Intro to Sahaja Yoga

Leeds (England)

1979-07-22 Public Program London Source NITL, 74'
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Public Program “Intro to Sahaja Yoga”. Leeds (UK), 22 July 1979.

(Unclear) about Sahaja yoga and (unclear)

understand it better(unclear)

our attention (unclear)

understand the problem of Sahaj (unclear) is that perhaps one has to reach a minimum (unclear) searching for God. (unclear)

Maybe today you are born and raised because here most of your problems are solved. Basic problems are solved ( unclear)

(unclear) enhance your attention by going to the subtler side.

You don’t find out the source of that and there is a very big problem(unclear)

There is a western world (unclear) and the problem of stress, the problem of pressure. (Unclear)

When the door is locked, you feel more pressure( unclear)

But if I go towards the door and try ( unclear) then I feel, in the same way, in the west, you feel the pressure because you are trying to opening yourself to subtle(unclear) the door toward something, but you know that you are not satisfied and there is a big pressure in your mind

((Or: (unclear) find out something(unclear) but it is about everything that you already knew(unclear) because your mind is opening yourself toward something (unclear)

Because you know you are not satisfied and there is a big pressure in your mind.

( unclear) And you have to see and find out (unclear)

You should not be any of things that you already have been

For example, go for transfer( unclear)

You have been all kinds of things

That materially possible(unclear)

So one has to realize there is a big pressure; you seek something which you can’t achieve it by yourself, so you feel the pressure(unclear)

Because you cannot (unclear) it, you get it itself, because, you cannot manage it that’s because you get the get pressure another lot of money because as you know (unclear)

Because you can not get it by yourself, so you feel the pressure. And this pressure(unclear) You cannot say all your(unclear)

But behind all these ones there is a piece of (unclear)

Which satisfies all your(unclear)

We have to understand ourselves first, (unclear) like you want to have a big house; (unclear) we can lots of money because as you know(unclear)

(unclear) You cannot say that all your wants have been satisfied and have sense but behind all this wants, (unclear) there is the essence of that satisfactionfor all your need which satisfies all your(unclear)

For example, you want to say Coca-cola, you want Pepsi cola, you want water, you want another kind of drink(unclear), that’s the principle

If you want to find out what is the source of power. [7:25]

In the same way, you are brought to Sahaj yoga for satisfying that principle of seeking

So one thing should be clear to us that we can not do it on our own, that’s why we have the pressure(unclear) That’s why you are in tension as you call it(unclear)

Moreover whatever we are seeking doesn’t give us the satisfaction of the principle of satisfaction

So for one to another, we are seeking(unclear)

So you come to spirituality. You come to satisfaction of your spirit and there also you find you do not need to go shopping(unclear)

You go from one to another (unclear), because in that also they are not seeking the satisfaction of seeking

If they could value their seeking on this point, are we going towards the seeking which will give us complete satisfaction? Then maybe they will come to Sahaj.

Because you must know that God has come to (unclear)

Without it, you didn’t do anything about it

The whole your being that you are is created without you being any involved(unclear)

You get it for granted

Imagine that all God has created(unclear)

So you have done nothing about it and you got it and now that you are feeling the pressure you want to do something.

Which you also must understand that you cannot get it which it is God that has to give you

If you understand that because if God has to do it that God has created you, then you call it a spontaneous thing that has to happen within us. (unclear) [9:46-9:57]

And this living happening in us by which Because if God had created you, then it has to be spontaneous (unclear)

And when this seeking is completely satisfied? It will be satisfied when you will have the fulfilment of your(unclear)

+that you understand why you are made what is the purpose of your life. Because if God had created you, then it has to be spontaneous

And that you (unclear)

That you understand why you were made, what is the purpose of your life?

Before that, you will think with all desires and this and that. All they are just sitting on your head and making you run here run there and making you mad (unclear) because you are not riding the horse (unclear)

So now you have to ask yourself

But how about riding this horse of yours sometimes for a change (unclear)

But how to get on top of the back of the horse(unclear), that is the technique of Sahaja yoga.

But as we can see there is no Technique for sprouting the seed.

How do you sprout the seed?

(unclear) it is a living process(unclear)

In the same way, you can also say that also (unclear) for us there is no technique

I would say here is an instrument that has to be connected to the mains if you have to start (unclear)

In the same way, you have to be connected to the mains If you have to make it work.


To give you the fulfilment of your patience/Vibrations. So what are we to do about it?

But again what do we do with it?

Again the question comes what can we do about it? How are we doing it? (unclear) [11:50-12:15]

So then you (unclear)must be wise and last and the whole being within you has also created within you the instruments(unclear) energies that are higher within you(unclear)

To understand some of these energies, you can see, because we have got so many systems (unclear)questioning system within us that is subtle system (unclear)which works out automatically through our nervous system. Automatically we call them autonomous nervous systems.

We understand some of these energies, you can see, within us like a nervous system, which are (unclear)

In the same way, there is complete programming which is arranged within us for our evolution and give us this chance of our sprouting our rebirth and is managing all these features. (unclear) of our future(unclear)

Now if I say all the scriptures are correct, you are not going to believe me (unclear)because you have not read the scriptures in the light of the spirit.

Now there is the spirit within us! If I say so, you should say that Mother (unclear)

Just keep your self open and as I would say that there is in sulphur dioxide, sulphur and oxide.

Keep your mind open and (unclear)[13:48-13:55]

In the same way you, first of all, you just open your mind, then you can see for yourself what your answer is like. (unclear) [14:09-14:19]

And then you can see in yourself whatever I am saying (unclear)which is very difficult even to make you(unclear) hear what I am saying(unclear) [14:19-14:48]

Just keep your mind open (unclear) there is the residual force within us in the triangular bone (unclear)

Which you can not (unclear). You cannot make something pulsating the triangular bone here at the basis of triangular bone. Can you?

You can jump alright.

You can shout, you can scream, you can do all these things, but can you make something pulsing at the base of the triangular bone?

And these people had seen (unclear) and then you can see the pulsation starts(unclear)

Imagine in the triangular bone as it rises up and it pierces through the bone (unclear)and you can find from this portion of your head becomes soft just like (unclear)a child.

This is the real baptism,

This is the rebirth that Shankara Charya has started. He had said that not by any so-called Yogas like jumping on your head and all these things you will gain sankya. Sankya is the philosophy(unclear) [16:06-16:19]

He has clearly said (unclear) in all his books. Whatever he has described he has talked about the shakti within us which is the residual force in the triangular bone(unclear)

Through the grace of the mother Just clearly said, all this bhoots among the Shakti within us which is the residual force in the triangular bone that preserve what is happening like a little(unclear) of the germinating of the seed(unclear)

Even in the Bible or in the Quran any of these scriptures it is written that you are to be reborn again.

Even in the (unclear), it is written: you are to be born again.

But what is this reborn what is this rebirth within us, what is this happening of rebirth within us?

You have to understand what should happen within us that luckily we are born in modern times and there are so many books (unclear) which are called as scriptures about this and describe the goddess

Now these scriptures are absolutely (unclear)they have promised that this is going to happen and they are promises(unclear) but in this seeking thing(unclear) in the West what has happened that when there is the democracy(unclear) [17:52-18:20]

T there is a demand of (unclear) where people went (unclear) demand the people but artificial like it and say this is (unclear)very common in the modern time’s things like thieves (unclear) and that’s how we are enamoured by them.

It is a sad thing that they are also human beings. They are deceiving themselves and deceiving others (unclear)

As we have said, we cannot (unclear)

Someone who is authorized needs to do it.

So when such a statement is made immediately the human mind is so fragile

But there are people saying that he’s the one, he is the one who (unclear)

The third person is the one.

And a normal seeker gets (unclear)

He doesn’t know which (unclear) To go

But if you could realize that there is no shop. That you cannot purchase him in a shop. You cannot pay for him in a shop. If one can understand this small (unclear) he can work it out

How much money do we pay for sprouting a seed?

How many times do we stand on our head or hop to get a plant to sprout?

Over thousands and thousands in this area (unclear) that are wanting to have flowers, which are getting transformed into fruits.

There are thousands and thousands in this area only, Now how man fastings have you done for that, or shaven your heads or those things?

It’s a simple thing some people shave their heads I said “Why?” he said that he becomes spiritually awakened.

Why? Why should you shave your head for that? And then I have said that by shaving your hair if you are going to become spiritual, I am going to be reborn and what about the sheep which is shaved every year at least twice? He should be the most spiritual (unclear)

In the same way, we think we will wear some kind of a dress and join some kind of society and say that we are spiritual human beings and by that, we will become spiritually

awaken? (unclear) And by changing dresses or by following dresses or changing the colour of your dress if you can make even one seed sprouted (unclear)

But when it comes to sprouting the seed, we don’t do all these things

(unclear) [21:42-21:50]

But they should be reborn

But they become our own power we just leave it to good

Another question comes is how to be reborn? (unclear)

you should not be living a life of temperance, we should not you should not live a life of extreme behaviour (unclear) We should be tempered.

And a time comes when a person will recognise how to do this, give his life (unclear) And it can be done

And at the time that a person who is unauthorized do this to give (unclear)

In Sahaja yoga, people think that is something new(unclear) A trend, one of the trends that have started.

even they have seen what they have got(unclear) so it will work toward the Sahaj

Even the seed has knowledge (unclear)

Sahaja Yoga.

When the seed becomes, gradually evolves say into an animal, then becomes a human being. Then the same (unclear) acts for its last evolutionary charge.

Last evolutionary channel (unclear)

So Sahaj yoga for human beings is very simple where you have got the residual force(unclear) and there are seven centres in you already prepared, well placed for this just to happen (unclear)

And this happens for instance in such a gentle manner like that if you were (unclear) [23:26-23:35]

This is one candle which is conveniently Prepared, and you have already a wick standing out. It is all, ready. It is all connected. And it works, it is all connected.

And this candle, this candle is already enlightened, what you have to do is to just bring this candle near the other one(unclear)

Now, what is the technique? The technique is already, this has been already done, has been placed there (unclear) and the candle is just ready, and as soon as it comes near that candle it is enlightened.

Now, what has that candle lost by this? Or what is the obligation of that candle on this? Or how much this candle has to pay to get enlightened? Or to shave the head and all that nonsense (unclear) It just works automatically; you have seen just now. But supposing this thread that is inside it is halfway through, is not properly there some naughty boy has pulled it out, or you have done some mischief with it, then it stops.

And it is too embarrassing and it drops(unclear)

I just go automatically(unclear)

But supposing that(unclear) is not properly there(unclear) somebody (unclear)

Then it will be balanced and(unclear)

So (Unclear) The Kundalini falls out. And I have felt that you (Unclear)

What about me (Unclear)

I am quite an expert in making candles. So do not worry about, about a candle being faulty and it does not work.

And Here again one must understand, that there is no attitude of obliging you at all, no obligation.

There is no (unclear) of any obligation at all. There is no repayment of any compensation because there is no obligation first.

This has to enlighten another life, otherwise, it has no meaning.


God has to look after his creation.

Because (unclear) look after you and to give you the realization

Because it will have no meaning if his creation is

He will jolly? well have to look after you and give you realisation

Because he is going to lose his significance.

You are part and parcel of that being and what you are finding is nothing but your wholesomeness

It is only a finger which is numb. That’s it.

And by rubbing a little bit it starts to wake and become one with the circulation and is automatically connected and is feeling all the pains and everything.

In the same way, you are a little bit numb because you have been severed.

For example, if I cut this finger it will have no connection, but if I again join it back it will(unclear)
You have no connection again joining path (unclear) starts in the same way you are an (unclear)special technique of God almighty by which you raised your heads, and by raising this head you have somehow put the energy into (unclear)(mother earth) in such a way (unclear) that it had created two forces within you called ego and superego.

And when they cover each other, overlap each other, you become a separate entity that (unclear)

(unclear) Mr X Mr y. This is done just to make you absolutely free and well developed and matured. (unclear)

For this last happening, and when this happens, then know that you are evolved more. That you have evolved to the highest. So far has never been. How you became from monkeys to this stage at the level of humans(unclear) can you know that?

Monkeys do not know so that they have to become human. But that’s why God has given to you.

And that is why one has to understand this especially (unclear)

To decide what is right, what is wrong which will mature us, mature, mature, mature Beside(unclear) mature children, mature people who will inherit this powers and then he exposed us to his power and that starts to (unclear) and then and that is the last heart(unclear)

For that there is a (unclear) In your heart which is known as the spirit in Sanskrit is called Atma.

And this spirit it watches you throughout whatever you are doing. And whatever you are doing, whatever you have done before your seeking also(unclear)

In your seeking also it has recorded in this residual force in your triangular bone. It is all recorded.

So when the kundalini awakens inside, this tape recording starts showing.

Like if this (unclear)

Has got in between somewhere water you can see the weakness in the boards.

In the same way, you start showing (unclear)

In the same way, it starts showing on the fingers of other people who are doing this. That sees his kundalini has stopped at this point in the body. and this is the point you can see clearly.

If you can clear this point somehow, (unclear) if there is a technique like that, then you can raise the kundalini higher and higher and higher and that can be (unclear)

You can say that the Sahaja Yoga, the happening will take place (unclear) or:

while the happening takes place you cannot explain?

Like that you cannot explain the technique of how a seed sprouts. But you know how to (unclear)

How to put the tree in the proper line. How to trim it. How to bring it to a certain height.


Whether to cut it at this point or not. That all (unclear)

Is that is the technique of Sahaja Yoga?

So here we are combined with God(unclear). we become one with this all-pervading power. His power starts flowing through you, emitting through our spirit, and you can see that smooth pulsation.

And when then this dynamic force starts flowing, we become one with the whole, the circulation of the whole starts through you with (unclear)

And you can feel other peoples (unclear)

On your fingers.

and when this dynamic force starts the circulation and you can feel the (unclear)

Not like this, that I don’t like her because she wears a particular type of dress. It is not that.

Its actually feeling it on your hands (unclear)

This is what one has to happen (unclear)

And this what we call the combination of our creation(unclear) which is what has to happen in the whole world, the whole humanity. And this is what in us

Then make it absolutely, you make it your own

This is what we call, it’s the culmination of our creation.

You have done a lot of work on the collective consciousness, on the collective unconscious.

That there is a collective unconscious which guides us in our dreams giving us (unclear)

This our collective unconscious is unconscious because our attention has not yet entered it.

But after realization, the same unconscious becomes consciousness, because it has started or happened (unclear)and you start feeling it through your central nervous system, actually feeling it.

Then make it absolutely stable. To make it your own how have to correct your (unclear) Body, mind and emotions, which is created by five elements.

You actually feel the actualization of (unclear)

Body, mind and emotions which is created by 5 elements. (unclear) reduce it align it

You have to properly adjust yourself if you have too much of one element in you have to reduce it. For example, if you have too much of light, light in your head it means you are egoistical (unclear)

If there is too much air in your head then you have to use this air, that is outside to take away the surplus.

All the five elements that have created the centres, can be corrected manually adjusted, balanced, put into complete coordination and integration by the technique of Sahaja Yoga.

Is that you have to become that.

Manually of it, you can do it, but the first and foremost thing is that they have to be in contact. If there is no light in this darkness what work am I going to do? So first of all the light has to come within you and then you start correcting yourself (unclear) and becoming completely integrated.

This is the blessing (unclear)

And the attitude towards the English Is very different than the attitude towards the (unclear)

And the attitude toward yourself is so different and attitude towards(unclear)

In the shop, if you go and the person doesn’t give you what you want then (unclear) “It is alright I have paid for this and it is written like this, you have advertised like this and I am not doing it so you better do”

If I say after why, where did you get it? Did you steal it or what did you do it and bring it here? the whole grace of it vanishes.

Or if she brings it to me I will ask her did you go in the market to buy? From where did you get it? Or did you get it from the corner, yeah alright, now call (unclear)

When you say that you are looking to pay for it, just think of me. I mean it’s a very common experience of money. You see they have gone to America first and they said “Mother, you must charge people otherwise they have no interest”

I said, “I don’t want to.” Such foolish people who want to pay for their gift.

If I am giving them something of value, how can you pay for it? Instead unless and until you pay for it they will have no use.

I said, “I don’t want.” I cant (unclear) About such people. I think it is insulting to me. What can you gain from that? I give it because of my (unclear)

You say you are going to pay for it just think of it

If you can pay for it then it doesn’t have any value

What you can give for my love?

You can just love.

It’s a very difficult topic to understand.

You cannot understand now this pure love, and that is joy.

Once the kundalini rises(unclear) and pierces the Sahasrara, you enter into the realm of god, (unclear)you enter into collective consciousness means you get the power of Others kundalinis (unclear)

Actually, you know it in a sense that it becomes your own knowledge. Even a child can say that Mother I am catching here that’s hot, my left heart is catching.

See even a little child (unclear). Born realised children know that. At a very young age, they can tell you where is the problem.

You do not know who are born realised, who are not, you do not (unclear) Right person or wrong person.

How can you make up?

Because you haven’t got the light within

Without the light, how will you have self-knowledge? So you have to have the light to see yourself. When you have the self-knowledge, you have the knowledge of others

This is the first thing that happens to you. And then when you become the spirit it’s a thing that gives you the joy which finishes your seeking.

When the spirit starts emitting joy. Its nature is joy, whole its nature is love, its whole nature joy.

When it spreads through … How much joy …

We can’t imagine a human being who wants to give joy.

If a flower which is not that aware is anxious to give you the joy with its colour and its fragrance

That is the nature of the spirit which wants to give joy wants to make everyone joyous, by awakening their spirit that is the source of joy

to make everyone joyous

And then, when we who understood (unclear)superego are sucked in

Who is sucked in, then the peace of the witness resides and starts seeing things like the drama (unclear) So beautiful?

The joy of the creation just becomes one, because there is no thought at all, you just watch it, without any thought.

When there is a thought you always think how much time past, how life is, is a headache al the time.

But there is not thought and a complete vision. It sees you seek, it sees you are. If you are asking for that (unclear)

Whatever is possible (unclear) Make your spirit (unclear)

But if you are asking for something else, I am sorry, I can’t help

Like India, there is one guru who, who gives you diamonds … they say that (unclear) One diamond with 8 karats.

Somebody came to me I said “I have no diamonds, but there is a diamond within you, only the light has to fall on it, and then you will let the light of that diamond spark. And that diamond is such, that nobody can steal it, nobody can touch. And when that diamond touches any other personality, the diamond in that personality shines.”

So it depends on the (unclear) In the West I must say we have very powerful seekers, very high quality of seekers, but they are lost because of their social problems, family problems, another problem like over reading, being into the wrong(unclear)

While in India they do not have that seeking, but they are born in a country full of divine vibrations and they cannot feel it.

So it is like somebody who has the teeth but no food and someone who has food has no teeth.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to yourself. You have already tortured yourself, too much of torture. Please stop it and be kind to yourself, love yourself.

God has created your life (unclear)Understand its value and don’t waste it. This is my message

May God bless you

So the thing is, this is also an (unclear) Because when we do something. We through our ego think that we are doing it

For example, …

So when they sat in the plane they put all the luggage on their heads saying that we are carrying Ganesha. In the same way, we are carrying the luggage on our heads.

The one who has created, the one who has made you a human being, the one who has placed all the (unclear) Within you (unclear) Everything. Is a myth. And the more you identify with the myth the more you (unclear)

These days it’s a fashion to be guilty what are you guilty about I don’t understand that gods love can’t forgive. He’s an ocean, an ocean of love. But why dwell on all these nonsensical things.

Give him a chance. This is all a myth. It’s a myth. It’s the ego that says that I do this and I do that animals don’t behave like that.

They don’t have an ego. They don’t think that I have done bad karmas or good karma. It comes through our own agencies, that we are a municipality that says we shouldn’t do this shouldn’t do that.

Then we have all other such (unclear) People saying you shouldn’t do this shouldn’t do that.

All the time we think “oh, we are doing all the time wrong.”

As children, we don’t think it is wrong, but as we grow older and older we start thinking it is wrong. Alright (unclear) In the way that you hinder the progress of others, you hinder also your own progress by such destruction.

But that can be corrected. You are a solid (unclear)

I haven’t met anybody so powerful that you …

Not one person who is not been able to fix

I mean the repairing shop is so strong, and also the instrument is very strong. It has never failed so far, so why should you worry, just (unclear) And let us have it.

It’s a very, very simple proposition.

Let us have question and answers


You become silent in yourself, enjoying that peace

Conditions and the thins start flowing to others through you.

You carry


Like tiger like a dog sometimes

But this life is not about physical wellbeing or mental wellbeing

The light

This you really enjoy and everything you do is

Q.Enjoying something

R. you have to understand there is a complete mechanism in us and complete

And whole

What I didn’t tell you, because suppose you

But suppose

That is why first go to

Q.How much time we have

R. You don’t know how much time

And in between sometimes

But in spite of that, you have thousands of realized souls and no one can

Sahaja yoga but even understand each other

Q.( a man)

Seven centres

These are within us and triangular bone

In 3 and a half coil, this is the germinating force which has to rise through the 6 centres. T

These are the six

This is the centre which the pelvic plexus which

4 one of the sub plexus is

This chakra will help to hold the kundalini because here resides our innocence in the last chakra our innocence

And the embodiment of the innocence is the Christ

And here is the as Shri Ganesha because of she as Shri Christ late

Why is important

Now unless you are raising in the sense that you can not pass through this chakra

That means you can not when you are getting

It means also kundalini awakening you become innocence

It also means that kundalini

Because kundalini is the mother

Is such a that you

So it is important to understand that you can not achieve

That’s why a good life a married life

The second chakra that is Swadishthana chakra

6 petals which have the creativity and also this chakra help for future

When you think about this chakra

When you think so much this chakra, plan too much and other activities

So those people who think too much

That is also because is too much when you

This manifests the right

If you use the right all the time planning, then the left side can loose

And such a person run too much

And he

I can’t feel love, happiness

I asked rally can’t you feel anything he said no!


I can’t not my children I can not my wife

I am running all the time

I said that’s why. Because you are running too much

That your emotional side

Running for what?

And such people can get heart cancer

The left side is for your emotions

Starts not bothering about your emotional life you can become a horrid person.

And if you use too much the tendency of

Angry and

They can have the right side

They can become lunatic

They become that then (laugh)

There is a chair


It is called nabhi chakra and outside

The physical level and it looks after the ten commandments which are

Socrate, Nanaka another Janaka is another all these primordial masters

All these primordial masters came to this earth to tell us about the balance within us and also is the source of the evolution

Where we start amoeba transforming into

When they Reptiles rise their body higher and higher because they want to have

So to the animal kingdom is the stomach

But when they go higher into the right side the same centre

Shri ram is the centre into the human being

For social life and he is the one the ideal

This is the centre for your fatherhood

Or if you are

This cent


Left-hand side centre

This centre where spirit and the centre one is the one since the age of kali yuga

The antibody in us which later on in life goes into body and

Go to the circulation

And this is the centre of the Mother creates antibody in us

Antibodies within us and she prepare to live this world

When this centre is a spoiled sense of security

Those people

Get asthma

This centre here is the centre is called Vishuddhi and manifest itself serves

16 petals and it controls here tongues

And cheeks and also the balls of the eyes

It is a very very important centre

You start developing this ego and superego

Emotional on the left-hand side

Create ego and superego and

This is the centre

Is the centre

And that point

Which controls our ego and superego and

Center of the

Outside is presented

As Shri Ganesha

Which has called Ekadasha with 16 destroying powers

In the beginning, we have to just

When kundalini raises

Take the name of

And you will be amazed until and unless

Like you are going to

So somebody tells you

You tell them

That somebody

It is the first and

You are Mr. z

In the same way

These are the

At the Highest

She is the one who opens this centre

So these are all these seven cent


So Christ said those who are not against me are with me

Who has come just

You could have been

Better for me

But don’t feel hurt

If I am the heart you are

You should


Cool breeze now?

What about you?

Don’t worry

Now it’s a clear-out

What about you sir?

But not in your hands

Is there any problem there?

sit down sit down

no matter

you got it

what about

it works in no time

you didn’t listen to my lecture

what about you?


Would you put your hands toward me?

Hands the nerves

Maybe sometimes

If I know

What about you?


See that’s it

Let see them

What about you?

On both of hands? Good

What about you?

So close your eyes and enjoy this

Agnya right or left

Did you go to PM also?

So put your hand

Sit here and close your eyes, just close your eyes and you feel better