Why Are We Here

Cardiff (England)

1979-07-20 What Are We Here For London NITL HD, 47'
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“Why Are We Here?”, Public programme. Cardiff, Wales (UK). 20 July 1979.

… a lady from this place and she told Me that: if there were some film stars coming or some film was to be shown then there would be many more people, the whole place would be packed out, but people have no time for God.
It never amazes Me, it’s very true. We have taken everything for granted but we cannot take it for a longer period. You have seen that, in all the affluent countries, wherever people have achieved their well-being through material advancement, [the people] have reached to a stage where they start thinking – why are they created? what is the purpose of their life? Why are they here? Are they here just to be born, earn some living, spend some money, run after power, run after other superficial things, which do not give you a fulfilment [of] the joy that has been promised to us through all the scriptures. And then they start thinking “After all what is it we are here for?”.

One has to think why we are made human beings from Amoeba stage. What was the need for us to be human beings? There must be some purpose for our living. When this stage is reached then people don’t care for cinema stars or for any powerful personality, so called, politically or economically, but then they ask for something that is of an eternal nature.

So today we are here to find out if there is something of that kind existing or not. I say there is, but you can’t see it. It is all-pervading, you just can’t visualize this. You have heard about it that there is God’s divine power, all-pervading power, around us. For example if I say that there are lots of pictures around – you just can’t see any pictures, except for these bare walls. But there are many pictures here. If you just open the television set you will know that there are many pictures around, but there has to be a television set to catch it. And that catching has to be done by our awareness. But our awareness, as it is, the human awareness, as it is, is not subtle enough to catch that divine power about which I am saying.

Now in India we have been talking about it for thousands of years. Even in this country you know that there are so many people who are seeking truth. That stage has come now to many countries, and has to come because, when one realizes the futility of life one starts thinking “After all why are we here?”

When God has made us from Amoeba stage to this stage, He has placed an instrument within us to achieve our last stage where we can become His instruments and that His divine power, which is all-pervading, that is flowing through us, we can perceive and we can visualize it.

It’s a question of actualization of this experience, it’s not sermonizing, that I stand here and talk about God and all “You must be like this and you should not do this and you should not do that”. But it’s a question of actualizing the experience of that divine power within you. If there are some medical students here or medical doctors they will understand that, within us, there is a system which we call as Autonomous Nervous System, which looks after our Autonomous work, means which is done by ‘Auto’. Now who is this ‘Auto’? In Sanskrit language, if you translate it, it would be SwayamChalit. Now who is this Swayam, who is this Auto? This is what they have not been able to say. For example, if you run fast your heart will start beating fast but automatically it comes down. Now who does it? There must be someone who does this job. Even the heart that is beating – who is beating the heart? Who is digesting the food? Who is looking after us? How are we born? Human beings cannot even transform one flower into a fruit. While there is Someone who is doing millions and millions of such living things while human beings are doing only dead work. Like there was these dead stones and dead clay out of which we have created this beautiful hall. But this is all dead from dead. We are just changing the forms. Living things we have not been able to achieve and have not been able do.

We have to become really living or enlightened. Unless and until we are that we cannot do it.

Now what is the system, within us, that God has placed is to be understood, in short. Because if I start telling you all the engineering you will be bored stiff. There is an engineering, for example if I have to tell you to put the lights on, I just tell you that “Please push that button,” and it would be on. But, if I have to tell you all the engineering that worked out this electricity here, and then all the [description about the] way the history has brought this progress in electricity, you’ll be completely bored stiff. That’s why I said, first of all, you get the light inside, by putting your hands towards Me and getting the Cool Breeze flowing into you. I wonder how many of you have got it? Those who have got it and those who haven’t got it, both of them, we are going to look after that.

Now the thing is – it’s a living process which has to happen to us. Or I would say it’s an evolutionary process, the ultimate of it, the end of it the yoga. Yoga means the union with God. It means two things, one is the union of your Self with God and secondly it means the deftness, the ‘kaushala’, the technique – how it happens and which way it works out and how you can manoeuvre. These are the two sides of yoga.

Now when we think of yoga, normally we think about standing on our heads or reducing our weights or something like that. It’s just a very wee, wee part of the whole yoga even according to Patanjali. Patanjali has brought Hatha Yoga on this earth, but it was to be done only up to the age of 20 years, when you lived a very celibate life in the jungles. And the few things that we are doing, called as ‘Asanas’ has a very big significance, no doubt, but it is to be used with a proper understanding of it. For example, it’s an exercise, physical exercise, to keep your particular centres, in your being, alright. But if you do not know what are the centres, what’s the matter with you; supposing you do not know what’s wrong with you, what exercise are you going to take? You might be harming yourself.

We do not take all the medicinal shop just to cure one disease, and if you have no disease, what’s the need to take such a strenuous thing like Hatha Yoga. I mean it is such a mistake, I would say, and such a misappropriation of the knowledge that people start thinking that, if we have to take to yoga, it’s only for our physical being. But we are not only the physical being; we are also emotional being, we are also mental beings and we are also spiritual being.

Yoga means our union, the attention of human beings should become one with the Divine Power. This is a simple meaning of yoga is ‘the union’. The rest of it is just a means to an end and those means if they are used in such an imbalanced manner and so much in a biased manner, or you can say, only a wee part of it, then, you can imagine, what will happen to this body.

This yoga has to take place. According to all the scriptures that is the way we have to be. Unless and until that happens to us, we can never be peaceful, we cannot feel alright and cannot feel that we have any meaning in life. But it is much more than that; like, in the scriptures, in the Bible, Christ has said that you are to be born again. Now what does that mean? Even in the Koran it is said that you have to become a Pir. First of all you have to become a Muslim, means you have to surrender yourself, and then you have to become a Pir. Only by surrendering it does not work out.

So all these things that we heard so far, and the science that has progressed so far, lead us to one point that: there is still something missing in us; we are not yet perfect beings. We have to know our meaning. We are not yet perfect and something has to happen in us that should give us the complete idea as to what we are. For example, now this (microphone) is an instrument we have created here, for a purpose, but unless and until it is put to the mains, it cannot work. In the same way, if we are not put to the mains the instrument that is a human being, cannot work it out, and that’s why this happening must take place. But for that what are we to do? What did we do to get this nose? And what did we do to get these eyes? What did we do to get this body? Nothing. We have taken it for granted. In the same way, what are we to do for our future evolution? Nothing.

What did you do to become a human being from a monkey stage? Nothing! And in the same way you are not to do anything, but this has to happen by God’s grace. It is His grace that is going to work it out. And when somebody who has the authority of this grace, or somebody who can manoeuvre this grace, and the one who is already graced or, we can say, the one who is already a Self-realized person can only do this. Without this the life has no meaning, no joy, no happiness. Many people these days you find are talking about tensions. “We have too much tension, we have too much of worry, life is very fast. What to do how to live?” The reason is, you are still lost in your ego and super-ego, because you think “I have to do this, I must get it done” and “This is my idea of doing..” a particular thing. You depend on a certain conception of something to be done and when you find it is not done you get frustrated and unhappy.
Because all your attention is on what you can do and not on what God can do to you. It can only happen if you become a part and parcel of that Divine Power. Otherwise, by giving lectures, that “you just leave everything to God” it is not going to happen. It’s a happening which has to work out within you, that, suddenly you become that, you become the part of that great dynamic force and it starts flowing through you. And through this only, you’ll be amazed that wondrous things happen and miracles take place. For example, we’ll say cancer.
Now the disease of cancer cannot be cured, except for with Sahaja Yoga. You’ll be amazed, we have cured so many patients of cancer. And once you get your realization it is very hard to get to cancer. The reason is, the power that we have got stored within us, we are using all the time through our sympathetic [nervous] system. Now that power is limited and that limited power gets exhausted. When the energy comes to the least position then we get so excited that the cells in that system start growing on their own. Like, in a broken home, a child starts running amuck. So these cells when they become amuck, or they start on their own, they overgrow and malignancy sets in, that’s how cancer is caused.

Now this cancer can be absolutely corrected if you, somehow or other, pour that energy into that person, into that patient. Now this energy is all-pervading as I say. I mean, you need not believe Me, but if you keep your mind open you will know that this power exists around us. And this power is stored within us up to a point. If you could, somehow or other, open up yourself to this Divine Power then the power is all the time flowing in you and you do not have any problem of exhausting it. For example you are going by a car and the car has got limited petrol, and you are worried and you are in tension, because you think the petrol will be over. But supposing by any chance, if you are connected to the mains, and all the time this petrol is flowing in the tank you won’t have any problem. In the same way if you could be connected to this Divine force you will be surprised, you will not worry.
As you know, rationally also, that worry doesn’t give you any help. It never gives you any help, on the contrary it exhausts you. This worry is a myth and all such myths – we have so many of them, one better than another. And we are so much misidentified with all these mythical things of the world and we are so much worried about useless things that [despite] this beautiful life that God has created us as human beings, for us to enter into His Kingdom, to enjoy His blissful presence, we have become the most miserable animals. No animal is as miserable because they never commit suicide. We are the only people who commit suicide and who try to do all kinds of nonsensical things. We are the people who are known for creating all kinds of institutions like insurances and such instruments by which we suggest that we are extremely insecure. Animals don’t have any sense of insecurity. They live in the jungles, they have always the danger of a higher animal trying to harm them, but they are never that upset, they are never that worried. Why human beings have to worry so much? The reason is simple – that the human beings have not yet achieved this oneness with the Divine.

Now this oneness with the Divine has to be achieved, by human beings and God has given us freedom to be ourselves, to begin with. He has given us freedom for one reason, so that we should know what is right and what is wrong. In our own freedom we should decide. No use going to churches or to temples or any place where people give you lectures saying “Don’t do this and don’t do that”. You are a human being and a wise person, you know for yourself what is wrong and what is right. But why is it that we do not take to the right course? For example, we see a man coming out of the pub, falling all over, people beating him up and taking him away to a police station. But here we are anxious to enter into the same pub, to come back in the same way.
Now, you cannot explain these things. Why human beings knowingly do such things, but they do. The reason is they are not yet clear-cut about what is their being. They have not evaluated themselves, they have not been able to understand what an important thing it is to be a human being, and once this happens, this happening takes place – I’m not saying it is a lecture but a happening, it takes place – you immediately become a transformed personality, a different personality, a different personality, and you’ll be amazed after this what happens. It’s a wondrous thing and I hope it will happen to all of you.

Now today, somehow, our people from London have not yet reached and we have had a little misunderstanding about timings and things. But whatever it is, whatever is the small number we have from Cardiff, I would like to work on you people and to see and tell you all about it – what we have within ourselves and what is the thing that works out your system. Now within ourselves, we have, at the back, if somebody can stand here I’ll show you. He’s Dr. Rustom from England. He’s come, he’s also a psychologist and he’s with us now. If you can turn round I will show them now..)

In our body, here in the triangular bone, resides that germinating force and that germinating force is there, which rises through the spinal chord, through six other centres, and emerges out of the fontanel bone area in the brain. Now what we ‘baptism’ is the same thing. When this happens, this portion becomes absolutely soft like a child’s portion. When you are a child you are not yet free, in the sense that God has yet kept you under His care. But when you start growing the ego and the super-ego, on both the sides, start developing, and you form a complete ‘I-ness’.

So you become ‘Dr. Rustom’ or you become X,Y,Z. Now the same thing is lying down here, that germinating force, and She rises – She’s called as Kundalini – and She rises straight on, like this, between, passing through, the different centres which are denoting our evolutionary force. Like we can say that we have all these stages of our evolution within ourselves and these are all the stages which are placed within us and these are all the different centres, which are seven in number. One is below the Kundalini and there are six above it. Out of them, the one that is here, is the centre between the optic chiasma, where the two optic nerves meet. And that’s the point they call the ‘third eye’ and that’s a very important point, and this is the point of Christ. This is the point where you see this red mark (Shri Mataji’s bindi) is the point of Christ and when the Kundalini rises She awakens all these deities. For example, Mohammed Sahib, is in the void. All the Guru’s like Mohammed Sahib, all the prophets, are in the void here, in the stomach. Because these people haven’t arrived I haven’t got my map (chakra chart) here but they might be arriving any time then you can have a look at it.

And like these centres that are here, we have all these deities, these leaders who came to save us, on this earth. We call it in Sanskrit ‘Dash Avataras’ [lit. 10 incarnations]. And then we have so many prophets like Mohammed Sahib and like Moses, Abraham. All these are great Prophets. They are all settled within ourselves here. You will be amazed that they are in a dormant condition. When this Kundalini rises upward She gives power to all of them and they start working and then they open out here, on the head, on top. You can see Dr’s head, he’s here, is absolutely like a child here. Is just like a child has a dimple, or you can say a portion which is very soft. In the same way it happens to you in your head and you become one with that all pervading subtle power.

And this, once it happens, then you get all the blessings of physical health, emotional well-being – many mad people have been cured by this – and also of mental enhancement; that you start seeing things as they are. Because you enter into the realm, as soon as the Kundalini crosses over this point (Agnya), you enter into the realm where there is no thought. You are aware, but you become thoughtless.

In thoughtlessness, only, you can see things much more clearly. Because supposing you see a particular scene, there is a thought in between. Then you start thinking “how much it must have cost? From where it must have come?” and you cannot enjoy that scene directly. But if there is no thought, like a ripple-less lake, the whole joy of that creation is reflected in it and you start enjoying it. But it only happens if the Kundalini has crossed up to this point. But when it pierces through this (Sahasrara) you start feeling the Cool Breeze in the hand, flowing.
Now all these centres are reflected on our fingers here. All these centres like, from here you can say, one, first one is here and then the third and then the fourth fifth and sixth, and this is the seventh. All these seven centres are reflected on our fingers and hands, on this one and this one. And after that you can start feeling yourself and others on these fingers, to begin with. Later on as you grow in it and mature in it, then you start feeling within yourself. For example, this starts moving from, say, this centre, which is below the Kundalini. And this does not take any role in the awakening of the Kundalini, except that it informs, [the Kundalini] that, there is somebody who knows the job.
Now this Kundalini rises without any harm, without any trouble, in a very straightforward manner. Now there are books, you might have read, some of you, that, “Kundalini rising is the most hazardous thing, it creates lots of problems” and all sorts of things. But here I am before you. I must have given Kundalini awakening to thousands of people in India and abroad, but have not seen this thing happening to even one person. This thing happens to people who do not know the job because supposing you do not know what is electricity – you’ll always get a shock. And then you will say that “electricity means shock”. If you do not know how to manoeuvre the power, and if you are not authorized to do it, if you do something unauthorized, you are going to fall into problems. This is what happens, and this is why there is such a lot of writing against Kundalini. People say Kundalini should not be risen. After all this is the germinating power within us. It’s like a primula, it’s the ‘ankura’ within us, which has to sprout to make us living and enlightened.

This is what we have to achieve and this is what we call, is to be ‘born again’. And this Indians know very well that we all have to be ‘born again’, we have to be Self-realized and we have to have Atmasakshatkar. Everyone, who has a little idea about the scriptures, knows about it.

Now as far as the science is concerned. Science people cannot understand it because they deal only with the wee part of life. What is science is, that you are dealing with the dead. Whatever is available, you just take it out and see for yourself that it is there. For example, you can say that there is gravity. Alright, but why? How gravity has come into it? Why gravity has come into it? No scientist can answer. But they are such arrogant people that they think that there is no God. How can they say that when they cannot answer a few questions like this? For example in the body, in our own body – he’s a doctor and there are many other doctors. I myself have done medicine, and they cannot answer many questions like, for example, there is something like acetylcholine and adrenaline – two chemicals in our being. Now when they are in the body, their mode of action is that they have to augment or to relax, cannot be explained. And they say that they behave like human beings, we don’t know what they think about it. It cannot be explained.

Another simple example could be that when any foreign body goes into your stomach, then you throw it away. Anywhere in the body, if there is a foreign thing coming in, it is thrown away. But when a child is to be born, you know that the foetus is retained. Not only retained but looked after and nurtured and matured. And when it is ready then, exactly at the right time when it is absolutely ready, then it is thrown out of the system. Who does this? Who does this understanding? And who manages this? The discrimination between the two, doctors cannot understand. They can say that “here is a finger and if you open it ther is this muscle” and “there is this thing and there is a heart” but they do not know why it is there, why this finger is placed here, what does this mean and what does it relate to.

Now with your naked eyes, you can see the rising of the Kundalini in many people. Now as it is there are very few and most of you have got it, but when there is somebody with an obstructed second chakra or third chakra, then you can see the pulsation of the Kundalini. So many of these, who are here, have seen it. With your naked eyes you can see it. Then as, it rises higher and higher, you can see the rising of the Kundalini, you can see the wave moving up. And inside you can feel absolutely peaceful in your brain. You become absolutely thoughtless and aware of it. This happens in a split of a second, if you are really ready. For children it takes no time, it happens just like that.
But, you see, for elderly people, or people who are involved in some extreme habits, like a person who is an athlete. We had, the other day, a big tennis player coming over, and it would not rise, because he was full of it, you see; he was a big tennis player and a big man and a great person; so the Kundalini said “alright, wait for a while. You’re too great for me!” So it would not rise.

And then with some people who are ‘atikarmis’ (lit. very hard workers); working very hard – doing something too much. With them also, the Kundalini doesn’t rise. Those people who are temperate, who are in the centre, who are not arrogant, who are humble people – only for them the Kundalini rises. And I have seen people that cannot understand why, in very simple, ordinary people who come to Me, the Kundalini rises and when these big, big people come to Me it does not rise. It’s a simple thing is, that – are you a human being who has led a normal, balanced, simple life?

If you are an abnormal person, then the Kundalini is not for them. It is for the middle type of people, the people who have led a life of a middle path; not of extremes. There are so many factors to explain to you, especially if you have a physical problem. Say somebody’s suffering from diabetes, which is a common disease of the modern times and doctors cannot cure it. We can cure it, no doubt. The reason is that diabetes is caused to people because there is one centre which thinks and which looks after, also, the pancreas and also the spleen, the kidneys, the liver. Now if you are a person who is a planner all the time, planning for tomorrow and planning too much and “we must do this”. And all the plans fail. If you plan too much the plans will fail. If you just see the plan of God and fit your plans with it, that’s the way to be successful in your plans.

Now when you start planning too much, you plan it so much that this particular centre, which we call as Swadishthana centre, which manifests the Aortic plexus within us, is given such a lot of work that it stops supplying any energy to the pancreas and, as a result, we get diabetes. But if you could give a balance to that particular centre, by giving power to it, you can cure diabetes very easily. Diabetes, people who lead a very temperate life, they do not suffer from such a disease like diabetes.
There is heart trouble now. Heart trouble is a very common thing that people suffer from. That is also caused by the over activity of the mental self. For example, Hatha Yogis, so-called, who are worried about their physical being and everybody is trying to be a wrestler or a cinema actor. They run, I have seen people running for hours together and miles together. They lose all their power, even, to feel. They lose all their feelings for anybody else. They become dry people and such people can get a heart attack in no time. Those who are great thinkers and those who are planners and are great politicians, you can say, or great economists, and all that – those people also get to heart attack. The reason is that the life is very imbalanced. They do not see to the left hand side, they do not see that they have an emotional being also within them which is being starved. And they freeze the left side. By that freezing they get the heart attack.

Once you come to Sahaja Yoga, you become one with the Divine. The force starts flowing through you and you become radiant. You become much younger. You start looking much healthier and your temperament becomes very happy and jolly. You don’t worry then because there’s a hole here (at Sahasrara) and all the worries pass through that hole. You cannot worry. Even if you want to you just can’t worry. You don’t mind, you take things as they are. If there is a palace for you to live it’s alright, if it is not you can sleep under a tree and enjoy yourself. Such a person doesn’t take any sleeping pills or any such medicines that requires attention from people who are all the time worried about something which is very, very temporary.

Once you get this eternal thing flowing in you, this gives power to all your beings and completely integrates you. For example, those people who do some work, then they think “Oh, mentally it’s alright, but emotionally it’s not alright. You see, I’m working in the office but I neglect my wife. I don’t know what to do. Now this is alright but that is not alright. Should I do it or not?” – All these problems are solved because you get completely integrated. All your being supports you. You start feeling your chakras. That is what is Self-knowledge. You start seeing them, feeling them. You start understanding what’s the matter with you, where is the problem, where is the catch; “where am I catching? what is troubling me?” You start curing yourself.

You can feel others also because you jump into a new awareness called as collective consciousness. For example, in every country, if you go, or in United Nations – if you go and here there, people give big, big lectures. They’ll say “We are all brothers and sisters.” Now how are we to believe this? It’s not a fact for us. You see, we have to just tell ourselves all the time “We are all brothers and sisters,” but we are not. That’s what we realise. We think we are all separate people, how can we be brothers and sisters? But by this happening you just become one [with them]. Like you become a part and parcel of one being. You can feel your own finger. In the same way, you start feeling others.

What happens is that, now, as you are all sitting separately – you are all connected with each other through a thread that is passing through you. But just now you are disconnected because there is a blockage in between here, in the head. Once this connection is established then you start becoming one with everyone. Like if this finger has, supposing, lost it’s nervous feeling. It cannot feel other things and the body doesn’t feel it either. But supposing the nerves are opened out, then it starts feeling the whole. In the same way we can understand it, that, supposing there are many pearls and there is one string passing through them. If your attention is on the pearl, then you think “You are separate, I am separate, he is separate.” But somehow, if your attention passes into the thread then you can pass into everyone, and you are collectively one.

When it happens, then only, this unity that we are talking about is established. This wholesomeness is established. It is not by giving lectures and telling people that we are brothers and sisters and we should live together. Husband and wife cannot live together, let alone the whole world. Unless and until this happening takes place this won’t work out and that’s why this has to happen.

It is that the time has come. This used to happen to one in a million. At the time of Raja Janaka, who lived in Bihar as you know – and there are many people from Bihar – there was only one – Nachiketa – who got realization. Can you imagine that? But today the time has come, the blossom time has come. When there is the beginning of the tree only one little flower appears. After some time there are three or four flowers appearing. But when the blossom time comes many flowers are transformed into a fruit. And this is the time that has come and if people miss this time, it’s going to be very difficult because the time is coming when the last sorting out will start and all those who have not achieved this will be sorted out and will be taken away. Like the husk of the wheat which has not yet ripened. So the time is very important. Give up your ego. Give up your arrogance and just get it. To get to it you don’t have to pay for it because you cannot sell love. This is God’s Divine love. Those gurus who take money – know that they are the ones who are here just to cheat you.

You cannot sell it in the market. You cannot sell it. Those who are selling it are sinful people. God’s love cannot be sold in the market. But we have lots of these commodities being exported these days, from India also. Here also, I have seen, there are many people who have come up and, about them, all the Puranas, all the scriptures have talked about calling them ‘fake gurus’. ‘This cannot be sold. This cannot be worked out. It is effortless’ is written everywhere and that’s why it is necessary for us to understand that, when somebody tries to say that “Alright, you can pay for it,” he is just trying to pamper your ego. You cannot learn it by education. You cannot get it by talking about it or by arguing about it. It can happen only within you if you are in a mood, in a condition or in a deserving position to receive it. But there are so many deserving, I am amazed that, there are thousands and thousands who are deserving. If they only come to Sahaja Yoga it can work out.

So the system of Sahaja Yoga is not My own, as such, as people think – that it’s My own. It has been going on for ages and ages. Everything that has happened in this world, that is living, has been spontaneous. Even the creation of this world has been spontaneous. In the same way, this happening, where you jump into this new awareness, where your evolution has to culminate – you have to become that – is also spontaneous, effortless, and done through the grace of God.

May God bless you all. I would like to have some questions from you and then I would like to see if you get this, because that is the main thing, is to get to it.
Have you any questions? Please ask.

Seeker: (inaudible)

Shri Mataji: That’s it, correct. That’s the trick. He’s got the right point, you see, how the Kundalini rises. As I said it’s a spontaneous thing. Now how a flower becomes a fruit? How a seed sprouts? It works out this way, it’s very simple to understand. When the sun rises the suns rays fall onto the fruit and the fruit has got the built in mechanism within it, or the seed has got the built in mechanism within it which just starts. In the same way, you have got the built in mechanism within you and maybe I am authorized for that, and it works out in My presence. But once it works out in you, it works out in others.

It’s like one light enlightening another light. For example, only a candle which is enlightened can enlighten another candle, isn’t it? But once the other candle is enlightened you can equally enlighten another candle. It’s like this. Maybe I’m the one who started this joke. Do you have any objection for that? And then you can do it and the others can do it. It is something, just enlightening another light. Because it’s all ready. Your candle is all ready. Once I enlighten you, you will start enlightening another person. It is that spontaneous. Alright?

Seeker: do you need to put in any effort?

Shri Mataji: Nothing, nothing. You do not need to put in any effort. If you do not put in any effort then it works out faster. Effort spoils it more. It’s like this, I would say, that supposing you don’t know how to swim and a person who knows how to swim comes along and he tries to save you. Then if you try to put in an effort, you make it difficult. But the person who knows how to swim, can teach you how to swim, later on, after saving you. And then you can teach others also. So just now if you put in effort it might hamper the progress. But it just works out in a very very simple manner.

It radiates from My being, what can I do about it? It does. And it was there since I was born. I knew about it. But I started My work much later because I wanted to do it en-masse. That it should happen to many people. So I had to study what the problems with human beings are – how they are obstructed. You cannot do it with effort. That is one thing which is difficult for man to understand and accept, because of our ego comes in. what did you do to become a human being? Just think like that. Nothing. But the beauty of the whole thing is that, only after you have become a human being, at the next stage of evolution, you are going to see it, you are going to watch it, and you are going to know it. This is the only thing is that, because you are a free person, God has given you a speciality. By raising your head you have developed a centre within yourself, by which, you have become separated from the whole, no doubt, but also you have developed yourself in such a way that, when you get your realization, you can feel it and see it – that you have become a different person.

It sounds very fantastic but it is very simple too. Now how do you do it? If I tell you, as I have told you, that you have to just put both your hands towards Me for the time being. Just like this. Just like this. And it works out. In the way we do to a mass (?), you see – in the same way – you put your hands towards Me. Your fingertips are manifesting all the sympathetic centres within you, and they receive. And it passes through your hands and gives an invitation to your Kundalini and it works out. But even, say Dr. Rustom, or any one of these who are here, realized souls; they look like you only, but you can see from their faces, the way they are, that they can do it too. And you can do it too. It’s a very, very simple method which should be worked out, and once you learn how to manoeuvre it and understand it, it works wonders.

But it happens, in this country I’ve seen, especially, and in the western countries, especially, it happens that, after realization they start rationalizing it and thinking about it – “How can it be?” They forget the experience that they had and then they go down. So please, do not go down, but go higher and higher today. It is an experience. We have, from Cardiff, somebody sitting here who has received it. He came all the way and he got it there and he’s just here and so many of them have got it all over the country here. They have lost their identity as, say, ‘Britishers’ or Indians and all this and they have become so much one with each other. Such integration has taken place, you have no idea.

May God bless you all!

Let us see if it works out in you. And if it does not work out we’ll have to see what are the centres, where are they, how we have to work it out. It’s only with movement of the hand that you can do it, because the force is flowing through your fingers. It happens and it should happen to you because it has been promised and that is what God wants to see – His creation coming to its fruit. He won’t allow His creation to be destroyed, which he created with such care.