Seeking the Life Beyond

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1979-06-25 Public Program, Seeking the Life Beyond, Caxton Hall, London UK, 73'
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Seeking the life beyond, Caxton Hall – 1979-06-25 London (United Kingdom)

Only thing I would request you not to get into Siddhis.
Try to control. If it happens, I think best thing is to go out for a while because I do not want others to be disturbed in the hall, though I’ll try to control.

You’re all here, because we had a feeling that there is something that lies beyond which we have to seek. The feeling has come from the unconscious mind and you all want to find out something. Perhaps you do not know what you want to find out but the feeling is there that, whatever you are, you are not in a perfect condition. That you do not know what is your fulfillment. You’re seeking actually your fulfillment.

Now when I am talking to you about Sahaja Yoga I have to request you that, this subject is to be understood with careful thought. It’s not a frivolous thing, that you can get to God. Neither it is possible for any human being to achieve it himself. This makes it impossible for people to understand but as I have told you before, you have become a human being without doing anything about it. You got your nose stuck up there without using any glue, without doing any sort of exercise or circus. In the same way if you have to become that higher being, it has to happen spontaneous manner. In a very spontaneous manner by the grace of God. This is something very difficult to digest for human being because we are ego oriented.
God has given us ego to decide whether we choose the righteousness or we choose the wrong path.

Now I would again request you for one more thing, that it is for you to choose and it is for you to gain and not Me. I have nothing to gain from you to begin with and to end with. You have to gain something out of Me by not demanding but by accepting the gift of this knowledge for which you cannot pay me, you cannot purchase me, you cannot dominate me. Try to understand that so far if you have missed that point, be careful, that you do not go on sticking on to the same thing through which you have not achieved anything. If you still feel that you have been doing the right thing and that’s the right stuff you go ahead. Go ahead with it. That would be much more fair to me and to yourself. When you’ll find that you have not found it then you come back to me but don’t try to show anger nor any demands. If you have not found it better have it. It’s a simple common sense. Use your common sense about everything, that perhaps I hope, that you have not lost as yet.

To begin, we must know that it is a spontaneous happening within us. That means we cannot do it. There are people who may teach you, who may tell you that you can do it but I am not going to tell you a lie. You cannot do it. Supposing I tell you, you hang on to it and go on calling God, God, you’ll get it. I can tell you fifty percent of you will do it but if I tell you you cannot do anything about it, you’ll not accept this proposition. It’s rather difficult. While you know in this country, Martin Luther’s ideas are there and he has also said it that, you can get it spontaneous.

The another thing you must realize that all the scriptures and all the incarnations who came onto this Earth have a historical background. Like a seed sprouts into its root and shoot, then grows into a tree and then flowers, everything that happens to the tree has a meaning in the living process. If your evolution has to be living, it must have a history behind it, where all the incarnations came in and have left some mark within you. And as in a seed, you have the map of all the manifestations it is going to go through, in the same way in your seed of germination also there has to be a mark. There has to be some power that is going to work it out. After all God has created you from a small amoeba to human being and He’s not going to destroy this creation of His and He’s not going to leave it to you, to get to your way. As I, the other day was telling you, that all that is important has to work out spontaneously. For example, your own breathing. Supposing for breathing if you have to read libraries after libraries what’s going to happen? Whenever you try to do something like that you’re going away from the middle path of life where spontaneously you have been going as shown here in the central path, you can see, there are centers within us.

Now, I am amazed that people who talk Shankaracharya do not talk of Kundalini. I mean if Shankaracharya has written anything, he has written nothing but kundalini, kundalini, kundalini! He has written about the centres. Not only that but he has throughout praised the Mother, the Holy Mother. Nobody reads it and how do you believe this second hand, third hand and fifth hand knowledge? And just depend on someone because he says it is from Shankarcharya? It’s not difficult. All these books are in English. Most of them are translated and you can see for yourself that these people who have been called as seers, who have been the real guidelines have very clearly suggested that it is through the spontaneous development that you get it. Right up to Kabir you can come. Even much before Shankaracharya, the evolutionary system was understood by group of seers who called them as ‘Nathpanthi.’ But they kept it as a secret because that was not the time to have amass evolution. Like few flowers appear on the tree for many years and then the blossom time comes, in the same way when a human being is fully prepared, then only, this amass evolution can work out.

There are all these subtle centres within you. I do not know why should you accept any theory which does not relate to your body. People talk of body and mind. There was a big exhibition where they had also called Me. I am not for a sale. That’s the problem. But body and mind, you must know, what is in your body. What is in your body? Let’s see now. If there are doctors they’ll understand Me better. Within ourselves there is a nervous system and there is an autonomous nervous system which is, in Sanskrit language called ‘swayamchalu,’ auto. What is auto? What is ‘swayam’? Who is the one, who is running this nervous system?

It has been found out by your sciences that there is a system which works by itself which has two sides; one is the parasympathetic and the another, the sympathetic. Now here, what I’m showing these three lines are representing, in the centre, the parasympathetic nervous system, on the left, the left sympathetic and on the right, the right sympathetic. But these are the undercurrents of the actual manifestation of the gross. In the gross whatever you see has something behind it which works it out. For example, if there is a light burning here you must know that the electricity is coming from somewhere and there is a source somewhere which works it out. If the source is cut out this will go. In the same way, the source of these three autonomous nervous system within us are these channels which are subtle within us and they exist as energies. It is hard to see these energies because as you cannot see electricity, you cannot see these three channels which are within us. But the kundalini which is the germinating power within us, in the triangular bone, when it raises itself, then you can see the movement of this energy rising within you and you can feel it also with the stethoscope. You can see the pulsation of the kundalini.. This you cannot do. Try your level best. Jump for 100 times or stand on your heads, break your neck. Do anything you like. You cannot make your triangular bone pulsate. Can you? Anyone one of you, can you do it? That is what Shankaracharya has said. I am surprised how these things are misappropriated.

There are so many types of people who have come and why are you not understanding the point? That you cannot do your own evolution. You cannot achieve it. God has made all the arrangements for you. Have you placed your eyes here which you’re using and have taken for granted? God has made them. He has placed them in the sockets and you are using them. You can only use it. You cannot do it. You can see with your naked eyes, as I said, the pulsation of the kundalini which many, at least fifty percent of people have seen and thousands have seen all over the world. You cannot cheat about it. You cannot just give talk story and talk and talk and talk! There has to be something happening within us. For example, if I take a stone and put it in the water, will it germinate? Only the living seed can germinate. In the same way you are a living being and it has to germinate. This kundalini rises through various centres that are within us. These centres are the landmarks of our evolution, in different stages, from amoeba to this stage. Now, going into details is a big problem, in such a short time but I would say you must get hold of the pamphlets we have got here and see through that and find out what are these centers. These centres exist within you and which you can feel it with the stethoscope when the kundalini is rising. They pulsate. That is the ‘Anahata,’ which Shankaracharya himself has called it ‘Anahata’ and you do not know the word ‘anahat,’ how do you talk of Shankaracharya? The sound without percussion. You can hear it. You can hear it on top of your head when it comes to and it breaks. But why are you wasting your time in something nonsensical because you can pay for it? Are you not really seeking something? Be truthful about it. Don’t try to waste your time.

Hardly you’ve understood anything from all these things that you’ve been doing and still you are continuing with it. I have to request you, now get to yourself and get to know yourself and your own powers and do not be enamoured by anybody’s powers, even Mine. You have your own powers within yourself and these powers must be manifested and these powers you should be able to handle and not that you are handled by somebody else all the time. Jog from places to places. Suddenly you find somebody shouting in the air. Without any control over? How can it be? You see the technique means, any technique means that you should be able to handle that power, isn’t it? If you cannot handle that power what sort of a technique is this? Supposing you go and touch the wire and you get a shock, then is that the technique? Will you call that the technique you got a shock from the wire? But if you know how to handle the technique then you know how to maneuver it. Is a simple common sense which we must know. The power which we cannot handle is not our own power. If it is your own power then you should be able to handle it. You should be able to know what your doing about it. So these are not your powers whatever so called techniques have brought to you. You have your own power in your heart as the Spirit is within you. Only thing it is to be enlightened. It has been said by all the scriptures of the world. All the great incarnations have said it and why don’t you relate everything to that? There is no secrecy about it. What is the secrecy about the truth which is just like light coming on this Earth? Secrecy is only done by mafia people. Only the mafias have to have secrecies about things. What is there to be a secret? If it is a universal language everybody should know! Everybody should be able to handle it and it should be amass realization to understand what is this power.

Now coming to the point, what is this power? Let us see. As I said in our heart lies the Spirit, is the ‘Atma’ resides within us. Now the last breakthrough of our evolution is where we break our fontanelle bone by the awakening of the kundalini. This is the last. We’ve got all our instrument properly done. The chord is nicely, just like this chord, is nicely rounded up three and a half times, kept there ready, for a moment, when somebody who’s an authority comes forward and gives you that connection. You have to breakthrough. And this is the breakthrough when, will happen then, you must know that the whole language will change. You will have a transformation and you will have a new dimension. Even through your Psychology you can understand this. You don’t have to go to scriptures. That the next step into human awareness has to be collective consciousness. Is a scientific thing. Already your sciences have discovered this collective consciousness. And what is collective consciousness? Is, to feel the other. For there is nobody the other. You are a part of the whole. You’re seeking that wholesomeness within you and once this will happen you will feel that wholesomeness and you’ll be amazed how you will be feeling others within you. All these centres are in our fingers as shown there. There are 7 centres which are shown here and which you can also see in the map. All these centres get enlightened as soon as the kundalini goes out of the fontanelle and goes into the all-pervading subtle power. You can feel it on your hands – what is wrong with you and what is wrong with others. You start feeling your own centers and you start feeling the centers of other people. Automatically. It’s a subjective knowledge it is not objective. You just become the subject. It just happens automatically within you. You don’t have to think about it. It just works out as your human awareness has been achieved. In the same way super human being awareness also can be achieved through God’s grace.

Now what is the technique of this? It is the technique of God. But still when you become one with the ocean, you also learn the technique of the ocean. When you become the whole, you also know the technique of the whole and that is what, is the technique of Sahaja Yoga. First of all, you have to be enlightened. Unless and until you’re connected what’s the use of doing anything else? For example, if this is not connected, what am I going to do with this? In the same way if you’re not connected with God, what are you shouting at? And whom are you calling? First thing is that you should be connected. Now for this, people have got theories. You see those who want to fill their pockets can find out lots of theories. Like how can you do it? You must cleanse yourself. Simple thing is that if you’re in the myre, you’re sinking, how are you going to cleanse? You’ve to get out of it. If you’re in the car how are you going to repair the car? You have to get out of it. You have to detach yourself from the car and you cannot do it through thought. By saying I’m detached, I’m detached, you cannot.This would be something like saying, I’m the Governor of Westminster, while I am not. It’s an illusion in which we live. It’s a fantasy with which we manage. It’s a happening where you just get detached like that. What surprises me, that why should you believe into an absurd thing like that? That it is the most difficult thing. Can’t you see so many flowers are turning into fruits every season. How many? Can’t you understand that you are also going to be transformed? Why should it be difficult? But if you are bent upon breaking your necks, I can’t help it! I mean, you can do whatever you please. After all you have the freedom; you can cut your noses, you can cut your ears, you can take out your eyes or you can do anything of that kind. How can anybody stop? Only thing I can do, is to feel anguished about it.

So try to understand that there is a power within you. God has placed it there and it is going to be raised and you’re going to get that realization but already you have done lot of things to spoil your chakras nicely. I mean, man is onto another trip now. First he was destroying others. Now he is on the other side, he is destroying himself! There’s a special pleasure in destroying yourself. Like taking pain on your body. You see, we have heard people who beat themselves. They sit down and beat themselves, they enjoy. See, such queer people in modern times. Can you imagine? When I’m here, I find all sorts of funny people, half lunatic, half baked. Even if they are full lunatic I would be happy because at least they can go to lunatic asylum but they are half lunatic. They’re all the time trying to destroy themselves. Where is this destruction going to lead you? Like bearing the pain. Why should you? Why did Christ crucify Himself? Did He not? Or you don’t believe in it? Why are you crucifying yourself? Who has asked you to crucify yourself, for nothing at all? He didn’t even ask His disciple to carry His cross and why are you carrying your cross for nothing at all? The other day, I met some people, I was amazed how they have destroyed themselves. Imagine, it is something like that a Father Who is very compassionate, Who is full of love for you, Who has created all these beautiful things and Who just wants to open your eyes and suddenly He finds that you have become blind! You’re good for nothing. Imagine what a frustration it is! But still, His compassion and His grace and His love, is so great that how so ever you may have done wrong, it is not equal to a drop compared to a great ocean. His love is like that of ocean. He’ll engulf all that, I assure you. But still, like, I don’t know what to call but I would say, childish people, frivolous people, foolish people, stupid people! If you’re sticking onto that, that ‘come, O bull, come and hit me’ and sitting down there paying the money to the bull, ‘come along, hit me more, now I give you more money, this time more money, come along, hit me more,’ then what can anybody do? If you’re still misidentified, it’s going to be very difficult for anyone.

This afternoon I’ve been busy breaking my neck with those [unclear]. I’ve been trying and trying my level best but the trouble is the misidentification part, you cannot. You can treat any disease, cancer anything but not stupidity. Stupidity is something, is such a foolish thing that nobody wants to admit that you have been stupid. You want to carry on with it and you want to destroy yourself under the fantasy that you’re a great crusader or sort of a great martyr! There is no need to have martyrdom when you’re entering into the kingdom of God. Come along. There’s a welcome there. It’s a welcome for you. Please come along but I find all wounded soldiers around. All of them are so wounded. Doesn’t matter. As long as, you have love for yourself and love for your eternal being, as long as you want to evolve, everything is going to work out. Is going to help all of you. Try to understand that there is no argument which can convince you. It’s a happening. Supposing some people think that by arguing with me they will get their evolution, they do not because it is beyond thought. You cannot go there with the thought. So you’ll argue with the thought. With argument what have you achieved? What can you gain by arguments?

It is not a mental feat. It is the feat of God which raises the kundalini by which you get your realization. But then there are people and there are people; now we have in India people called as ‘tantrikas.’ Specially they flourished in the 6th century in our country. You see, our country is a country of extremes. We have had very great saints and great incarnations, perhaps, maybe because they were absolutely the other side of it, we can call the mud. In the mud only these great lotus flowers were born. But we have also the greatest thugs and the greatest crooks of the world. You see, it is so well matched that it is difficult for you people to understand. They will look exactly the same. They’ll appear exactly the same but you won’t know what they are up to and if you’re anxious to deceive yourself then you will have it! If you’re anxious to go in the wrong way, they will do it. The first and foremost thing is that what righteousness you have achieved through any of your pursuits? What greatness have you achieved? What powers you have been able to manifest? For example, we had somebody in India who came to Me and before I could say anything he started jumping. I said now where to talk, you see. I said give him a loudspeaker and let him carry there. I just can’t talk and while jumping he was arguing. He was arguing and jumping and arguing and jumping. So I requested him, ’Sir, you please stop this otherwise I am fed up of raising my head down and up’ and the whole congregation got upset with that jumping. Alright, doesn’t matter. But then
I asked him, ‘now’, I said, ‘what’re you doing?’
He said, ‘these are my powers’
I said, ‘then control them! If these are your powers why don’t you control them?’
So he said, ‘now I cannot’
I said ‘alright, I’ll control’
I put My this thing and made him sit down. He sat down and then I said, ‘can you tell Me what’s the matter with this gentleman?’
He said, ‘No’
Then I said, ‘Can you tell me what’s the matter with you?’
He said, ‘No’
I said, ‘then how do you have your powers? At least you should know what’s the matter with you.’
He said, ‘no’
Then I said, ‘but what about your kundalini? Do you know where is your Kundalini?
He said, ‘I don’t believe in it’
I said, ‘very nice! You don’t believe it. Like a little somewhere, what you call a [fire flee] saying that I don’t believe in the sun or I have no faith in the sun’
I said, ‘alright, you don’t believe in kundalini but see for yourself, now what is this pulsating?
He looked at it and said, ‘yes, I can see that’ and then he started jumping, you see, up and down, up and down, up, he was so exhausted but then I found, he had a very bad heart and the heart was so badly damaged. I was so worried about this fellow.
I said, ‘now you have to take to Sahaja Yoga very seriously and I’ll work on you.’
I worked on him for the whole day and the whole night but next day again he was back. He couldn’t give up because he had a dress, he had a name, he had everything and he was thinking he has become a real minister of buffoonery. So, so the thing was on.

One must know that God is a honourable thing. He gives you honour and not stupidity and useless things that the society does not respect. Whatever society respects is honourable. You get a status which is honorable. It gives you righteousness, it gives you discrimination. Minimum of minimum this should happen to you but if you are such a buffoon that you are jumping up and down, your clothes are falling down then who will call you a Godly person? Then on the streets I find some people dancing. How can that be God? It is dignified. Divinity is dignified. Dignity is the first thing that will be expressed in a person who is a realized soul. How can people believe a buffoon? Can they? Or clowns? How can you believe yourself when the whole technique leads you to buffoonery? Try to understand. Now they can give some explanation about it that you’re getting this and you’re getting that, but which scripture says so? In that also they are very very clever, some of them. The other day I received a letter from ‘Poona’ (Pune) with a book and I was amazed at it. The book was talking about Jnaneshwara, a great saint in India. The couplet was somewhere there and he was telling something else. I said, ‘how does it relate with this, I don’t understand?’
There is not a word of what he’s saying in that couplet. Now those who know the language, those who understand the language, if you translate something and say something else, how can they be deceived? But those who do not know can be deceived. So, first thing is that you should not be deceived, even by Me. You have to keep yourself alert but that doesn’t mean you all jump on me, my head and trouble me. Alert. If you get your realisation, then you will know what I’m talking about is the truth but before realization be sure that you’re not yet been there, what I’m talking about. Your still in a dream and the dream has to open into reality. You’re still not feeling the reality. Of course, fifty percent people here know but fifty do not know. When the dream opens out, your awareness becomes different. You become a different person and you start maneuvering immediately. So you have to know that dream has to end and reality has to come. You may even say that, ‘Mother the reality that you are talking of collective consciousness may be another dream.’ It is not. It’s very easily verified that whatever you achieve, what’s called in Sanskrit is ‘uplabdhi.’ Whatever you achieve, in that state, can be used for this dream state also. Everything has a relative understanding and you can understand it very well. For example, you can also say that, ‘Mother you might be another person who’s turning us into buffoonery. Alright, it’s quite correct. I mean you might say the same thing. For example I will tell you, we had some people in Poona (Pune), Poona we had, there were some people who came down and they said, ‘we are great brahmins and pundits’ and all that.
I said, ‘Alright sit down and put your hands towards me’ and they just started shaking before me like this.
I said, ‘why are you shaking?’ Now, you are brahmins, the great pundits and very educated people, why’re you shaking before me? Why don’t you control yourself?
They said, ‘ Mother because You are Shakti that’s why we are shaking’
I said, ‘but the others are also shaking. Ask them from where have they come?’They all had come from the lunatic asylum. I said, ‘they and you are in the same category, while the rest of them are getting cool breeze in the hand.’
So relatively you must judge Sahaja Yoga. Now whether you are alright or not should be judged from the way some lunatics behave towards me. We have had many lunatics before. Now we have some hidden ones here. They don’t appear but they are and they must understand that this is a disease which has to go away and which can be cleared. Absolutely clear. You have to become pure. You have to become lighter. It’s all going to drop out in no time. Only thing you have to decide about it. Not to quarrel and argue but get it and that will happen to you because you are all seekers. You have been seeking for ages. It was described in the Puranas that during this time, ‘kaliyuga,’ then it will be the worst time then all these great seekers who are moving in the big hills and dales will be born again and they’ll get their self realization. This is being promised and not the buffoonery. Your self realization and self when you realize you know about yourself and about others because there’s the same thread passing through all of you. When your attention is outside you are separate beads but when your attention is inside then you can feel others. Whatever I’m saying, whatever I’m explaining has been explained right from Socrates, Christ, Mohammed Sahib, all of them have said and I would request you to be humble about it and take your gift which is [for you]. But you don’t open the mouth of the horse which is gifted to you. In the same way be decent because God is not going to fall at your feet that ‘please have your realization’ because God is not seeking election from you nor is He going to please you to that extent that your ego would be pampered because He doesn’t want to ruin you. He loves you. He is compassion, He is love. His love is going to work it out. You cannot purchase love in the market and the divine love is something that is beyond all these material considerations. When you get your realization, you will know each and every technique because the vibrations, the cool vibrations, which is the enlightened awareness flowing from your hand which you can feel it in the central nervous system you will be able to handle it and use it. You will be able to protect yourself, you’ll be able to protect others and give them  realization only by raising your hand just like this. It is fantastic, it is tremendous, it is dynamic and really unbelievably great. I am Myself surprised at Myself the way it is working but thanks to you I would say, that you are there to receive it and get it. It cannot be worked out with many but works out with quite a lot of people. Only the trouble is that, here is the seeking in the West. The western people are seeking much more than Indian people are seeking but Indians are the ones who know about knowledge. They are not naive, they are not ignorant so they cannot be befooled much while in the West, people are ignorant about it and that’s how they can be befooled. So it’s a funny combination for Me and as the seeking is, it is going to work out, it is going to happen to all of you.

May God Bless you!

Can I have some water. So, as usual if there are any sensible questions, please ask.

Question: If it is Your power, can we do anything?

Answer: Now, the thing is, first, I’m saying, for your awakening, for the connection and then you can do it. You understood? First of all you should be awakened, enlightened and then your powers will start manifesting and then you have to do it. After that, so this is the thing, alright? Like, till your car has started you cannot move it. It’s something like that but once your car has started you can use it. It’s like that. Alright?
Got the point? That’s God’s powers, so you can say that way but you are a part and parcel of God. Ok? So, this doesn’t remain any more, this difference doesn’t remain any more. So, it is like, I don’t say these are the powers of my finger, do I? I say these are my powers while these are the powers of my finger. In the same way if you are the part and parcel of God then the powers of you and God are just the same because they are working through you. Alright? You’re working for the whole.

SahajaYoga is not a thing that you can finish it in one day and it has taken me, I think, I don’t know, number of lectures here also, tried to explain and we have also published a book and this book will be available, I think, I hope so…within 15-20 days which gives you lot of knowledge about it but without realisation you should not read that book. It’s not going to help you at all.
You have to get your realization first and then read about it.

Question: [Inaudible]

Answer: How many people has he given realization? How many people has this Gururaj given realization to? Not one! So forget it, you see, don’t bring in names because you know then it amounts to criticism unnecessarily. Not one person has been given, realized. Now at least 50% are realized souls who can feel your kundalini, her kundalini and their own kundalini. Even Heister has started feeling. Alright? So don’t bring in such names because you see it amounts to personal criticism in  to which I do not want to indulge in. I’m not interested. Don’t take anybody’s name or book’s name because it is useless. So far you haven’t got it. So better get it. I know some of you might have paid some money so you think better cash him also but its rather difficult. It’s a lost game. So forget about it [laughs]. It is! Better give up!
If you haven’t got it as yet, you better get it. That’s the point. If you bring in any name, I do not want to say anything about anyone because none of them have given any realisation to anyone. Simple thing. And the real ones are not coming out in the public. They are hiding themselves somewhere else. They don’t want to get crucified and you cannot crucify Me. I am too good for that.

Alright, just put your hands like this towards Me. You have to take out your shoes. All of you should take out your shoes. Put both your feet on the ground. Now. And don’t concentrate. This is another thing, this concentrating is wrong. Do not concentrate at any point. Please do not concentrate. Just let it go and let it happen.

Let it be, Let it be. For her it’s alright. Let her rest her feet on the… It’s alright. What has she got? polio? What is the trouble? Have they removed any parts? Oh, this is the problem, you see! They remove a part, it’s impossible. It’s a re-pairing shop here. I can repair it but if you’ve removed some parts and put some dead things there, it’s rather difficult. We’ll work it out. Let her have her [hand].

Now you may close your eyes. If you can. Some of you may not be able to because if there is flickering in your eyelids, open your eyes. Be honest to yourself. Sahaja Yoga can only be achieved by being honest to yourself. Nobody is going to force anything on you. In all your discretion and your own self respect, you should be honest to yourself. Close your eyes and see if there is a flickering in your eyelids.

Now, those who feel they have no thought in the mind, can be on the look out for the cool breeze to come on their hands flowing inside. But may be in the beginning, it may be hot, may be tingling, could be anything. If it is tingling then you have to just throw it away like that, if it is tingling. If it is cool breeze it’s alright. If it is hot also then you can throw it. Just throw it away, be honest about it and if it is cool breeze, you just keep your eyes closed.

Put both the feet on the ground properly. Take out the shoes. Remove the shoes, yes, put your feet on the ground. Take out your shoes, my child, take out your shoes. Have you got your shoes? No? Alright.

Tingling? Just, you sit comfortably here, be comfortable, be very comfortable. First thing is comfortable. If there is any pain, anything, open your eyes. You should not feel any pain. but if there is, then please open your eyes.

Just close your eyes. Please close your eyes.


If your wearing specks or [unclear] then take it away and if you have any, what you call, any tight things like belts or something, loosen it a little bit, if there’s anything tight. Be comfortable. Be comfortable. Be absolutely comfortable.

If the hair from the forehead are removed it would better for Me. Forehead should be open. Please keep the forehead open. (Mother speaks in Hindi and tells someone to remove someone’s cap). Now, just like this open it out because forehead should be open, it’s good. Now put your hand again. Yes.

Now first thing is now, I feel, kundalini stops at this point, and here, the essence is forgiveness. So please forgive everyone, even your horrible gurus who have taken money from you. Just forgive all of them. You don’t have to bother. God will look after them. Just say ‘I forgive ALL of them.’

Now you have to also ask forgiveness from God. Any mistakes I have committed in my [unclear] Oh God! Please forgive me.
You can put your right hand on your heart and say this. Right hand on your heart and left hand towards me. Now say this. Heister keep your eyes open. Very bad heart all of you have. All the TM people must get their cardiogram. Cardiogram must be brought in. Very bad heart, very bad heart. Like a frozen heart it is. Hmm…better..[unclear] just say that please forgive me. The aspect of God in your heart, that is the Spirit, is the one that is the ocean of forgiveness. He forgives you but you must ask for forgiveness. He’s the ocean of compassion. These are the mantras.

Feeling the cool? Good. Are you feeling?
Humble yourself in your heart at the Lotus Feet of God. Humble yourself in your heart. Whatever you will do with your heart you will have no doubt. So put attention to your heart and humble down yourself and say that, Oh Lord! Please forgive me if I have done any mistakes without knowledge, without understanding or also with understanding, please forgive me because You are the ocean of compassion.

(57:35 min) Do not disturb others. Please do not. This is the most important time of this life and many lives before. So understand it’s value.

If you have anything in your neck then please take out. If you have been to other gurus specially because they catch your vishuddhi.

Suddenly you feel there is no thought in your mind.

Feeling lighter? Much lighter.

Keep your eyes shut. Please keep your eyes shut. Just keep your eyes shut for a while. Feel extremely relaxed.

Try to remember this experience. Try to remember this experience.

Some of you are not yet getting it because you are trying. Just don’t try, leave it.

Now put both the hands towards me. Put them on your lap and be comfortable. Put your hands straight but be comfortable.

Close the door

It’s a very deep experience.

Keep your eyes shut because if the eyes are opened out there is dilation of the pupil. The kundalini will stop before the Agyna. Please keep your eyes shut. All of you.

[1:09:18] This experience comes to you because the Kundalini has been waiting for such a long time. Out of joy She gives you this experience but after this you have to learn about It. You have to know what It is, how to maneuver It, how to work It out, what It means, then the technique starts. First you should initiate It with realization.

[1:10:40]How many of you are feeling cool breeze in the hands? Raise your hands. Raise them high. Good. Good.

Are you feeling? No? This lady next to you? Are you feeling? Not yet feeling? Those who are not feeling vibrations, cool breeze in the hand, please raise your hands. Honestly.
Your alright. Now, those who are not feeling the cool breeze and have not been to a guru, raise your hand. You’ve not been to any guru? One, two, who else? Just stand up. In the end there? I can see the hand there. What’s that? Ok now, give yourself a bandhan.

You’ve not been to any guru? You’ve not been to any guru my son? Nowhere? Your not feeling any cool breeze? Alright.
Who else is there? Who has not been to a guru and not feeling vibrations. Not been to any guru? You come along, alright? Here. Can you sit, sit next to that girl, three of you.
You have not been to any guru my son. ‘TM’. Only TM? Alright, No, no, but you are feeling the cool breeze. ‘Yes.’ Then the question is not there. You are also not feeling? Alright.

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