Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Bala's house, Birmingham (England)

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Talk to Sahaja Yogis. Bala’s, Birmingham (UK), 16 June 1979.

Shri Mataji: Are you better now?

So all the centres which are in you or in anyone, are reflections of the centres of the Primordial being. Alright?

Supposing that Primordial Being takes a Human form, ?? That the completion of that was done when Krishna came ?? Sampurna?. But still for human beings it was necessary to be resurrected so his son was Christ, his own son, that was why he was called as Christ, from Krishna, Christ. And he came on this earth to show you how to fulfil the description about Divine Power that was given to us by Krishna, that it cannot be killed by any weapon, it cannot be blown by any strong winds, it cannot be cut, it is immortal. That’s why the embodiment of that immortal principle of Brahma was Christ, came on this earth. That’s why ? and Krishna placed him higher than him, if you read the Devi Mahatmayam that you find ? the incarnation of Mahavishnu he called him Mahavishnu, his own son was called as Mahavishnu and that was Christ, ? I have been with all of them, and with Krishna ? And now I have come as a Mother as only a Mother can do this job, it’s a very difficult job it requires a lot of patience Krishna can’t do it, he is not ? Though he plays tricks with you. So I had to come and Krishna had to ? All of them are settled down here nicely, they are here so they are not incarnations in that way, so that’s it in a nutshell. My position is here because Christ was here and beyond this is the collective now. I may take myself, ..?? I may come later on to sort it out now I am here so you shouldn’t worry, just you worry to save people as many as you can.


Better now?


Alright I will tell you about Gita and that’s how all your Vishuddhi will be cleared and all the deities come. Put your hands, it’s much better, it’s much cooler now.

(Muffled conversation with yogis)

Ah, All of you are going to feel better , mmmm ???? Better?

Yogi: ??

Shri Mataji: Hot head, Head alright, Mmmm better. Better in the head? Sit down sit down sit down, Ah better now?

Ah cooler? ? Better get rid of the idea of how you have been cheated then you will be better you see, ?? Obstruct it. Forget it, ? you get alright then we are going to put it right ?? Totally Like a football in this gentleman? Ha ha ha ha ha.

There’s another one this Rajneesh, he is localised because the way he is so much allergic to flowers and to fragrance that he starts sneezing so he can’t get out of his place you see so he has to be there, even if he has to move from his room, from the lecture hall, he goes into his

Mercedes ?? his car. You see

Yogi: It always seems to be Left nabhi.

Shri Mataji: You all think of getting married and having a nice wife, alright? ? He was asking does it help? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. It does, every Mother does that, she is very anxious to have a nice little wife for her son and a nice husband for her daughter and in a very nice time little little grandchildren. ??? He was very upset on this point, so what I said ??? On the point of marriage. ? Yogi: I was asking him about it yesterday afternoon, but he didn’t care to comment.

Shri Mataji: ???? His friend got married, Then whom does he marry but a teacher of TM? And that one was such a camouflage, she came to me, horrible vibrations she had , she has got I asked her what have you been doing, she said this year I was TM I was working for them, I said really? She said yes, she said they are paying me a lot of money, ? so I said ??? Black marks on her face, she was a good looking girl. And a brahmacharya I said see now look here ? But she was a teacher for three years then discovered it. ? From there it started, TM you see? You see that’s the beginning when she came into the real vibrations,then it has started now ??awareness has started flowing so once later she was upset and she said Mother of all things I needed to go to him, I used to be a simple Indian girl. ? She said imagine this, So I told her I said don’t marry because I told

her don’t marry a Sahaja yogi otherwise so also??you are becoming brothers and sisters you can’t, We have tried, we have thousands of them, you cannot marry either they have known each other before or later, now what else?

Better now? Better, better.


You are unkind to your husband you know, ?? this horrible man he wants to have you celibate you see, throw him in the sea, he taught you how to ??

Yogini: ?

Shri Mataji: You had better get alright and then you will see what I mean, ?? but first of all you get out of it, you see he is using you as the hostess that’s the problem. That’s why I am afraid to do anything, so now you all get well and I will see to it whichever way you want it…upside down?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha You tell me how alright, whatever is satisfied in you ? But I was surprised at some of you say Linda for example she was worried about his well being, I said are you mad? And such nice people you are, there’s too much niceness in ? One has to ?? Luckily I was central to the investigation ?? and as I said to the secretary of the president of ours, so I told this president of ours you see, I was very angry I told him he had a very bad heart I told him to have an operation, ?? so he is alright its a very ?? Let him come. ??

Yogi: What is going to happen about taking this movement to court.

Shri Mataji: ?? Catholic courts, ? that’s something great ?? when Krishna starts playing his tricks ??? You see some of these people who are relations of ??

Yogi: ?

Shri Mataji: I will also have some tea.

Better now, is it, the void?

Yogi: The void.

Shri Mataji: Always take the most extreme cases and then you cure them then others get cured also you see. ?? I mean you will be cured no doubt, but when we are curing we are curing ourselves??? Just now, much more sincere. He has religiously collected all his money and passed it over to the ?? This is a thing I am angry about? ??

I mean the way you have been much more sincere and honest about it. Makes me angry that’s all. Yogi: How some of the people really could have afforded it I really don’t know.

Yogi: I mean when you mentioned the fee of £150 per week, people just shudder, you know, They religiously paid out £150 per week.

Shri Mataji: They must be eating potatoes to save that money.

Yogi: ??

Yogi: I know some people who sold a very nice house

Shri Mataji: ???? Spirits

Yogi: Yes and then, they live in a small house now. Worse off than when they ….

Yogi 2: I know who you are talking about. ??

Yogi: ??

Shri Mataji: You see as it is (the?) young people in India, the young people will get a good inheritance quite a lot, but here it is not so, I find ??? You see the young they don’t get that much of an inheritance anyway ? On top of that this horrible fellow has come, ? it’s too much, you have to build up yourself all of you ??? Inheritance from your parents?? This fellow must have really…????

Yogi: ?? Has anybody mentioned to you..??…Possibly the worst book I have ever come across in TM ( ?? Hammond). She’s struggling to get £40,000, they won’t give it to her, they are frightened she there she is so bad she can barely …A couple of years ago you talked to her, she would be looking at you, then her head would drop like this??

Shri Mataji: ?? Mentioned her

Shri Mataji: ??

Yogi: ????.she could barely walk, she couldn’t keep her head up, it was always down like this, none of the Siddis and of course My mother got blisters on her hands

Yogi: ??

Shri Mataji: She must be a realised soul

Yogi: ? She started

Shri Mataji: She might be a realised soul your mother. ?? A realised soul Poor thing you know.

Yogi: She feels better than she did.

Shri Mataji: She’s better

Shri Mataji: She’ll be better for bringing her to sahaja yoga, She’s a realised soul you see the way she is reacting. Even these ?? are another type you see.

Horrible, these ?? they went to Denmark and a young girl came to see me, (??) hardly 19 years of age, absolutely ? She had no love in her, without love ?? Left side absent. she came to me and she told me that they wrote to her that we are coming to Denmark in any case make a house which has got a marble floor, so all these young people starved themselves in need for this venture and marble floor? When they came then they said that the road is before you come, near the road you have to go 1001 times like that so you meet the person and then the person comes in and you have to be on a very strict vegetarian diet you see, so poor things, all of them they are eating potatoes and potatoes what they will eat, and they become very thinned down, Then after that they tried all these things, but the worst part is that the girl started conceiving out of this fellow you couldn’t help her. And he is still going strong in Denmark, he was so bad you see that ???

There’s more on this

Better now

Yogi: Right heart and agnya

Left is alright

Shri Mataji: Put your right hand towards me and there. ??

If you go there it will be better ??

Yogi: Yes

Shri Mataji: You washed my feet yesterday?

Yogi: Yes

Shri Mataji: Where’s the salt?

You have washed my feet before?

Yogi: It isn’t going Mother

Shri Mataji: you see my vibrations are like ice, there a little warm water will help. You see they are like ice, the ice melts and there again it becomes nice. ?

Shri Mataji: Bala you have to get about 5 lbs of salt

Yogi: I have got a big container of salt in my room upstairs.??

Yogi: You need some more salt?

Shri Mataji: Of course


Shri Mataji: Good right are you better

Yogi: Yes

Shri Mataji: That’s good that’s good that’s good

Yogi: ??

Shri Mataji:Your colour will change in the hands gradually, let us see, there, it’s getting a shine there you see becoming lighter.

Yogi: 1.65 lbs mother

Shri Mataji: This is too good

Yogi: ?? Make ??

Shri Mataji: Yes

That’s why it was said you are the salt, salt water, this is the guru you see, that’s what saalt teaches us you eat salt as an elements place, you are not to deceive that person, You see Guru is the ocean, ocean represents the Guru, and the salt is the essence of the ocean ?? See. Salt only, just keep it salt better? That’s good grab it and rub it hard. Alright? That was nice from Albert Einstein Isn’t it. He was a realised soul like Blake he was ??

Yogi: Yes

Shri Mataji: He ?? But I don’t know what happened to his scholarship, ? they are born ??

Shri Mataji: This is from Mrs Mehra? She sent it for you


Shri Mataji: So you have that one alright?

Mrs Mehra has sent that one for all of you, will you have sufficient that’s all, that’s the number.

Yogi: There is another box.

Shri Mataji: Another box?

Yogi: yes

Yogi:? Would you like one?

Yogi: No

Yogi: There’s some more salt here

Shri Mataji: Yah

Yogi: Are we going to do the salt treatment?

Shri Mataji: Beg pardon?

Shri Mataji: you should take it, a good idea?

Yogi: You should take it away

At home take it out the whole thing ?? Good, for liver you should give the liver diet all of them should have…….

Yogi: ??? Salt and lemon cure on their holiday

Yogi: They have given me one

Shri Mataji: and ?

Yogi: It’s very good

Yogi: It works because it’s so horrible, you daren’t be ill.

Shri Mataji: You will be amazed how it works you see because you know all the things that we think as very important and great in this world has no value in spiritual world. Like Ganeshas, Ganeshas conveyance is a mouse you see, just a mouse, you see we people to show off our greatness, we have cars, and like aeroplanes some people will have just to show off your ego. His vehicle is a mouse that is what it is. In the same way this lemon has a coefficient which really carries Ganeshas powers and it sucks in but it has to be fresh and a little rounded type and then it works better. Not very longish.

Yogi: Salt

Shri Mataji: No no no lemons, lemons have to be, worst for Sebastian you see the youngest so he has to work the hardest. In our Sahaja yoga the younger people have to work harder you see, but the elders have to love them and give them Presents and gifts you see, a good idea. Ha ha ha ha ha Yogi: ??

Shri Mataji: Aha, Thank you very much. Thank you. They liked it. (Speaks in Hindi or Marathi) You should not have put any salt in that, did you put any salt.

Yogi: I don’t know Mother, I don’t ??

Shri Mataji: But it’s good for your nabhi, and er

Yogini: it tastes very nice

Shri Mataji: What do you say Don?

Yogi: Vishuddhi

Shri Mataji: Left

S: Mmm better, is it? Put your hand on his visshuddhi Mmm

Yogi: Left Swadishthana

Shri Mataji: Left Swadishthana, put your hand on the left Swadishthana. You put on your hand, you put it there please,


Shri Mataji: Are you alright? Any better, cool breeze, Good, you see from the eyes you can make out.

Your eyes start sparkling ….and first there is dilatation when the kundalini rises above the Agnya. Although sometimes people feel a little blind when it rises but when it pierces the Brahmarandra and it establishes then you get a sparkle in the eyes, eyes are very sparkly.

Yogi: why should it be that sometimes you find your eyes burning sometimes, you know you feel it coming up to here then it falls back

Shri Mataji: because of Agnya, in the Agnya the kundalini fights primarily because most of your problems are in the Agnya, so she fights there, and when she starts fighting there and then you get this burning and she has to pull them up.

Yogi: ??

Shri Mataji: You are, your Eyes are very weak that’s why, how did you like after that

Yogi: very light?

Yogi: I did it a couple of days ago I got a tremendous throbbing here and you could see the thing

Shri Mataji: the Vishuddhi is very bad, very bad Vishuddhi

Yogi:? That would simply ??

Shri Mataji: No no no can be asking for problems you have Vishuddhi, his face used to go into contortions Hello David how are you?

Yogi: Hello, I brought my wife too

Shri Mataji: That’s good I was asking about her I said where is she I have not met her

Yes come along. These are your children?

Yogi: Yes

Shri Mataji: That’s good, very good, come along, come along.

Yogi: Mrs Fraser

Shri Mataji: come in come in.

Ha ha ha ha ha

He is alright ? Sahasrara is opening out

Yogi: right heart,

Shri Mataji: right heart, right heart

Yogi: Peter ??

Shri Mataji: Better now, you being tall you can put your hands through this window here, left hand.

Yogi: He looks very different, he looked really sick

Shri Mataji: He is looking very different now

Yogi: The eyes

Shri Mataji: Thank you very much, you yourself you are flowers you see, thank you. What’s her name? Yogi: Annette, Mrs Fraser,

Shri Mataji: Fraser

Shri Mataji: Sit down, sit down sit down, give her some ladu or something to eat mmmmm

Yogi: ?

Shri Mataji: Shuddha Vidya

Shri Mataji: How are you?

Yogi: Good

Shri Mataji: I was very happy, yes, please make it, then give him a seat. That’s good.I think it’s time, for a while will be better, let them have the seat, please let him have the seat. You can come or you can sit here. Good, now, shawl is doing the job.

Yogi: Is better now ???

Left Vishuddhi, left heart, the heart was sticking, ah well

Shri Mataji: left heart ah yes that’s ??

Shri Mataji: ah yes what about Mr Ghent, did he come? He was to come today,

Yogi: James

Shri Mataji: James, James

Yogi: I didn’t recognise the name

Yogi:?? A friend of Philips

Shri Mataji: The one who wrote lots of books and

Yogi: The yoga fella

Shri Mataji:??

Yogi: The yoga fella he said he would come today, will he be over do you think? If that’s the one

Yogi: Is his name Michael

Yogi: John

Yogi: John, Denu or something

Shri Mataji: Ghent, Gent

Shri Mataji:?

Yogi: ? Philip knows him, I don’t know him

Yogini: someone said ten o’clock or something

Shri Mataji: Ten?

Yogi: to half past ten

Yogi: it’s half past nine now

Yogi: There’s a ?

Shri Mataji: Left heart, Douglas if you can do ??

Shri Mataji: Some sort of a stool or something, ??? That one?

Shri Mataji: Speaks in Hindi

Shri Mataji: How many are they, 94,000 are the meditators are they ? I will tell you about dharma but also I want to tell you about ??

Shri Mataji: First I said… alright, I went…… I went down to Kolapur once, you see ??? that’s a great place of the Goddess and I went down there and then I want to go and see him you see he lives on a hill, so I went up this very very steep climbing up, when I went down there… you see he can control the rain, this one, and there is something to do with water, he can live in water just like a fish, and his both legs are like this you see, they are broken type, and hands are also like this, poor fellow and he goes about on a tiger, he gives him a occasionally when I went there see the rain had started and he was very angry with the rain that I was getting drenched when I was going to his place you see, nodding his head like this, so when I went there he was in a temper, absolute temper. They have a temper also you see, they have a big temper. So when I went up I picked him up I said now come along don’t be angry with the weather and then of course did my Aarti he touched my feet he did everything, but then he said that Mother why did you not allow me to control the rain, were you trying to kill my ego he said, no I did not why should I, you don’t have an ego, I said, he said why didn’t you allow me. You see I don’t like the way you are drenched coming up, completely drenched is not good for me, you are coming to my house, it’s such a great day for me and here I find that you are drenched. I said alright I will tell you why something you have bought a sari for me and if I am not drenched I won’t take a sari from you and then the whole temper went away you see and he started crying, ?? I was very much touched, but I said there was another point, I said when I was coming up the rain was going over my body, all this place is to be vibrated, you are going to have beautiful greenery here, and that’s why I wanted the rain to come, what is going to happen to me he said, I am not going to be affected by it, and then he got the sari and then he was very sweet to me but he is sweet to me but not for others he is horrid absolutely, horrible thing you know he told me that Mother if you find anybody a person who troubles you send them over to me. So once there was this horrible fellow was troubling me too much. You see I have patience with them, but I said you had better go to Maharaj, he was very, Oh Maharaj is cold is it. Because these sanyasi must feel very elated about Maharajs , so I said alright go ahead and see so when he went down with great hopes and when he came after 15/20 days or so he came in such a terrible condition that both the legs were put here, you see he was dangling in the air, people were carrying him I said what has happened how are you here in this way, he said Mother please forgive me and this is the Kaaba, the days of the Maharaj that

I …..??..

I said what did you do?

He said you see in the night his tiger came and threw me in the cut and I was there for 3 days ?? And he couldn’t get out, I was just there for 3 days continuously I was there and then you see lowered some Lotis? and said eat there and be there for some time and then he picked him up and brought him and some people went and assisted him out. Then he said now you go to your Mother and put these feet your legs around your neck and go dangling to her and beg of her. I said what has happened what did he do, he said no no no no I was just a little bit criticising you, I said that Mother does not discriminate between good and bad she gives realisation to everyone you know, I said Oh you are very wise, I must say you are a very wise man, and this is what he has done to me, now you don’t send me to him, so they are like that. ?? Then I told him Maharaj you are ?? A temper you see ? he said no these are the days you must have temper otherwise you cannot save them, they are horrid, then they don’t want to come down, you see he says you work on these horrid people then Sahaja yogis he went to see you he said these you have got your vibrations for nothing at all I work 21,000 years and then I got, he was a frog since then he has been seeking he says, so I don’t know how far it is true, whatever it is, and he said and you got these vibrations just like this, you have no value, you have no value for Mother, you have no value for your vibrations, so he said how many of you are willing to give your life? He said we always give our lives, what is there for Mother, so they came to me and they told me so I asked him, why do you want my children to give their lives for me I should give my life to them ?? he said that’s how you spoil them, that’s how you spoil them?? they are like children also, he is 108 or something you see, and then I cured his legs and hands, he’s better, oh we have so many of such people but they are very hot tempered

Yogi: Shri Mataji in India when they have these big festivals with all the sanyasis and sadhus people come and they say they are holy people ??, what is the significance of these holy people,

surely ??

Shri Mataji: You see there was one of our Prime Ministers came for a short time and went away in Islamabad.. Now he is a Sahaja yogi poor thing. You know India if you want to give any charity you will find so many sadhus sitting you just announce in the paper that tomorrow oh we’ll give charity to people they will all change their dresses they may be thugs, they might be criminals be wanted and all that become like sadhus to get something. I shouldn’t say this to you, ha ha ha ha, because all the time we are saying we are too clever and we can’t describe our cleverness, we are really too smart you know, and we have no self respect, no self respect about it. You can’t understand they will change their dresses and come down and beg of you and take money from you …? What does it take to become a sadhu you see you can get this sari and dyed it in that colour for one rupee in India only one rupee, you see here it may be a little expensive, but in India only I rupee you dye that and you become a sadhu and you start begging everywhere, we have all kinds of nonsense going on in our country.

Yogi: Oh I was going to go to India a long time ago and I can remember bring in Calcutta and walking Shri Mataji: That’s the worst

Yogi: Down charingay and there was this mother with the child and the child was screaming and had a bandage round it’s eyes, and a policeman who was in the middle of the road directing the traffic looked across and then he just stopped the traffic and ran over and ripped this bandage of the child’s head and there were 2 cockroaches in the, being held on by the bandage and they were trapped..

Shri Mataji: she might not be the mother also, she might have taken away somebody’s child.

Yogi: She was making the child blind so it could beg, and you know she just went round the corner and probably put it back on again.

Shri Mataji: Yes, So you see when you ask questions you must know that you are in a different play you don’t know these horrible people, we have beggars who have buildings in Bombay, they own, you see beggary is our national profession, you don’t know that, and our ministers and our Prime Ministers are also doing the same. They are beggars, real beggary, we know you see you must learn from us the way we beg.

Yogi: Why then do so many good people come to India why is it such a holy country?

Shri Mataji: You see only from the, from the mud the lotus are born, you see it has to be a real mud to create lotuses. It teaches that wretched state that you have to create a lotus, otherwise the horrible place will stink and everybody will die of that pollution. So the lotus has to be born in the worst possible place. That’s what it is. See what kind of people we have ?, days……now. You see they kill their own Minister, prime minister Pakistani see one better than the other you see, we are great at people, ha ha. In this matter we are one, only thing we are wise in one thing which you are not seeing ???? And that is something we have got something so great that I wish you could imbibe that. Our women are very great ??, our women you see we have maintained our families, maintained our children we have maintained our society, that’s what we have which you do not have. You see our women are very clever you see now he’s controlled by his mother through her love, she knows how to make him, first of all they will enter through their stomachs, you see they will feed them so well he must be missing his mother, you see and they look after them so well give them so much of love that’s how that part is missing here you see if you have got that love you would not have gone to this kind of a horrible person, you see. You just went there for love actually Yogi: a lot of insecurity

Shri Mataji: Lots of insecurity inbuilt. Because of the war perhaps, or maybe, I don’t know about the government are really mad here, they are liberating themselves and all nonsense they are doing, you see what we are so powerful in India women are extremely powerful here you see our husbands are supposed to be ruling us supposed to be, but who rules in the family, you can make out, so this is the very great blessing we have that …our society is good ….. And that the family is intact, and I mean just that way you see that way we are very strict here, extremely strict, there is so much of stupidity, I mean we don’t know how to explain these things, the things that are happening here like teaching sex to children and all this. it is stupidity and it’s absolutely absurd you see we don’t teach this to dogs, why should we teach it to our children. So many things are so stupid and idiotic which you will start seeing very soon after Sahaja yoga so that is the thing very wrong with you I mean we cannot understand that Indians you see we say this is how it works out, it’s shocking isn’t it?

Other relationships like mother, sisters, pure relationships do not exist here, they are all absurd and sort of muddled up this is Freud, Mr Freuds donation to you, and the way you accepted him also, if you had bothered about Jung it would have been better. Just…Good and I think it is a reaction of also of this catholic suppression you see of saying that you cannot achieve God without being celibate and all this suppressed things so you just react to these things, …….that’s how it is. Now whatever is sensible you will be inclined to see because of your intelligence, we are told we are out of date sort of thing you see, it’s finished so this is modernism, see this is the modern style, it’s idiotic I tell you, it is so stupid, it is so stupid that you cannot imagine when the Indians meet you see or say Pakistanis, Indians meet or the other….I had a Mauritius ..they all the time laugh at these things and once there was another story, yes ? it is, so then another says like this. For us it is something absolutely Greek and Latin we just can’t understand it. ..better now? Is he better ?? Yogi: Left Agnya

Shri Mataji: Left Agnya,

Yogi: Strong left

Shri Mataji: Mmm Better?

We call them two types of sins, one is the sin against the Mother and the other sin against the Father, you commit the sin against the Mother, but sin against the Father you are alright, you do not steal things, But also you see this is a very serious thing in a way. We go to a family …….you just polish off your ….without any compunction, …….you think that is right sort of thing to run away with things and you go to his house and you find your own blanket and you are quite shocked, what to do? You must be having such fun, ha ha that it could be, but an Englishman comes to your house say, I shouldn’t say Englishman, but I would say a westerner comes, American specially he comes to your house, he’ll manage away your wife, you see next thing you find her missing then who is going to look after the household who is going to look after the children, you see maybe a very young fellow coming in the house like her son, she goes off with him and then there is no law against it, you just can’t do this?

Yogi: You have laughed at us several times Mother for not being right. And in the orient its tradition, to arrange the marriage, over here it is to meet somebody.

Shri Mataji: Yes you see things arranged traditionally are good idea traditional is good because you see we have horoscopes to begin with , So we take your horoscope and we take the horoscope of the girl who we want to marry and we tally it and there has to be at least 26 points minimum. If you do not have 26 points meeting then they don’t have marriages, because they believe that marriage won’t be successful. You see but if there are 26 points alright then go ahead that’s why marriages are rather successful because the temperament and all that you see? They are complimentary so it works out. Also by arranging a marriage everybody is involved in the marriage you see. The parents everybody takes up the responsibility, like mother father everyone so they see to it that the marriage is successful, and thirdly it’s a collective sanction of all the society. In a village if you marry now I mean my daughters marriages took place in Bombay, not in a village, but in the real village style, you know, and we have to have so many foolish things in the night, one of them was the cow dung, but I didn’t know from where to get cow dung, in Bombay so in India it is not difficult you have to tell somebody in the village you see. A tailor is there to dress up the boy, he comes there you have to give something, he knows all this and then the washer woman comes to give you something else, and like that you see, you have to give them presents you see, so the whole family, the whole household everybody in the village is involved, so you have to have that kind of a leaf, and that kind of a leaf and that kind of a water, and all that is to be brought for the marriage, so everybody’s involved with the wedding. But now for this cow dung, I asked somebody you see, and he didn’t understand me, can you believe. He brought truck load of cow dung, I didn’t know what to do with it, it was such a problem, because in the village it’s alright because they do the whole thing….(.all things)…….so he brought a truckload of it you see he was also from (Upee), And he had a big what do you call it a dairy where he was having lots of cows and things. So he brought a truckload, he thought Mataji has asked for it, let me take a truckload because in India we might need half a truckload for a wedding because you have to do all that cleaning and everything is done you see with the cow dung.

Yogi: What do you do with it?

Ha ha ha ha ha

Shri Mataji: I sent it back ha ha ha ha

Yogi: No, no I mean with the cow dung, what do you actually do?

Shri Mataji: You see in India we don’t have sort of …what do you call..?.. Dairy places you see, something so cow dung is surprisingly, I don’t know about the cow dung here, but in India is very good you see it doesn’t have any smell or anything, fresh cow dung if you spread it on the ground you see it behaves like a cement

Yogi: Oh

Shri Mataji: it’s a cement, it behaves like a cement you see, and then they use it for say cementing the place, for cleaning the place and also for light washing the huts and all that. Ghandijis hut was all white done with the cow dung.

Yogi: Like Africa

Shri Mataji: Yes, Africa,

Yogi: They use cow dung build with it like a cement.

Shri Mataji: Yes it is a cement you see cow dung, like a plaster it’s very clean makes the wall look very clean and also there is a little you can call it a green colour to it see so the whole place is looks a little green type, it’s quite nice it doesn’t smell and it’s very good because you know the cows always eat only leaves and things they are vegetarians you see so the cow dung is good,

Yogi: Does excrement not have bad vibrations?

Shri Mataji: They don’t have, cows, they don’t have ??, but in India, but I don’t know about the cows in England, because here the cows look like Buffaloes you see. The cows of England look like Buffaloes. My grandchild said why are the Buffaloes here are white, I can’t understand the Buffaloes are white here, she didn’t think they were cows you see. So India cows are special something

Yogi: They are stuffed full of chemicals anyway

Shri Mataji: Yes, I think and you know they make them live in such unnatural circumstances, …………..and never respect them. In India every household has a cow you see so she is treated like a mother, in the family you take her that’s how they develop this kind of a feeling for her. But that to such an extent they go I mean you are not going to become a cow now so you see, this is just another extreme they take, but that’s how they respect The cows very much and the cows are really so very kind.

Better now? Alright. Good.

Who has done……..Wash………This………Again… Who is not doing that, May God bless you. ……….insecticide or say Ajax, which is a horrible treatment Ajax this kills off all the vibrations and I won’t tell you that it is to

Yogi: Ajax?

Shri Mataji: Ajax it is something very horrid. And I tell you that if you put this in your hair your hair will grow, it’s like that. Do you understand my point? …….the one who wants to harm you then do this way and he’s done this way , westerners of some sort, westerners of sort you see

You shouldn’t handle salt alright, just put it there and let him take his own salt you just put it down alright now let him take his own salt,…………you never give salt to the hands just it is the principle of the guru and the sustainance in us, sustainance in anything whatsoever, in the material world you can see the sustainance, I always give the example of gold you see, that gold is untarnishable, that is the sustainance of gold. In the same way you can say all the Valencies and the properties of the photons and neutrons and electrons in a molecule or I would say in an atom of every element is the sustainance of that element. So you see human beings also have got sustainance is how are you a human being, what are the qualities that describe you as a human being, that is the sustainance for human beings, now the word dharma comes from the word (???) the one which you sustain, the one which you imbibe which is imbibed within you by which you exist as a particular personality, as a human being or as an animal like a scorpion has its own sustainance like a dog has its own sustainance, like a horse has its own sustainance, in the same way human beings have these Ten Commandments as is these is very important, now they can be divided into actually into 2 parts if you see. Again by disobeying one you create the sin against the Mother, by another you create the sin against the Father. Left side and the right side. Now this is within us, inborn it’s built in, but if you try to go against it then you start suffering. This is what is the dharma, you have to just maintain it , you don’t have to do anything extreme about it but just maintain it. So we have dharmas of different dharmas and that’s why it was given to us a long time back and then has been very reverently described, in I would say, in Indian scriptures. The reason is the Indians were more meditating type and they meditated it and whatever they got, say Ten Commandments they got now they would work on it, now what happens if you disobey and what goes wrong where it comes from where is the chakra, which part of the petal it works, what is the name for it and all that. They went into it to find out the details about it. Whatever they discovered through the unconscious you see which they work back you see like they discovered anything in their dream they would go back to it meditate and find out about it. That’s how they discovered about many things that are within us and this is only possible in a country like India or say Pakistan where the climate is not so unkind to people and people can just live in the forest and lead a very very simple life. Moreover the society in those days were of such a good way made, the people were so sensitive that whatever the saints said went through you see all of this. You see we have got these four dharmas we make that in the childhood you stay with your parents, then you are 5 years of age you go to a forest, from 5 to say 25 or 20 years of age you stay there a celibate life just like brothers and sisters. Now this is the.. this is the dharma, of the first half of the life as we can say is the brahmacharya at that time you are in celibate, ??? how do you obtain celibacy. You see they also saw to it that they made the society that way, for example talking about sex was absolutely out of the question, thinking about sex was out of the question, they produced all every entertainment and everything, everything in such a way that children took to the sublime relationships like brother and sisters , mother and all these things. So they developed that within them the power to understand that celibacy is the basis of innocence and celibacy must be maintained that age when you are still very very young and you are not yet married then the marriage time came, .then there was the dharma of the family, rastra dharma, the one where you are a household, and that is the dharma for you. You must, first one was the Vidya dharma when you are students second one was your ? Second Dharma when you were in the family. To maintain this dharma of celibacy they started a system by which cannot marry into the same university and the university was named as gotra say your gotra, say my gotra is the Chandi I cannot marry in the same gotra, and if I marry in the same gotra then it is not regarded it is null and void. So all the boys and the girls in the inner city felt that they were brothers and sisters. But not only then but in generations even still today you see you are taking into consideration the gotras. If you do not only the people you see who have got a mixed life or ??….they do not have the gotra brahmacharya otherwise all the people would worry about the gotras to find out what is your position. So this was just to maintain that celibacy point, absolutely clear cut in the minds of the children, when they are studying. At the same time after the married life, you see after the 50 years of age the grandparents would go to the same forest and live with their grandchildren. So there was the love of the grandparents and the grandchildren and they lived together in that very pure atmosphere. And the atmosphere was absolutely pure, and then they were given the ???? The training about the married life, and the wife, oh and there is also the ?? Dharma how to treat your guru, how to recognise him, all these things were laid out in great details to understand well the thing was to be understood by all the students how to behave. Like there are five mothers. You see one of them is the wife of the guru, and the gurus sons were married, and they looked after their students just like their own children, and they were all realised souls if they were not realised souls they were no good. So they at that time only they gave them this idea of dharma, it was built up. You see this was all good for the society and then they got married and after the marriage you see they went and had children and there was only one man and one woman relationship. There was no question of having all these nonsensical ideas of incompatibility.. But from the very beginning it was true that indulgence in sex is not the way to God, you have to do it because you have to have children and you have to be very temperate about it. It is only to express your love to your wife that it is done and that is how the Putni dharma and then the pati dharma and all these dharmas the relationships with each other is established. Now dharma means sustainance which delimits your behaviour which glorifies your relationship that was a dharma started out. But basically it is our sustainance which is built by God himself within us you see like a tree of mango will give only mangos. In the same way a human being has to be a human being. We cannot be a rhakshasa, and he cannot be an animal, he cannot be, but the freedom was given to us you see to see our dharma to maintain it, but what we did instead of going beyond the dharma we spoilt our dharma. And that is how all our void was spoiled. Now how this fellow has spoilt your dharma we should see? You see this gentleman you can see what has happened now first of all that he is not a realised soul and you are not to bow to anyone, that is why it is prohibited to bow to anyone who is not a realised soul. It went to such a limit at the time of Mohammed Sahib that he saw to it, he said don’t bow your head, just don’t bow, because he started talking about the abstract the trouble was in the beginning of this they knew about the deities they started talking about the deities. But when they found that people, were not going to the real deities but just creating deities of their own and they were worshipping those deities, and just doing all ritualism and no essence in it. So they said alright let us talk of the essence, I give a simile like this that they talked about the flowers, because they thought that by talking about flowers it would be easier for the bees to come to the flowers, but what they found that people got lost in the flowers, not in the ??. They would not see the ?? So they said lets talk about the ?? But both turned out to be only talks, talks talks, talks, talks so what you have to do is to become (?) to go to that. This is where you cross your dharma when you are no more a human being but you are a super human being, you are dharmatit, you are beyond your dharma, see where you are not any more a human being but a person of a superior conciousness where you see your dharmas just start acting automatically, like an example is like this, that you see it is not allowed in dharma to drink this alcohol now they were not mad to say that you see, all of them said that you should not drink alcohol. Now what does alcohol do? First of all it kills your dharma, how does it kill your dharma? Let us see, it’s very simple I tell you scientifically now I would say ..?? when you take alcohol the alcohol has a capacity to break your water into 2 lines O and OHi, oh I am sorry H and OHi so the OHi you see what does it take the O cannot absorb the heat in your body because of that OHi meaning in you your heat is not absorbed in the water that is the blood because of that what happens all the heat is accumulated in your being and it cannot be taken out. For example your liver is the place where all your poisons are sorted out and it gets heated up you see, imagine your liver being heated you see, we know what happens to liver, you just take the liver of a goat and heat it up until it becomes a solid piece just like a rock and it’s hard even to bite into it with your teeth, it’s so hard and this is what happens when you take alcohol your liver becomes just like solid like a, what do you call, a rock! And it loses all its functions you see and that is what goes against your dharma that if you take drinks it happens, but actually drinks were never created by God. For this you see he created it for polishing . It is just a polish a polish of everything you see say if you have to polish crystals or diamonds you have to use gin as a polish all this spirit is nothing but for polishing, who asked you to drink it. But somebody must have got drunk and he must have felt funny about it and he must have told everyone, and everybody started drinking. Now when they said don’t drink they said ‘oh that’s out of date you see there Mohammed Sahib says no good. He told us not to drink. Nanaka said don’t drink. Now smoking you see the results of smoking. Now What is happening with smoking it goes against your Vishuddhi because you see that is the place of Krishna and smoking started much later. You see he was much earlier, smoking started later. That’s why Mohammed Sahib has talked about it much more but Mohammed Sahib did see this point, he did see. So he said all intoxicants and all habits are to be discarded, all such things must be discarded. So he also wanted (Mother speaks in Hindi) addictions, addiction, addiction, all these addictions must be given up he said it very clearly, no addictions are allowed according to him. But you see how you make fuss about things like Mohammed Sahib and all these gurus all these great incarnations of the primordial master Adi Datatreya, Adi Natha, they talked of how to maintain your religion, your sustainance, your balance, so immediately the Christians because Christ didn’t talk much about it because Moses had talked about it, Abraham had talked about it, So Christ did not talk so they said alright so Christians can drink, just imagine. This is a loophole that’s how they became Christians perhaps because they thought that they belonged to the Jews you see, then they wouldn’t have been able to drink, but Jews drink like hell. Jews also drink now. I mean the Muslims drink the most you see and worst are the Sikhs who are prohibited from drinking and smoking they can beat all your scotch people here you see. All your scotch whiskey goes into their stomachs, all these things, and they grow in this way thinking that they are great Sikhs going around you see, they wouldn’t even wear a helmet when they are driving a motorbike and they will oppose it and in which, in which scripture it is written that you don’t wear a helmet. Where is it written that you don’t wear a helmet, that they are they doing like this whatever is written is that you don’t drink, and they come to England only for that, if you didn’t have scotch whiskey here, I mean if you really stop then they will all go back to India. It’s a race relation problem I tell you. if you really prohibit them from, even Muslims are the same, they are only here because they can drink very well which they cannot get in Pakisthan you see, so that’s why they are here. So this is. If you want to stop your immigration is the best way is to stop all your pubs, and don’t allow any Indians to enter into it and any Sikh because it’s prohibited and all the Muslims, you can stop it all of them will go back, back and back, you see that, they are just

Yogi: Then you will have the race relations people onto you.

Shri Mataji: No but there is relations you see, you will understand that such horrible races are not needed here who just break out? For nothing at all instead of giving you something good that they have got from their own country they are only learning bad things here. What kind of a race relations you have when they come here you teach them how to flirt with women and teach them how to drink and all these dirty things you teach them, what race relationships are these. I just don’t understand they are not good relationships and they don’t teach you anything good, they teach you all bad things, how to thief and how to be clever, how to take away someone’s money that is a race relationship going on you see learning bad things from each other , it is better not to have such a race relationship where only the bad things are learnt from each other isn’t it. So this is what it is. So when the dharma is established you see one understands what is religion ?

Now you will be surprised fanaticism is against dharma. Fanatics always catch on the left nabhi fanaticism you see you people also were fanatics about TM. Once upon a time, and that’s why also left nabhi is bad. Imagine, fanaticism is not the answer. (Telephone rings Mother Answers) Shri Mataji: Hello ah (Indian conversation on phone). Hello Namaste, I am so sorry this was also planned much earlier, how are you now? How are you, and how is Mr M?

Alright I will say you take your baths, and you have your breakfast and whatever you like, you can ask these people to prepare for you and just this is your own house. I am sorry I was booked up like this and there are already so many people sitting down here you see and then I think you can sleep off after breakfast and…………….yes

Shri Mataji: and is it better,see his eyes see his eyes dilated, good what are you feeling sorry about. Ha, Feel sorry, you see you had to be crucified, what is there to cry, huh? it’s only me who has to suffer the most, and despite all my powers you had to be crucified. So it’s only I should really be crying, why should you? I don’t know what was lacking in me that I could not control this situation. This was not destined. Chris’s crucifixion was sustained this one was not. This is your own choice, so the sustainance is maintained through temperance, you have to be in the centre you see, now going to churches was alright as long as the people with the church were realised souls going to temples was alright as long as they were real Brahmins. But, you see it went to the extreme of things so the real people went away and the horrible ones came in, who did not know what they were supposed to do. So this is against dharma to be fanatical and fanaticism is the, is such a horrible disease that it gives you cancer you know fanatics get cancer, and they become so cunning in their old age they are so horrid. I mean there is a lady we know of and she is a great fanatic and she is not very old but now she doesn’t know how to use her bidet, she uses if for WC, she thinks that’s a WC, so it can be anything. Old age is very funny of these fanatic people so some of them start pulling out their hair, some of them start you see of getting nervous twitches and all sorts of things. So going to extremes of fanaticism was no good, that’s why you reacted against christianity but you went from one extreme to another extreme. What is the difference, just tell me this horrible fellow is also talking of celibacy, what else is there, it’s just talking talking talking, at least you see that pope is a public figure and if he does anything wrong people will take him to task, but this fellow is not a public figure, nobody can even correct this fellow. There is no way to correct him, he can do whatever he likes. The way you have anointed him he is become such a free thing he can do whatever he likes.

So it’s a very different line of action was taken from one extreme to another extreme, extremes are to be avoided, to be in the centre is your sustainance and that is what is brought forth by your temperance. But how do you get your temperance is the point, is through your wisdom, every human being has got this wisdom implanted in him, is born as a wise person except for very few who must have gathered lots of nonsense in their previous lives, but most of them have got their wisdom and the deity of wisdom as I told you is Ganesha. The one who incarnated as Christ later on, is the one who gives you wisdom so you must keep your wisdom intact and that wisdom is lost because you did not respect your innocence. Once you play about with your innocence your wisdom is lost, and that’s how the wisdom is lost and you cannot discriminate between the real and the unreal and this came to you long time back when your innocence was challenged. You see when I mean industrial society started even before that, the ego orientation started and the ego started working it out and the ego said why I am on my own, what’s wrong. What’s wrong? Everybody asking what’s wrong? Why should we read scriptures, why shouldn’t we do this, why shouldn’t we do the other thing, and you had no answer, you see, so you said we are on our own and this is what is the other thing which causes cancer within us that we become ? Because we become cancer ourselves, we become a cancerous body. What is a cancerous body? That it is on its own. It has no connection with the whole. So we come to the other point where we should know that the dharma is the one that keeps you in contact with the whole. We have the whole idea of how we should behave. How you should be there. Like you are in a family. Now many people criticise this side of Indian life, but they don’t understand that this side of an Indian life is very good, that they know how to behave in ? say now for example in my husbands family we have, it’s a huge big family, although he’s the only son. ??? but my husbands family, his mothers side is very large and there are about 100 people living in a huge big house like a castle you would see, and there are relationships like my own sister in law, my husbands sister, I would not say ?. She will ask me 100 times to sit down, then I will sit on the ground while she will be sitting higher there.

You see there is a sort of a respect all the time and a relationship as it is in your state in your political life you have done it like that, the Queen is there, the Ministers are here, and this is there, in the same way families also a state and these relationships are developed and this is the dharma. This is the sons dharma, then the fathers dharma, the Mothers dharma and all these things are there within us built up on this side where we go on saying that if we do not observe it we commit the sin against the Mother. Now the sin against the father is another type of dharma in which Indians are great experts you see, I don’t know how they have landed themselves into this. First of all I would say that these Brahmins you see they are supposed not to have to earn their own living, it was, I don’t know how they started this nonsense, also, but these were really real Brahmins and they would not spend their time in earning money so people had to sort of look after them, that was the principle, but in the early stages of every student they had to go and beg food from the neighbouring villages and take that food for their guru to give them the food and they would not earn anything because you see they would not pay for their teachings and they would not pay for their education. Neither would the gurus would be paid for what they were teaching to keep the serenity of that profession and that’s how they achieved it with great respect, and that’s why it was done, but it became a profession with them the way we became you see beggars later, I don’t know how it triggered but then you see begging has become one of the professions saying that we are very poor and we must have a house, some free money like parasites. So that is one thing started, then when you will be amazed that there’s in the twelfth century a Chinese, twelfth or fourteenth century, a Chinese visitor came to India and he wrote in his diary he said that people don’t know what is a law, they don’t know what is a law, and I think there is no word in Sanskrit to say for locks, so we had no lock, we never used locks, so even now if you go to the say hill places nobody will lock. Even in my own lifetime I have seen my fathers house was never locked, left always open, you can walk into it and nothing was gone, people would not steal so can you imagine the same people have become so mercenary, because you see there also I would say that we didn’t have the idea of having very stylish home and all the material things should be there in the household on the contrary the common pattern was that live with that as much as possible. My own Mother I would tell you that she was the wife of a rich man and everything she had but she was a disciple of Mahat Magandi. Both of them my father and Mother and she would spin her own saris you see, spin the yarn, spin the yarn herself, both of them, imagine and they would make the clothes out of that yarn only. So you see if she had 6 saris, 6 saris only in one year she would keep it if it was seventh she would donate it to someone. That’s was the way.

Same with my father, I mean they were so generous you can’t imagine how generous they were. I mean like we had chandeliers and carpets and everything in the house because you see inherited only, there wasn’t any sort of a man ??, but our carpet the carpet used to be used by all the people in the area, because they would take away the carpet for the wedding, then we had silver things you see, like silver, what do you call, umbrellas, silver umbrellas and we had silver things to sit down and all sorts of things like that. So that has to be distributed. Anybody had them, they were to be sent for the wedding, somebody, so the whole thing would go and we would forget even where is the gramophone gone because we would not keep the account. Now, alright you see to find out. From them might have been there. Somebody came for the gramophone, what about the gramophone, we are having a wedding so we said the gramophone has gone to another person you see and then the person would say, no no no I gave it to that one and, like that it was you see, so simple and that’s how they lived, I mean until yesterday this was the condition of that country. But then suddenly we were introduced to materialism. They said now we are getting soft you see, so we must have everything smart in a matching saris, we must match this we must do this, and otherwise we feel very inferior you see if you find Indians here they are very well dressed you see absolutely sick and span according to them if you are not properly dressed then you are good for nothing. That’s what it is you see, and all of this came into them after independence. Can you imagine. This idea of dressing up we had westernised people like the beaurocrats and all these who were very well dressed people you see, very impressive. They wouldn’t talk to anyone, it’s the same (??). They had. They have everything they are British like them for the tailcoats I think. I mean they were much more British than you were. We had all the same type of a service and the governesses, I mean I went through all that my father was like that in the beginning but then he was so enlightened he would my father he would throw away all his tailcoats he had tailcoats also, my father had tailcoats also, and can you imagine what was the need to have these morning suits, and things, but he had them you see? And they used to play cricket and lived they in the same manner as you did, absolutely Lords without any English background you see, so we beat the English in that sometimes as well, so that was the condition in India and that’s how they started learning this new style of living and matching and this and that and that they started living in the big way. Of course it is necessary to live that. The matter is to be changed, and transformed. God has given you this power to ?? but when the matter sits on your head, then let’s say if you have a sofa alright very good you can sit but if you cannot sit without a sofa then it’s.?? you should be able to sleep anywhere you are like a king, I mean say for me if you want I can sleep there, I sleep like a log even on any place you put me down. I have no problem any bathroom anything, it doesn’t matter, since I can manage you see because the matter cannot sit on your head and when the matter starts sitting on your head then you become habituated, and this is another type of sin starts the habits. Habit is another kind of a sin which starts in human beings. You see Human Beings are so funny, so funny in this, I don’t know how they manage it, that if they are going say on a bridge which is say half a mile wide and then it is widened say one mile, they feel it, funnyyou see they think how is it, I mean the road is the same, the area is the same but if the bridge is increased in size they feel funny about it. So much so that I know of somebody who was a great man in India he had about seven steps going to his bathroom you see because he had to ring he had to pass through a? And he would live in a hut normally to show that he was trying asceticism and he would cross those seven stones every time but it increased sometimes 7 or 8, might be or 6, he got very upset for 3 days he just wouldn’t have his food.

Human beings can be that funny in their sustaining. So they form habits and habits come to you through the domination of matter and that is what keeps the human dharma pure If you want to go the deeper side of say sense of cleanliness with the human being a human being has a sense of cleanliness but that is also in extreme, there are some people who are so clean that they must wash their hands sixty five times. They are all the time cleaning their house, sweeping their house polishing their everything, and not even a rat enters their house it is that clean. You know, you just don’t want to go inside such a horrible hospital that they create out of it. their personality is so horribly clean that you just don’t know how to talk to them because even if you talk they think that there is something going on, that’s your mark. Alright. Did you hear what I am saying, so much here. So too much of cleanliness comes to extreme of that there is another thing is that human Beings are fond of beauty, they like everything to be beautiful, everything to be nice properly harmonised, you people have great aestheticism, but you see when it comes to extremes you are so stupid and foolish that the other day somebody was telling me that the picture which is regarded as the most beautiful is a nude woman coming down a staircase. I would vomit the next moment you see the aesthetics have reached that point. ?? I would really vomit if I see a nude womans photograph, I vomit. It is so dirty and filthy you know to talk about bathrooms and to gutters. These are things that we have started liking, gutters. I mean is this the way you are aesthetically rich? And all these things come by, imagine, the people who are so beautiful, who would wear 3 piece suits, have now started wearing some sort of a little shorty thing, and you just don’t like it.

Yogi: birthday suits,

Shri Mataji: Birthday suits, you just can’t look at them, I mean your women are so horrid, they don’t know how to respect their bodies, I mean the way they expose themselves, I mean they think they are being very very brave about it, same things as they are I would say the way they insult their bodies morning till evening. Using it for dirty things like attracting men towards them, it is like selling your body. It is a very dirty thing to do to your body, and all these things are there despite a sense of aesthetics you know. Indians have no sense of aesthetics you see. No, I am surprised how Bala was got this house done so well, otherwise you would find here a photograph of transferred of his father from one place to another, and a hundred funny faces there. (Laughter). You, what you got in an Indian house you would have red horrible carpet there and then you would have a green something there, but the time you are inside you feel that’s terrible what’s happening in this house you see like that , and that is what is happening you see to the aesthetics also. If you carry it too far also aesthetics like we said we must have abstract, alright have abstract, but are we abstract still you are in the horrible gross state and you are all the time worried about sex and sex and sex, and what are you going to produce in abstract. Unless and until you are there and then you have abstract, alright, but you go and see some some of these modern paintings you vomit you see that and you don’t know what you get diarrhoea from visiting these places these days. I feel terrible about it the way they show horrible black and red and all that expressing their filth inside you see horrible. I feel the whole hell being released, and the people have such horrible aesthetics about it. We went to see Blakes paintings you see and Blake was a great poet of your country, you have never understood him he got so he depicted the picture of hell for him, alright, and he painted it very nicely and he described the hell just to frighten you that if you do not maintain your dharma you will go to hell. And I find that all these young people going there and saying what beautiful colours he has created see the harmony. It is a picture of hell they are seeing the harmony! Is it aesthetics, this is what has happened with us going to extremes of everything. We have lost all balance we have to be in the centre to enjoy. If you do not know how to be in the centre you can never enjoy the beauty, the special sustainance of your being, you cannot enjoy music, you see I have seen in the music program people go, and they will never see to the music but they will see how much it excites you and makes you a beast, the more it makes you the beast the better it is. They will get Oscar prizes all the films which are very filthy which are against your sustainance will get oscars you see, so if you get anyone with 3 oscars never go there, and that’s how they sell you, also you will find those pictures who get oscars are always failures because on the whole humans like. ………

Right hand outside. Just put your right hand outside, just open the door, no him, they will handle problem, they will open the door alright?

No wonder your wife objected to what you did, you see your wives must be all shattered the way you went into these gurus one after the another and David has been to more people than Philip has been so I am not surprised your wife was sitting..what’s going on isn’t it? I can quite understand and I can quite understand that the way Philips wife behaves because you know she must be thinking that I am another type and which they will get over and go to another type, because they are doing guru shopping you see. So that’s the reason and I can quite understand it you see and I was yesterday only telling the way these people are busy with the gurus. Their wives must be really terrified. To see them what are they doing what are they up to, and even your father could have been very upset to see the way you were and that’s why there was opposition. that’s correct you see, he was a wise man to see that.

Yogi: Mother I don’t know because. …….(?)………….for many many years you see so……(?)

Shri Mataji: So just imagine you were…….(?)…….your father

These Indians can’t understand you see our fathers are so strict they can even beat you, you don’t say anything about it.

Yogi: He wasn’t a very good man.

Shri Mataji: You see that’s not for us to judge it’s for God. You chose your father do you know? You chose your Mother yourself. You are such a great seeker you must have chosen your father, Mother, your country, everything maybe sensible. It’s not possible that you just did it out of the blue so you have chosen him there must be something about him the way you chose him. So when you judge him please understand maybe these bhoots are giving you ideas you see always what other explanation can you give. When you are angry with your father only thing you can say he is not a good man, but see to the good points of him.

Yogi: He also makes my daughter feel very angry. I feel very sorry but it’s best we don’t meet because there was always friction you see sometimes I think so it’s best not to be there.

Shri Mataji: Now the affection will come in you and such tremendous affection and such love you will not know what to do with your love, that’s what he has done is to freeze your hearts you see, you will not know people will be surprised how you will be caring for them.

This Gus had not seen his mother for 30 years, he had not even written to her how many years, he was forty years of age or something,………….I don’t know, what was his age or something.

Yogi: 34, he must have been about 34, he had been in Australia for 8 years.

Shri Mataji: 8 years, but from his childhood there has been anger with his mother you see. He ran away here and there, I don’t know how many years, (?) so he said Mother now I don’t know from where all this love,……..which I never felt for her, and he went to Australia, now he is looking after her. He enjoys it.

So that is also your dharma as a sign to look after your parents to love and they will love you, you don’t know how love begets love, these horrible gurus can not teach you anything else but hatred, hatred for everyone…… Your brother and everyone, that’s why they are effective if they allow you to love the power of love is so great that you can throw them away. They do not want you to combine and join together. They want you to be separated all the time because you see if there is one small little tender branch you can break it but if you put twenty branches together you cannot break it . So they will see to it that you are separated.

Yogi: Her Holiness Mataji gives a talk at Balas House in Birmingham on the 16th and 17th of the sixth 1979

Yogi: In dharma is this also………..governed ? by what we do.

Shri Mataji: What is?

Yogi: Does dharma cover the type of work you do?

Shri Mataji: Yes very much so. It is the dharma for sustainance. Some people are artists born some people are say more mechanical minded, some are mathematicians are good at it. There should be, for example I cannot learn economics I cannot that is the greatest punishment, I cannot understand these human laws, if you tell me if you go, I mean one sentence I may understand but if you go to the second point I just don’t have any idea I just cannot manage it I just don’t understand it.

When you come to how we were, it’s, that, I said now this is too much of a burden I just can’t manage, so it is. You see everybody has its own aptitude, I don’t know so many things, you cannot imagine, I cannot even use…….is it mine, no it’s not mine. But I cannot use, my what do you call it, tape recorder, I cannot. We have an akai in the house, I just cannot know how to just even start it, I really, I learn it many a times but again I forget it, I cannot play tapes you know these cards that you have every time they tell me I write it down, I forget it. I try to remember it, I cannot play racing I cannot do it, I just cannot do it. I try to learn, again and again but I………they think I can do it, I cannot do it, I just cannot do it.

Yogi: You cannot play racing.

Shri Mataji: You asked yesterday about this.

Yogi: No, I’m sorry I thought you asked a question, I am sorry, Pardon me.

Shri Mataji: Alright

Yogi: Mother is there any way that we can know what we are suited to you know, whatever work we should do? What is best for us?

Shri Mataji: You see now you can ask the vibrations, anything that you want to ask it will give you the answers whatever work you want to do you know, you also maintain what work you can do. Now for example now, we are building horrible work this one is, now you do Sahaja Yoga, this is what you have to know on a spiritual level. For material, You can do whatever you like, you see whatever you prefer and such vistas will be open before you. You are as Don now. Don was so desperate you see he was just driving some big horrible Lorry, so I stopped it, I said now because Vishuddhi gets caught with that now he’s doing this I think he will be a journalist or something, so you will start doing something better and something much more fulfilling and you will see, you can ask me, your attitudes. He has ruined you that way also you see, because he took lots of young people in his group and made them teachers, you see so you are nothing but TM teachers, you are not so after that what do you know, so you stick onto this fellow, that’s what he’s done.

Yogi: Yes

Shri Mataji: But the problem is in this country it can all come out ……it’s no problem.

Yogi: are there any procedures like certain diet or certain things, exercise we should follow

Shri Mataji: No it is depending on your chakras whatever is the chakra, for example if this chakra is catching we do basrika like this. You see Allah hu Akbar is the mantra for one chakra, means the Virat, that is the complete form of Krishna is called as Virat, you see that’s what you have to say with this finger, is the finger of Vishuddhi, you say Allah hu Akbar, Allah hu Akbar, Allah hu Akbar, alright, it’s all good for your Vishuddhi. Better?

Shri Mataji: I must say he’s so good


Alright, so this one works out here, but you can have Basrika also like this you can put your fingers in this and say four or five times it clears out, so we must know what to use where, which one is needed, but as it is the kundalini is going to clear it out very much more, you see, you won’t need too much of this thing but little bit if you need you can do it. For liver we have got diets, and Vishuddhi but there is nothing to worry about diets, actually eat well, enjoy yourself, as it is you were starved by this horrible fellow, so I would say no dieting, nothing is needed, but one should not eat too much also, like all the time thinking about food is not a good thing. You see those who starve also fast think about food all the time, but it should be what you get alright, if you don’t get well and good, like that you see, you should not even remember what you have eaten, so don’t worry too much about food because food doesn’t make much difference to you, it is your attention, if your attention is involved too much in food then you are no good.

Yogi: We heard eating meat is for rajasic

Shri Mataji: You must be eating at least

All stories you see, you just reason it out, now supposing you say if you save the chicken am I going to give them realisation, what are they used for?

Yogi: But if the chickens are abused then you know about cows and how they are treated

Shri Mataji: Forget about them. Nonsensical, you see if you eat the chicken you give them a higher evolution, you don’t know that? We had a system of b? All Indians had a system of b?

Everyone had to sacrifice the lamb at the altar. Christ also has said it, this wise man has come from somewhere. Why do you talk like this. Rama killed a few. You see they even challenged Krishna because he killed so many people why, imagine me being a vegetarian I eat all these rhakshasas from morning to evening I drink their blood, how can I be a vegetarian? This is just a way of making you absolutely good for nothing. Then he can dominate you better, you see, specially the western people, in this why don’t you see your culture, only in making money he did, see why didn’t he say that you eat every kind of meat, of course the meat of people like horses and all that you should avoid, because they have a bad what do you call, fibres, and thats not good for the teeth, even cows meat that is bad for eating I’ve seen when I eat it I get swelling that’s why it should be avoided, as far as possible. But not eating chicken or pork this, after all why God has created them. You need not eat meat, you have got methods where you don’t have to eat it, but you have to eat some, you must have protein diet at least when you are above 50 years of age you must have more of protein diet it’s important , all of them ate who did not? ….Krishna did it, Rama ate every one of them, and even in the Vedas the calf, the calf was eaten. This vegetarianism was started by Brahmins when they started saying that the brahmanism comes to you through birth, you see they said now we must have something for the cult, so we do not eat meat. It’s very easy not to eat meat and form a cult.

Yogi: Mother, how easy is it to explain that Christ changed the water into wine. Are these just stories. Shri Mataji: What is it

Yogi: The stories how Christ changed the water into wine

Shri Mataji: No no not at all actually these stories for Christ, for him it might be, horrible fellow it has said it was told?

Yogi: No No no but you said that alcohol destroys.

Shri Mataji: Yes but wine doesn’t mean by any chance alcohol. You see the big mistake you see wine doesn’t mean, wine means a grape juice is called wine, you know, even the tree I mean, the creeper is called wine, you go to any country like Germany in the villages they will not ask you to have grape juice they will say why don’t you have wine you see it doesn’t mean fermented stuff. yes it means, even if you read bible, there are many times it is described as hot, the body is used as alcohol sort of thing. Because you see Moses talked about it such a lot, Christ didn’t talk about it but he must have said also but these people didn’t talk…………….Christ never wrote anything, it goes against your awareness it’s a simple thing, how can he give you wine you see it goes against your awareness it’s a simple thing. Apart from people changes taking place it goes against your awareness How he you give you wine , it’s not fermented, I love it the grape juice, I like it, you see really love it, the grape itself. The grape wine sitting before you, it is not a wine you see there, but does that mean that I support all alcoholism and pubs you see? he wants to do it. England’s downfall is because of the pubs, close them down and you will see everybody will be alright.

Yogi: I think it might be Ireland as well

Shri Mataji: In Ireland I know because I know I had some Irish people working for me, and they would come for work for me , they would work alright, then they would go for lunch and then, I said after lunch you go home

Nice people very cool people but you see this modern stem of wisdom

Yogi: Where I come from Mother they are the worst for alcohol, yes they are the worst for alcohol, they drink alcohol all the time where I come from.

Shri Mataji:Which is that place?

Yogi: Glasgow in Scotland

Shri Mataji: Oh Glasgow is horrible I’ve been there, I’ve been there lots.

Yogi: We need you in Scotland Mother

Shri Mataji: Really I must be there in Scotland. You see this is also a satanic force built in your own country, and how they put you up and additional to that you see the way it is sophisticated to drink there is a science about it. It is such a big science. You see you have to study if you really (?).. You have really ruined everything since long. When we first came to London we had to spend £900, to get only the goblets, for everything they have a different see this wine

I told my husband, I am ? out of this I cannot do it. He said here nobody will come to our house in no time. He is right, I mean if they come say in the evenings, some drink too much, little bit they drink they will all go mad and all mad so …………they said we don’t believe in (?) I said just see this how the whole thing is, and I mean people don’t talk to each other, unless and until you pour some wine for them it’s mad, they will not talk unless and until until you give them a cigarette you see. That means you invite the bhoot into another fellow to talk to him.

Shri Mataji: You see unless and until you put him into that position where he is possessed you cannot talk to him you see,

Yogi: if it’s a possession it’s not you doing the talking.

Yogi: Yes you won’t even talk, it’s a club, a club. ??

Shri Mataji: They have a great fraternity, I mean all these bhoots have a great fraternity they all combine together very well on a different level.

Yogi: Bhoot.

Shri Mataji: Bhoot is the one who is a spirit whose spirit is dead and they have a big fraternity that if there is one person who is possessed you see ……..there is another one, who will I mean there is just a little possession they will immediately side with them they will all combine together it’s a big fraternity. They go on giving you ideas all the time if you do not accept them you will get physical problems, if you accept them then you have had it.

Yogi: What I don’t understand Mother is that we have this quality of God and yet we seem to be so prone and open to this bad influence of possessions, things, they seem to be all round and they (seem they can enter at any time?) why is it that we are not stronger in God you know we are born and somewhere on the way we lose this wisdom or our innocence for God, why is that, why is that allowed to happen?

Shri Mataji: You see the thing is this is an ego oriented society where we go…………. It is there, it is pampered, we pamper it, even when you pay for it you don’t get satisfaction then you pamper so it makes you feel you are the minister or something you see, somebody appoints me and I am the minister of… , I didn’t understand the word compliment I said oh what a great word all these things it talks big things and its to pamper your ego. And ego is a thing by which a person becomes a lunatic, absolutely be becomes an idiot , now see how do you expect how do you Explain Mr Thorpe and all other idiots there are doing in this country, you see? One better than the other. I mean they are big, So you see you just don’t get ? because of this ego and they know how to pamper it you see why people don’t come to my program you know, because I don’t charge any money, because they cannot get their hands on me, they know they cannot, I will do whatever I please that’s not the way they expect from a guru. The real guru will never…on the contrary I am a Mother I am not unkind, ?? they call it, it’s a kind of a wrong you see and as soon as one disciple comes in…..hit, kararh like again then again the same disciple again tries to come and they hit them on the other side, they hang them by their legs on a well, on a well for 3 days to see this to see if he is alright. These gurus, you see those who really are the real gurus, the real gurus you see, and they put you through so many tests that they get fed up, put a. ..??…on your head all the time, about to fall down you see that they are alright. To frighten you and if you are alright then only they will accept. But Mother is different while these gurus are just the opposite they pamper you just imagine. When I was reading this Minister of this and Minister of that its just a mocker, complete mocker. What happened to Ian and David why didn’t they come?

Yogi: David and Ian

Shri Mataji: David and Ian are coming?

I don’t know, they were going to com here they said they were 25 miles away they said in Birmingham, I don’t know.

Shri Mataji: I hope they are searching

Yogi 2: I thought maybe it was them on the phone but it’s not.

Shri Mataji: Must of been perhaps (discusses in Hindi with a yogi)

Shri Mataji: In India we know all these things. (Again talks in Hindi) and there are many names of these people this style they are, but here they don’t know anything, they only call general terminology.

Yogi: They think they………….tell stories imagine

Shri Mataji: Huh

Yogi: Most people don’t believe them. I think it’s just an old fashioned way of explaining something

in ……..explain…………nervous.

Shri Mataji: That’s the best way of avoiding the reality, you see by not believing these things. Now this fellow would never talk about gurus…. because how can he talk against his own house.

Yogi: It shows his (strength or stress?)

Shri Mataji: yes and for removing his (strength/stress?) he puts another bhoot.

Now you are alright, much better, yesterday you ??

I have been to Glasgow, I must say its a horrible place. ??

??? They launched the ship, They (drink?) so much they really frightened me, after launching the ship, if somebody dies you must drink…can you imagine?

Yogi: They are very nice people Mother, very warm people.

Shri Mataji: They are very warm, but do you know what goes wrong with them is the way they express everything in drink. You see you are so muddled up you don’t know what to do with them when we went there they were drunk you know and then they starting putting hands around me from somewhere, and I told my husband I am not going to do this, I said they are mad they don’t know what they are about. So this is what happened, but after, somebody’s dead you see, how can you drink

Yogi: Muffled

Shri Mataji: Anything, anybody dies, they will drink and it something shocking towards me. Indians understand this much, wisdom they have got, now the other day somebody rang, a very nice person, my husband very, ?? and he said the gentleman went overnight. After death aarrangements, they are all problematical? Nobody was crying, he was crying and he was looking very miserable and you felt terrible about it. The others were only busy organising the lunch after the burial and he said that I am not going to have it, I am not well. And the dead body was lying in the other room, and here they were toasting and taking drinks in their hands, ??? and I don’t know how many drinks they ?? no one respects the dead, no one does the dead any ? If you drink one drink means at least 5 of the dead comes in because you go to the left hand side into the subconscious

And if you take say five or six drinks? I can say I can see at least 5 or 6 bhoots inside you.

Yogi: When people die then what happens to them, sometimes it seems the dead come into you, do they remain on the earth?

Shri Mataji: The dead don’t die, nobody dies, part of it dies the rest of it remains. But there are so many dissatisfied souls you see somebody dies supposing on his way to (drink or pub?), so he is born again, so he wants to be born again to go to the pub, but he will come back as a child, he won’t be able to drink, he has not finished his pub ?? He went there so he will just go into a person who is just sitting round there is having his pub and ?

There’s a lady I met who was drinking one bottle of whiskey just like that, she was from Cuba, one whiskey bottle completely neat you see and her husband, she was a dainty darling, very short and her husband said I can’t understand where does it go, so I took a bandhan to her and I saw this fellow, all this big fellow, 6ft horrible, So I asked her do you know there is somebody who drinks. She said I know ???

Yogi: So this would be what’s wrong with alcoholics

Shri Mataji: Yes of course.

Yogi: If people

Shri Mataji: Is possessed you see, alcoholism is a possession ? All these are possessed they don’t know what they are doing, even these so called, what do you call them, gay people are all possessed, you see where a woman enters into a man and he becomes a gay person. Yes that is all it is, all these absurd things? There was a girl in India she was the wife of a very good man, and she would always dress up like a boy and she would write to me like a boy, and she was only fond of girls in a very funny way. In India it is not understood but she was doing like that but then I bandhaned her and I found that there was a boy coming into her and ?? She thought she was a boy, she used to dress up like a boy you see behave like a boy you see. A 70 year old woman riding a horse, I mean just imagine, imagine this women should not do. That means she is possessed by some sort of a rider, a male jockey. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Variety they are, such a variety there, they could be anyone.

Yogi: Mother when do these uneasy spirits come into us and take an interest, is there a time?

Shri Mataji: ??? They are busybodies and all. You can have a shock, and accident or something ?? they can enter into you. Somebody dies in your family and you drink at that time you get it. Even going to church, you have churches, they are nothing but the church? All the dead bodies are under your feet they are all around ? (???) In childhood you might get it.

We had one Russian. ………..Bogdan, .??? His mother had a grandmother who was fond of going to cemeteries with a little baby in a pram, imagine, and he was always going with her for years together once a year he had so many bhoots in him that you can’t imagine, you must really read these letters to understand all these things happening.

Yogi: but he doesn’t invite these people in

Shri Mataji: Huh?

Yogi: He doesn’t invite these people in

Shri Mataji:Who

Yogi: We didn’t invite them in

Shri Mataji: you did not invite

Yogi: No, say the things we were doing we were doing to come nearer to God, the intention..

Shri Mataji: Yes That’s true but, you see these…what I am saying that you taking their names, what are you calling them, what I am saying inviting them in (on this plain,, you don’t write invitation

cards )??, you are all connected, ?? you are all automatically now connected to me so it’s all finished ? I know you did not invite them, something you did not want, now come in the house in my own house and you will be alright. ????

And they start making ??? They throw you about and all these things. Only difference between you and Indians is that Indians know that this is what it is ???

Yogi:…………?? Is also keeping ignorance, keeping everyone ignorant of the fact that …….

Shri Mataji: You see how can they tell you, it is too much, you expect too much you see, say there is somebody he is a spy, is he going to tell you I am a spy? It is a thug you see he has done all these jobs is he going to tell you that I am a spy. He will try his level best to not only give you ??? But absolute secrecy ?? And there is a sort of a law that if you divulge the secrecy you will be in jail. Yogi: The other thing was that it wasn’t M who was doing the teaching it was meditators, the people all the meditators were coming, teachers themselves.

Shri Mataji: Yes

Yogi: and none of them were probably realised themselves

Shri Mataji: Yes

Yogi: They were passing on names of Gods.

Shri Mataji: Very true. That’s the point. I must say that some of them never felt good,but they would say you have to be very good just to prove that they are very high up in the world government. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Yogi: They must have done absolutely……………

Shri Mataji: (You must have done?), you see because just to prove your worth you did that.

Yogi: I mean it was too obvious by watching the TV how hard they were, I mean you just had to see that program Mother.

Shri Mataji: I was not there, yes I didn’t see.

Yogi: You could just see how they had no heart at all, 90% of their initiators are just like this.

Shri Mataji: and if they had (it’s true ???) all of them had……

Yogi: Yes yes, it’s what they are going to do this time.

Shri Mataji: Go, he will have to hang himself and hang the rest of them you will watch.

Yogi: You see, ………….will he then return?

Shri Mataji: How??????? You see how you people come out of that, if he’s killed also say, also he will subvert into the subconscious you see, he can be even worse, better be there, ?? Then you get out.

Yogi: All of those people are practising TM just now are all being helped,

Shri Mataji: They all are going to be realised, you know they are going to trigger it

There is going to be a chain reaction you see.

Yogi: So far all people have been contacted they have been so ready to stop the programs, stopped just like that.

Shri Mataji: Yes you should be, immediately

You must be

Yogi: Mother in two weeks time

Shri Mataji: You make a list of all the events and you make me ? I would love to…..? I will run up and down. ?? That’s the best, I will come to Scotland, we have decided to go to Scotland at end of July. They are all coming down there from Scotland.

Yogi: And they say (???) The bhoots are really heavy up there…up in Scotland since last night they are ready to start coming down and….

Shri Mataji: Alright I will send something new this week. They can run away from………..?? Alright?

Then we need to drive them away. They are such cowards.

Yogi: Very bad up there

Shri Mataji:ah

Yogi: Very very bad

Shri Mataji: You should show only your teeth and they will run away (laughter) they are cowards.

Shri Mataji: Is he alright?

Yogi: His Agnya

Shri Mataji: This Agnya you will have because you can’t forgive this horrible fellow, but you leave it to me, don’t carry your Agnya. You will feel it more later on the way you have been cheated the amount of money he has taken away from you, (it leaves a terrible feeling in you on your Vishuddhi?)

Better now?

(Muffled talking)

How are you?

So you see I can go whenever I feel like and er, that’s what they have said, but still what should we do?

Yogi: Mother are you going to go to Leeds tomorrow?

Shri Mataji: So I should go back home and people have to come tomorrow to the program ?? and there are lots of people in Leeds also.

Yogi: Yes

Shri Mataji: Alright so

Yogi: What we thought was maybe if we got quite a lot of the TM people who would listen not people who might argue for this first time and then possibly later in two or three weeks if it’s possible we would hire a hall ?? For the last night., and then get all those people to give as many people as we could.

Shri Mataji: you see I should come there first of all because you know what happens in the hall and all ??? The down payment you see ?? And we have a mixed group always like we have some people who are come for the first time, ?? what’s happened is, and they think that it is Sahaja yoga that is going on ??? It’s a good idea,first of all we should be improving those there, but if you can get some land like with a garden or something

Yogi: we have a very big garden

Shri Mataji: That’s all, with a garden I’ll manage them

Yogi: We are bringing some people up from quite a large area so that it covers not just one little area but from all over, so we can tell everybody.

Shri Mataji: You must talk to these meditators, talk to them immediately. ……this hall…….talk immediately, you see in England we are going to work it out, then we are going to attack Americans you see Yogini: President Carter is very against TM

Shri Mataji: But he is for something that is far worse, because he is supposed to be a baptist or something like this you see. I don’t know ?? he has blessed himself ??, he thinks he is twice born, he says I am twice born, what should I tell him?

Yogi: Tell him you are not!

Shri Mataji: What? He’s not realised either you see.

The next part is inaudible, but continues later

One is the incarnation of the Mother, she can be the wife, she can be a wife, or a mother of a guru, or a daughter of a guru like Mohammed Sahib, Fatima was the Adi Shakti you see. . You see then she could be awife of any incarnation like Ramas wife Sita ?, Rhada all these names are the same and then she could be Saraswati, Kumari, the virgin, say Gauri all these can be incarnations There another thing which we call as the Vishnu incarnation you see, he can incarnate as ??

Now the fourth one is a child because the child was created, imagine, as Shri Ganesha and then other forms of Brahma Chaitanya (charya) (?) and all these incarnations were created just to make all (?) these incarnations are part and parcel of Christ, and when he is going to come he is going to bring all these eleven destroying forces at the end of this creation when all of ???

Why are you crying, forget the past, forget the past.

Left left, another time maybe, don’t cry, don’t cry

Just put your will power a little bit, you will manage. Just don’t cry???

Better? And moreover you are a nurse isn’t it? That’s how you indulge the horrible people, Involved all your woes ??

How they are miserable ??

Yogi: ?? Cigarettes and beer.

Shri Mataji:Now who else, come here who I have not got, come along. You wash my feet you will be alright. Come along.

Shri Mataji: Horrible

Yogi: How do you feel

Shri Mataji: Yes you are very much

Yogi: Why does she have hot hands

Shri Mataji: Because there’s an opposition see still inside which is still ??

In any case one thing you have not seen ??? Before. See it’s a very big thing,

I don’t need hot water to make her hands hot, better? See her hands are getting cold and your hands are ? Alright? What about you.

Yogi: This one is cool, this one is warm

Shri Mataji: The heart you have surrendered but not with your mind, let your mind be surrendered. ???? Put your left hand on your heart, this side. We call this side as Heart because you have a chakra there, rub it rub it hard because ESP and all these things are nothing but possessions. All these

are possessions, and parapsychology imagine this, foolish impressions are being parapsychology , see so what’s going to happen to them, ……………??? Ha ha ha ha ha

They don’t need it. Mmm better? Raise your Kundalini you will feel much better, you all raise your Kundalinis come along, raise your hands, help others, you are all awakened people, just try mmmmm, right, right. Better?

Hah everybody feeling better, now see it’s cooler? Kundalini has started moving with your fingers, you know you are better than the Indian Maharaj, do you know he only gave realisation to one person, ?? in 25 years he must have started when he was 75 perhaps, or maybe 80 years of age and he finished in 25 years later, and now he is saying I will never give to anyone again. This is the situation. How fast you have become see your instrument is so correct it starts working, see, alright?

Still left hand you put it down, yes put it down, raise his right raise his right to the left.

You see these supraconscious bhoots can be very subtle. I’ll give you the example of …. Better? Is example of David, David should tell about, it’s very difficult to make them out this supraconscious bhoot came into him and even told about me and that he should come to me, that’s sucking in

Yogi: I think so

Shri Mataji: Yes. That’s a confidence trick see, and then they start going against Sahaja yoga, it’s a confidence trick….? They are very cunning you know just like foxes very cunning you have that English story of a fox had to perform on the grandmother what?

Yogi: Little red riding hood,

Shri Mataji: Little Red Riding Hood, you see that is it? It was told a long time back you see, most of your you see nursery rhymes are from the unconscious. London Bridge is falling down you see, all these things are there, oranges and lemons, you see these are all the things that were told to you a long time back, even this one Red Riding Hood, it was also a story told to you a long time back. That there would be somebody coming. All your nursery rhymes are great ??, and Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall you see, that’s what is a Humpty Dumpty is an egotistical fellow and

English ?? He sat on a wall with a big head and had a great fall and all the Kings men and all the Kings horses could not, horses again, ?? horses is the sign of the collectivity, could not put together Humpty Dumpty again. You know this is a mantra sometimes.

Yogi: ?

Shri Mataji: ha ha ha ha ha ha



Shri Mataji: Heart

Mother says mantras to clear a chakra in a seeker.

Ah there, that means you must pay attention to your spirit. Your attention should be on your spirit, that’s how you cure your heart, pay your attention to your heart, with your attention you are going to cure yourself, see all of you put your attention to your heart huh?

Yogi: ?

Shri Mataji: On to the liver

Your liver is your attention itself


Rub it rub it hard, rub it hard, it looks soft but it can bear a lot of ??? You can bear to take some, rub it hard, hah better now? Feeling the liver?