Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Doctor Johnson House, Birmingham (England)


Shri Mataji – Dr. Johnson’s House, Birmingham, UK, 17June 1979

Now in this world[s] there are [cults], as they call them, [are not good]. They have made a mess of this Kundalini knowledge. If you read some Kundalini book you do not come to [master it OR might know]. They think in the [most/worst] [unclear], ever born, [that/like] Christ perhaps they thought as if He was a [immoral]. All sorts of perverted things they have said about this Mother [Earth/of Christ] while She is the most loving thing that you have ever had. She is the one who is going to bestow this bliss on you. Why I’m doing it? Horrible ones have tried to malign Her, defame Her, insult Her and have tried to rouse such things that insult absolutely, accordingly. Every time I have to tell you about these ugly things which I don’t want to talk about because it’s so ugly to talk of this horrible play. But they are there in the [body] and I have to tell you. I have to warn you all the time. You have to be very, very careful about it.

Now, I think this is such a big subject that I don’t know how will I be able to, to give the complete idea about it. But so far I think I have explained to you that you have a purpose in life, and there are milestones of your evolution. They are put in you as centers, subtle centers which you can see with your eyes [concretely/completely] and can feed through the second [force], and there is ego and superego within you which has given you the freedom as independent personalities, and you can act as independent people, and with this personality only you achieve that higher state as well you achieve [that OR dhyan] the manifestation of that Divine force through you starts flowing. To end up that I would say that you become a holy personality, that you become the real instrument of God, that the power starts flowing through you and you see it flowing and working and [unclear]. Of course again [talking] about the [states], they give you [no] powers whatsoever and take [along/away] all the powers [that you have]. But the whole creation has been created and you have been [manifested] as human beings to achieve your own power.

So, there’s a sweet story about Radha and Krishna. Once, you see, Radha was jealous of Shri Krishna’s flute. So She went to Krishna and she said, “What is this? All the time you are putting her in the lip. I don’t like it.” He said, “Why are you jealous?” She said, “I’m very jealous of her. What is her specialty? What is so special about her?” He said, “Why don’t you go and ask her? It’s a better thing you go and ask.” So She went and asked that, “What is your specialty that He’s all the time [taking you] near His heart and all the time He gives you [His lips, this]?” She laughed and laughed, and she said, “You know what is My specialty? My specialty is that I have no specialty here, that I became a [hollow]. I’m absolutely a [hollow] and He plays and the world enjoys and I still looking [forward to do it] and I just [watch for] all that and people say that it is the [murli] [looking for, it is] the flute that is played. But I am [unclear] and [that I am] just a [hollow] personality.” So Radha went to Krishna and She said, “All right, next time You [bring forward, wait for] hollow personality [on Your lip, all right].” [That is what it is]. So whatever is promised [unclear] has to be done. God never makes promises which He [unclear].

May God bless you all. I hope you all will get your realization and you will be steady. That’s very important because, as I’ve told you, it’s not meant for lousy people. Thank you very much. I’m so happy to see so many of you, who [have become], who are deep people, who have been seeking all [their lives/the time] and they have to realize that [this/it] is the only way it has to be done.

In general, I don’t know how people charge money for it. If something it’s within, it’s very, very low type, [to grab the money]. You cannot charge money for your love. I went to India and they told Me, “Mother, can You give us the list of people [whom You have cured]?” “What? It’s very odd. You don’t ask Me such questions.” “Just [if] can You give us a list of the people whom you have cured.” I said, “I have not made a list.” So he said, “Oh, really! Why not?” I said, “Do you make a list of people whom you feed, whom you love, [which is the] [unclear] your own children. You make a list of all that. How many times you have [unclear] to your children? Only you enjoy yourself. So where is the time for these nonsensical things as to list?” It’s very [joyful/ joy giving]. It is that beautiful [play of Divinity, is that].

May God bless you again and again. Let’s see what happens, how far they [go/grow].

I would say you ask some questions. Then if you can ask some questions. But you should not be very sensitive about it because people ask Me very, very direct questions. Then when I give them answers they feel hurt. So they want to hurt you for everything because you are already very much hurt. I do not want to hurt you but it happens. It happens like that, that you ask horrid questions and when I tell you the answer sometimes you feel hurt. So just ask Me questions.

Sahaja Yogi: We had also relaxation and [unclear] from both of these. We have done already that.

Shri Mataji: [What sort of the relaxation], My child? Just tell. I can [agree] if there are some results. It’s effective. It’s a possession. Only thing they possess people. They get the pain. When they are possessed they get the same [thing]. But they relax because somebody else has taken their responsibility, but physically they can’t bear the pressure and [they will have] contortions. It’s very easy to find out. You must be having lots of lunatic asylums here. [You must go and see them] since they are possessed, how they behave. The epilepsy is one of them. If you have seen in epilepsy how people get into a kind of a posture from where they cannot get out for hours together. It is possession. It’s not only that your stomach is absolutely relaxed but even relax the stomach of others.

Sahaja Yogi: Only thing is through God’s realization.

Shri Mataji: Beg your pardon?

Sahaja Yogi: Only thing is through God’s realization.

Shri Mataji: What is?

Sahaja Yogi: The Self-realization, it’s only through God.

Shri Mataji: Of course, of course. You see there are, some people just arrived there they are, in fact, but some people go to a certain stage. The first stage of Realization when the Kundalini crosses over the Agnya chakra is called as thoughtless awareness. Only in the thoughtless awareness you can start curing people. You can cure people if your Kundalini has crossed the Agnya. So far there are many people who can cure but they don’t know how they do it. They don’t know how to maneuver it. And then you have this Kundalini rising above the fontanel which we can call, as [the time] I call it a Self-realization, because that’s the time you become another human being, [you go into collective] consciousness. [With that] you can start giving realization to others, correcting your own chakras, everybody’s chakras and you can start feeling it. So many things will happen. [I mean there is endless] if I, I cannot tell you how you realize the bliss of the Divine like that. It’s something so wonderful, you should be amazed. Like [these days] we have here one Sahaja Yogi. In the beginning, you know, I had only six of them for four years, for your information, in England. So I worked with six of them. And while [there], you see, in the beginning I said, “Let’s see how this thoughtless consciousness works.” So he said, “My father has not written any letter.” I said, “All right. You don’t write to him. You just think about him and feel his vibrations.” He started getting a heat here and a burning here. So he said, “Mother, what does that mean?” I said, “All these centers are of your father.” So I said, “You telephone to him and find out. He must be having bronchitis.” He had bronchitis. But when this fellow talked to him, bronchitis he got all right. It’s that fantastic, so fantastic. I told you that from thoughtless awareness you jump into collective consciousness, collective awareness. This collective awareness gives you the powers of collective consciousness by which you cure others. You are sitting down here; you can cure other people, you can awaken their Kundalini, even give them Realization. But then the person must talk to you, say, on phone or somehow. He should be connected. And that he should know [about, that] this, there is a movement by [some] deliberations of somebody who is, we call it, Sahaja Yogi.

Then, the third state is complete Self-realization. You get that state, which comes when there is, we call it as Nirvikalpa Samadhi, means [where/when] there is doubtless awareness, that you have no doubts anymore left about it. It’s not the rational, but it is a state in which you settle down. In that state you have no doubts anymore about it. Then the powers are dynamic, and you start working on so many dimensions that you are amazed how things work out.

For example, I’ll tell you we have a lady here, (she’s doubtlessly, I’ll not say) she’s doubtlessly aware. She worked to the every chakra, [or her chakras are]. All the time her vibrations are flowing [out]. She wrote a letter to Me saying that, “Mother, there’s a girl who has got cancer. She is about ten eleven years of age. And I don’t know how we can help her. She has come all the way from this Hong Kong. And they are saying that she has to die within [this year] time.” I said, “All right.” And she’s now going to America for further check. So she went to America and the American doctors said, “She has no cancer, nothing. Who told you she has cancer?” This is one of them. No more cancer, [dying], nothing happened. And thus you cannot believe, it is so fantastic. So this is the stage of doubtless awareness. First is the thoughtless awareness; then the doubtless awareness. Now, the awareness word, you see, is a, in the dream we call it awareness only. Say, my wife says that normally what we are in conscious mind [we may be] in a dream. So this is also awareness and even after that is awareness. But in Sanskrit there are two words: one is Buddha; another is Prabuddha. You should put “pra”, means enlightened. So, we shall, we should call it enlightened awareness.

So it is thoughtless and enlightened awareness, and enlightened awareness is also termed as Samadhi. So is Nirvichar Samadhi. And the second one is the doubtless enlightened awareness, is the, the Nirvikalpa Samadhi. So there is no vikalpa. But this has no effect for the [them] as to understand very carefully what is a vikalpa. And that I think that I will tell you some other time. And this is what is the Self-realization. When you have achieved that, from then there is God realization starts. Then you start controlling the nature, you start controlling all that you see, and you become the master of all that, but you do everything for the hita, means for the well being of yours and of the whole. Your connection with the whole becomes absolutely clear-cut, when you become God’s realized, means your awareness becomes so pure and so much effective, as if people will say that, “Look at this man. How does he do it and how it happens?” That is the state also is possible. After all, the whole creation has been through Sahaja Yoga, spontaneously. And in the same way this is also spontaneous. There are only two persons who were born to incarnations who were Divine, and who became themselves incarnations. They were born as human beings but became themselves incarnations. But even that can, can be covered by love.

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, You also say that there are many, many people which are now [in demise] and in [unclear]. Why does God allow this?

Shri Mataji: He doesn’t allow. You allow. I’ve told you; you have to think of it. First thing, you should not allow any who takes money how that can be in the name of God. You remember? You have Christ before you. He [rose], He took one whip and whipped these people, in the church. A man like Him who said that, “Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” He whipped those people. That’s what they deserved. And you go to them and bow to them. [Though, While] you are all very intelligent people and now such intelligent people are being attracted to this kind of a nonsense and an absurd thing, while poor, simple, uneducated are better off. They know all that, “Oh, we understand all that.” They know such things. They are not stupid, you see. You must understand when you have money all these thugs are going to come along with it.

I say the other position now. Let’s see. Supposing somebody comes out of the jail in India. He has no social position. He cannot live socially valued. So he says, “All right, let me take another form or let me have a drama.” He makes a camouflage out of it. He makes a person who is very friendly or very good. Now he [needs you] be clear or other, there, or even runs after some other persons, makes no difference. Then he comes out. He says, “You see, I will show you the water will come out of this pot, just now.” Previous that he must have arranged that there might be a pipeline going and he must have put some sort of a clock there and which he must have picked up and showing that the water is coming out. And people will say, “Oh, this is a great miracle. You see the water. He hit there and the water has started coming out.” So a [calculate] person has to go from the back door and see how it is, and see about the pipeline. He should be on the alert. This alertness if you do not keep in spirituality. Even after realization you have to be alert about your attention. First, the alertness is about others, but after realization the alertness is about you, because within you there are thieves who have come inside. So you have to watch them. But you people are so simple and so innocent. But I really don’t want to involve in your freedom or dreaming. These are taking the good job of it, no doubt.

Sahaja Yogini: Mother, means could, we could get Realization from then we become really that organization? Do we have to be [thinking] of that or we have…?

Shri Mataji: No, no, you have, you see, with some people it just goes up and goes down. There’s one horrible guru we have in India. I don’t know what he does that you raise the Kundalini and bring it up and it is again sucked back. Again you bring it up and again it is sucked back. [Or, Oh] you don’t know how much one has to work hard. It’s hard thing to be seen now. But one has to work hard morning till evening, the whole night. Last night I didn’t sleep just about 2.30. Though it’s a terrible job, it has to be done. There is no guarantee about it. Now you will understand one thing, very simple thing, because you see, you are coming from a different experience that here nothing is selling, nothing is reality. Is the will that you get your realization. It’s God’s will that He gives you realization. It’s in complete freedom that [you could get it OR there]. He cannot overpower your freedom because He’s not speaking English. You are all elected. Is the other way round [story], you see, so there is no guarantee of anything. Do you understand such a situation?

Sahaja Yogi: If face to face deny that, if we have to deny that for God. And we go to gurus means that this is something new between us that we may know. It’s going to be an issue that we all agree.

Shri Mataji: Yes. What?

Sahaja Yogi: As far as understanding our rationalization or the others’.

Shri Mataji: Yes.

Sahaja Yogi: It should be.

Shri Mataji: Yes. So you have said the other part.

Sahaja Yogi: Or how can these people, these men continue and speak of God as if they own Him?[unclear].

Shri Mataji: But I know Kundalini in them is almost damaged. They have achieved their doom long time back. You see, a person who is absolutely shameless, what can you do about it? They will not wonder affects you. You see, [they know] so I was telling you that there are, [your] karmas he is playing with you. And one of the monkey’s tail was cut. So he wanted everybody’s tail to be cut. That is they are [ascetics]. They want everybody’s tail to be cut. Only thing that you can do is not to have anything to do with them.

Sahaja Yogi: But how do we know an authentic, a person who is not such a guru?

Shri Mataji: How do we know? Because if a person makes you authentic that person is definitely authentic.

Sahaja Yogini: How?

Shri Mataji: If, if it is, you can see very clearly, it’s even though they say they will give you these powers [and these] you cannot maneuver them. You cannot understand them if they do not even have the “know how”. See, why I am saying you are all authentic engineers because you know engineering. All right? That’s how you are authentic. If you do not know how to do anything how are you authentic? So the one who gives you the authenticity itself is authentic. If he gives you the powers by which you all will know how, and you all then can bestow [that/your] powers to others, then you can say that he is authentic within. Or you all know all about it. I tell you what happens. Now I’ll tell you what is this [within you]. Now it has happened [and is there]. You see, they are Greeks. So they have to be translated. Don’t get upset about it. What has happened? Really, should I tell you? Now the thing that has happened is that you developed your societies, you developed your countries and you became developed countries, all right? You developed your brains also too much, and the whole thing was right-side movement, as we call it. Too much mental activity; you started analyzing everything. You thought you can analyze everything, something like that. And you developed too much of ego.

You can say about a fifty years back the ego of, say, British persons was so great that it was pushing all the superego on one side. But then the suppression became painful and hurting, you see. So the other people who followed them, they tried to push it back, all right? They said, “No, it is too much of ego. We just can’t bear it. [unclear]. You have been too egoistical.” So they started pushing your superego. Now when they start doing that, what happens, that the wobbling starts in your brain. And you [are not] sure as to whether it was ego or superego, you are playing with [it]. You could not understand. So it was first to begin with. Then the war broke out. Hitler came in and he broke your families. He broke your value system in something sublime and supreme. All these things happened. Then people like Freud and all that came in to give you another kind of a thought which also destroyed you. Now the very uncertain conditions and uncertain thinking, you were all placed in that permission. So when something came from a foreign country, about which you had no knowledge and ignorance because better not think about it because by thinking what have we done? By thinking we have invaded other countries, by thinking we have ruined our families, by thinking [you had that]. So better not think about it; let’s accept it. Whatever they say let’s accept it. And when they came out with great words that we set the [world], the domain of this and that you just get [charmed, chocked] like that, but natural. Though I would say that you are the right people for, Sahaja Yogis. You are the people, You are those supreme people who have been selected by these thugs. Because now you know all the method of the thug and now you are not going to go more in that. This is for the immunity to be developed within you that you have to go there, and there’s nothing to fear [now] because your Mother is quite [protective]. You were the last crucified for others because you could only do that. It was only your strength that could bear it up. It was nice that strong flowers were taken up. If they were just the weak flowers would have been finished. So you have to play that role. Why worry about it? We are going to work it out. So don’t worry about the cars. You are a master of it. Doesn’t matter.

Moreover, you’ll be surprised, unless and until human beings go through that first, experiences [that], they do not come to Sahaja Yoga also. Do not feel that this boy wanted Me to go to Brighton. I said, “Right. You go to Brighton. Then I’ll join, not now.” But they always try to remind Me what sort of a place it is. “Mother, I don’t know but poor things, You know, they are [unclear].” They went back to Brighton. And not a single soul came to [unclear]. But they found [them all that have gone there] which they are all jumping, shouting. Their intrigue inside was so much that they had to [take, mount on] another play and another play. It’s going on there. So let them go through that. What am I to do? I cannot force you. You know I’ve started My work in 1970 actually, but with one person. In this England for four years I worked with six people, as I told you. But it’s all right. Most of them, even they come in a big group sometimes. Yesterday, for example, we went down to another place and most of them were there, most of them, except for two or three. They were six and I was trying improving their throats, and one lady was having epilepsy, another one having another trouble and was just improved. You are the ones which are described what we call the real [valuable people]. So what does it matter? Nothing has gone wrong with you. Not to feel [bent down]. [I’ll do it] very carefully. You won’t be hurt at all. You’re going to get the whole of it, and all the secrets, all the secrets. And you are going to master this art and you are going to change the whole world; don’t you worry. You will know your powers very soon, how [bad] of it you are. So doesn’t matter about it. And don’t [hover] about the past. Somebody must be [keep in the row]. It’s nice they chose such strong children of Mine. I’m very happy that they did not put their hands on the crippled ones. So there’s nothing to worry about. All right? May God bless you all.

[Aside: What’s wrong? Following a wrong question. What?]

Sahaja Yogi: Can you a bit explain about karma?

Shri Mataji: Karma, all right. That I must explain to you. [They are, The] another story, but where do they get it, I do not know, that you have done your karmas, you must cleanse these. So why are they there? What are they doing? These are the sweepers. Why don’t they sweep all the dirt? Why should we clean the dirt? You are paying that. They are paid for it. Who does the karma? You know that? The ego does the karma. Do the animals feel that they have done any karmas? They do not accumulate any filth. Why do we accumulate of the [whole, the karmas]? Because of our ego is there. Because we feel, “I am doing it”. All right? [Oh! Only] you don’t do anything actually, you know. I tell a story about some villagers going on an aeroplane and they were told not to carry too much luggage. So they were very [powerful, cautious?]. When they sat down they took all the luggage and put it on their head. People said, “Why?” They said, “You see, we don’t want that the aeroplane to carry too much luggage.” In the same way you are carrying your karmas. It is absurd. It’s only your ego does the karmas. When your ego falls down, when you are [opened out], you do not do karmas. You know that you do not do them. It’s very nicely explained in the Gita book, because these people have not told you anything about it, so clearcut, that the karmas become akarmas when you get realization. Gyan, what is gyana is [the] awareness. Now when the awareness is enlightened then you become prabudha. That means your ego falls down and moreover it’s sucked in. Ego is no more there [is, and] the myth of doing karma is finished. And these people play on that myth, by saying “You see, all right, you are carrying this luggage? Now you better carry even the aeroplane on your head.” You better put all these aeroplanes on their heads. And their karmas? Who is going to cleanse them? Have they thought to it? They are talking about your karmas; what about their karmas. Karma is a myth as long as you are in the [myth]. For example, in a dream you are running fast to save yourself from the police. For any [fault] you cannot find the ladder. You find half of the [dimidiate]. Then you jump onto this and jump onto that. So the dream is over if I tell you, “Now, better you jump,” you’ll say, “Oh! The dream is over.” Instead of awakening you if I say, “All right, run, run, run. Still the police is after you.” Then the police will catch hold of them, those who did it. It’s all mythical.

It’s said very clearly that it becomes akarma. Like the sun giving you the rays. Does it do any work? No, it emits, you see. It just emits. Like people say, “Mother, You must be very much working hard. You know all.” But you know, you see, I just emits. I don’t know do any work, nothing. It just emits. That’s My nature. It just flows. Some say, “Mother, how can we return it back?” Like we have a girl, she said, “Mother, I know very good how to massage Your Feet.” I said, “All right, come along. Do it.” She started massaging My feet and her feet became relaxed and she felt relaxed and she felt [light]. She said, “What’s this, Mother?” I said, “This is what it is.” Because I don’t do anything, absolutely a lazy person. Just sitting down. It just emits, it just flows, it works. Like the sun’s [rays] come and change the whole world. The chlorophyll is created but the sun. The sun doesn’t say, “I do it. I have done this.” This is exactly what happens to you when you get realization: the vibrations start flowing. Then you say, “Mother, it is not rising.” You never say, “I’m not doing it. It is not coming. It is not working.” You talk in third person. You never talk in your own way that, “I have not done it. I have not achieved this. I have given realization.” You never say that. You say, “He’s not realized.” Now your own son is there, He’s not realized. You say, “Mother, it’s not working. What to do?” So the karmas whatever are done, are not felt. So what is the phala about it? What is the fruit about it? Nothing.

I’ll have to give you another lecture on Gita. I think then you will understand, that you do not do any karmas and there are no phalas about it. See, it is just a myth, and this is what Shri Krishna wanted that you to realize. So He played His diplomacy, and I will tell you about His tricks because I’m the only One who knows. [And you’ll all know] about His tricks, that you don’t do any karmas. So there is no phala about it. But when you are in the dream you cannot say it. When you are awakened, then you just know. You do know, it’s not going, it’s not coming, it’s not working. It has to work out. It’s not solved.

Today before coming here I went to see the [unclear] place. Again the others were saying, “Mother, no, it’s not going today. It’s not coming [along/up].” The left catching, the right catching, there’s nothing left. But the moment I felt [she has touched] Realization, she was telling, “Mother, see my left is bad.” She herself was saying so. So they say, that is left, that is right, that is first, that is another one. Like the children say. If you take a child and say that, “Now, will you [not] go home?” So they said, “This boy will not go.” That means they are different from this boy now. “This boy will not go.” They speak in third person, in the same way you also speak in third person. The whole thing becomes akarma. So the myth has to [vanish]. The dream has to be dissolved.

Sahaja Yogi: If there is no karma does that mean there is no reincarnation?

Shri Mataji: Well, how can you say that? There is no karma. There is no reincarnation. All these are their ideas; nonsense they talk like that. Then why did Krishna Himself reincarnated so many times on this earth? Did He have any karmas? He was Yogeshwara Himself. You should ask them.

Sahaja Yogi: Who?

Shri Mataji: Why did He incarnate? Did He not? He came as a fish. Then He came as this and that and that, and then He came as Rama, Parashurama, and then He came as Shri Krishna. Why? How? Because He at least was beyond karmas. Actually, I will explain that how it works out. You’ll understand, this is all right-side activities. That when the whole machinery was set up, the whole office was set up, you can [so there, you can take a hall]. [You have] to [become, be some] officers appointed. So, the people were selected out of their good deeds and good behavior. They were made into Gods and were put permanently into places to act as officers. Like you have an officer here who will allow you to come inside the hall. A public place or you can say a public office has got officers appointed. But you are the people who are going to be received, you see. For example, the Queen has to come. So you appoint somebody to see to the coach. Another one is appointed to see to the laying of the red carpet. Then third is appointed with the flower bouquet they are standing. And when the Queen comes, they are positioned in their places, then [unclear]. But you are to enter into the hall. You have to come to the stage. It is you, for whom these all these permanent fixtures were created. Why do you want to become permanent fixtures there? They are [unclear] about that. Who is going to come on the stage? Who are going to be [adorned]? We are in the central path. They are all settled on the right-hand side and left-hand side. These are called ganas on the left-hand side and on the right [missing part]. Why this Universe was created? Why all these elements were created? And their Gods were created. Why? All these chiranjivas were created. Those who achieved the state of permanent chiranjivas are. Why? Just [about] you. All right? Which is the other myth they have given you?

[Aside: You can, [unclear name] Yes, I’ll have some tea more.]

Sahaja Yogi: Can You talk a bit more on ego escapes?

Shri Mataji: What’s it?

Sahaja Yogi: It seems that the ego is, is the main problem. We have to go beyond [the ego].

Shri Mataji: No, no, no, it’s not ego. It can be both, My child; it could be ego or a superego. You see actually nowadays, you see, it is more superego; you will be surprised.

Sahaja Yogi: Like You are saying going beyond the ego.

Shri Mataji: No, not only ego.

Sahaja Yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: It could be ego or superego. You see, I’ll tell you how. That people, I must say, you are not ego and superego so you’ll understand. That, say, an example of ego is, that say a child is having the milk from the mother or in complete joy the child is. And then you remove the child from that joy. Then he develops a ego. He says, “Why has he done it?” Then you tell him, “Don’t do like that.” Then he develops the superego. So the conditionings come through superego, and the ego is the one through which you assert yourself, and the superego is the one through which you receive conditionings. So both could be there. And with the people who have been to these funny, horrible people, more is superego than the ego, I tell you. I wish they were more egoistical so really slapped them nicely on their faces. But they were not. They were so humble to accept them. So they are conditioned, they are more conditioned and much more affected by ego run by [evil people]. And say of superego run by [fake gurus]. So we have so many cases of superego nowadays.

Sahaja Yogi: How can we be obstructed again in Divine road?

Shri Mataji: Instructed?

Sahaja Yogi: Obstructed.

Shri Mataji: You, you can be. If there is something wrong with your chakras, there is an obstruction. But the Kundalini Itself looks after you. She Herself works it out. Then you can get vibrations there by other Sahaja Yogis. They can help you. They will have to jolly well help you because they will feel the obstructions within themselves. Unless and until you feel all right, I am not going to feel all right Myself. Whether it is two nights or five nights makes no difference, you see. It is that what it is. I mean, [it’s] even otherwise. If you try to save somebody who is getting drowned. If you think that you are doing it for others, you are sadly mistaken. It is somebody in you who is getting drowned. That’s why you are there.