t real. In the same way we are in a dream which is just a statement from me, which is just a statement from me which I have given to you and for that ?? is that you must keep your minds open and not suddenly jump to any conclusions because you have read something against the Divine Power, but just try to feel it. Because this is your right, this is what God has given you, that you should manifest: that awareness within you by which you can feel the All-pervading Divine Power.


And this is not going to be denied to anyone who asks for it. But God is not going to fall at everybody’s feet that, “Please ask for it.” That is your freedom. That is what you have to ask for. You have to desire it. You cannot give up your freedom nor it will be denied. It is respected. In the same way, you cannot take God’s free will; which doesn’t fall at your feet. I request you to seek it.


So now I’m talking about that All-pervading Power which you cannot see. I would say it is like a mirror which is God’s reflection on to many things. We cannot see the mirror because we stop at the reflections. Our attention is on the reflection that’s why we cannot feel the bliss; while the mirror is the one that is reflecting and all the reflections are changing. But because our attention is still in that dreamland of reflection we cannot feel that All-pervading Power.


So now, is there any method within our being which is being raised by God Almighty? Because if He has created us He must have power which triggers this happening within us by which we become aware of that All-pervading Power.


I say there is a method; there is a special instrument within us which is being placed by God. Through our different phases of evolution He has placed different centres within us which are subtle centres in the spinal cord. Now these centres do exist within us and if you want to see these centres you can, with your own eyes, you can visualise it. You can see, some people, I will show you, when we try to raise their Kundalini, you see that this Kundalini will start pulsating. You can see with your naked eyes that triangular bone. In the triangular bone you can see the Kundalini pulsating. And then you can also see the rising of the Kundalini. And you can also see the pulsation of these centres in some.


This may not be in every person. It may be in some few people this will happen, but not in every person. Because if there is an obstruction here and here, then only the Kundalini pushes Herself  too much, too hard, and that’s how could you see the pulsation very clearly. But some people have such beautiful centres and such beautiful Kundalini and such beautiful desire that it just rises straight away, and just like a jet. You do not see anything and you just become thoughtlessly aware when it crosses the Agnya, this centre here.


And then when it opens out this part of the head, which we call as Sahasrara or Brahmarandhra, here, the opening of the Brahma, then the whole thing becomes as if you have become a holy personality – absolutely a holy personality. And at that moment you feel cool vibrations flowing into you.


This is a happening and an actualisation and not a sermoning and a brainwashing. Now say, even if it’s my own daughter: if she is not realised, she’s not. I cannot say, “You are realised,” because it is a happening which happens to every individual and one has to be honest about it, that you cannot guarantee it with anyone. If it will work out, well and good: one can work hard on him to pull the Kundalini out. Only the difference is that only those who are realised have got the power to raise the Kundalini: otherwise every Dick, Tom, Harry cannot do it.


Like, we think that everybody has right to talk about God. Everybody has. Even Napoleon, Hitler, I mean, anyone. They can talk about God. I mean, nobody is going to catch their tongues and say, “How dare you talk about God? What right have you got? What your authority is?” In the same way about Kundalini also everybody talks. Talking is different, raising it is absolutely different. It’s only possible if the person has that authority from the Divine. It’s the sign of a person who is realised – the one who can raise the Kundalini, who can show you the raising of the Kundalini and can give you Realisation.


This is the first time a human being is doing a living work. So far what living work have you done? Say if you have painted this, maybe, all right, very good, artistic, all right. But is it a living work? We cannot germinate even a small, little seed – even one! But here you will be germinating the seeds of human beings. And this is the force here, which is kept here, this living force, awaiting for that happening: which is called as Kundalini. She sleeps there in three and a half coils, very nicely settled down. And She is your Mother, because she gives you your rebirth.


Every individual has an individual Mother. And your Kundalini is so sweet a Mother, settled down there. And like a tape recorder, She is taping down all that you have done in the name of God, in the name of such. Even if you are a materialistic person She knows. She knows everything. And while rising She indicates what sort of personality you are, what’s the problem, what centres are catching. There could be physical problems, there could be mental problems, there could be spiritual problems. But She feels so anxious to give you the rebirth that at the first shot Kundalini will rise. And then She settles back again into these centres and tries to nourish them and bring them up.


Now these centres are, though subtle, inside the medulla oblongata, you can see them manifested outside as plexuses, as the doctors call them, by different things. For example, this centre manifests the pelvic plexus which also looks after the sex. Now one has to remember that Kundalini is above, so sex cannot have anything to do with Kundalini. And  the Deity on this centre is the embodiment of innocence. Say a child who is innocent doesn’t understand any sex. That’s why He’s put down there. Then He incarnates again at this point, as Christ – same personality.


Now this one is here at this point where you see my mark is. Inside the brain where the optic chiasma crosses each other, at that point it is. It controls your pituitary and pineal. Then the other one is this centre which moves around your stomach. This one helps manifest our aortic plexus and looks after all the physical organs that are over here, like the liver, a part of liver, pancreas, your spleen and again kidneys. This is the creative centre which looks after the creative side. This is the creative side within us.


So if, supposing, somebody is catching on this, supposing he is catching on the right hand side, means definitely he must be an artist. That means he is using too much of his creativity; he is imbalanced as far as creativity is concerned.


Say if he is catching on the other side, on the left hand side Swadishthana, then that means that person has been indulging into some sort of a black magic, or is being under the influence of the black magic. Means just the opposite of the creativity of mind: in the sense that his mental capacities have been used, his emotional capacities have been used for wrong things. And that is how you know when you catch on Swadishthana that you have this problem. Mostly people who are possessed, people who have wrong type of gurus, they have this problem, they catch onto the Left Swadishthana.


Or you can see on, here is the thumb, and that thumb, you see thumbs indicating. When you are a realised-soul you start feeling all these centres on your five fingers. So if you start feeling heat on the right or the left, accordingly you will know what is the position of your problem and what is actually wrong with you.


Say, for a liver patient immediately you catch it here, right hand side. That means your liver is in problems. A person who is very much all the time thinking, mentally using his capacity to produce something for the future, because right side is for the future. So if you are a big planner and all time you are planning and if the planning has got into you as a habit then this chakra starts working very fast, and at this stage what happens that the other side is completely neglected. Because of the neglect this side becomes frozen, and that’s how such people develop diabetes, because of imbalance. One side is used too much, another side is not used.


Like, morning you get up, have a wash, go to the office, come back home, work out, then again you go through the next day. You have no time for your wife, or children or anything. You are a busy man, then have your diabetes. That’s what it will take you a little worse. So the nature tries to give you balance. Such people also get heart attacks, because the Left Side being neglected, they get heart attack. So that is to say that, in life, whatever imbalances come to us are also because of using up this side or that side. And, like that, all these centres – one by one I cannot tell you today, in such a short time – all these centres show that you have to be in the centre.


If you are a temperate person and not with extremes, you keep to the centre. At that time when the person is absolutely in the centre, he is neither too much on the left or on the right. He is not too much emotional and neither too much mental. Then, at that time the Kundalini rises in the proper way.


Because when you are on one side, I would say the left and right sympathetic nervous systems, both on the left and the right as you see here working out in this way: when you move too much on one side this is also very dangerous and that’s how we develop a disconnection; the connection between the two is lost. When this is lost, it starts working on its own. When it has starting working on its own, now see this centre if it starts working on its own, it loses this connection with the whole. And that time cancer is set in. Cancer is not so very old disease. It’s a modern disease, cancer is. How it has come to be, is because these fifty years we have realised that we have to find something out to evolve. We all are conscious of it, whether we like it or not, but we are all conscious of it, that the present life that we are living is nonsense. Because of this consciousness and because of the development of the ego in us, we start understanding that we have been working on something that is not the end of our life or that there’s something more and that is why the tension you see. See our forefathers, say three generations back, didn’t know what tension was, what was cancer. This is a very modern stuff is the tension.


When the tension is built up, again the imbalance starts. And when the imbalance starts you start moving either to right or to the left. In the beginning it is maybe just a disease or just a little problem here and there, but it can develop into anything serious like depending on the centres which are catching. Specially if in this part there is an imbalance then cancer of the stomach is set in: leukemia. Leukaemia is just this. And leukaemia can be cured through Sahaja Yoga you’ll be amazed. But don’t bring all the leukaemia patients to me, because we need people who are doctors themselves, who themselves are first of all cured and then you can cure leukaemia patients. You can see that by giving them a full balance in this area, you can cure them.


Now this science of God’s own method is absolutely perfect.There cannot be two opinions about it, there cannot be. Like, if you go to the doctor, he may say something [is] wrong with your eyes, he may say something is wrong with your brain, he may say something’s wrong with your throat and you just have temperature! So you don’t know what to say. I mean, it could be anywhere wrong, anywhere, according to every doctor you come against.


But in Sahaja Yoga, when you get Realisation: means, when the Kundalini pierces through, as I told you, and as the vibrations start flowing, you don’t have any two opinions about it – everybody feels the same. Say you have some children who are realised-souls. There are many children in this country who are born-realised and they have vibrations. You put ten children together and tie up their eyes and ask them to feel the vibrations and they all will tell the same thing about a person. There are not two opinions. There cannot be two opinions about it.


And this is how, once the vibrations start flowing through you, gradually you start understanding their language. You understand what they mean. The whole decoding is explained to you and you can verify yourself. For example, somebody comes in, and you catch on this. Today only we had a patient and she was catching on this one. So I asked her, I said, “Where is your father?” She said, “He died suddenly. I couldn’t meet him.” And then she came out with the whole problem about her father. She said, “I’m so worried because you see, at this time, I am catching about his dying,” and this and that. I said, “All right.” And then she told me the Deity she worships, that is also the same centre right hand side, right side hand side of the heart we have a centre here. And so I asked her, “Why didn’t you ask your father to leave you alone now and promise that you are all right and that he should take his birth if he likes, but he should not bother about you?” And she felt better. And she had asthma. It’s very simple. But everybody cannot do it, because you must be a person who is authorised. You must have your vibrations flowing; otherwise it has no meaning.


So it is absolutely to be understood that you cannot make a circus out of it. You cannot sort of make a hypocritical announcement about it, and you cannot force, “Oh,” that, “No you are this.” If you are that, you are that. If you are not, you are not.


It is so simple and once you accept this fact, you will be amazed that you will progress much faster. But one should be able to face it, which is a very difficult thing. The first concentration comes from your own ego. It’s a horrible stuff sits on the head here. This is the ego, is a by-product of the activity of the right hand side. And it presses this one down to such an extent that it can become congested on the Agnya, the whole thing. So you can become a Napoleon as far as your thinking is concerned, can be with that. And when you start praising it, you really don’t understand, “How my ego is now giving me ideas!” And the ideas, you will find, are so idiotic and so foolish sometimes that you realise suddenly, after Realisation, that this is not you. “This just can’t be.” Because you start seeing it.


First of all, as we see now, you can see me, I can see you. I can see this lamp. I say, “Oh, this is the lamp.” That means I am not that lamp because I can see it. All right?

Then I can see this room, or this is the room. That means I can see the room. That means I am not the room.

I can see these hands, so I’m not the hands.

Now I say I can see this body, so I am not this body.

I can know my brain, so I am not the brain.

I can know my thoughts, then I am not the thoughts. So something definitely is wrong with this.


That’s what you are: which sees, knows and understands. And that’s what resides in your heart, reflected in your heart as the Spirit. In Sanskrit language is called as ‘Atma’. I have to use some Sanskrit words for which you must excuse me, because I’m not so good at English first of all, and moreover it is, in the Sanskrit language only, there are some words which are very expressive.


Perhaps as you have developed your science and your outward life much more, in the same way, in India, perhaps, people didn’t have to face life in the way you had to face here the dangers of nature; or we can say the life in India is naturally much more peaceful because there is sun, there is no problem of rain, they have clear-cut seasons, so people know how to manage their life in a simple way. That may be the reason that they tried to search within themselves. And from ancient times they have been finding out what is the way to be transformed. And in their finding they did commit, some of them did commit mistakes. And in that committing mistakes, of course it should be forgiven. But some people have been deliberate about it. And those deliberations have created three types of schools which are to be understood. One is that goes onto the right, another goes onto the left, another one goes to the centre.


So we have got on the right hand side, the supraconscious area, we call it. And beyond that, is collective supraconscious area.

On the left hand side we have got the subconscious area and beyond that is the collective subconscious area.

And on top here is the super-conscious area, where we enter into the subtleness of Divine Power and start feeling it. That is what one has to achieve. That is what is to be born again, to be twice born. So many people  have seen they said, “Mother, I am already twice born.” And I didn’t know what to tell, because they are wrong. If they are I would I would love to see that they are, because we’ll speak the same language; they’ll understand and I will understand. But when this happens to you, this breakthrough takes place, you get connected with the whole.


For example, say, this is God, and you are a part in that. Once you get Realisation what happens is that you get connected with God and you start feeling the whole and that’s how you assume, I wouldn’t say ‘assume’, you actualise, collective consciousness, because you just start feeling the centres of others, as well as yours. You start seeing yourself because Self-realisation comes and you start seeing others because you become connected with the whole.


So everybody is conscious that we have to be part of the whole. If we do not understand the cycle, if we do not understand our position in the whole we become malignant, we become cancers.


Now the idea of “on my own”: there cannot be any life that could be on its own. I was amazed, the other day I was listening to one of the programmes on the TV “Mother’s Long Search” where they were all talking about wholesomeness and that people are searching for wholesomeness. And the most amusing thing was, that they ended up in milking a goat. I just don’t know how it comes to that! To become the whole, if you milk the goats how do you become one with the whole? I just couldn’t understand. But they blame all the modern sciences and the modern technologies and modern living for all the tensions that they have got. And that’s how they say, if you take to goats it will be all right. It is not so. That is just a very misleading conception of life. I agree [that] modernisation and too much of artificialities of life have taken you away from the beauty of life, the aesthetics of life, or the calmness of life, the blissfulness of life, but it has not taken you away from reality by any chance because reality is yet to be found in you.


On the contrary, some of the science things are of great help to Sahaja Yoga and I must pay my tribute to it. For example, now, my photograph has the vibrations of very…I mean I wouldn’t say as good as me being there, but quite a lot the presence, you can feel it. And we have cured people through my photographs. But, if there were no photographs I don’t think the people would have worked that fast.


Then there are many other things which work out. For example, I speak on the loudspeaker. And one of the disciples told me in India that, “Mother, we see your vibrations getting into the mic which you are using. But again, we see them again relayed out from the loud speakers that they have. I said, “Is that the thing?” So I started using the mic on my chakras, and it worked wonders. I was surprised that how it is expanded.


So all these discoveries have come to us as a blessing from God. He Himself has given these to us, for us to finish our mundane work, day-to-day work. Imagine you could not have been here today: you would have been ploughing your field somewhere. And you must be walking for miles together to come to this Church Street, you see. But, can you believe, it’s worked out in this way that you have so much of time. And people know that time is important: they are having watches and they say, “You must save time. You must save time.” For what? What are we saving for? You ask somebody, “I must save time. I am very late!” Then when I say, “What’s it?” “I must go to London.” I said, “What is it?” “I have to attend a ball.” That’s what the saving of time is for!


Also you must ask somebody else, he’ll say,  “Oh, I have go to the pub. There are friends I have to see,” Is this the way are we going to save our time?


So, even the unconscious is trying to give us a proper guideline to be finding that superior power. By running away from anything you are not going to get it. You don’t have to run away from London to get it. If you run away to any furthest place from London, still you will be there with all your problems, with all your ideas about things. I have seen people who have been in the jungles, they are living in the jungles, but they will have a compound to their house. So I said, “Now, why you have a compound?” Then they have a locker. So I said, “You are still carrying the same germ in your head. You think you have achieved a lot of freedom by running away.”


What is there to run away when you are free? If you are absolutely free what is there to run away? You can face reality and enjoy it when you are absolutely free. And that absolute freedom is to be achieved.


But the idea of freedom also is so much clouded in us that we think that if we play into our weaknesses we are the freest people. If the society allows us to enjoy our weaknesses we [think we] are the best. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised tomorrow some sort of laws may come up that you must allow people to thieve. It’s possible. How can you say they will not? Because people are so fond of thieving, you know. If we have some kleptomaniacs in majority, in any country, they may say that, “You must allow us to thieve, because we are all kleptomaniacs. We enjoy that.” And they may have a complete enterprise which is built on kleptomaniac style of habits to be pampered. So to allow any of our weaknesses to sit on our head is not the way we are going to be free.


Freedom comes by which we become so powerful that nothing can enslave us. We enjoy our freedom and we worship the freedom of others. We understand them. We never aggress on others, nor do we take in aggression but we stand in our own, we talk in our own freedom. That is what freedom is.


But all those ideas I cannot correct by just standing here and giving you lectures. It’s another brainwashing.


But what happens when the Kundalini rises She enlightens all of the centres. By enlightenment you start seeing the whole thing. Like in this room if it is dark I can’t see anything, but if there is light I can see everything clearly, I can relate everything to everyone. I know what is what, what is the use for what. But if there is no light I cannot see. And this is what is enlightenment. When the Kundalini rises, She enlightens all these centres. And when these centres are enlightened within us, we have physical, emotional, mental and spiritual enlightenment, by which we get completely integrated and we start seeing things as they are, relating them as they are, and we find our peace within.


Now it sounds very fantastic. It’s too much to believe. “After all, you see Mother, you can’t explain.” That’s true. I must say, it is fantastic. I mean, I am myself surprised the way people get Self-realisation. It’s really fantastic. But it is not also, because this all building up has taken thousands of years within you. It has been built up all everything nicely. It could be if you supposing take a nice television set in India and if you have electricity by chance in the village, which is probably not. But supposing there is electricity and you put the television and if it starts working people will say, “How can it be? We can’t just believe it! It’s a miracle! How can it happen?”


Or a telephone for example, you see. When first the telephone started, I remember in my house, telephone came for the first time when I was about seven or eight years of age. And we used to ring up the whole day and the whole night to our friends. And we were so excited about it. We couldn’t believe how we could talk to some people who were away from us.


But this is what it is that your instrument is all ready, but when it starts working, it starts working. And the whole thing then, it looks so fantastic, and you start feeling that power within you by which you know also all the answers to all your absolute questions like, “Is there God?” You ask the question now in your heart, “Is there God?” and the answer will be through vibrations, says, “Yes.”


You ask about any absolute question, this rapport will be established. Like you are a computer and the computer which is very minutely built, in so many years and ages, and so many lives of yours that now you we have this and it just clicks. It is just that.


Now if I have to say that it can be understood rationally – you cannot understand it. Because the triggering takes place by which you enter into the realm which is a beyond realm. And there you see everything and you feel the whole thing is just a dream, and a drama and you are just a witness, which is also described in The Bible.


Now I have just separated Bible here because we are mostly, we have come through Bible only, you see.  But I was amazed that people are so disappointed about Christianity, also about churches; and they think that they are good for nothing. So then I have to say that Sahaja Yoga is not a religion outside, it’s not an organised religion by human beings. It is a thing that is within us, is spontaneously happening within us and it works out absolutely without any concern to your community, race, or to your colour, or to your nationality, or to your position or whatever may be the relationship you may have with each other. For the husband may get Realisation; the wife may not. my own two daughters are not yet realised. Can you believe that? But my four grandchildren are born-realised and they are great people.


So this is what is possible. And whatever is so, you shouldn’t mind. And in this country, I must say, as I have said many a times, that I think this is the heart of the universe. That’s how I was just placed in this country. I didn’t come otherwise. I was just placed. As you know my husband got elected to this job and I had to be here. So I came down and saw how the people here are very much more balanced, and are very wise and really scholarly type. And if they get to anything they do it very fast. But to get to anything itself, is very difficult [for them]! And, because, perhaps they have been disillusioned by so many nonsensical movements that everywhere they go they are searching God, and they want to seek. And, “Let’s see what’s it all about. It’s another story going on.”


So, I have to tell you one more thing that you haven’t come to give me anything. Actually, you cannot give me anything. That’s the sad bit is. I’m the one who can only give you. Like you take so much from nature. What can you give to nature? You cannot. But after Realisation you’ll be surprised you can give vibrations to nature. And this can be done in a way that nobody can do otherwise.


If you, if you see a farm which has been vibrated and which has been tilled by realised-souls, you’ll be amazed, they produce ten times more wheat, and the wheat has a special glow about and it tastes so nice. I have seen with my own eyes and I was amazed. I have been amazed about it.


These things are so much to be understood and you can say now that, unless and until it happens to you, one should not believe it. But once it happens you will be amazed and then you must believe it. Because even then if you do not believe it, then it’s a dangerous thing. Because then the vibrations come down within you and they start disappearing from you and then you are amazed and then you will call me and tell me, “Mother, it was all right first day. I got it and then I lost it.” So that should not happen to all of you people.


I wish you all a very great luck. Let’s see now what is the situation with all of you and let’s work it out.


We have people here who were just like you and they got Realisation. Now they are glowing and they are enjoying their life and they are not at all bored and so they have given up all their nonsense. I do not want to tell you, “Don’t do this, don’t do that.” because I will manage it, so that it you do not just do it. You see, there is a way about these things. And it will happen that your all priorities will change, and you’ll be such a different person that you would just not do that because you won’t enjoy it.


You will start enjoying yourself, when you get the nectar of life, when you get the bliss that you have got within you, then you do not go for these cheap, frivolous things. You will not destroy it. It is automatically dropped from you. It is not done by any force or by any conviction, or by any talking about it. It just happens to you. So may God bless you.


It’s such a big, large subject, you know that. I cannot talk to you in this short time. And I have to tell you that, why I have been late at this programme. The public thought I was very late. And I went round the whole of the corners. Perhaps the vibrations had to go round and I had to go round. And that’s how Gavin got lost. He never gets lost normally!


And I said, “This is what one has to go through,” ??? But there are so many others who can be masters, and I had to go there. So I was enjoying this. And now I see it’s very late, but I would like to see how the position is. Before that I would like you to ask me sensible questions. But why I say sensible questions is because you know that there are some really cracked people – some just coming from the lunatic asylum. We had one like that. And he came out with such a horrible question. I looked at him and I knew what it was then. He went on. But then he realised that he was very much possessed. He’s cured now, he’s cured now. He’s very much better. So, all kinds of people we have helped.


So I would request you: ask sensible questions which will help you to move, and which will be helpful to your ascent ultimately.


Shri Mataji: How are you?


Sahaja Yogi: Very very good vibrations.


Shri Mataji: I am all right.


Sahaja Yogi: You look fine.


Shri Mataji: I am all the time all right. I wish everybody could have that.


How about you? You ask some questions.


New Yogi: Excuse me. I’m rather handicapped at hearing and such but, if I look at your photo and I did feel the coolness of the hands immediately, and I’m terrible for rests but I did feel after a while, as I notice now, that the pain disappeared which I have etc. But erm, wouldn’t it be sufficient, if I had done that each day, and done that for about ten minutes. And apparently I was being worked on as well by someone. Would it be OK without [being worked on]?


Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, it should be. You see, once you have touched it, once you have touched it, you are just there. But you have to maintain it and keep it up. I would say the situation is like this: that if you are getting drowned and you are brought in and put in the ship or on the boat, now you still remember that, you see? So many again will topple down. So steady yourself!


Now somebody asked me, “Mother, when are we steady?” I said, “When you are steady you are steady.” And you don’t find that question anymore once you become steady.


So there is no guarantee of time or anything but it can be just a minute. As a second also it can work out.


New Yogi: Thank you Mother. I am trying concentrate on…


Shri Mataji: It’s already, you see, worked in you. And your ears can be improved also. It’s not difficult to improve your ears. We’ll tell you some methods by which, because of this centre being in trouble your ears are affected. If you can improve this centre your ears will improve. All right?


Shri Mataji: ??


Sahaja Yogini: No, I suffer from epilepsy.


Shri Mataji: What?


Sahaja Yogini: I have got epilepsy.  Someone told me how to clear.


Shri Mataji: Yes, that is clearing for Hamsa.


Sahaja Yogini: My Hamsa?


Shri Mataji: Yes. All right?


Sahaja Yogini: I suffer from epilepsy Mother.


Shri Mataji: I can quite understand, you see, because your Agnya is caught. But now I wouldn’t say that. It’s such a short time. Now where did you get it first?


Sahaja Yogini: I got the epilepsy last year.


Shri Mataji: Did you go to any guru or anything?


(short break in recording)


…you know, we should have brought. You know, you’ll be amazed we use some things called lemons. You know, lemons: oranges and lemons, you see. And those lemons you can vibrate. They have such absorbers of vibrations that they keep the vibrations within themselves. And in the night the vibrations come out and work on a person and in one or two days, you can work it out.


Good, good, all right. So we’ll work it out for you. Hmm?


Now, what else? What is the other problem? Epilepsy is curable, but you have to a little bit cooperate. All right? Are you feeling better now?


Sahaja Yogini: But the main thing is I’ve got it ?? from years ago. But since I got the epilepsy last year, you know…


Shri Mataji: Shoebeat, all right? It’s a question of this centre being blocked. And when this centre is blocked then that also is lacking in you, and that’s why it happens.


But do you know a simple method of curing this one after Realisation, is the mantra for this centre is The Lord’s Prayer. After Realisation you have to say The Lord’s Prayer because Christ is the One who actually keeps us away from dead spirits. And these horrible dead spirits, these busibodies, they don’t want again with life, they hang around where they enter into you and trouble you. It’s worth seeing the way they affect people. But I have seen in the churches; now for example here is the church and I saw huge, big these blocks which are used for the tombs. So that way, they must be having lots of dead spirits. Now if you go to the church you will not get realised, but you will get possessed!


I don’t know from where this idea came into the minds of people: to put all the dead in the church! I mean even if you want to have a place for them, you can have them outside. That is only for the dead. But your children go there, you all go there. I mean, no wonder people are getting mad here – because these are all dead spirits. And out of them maybe at least five per cent are dissatisfied souls, and five per cent are these depraved people. Because whether is a saint or a depraved person, they can all go to hell. And they might be affecting you.


So I saw it and I was rather amazed. Have you seen? Have you noticed it? It’s the warning. And they were very shocked they said, “Now, when are we going to the church? Because look, how many are going to reach the God?”


So this is what it is. We must understand all about all these things that can affect us, that can trouble us. And then when we realise it, then we can control them, control our own problems, and can control them also. They have no reasons to be here at all. We have nothing to do with them. They are dead and gone. We are in the present, they are in the past. They should be in the past. So they want to just enter into this area and want to manifest.


Sahaja Yogini: Mother, You talked about the dead entering the living. Could this have happened to my mother? She was knocked down by a car and banged her head, and two months later she found my father dead and since this, she is not the same person anymore.


Shri Mataji: But she can be cured, my child. Absolutely, she can be cured.


Sahaja Yogini: It’s is my father’s fault. I’ve felt that.


Shri Mataji: Yes, of course. Yes, yes, absolutely. It’s not question of haunting, you see. The father feels for the mother that he thinks that she is been knocked down by the car and he feels concerned about her. So he is to be told and he can go.


Sahaja Yogini: I have thought that inwardly, but I haven’t able approach her for the moment and want to very much.


Shri Mataji: Where is she now?


Sahaja Yogini: She is in Bracknell, in Berkshire. She’s not here tonight.


Shri Mataji: But you can get ??? or maybe I can ??. It’s not difficult. All right? It’s a very common disease this is. Very common. All right? It’s very common.


Sahaja Yogi: Mother, if you don’t mind, I have to speak on behalf of my wife, who led me here, you see, because she can’t speak herself. But she did write you a letter and we brought it to you but there was nobody here. So it’s actually a letter from her explaining her problem.


Shri Mataji: What is the problem in a nutshell. Can you tell me just now what is the problem? You can ask her. If you can speak about it, but if you feel that it is not all right then I don’t mind.


Sahaja Yogi: No, the problem is that last August she began losing the power of her voice and now she can’t speak at all, not to any extent. If she spoke you wouldn’t be able to understand her. And also she finds it very difficult to swallow and feels as if she’s choking when she swallows. And she’s seen doctors and specialists, consultants. They don’t know what causes it and they say they haven’t any treatment for it.


Shri Mataji: Absolutely. It’s just the same. It’s nothing so difficult. All right? She’s catching on the Vishuddhi chakra, this one, here, at the back, and that’s how she has got it. It’s very common. You come and see our programme.


Sahaja Yogini: This is the lady.


Shri Mataji: She’s the lady?


Sahaja Yogi: Yes.


Shri Mataji: We can work it out on her after the programme.


Seeker: My little boy here, he cannot speak or hear. He’s deaf and dumb. Could anything be done?


Shri Mataji: We can do something. We can do.


So got any problems? All right. You have?


Sahaja Yogi: On the heart chakra Mother.


Shri Mataji: You have a heart trouble? Do you feel frightened?


Sahaja Yogi: No, not really, I’m not frightened. I don’t get frightened.  The only problem is I don’t have the energy to do anything. It is coming from the angina.


Shri Mataji: Angina is curable. You have to meditate. It’s all right. All right? Have faith.


What do you want?


Sahaja Yogini: ??


Shri Mataji: You see this bondage itself. That means… And there are certain principles that we observe about it, getting out of it. And, especially during the winter [UNCLEAR WORDS]. But really, you must have a bath. Whatever may be the cold or anything, we all have baths, every day, and then we go out. And here because it’s cold, they will take bath, hot bath. But I was amazed [when] I was in some Himalayan villages, they never take [hot] bath. Always in cold, absolutely cold. You see, because the difference in temperature is so much there, they don’t do it much. That’s why if you look to the persons here, they do not take bath too much. And solve lots of problems, see, of having very few bathrooms and this. And secondly the another thing is that, even if they take it, they take it in the night. But that should be religiously and should not be avoided because when you take your bath you should not go out at least for two, three hours because it catches.


And secondly I have seen here when you go out, mostly what happens is that this portion is always kept opened, because this portion is regarded as something which should be shown to people. So it will be harder to cover this portion of your mouth and nose. But I think this might be one of the reasons why women who observe, for example, some of the religions… But if you could just, if it is very, very cold by any chance, if you could just cover this portion of our mouth, or of our nose and of the part of the mouth, it would very good for us. Because then, these troubles starts because of the sinus. And the sinuses get swollen up because of this cold coming on the nose. I mean, we cover the whole body, we cover everywhere but the nose is exposed. And because of that exposure, complete exposure, this portion gets inflamed and then the sinus starts working out here and because of that, you see, we get this trouble.


Now this is the chakra which controls this, called as ‘Hamsa’. Is this centre here, which – just place your finger there, yes, no, just below. Yes just below that is that centre here, which works it out.


Now the best way to get rid of this coldy-ness (sic) is to be cautious about the climate here – cautious about it. But secondly there are so many things in Sahaja Yoga to cure this centre. And which they will tell you how to cure this centre, how to cure also this centre. If you could cure these two centres then you cannot catch cold much.


But another thing which is very good for the throat is salt. And there’s a simple grandmother’s medicine for this to appease, that you take the, heat a little salt in butter and put that in your throat and in your sinus; a little warm so that it clears out and the salt absorbs the cold. It’s very nice and you’ll feel very much better.


And you can take an onion and roast it and foment it here. Cut it into pieces, cool it a bit and put on the eyes, so that the sinus would be cured. It should be done thrice or four times before sleeping. And there some other things also one can try.


But there is another method by which we can cure cold forever. Sort of we can develop immunity, which is called Jal Neti in the yoga. Because we use yoga wherever it is required at whatever point is. We do not use yoga in the way people do, indiscriminately use, but whenever it is required. Like Jal Neti is required for people who catch very much on this centre and get diseases. It’s a kind of a water carrier that they have. We call that as a Neti. And that one has a, what you call, as a snout which is coming out just like a, just like a kettle. And when you put a little tepid water and the salt in it, you can start pouring: that goes from one end of the nose. And you’ll be surprised that, because of gravity, from the other side it goes down, just like as if the water is poured out. You see, it goes on falling down. And when it falls down like that, it sucks down. Because of the vacuum that is created, it sucks all the mucus and everything from this centre. And you can also use it the other side, like that. If you do it for say about ten days both the type, it helps you a lot. And then gradually you reduce it, and gradually you reduce it. Then you will be absolutely free of the cold – you do not get cold much. Because the salt goes there and sucks out all the problems. And the treatment lasts about for two months or so.


Which they can also teach you some medicines, because I am now experimenting with it, and trying to see. Because this is the first time I have seen that, in this country, I also catch cold. Because I have to have vibrations for your cold, so I get cold. When your cold is all right my cold is also. Because I accumulate that vibration as cold, and then it passes to you and you feel all right and I get cold. It’s like that. So it is, a cold is the problem which you have, is the national problem. And it should be dealt with it on a national basis and in this way it can be worked out. You can become absolutely immune to it, it’s not difficult.


But if you have that problem you can work it out sometime. You can get rid of the sinusitis. But for the time being, you can just use the onion which is a very successful treatment, and use that butter. Butter, heat some nice butter to a boiling point and put some salt in and let it cool down as much as you can bear it. And then put it in your, here, and see that it is good and hot. And then you can pour it through your nose. It will be useful one. It will sooth your membrane and also salt will suck through osmosis, it will suck it through inside. So it is another grandmother’s medicine which is very useful I must tell you.


If you have the salt here I can vibrate it for you. It’s very good for the throat. You should use vibrated salt, vibrated sugar.


For liver also if you can use vibrated sugar it’s good. I think among you, many people are suffering from liver, which you are not aware of. But you have there and I know you are suffering. So if you shouldn’t.


Now what we do is to, from the hands, you see, these vibrations start flowing. Then we do our hands in such a way that we put a covering, or, sort of, enlightening our aura so that nothing enters into us. And we can enlighten others’ auras also.


There are so many ways how you put the bandhan. But the vibrations must flow: that’s the first point. If there are no vibrations it’s like binding a dead wood.


So it is about physical weakness or something else you are worried about?


Sahaja Yogini: Can I help a dog with a damaged spine, Mother?


Shri Mataji: Whose?


Sahaja Yogini: My mother’s dog. It’s got a damaged spine. It’s a really cute dog.


Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, by all means, why not? You see, it’s such, you have got it, the vibrations. You put one hand to the dog the other hand to the photo. Just just see. It’s good. I’m happy it’s your mother’s,  otherwise if I told you on anybody else’s, you would not have tried. You try, it’s very simple. Just put your hands, just try.


Any problem?


Sahaja Yogi: I’m catching on this one.


Shri Mataji: How are you? Are you all right?


Sahaja Yogini: Not too bad.


Shri Mataji: Are you feeling any cool breeze in the hands?


Sahaja Yogini: Yes.


Shri Mataji: Good. Are you feeling also?


You will be amazed, you’ll start looking much younger, all of you. I mean, I don’t recognise people after Realisation! When I look at realised-souls, I must say I don’t recognise them, and they say, “Mother, we have been to you! Have you forgotten us?” I said, “No, but your faces are so radiant!” because you look so relaxed, you see.


It’s good. Living in any place where so many people got Realisation.


What about you? Are you feeling the cool breeze?


Seeker: I feel.


Shri Mataji: You?


Seeker: It’s hard to describe.


Shri Mataji: Let others see you. Come along here.


What about him, are you getting the cool breeze?


Seeker: Yes.


(End of recording)