Modern Seeking, In Search of Joy

Enfield Grammar School for Girls, Enfield (England)

1979-07-26 Modern Seeking In Search Of Joy London NITL HD, 69'
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Public program. Enfield, England. 26 July 1979.

It is really very fortunate that I could come to this place, as it was arranged by My first Sahaja Yogi, I feel very proud to be here. There are so many others who live in this area but so far they have never arranged a program in this area, though they belong to this place. And there must be something in this area, that so many of them are already there.

Today, in these modern times, we are standing at a very precarious position. On one side we find our material affluence has not rendered us any help as far as the Joy of the Spirit is concerned. We have achieved no joyful state by achieving all kinds of scientific discoveries, and the so-called flights of our scientific mind. In a way it is nice that we have started realizing that it is not this matter, which is going to give us joy. It is a simple thing one has to understand, that matter can never give us joy but can only give us domination; it can dominate us, can enslave us. For example, if you make a chair out of the wood, then you cannot sit on the ground; and if you get a very comfortable sofa set made for yourself, then you find it hard to sit on a chair made out of wood, so that you cannot live without the habit that is formed within us due to the subtle domination of matter.

We go on changing forms of matter, one after another, and we find that we have not really achieved anything, as far as our real joy is concerned. Now we must know what is joy is: as it is described in all the scriptures of the world, joy is a state of mind which does not have duality. Like day and night, like happiness and sorrow – it does not have that. It’s a state in which you feel you are beyond all the waves of thought, all the waves of identification, and you start enjoying yourself. This joy that we talk of doesn’t come from matter, nor does it come from your mind; it comes from the Spirit, which is in your heart. You may say, “How are we to believe that there is a Spirit?” Of course, you have to know that there is a Spirit only in a hypothetical way. It’s just a hypothesis I am putting before you. You need not accept it at this moment, but I say there is a Spirit in your heart.

Now, Sahaja Yoga is a system by which your attention enters into your Spirit; it’s an actualization. It is not talking, it is not sermoning, it is not conditioning, but it is a happening. And this happening takes place within us because we are made that way. God has created us specially for this last happening within us, where we become connected with our Spirit, and thus we become connected with the Spirit of all the people and actualize the experience of collective consciousness. It’s no question of giving any, what you call the brainwashing about it; it’s just a happening that has to take place within you. And this has been promised in all the scriptures: they say it is your second birth or they may say it is Self-Realization; and there are many other words people have used but it is just the same.

Now, if God has made us – I mean, even if you do not believe in God, say Nature has made us – a human being, out of a little cell like amoeba, then why has He done that? What is the purpose of our life? Has He just made us to live like other animals who come in this world, enjoy their life and die – or reproduce, at the most – or to create these things out of matter which are not joy-giving? Has He created us for that, or there is a purpose for it? The way we have evolved very beautifully from amoeba stage to this, we can see that there must be some purpose behind the whole program. Even if you read chemistry or physics – in chemistry you can see there are periodic laws, and if you see the chart of periodic laws you’ll be amazed how beautifully every element has been organized, and how these are placed in the chart and how they act according to the valencies they have. It is a remarkable thing the way even the periodic laws of elements, who are supposed to be dead, are so beautifully working. When we come to any such programming we start wondering how one could have achieved this tremendous power. For example, we see so many flowers turning into seeds, without our knowledge they grow up really microscopically, and suddenly you find lots of fruits are available. We cannot even sprout a single of seed, and here we find thousands and thousands, and millions and millions, and billions and billions of these seeds sprouting every moment, and the One who is doing it has to be some great personality.

But what about us, when we are facing life with questions: Why are we here? We start thinking about it and we find no answer to it. This is what I call is the modern seeking, which is such a blessing for us, that we are seeking something beyond, and we are not satisfied with whatever we have. This is the greatest blessing and, once you have this blessing, then only you can be really rewarded for that blessing, because you have to knock at the door, otherwise the door won’t open.

Now, let us see here within us, what sort of a programming is there on display. Now, all that is put here you need not take it for granted just now. You can only say that you cannot see these things within you, but as a hypothesis it’s an absolutely new knowledge for you, so just keep yourself open to it. This is the body of a human being and, as God has said, that you all are made in His own image – you are made absolutely in His own image, but still you are not aware of yourself to be aware of the whole. For example, if this is the Body of God, all the small cells on this body are human beings, and they have to find the connection with the whole. If the Primordial Being is the whole, we have to find out how are we connected with that, and how we become wholesome. This is the basic seeking we have got within us. In this seeking we are actually seeking that point by which we really get connected to the whole. And that point is the Spirit within you, in the heart. This mechanism is placed within you; it is there, it exists. And there is a residual force in the triangular bone, in the coccyx here, which is kept ready as the germinating power. This is called as Kundalini in the Sanskrit language. Now, if I use Sanskrit, you shouldn’t think that it is something Hindu, because there could be a confusion like that, that it all about Hinduism I am talking about. But there is nothing like Hinduism, because there is no one God about Hinduism, it’s only, you can say, a philosophical discovering of the seers.

Now, This Kundalini is present in every human being. Because India was such a country that they did not have to face problems of the nature so much, people went into meditation and saw this residual force existing in human beings. Even in the Bible it is written that, “I will appear before you as tongues of flames.” Now, we do not understand, neither anybody can explain, what are these tongues of flames. In every religion there is an indication about Kundalini, in quite a clear-cut words, but because we have no idea as to this knowledge what it is, because it was kept as a secret knowledge for quite some time, we get confused, and in that confusion, what we do is to condemn it as a knowledge belonging to a particular region. These are all universal things and they cannot belong to any region or to any language or to any nation as such. It belongs to every one of you, and all of you have got this residual force placed at that point in the triangular bone.

Now, when the Sahaja Yoga – which means: ‘saha’ means ‘with’, ‘ja’ means ‘born’- the one which is born within you; this right of union with the Spirit, with God, is born within you. ‘Saha’ means ‘with’, ja means ‘born’, and it also means the ‘spontaneous’. And whatever is the spontaneous is the easiest: like our nose is born with us, our eyes are born with us; we don’t have to do anything about them. In the same way, this also yoga – means this power to unite with the Divine – is born with you, in the sense that this germinating force is placed within you. And this germinating force is the one which connects you with the Spirit. This lies dormant there, in three-and-a-half coils. And when this Sahaja Yoga practice starts, you can yourself see with your naked eye, the pulsation at that point. You can see it moving with your naked eye; anybody can see it. You can even photograph it; you can even take a film of it. You can see the pulsation in the triangular bone absolutely there. Then you can even see the pulsation rising onto different centers.

All these centers are subtle centers of the power within us, which has given us evolution. And when this rises within us, it enlightens all these centers that are within us, these subtle centers. From down below if you see – the lowest one it doesn’t touch there, it is already there, it is the center of innocence; then the second, then the third, then the fourth, then the fifth, then the sixth and the seventh. So it crosses only six centers. And each one of them manifests outside. These are the subtle centers, as I have told you, inside the medulla oblongata, or you can say the spinal cord, and also in the brain, as shown there, there are two centers in the brain, one here and one in the limbic area. They manifest outside: the gross plexuses which look after our organs; like we have got the second center, which is there, is called as the Swadishthan Chakra, and this one manifests our aortic plexus. Aortic plexus looks after our kidneys and our liver, and also pancreas and the spleen and another kidney and also uterus. That is the center which goes round and round over that green area and looks after these organs that I have talked to you about, and supplies the energy that is required through the right-hand-side energy that is coming into it. This is the energy of creativity within us.

Now, the center, the one which is called as the Nabhi Chakra is the one that manifests solar plexus. It also looks after our visceras, and our intestines, stomach and all our digestive organs. Now, this is the center for our seeking. As a small, little amoeba we seek for our hunger of food. When we become human beings, hunger of food is there; then we have got also seeking for, say, money; then seeking for power. But we reach a certain stage where we start seeking the Divine. All these seekings start from that center which is called as a navel center, which gives rise to the solar plexus. Now, the solar plexus, which is manifested outside in the gross, as I have told you, looks after your digestion and other organs, which surround the viscera.

Now, the center above that is called as the Hridaya Chakra, or you can call it as the center that gives you cardiac plexus as a manifestation. This center is very important; if a person suffers from, say, a sense of insecurity, this center goes out of order, and when this center goes out of order then one starts feeling the palpitations, and also the breathing becomes very difficult. Now if this center is spoiled then we get a disease like breast cancer and lung cancer. Cancer is a disease which is caused by the malfunction of these centers. And because doctors cannot reach these centers, they cannot cure the cancer, because they can go only up to the plexuses, which are gross manifestations. They cannot go into the subtle, because they have not themselves become the subtle. When they become subtler they can enter into these centers and cure it. But it’s very difficult to convince a doctor that he is still not perfect in his awareness, and he has to perfect his awareness and then he can treat people. Of course, we have some doctors also who have become Sahaja Yogis, but they have not been able to convince many doctors either. But when the doctors themselves get sick with cancer they come to us for treatment. And recently we have treated one lady whose husband was My professor in medical college, and who is himself a very well-known doctor. But his wife is now sick with cancer, so he came to Me – the one who was My teacher – to get a cure, and we did cure her.

So this is what it is: that cancer, and all such subtle troubles, can be only cured through entering into these centers. But the entry comes through the awakening of that Kundalini only. Unless and until this Kundalini awakens, you cannot enter into these centers. So we treat outside, and we cannot enter inside. It’s only not for physical, even for mental trouble. If you have a mental trouble – say, the above chakra is there, the Visshuddhi Chakra; this is the center when human beings lifted their heads, this center developed – now, if people are suffering from mental trouble, this center on the left-hand side goes completely out of order. If the left-hand side power is out of order, then a person can be absolutely possessed and could be in a lunatic asylum. We have had recently a girl coming from a lunatic asylum, and she came to our program and she got cured completely. She went back and they said, “No we don’t want you here. You are perfectly all right. We don’t want to waste one bed for you. You are perfectly all right.” She’s all right; she has three children – of course, her husband had divorced her. but she’s all right now, she’s absolutely, perfectly all right.

It’s a very simple thing, because if the light passes through that, it opens out also this top chakra, between this chakra and that chakra, the one higher is, the top chakra. When it opens out you start getting the Grace of God coming into you, and then all the energy that is exhausted or malfunctioning is [completely all right (?)]. That time you start feeling in the hands cool breeze-like thing, and you become that.

Now, the center above it is a very, very important center for us because it is the center of Christ. It is the center where Christ has entered – as He said that He is the door. He had to enter through this door. Now, how are we to believe that this is Christ’s center and not somebody else’s? When this Kundalini is rising – which you can see with your naked eyes, as I have said it – you’ll be amazed that when the Kundalini stops at that center, unless and until you take the name of Christ it won’t open; you have to take His name. On every center there is a deity, but specially this center where you find My red mark is, inside in the brain, where there is a crossing of the optic chiasma, there is a very subtle center which controls your ego and super-ego in your brain, and which gives you really the path, or you can say the gateway opens out for the entry of your attention to this Kundalini into the Kingdom of God, which is the limbic area in your head. The Kingdom of God is in your head here.

When you pierce this topmost center, which we call, in common Christian language, ‘baptism’; which is a happening, which is not that you go to church and somebody who says, “All right, I’ll baptize your child.” It is not that way, because these people are not authorized, they cannot raise the Kundalini. Unless and until you raise the Kundalini, you cannot say a person is baptized, you are just mechanically done. Anybody… you cannot get his certificate in the university that you can do; it is a thing that has to be within you; you are to be empowered by God. And through your movement of your fingers, the Kundalini should rise. Only such a person is really entitled to be called as a baptist, is called as a person who really gives you the baptism. And you can see, when the Kundalini enters here, you will see that the fixed part of the head becomes softer. And that is the time you start feeling the cool flowing through your hands.

Now, you can see on your hands all these centers that are there, you can feel them on left and right-hand side. They are demarcated with these colors by which you can make out, if you place your hands towards, say, Me, and if you are getting catch on this finger or this finger, you can make out what center is catching.
And then the method, the technique, of how to cure that center is also absolutely exposed in Sahaja Yoga.

Within one month’s time I have seen people have become masters, absolute masters. We have here [inaudible] the one who has organized, and so many others who are sitting here; they are all masters of Kundalini. They are normal people; they are just like you, to look at. You don’t have to change your dress or announce something or denounce something or give up something. It is just a happening; you become that. And it is within you. You know, you can see, you know you have it. But you do not put a signboard on you that “I am a realized Soul.” But such a person can feel another’s centers and can feel his own centers. This is Self-knowledge side. First, the yoga takes place by which the knowledge side. The first stage is of knowledge, that you start knowing about your centers others’ centers, because on your head here, where the Kundalini touches, is the Feet of God Almighty, and they are expressed in your heart and your Spirit, and that’s why you touch the Spirit within you.

And once you have touched the Spirit within you, you touch the Spirit in everyone. You start feeling; actually it happens to you. Small children even, when they get Realization, immediately they start telling: “This is the finger catching, that is the finger catching.” It’s a subjective knowledge; means you become the master of it; you have that knowledge. Like human beings have much more knowledge than animals have. They know what is bad smell, what is good smell; they know what is beauty, what is not beauty. Animals cannot say that. In the same way, here it becomes your power. Your awareness itself develops a new dimension, an enlightenment, by which you start seeing in others what is the matter with them and what is the matter with you.

So the second stage is the start of knowledge, that you start getting the knowledge as to what is your centers and what is the centers of others. Now, at this stage, when the knowledge starts, you see, we are so conditioned that we have sometimes some conditionings within us, and we pick up one sentence here and there, and we start doubting. This ‘doubting Thomas’ is a very great thing in this country; I have seen, I’m sorry to say. But In India the Kundalini doesn’t rise so fast as it rises in the Western countries, because you are really saints and you are seekers and you are genuine. But the second stage in India doesn’t happen so much in India as it happens here. I sometimes say that you have got food to eat and some people do not have teeth to eat the food, and some do not have food when they have teeth, something like that. So the Kundalini rises in the West so fast.

Specially in America, I was surprised, thousands of people came to My program, and suddenly the Kundalini rose and they got the experience, and the second moment they started doubting. Now, this is something, for Me, it was very queer when I visited America, when it was in year seventy-three, I was amazed that how people could start doubting about it when they had an experience of it? Why don’t they see whether it is true or not? Before that only they have started doubting, without even seeing what it is, whatever She has said is correct or not. Then they are walking off without even seeing it. I just could not understand their mind. I said, “What’s wrong with these people. Why are they behaving like that?” I just could not understand them that time. But now I understand, I understand it now: because of your questioning mind, you see, you cannot get out of it very easily, and it starts questioning. You must question about everything; that’s the style it is; the life is like that, that you have to question about everything. And you must question; it’s a good thing; you should not follow anything blindly, readily. But when you have got it within you, still you go on questioning because, when you are standing, say, in the water, you are afraid of the waves, but you are aware of the waves and you know there are waves.

But supposing somebody lifts you from there and puts you in the boat, still you have the same thing working on you, sort of, that feeling of giddiness that was there, and you still think: “I am sinking.” And then you start questioning: “Am I on the right path or not? Am I on the wrong path?” Because of this problem so many fake people have taken advantage of you, so many fake people have taken, and they have really minted money in this country, and so many other countries. They come and tell you – they are something very big and bombastic – and they tell you: “You are not to ask us any questions. You have to pay so much money to us. You all don’t have to tell anybody what we tell you. You all should be separated. You must meet us separately, privately.” And a secrecy develops establish; I call it a ‘spiritual mafia’, and people are literally frightened of them. They are so afraid of them they think that: “If we divulge this thing, then we will be finished in our progress.” And there are many people who have come in this country, your country – also in other countries – and have really exploited you completely and taken full advantage of your spiritual naivety.

One has to know that it is a living process, the end of your evolution. This is the time which I call as The Last Judgment. In this only, you are going to be judged. And this is not going to be paid for. You cannot pay for it, you cannot pay for it. You have to just see that you are judged where, that’s all. It is a different attitude when you go to a guru who takes money, and a different attitude when you come to Sahaja Yoga.
Please remember that this is a gift for what you are. And also, if there is any problem, it can be corrected and can be put right. It’s all free and it’s a gift, because it has to happen, it is all promised. Just think, the whole Creation will be wasted if God’s children, like you, do not know what He is, and you do not enjoy your fulfillment. That’s why this has to happen.

But if your attitude is like going to a shop, and you start asking that, “How many times should we do it? What is the way should we do it?” then it does not work out. It is a very spontaneous thing like, I would say, a candle is there and I have to enlighten another candle. So one candle which is enlightened just enlightens another candle because it is just there. In the same way, if I am an enlightened person, I just enlighten your candle, because you are just ready for it. And the enlightenment has to be absolutely free, absolutely free of charge. You cannot pay for God; you cannot pay for your Self-realization. I wish that the Western people could understand this. When I asked some of the people that, “Why did you pay for this guru, and why didn’t you ask him a question that, ‘Why we have to pay so much of money?’?”
So they said that the guru said that, “You Westerners are such that unless and until you pay for it you are not involved.”
I said that, “You should really have seen that this man has no respect for you. What does he think of you: that, unless and until you pay for God, you won’t be involved in God? To that limit?”

Because all these institutions – so-called institutions, I call them – which have worked for God, have been working on moneymaking. Anywhere you go: “What are you doing?”
-“Oh, we are collecting funds, we are having a fete.”
For what for the fete? Is this the job of God. Is He here to look after the poor and the rich through you people? Who has created poor and rich, is the human beings have done it. God has not done it. God is here to bestow upon you that bliss, that joy, which is surpassed by all material enjoyments and happiness. Once you get this, you just start enjoying it so much that you understand the futility of all these things. And you can live with very few things, and you can be the happiest person. I have seen people who came to Me who were alcoholics, absolute alcoholics, and the next day they gave up drinking. Because you start enjoying yourself so much, you never get bored; you get so relaxed that you just stop drinking.

But the only problem, as I have told you, that you go home and start doubting, and then I cannot help you. You have to know that there are imperfections in all these centers. As a Mother I have to warn you that there are imperfections because of your naive-ness about things. Nobody has guided you properly. Some of the people who have been to some of these gurus and some of the other cults and things, have bigger problems than the rest of them. If you have led a very temperant life, and a normal life, it works in no time, and you do get it. And as it is, I have told you that you are real, genuine seekers who do get it. But the Kundalini is again sucked back if there is a problem in any one of your centers. For example, you are a liver patient; so at the first shot, after seeing Me, the Kundalini will shoot up, it will give you an experience but again it goes back. It’s your Mother, so it goes back to your liver. And you can see it pulsating, you can see it, everybody can see it will go there and suggest that the liver is not all right. And it will supply to the liver, look after the liver, and then comes back and then goes. So it is so, that if you have any physical, emotional or mental problem, the Kundalini comes back and goes; so you have to have patience only.

It is not just like touch and go. With some people it does; for example, Cooly, the one who was here, first day he came to Me in a very big crowd, I would say, and such cool vibrations that I started calling him ‘Cooly’ because he was really remarkable. He’s a Greek boy from Cyprus, and I was surprised the way he got his Realization. Nobody got that cool, so I called him ‘Cooly’. And I had met one doctor Cooly, he was a very fine man and a Realized Soul who – you might have also heard his name – he was doing heart operations and things. He looks also like him, so I called him ‘Cooly’, and though his name is Anthony I started calling him “Cooly”. And since that day he is keeping up, though he catches a little bit on his heart,
because he has done all kinds of things like Karate and Hatha Yoga and all kinds of things for his physical side, and he has put a little imbalances, but his vibrations he has never lost. There are many like that we have. And there are some people of such high caliber. Recently, I met about five-six of them; I was amazed, “Such great saints”, I said.

So, it is the judgment you will have of your own, but do not judge Me. I am beyond your understanding,just now. Till you have your vibrations established, you won’t be able to judge Me; it’s rather difficult. So I would request you that it is a question of judging your chakras, your centers, and it’s a question of judging the centers of your friends and other people, and understanding them. And when you will understand all that, then you will start understanding Me also. Because many people do like this: that somebody will see, in India, I was wearing a white sari without a border, and he said: “Why are You wearing a sari without a border?”
I said, “Now this is too much.” Such frivolous and shallow people; do you think they should enter into the Kingdom of God? They really require more seeking and understanding of the subject. So, we have to understand, this is the greatest chance of our life. We have been seeking and seeking all our lives.

It is described in one of the Puranas that once Kali – is the one who is ruling nowadays, the modern times, is the worst of all evil persons – who was caught by another, Nala [?], who was harmed by this evil personality. And he said that, “I am going to kill you. And you are the worst of all. And I don’t know why do you exist on this Earth.”
Then he told him that, “You can kill me but I also have a meaning.”
– “What is your meaning and what is your fulfillment and why should you be there?”
So he said that, “My importance is that, when this Kali Yuga, this modern times, is come, then people will go all wrong, confused, and be in a big confusion. But that is the time all the great saints who are now roaming about in the jungle and forests, and finding God, will come back as ordinary house-holders and will find the Truth.”
Nala said: “For that reason, I must leave you, because you must exist, and this should happen, because these saints have been seeking God for so many years.” And that’s how it has happened.

Now, for giving lectures, you see, there’s no end to it, and I’ve been lecturing and lecturing, from Greece to to Scotland, to here, to all the places, and they have got many tapes about it. Because this is vast knowledge and, if you gradually get exposed to it, and you’ll be amazed how great you are and how much knowledge there is within us. So far whatever you have seen is not the Truth; It is beyond. Whatever you see now is just an illusion of the truth. The truth has to be within you. When the light will come in you, then you will understand, the truth is that you are an instrument of that God. Like this instrument is connected with the mains, now we can use it; in the same way, when you are connected with the mains, the Divine Power starts using you. You become a hollow personality, and you can maneuver it and you can place it, and you know how to use it and how to apply it, how to explain it, and how to give others also Self-realization.

You’ll be amazed; we have people here who must have given realization to hundreds of people. But in India we have people who have given Self-realization to thousands. And some of the saints are very highly-evolved saints who lived on Himalayas, and on so many mountains in India, who do not want to face the public. They came to see Me, one by one, and they said: “Mother, what are You doing? Why are You giving these powers to people? These are ordinary human beings.”
I said, “Maybe it’s the will of God.” But it’s not that, because the time has come, the Blossom Time has come. When in the tree there are one or two flowers, when it is a small tree, we are not bothered and we do not see it. But when it is a blossom time, and the tree is fully grown, there are many flowers, and these flowers easily turn into fruits; and that is what is happening today. But we have to see how many of us really can get it. And this is the attitude one should have; a humble attitude one should have.

Thank you very much.
Of course I would like to have some questions from you, but you must understand that we are dealing here with many people, and you should not completely bring some prestige point, or some sort of a thing that you have been doing before, and keep everybody clogged to it, so that everybody benefits by it.
Thank you very much.
May God bless you.

Seeker: [Question inaudible]
Shri Mataji: You see, when I say He is on top of your head, it has a symbolic meaning. It means God is everywhere; His light is everywhere, all right? And ‘He is on top of your head’ means that, as you are a human being – now, you see in the picture, as shown here, that there are two sides within us: left and right side. One is our emotional side, we can say, and the other is the mental and the physical side. Now, when these two sides start working in the human being only, then what happens, because of their shape being like this and the brain being in a prism-like form, a kind of a by-product of our activities of emotional side and of our physical and mental side, starts coming out as balloons – I mean, this is all psychology I am telling you – and that is called as ego and super-ego in our brain. When this ego and super-ego start growing in childhood, when the child grows to about twelve years of age, then what happens that our fontanel bone area, where we get our baptism, becomes calcified. And that is how we get separated from God, in the sense there is a power of God within us, in the heart, expressed as Spirit, but the God’s All-pervading Power is not felt by our awareness, we cannot feel it. We know there is God. I’ll give an example, a simple example, for example if I say there are many pictures around here, you won’t believe Me, but if I put a, for example, a television, or video tape, or something like that, something like that which will catch it, you will get all these pictures in that, but you do not see. What I mean is that God is around you, His is everywhere, His power is everywhere, it is All-pervading, but in a subtle way. And the Kundalini has to rise through our fontanel bone and enter into it. This is the way we have to enter into that All-pervading Power. This is what I am trying to tell you. When I say God is in your head I don’t say God is sitting there; no, I don’t mean that. What I’m saying that His Power there, is to be felt through this baptism only. It does not flow to your hands or your feet; it flows upwards. It flows upwards and comes out. That’s how we are made; you see, we just can’t help it. For example, if it is from here, it is from here; you cannot question it. So, when it opens out, our attention gets permeated into that All-pervading Power, and we start feeling it within. You can understand? It’s more symbolic. Literally, if you take it, I mean, it will look odd. He’s all everywhere, no doubt, but you cannot feel it, He’s not in your awareness – means your central nervous cannot feel it, isn’t it? But then you start feeling it, you get connected then, and a rapport is established. It’s like a, I can say, a computer. You ask questions like: “Is there God?” Immediately waves of cool breeze start.

Seeker: [Question inaudible]
Shri Mataji:… When it settles there the Grace descends on these two centers – we call them Ida and Pingala nadis – these two channels they start…. But if you have read about Kundalini: horrifying experience, you see, all sorts of nonsense – forget it. Because those who have written also in English have not gone into it that thoroughly and are misunderstanding. I don’t know what sort of translations they have made, because they have said that there are four types of Kundalini rising: in one which is described like an epileptic fit, I think; another one is something like a possessed person; the third one is another jumping, hopping type; and the the fourth one is the one that I am talking about. So they call it – this is in Maha Yoga/Sahaja Yoga – they call it ‘Sahaja Yoga’, you see, or Siddhi Yoga. These are the three names of Sahaja Yoga: one is Maha Yoga – means the ‘greatest yoga’, another is Siddhi/Siddha Yoga, or the Sahaja Yoga; they call it by three names. But they are saying that there are four types of Kundalini Jagruti. This is not; there are four kinds of people who proclaim to be the gurus, actually. You see, the one who is a demonic person, when he gives awakening, he has no authority; on the contrary he puts a spirit in you and you get these epileptic things, you start jumping and you start hopping and you start shouting, sometimes you roar like a lion. All these things happen when a person who is not an authorized guru but a demonic personality.

But we can think they could not translate some of the words perhaps. I can only say that that must be the misquotes. They must not have understood the words they called as Rakshasas and Pisachas as we call it. I don’t know why they have not been able to place it and call it its type. You see, it is unauthorized. Any person who is unauthorized who tries to raise the Kundalini can do tremendous [damage?]. It’s very practical, you can understand: if I do not know how to handle this, and I put My finger in to some two holes I find, I get a shock and I say that Kundalini-rising is a shock, because you don’t know where to handle it, what to do it. And there also people who are absolutely dangerous, and you can call them absolutely unauthorized. And if such people try to be holy people, they really are troubling the sadhakas, means the ones [who are seeking?].

So one has to have an authority, and one has to be a Sahaja Yogi, means the one who has the power to raise the Kundalini. If he does not have a power to raise the Kundalini, and to know how it rises, what are the chakras, then whatever he is doing is absolutely absurd. The one who does not know cars, for example…[inaudible] if you are not a driver and you start driving, then… In the same way, you do not say that car moves in four ways: by one it kills people, by another it jumps out of rock. You do not say like that. In the same way, this Kundalini-rising has been written in such a funny way in some of the very, very thick English books, that I was amazed, how could they not see this simple thing? Perhaps, you see, they have read some books and taken some translations from them, and they didn’t have the experience or a proper man to guide them. But there is nothing like that happens in our centers [?]. Now in London itself we might be having about three to four hundred people who are really very good Sahaja Yogis, and really… in London city itself. And we have had thousands of them in England; nobody has said like that. But I have seen funny people coming. One man came in India itself, and was sitting with his both his feet towards Me, and the people said, “You cannot do like this. You cannot put your feet towards Her.”
He said, “Let me sit like this, otherwise my kundalini…[inaudible]”
“What happens?”
He said, “I start hopping like a frog.”
Now the simple thing is, after becoming human beings, are we going to become frogs? We should understand, we are not going to become frogs and animals, that we are roaring like lions.

And then another thing we should understand: if it is for our evolution, will God put something like this and torture us for nothing at all? He is the Ocean of Compassion, and He is the One who is going to give us all the properties that He has within us, and is bestowing on His own loving children. Is He going to make us miserable [inaudible]? Even, people talk of suffering, that you must make your body suffer – why? Why should you make your body… God has made this human body… these self-destructive things are not needed at all.

You don’t have to destroy others, neither to destroy yourself. You must have real compassion for yourself to begin with. All these methods of starvation, and doing all kinds of horrible things to your body, are nowhere near [inaudible]… are not to be done. It is not necessary. As if we didn’t know that Christ Himself crucified just to pass through that gate and to make a way for us. Then why are you still crucifying yourself for nothing at all? Are you Christ? If you are doing it, then why? Everything He did is useless. That’s why I felt that it is of importance that here is the…[inaudible] the area of your fontanel bone, here is the Kundalini. And there are many people… in Sanskrit language, in Hindi language, it is said that, “Here is the Anahatha, here is the pulsation. You can feel your pulsation when it comes up, then the pulsation disappears and you become [one with it (?)]”

It is very simple – has to be, because whatever is important has to be simple. For example, your breathing: now if it is for that you have to go and read some book and then take it from some man by paying him money; how many people would exist on this earth? Everything important has to be very simple and spontaneous. Except when somebody is sick.

Any questions? Or would you like to have the experience now, would you?

Seeker: [Question inaudible]
Shri Mataji: You see, acupuncture and all these systems started by, in the Chinese [inaudible] – there was a very great Sahaja Yogi was Lao Tse. He started acupuncture actually. And He has described Self-realization in a very clear way, absolute clear way. And He has said that nobody who is not a Self-realized shouldn’t do acupuncture at all. He has prohibited it completely for people who are not Realized souls; but everybody is doing it, which is a wrong thing. When you do in an unauthorised way, you do cure, but you create an imbalance in the body. I’ll tell you how it is cured.

For example, here is …and you can see [inaudible]
Both these centers look after the liver; this one and that one – partly. Now, these are the two points where they put the needle – supposing. Now, what happens, that by putting the needle there, a sort of an emergency is created in these two centers; for example, this one and this one, all right? When the emergency is created within us, these two centers start exhausting their energy, they start giving more energy and more energy to the Pingala, in the sense they start giving energy to liver, and liver gets cured. But there is no balance, because liver gets all right but you may develop some other diseases. You may become a person who is absolutely dry; you will be such a person that you will have no feelings for others. Because, if you start using this power too much, then the left side is neglected. If the left side is neglected, it will freeze and you will have the heart of a stone. And we do not see human being as a whole, we see him as a part, that’s why we do not understand that liver-curing is important, but what is important is that the whole of the man should be all right. What is the use of curing liver and getting cancer? It could amount to something like that.

Now, a man who thinks too much, you see, works through this center, who plans too much, thinks too much, works through this center, because this center converts the fat globules for the use of the brain when you are thinking – to replace.

Now, such a man neglects other organs which are looked after by this center. The man who is a great planner will have diabetes as a disease because his left side is completely frozen, he never uses it. He becomes emotionally a dry person and he develops diabetes. Doctors cannot cure diabetes- why? Because they do not know how to give a balance to man. But supposing if a Realized person does it, then he connects the person, the patient, to the mains. And then if you take energy from there for one person – doesn’t matter because you are exposed to the mains, and it is flowing all the time. You see, this is the difference. That’s why, in acupuncture, I have yet to come across people who are Self-realized, I have yet to come across; I’ve met many. And they don’t like it when I tell them, “Don’t do acupuncture before Realization.”
One should not do anything in a naive manner, because you are creating problems for others, and for yourself also. Because by doing such things you are creating bad karmas for yourself. You are doing bad things, you are ruining man, and that’s how the bad karmas are coming into you, because you do not know what you are doing.

For example, if you tell somebody to put your finger into the holes [of a plug], they will get a shock – unknowingly. And he gets a shock, of course he gets a shock; something will happen to him, no doubt, but something will happen to you also, that you will have bad karmas in you. You will have a much less chance of Realization than others have, because you have done something wrong to others – by mistake also. That’s why don’t enter into something which you do not know; is a wrong thing. Never get into that thing about which you do not know. First you should get into it, see for yourself how it goes out.

Otherwise, there are people may take you into a very difficult situation. I have seen people in extremely difficult situations.
I know of a lady – she had a guru with her – she had cancer. I was amazed: most of the people who have gurus, wrong type of gurus, get cancer. It’s most surprising, but I have seen it. Because the left side catches. Most of them have gurus or they go to spiritualists, left side catches. So all these wrong cults and things that have started, without actualizing the experience, are very dangerous, and one should not do it. But nothing to be that worried and upset. It’s a fact, see, one has to understand that, if you go into anything… supposing there is fire, and you enter in, you’ll be burned.

And also some spiritualists also cure – I’ve seen that – but they put another spirit into you. I had a lady in India – she came to Me – she went to a spiritualist to cure her husband from drink. So he gave up drinking and he started [inaudible]. So she went to him and he became an insolvent, you see, very rich man. So she said, “This is even worse than drinking.” So she said, “Somehow or other, remove this from him.” So then he became a thief, a kleptomaniac, he started thieving things from her because he had no money left also. So he used to thieve things; he did not know what he was doing. And then she got the fright of her life, because this man suddenly became all these three, and the whole thing was there, and he started manifesting all three devils within him. And still today we have not been able to cure him. It’s like that. And the woman herself is now suffering and she gets these [fits?]. So these things are very dangerous, like calling the spirits; one should not play with these spirits at all; we should keep them out. Try to tell [God?], because He is really the one who keeps us away from spirits.

So we are really surprisingly funny, in England, I have seen, all the churches have got all the dead bodies there down below your feet. Your children go to church, everybody. I don’t know from where did you get this idea of putting all the dead in the churches. All right, if you want to put them in charge of God, have a different church for them. You are taking your innocent children, your people there. All of them are just under your feet, they are sleeping there, you disturb them, and they catch hold of you; they are not yet [reborn(?)]. And that is what it is; we have not to go near spirits. Spirits, and all those things, are not going to give us any powers. May seem all right at the time, but we have to ask for our own Spirit and our own powers. They give terrible trouble to Me also because, whenever a person comes from a spiritualist, he is singled out, and it’s very difficult to give him Realization, and it takes the maximum time. But even if you have been, I mean, [we have worked, we have done it (?)] – so nothing to worry. Once we cure, you see, if we cure about five or ten people who are coming from spiritualists, I’m sure we will solve that problem.

So shall we have now?

Now, how do we do? You have to just put your feet, in a very relaxed manner, on the ground. Why on the ground, like this? You have to be relaxed, so that your body is little bit relaxed and there is no problem of your Kundalini to move. If you have very tight belts or something, you can loosen it – if it is very tight. If it is lightly tied it is all right. Or a tie or something, you find it tight. If it is not tight, it’s all right; makes no difference. But there is a little expansion of the spinal cord when the Kundalini rises, so better to give it a chance to rise. And you just have to put your hands like this, just like this.

Now, these are the fingers, as I have told you; all the sympathetic centers of the left and right are here. And when the power flows inside, it invites in the Void – there is a void in between – they are shown connected but they are not really connected within us – and when it enters there, the Kundalini receives the information at the point – I’m sorry, when it reaches the last chakra through these two: Ida and Pingala nadis. You see, these two; Ida and Pingala nadis, through them it reaches the first center there, you see; then a kind of a bridge is created on the Void, because this center informs the Kundalini that somebody is there who is authorized, and then She just starts pouring out by itself. And it passes here, and you become one with it.

At that time, what happens? First of all, when it crosses this center, Agnya Chakra, then you become thoughtlessly aware – means there is no thought. You are aware, you are not fainting or anything, but you become peaceful, no thoughts are there. If you watch yourself, some of you must have been already without thought. To test it you watch Me without thinking – can you do it? If you can do it, that means you have crossed this point. When you cross this point, then you start getting Cool Breeze in your hands, and you feel really relaxed. After this, how to use the Cool Breeze and all that, you should again meet and understand it. But one feels extremely relaxed, and it’s a very joy-giving experience.

After that, one should try to keep thoughtlessly aware; try not to think. Tell yourself, “I don’t have to think, I don’t have to think”, and go off to sleep. You get a very nice sleep. If, after this, you get this Yoga Nidra for, say, about twelve hours, nice sleep; or, say, ten hours, nice deep sleep, then you will be surprised that you will be established at a point where the doubts from the thought do not come into your mind. Because that’s the one thing which is very dangerous. But when it establishes a little higher, then you become ‘doubtlessly aware’, when it becomes absolutely a conviction, then you do not have any doubts. But it is not through rationality; it is through the state you achieve within yourself. And, after that time, you start giving Realization to people, and, only if it crosses even Agnya, you can cure people. But don’t do that. First thing you establish yourself, know yourself fully and take it. Nothing to show off, but to understand that we have to know ourselves fully, and we have to explore all our powers, and to be ourselves, genuinely, with all humility, and then only we are going to give it to others. Let our lights be fully established and then you’ll be put on top of the rock where people can see you, and can know that here is the Light which is guiding us. Let’s have it now.

Please put your hands like this. You can put the paper down here if you want to, for the time being.
Sit in a way that you are not uncomfortable. Comfort is important at this point. You should not be uncomfortable, because attention isn’t running; just put your hands like this. But while sitting you must allow your feet to touch the ground fully, touch the ground fully; because the Mother Earth is one of the elements which has created some of our centers, so She sucks in some of your problems. So put your feet directly on the Mother Earth, just like this. If it is easy for you to take off your socks also, it would be a good idea, because mostly socks are of nylon, and they insulate you completely from Mother Earth. If you feel like taking off, you should take it. It would be good thing.

Now, what happens, as I have told you, that in you hands you start getting Cool Breeze. Close your eyes because there is a dilation of the pupils when the Kundalini crosses over this; so please close your eyes. There is no hypnosis; you can see that. You have to close your eyes, and see if there is no thought. You just keep your eyes closed. But some of you may not be able to close them because there will be a flickering in your eyes; maybe some of you. If so, then you can open your eyes. But if there is no flickering, and if you can silence it, close your eyes and keep them closed.

Some of you might be feeling in your fingers a little heat also, possibly. If so, just throw it away like that. Or maybe some tingling, maybe. It’s due to some physical problem in the body. Just throw it away, if you feel the tingling. Now put your hands back.

Some of you who are wearing specs also; if you can take it out it will be better.

You’ll be all right.

Some flowers become the fruit first, and then later on, one by one, they are transformed. In the same way, it doesn’t happen to everyone at the same time; so be a little patient with yourself.

All those who are getting the Cool Breeze in the hands please raise your hands, all of you. Raise them high; even Sahaja Yogis. Good, good. Don’t open your eyes; it will work out, just work out. So many have got it, and so many are going to get it. Gradually it will work out. If it is not working out, nothing to worry; it will work out, it’s working out.

Now let us have people who have got Cool Breeze, all of you. All of you who have got Cool Breeze please raise your hands. [Shri Mataji asks people individually what they are feeling. Mostly inaudible]

…Can you put your left hand on your liver. Liver is the common problem in this group…

…Did you go in the graveyard?