Self-realisation and fulfilment

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1979-08-06 Self-Realisation and Fulfilment, Caxton Hall, transcribed, 58'
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“Self-realisation and fulfilment”, Public Programme. Caxton Hall, London, England. 6 August 1979.

So much, already, has been said about Sahaja Yoga. As I have told you before, for new people I would like to say that, ‘saha’ means ‘with’, ‘ja’ means ‘born’. It is born with you. It is with you.

The germinating power which is going to connect you with the Divine is born with you. As you have a nose, eyes and face, in this body, in the same way this germinating power is within you, has been there for ages.

In all your seekings it has been with you, and now the time has come – the blossom time has come, you can say – that people have to receive their connection with the Divine, otherwise the Divine will lose its own meaning.

Unless and until you have your own meaning, unless and until you have your own fulfilment, your Creator, who has created you, is not going to get His own fulfilment. That’s why this grace, this special gift to the modern people, that you can really get your Self-realisation.

But as Regis has pointed out very rightly, we have all the instruments very nicely placed within us, but since we are born we are attracted all the time by people who come forward with theories that they can introduce you to Divine. Or sometimes you feel that you can find it out. Sometimes we waste our time in very shallow life, all the time destroying ourselves or destroying others. All these things have a bearing on your instrument – which is a fact. So when you come to Sahaja Yoga I would request you to understand that there is no shop on here. It is for your betterment. It is your right also to achieve it and to get it.

You are made human being from amoeba for this only. But this right comes to you because you deserve it. If you are not of that calibre you cannot get it. You have to have that calibre to get it. Those people who come here they do not get Realisation and then they start saying that, “Oh, Mother, we never got Realisation!” As if they are very proud of it! There’s nothing to be proud if you do not get your Realisation. One has to be serious about it and should get your Realisation now and here.

If your calibre is very low, what can one do about it? What can one talk about it? In these days when people are so ego-oriented no one wants to listen about it unless and until you are hypnotised. In your freedom you do not know how to be humble sometimes. If you could be humble, if you could know one thing: that so far you have not got it and you have to get it, because that is what you are seeking, that is your own right to have it, that you are created for this, that you have been seeking for ages now, and you have been misled, have been misused, hoodwinked and you have been carrying on for days together, for years together with all kinds of tomfooleries.

But when you come to Sahaja Yoga you want everything (clicks Her fingers) like that. That’s a sign that you are free. That’s a sign that you are free also to argue with me. It’s a very good sign. I feel happy about it. But sometimes freedom can be abandonment. Freedom which does not have the background of wisdom has no meaning at all. Use your wisdom.

This is not a place where you can pay for it, no. You are going to cash your seeking. If you are genuine seekers, all right, even if you have had problems, even if it was a mistake, one would go all the way to see that you get it, and you will get it. But are you really seeking? Is the point.

I have seen people come here, just sitting down because they belong to a particular group or something, just to come and see: what we call in Hindi ‘tamasha’. It ‘s just a show they want to come and see. Is this the way are you going to waste your life? You have to evaluate yourself. You must know that you are seekers of the true nature and you are not bound to anyone because you have paid, because you are carrying somebody’s symbols on your heads. You have to be yourself.

If you pay respect to yourself, I am all with you. But if you have no respect for yourself, if you do not evaluate yourself and you want to waste your time with nonsensical things, what am I to do? You just tell me. What would you do in my place? I have limitless patience for you and love, lots of love for you, and I have told you that I am going to work it out for you, and work it out and work it out. I am not going to be tired of that. But you must little bit cooperate because you have to gain something, not me!

The first thing you must understand [is] that you cannot hold me. I am a very difficult person, in a way that you can only hold me through your sincerity. I know everyone who is insincere, out and out. You will yourself pay for it. So be sincere to yourself. Is it difficult to be sincere to yourself? Be just sincere to yourself. Do not be conditioned by things which have not given you anything so far. Be sincere to yourself, respect yourself, evaluate yourself, that you are definitely something of a higher level that you are here today. You could have been in a pub.

So you must get for which you have come here. There is no difficulty at all in getting that. On the contrary, on the first day most of those who have got Realisation here, will tell you, have got their Realisation with such a tremendous experience but have also lost it! Because when the Kundalini, which is in the triangular bone lying dormant, when She knows that there is somebody who can give you Realisation, who has authority to give you Realisation, She rises. You can see with your naked eyes. We can show you. The other day we had taken a picture of a person whose Kundalini was pulsating. It was interesting to see how clearly, even in the film, it was showing. You can see with your naked eyes. This is what should happen to you is the rising of the Kundalini.

The other day I was amazed that somebody told me that in the Patanjali Yogashastra it is written in the third chapter that, “You must put your attention to the desha.” Now, what is the English translation they have taken for ‘desha’? What is ‘desha’? Is the country, is the nation. What translation they have taken is ‘the territory’! Now this is something absurd, because supposing you have to pay attention, say, to your heart: heart centre is governed by the Deity of Primordial Mother – Jagadamba. She governs it. She is the Queen of that desh. She is the one who does everything. When you have to do the correction of this area, you have to go to the Queen, ask Her permission, let Her know your difficulty, and She will correct you.

While they are saying that, let us say, ‘bronchial tube’. This is just a territory. Now supposing we are in this area sitting down: now this is the territory of this place and we have to do something here – can we do it? Are we supposed to do it? No. We’ll have to go to the authority, ask the gentleman. He’ll put his own people or his own artist or his own architects or whatever is the job is, and correct it by his own authority. Can we correct anything here if we want to? But these small things also, you have not been able to see so clearly, that by calling some name of say “Caxton Hall, Caxton Hall, Caxton Hall,” do you reach there?

All the science of God is going to be exposed before you, completely. You are going to know the complete science of Divine Laws. They are very different from the ordinary laws we know. But first enter into the Kingdom of God. That’s why I say first get your Self-realisation. Some people, of course, in the former days, cleansed all these chakras one by one. But they were all realised-souls. I don’t find any one of these people being realised-souls.

First, important thing: a realised-soul never takes any money from anyone. It’s beyond his dignity to live on the money of other people.

Secondly, he doesn’t show of his powers, but he gives you powers.

Thirdly, he never keeps anything as a secret. Is it a Mafia going on, that we should keep secrets? When we are talking of collective consciousness, when we are talking of the consciousness of the whole, how can you keep it a secret? Every one of you have to know what’s wrong with others, what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with the whole. Otherwise, what is the use of such secretive people? Imagine in this whole body of ours, if one cell becomes secret, it does not communicate what is has got and another becomes secret. You may develop gangrene or you may develop horrible diseases like cancer and something like that.

A person who is a realised-soul is an open slate: anybody can see such a person. It’s an open slate, absolutely an open slate, and you cannot by any chance purchase such a person or dictate such a person. He lives in his own world. And once you get your powers you become the same.

In Sahaja Yoga when the Kundalini rises – I mean, by no other means it rises, only through Sahaja Yoga it rises – when it rises and opens the Sahasrara here, then you become one with that All-pervading Divine Power. You become; it’s an actualisation. It’s not a lecture or anything like that. It’s no impression on you, no cinema, nothing! It’s a thing that happens to you by which you start feeling on your fingers the different chakras and the different happenings in other people.

Now the trouble with us is like this: we have had many fake people, many scriptures, many books. Some say the Christianity disillusioned them, some say Hinduism has disillusioned them. They are all disillusioned. So they think everything is an illusion. Now one should know that if there is a copy, there has to be something, the absolute. Every copy must have an absolute. Otherwise, how do you get the copy? But you can make out a copy. Say, in his days Constable was copied by somebody very well. All right, he sold [paintings] also, but they found it out that it was not Constable. Then the reality that is expressed and manifested through a realised-soul, can anyone copy it? You can find him out in no time, just like that, if you are a little bit intelligent and alert. That’s the second point.

Not that you are not intelligent – you are all very smart – but there is somebody who can outsmart you. And that outsmarting comes in [your] confidence in your own smartness. The person who has outsmarted you is the one who has copied. And this copy can be found out only if you are a connoisseur. Now how do you become a connoisseur? Not by surrendering to every person, no; but by getting the degree as described in all the scriptures. Now what is the degree described in all the scriptures? Is that you must get your second birth. You must get your Self-realisation. Did any one of them say that to you, except for me, that you are here to get your second birth, you are to be born again?

While they will tell you, “Yes, but it is very difficult. You will have to pay for your karmas. You will have to do this. It’s not an easy thing. You go on for fifteen years.” I don’t say that. But what do you have to give me is difficult: is your sincerity.

When you pay money you become sincere about it: this is something absurd about human beings I really don’t understand! Actually, when I pay money I should become a little bit confused about it. But people become really sincere when they pay money. You see, you go to see a cinema, you pay money for it, and it’s a horrid one, you cannot enjoy it any more. I mean, it’s terrible. Still you say, “Let’s go through it. After all, we have paid!”

So the payment of money is the fixation, first of all. And there you think that, “Oh, we paid it. Now we should pay little more!” Like a competition starts. And you do not see what the other person who has done twelve years where is he? And I have done one year, where am I? You are all running a rat race there, reaching nowhere.

Self-realisation is a thing which is an actualisation, should work in you. At least in some if it has worked, it is there. How many there are people who will say that, “We are Self-realised”? Recently I had a note from one guru because by mistake I said perhaps he touched Self-realisation, to come and verify from me whether he’s a Self-realised or not. Very few people will say that, that, “I am a Self-realised-soul.” Very few people will say that because they know what they are facing then. Self-realisation doesn’t give you any horns. On the contrary, you become so humble. I have seen people who are Self-realised who are sitting down here, have given Realisation to so many.

We have one boy, Maharaj, in South Africa. Today only he rang me up. He has given Realisation to so many people that he says, “I can’t believe it.” He has cured people of diseases. He has done this and he has done that. He says, “I can’t believe it, Mother. For what have You given me all these powers?” Just now somebody from Glasgow told me that he has given ten Realisations to people on one day! You can see the Kundalini rising, you can see the working of it, there’s actual in it. You are such scientific people: why do you believe into some make-beliefs like that, that you go on for years together and ages together, killing yourself, killing your money, killing your wife, killing your children and achieving nothing whatsoever?

You have to have the knowledge of the Divine, and that is only possible when you have the eyes to see. Those who cannot see, how can you describe the colours, the beauty of that love, the working of that love? So I say, I request you, that you get your Realisation. Be sensible children! Be nice! Be good to yourself. Get your Self-realisation – that’s most important – and then work it out.

Now for Sahaja Yogis who are already realised, a little bit of it I have to talk to them because I am going to India for a month. And what I have to tell to Sahaja Yogis today is that they are realised, most of them have got vibrations, they are getting vibrations all right, they get caught up very much and they get involved. So detachment is to be worked out.

Now detachment is a thing people don’t understand what it means. They will wear some sort of a dress to show they are detached. They’ll take one cot and sleep under a tree and say they are detached. There also they will have a lock to their box! Or else they’ll go in the Himalayas and they’ll think they are detached.

Detachment is a state of mind within. It’s not without. It cannot be expressed in clothes or in a kind of a way of life or and all that, but it is a thing inside. And the best way to judge it is when you try to give Realisation to someone: are you in sympathy with that person? Because he is from the same guru you are, so are you giving Realisation to that person? Are you more concerned with that person because he’s from the same clan from where you come or from nation where you come? This so-called sympathy…Sympathy is a wonderful word: sym-pa-thy. ‘Sym’ is ‘to share’ and ‘pathy’ is ‘the pathos’. So you share the pathos! It’s the best part of what sympathy is. Sympathy is not the thing [but] compassion. It just flows. It just flows. You don’t have to sympathise with any one. Just it flows and works. That is compassion. That comes out of detached being which just flows. He’s not bothered about what clan he comes from, what country he comes from, no association with your outside. Whether he is your brother or sister or not. Whether he is your enemy or not. You just work for that person out of compassion, like a river flows, like the sun shines for everyone. In the same way you become an akarmi: means you are not attached to the karmas that you are doing.

This is a very simple rule one has to follow: is not to sympathise with anyone. And then this leads to another problem: you sympathise with someone and you will get a hundred and one [people] every day who will be just telling you and crying and telling you how miserable they are, absolutely miserable! So how will you correct them? By sitting with them and crying? Or just telling them “You get your Realisation first”? All this is coming to you from your Left Side or from your Right Side. Be in the centre! We’ll work it out!

It’s a different state of mind where you reach. It’s a different state of awareness where you are: into super-awareness, where you see the whole thing just like a drama, where there is not unhappiness and happiness but only joy remains. This detached stage is an achievement which Sahaja Yogis should develop.

It’s very easy being alert about your oneself, when you start taking interest in others – or in [anything] whatsoever, whatever is the thing. For example: a child, if you give him a child, now if he comes here, it will start running all over the places, touching everything, jumping over it, doing this, doing that – finished! It might collect few candles, make some sort of a toy out of it, throw it away and go away. The child is not bothered as to what is the future of that or past of that, it just works out and finishes. It’s just a play. But I cannot do it by giving you this sermon. You have to achieve it! Sahaja Yoga is experiencing and achieving. The one who achieves, achieves for himself. The one who experiences, experiences for himself, and when he does that, he does for the whole. He creates a nucleus for the whole and the whole starts working in such a manner that you are amazed how in a collective way so many people start getting Realisation.

Each one of you, who are Sahaja Yogis, are capable of giving Realisation to one thousand people every day, minimum. But you don’t try, you are shy, you are humble and you don’t want to claim that you are a realised-soul. Actually, I should ask them to put on their heads saying that, “I am a realised-soul”. What’s wrong in it? But you feel shy about it and you don’t talk about it,. While I have seen people without any knowledge, without any authority, will have a big flag and a big ashram and will be somebody, will be beating the drums, “Here, says the Falana Yogi! Come along, come along, come along!” And everybody will be piling up, and you go and find some horrible hypocrite sitting down there, wearing artificial moustaches and artificial beard.

But, for Sahaja Yogis, it is important to find out as many as possible, to give them Realisation, to bring them to Realisation. Work it out in your own way. Find out what’s the matter with people: why they are like that. Sit down, discuss it. Find out why people are not coming to Realisation and going to false things which are of no use. Think about it. You are the best to tell me and you are the best judge.

For you meditation is very important because after Realisation you can see in your light what your problems are, without being afraid of them. And also you know in Sahaja Yoga technique how to cleanse yourself, how to take out your karmas, how to cleanse yourself completely, and how to get completely rid of all your problems. So take it up seriously! Meditate! You know how to meditate. You know how to clear out. You know what are the chakras which are caught. Help others.

Meditation must be done religiously and regularly. There aren’t many “don’ts” in Sahaja Yoga, because Sahaja Yoga itself looks after many of your things. You cannot keep your old habits. It just drops. You drop [them] automatically. But you must meditate, you must learn how to meditate. And if you have any particular problem you can ask your friends. [There’s] no harm in asking, not to feel shy about it and you all must help each other. We are all part and parcel of one Being and we have to help each other as much as possible. And those who have known Sahaja Yoga for so many days and who are now quite well-equipped with the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga: you must ask them, take their advice what is to be done, how to work it out and steady down yourself. You have to steady yourself. Unless and until you have a proper attitude towards Sahaja Yoga it won’t work out.

If it is just a tertiary matter or secondary matter it’s not going to work out. It has to be the first thing in life and the rest of the things should be secondary. Because you are evolved, all right, but your evolution is not yet steady and you have not been able to give that fulfilment to your being which gives you complete satisfaction and complete joy.

Unless and until you achieve that state you are not going to be happy with yourself either. So please try to meditate and meditate. People give excuses: “I can’t meditate here. I cannot meditate there. I can’t do.” This is all wrong. This is not the way you are going to improve. It is for you to achieve this. Wherever you get the chance you try to meet these people in the ashram, see there, and try to find out places where one can work it out and one can give Realisation to others. All shallowness of life, all foolish hankerings and things will drop out gradually. But if you want you can also, because now you are Self-realised, you are well equipped and that you have got special powers to do that.

Now I am going to India. I am taking your message to your brothers and sisters in India. They are in thousands, you know that. And in the villages they are so simple and nice and it’s spreading like fire in India in the villages. Not in the cities, because city people are developing themselves; they are getting sophisticated. But in the villages people are very simple and Sahaja Yoga is working wonders there.

In the same way you can also find out here many people who are of a very simple nature [that] would like to come to Sahaja Yoga. Through many methods you can invite them. For example, I would say, this boy in South Africa, he came down here, stayed here in the ashram. He was realised long time back. But he learnt all the techniques. He went back to South Africa and the first thing he started was to give out the photographs to people for treatment, and many people got cured gradually. And then he had some problems: he telephoned to me that, “This is happening, that is happening.” But for such people who are in need of physical benevolence it is better to work it out that way, with some people, and then the news spreads and how, gradually, people come to you.

But there must be some people with sound physique also who want God, who are seeking God. In Sahaja Yoga you will find meaning to all the religions of the world, to all the great incarnations who have come on this Earth. Because they came here to give you all the steps which are required for your evolution.

You all should now concentrate on the chakras which are not all right within you. Concentrate on the chakras and the Deities on the chakras. Wherever is the problem, you just concentrate on that, and put your attention to it. With your attention you can clear it. Take the name of the Deity at that point, as you know the mantras are, you know how to point the mantras yourself. Now you know all the shastras of mantras. So you put your mantras properly wherever is the need. Then you put the complete attention flowing – dharana. Absolutely, you see, till it sustains it completely, continuously within you. And then you go into your enlightened awareness, samadhi.

So this is dhyan, dharana and samadhi.

Enlightened awareness, first of all, is thoughtless awareness. So try to keep in thoughtless awareness and also later on into collective consciousness. These are the two stages you have already reached. Try to maintain them, clear them and establish yourself there. This is the way it should be done. And as we call in Hindi language baithak: you must have a baithak, means you should be able to sit on it, you should be able to do it for quite some time. But not with what you call a kind of a obstinacy about it, but out of joy. As long as you feel the joy of it, you start doing it. And you will be amazed to see how you establish your chakras and your Deities and at the beck and call of you, just even a mention of that, it will start working like that.

I want, whatever I am, I should give it to you. All that I have. Because I have nothing to gain. I had all these, all years, all ages. What I want is that you should have it now and let me see you prosper, like the Mother Earth flowers in the blossoms and the fragrance spreads, I would like to see all of you blossom and your fragrance spreads throughout the nations and the whole of this universe, the whole of this world; the whole of these nations should be transformed into the new world of beauty, grace and bliss of God.

May God bless you.

Every one of the Sahaja Yogis must get at least ten people by the time I come back. Try, you can do it. Thank you.

With the Master going away. In the same way you should also know that, whatever talents you have you must increase them and increase them and get more and more people for Sahaj.

Those who have come for the first time, please raise your hands, for the first time. Please raise your hands.

Now, can you come here forward? I would like to see you. Please come. Let them sit down. Sit please. Give them some chairs. Yes, that’s comfortable.

Many obstructions in the Sahaja Yoga comes from physical being, very much, if you are not keeping good health. Then first that hurdle is corrected, when the Kundalini rises.

The second one is from your mental being. Supposing you are a very disturbed person, also you get a problem: in raising the Kundalini there is a problem.

And the third one comes from your mental attitude. Say, if you are over-read and some conceptions are in your head about Self-realisation, also, it takes time.

The fourth one, which is the most important is that, if you have had any spiritual drawbacks, initiated by some people who want to sort of exploit the situation, then that becomes a very big hurdle to you. Even if you have been interested in the spiritual sort of thing – going to the spirits and all that – that also has a very bad effect.

So one should not worry. Even if there is a problem, it can be corrected. It has to be corrected and it would be corrected. But, as I said, that Realisation is within your reach: nothing to be frightened about. If there is any such problem, we’ll correct it. For that we use a method, a technique, which all the Sahaja Yogis know. For example, they raise your Kundalini. I can raise also. I raise my own Kundalini on which I raise your own Kundalini. This is called as Dhyana Yoga. Actually, Sahaja Yoga is the Maha Yoga. It’s the greatest yoga by which, you see, you can raise the Kundalini of another person with your own hand, because the vibrations are flowing from your own hand, the Divine vibrations. It can invite and it’s subtle. It can give you a balance. If it is more on the right or left, you can give it a balance. If any centres are in problem you can give them vibrations and the centres can be all right, you can cure the centres. And the centres can be given more power to come together and work it out.

Like cancer disease now, for example, in which the centres are separated: these two centres get separated because the cells become on their own, start extracting the energy too much, and there is no control left. Now when this happens, then it is necessary to bring both the centres together like this, from the left and the right and put them together like this.

For that it is necessary to give vibrations there. And that’s why some people will have to give you vibrations on one centre. But that should not upset you. It is so surprising that some people when they are given vibrations, they don’t like it, they don’t like this. They are so sensitive about things. But there’s nothing going to go wrong with you.

When Mohammed Sahib taught people how to do Namaz they all used to laugh at Him. What He taught was nothing but the Kundalini rising. He just taught the Kundalini rising. And, by Kundalini rising, He wanted people to get Realisation. But they all went wrong because there was nobody Self-realised to do all that job, except for Him or His Son-in-law, his Daughter or His Grandsons. The rest were all good for nothing people perhaps, or maybe it declined after sometime. And the whole system of Namaz became just what you call a formal stuff, and nobody knows why, what it is for. But they are just doing it because they are told. Nobody laughs at it now! When it was genuine everybody laughed at it.

In the same way the technique of Sahaja Yoga is to be understood gradually by you. If others are giving you vibrations you shouldn’t mind. Tomorrow you will be doing it, you will be giving Realisation to others then. You are going to do it yourself, everything that they are doing today. And there’s nothing to feel funny about it. Just they will just move the Kundalini at the back, just like this. Or they might just give you a balance like this. There is nothing to feel so much upset about it. There’s nothing nonsensical about it. It’s a technique which is written in all the scriptures. Kabira has described it, Nanaka has described it. All the other scriptures of Shankaracharya has described it. If you read Markandeya he has described it. [There’s] nothing new about it. But because you do not know it, you are naive about it, that’s why you don’t understand. But nothing is going to harm you. That is how you cure people and you make them feel better. There’s nothing to be upset about anything whatsoever.

Now we have some people here who are born-realised and they have the knowledge of Kundalini within them. They are born like that. We have one little boy here, he’s a born-realised. He lives in Holland. There are many children who are born-realised, and they understand me much better. And they start working on Kundalini in no time. And most surprising: I find most of the Sahaja Yogis’ children are born-realised. Even those who come to my programme, their children are mostly born-realised. And I request people to bring their children because perhaps they are here because of their children. And they understand it very well. They know how to work it out. They know how to carry it out. I don’t have to tell them anything.

So one has to know: there is something which is very, very genuine and clear. Only thing is you do not know about it, you have not seen it, felt it, that’s why you find it little different. But it is different. It is a different thing, isn’t it? After all, when you come to London, you find London is little different from India. And here you have to use something which you do not use in India. So, it’s a little different, but still you have to use it if you have to live here. In the same way when you enter into the Kingdom of God, you have to know how to use your hands, how to use your feet, how to use your whole movement of your Kundalini and of others. That gradually you will learn, so nothing to be afraid of.

But again and again, one has to say that it’s a serious matter. You cannot do [it]. You may get your Realisation just like that. You’ll feel very nice. But do not give it up: come back again, assemble together, establish yourself and then you will know what you are fully well and how much you are capable of.

May God bless you.

So now, if you put all your hands just like this.

You may close your eyes.

Now, just watch. If your eyes are closed without any strain or without any flickering of the eyelids then it is all right. But if there is any flickering please open them. If there is no flickering in the eyelids then it is all right. You can see yourself.

Now when the Kundalini rises above the Agnya Chakra which is this where my red mark is, in the centre of the brain, where the optic chiasma is, then you become relaxed.

(break in recording)

With great poise and with great understanding, you just watch yourself. Is there any thought in your mind? Just see for yourself. It is you who has to certify yourself.

Now, if there is no thought then you pay attention to the top of your head very slowly, not in a very pushing manner, or anything. Just here. You pay your attention there.

We are putting off lights because there should not be much strain on your eyes.

Now what happens is you start feeling cool breeze in your fingers coming towards your palm. Maybe you are feeling hot, if so, throw it away like that – if you are feeling hot. With both the hands, not together but away from each other, and pressing both fingers like this. Just press them forward like that. But both the hands should be on both the…yes.

Now keep your eyes shut because the dilatation of the pupil takes place when the Kundalini rises.

Those who are feeling cool breeze in the hands, please raise your hands. All of you who are feeling cool breeze in the hands.


Are you? Little bit? Not yet? Are you feeling? Little bit, little bit. It’s starting. Just both of you, you are going to get it slowly, slowly.

What about you, my child? No? Please put your hands here. Are you keeping all right health-wise? Better now, see.

Put both your feet like this, straight, on the ground, here. Feet on the ground like this, separate, here. Yes.

Are you getting? Are you feeling? Little bit, yes.

Are you feeling? Not yet. All right. You don’t feel it? Just see. Wait and see. It will work out. It will work out. It is going to work out. It works out. Good, here it is working out.

Just you can feel there, if they are feeling all right. You can get up and see if it is there. Come up. Some of you should get up: Gavin. She’s got it. She’s got it. Both of them.

He’s got it. You’ve got it too, definitely.

Keep your eyes shut. This is the greatest experience of ages now. Keep your eyes shut. Enjoy yourself, absolutely! Enjoy yourself!

What about you? Not yet? What is it? You have some problem here? Here? All right, that’s it. We’ll correct it. You’ve got it, very well. May God bless you.

Liver, liver. Just you look after your liver. And very sad.

Is he all right Don? Good.

No, he’s alright. What’s it? Heart? Put your hand on his back, .Just hold your breath. All right? Hmm, leave it! (release your breath).

Why don’t you see each other, will be a good idea: check each other! It’s a very good idea. Check each other. Come along.