This is not the work of mediocres

Doctor Johnson House, Birmingham (England)

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“This is not the work of mediocres”, Public programme, Dr. Johnson house, Birmingham (UK), 16 June 1979.

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I am really sorry we got here, achieved here such a late but I would say but the things have to be done according to the timings of the Divine, you cannot plan out your own things. That’s how sometimes one has to be later and sometimes one has to be earlier. But one thing is definite: the time has come for the final happening of your being. This being has been passing through various phases of life. You know that, that you have been a small little amoeba and then a fish, a reptile, and that’s how the evolution went on till you are today sitting here as a human being.

All this has happened to you without your knowledge, without your deliberations. And you have taken for granted that you are a human being and all the rights as a human being are your own. In the same way you have a right to be something more than what you are, because even today you do not know what is your purpose. Why all this effort was put in to create you? What is the meaning of this life? Is it pointless? Just you were created for nothing at all, for thousands of years? In such a manner that so many things were discarded, so many shapes were discarded, so many forms were discarded, and then gradually, one by one, they started disappearing from this Earth. Ultimately we find there are so many human beings now on this Earth that it is not easy to explain how, in this short time, you were created and so many were created.

Whether you believe it or not, but there is a Source, there is a Controlling Power, which does that. The human beings themselves have been talking about God, have been writing about God – themselves. Of course they were guided by incarnations who led them do this kind of a decision, no doubt, but still, animals do not think of God, they cannot think of anything abstract. So there is an awakening within every human being that we are not complete and there is Something beautiful of the beyond.

Now if I say that just now we know about this Universe through our senses – it’s just a dream: is a fact. Is just a dream. You are not going to believe Me that this is all a dream when you can see it very clearly. But don’t we see everything in the dream clearly? In the dream are we not related to all the things that we see, in the same manner as it exists today? So when I say that you have to be awakened out of this dream and jump into that awareness, which is complete awakening, you might say that is it going to be from one dream to another dream and from this dream to another dream? How is it am I going to prove that even that awakening which is of the beyond is? You start feeling the vibrations as you have heard about it. But how are you to believe that even those vibrations that you feel and the Supreme Power you feel, the All-pervading Collective Consciousness you feel within yourself, is also [not] another dream and you have to be awakened beyond that?

I would like anyone of the Sahaja Yogis to answer this question if possible. Can you tell Me that? You see, I’m waiting there if you, a type [of you], could. I would like to know if any Sahaja Yogis can say definitely that the dream, that you have come out of it now, because you are feeling the vibration, you are feeling the collective consciousness within you yourself is also not another dream. I want you to think about it. Can anyone give explanation? Can anyone think of an explanation that even that All-pervading Power you are feeling is not a dream?

Sahaja Yogi: The dream doesn’t change.

Shri Mataji: Beg your pardon.

Sahaja Yogi: The dream doesn’t change.

Shri Mataji: But how can you say that you are still in a dream and how will you say whether it will change or not? How can you say definitely that it is not going to change? You see, because I find lot of these lectures, it is your pro, I want to give you a little bit.  Supposing you see why shouldn’t be in you, you, you about it,  you should find [out] where I am taking you from dreams to dream and again to another dream. Bala let’s have you: you are very clever. Gavin, you are intellectuals. You know I told Gavin that I’ll ask you a question. How do you say that these vibrations that are there, you are not dreaming about them?

Sahaja Yogini: If they are there how can we dream about them?

Shri Mataji: You see, but may be that, in this case they are there because you are in another dream state, the third one!

Sahaja Yogini : This is my personal opinion that this dream for me, it is one that has come true.

Shri Mataji: True, but what do you say that for the next dream, what about the next dream? Maybe something else would be there.

Sahaja Yogi: We can test that by vibrations.

Shri Mataji: But even vibrations could be dream! You see, you just think about it, why am I saying that you don’t just accept Me as I am saying it? You should keep your mind on the alert.

Sahaja Yogi: We don’t think.

Shri Mataji: You don’t think about it. Why not? You can also think about it and this is the point. The point is not that you don’t think about it, but, that in the dream whatever you have, now you have come to this state of consciousness where you are just conscious. Then whatever you have in this conscious stage cannot be used in your dream; you cannot relate it to your dream. But when you get realised then you can use that acquiring, in Sanskrit called [kolofky?], to solve the problems of this dream. You see? That is why that is not a dream. Whatever creates the dream is the ignorance. You can face it by the findings of Sahaja Yoga. Every minute you can face it as you have done. So, it should not be a criteria that I do not take any money from you, so you just believe Me. No, you should not believe on this point. But the thing is, if your dream, that is today’s conscious mind, where we are in the centre in the conscious mind, when this conscious mind receives Super-Consciousness, then ‘That’ consciousness can be used to solve the problems of this dream. And this is why we have to know that whatever you achieve through Sahaja Yoga breaks all the dreams.

Later on you can even use it for the dream itself, because you will start Absolute State and you have that Absolute Awareness which we call as Chaitanya Lahari, is the vibrations by which you can judge everything: the dream that was there, you should peer upon it, and this conscious mind and also the future that is God, and His ways. All these things can be felt through these vibrations.

The obstructions which come your way not to feel, we call them as badha. Obstructions are called as badha, means ‘by which you cannot feel them fully’. Maybe the instrument is not alright, maybe there is something wrong. But the feeling that you get of these vibrations are not clear-cut in your mind and there is a vikalpa. ‘Vikalpa’ means ‘doubt’. The doubt is there because your feelings are not quite clear cut. There is a vicious circle on this point. Even when you do get your vibrations, then the doubt comes in because your feelings are not yet all right.

So when you feel the vibrations perfectly well you can be doubtless. It’s a vicious circle. Because of the doubts you do not feel the vibrations, and because there are no vibrations you are in doubts. This is the point, even after realisation. [That] one has to know beforehand because we have had experiences, because people came to My program, got realisation and they never come back. The reason for that is, this time is very important and that is the time when your kushal, your capacity, achievement, is tested.

Realisation people get it, vibrations they do get it. But your capacity to be steady into that state is only possible if you, yourself, you are determined to do it. Otherwise you are again thrown into the same plane. Like if you are getting drowned and somebody tries to save you, brings you on the boat, but still you are not sure whether you are in the boat or sinking deep, and slip down back again. Again he puts you back. Again, you slip down. This thing goes on. But if you could stick on to the boat with determination it helps much more, because that is how you are going to know your meaning of life.

Because of this little problem I have seen, in Sahaja Yoga, we get people who are excellent. This is not the work of ordinary people, of mediocres. There is a saying in Marathi language (of Saint Tukaram), yerya gabalyache kaama nohe “It’s not for the lousy to come into it.” So this is the point where you have to achieve that, and that point is very important. Why I have today started with it? Because I have seen many a times [that] all the efforts sometimes are lost just like that.

Now it is there within you, all the chakras that are shown here. Would you like Me to tell you the names of these chakras here? Yes. Now this chakra is the first chakra of the centre within us, which is in a subtle form we do not know about, but we know about it in the gross form, again in the dreamland, we can say. The gross form is called as the pelvic plexus. But it is manifested by this subtle chakra known as Mooladhara. This is a very, very important chakra within us, because that is how we started having life. You can say carbon was introduced in life within us. Without carbon you cannot form life. And so this is the chakra where, this is the state when we really became living beings, the life pulsated in us. And that is how it is demarcated. It also represents all the matter that we have been, because carbon stands in the centre of the periodic table, as you understand, and that is the highest evolved element because when carbon was introduced then only we started pulsating as living beings. But it has nothing to do with Kundalini.

So all the living beings are at this level now, but while you have a higher position, all of you, built in you, though they also have the capacity to have all these. So the human history starts straight from here, is the base. That’s why it is called as ‘Mooladhara’ chakra – [meaning] the base of the root, the base of the root.

Now which is the root is this one (the Kundalini). This one is the germinating force within you by which you evolve to a higher state, and this is placed within your triangular bone which you can see with your naked eyes. And the Kundalini is there. It exists. But if you tell a doctor he won’t believe you. I was Myself a student of medicine and I would say “Now, how to talk to these people? It’s better to learn their language so that you can talk to them.” It exists there and many of the people who are here have seen this pulsating in them. This one.

And this Kundalini is the force, which is kept there, residual force, which is kept there for your rebirth, as they call it. The brahmin is called as a dweejaha means the one who is born again, reborn. As Christ himself has said, that you have to be twice born. Like an egg of a hen, you are born, living in this dream and in the cocoon of your own being. When you are ready, the Mother can pierce onto the head of the cocoon and can bring you out, though the transformation has been done by you, within yourself, without feeling it, through the divine force. And I feel today is the time, you are just ripe for hatching, as they say.

The blossom time has come. The time of transformation has come. And thousands have to be transformed. You have to know the meaning of your life because you were created for a purpose. From amoeba to this stage you were brought. And now the One who has created you, the One who has given you all the beauties and the bounties of this Universe, wants you to know Him and enjoy all the bounties, like the Father bestowing properties, all His enjoyments on this Earth, out of His love. Is the manifestation of His love that has brought us to this stage. And His love only is going to give you that status by which you are going to be enthroned into the Kingdom of God. Instead, I know people have been harmed much more.

Is very, very simple proposition, which is difficult for human beings to understand, that this was desired as a father desires for his son. Even when he is not his father, he thinks of a son, how he is going to bring him up and how he is going to bestow all his love and all he is earning on that child. In the same manner, the Great Father has planned the whole thing in such a beautiful manner and He is going to look after His own Creation. No one can destroy it. He is Almighty. Only thing is that you may destroy yourself, because He has made you free. He has given you freedom. He has treated you as a friend. Because if you have to be enthroned, you have to be a free person and you must know how to enjoy the glory of freedom.

In that freedom if you have chosen something wrong then you cannot blame God for that. But even if it is just a mistake then He will work it out with thousand fold of His glories and mercies to see you, that you are safe. He’s going to use all His powers to see that you receive that beauty that is promised. That is what is Sahaja Yoga.

‘Sahaja’ means ‘spontaneous’. Perhaps we do not understand the full meaning of ‘spontaneous’, because ‘spontaneous’ itself is an abstract word to understand. It’s just His spontaneous power that works it out. He is spontaneity Himself and His powers are spontaneous. His love is spontaneous. You can see everywhere how nature is spontaneously doing thousands of things which we cannot answer, neither can we understand it, nor can we appreciate it. Like a little flower becoming a fruit, we just take it for granted. If there are flowers, all right, take it, they are there. If there are fruits, we eat them. In the same way we have taken for granted everything and we have taken for granted Sahaja Yoga also. It’s going to work out, it’s going to be within you, and all of you are going to get it.

In this centre, the second centre which you see this centre first, because this is the centre, which is called as the Manipur centre, which controls our navel organs or, we can call them, as the solar plexus. There is a solar plexus which controls all the organs in the stomach, all the viscera. And this centre [Swadhishthan] actually comes out of this centre. It is an additional centre of this, which revolves around this area and looks after organs that are inside the stomach. As God has made you in His own image, you can see that, that this is the place where God has created this Universe, where the stars and all the galaxies are created. And then the Earth is created down here, and we have a sun and a moon.

But in our being itself also we have got all these centres placed within us. This is the star of Jupiter you can say. All of them have also stars which are like push buttons as they say. All these big stars, are push buttons in the viscera or in the stomach, abdomen of God Almighty. In the same way, we too have got this centre, it’s very important. If you can see here that it is surrounded by this water element, and this centre is meant for your freedom. So, first the life started existing in this water and the seeking started.

The seeking started because we have in-born, built-in, sense of seeking. Amoeba seeks the food. Animals seek also food and also other things like protection. It learns how to protect itself. But the human being seeks the meaning of his being. This seeking here is our something today. This side is the, this blue line [Ida Nadi] that is shown within you, is the line of your existence which manifests your left side sympathetic nervous system. And the line, other line that is shown here is the line of your creativity [Pingala Nadi], of your physical being which is represented by or manifested by your right side sympathetic nervous system.

In the centre [Sushumna] is the seeking. And you see that there is a void, there is a void in between. You do not know how to approach from there. Human being have this centre as critical point because after the point of protection, animals  rise, they learned methods how to protect themselves. But this is a point, which is very important, where human beings have raised their heads up. This centre is a very, very vital centre because that is the point where human beings have accepted their responsibility. They have accepted the situation that they are something. The ‘I-ness’ started with this centre because at this centre – as it is shown on the figure is slightly wrong [because] you can say that is connected on both the sides  – at this centre, when the human beings start using these two powers within them, of one of existence and another of creativity or we can say emotional, mental and physical power, they released from their being fumes of tensions. And these two fumes as we have shown there, go into the brain and form on this side the super-ego and that side as the ego.

Now how super ego is formed and how ego is formed and what it is, I will tell you in short. As in a factory, when there is activity, you see the fumes coming out, in the same way, when we have our emotional activity or our physical mental activity, the fumes, which represent all the activities of  that shallow, are accumulated in these two balloon-like structures. These two balloon-like structures, when they meet as here, then a human being is separated from the mains. Animals are not separated. Only human beings are separated. They have [been] given that freedom. When they are born, in the fontanelle area as you can see in childhood is very, very soft. And you can see the pulsation through which the power flows into the limbic area. But when a child grows and his two activities grow just like that, there’s calcification of that bone and you find that the head here becomes hard. That’s why sometimes people say “hard nuts.” This hard nut is the place where this Kundalini has to pierce. She has to rise from her seat, go upward and pierce that fontanelle area. Which we all know is called as baptism. This was the baptism that John the Baptist said, not that you get Baptists from some theological college or from some training or some sort of a clownish looking people. They cannot do it. They may dress up like clowns and say, “All right I will baptise you.” It’s absurd! What is their authority to do such things? And that’s how when, in the modern times you feel, if you ask people, “Do you believe in God?” “No.” “Why?” “Because our clergyman is like that.” But the church should not assume that they are representing God.

In the same manner, in every religion, the so-called Hinduism, which you think is something very great and people have exploited you, is even still here and much worse than Christianity could be any time. This sort of exploitation is one of the greatest hurdles in your getting the realisation. One side the seekers, the innocent seekers who are seeking. They don’t find it in church, so they go to an Indian temple where they may purchase some ganja and end up in some swimming pool or something like that. That is one of the greatest hurdles I say today, that the way the innocence of the people is being exploited by people who think that they can sort of make money. They are not worried about their own seeking. How can they respect your seeking? Or [they do it] for some sort of a flagrant or you can say sadistic happiness out of it? This centre, the whole of this centre, which is supported by your sustenance, is disturbed [by that].

Here a human sustenance is retained and created and looked after. And there are great incarnations who come on Earth to teach that this is the sustenance you should adhere to. But there are also horrible, wicked, evil geniuses who come on this Earth. They come in this area and they disturb your sustenance. That is the, as I said, the greatest problem that is facing me. Actually, it would be something like a beautiful garden I come to, and I find beautiful flowers around and I’m just coming, and here I find the flowers mutilated for the selfish end of the absolutely depraved and low type of human beings, they should have horns actually and tails; that is how depraved they are. Even animals with horns are thousand times better. They want to retard your progress. And that is how we find today the situation is at the blossom time, that all the flowers have to blossom. Otherwise they were to be fruits, very beautiful. It was to happen with all of them with great care and concern, to form that peach. But now they have come up to this level and here we find them suddenly destroyed by the nonsensical horrible people who actually are of no virtue. You cannot understand the anguish. Now it is for the flowers to understand this.

I was happy to learn that people have started calling themselves ‘flower people’. It was a good idea. But they started another style of self-destruction out of frustration.  Others are destroyed as well, as you are also destroying yourself. The other side of it is also very, very tragic. I met one of the Sahaja yogis here who had broken his back because he did parachuting. So I said, “Why did you do this?”  What a thing to do parachuting, of all the things! Because I know his value, I know his substance, I know he has the feeling. I said, “You should not have gone for parachuting. You are not the type,  from planes.” He said, “Sheerly out of frustration I thought better get my [name?]” Still I came out of it. Then I thought I must get something more the way I did it. I did it very well. But still it is there. There must be more there. But some of you have overdone everything. Why? Because you have not been able to evaluate yourself and find out about yourself, to know about yourself and what is the material you are. When you are the hope of the whole Creation, how is it that you did not [take] heed to your own being? And this is the second hurdle that I have to face, you have to face [and] all those who believe that they should get realisation have to face.

This is how I am describing the void here. Just I’ll have to do in a very short time and you know that subject matter is very great.

I would suggest that let us have The Light first. Let us get the Enlightenment. Then it would be easier to talk about it. Without Light, what am I going to describe? And why should you believe? So better have your light. Better feel it, manoeuvre it, understand it and then use it. First time when this Kundalini touches the brahmarandhra or when it opens out at this point, then you start feeling the cool vibrations. So actually, that has happened? Let us see, in medical terminology the central path, which is the sushumna, represents the parasympathetic nervous system. I do not want to bore you with the medical terms because I have been bored Myself quite a lot. The central path of this sushumna is manifesting the parasympathetic and if you go and ask doctors, they’ll say, “Oh, we don’t know much about it. Don’t ask.” This is the point; this is the line by which we manifest our present. Now today, just now today is also true, but this moment! We cannot stay on this moment, either we go to the past or to the future, but we cannot stay here. If we could stay here, then we could see these two things clearly. But we are all the time jumping and we cannot see because the past is finished and the future doesn’t exist. So we don’t see anything. Sum total is, that we don’t see anything.

We can only see something or feel something if we could steady ourselves on this parasympathetic, which we cannot; medically, they say that we cannot tap the energy of parasympathetic. Now this is what we have achieved up to this point as human beings. This is our achievement, which is felt in our physical being, in our emotional being and in our mental being. But also, there is another being which is our Spiritual Being which we can aspire but we cannot feel it and that Spiritual Being resides in the heart as Spirit. That Spirit sees you, It knows everything about you, but you cannot get to it. Your own attention does not reach that, that’s why you cannot feel it. For example, you see this pillar; so the pillar is not you, you see these flowers [so] flowers are not you, you see this hand, so this hand is not you because you see it. So there are two things going on all the time. Then, you see you have a brain, that means you are not your brain. Then you see that you think, then you are not your thoughts. Then the One that sees everything is the One that resides in the heart. This is the reflection of God Almighty, Who resides on your head, on your heart.

Now immediately, if you start jumping as a jumping jack, that how do we talk of God. I am just talking of it, I am not saying that, “Here is the key.” Later on we’ll find out really all what I talk is true or not. But for the time being it’s just a hypothesis and you just listen to this as a hypothesis.

So the reflection of God within us is the Spirit, and when the Kundalini rises, She touches the feet of the God Almighty – this is symbolically I am saying – [then] immediately, you become enlightened by the Spirit, and it starts pulsating in you, in your heart there is pulsation. But you cannot feel that pulsation in your body usually. When that happens you start feeling that pulsation when the Spirit pulsates. And when He is the One who is part and parcel of the whole, you get connected to the whole, you start feeling the whole, and that’s how you actualise. You actually get it within yourself, the manifestation of collective consciousness.

It’s very much higher than that of animal consciousness. You are very much higher  than that of a animal awareness. Though many human beings aspire to be animals, it’s surprising! Like, if the animal has to pass through the filth, he doesn’t feel it, but human beings can’t. They do not feel the colour, they do not, I mean, they do not enjoy the colours. They cannot enjoy the good painting. For an animal, if you show him a painting, he won’t understand what is a painting, he doesn’t know what is the beauty. So, in the same way when you become your being, your consciousness becomes collectively manifesting. That means you become one with the whole. Say you are yourself somewhere here in the image of God, then this self becomes connected with the whole. You can feel the connection, that’s how wholesomeness is established within you. How it happens is that you start feeling the vibrations flowing from your hand, and all these chakras which are enlightened, get enlightened here and activated. All these colours will tell you which chakras are related to which finger here. With this sketch here, you can make out all of them. Now when these are activated, you start feeling others on these activated hands. You can start feeling their centres. You can start feeling your own centres. This is what is self-realisation, that you can feel your own centres. All other nonsense has no meaning.

People talk of self-realisation and end up by going to some sort of a cemetery. They try to show that from the dead they are going to get you something that is above limits. This is the only way that you get your realisation. If you say a seed sprouts through its primule, that’s the fact. But if somebody says that you can sprout a seed through, say, the trunk, can you do it? Or through the cotyledon, as you call it? In the cotyledon you can have the germinating power which is not. It’s all programmed in its place and built-in within us. And this is the instrument, which is there within us, and only through this instrument you are going to get your realisation. There is no other way out. And this one is such a beautiful one because here is your Mother, is your individual Mother waiting for this thing. She is the one who guides you. She is the one who took you into spirituality, She is the one She told that there is something above, and She is just waiting for a chance to rise and give you that realisation.

[Tape ended here. To be continued now.]

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi