What have we done towards a higher Life?

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1979-06-19 What Have We Done Towards A Higher Life UK NITL HD, 54'
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What have we done towards a higher Life? Caxton Hall, London (UK), 19 June 1979.

Every time we have some people who are new and I have to again introduce the subject, tell you about it.

We are here because we are seeking. We are seeking something of the beyond because we have a feeling within us that there is something that is beyond. But we have no guideline to understand what we have to do about it. In all the scriptures it was described that there is higher life, there is eternal life, there is Kingdom of God where you have to enter, that you are to be reborn. All this is Greek and Latin to most of the people and how to achieve it is another problem that faces us. For this we must ask one question to ourselves, “What have we done to achieve this human state?” From amoeba to this stage how did we come? Do you know what you did, what effort you put in, how many times you were standing on your heads breaking your bones? Did you see any cockroach working it out? Did you see any dog doing that or did you see yourself any time? Have you any memory of that, what have you done? In any human behaviour have you seen that for doing anything important we had to do something about it? For example, we have eyes. We have them. We haven’t done anything about getting them; they’re fixed properly. And this nose being fixed just in the centre – we haven’t done anything about it either. All this that we are supposed to be, of which we are very proud – we think we are Mr Such and such and such and such you see, the Mr Ego part. We must know first of all that this we have not done, we have not created ourselves.

What else have we created? Let’s see. We have created this thing here. Now this is all dead, from dead to dead. What living work have we done, anything? Can you sprout a seed? Can you, even one? Even one you can’t do. So that means we have done nothing so far. It’s only a myth that we believe into that we do this and we do that. Some people traveling by train, if they put their luggage on their heads and think that they are carrying the luggage, what will you call that? It is the same way, is our being created specially for a special purpose. You may call it God. You may call it nature, whatever you may call it. But it is not done by you by any chance. Once you understand this then the second point comes in – how are we to be Self-realized? How are we to be in that consciousness? So the answer is you cannot do it Sir. If it is a living process, you cannot do it by anything. You cannot work it out. Is difficult to understand this proposition, but it’s a fact that you cannot do anything living and you cannot do this most dynamic thing within you that you take your second birth. If you could accept this assumption then we can go further, that you cannot do anything about it.

So now we come to this conclusion that somebody must do it. The one who has done it so far is going to do it again. The one who has made this has also put a cord with it. He has made all the arrangements. In the same way, the one who has created you has made all the arrangements in your machinery, in your instrument, in this living machinery. He has created you so beautifully, you can’t imagine. And then here you are today just to be connected. And this can only be done through the Grace of God.

A light which is not enlightened cannot enlighten another light. If you could accept this concept about your seeking, then we can go further with it. But if you think that by standing on your heads or paying Me some money you can achieve your realization, I am sorry, this is not the shop that sells it. This is a gift from God, is a Grace of God which is bestowed upon you, which you have to receive it. As you have received everything else, you are going to receive it also. But while receiving this being as a human personality you never said anything about it, you never questioned it. But when it is the Self-realization, I find everybody’s mind is very, very active.

Now, you did not do it through rationality. Did you go to books to know how to breathe? Imagine if you had to read about it to find out how to breathe, what would have happened to us? Half of population problem would have been solved just like that. Very easy to do that way, isn’t it? But people just go and read books about how to get realization. It’s most surprising thing, I feel. How can you find it in the book, something that is living, which is to be actualized, which has to happen to you? How can you do it? But, you see, in our human understanding we are on our own, you see. Everybody is running amok, everybody is on their own. They think they have no connection with the whole. They are made by themselves. They are created by themselves. They are great people and they can run themselves very well, which is not a fact. You are a part of the whole and the whole has to decide for you how He has to enlighten you. It is He who has to make all these arrangements and it is He who has to bestow that gift upon you. This is Sahaja. Saha means with, Ja means born. It is born with you. Like a seed has got all the manifestations it has to pass through, all the maps that it is going to create, manifest, many trees that it has to go through in that little seed in that microscopic way, in the same way God has also placed in you long time back all the maps that you are going to be. So your plans have no meaning compared to His plan. Can you plan even one seed like that, even one?

[Aside remarks apparently referring to a member of the audience] Just laugh it out. It’s all over, all right? The joke is over. She is one of them who has been jumping for it. That’s why she is laughing.

Now, so it is effortless. It is spontaneous. No need to grow horns for it and wear funny dresses like clowns going around very seriously you see, that you are religious people, you are this, you are that. Whom you are proclaiming? The one who has created you knows you very well, thoroughly well. You wear any dresses, wear horns, or wear anything, He knows you too well and He knows who is ready for it and who is not. Supposing you paint a leaf like an apple or like a flower, do you think it will become a fruit? In the same way, even if you paint yourself as seekers write down and they put something like nails into their cheeks and they do all kinds of things in the name of God… Oh God, I tell them why don’t they have wisdom to sit down quietly? It is His job. He knows when to do it, when is the blossom time, how to do it. By doing all this, you have really ruined your instrument which is inside you like this.

Now you may say that, “Mataji, how do you know about this one?” You should ask Me a question that way, “How do you know that there is an instrument?” I say that you should not immediately say, “All right, whatever You say is all right.” ‘‘No’’. But it will happen to you that this germination will take within you and then you will start knowing how I know. But for the time being let us see that as if you have entered into the first year of science, then once you have got something in you then you can see for yourself what happens. But a boy, who is shy of going to school, or of college, is just standing in the door and the mother is pulling him in, “Come along. Sit down. Sit down.” He says, “No, no, no, I am going away.” Like that if you behave then what am I to do about it? So just be open, come and sit down and I will tell you what is your being, what is the beyond, and what you have to expect. And when it happens, you see for yourself, then only you believe into Me. There is no use having blind people because you have to be awakened. If you are blind people, how am I going to awaken you? So you have to be absolutely open-minded.

But, say, somebody comes from somewhere. He has read some book in Tibet or even Timbuktu. He comes to Me, “Mother, in that book such and such thing has been written.” Now, am I to go and read all those books for you? First of all, leave all your books outside. That’s the best way we can manage because most of you, I know, have read too many books and these books are sitting in your head and they will not allow any ideas to go into your head. So you have to vacate it a little bit, little bit for Me also.

The other day I had to ask somebody to write all the books he had written and he took about fifteen minutes to write them down. Then I said, “Forget the books. Write the authors only.” Still he was thinking and thinking and thinking. It is so horridly sickening here the way people go on reading everything that we get, everything that we get. Even if they see a parcel which is covered with a newspaper, they will read that. Every advertisement we’ll read, every shop we must read, every… I mean such mad people, I tell you. They don’t have to buy something, but they will read the value of that. All the time we want to read something. That’s why, after so many days, somebody has written a book. I said, “All right, you read it because without reading you won’t listen to Me. So better read it.”

So this is a happening within us, which is spontaneous as I told you, and this is the instrument we have within us. Now, if there is instrument or not you will not know. Like, in this room you come in, it’s all closed, It’s all dark and you cannot see anything and I tell you that go and speak on the mike. “Where is the mike? We can’t see it. How to speak?” Then you come around groping for things here and there. You may hold something as mike and start speaking. And you said, “I’am speaking to
everyone there,” and there is no connection at all. It is all darkness. You can’t see anything. Anything could be a mike for you. Maybe somebody’s hand you might hold and say, “Hello, how are you?” and all that. Yes, you can do anything in the darkness. Anything is possible. So it is necessary that there should be a light, all right? If there is no light how are we going to see? But it is difficult for human beings to understand that there is already a button within us which works it out. You don’t bother about it. But the problem is they think they are going to enlighten themselves, when they are in darkness. How are you going to do, I don’t understand that. But because Mr E G O – ego – is so strong that you cannot believe that you cannot just do it. It is nice to watch your Mr E G O. He is an interesting fellow you see,  and he comes to you in such a funny manner that he denies all the truths of the world, and you take to something that’s absurd. Like, if I tell you, “All right, you have to pay me five hundred pounds per month,” you will starve yourself, eat potatoes, collect that and bring it to Me and come down and sit down and you have to stand on your heads. You will do that, three nights, three days together; you wouldn’t mind. But if I tell you, “You don’t have to do anything. You cannot pay Me anything. Just sit quietly it will work out. You say, “What? She’s useless, nothing. How can it be? She doesn’t take any money, nothing. How can it be? It’s absolutely useless.” So it is discarded.

This is the ego pampering that people have used in their propagation of ideas. Try to understand it. Ego can make an idiot out of you, I can tell you, absolutely an idiot out of you. And they know how to pamper your ego. They will say, “Come along. You are the Archbishop of Canterbury.” So you become Archbishop of Canterbury. They’ll say, “Come along sit here. You are this, I’ll garland you, you are Bhoganand, you are Dhonganand.” Indians understand the meaning of this. And they will put you into new garments. You’ll say, “Oh, I have become such great saint, you know, and this…” You’ll wear a garland and this and walk about. What is that a sign of? Just tell Me. Only you feel like laughing at it. But they believe into it. They make you believe, you know, that you are great saints. All right, then you are great saints. You are awarded such and such great position. You think, “Oh, I am so great.” It’s everything empty inside. When are you going to face up to yourself and see that, no, no this is not the way? There must be some genuine innate within us that God must have placed that we are going to get it.

It is He who loves us, He who is compassionate. It is He who has created this beautiful universe and He’s is not going to destroy it. He will not allow you to destroy it, let the whole satanic forces work out. He will see to it that it is safe and that you get His powers so that you enjoy them. Like a father who earns all his life, saves his property, makes a beautiful home for the children for them to enjoy. In the same manner, you understand the Father of fathers; how much He must have thought of you, how much to give you, what bounties to pour into you. So, this is the instrument as they, as you see them here.

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This one is the cord as I said, the germinating power called as the Kundalini. That is called as Kundalini in the Sanskrit language because Kundala means a spiral, kundala. And there are three and a half seeds placed within you and this is an energy. This is an energy which starts from here. This is a residual energy [Not clear sounds like: ‘which has created the whole kingdom… created by God of the child.’] It resides here. The residual one resides here for the last happening of your evolution that is the breakthrough in [INAUDIBLE sounds like: ‘the awareness’]. It is set down there very nicely placed in the triangular bone so that nobody can touch it; it is so well [not clear sounds like: ‘boxed’] inside there. It stays there quietly recording all that you are doing in the searching. There it records spontaneously not because you belong to a certain clan or a certain club or certain dress, because you are a human being. Only the human beings have to surrender to the Kundalini within them.

And this is through this Kundalini only you get the desire to know of the germinating power. Within you all these centres are placed in such a way which you can see with your naked eye when the Kundalini start pulsating there. You can see the pulsation of the Kundalini also here. It starts pulsating very violently in people who have an obstruction [not clear]. But in people who do not have any obstruction [INAUDIBLE sounds like ‘it does not pulsate’]. But in this also [not clear, sounds like ‘as it is’] as the people are very anxious, to have it; they will have it somehow. We have had as a demand [INAUDIBLE sounds like ‘if the thugs are’] there. So there is an aura / argument when Kundalini is there. But they said, “No, Kundalini needs help with because that (inaudible/pulsating.)” You cannot enter into this Kundalini unless and until you are really authorized by God. [INAUDIBLE] here outside this prostate gland where there is a pelvic plexus. According to them this centre which activates or which manifests the pelvic plexus, there is the Kundalini so that they say that is [INAUDIBLE sounds like ‘sex energy’]

And it suits us very well to understand. Now everybody does sex in [sounds like ‘animals’]. Are they going to get realization faster than you? They don’t have any sex education. Are they going to get any such state? How can it be [INAUDIBLE/insane]. [Not clear, sounds like ‘This plexus’] which is under our control. It has to be in a place which is not under our control because it is spontaneous and can only be handled by an authority. Say, for example, I have something on which I have an authority. I keep it in a place where My servants can’t touch and nobody can touch it. Only under My control, isn’t. it? Or should I keep it open to everyone? Then what is My control? But it is very hard for people to understand that it has nothing to do with sex. Sex is a different thing. It is the ultimate relationship with husband and wife. Kundalini has nothing to do with it. That’s why it’s placed below here [INAUDIBLE]. When the Kundalini pierces it doesn’t even touch this chakra. On the contrary on this centre, there is an embodiment of innocence which we call as Shri Ganesha.

He is the one who incarnated later on here as Jesus. He is innocent and that’s why innocence means in the purest sense which cannot be contaminated or destroyed by these things. That is the source of our evolution. But then I find they [INAUDIBLE]. I met somebody a great psychologist. And he told Me that he went to India and he read about tantric, tantrikas and was very much impressed by it. “Really.” “Yes, they told me great thing that you can achieve your realization through sex.” If you go to some country [INAUDIBLE sounds like ‘to its gutters and its outlets and its buffoons’], how can you understand the reality of that country? You do not go to any country ( inaudible) in a wastepaper basket, do you? But I don’t know why these wastepaper things are even worse than that, are so much impressive to these people. I have nothing to say more about this subject because it’s a sacred subject of [INAUDIBLE] I agree (sounds like- if you want to have sex have it /with it, they want to have this happening.)

Nobody has to run away from the sex. It is another style of [INAUDIBLE] not only that they will say [INAUDIBLE], all right, let him enjoy the way. Why because in the [INAUDIBLE]. And you take it very easily into your heads like that. Now it’s a big warning today. You will know that all these things, either running away from the sex or running towards the sex, is not going to take you to your realization. Only what is going to work out the realization is God’s grace. For this you can’t allow [INAUDIBLE].

There was a gentleman from [Not clear] who came to see Me on the way to the airport, imagine. He was just going to the airport, coming there to learn about self-realization, you can imagine, [Sounds like ‘such a short time’]. Of course, I don’t [INAUDIBLE sounds like ‘do this by-the-way’] . And he came there, on a running horse stopped for a while. And he would not listen to Me, see. And somebody saw this photograph outside [INAUDIBLE] What did he learn? He said, “He said that the Kundalini is in the [INAUDIBLE].” Oh God, I never said that. He wrote it down like that very nicely. And so many people started writing letters to Me. “Mother, when will you come here? You see we want to have our Kundalini awakened.” Because it was connected with a sex symbol, just imagine what absurd thing. Everybody was interested in talking. So I told them, “What is this nonsense? There must be ( inaudible/a misunderstanding]. This fellow was out of his mind. [INAUDIBLE] I don’t know how [INAUDIBLE]. They all stopped writing to Me. They’re not interested. Do you think God’s temple is a brothel? What have we done to Him? How much we have insulted Him? You think.

Now the Kundalini comes up to that centre here [INAUDIBLE] which I have told you last time is the solar plexus. It is very important [INAUDIBLE]. I told you about these things (INAUDIBLE) first the animal state [INAUDIBLE]. I mean, that they [INAUDIBLE]. Then at the human state when (they reach they raise their heads (inaudible)(could be – start thinking of God, start thinking.)

Animals don’t think of it. They take it for granted (inaudible). There are many human beings are like that. They don’t know. They take it for granted and settle down nicely, morning read the newspaper, go to the office, come back home, go to the pub, come back home. All their life is lived like that. [They used to/first they) die, again they are born, (inaudible/ they used to die]. They have no seeking. There are many human beings of this kind. But there are some great persons who have been seeking, seeking and seeking for ages. Now this seeking starts at this level and the solar plexus is the one [INAUDIBLE]. You start thinking about the beyond. It comes to us in our previous life, in many guidelines in many [INAUDIBLE].

Various incarnations tell us that there is beyond. For example [INAUDIBLE]. There are ten primordial masters [INAUDIBLE] the principles of [INAUDIBLE] within us [INAUDIBLE] all of them are there. All those [INAUDIBLE] came as incarnations actually placed on this chakra and are within us. These are the ones [INAUDIBLE]. So that’s why we have to imbibe all these primordial masters, the real ones, I have to say. They [INAUDIBLE] that there is a light beyond. This is all is a dream. Is all is myth the reality lies within us. So we start thinking about this awakening of this dream.

The other day I asked the question, because I want to ask questions also, so that the knowledge is absolutely open. There should be no secrecy about it. I ask the question say that you can say that “Mother if this is true, then the second one could be also secondary.” But it is not. Because the findings of the secondary whatever they are like vibrations [INAUDIBLE] can be used [INAUDIBLE] and that is why it is not [INAUDIBLE].

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Now these things have been described to us by many Gurus and, we can say, many great incarnations who came on this earth and they told us about how we have been conducting our life, and how we should conduct our life, how we ought to live our life. All these great people and the scriptures have given us the idea that there is a life beyond, there is an eternal life which we have to achieve. So the supply starts also from the people who want you to achieve that eternal life.

Now, the people who try to do that, first they must know that as it is a spontaneous thing you cannot pay for it. For example, how much money will you pay to sprout a seed? You don’t put pennies there and pour water. This is the first principle we must know, absolutely. It is a gift. The second principle is that if somebody has to give us something then his life has to be above board. But many people like to cheat themselves morning till evening wasting their lives in the name of seeking. You must know that human life is the most important thing God has created and you have to find out your meaning. You have to get it. You are the ones who are going to get it and nobody else. They go into all kinds of nonsensical things in the name of seeking. Like, they will say, “All right, if you eat potatoes you will get God.” Yes, there are people who say like that but we believe into all these, we will starve ourselves and then die. Because as it is, the pocket is finished so you die. We have to live on a diet [INAUDIBLE].

Secondly, we have to know that when you get Self-realization, you should get your own powers. You should not live on the powers of somebody else. But you should manifest your own powers and that you should get self-knowledge. How will you get your self-knowledge unless and until your attention goes above you? Unless and until your attention can see you, how can you get your self-knowledge? For example, now if I say that you are this light, you say, “No, Mother, we are not,” because you can see. If I say, “You are this chair,” you say, “No.”

“You are this body.”


“Then you are this thought.”


You can see all that. But what is seeing it? The one that is seeing it is the Spirit is the Atma within you. Unless and until your attention touches that spirit and sees through the window of that spirit, you cannot understand what is the matter with you. If you are sitting in the house, how will you know what’s the matter with the architecture of this house? You have to go outside and see. In the same way, unless and until your attention goes to that position from where you can see what is wrong with you, you cannot understand what is yourself is, what is your being is, what are your chakras like. But the most surprising thing is that when it happens to you, when the Kundalini rises piercing all these centres and opens out of the fontanel bone, then you start feeling the vibrations flowing in your hands, is the actualization. What flows through you is the pulsation of the Spirit. And you can see the pulsation flowing through you through which you can judge your own centres and the centres of the others, because you jump into a new awareness called as collective consciousness. Actually, it is actualization. It is not lecturing, “You are my brother; I am your sister,” till there is a war. As soon as the war starts, forget it. It’s a fact. It’s an actualization within you that you start feeling others within you, that you know that we are part of the whole. Not through your brain, but through actualization in your awareness it happens. Unless and until that happens to you, you are not to believe anybody. We are seeking the wholesomeness, our wholesomeness. We are seeking our relation with the whole. We have to become the whole. For that, there is this mechanism placed within you, and when this happens, you start feeling the whole. And this is what is you are seeking.

But actually what happens (is) that it works on you like a human awareness, you get another awareness which you can call as super-consciousness. But there are other consciousness which we can call as the subconscious mind and the supra-conscious. Like in the past is the subconscious. Supra-conscious is the future. That’s on the left and the right. You can start moving on these lines. And there could be some spirits, some dead spirit, they may jump on to you and you will start behaving in such a manner that you cannot control. What is going to happen is that the Kundalini rises very smoothly within you and gets that state. You  ‘become’ that. It is ‘the becoming’ through this happening. We should certify and not anything else. Talking about it or giving lectures about it or collecting money for it, this is all absolutely nonsense. When you’ll discover it, you’ll be shocked.

So first thing you must know that you have to achieve it within yourself as an experience, as an experience, not as a shock or a sensation. Some people feel very happy I told them, they went to somebody to see, they said, “What happened to you?” He said, “I was getting shocks all the time.” I said, “What, shock?” “Yes, there was sensation about it.” I said, “Will God shock you all the time?” I mean, imagine how they you expect such things to happen to you that you are shocked all the time? Another one was shaking all the time like this, you see, shouting all the time. I said, “What is all that?”

He said, “That is what I have got now, Self-realization.”

I said, “Oh God.”

Somebody was shouting like a… you can say crying like a crow, sometimes like a, like a lion roaring. Are we going to become crows now after becoming human beings, or frogs, jumping like a frog? Why are we cheating ourselves? Don’t you want to become that superhuman being? This human life is very important. Don’t waste it. It’s a misidentification. You have to become the higher personality where you feel the whole is the main point, where you can feel your own powers emitting by which you can cure people, you can give them mental peace and you yourself can raise the Kundalini with your hand. It’s so simple. Now people say, “How can it be? It’s so difficult?” Yes it is. It is for people who do not know the job.

Now supposing you want Me to fix it up here, I cannot do it. I just cannot. I may fix it there or there; I don’t know how to do it. And it will take four hours for Me to fix this one, I can tell you. But, say, Douglas knows the job. He does it very well. I have no problem because he can do it. If he can do it, I do not feel inferior to him. Why should you feel inferior if I know the job? Why do you feel inferior? Immediately everybody will ask, “How do you do it?” But I know the job. You should see for yourself if I know or not. If I know it, you better have it. If you know some job, I do not feel inferior to you. In the same way, if I know, what’s the harm? I mean, somebody has to do it. If I had not done it, you would have done it. But perhaps they selected Me. I don’t know why. I have to do it and I can do it. So it is better not to quarrel with yourself, misidentifying with your… with things which are not true, which are false and keep yourself away from the truth. Try to achieve it for anything whatsoever. It is most important is to know your meaning, to get your powers. What I do is just to give you the key. It is your own power. It’s all your own. It is your own right to get it. There’s no obligation at all, nothing. Nothing in return. It’s just love that flows and works it out. You don’t have to pay for it. You don’t have to do anything. You just receive it. It is a gift. Do not criticize it but receive it. That is the way it is.

Now this is the subject, as I said, cannot be covered in such a short time. And I have been talking and talking in various places, in [sounds like Charlington]. I would say if you have any questions, you can ask. But ask, please, sensible questions. You see, not like, “In that book I have read something,” and all that, but something sensible. Don’t try to show off your knowledge, because with your knowledge you have achieved nothing. If you had achieved, then you [INAUDIBLE]. The other day one lady told Me, “I am all right. What’s wrong with me?” I said, “Nothing, you go home and sleep, that’s the best thing. Why did you come here? That’s the only mistake.” If you are seeking, then all right, come as a seeker and then have it.

You do not know anything about yourself, where are the centres. You do not know about others. You cannot do anything about others. You cannot say where is the other person is moving, what is his trouble, what is his problem. And then if you think that you are perfectly all right then thank you very much, but don’t disturb others.

So I would request you to ask Me questions which are sensible, which are good for your evolution. I know who are the real seekers and who are not. And despite all that you will be amazed, Kundalini awakening is blessed on everyone. But those who do not take to it, do not accept it and do not go about it, lose it. God is not going to fall at your feet for it. But I have seen, because in Sahaja Yoga there is complete freedom for you, complete freedom for you… And I am in my own complete freedom. That’s why I respect your freedom. But that doesn’t mean that you should try to disturb others. That won’t be good. You have to be considerate about it and please ask questions which will help you and help Me. May God bless you.

Question: [INAUDIBLE]

Shri Mataji: I have already told you, My child, that you did not know anything about you and you became a human being. In the same way, even if you do not know through My lecture, you can become that and you get the light within. And then I’ll tell you all about it. If you want Me to tell you all, all, every detail, you’ll get bored and I‘ll be bored too, all right? So let’s have it. Like I would say I have done the cooking for you so you have it; enjoy it. And then I’ll tell you from where I got this [ INAUDIBLE sounds like ‘Gurupad’], all right? Is that all right for you? Nothing to worry. You cannot know it through language. It has to work out. It has to work out within you and then you will know. And you’ll be amazed how you will grow, how you will mature. We had a boy of sixteen years who came to Me only six months back, and if you see his knowledge you will be stunned, you will be amazed.

Question: [INAUDIBLE]

Shri Mataji: See, it is not a power of electricity. It is a power that loves, that coordinates, that thinks. Can you think of such a power that loves? So it’s all right. You will see it and work it out. You’ll be amazed how it works, that it starts flowing through you, all right? Then you, you, somebody is suffering, he’s got a pain, you just put your hand there. It’s a state which is described in the Bible, all right?

Sit with your hands like this in any case when the questions are asked. Put your both the feet straight on the ground. Just, just stay. You need not be very serious. Neither should… you shouldn’t be very frivolous. Is the, is the thing of play, you see. It’s a play of God. So it happens, nothing serious. If it doesn’t happen also today, doesn’t matter. I am going to be in London for minimum six years. So you can have it. See if it can happen in a second then why should you worry? It is going to work out. Please put your hands like this, just like this. You may close your eyes if you can. Some people might get little flutter in the eyes. There’s nothing to be worried about it. Keep your eyes open. That means your eyes are very tired; just then keep your eyes open.

Now you watch your thoughts. Just see, ask your mind, “What are you thinking?” Just watch your mind, what it is thinking. If it is blank then the second step you should see if you are getting any cool breeze in the hand. Which means the first one where you have no thought. And the second one, one may feel heat in the hand or tingling in the hand or may also feel a numbness. But after a few minutes you will start feeling the cool breeze. And it works so wonderfully that second time you come I won’t recognize you, such a change that comes.

Now those who are feeling cool breeze in the hand please raise your hands, all of you. Those who are feeling cool breeze, all of you. What about the Indians? [Mother speaks in Hindi} Are you getting it? You? Are you feeling it? Did not get it yet? Do the men believe in God or no? You,are you getting it or no? Not coming? 

 Again let’s see, good. Again let’s see, good. It’s working out, very good. It’s working out, good. See, it will work out just like the tree, if you see the blossom time the flowers are turning into fruits, you see. Gradually it works out. So leave it alone. It should work out. If it has not, there’s nothing wrong, just allow it to work out, just allow. It’s the greatest thing that should happen to you, just allow. Close your eyes it would be better because when the Kundalini rises, you see, eyes get dilated. So just close your eyes. You’ll feel better. Just close your eyes.

Liver, very bad, horrible liver and suicidal tendency; heart, very bad. You look after him. He’s your friend.

Do not disturb others. Keep quiet. Be quiet. You have to be there for five to ten minutes at the most.

Please close your eyes. Please close your eyes if you are asking for something eternal. Be humble about it. Be humble about it.

You say the mantra of Gruha Laxmi. All of you should keep your eyes closed. Now those who are feeling cool breeze raise your hand. All those, all those who are feeling cool breeze raise your hands. Good.

Are you feeling? Not yet? They’ll all come and see you if you are really that or not, so nothing to worry. If you are not feeling it’s all right. If you are sure you are not feeling then raise your hands. If you are not feeling, you are sure, please. Who else? You, what about you, are you feeling? Are you feeling? Are you feeling any cool breeze in the hand nothing? This lady, nothing? You two, three and four. [Mother is talking in Hindi]. You are also not feeling? You are feeling it. Is this child feeling it? Are you feeling? Do you drink? Yes, you drink. Now it should be. All right, you got it, cool breeze, yes. Are you sure you got it?” Good.

Have you been to some guru? Have you been to some other guru or someone? Nowhere, nowhere whatsoever? Have you been to someone? Have you been?” It’s all right. So somebody should attend to them. Come along, just see. Now you come along. You just get up and see for yourself the powers.