5th Day of Navaratri Celebrations, Guru Tattwa (Mahima) and Shri Krishna

Mumbai (India)

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5th Day Of Navaratri Celebrations, Guru Tattwa (Mahima) And Shri Krishna, 1979-09-26

[Hindi to English translation]

The place of the guru is a very high place within us. The place of the guru is situated within us; there is nothing new to do in it. The instruments that the divine has created, this instrument has been made with great beauty. Each of its Chakras, which are invisible to us and are within us, through which this universe is beautifully created; but man lives in excess, always going to extremes, he has spoiled his own instrument. Similarly, the place of the guru has also been spoiled by man. The place of the guru is within us, in this France, in this entire country. It is connected to the four sides of the navel chakra inside the stomach. Three days ago, I spoke to you about the navel chakra. The place of Lord Vishnu is on this navel chakra. It is due to the power of Vishnu Shakti that humans evolved from amoebas to humans. And it is through that same power that you are becoming super humans from humans. Now, the power of the guru that is already developed within us by the divine, many gurus have descended before for this purpose. Now, first, let’s see how this guru principle is formed, for this, we should understand that the guru principle is beginning less and how it was created. Within us, three powers operate invisibly. The first power is what we call the power of Shri Mahakali, let’s say the power of your existence, your existence, the existence of this creation, the existence in this world, that power is of Mahakali, which flows within our Ida Nadi. The location of this Ida Nadi is on our left, which should be said to be on the left side, and the left-sided Ida Nadi keeps the left-sided sympathetic nervous system functioning. Therefore, our left-sided Ida Nadi gives us desires. It is through desire that a person acts, so the Pingala Nadi, which is on the right side, gives us the power of action.  We call this the power of shri Mahasaraswati. So, we have one power of Mahakali, and the other power we have is of Mahasaraswati. Because we cannot say their names in English, many people think that this is a highly un-scientific matter. But there can be no science greater than this. Because what you haven’t seen, what is different for you, what is indirect, you don’t know about it. You may have seen from above, but you haven’t known the power behind it, so just by even talking about it, you cannot believe in it. But in Sahaja Yoga, when the Kundalini power is awakened, when the Kundalini starts rising upwards, then you can see how due to the imbalance of these two nadis and various other faults, Kundalini stops, and how it has to be balanced again. These two powers are supported by a third power, which is important, which are our mothers. Today, the level at which our human consciousness has reached is indicative of the third power, it is the power of Mahalakshmi. It is with this power that we have evolved from amoeba to human today. What was there, if humans had remained as amoebas only? And what disastrous it would have been that for passing through so many species, today, God has created this beautiful form of humans. Have you ever thought why God made us human? What specialty is within us that we haven’t even tasted yet, we don’t even know, we don’t even have an idea why we came into this world, why this creation made in a special way, called human, was created. This human must first understand that today we have reached a state where human consciousness has reached through this power of Mahalakshmi within us. These three powers are within us, and when there is harmony among these three powers, when these three powers come together, and when the childhood form of these three powers is born; this is something that cannot be corrupted by anything, in which no process can occur, no ego can arise, which always remains fresh; this element is the guru principle. The child does not have ego, does not have attachment to anything; he remains completely detached. You see, young children play, make a lot of drama, create various things; then someone kicks them and leaves. Or they play for a little while, engage in pretend play, and then it’s all over. Everything is a drama for them. And they talk like a Christ; tell them, “Kids, now go home,” they talk like someone else, saying, “Mom, this little one won’t go!” This little one here won’t go; for them, this little one is someone else; they always talk like Christ. And as this person grows up, slowly two glands or two particular types of organizations are formed inside him, which we call ego and super-ego in English. These are evolved within us by the use of powers of desire and action. If a person is filled with excessive desire and keeps desiring all the time, then the power named super-ego is formed within him. It should be said that this institution becomes, and that institution makes its way into our heads and settles here, as shown here; the second institution arises within us from the power of action, which we call pride, ego. This is born within every human being who performs any kind of action. The meaning of this institution is that a person thinks, “I did this work, I built this house,” etc. When a sense of doer ship emerges in his mind towards that thing, it is from that sense of doer ship that this institution is formed. According to this, when these two institutions go and settle one on top of the other in the fontanels area in the middle of the head, where ‘calcification’ sets in, our childhood fills it completely by the age of 3-4 years. But its fullness actually happens when we start speaking the language well and gain mastery over language, then it sets in properly. There are many reasons for this too, but today we are talking about the guru principle; this guru principle is the harmony of these three powers, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, and Mahasaraswati. This is a completely new form in which the Supreme Being has manifested us. You already know how Lord Dattatreya’s birth happened; I don’t need to tell you about it again, but it is absolutely correct that just as the three powers of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh stood before the holy one and were bestowed with newness, their innocence was given to them. These three powers filled with innocence, which are within Lord Dattatreya, are settled in our stomach, which we should say, submerged in what we call the ocean of existence. Inside the Virat Purusha, which is the ocean of existence, they are immersed and take birth many times. Since ancient times, this Adinatha was also incarnation of power. It is the same power that takes birth many times; the Adinatha, who is still worshipped by Jains and people pray to Him, respect Him. But they do not know the meaning of this power. Firstly, the thing about this power is that there is no blind following-ness of any religion in it, there is no caste of a monk; no one has any caste. The meaning of a monk is that he accepts all castes, all religions. And if any guru considers himself an actor of any particular religion, then it should be understood that he is not a guru; the first power of guru principle is that whatever essence, innocence, simplicity of all religions is bestowed in him. If anyone puts himself in the name of a religious guru, then it should be understood that this is a false person and the religion behind him is also a great falsehood. We can give you an example of this, and you can easily understand. In Sahaj Yoga, there is a gentleman who came to meet us when we were in London. He started saying, “Mother, I have cancer in my stomach, please cure it.” He is a Muslim, residing from Iran, and a doctor. I asked him what he believes in, and he said he believes in Muhammad Sahib. I asked, “Only in Muhammad Sahib and not in anyone else?” He replied, “No, not in anyone else.” So I said, “I cannot cure your stomach cancer because it is caused by such religious blindfollowing-ness that only Muhammad Sahib is the solution.” Muhammad Sahib is also an incarnation of Dattatreya, completely and nothing else; I mean, he is himself a direct manifestation of Dattatreya, there is no doubt about it, but he is not the only incarnation. That’s why Muhammad Sahib, settled in stomach, got annoyed with him. Understand, if you are the president of this country and when you come to Maharashtra, people show respect to you because you are the president, and if you go to Bengal and people don’t respect you, won’t doesn’t the President Sahib will get angry with you. Similarly, this same power comes multiple times in different births, although its names are different, its forms are different. The same way this power takes birth in this world as needed. But it should never be assumed that this power came only once and then no power came afterwards. People of this kind will always continue to believe that they accepted one guru and then no other guru came. Now, this gentleman who was in a lot of pain, after two or three days came again saying, “Mother, this has to be cured.” I said, “If you want this to be cured, then you have to accept Dattatreya Ji, you have to accept Nanak Ji.” He said, “Alright, whatever you say, I’ll accept.” Then I said, “Alright, you pray to Nanak Ji for forgiveness, pray to Muhammad Sahib too, that they forgive you, and after that, his cancer was cured.” You will be surprised to know that nowadays so many institutions, even political ones, become religious, where they preach that these religious gurus are bad, those religious gurus are bad. The reality is that as many followers, disciples they have, who say that Muslims are as bad as Hindus, Hindus are as bad as Christians, and Christians are as bad as the followers of other religions. All of their disciples did not recognize their guru and did not follow their instructions at all. I can give you an example of this: suppose Christians, if Jesus said something special, like “Do not go behind dead things, do not go behind many demons and such things,” I don’t have to go at all. In the same way, you should stay away from many demons, etc., which are dead. In my opinion, Jesus Christ and Nanak Sahib have only spoken about such open matters. Even after telling such open things, if you look into any Christian religion or observe it in any country, you will be surprised to know that in London, where I live, there are dead bodies buried under every church; now if you place your feet there, your feet stumble. Inside every church, inside every temple, they have placed buried bodies. They equalize the thing that was forbidden. Now, look at the wisdom of the Hindus! The greatness  of Hindus is even greater than theirs; it was told to Hindus that all religions are one, not only that – it was also told that within you, within everyone, there is the same soul, the same reflection of God, the soul resides in everyone. Now, no one surpasses the Hindus who quarrel over caste and creed. When there is the same soul within everyone and it is also told that you have rebirths, then today you are a Hindu, tomorrow you may be a Muslim; or if you are a Muslim, you may be a Christian tomorrow; otherwise, tomorrow you may even be a cobbler, or you may belong to even lower categories. People, who consider themselves big, claiming to be hard-liner Hindus, behave in such a way that they appear worse than cobblers, more inferior to the lowest castes. You see those people sitting in temples, indulging in rituals; you can’t believe that they have any connection with God; that God’s enemies are sitting here. I went to Vrindavan, and I was amazed to see that all the priests sitting there are demons, not just demons but followers of Kansa; how they sit in front of Krishna and defame him. Not only are those, those who come there filled with evil spirits, destroying everything. Krishna himself has left those temples, those beautiful places; he doesn’t want to stay there, such filthy places, and you can see with your own eyes that they are looting day and night. They are deceiving you, telling you lie. They sell marijuana and other things there; they sell women, steal jewelry. Even though they haven’t left anything there, we still consider them great gurus and follow their footsteps. You have done all these deeds, but your children will not do these deeds. The consequence of this will be that, your children will say that there is no God, it’s all a lie, and it’s all a scam. This has happened in many countries; for example, we have a disciple who lives in Algeria, he is a Muslim. When he came to London, he started saying that he doesn’t believe in God at all. We have people here who are educated, doctors, architects, lawyers; none of them have faith in God. They say it’s all fanaticism, all lies; these are businesses to earn money. And all these organizations are completely fake; then, as the great blessing of Sahaja Yoga remains, they suddenly transcend all at once. After transcending, they immediately settled into Sahaja Yoga, they convinced five hundred boys and their faith became absolutely firm. When you go from one extreme to another, from one extreme to another extreme, in between, this Guru grabs you. The meaning of a guru is someone who pulls you, attracts you, lures you in; but nowadays, the gurus who attract you use all kinds of awful things that make people wonder; why you consider such gurus. At the very least, it should be understood that a guru must have some uniqueness; fundamentally, there should be some special quality. The meaning of a guru is a person who is elevated above you, a person who reaches a higher state than you.  How can those who are at a lower level than you be your gurus? The person who feeds off you, lives off your money, who is a parasite; you go to someone’s place and stay for free, eat for free. How can a person who has been doing this all his life be your guru? He can be your dependent, your servant; how can he be your guru, who has never done any work or business in his life except for taking money from you and living off it. Such parasites are nurtured from morning till evening, and they consider their gurus with reverence, and they send things from all over the world for them and fulfill their wishes. And it has reached the point where some gurus weigh themselves in gold, sometimes in diamonds, sometimes in some other material, and they keep all that material with them. They say that whatever you give to me will take you to the Supreme God. Despite being so educated in our society, we still fall for such false claims. I am not surprised by you people; I am more surprised by those foreign people who consider themselves highly educated, highly developed; while doing such foolish things, I have seen them that if I tell you their words today, you will be amazed. You people do not go to such extremes in the matter of gurus, if we say something about gurus, they are ready to defend their faith, it is so bad; then the thought arises that what went wrong in the principle of educated people’s gurus that they accept it in this way. And the simple, very straightforward answer to this is that these people are not gurus, they hypnotize. They have so much power that they hypnotize. Hypnotizing destroys a person’s intellect completely, and he keeps flowing in it completely. Many such gurus have propped up in this Kali Yuga. Some of them are of the highest degree of demons. They have been killed by the goddess many times, but they come back again. And these demonic people teach every demonic behavior, every immorality to you, and you people keep looking outside, thinking, “What a great sage for me, a profound sage.” The first quality for a guru is that he keeps your money, your wealth at his feet. He doesn’t care about anything you have; he operates in his own way. If he feels like it, he will talk to you, if not, then not. He is not someone who runs after you. Because I am your mother, I am trying to make you understand, and I am telling you to know the guru within yourself, recognize your guru. But those whom I met, they say that these fools deserve fifty slaps, why do you give them realization, let them suffer for a few days. Let them be, their nature is different. They sit behind with sticks, with brooms, or with stones. If someone comes to them, they beat them with stones, saying run away, there’s nothing for you here. But a mother’s perspective is different, the perspective of a guru is different; and when a mother has to become a guru, it is very distressing. My heart is filled with so much compassion, and it remains so humble, that the unconditional love flowing is agonizing for the mother to give, and on the other hand, due to guru hood, a little discipline has to be enforced as well, you also need to be rebuked at times, saying son, this is wrong. Even though they say it, it is painful but it has to be done. This guru principle is within you. Many times, you have insulted it. It resides within you, now how does this guru principle manifest in an ordinary person like you? For example, if you go to someone’s house to eat, if you are a good person, then whether the person has a wicked or bad nature, you cannot digest the food, you will vomit it out. When you come home, you will say, “Oh my God, what was that! I started feeling sick there.” Sometimes it happens that you start feeling dizzy, wondering who this person is. Similarly, we went somewhere to eat, and the people seemed very decent, his wife was there, three children were there; the children were very well-behaved. But as soon as we went there, I started feeling uneasy, I told the Sahib, “Let’s go home, I can’t bear it anymore.” How can there be such, we are chief guest here? I said, whatever it may be, I am feeling unwell, let’s go home, it’s not my cup of tea. There is a big terror going on here. When I returned home, a little girl who used to study with our daughter came. I asked her, her name was the same as the name of this gentleman. I said to her, “Do you know them?” She said, “Yes, my father.” Then I asked her why you are in such a situation. She started saying that he left my mother and took away all my mother’s property. And now this woman is kept in the house, and there are three children who came to their house, tears were flowing from her eyes. She started saying that my mother was very simple in nature, she wept, so much screamed, they left her and kept this woman with them. Now see why; see the sorrow in the house, the pain that was there, the whole environment was polluted, and what happiness was happening in it, I couldn’t be a part of it at all. My heart was so sad and tears were coming from my eyes constantly, I couldn’t understand what kind of pain there is in the environment, what kind of sad being is pulling my soul from inside; and understand that this element of the Guru is within you. When you go to someone’s house and see that you don’t like the food, all this gravity is within you but you don’t keep it awakened. I will tell you how the Guru element gets destroyed. How does a person continuously destroy their Guru element? No one should feel bad because I have said that I am a mother; and which is the right thing, I will tell you and you will have to tell me, there is nothing wrong in it. Everyone should understand that we continuously spoil our Guru element and see how we spoil our Guru element. First, there is the consciousness within us in the Guru element, which we call awareness, and our liver is the one that controls it, which we call the liver; as long as our liver, awareness, remains fine, our consciousness remains fine, and as soon as our liver becomes bad, our consciousness starts to fluctuate. You must have seen that someone who has bile, whenever he takes a fried item, he starts vomiting again. This liver, which nourishes your awareness inside the stomach, is very important to keep it fine. Now what does the liver do; the liver, whatever poison we consume, or if poison accidentally enters inside, It separates it, analyzes it, and returns any poison through the bloodstream. This process is called sorting out of the poisons, and the liver does all this work. Now, its deterioration is known very late, this work keeps happening slowly. But there are some things due to which this liver, which is our liver inside the right side of our stomach, deteriorates very quickly. The biggest thing that goes against the liver is alcohol. All the gurus who have come into the world so far, whether it’s Abraham, Moses, Laozi, or Socrates, all these are principles of guruhood. And why; all the principles of guru hood were incarnated in the world. All these people are gurus, and all have said that drinking alcohol goes against human beings. Because there are ten commandants in our stomach, and there the attack is on those ten commandants, while the attack is on our consciousness. But when a person’s consciousness decreases, then that thing sits against consciousness for us. But a few days ago, we had a disciple who worked extensively on this in Sahaja Yoga. They have recently received a doctorate in London, they live in Mauritius, their name is Reddish; they have proven how alcohol goes against us. What was the reason, it’s a subtle thing. Understand this; it is a molecule of water made up of hydrogen and oxygen. Among them, there is one oxygen atom in the molecule, and there are two hydrogen atoms. In this way, it is a molecule made up of three atoms. And when it stays in a neutral state and oxygen stays in the middle, hydrogen stays on both sides. When there is water in the blood, hydrogen stays on the side of the blood. When this water of the blood, when it goes near our liver, then the water, the poison that is accumulated inside it, is pulled into it. If it stays in a neutral state, then it is very easy. But understand that it is the liver, and if it comes into a neutral state in the liver, then it can take it, but if it happens in this way, then it cannot accept anything. When you drink alcohol, due to the pressure of alcohol fermentation, oxygen comes down and hydrogen comes up, and nothing can be received. It cannot accept anything because of the poison inside it.  But you must have noticed that if a person drinks alcohol, they do not get a fever. If a person does not get a fever from drinking alcohol, then the heat inside him only accumulates in the liver or some other organ. But the water, which is a very essential component in our blood, when it changes like this, it cannot soak it up, and as many organs as there are in our body, first the liver gets damaged, and then gradually heat starts to build up in other organs too. And such a person begins to suffer from heat, it’s not just the liver, it happens in all organs to some extent. And this situation worsens and eventually leads to a serious condition like cancer. Even in cancer, oxygen and hydrogen both change in this way, very much like this, and that’s why you must have seen that cancer patients don’t develop a fever until their condition becomes very bad. Sores will appear on the mouth, black sores will form on the body, various things will happen. There will be a lot of heat in the body, but there won’t be a fever. And when he discovered this, think about it, England University awarded him a doctorate; and whether you agree or disagree, drinking alcohol not only diminishes your consciousness but also results in poison inside you. And another thing is that you cannot remove the poison of arteries, and because of the kind of hydrogen curvature that occurs, which causes a hardening called arteriosclerosis. And due to the hardening that occurs, the arteries of a person who drinks alcohol don’t remain flexible, so his blood doesn’t flow smoothly, and he suffers from various diseases such as heart-related issues, gangrene, and so on, where blood gets clots in one place and causes all these problems. What’s the need to inflict such misery? In reality, fermented alcohol, which we call liquor, has two types: one is wine, which is a very good thing without fermentation, only juice of grapes; that’s wine. But what we perceive as wine is alcoholic wine, which is actually liquor. Alcohol was created by the Almighty for polishing something. If you have to polish anything, like a diamond, you use gin, and if you have to polish something else, you use spirit, that’s the polish. When this polish goes into our arteries and accumulates, arteriosclerosis is inevitable. God didn’t create alcohol for drinking, but the human mind is like a monkey; it doesn’t understand what should be done and where. And he will certainly drink alcohol wherever he goes. He was never told to drink alcohol; I don’t know where he got it from, but he started drinking it, and he got into the habit of drinking. This led to hardening of the arteries. He finds pleasure in drinking because the person’s consciousness completely disappears. Humans find it pleasing because their consciousness gets lost, they can’t see themselves. They cannot understand themselves and prefer to live in falsehood. They believe the truth is terrifying; it’s not true. The truth is extremely beautiful, extremely enchanting, and very peaceful. It respects all joys. But now, you are in a state where neither have you found the truth nor are you in falsehood; you have entered into human existence in between. That’s why this question arises. That’s why these gurus were born, to make you understand that you were born in this state of in-between. Therefore, there’s no need to panic. It’s all balanced. Don’t go into extremes; make your life good with balance; stay humble in your married life, maintain balance in your behavior at home, and consider everyone in your society with balance. It’s not about becoming very rich or becoming very strong that you achieve a lot of success. Because in nature, nothing is excessive; you will never hear that a person’s height has become 7 feet. Nowhere will you hear that a tree has grown to be 200 feet tall. The height of a mango tree remains average; that’s what it is. Therefore, just like everything in nature have its limits, so does every aspect of human life. The man who drives himself crazy by putting himself in competition ends up in the same state as what has happened to Western countries today. They have gone completely mad. When you see them, it astonishes me that half of them are fit for the lunatic asylum. So when I read the statistics, half of them are actually schizophrenic, and half of them, 50% of the people there are schizophrenic. What can you learn from them? Do you all now have to go to the lunatic asylum? This competition has made people perpetually restless, and progress is being made towards complete destruction. One should awaken the sense of contentment and temperance within themselves. This place of the guru is a place of righteousness, a place of religion; follow the religion that I preach, adopt it; just as we belong to the human race. I mentioned yesterday that carbon has its own religion, gold has its own religion, a lion has its own religion, a scorpion has its own religion, and similarly, humans also have ten religions. When a person deviates from these ten religions, when they fall, when they come into imbalance, then it’s uncertain what will happen next for them. Because after humans, they will either become superhumans or demons, there doesn’t seem to be any other situation or maybe some will remain as animals, but mostly they should have a demonic nature. These ten principles should be followed. If someone says to abide by the Ten Commandments, they are written in our Bible; when those Ten Commandments say to do this or not do that, psychologists have found an excuse for this, that it’s conditioning. When you forcefully prohibit something, it will become conditioning; but if you don’t impose culture and refinement on people, don’t make them cultured, then your right side will start functioning; you may control the left side, what we call the super ego; you will manage it, you will create conditioning.  But the right side, which is the ego, you will become ego-oriented; you might even become like Hitler, then you won’t know that you have become Hitler. You’ll think, what has happened to me, what I am doing, everyone is praising me, worshiping me, wow, and I have become such a big person. And you will indeed become stubborn fools, and not even monsters; but you will imagine for yourself, “Wow, wow, wow, everyone else step aside, I have become ‘wow’.” What do you understand? Because the ego-oriented person is actually a great fool. The description of such a person, if you read Valmiki’s Ramayana or even Tulsidas Ji has beautifully portrayed it, that once Narada Muni became proud, then how he got fooled. But today, an ego- oriented person behaves so arrogantly, talks big, and then people listen to him in such a way that what a successful man, but if you observe just a bit of his foolishness, how much superficiality is there inside him, it’s so surprising, and that’s why an ego-oriented person interests you more, he influences you more.   If a person stands up and behaves dictatorially, saying, “I am so-and-so, what a great man I am.” If you remove conditioning, the person becomes shameless; not only shameless, he becomes completely misguided, what you call abandoned. Religion is in between, neither total detachment is right, nor is blind faith right. Otherwise, it’s just too much blindfollowing; not that we have everything, it’s about running blindly towards it, it’s about establishing religion in between. And it is the responsibility to uphold this religion that is the protection of Guru tatwa . What should we do to protect this principle of Guru Hood? Many people ask, “Mother, how can we protect our Guru tatwa ?”

The first thing is to understand who our guru is. Now there is a gentleman who is our guru. What does he do? He just gave us a name. Just gave us a name, that’s it. Why should we need just one guru to give us a name, even a donkey can do that. Why did he give you a name? Is there something wrong with your Chakra? Is there something wrong with your region that he gave you the name of the king there? No, he gave us the name of Ram. He is chanting the name of Ram. Ram is not your servant (unclear), take the name of Ram. If your guru is an authority, he will never give you a name like this, the first thing. If any guru gives you a name, understand that it is the most wrong thing. Now, let me give you an example. If you understand that you are sick, anyone would tell you, “Alright brother, you have some illness, go and take this medicine.” Suppose you have a stomach problem, and we say, “Alright, take this medicine, ‘Inter Bi form’,” you understand. But if you see someone and telling every one of them, “Yes, take Inter Bi form,” then tell me, what will you do? The answer is not a doctor. When you don’t even know the diagnosis, when you don’t even know the problem, what medicine are you giving? And will you keep taking the same medicine forever? Where is the problem, what is the problem? And when you are not a doctor, how are you giving prescriptions? A person who is not self-realized can’t be a guru. We met a guru; he is a very interesting person, a very knowledgeable person, very influential. We sent one gentleman to him, “Sir, please take care of his health.”  One month later, he came completely exhausted, thin and frail. I asked, “What happened? What did the Guru do?” Every morning he started telling me that he had to clean Lord Shiva’s temple. Every day, he would take a bucket of water from a mile away and wash the temple. Every day, he would go back and forth, taking three or four buckets of water and washing it. Then he would say, “It’s still not clean, wash it again.” He made me clean the entire temple of Lord Shiva. I asked the Guru, “Why did you make him do this?” They said, “Let the donkey do the donkey’s work, and this man is a donkey. I won’t give him realization; you can if you want to.” The nature of these gurus becomes so harsh because they develop a dislike for humanity; they know that the common man is utterly helpless and lacks the compassion that a mother possesses. And since they have earned everything through hard work themselves, they want everyone else to do the same. They believe that others should also work hard; they should be corrected too. Just as clothes are beaten and cleaned by the washer man, they want to correct them too through harsh treatment. Mothers are different; they say, “Come on, whatever they are, they are children.” There is a big difference when you see them. Let me tell you about one of the gurus, Maharaj. He is at a place near Mumbai where our education was. When we went there, he started asking when your mother would come. I have been sitting for Her for 12 years. She asked him why he had been sitting for them for 12 years. My guruji said that she would come, and She only would correct your guru chakra. She couldn’t understand why they sent him here to die for 12 years if her mother can correct the agnya chakra in 1 minute. Should I tell you, I am in pain? Shri Mata ji will cure it. When I came, they took me to where he lived; they made me sit there. They said, “My guruji has also come to meet you.” And that guruji was sitting with their faces turned away. Poor thing touched my feet, and then sat down. I asked why didn’t you correct his agnya  chakra? It’s a one-minute job, and you are such accomplished people.  

He started saying, “Let him die; he deserves it,” and then he cursed him. And in front of me, he slapped him  twice. Why are you hitting him so hard? He was smoking a cigarette before you came. I said, “How did you know?” He said, “Smoke was coming out of his mouth.” Such a wicked man, only you can correct his agnya chakra. I said, “Look, brother, whatever it is, he will quit smoking. Now, correct his agnya chakra.” He  refused to do it. After that, I corrected his agnya chakra. Then he started whispering in my ear, “Don’t say anything to my mother in front of him. He has kept me in the well for three days, drowning me and pulling me out, asking if your agnya chakra has been corrected or not.” So I said, “Why are you sticking with such a person? Such Gurutwa is evil.” Mother, what should I do now? I have become accustomed to wickedness. If he teaches me with love, it’s not in my control. He beat me so much and corrected me. This view becomes the perspective of many gurus because until a person doesn’t come forth with severity, they think that person isn’t understanding properly. But my belief is very strong, my hopes are very high. I think that a person is already in a very troubled state. And until they haven’t seen it, they are different, they are indirect. And until they haven’t seen it, one should interact with them respectfully, inform them, and guide them on that path. Many gurus who came into the world adopted our path, like my path, like Gyaneshwar Ji, who came here, Tukaram Ji, Namdev Ji, Nanak Ji, and Kabir Das Ji. These people served the people of the world, taught them religion, and faced a lot of adversity with them. They were troubled, beaten, not given food, kept hungry. When I listen about Gyaneshwar Ji, I feel how people managed, the cunningness  they showed with them, the deception they practiced with them. And today, they are taking their palanquin around. Now Gyaneshwar Ji’s palanquin is being carried away. I said, “Has he ever sat in a palanquin? Has he ever even seen the mouth of a palanquin? Fifty men carry his palanquin, and everyone is serving him food. It should be said what kind of deceitfulness, and what kind of insult it is. You, who have never cared about whether someone has eaten or not, are roaming around in a palanquin made for him, eating food on His name. Human beings are so cunning, so cunning, and for his cunningness, God has given him freedom. Whether you are cunning or whether you are foolish, you do whatever you want, or whether you nurture God. I am a mother, and a mother will always make this effort. A mother will always say, ‘Son, you will only find God.’ In my guru hood, I believe in this very thing. Many people bother and harass me, no matter what happens, no matter what happens. But perhaps with me, it is also true that I have a lot of patience. People say, ‘Mother, this is your unconditional love,’ whatever they say, but the reality is that I don’t feel even a little troubled by their troubles, nor do I have any concern for them. My only concern is always how quickly more and more people can be uplifted (unclear)… Today,  Sahaja Yoga has come to that point where it can be called MahaYoga. Until the train enters inside the station, we don’t consider that we have arrived by train. Or as we can say, just like we don’t call a river a confluence until it merges into the ocean. Similarly, until there is no union of your soul with Shiva, until Kundalini rises up and pierces through the Brahmarandhra, it should not be called yoga; then, yoga is merely preparation. There are many types of yoga, and all of them are preparations for this. And when the Kundalini rises from below to above, all these yogas take place within as the Kundalini reaches the Sahasrara and pierces through it. This is the greatest Mahayoga, so the Sahaja Yoga that has been naturally going on since eternity, the one that has been with you for many years, which has now reached its fulfillment, should be called Mahayoga today. But initially, I had this thought that it is human nature; if I started with Mahayoga right away, here Mahakal would initiate it, and everyone would follow suit. They would say, “Who are you to perform Mahayoga?” Everyone would stand up with sticks in hand. That’s why I didn’t call it Mahayoga. But the state of Sahaja Yoga has now reached the level of Mahayoga, and we have reached the state of Mahayoga. 

The time has come when all the fruits of the Guru principle that have been created until today are about to ripen, and as a result, you should now receive the thing that they had promised to give you for many years. That time is approaching, it is imminent. It used to happen. A year or two ago, Gurus used to have one or two disciples. How many disciples did Gyaneshwar Ji have? One. Then how many disciples did his disciple have? One or two. Such a community neither made anyone their disciple nor talked about giving so much self-realization. But until something is not communal, it doesn’t make sense, and the time has come for the community to unite, and it is your complete right to receive this. It is time that all these things are within you, and you should receive them. I said that I need seven days for each subject, but you gave me three subjects in one day. (Unclear) How can we make something big smaller, but I would like to say only this much, by simply greeting the Guru principle, I reveal to you the Krishna Shakti. The Krishna Shakti within us is the beginning of human beings. When a person lifts their neck upward, the state of this chakra is formed within them; which we call the Vishuddhi Chakra. Inside it are 16 petals, because in the area behind us, if you look behind the neck, then it is there. Wherever a person lifts their neck and straightens it up, the Krishna Shakti awakens. Now, one must understand that the power of Krishna is the perfection of evolution. Initially, we were amoebas, then from there, fish, tortoises, etc., and we reached Ram and beyond Ram to Krishna. Krishna is the complete power. When your Krishna Shakti is awakened, your connection is with the Virat. The mind, which is called in English as the macrocosm and microcosm, ‘Smishti  and Samavishthi’. In that Samavishthi, you merge, your individuality connects with it. This happens through the power of Krishna. Therefore, before my program begins, I ask you if you can sit in front of me with your hands in this way, sitting with your hands in this manner will awaken your agricultural power here, and your connection will be with the Virat. The power of the Virat, its name is Viratangana, which power has fully manifested within us, and when you attain this power, when you attain the power of Krishna, then witnessing occurs within you. 

Mind, do you see anything as a drama? It is real, yet it is also a drama; it is a divine play. Krishna also considered it as His play. When Rama performed his drama, it was portrayed in such a way that it seemed real, but Krishna’s is only a play, that is why he is called a complete avatar. When a person becomes complete, they see towards the whole world that a drama is unfolding. People are jumping around like madmen, but there is no confusion in that, there is no sadness, no happiness, there is a feeling of joy where time resides. This is the power of Krishna. With the power of Shri Krishna, we make two angles, one left and one right, and one center. The power of left and right, the power of left, is such that if a person feels a lot of guilt in his mind and thinks, “I have made a big mistake, I have done something terribly wrong, I should not have done such a big wrong thing, I have deviated.” Nowadays, there is a trend that you reach a point of development, a lot of development happens, and then you settle for it. First, you focus on one thing, “This is who I am, and this is what I want to progress in, where my country is heading,” and then you descend, you see that Western countries have begun to cry from morning till evening. I said, “What happened? Where have you been?” They said, “I have committed many sins, Mother.” I said, “Forget all that, move past it.” Continuously crying over the same thing, hearing their crying day and night, disturbs people.  So many people cry that it’s surprising. Many people think that our ancestors invaded a yoga land like Hindustan. Nowadays, the youth there are very different. The people we saw before were different, and these are different. And when they start heading to the left side, there is a peculiarity in which a person starts consuming intoxicating substances. Because he feels that he made a mistake, he committed a sin. He feels he shouldn’t have done this, shouldn’t have lied, and starts consuming intoxicants. In this, there is one thing that is very popular here, which is cigarettes; then after that, tobacco. Tobacco consumption also greatly opposes this power. You will be surprised that the man who consumes tobacco has to quit it after coming into Sahaj Yoga. It drops off; it drops off on its own. There was a gentleman who didn’t quit, as  he couldn’t apply his willpower. Sometimes, he secretly kept consuming, hiding here and there. One day he came to me and said, “Mother, when I sit for meditation, my mouth keeps twisting and turning in strange ways. I don’t understand what to do.” I said, “I know what’s going on. Quit tobacco today. Give me your word that you will quit tobacco.” Since that day his left side opened up, and since then, their Kundalini started rising  properly. Now, in the same way, you have seen that in the Western countries,  now, in the same way, you have seen that in Western countries, people were very ego-oriented. Initially, they indulged in a lot of egotistical behavior, waged wars, killed people around the world, and expanded their empires. They did everything. Now, when they reached a limit and then swung back from there, they reached another extreme, and there they realized, “Oh my God, what should we do now? How should we do it?” “I’m so bad, I’m so bad,” when this was seen, then let’s drink alcohol. If not alcohol, then let’s chew tobacco. Otherwise, they started fleeing from there somehow. Now, tobacco is not something that God made for drinking and eating. Is the human intellect so limited that I need to tell you? This thing, tobacco, is not made for drinking and eating by God. This thing that is made, it’s an insecticide, made to kill insects. You people don’t know where you got it from and started saying, “Let’s have tobacco.” But tobacco is very harmful, and with tobacco, our spirituality also deteriorates. It goes into the stomach and damages the liver and other organs there. And spirituality, which is filled in our ocean. This ocean is our guru. Whenever we go against spirituality, the ocean completely deteriorates and starts disintegrating. When I went there to Guntur, there were people from Andhra. I told them, “Please don’t grow  tobacco here.” So they started saying, “We don’t give it to our countrymen. We send it all outside.” I said, “Your countrymen, here, the poor people of Andhra consume it and practice black magic, and you people think by exporting it, you’re doing a great religious act.” So they started saying, “No, no, Mother!, without this, we will die.” So I said, “No one will die. You plant cotton here, and everything will be fine with cotton.” Some of them said, “Okay, Mother! we’ll plant. We’ll start with cotton,” and then their business flourished. But when I said it two or three times, it’s also recorded. But one day when they started discussing too much with me, I said, “Beware, don’t discuss too much now. If you do such things, this ocean will deteriorate for you.” You know what happened afterward, how severe a storm hit Andhra, and how many people were devastated, and they didn’t even know where they went. I’ve always seen on that side that huge storms come into the ocean, and people perish in it. But if you tell someone to stop using tobacco, it’s a very inauspicious thing; no one is ready to listen. Now all that land has become saline, they can’t grow tobacco there anymore. Somehow tobacco cannot thrive anymore. So now they are crying over their fate. The entire area where tobacco is grown, and you always know cyclones hit there. They die there. The day people understand that by using tobacco and practicing black magic, the sea gets angry with us, that day they will understand how much blessings of God we have. How beautiful land we have, its use we should put in something else. But humans don’t find solutions in small things. They want to take all the wealth of the world for themselves. But they don’t see that, the one who has wealth, is he really sitting happily. Who is sitting in such great joy. So this power of the left side, which we call the power of Vishnumaya. This is the power of the sister, the sister of Shri Krishna, Vishnumaya, you know, who was killed and who went to the sky and made the announcement that your killer is still alive. This is the power of Vishnumaya. And this is about the relationship of sisters. If your sister is sick, then your this Chakra will catch. If your sister is in trouble, then your this Chakra will catch. If your relationship with your sister is not right, meaning you consider someone as a sister and if your intentions are not pure. Nowadays, people’s this Chakra is very bad because there is no purity in them. Except for their wives, they should consider all other women as their sisters or mothers. People laugh at what is written in the scriptures, saying, ‘How can this be, Mother! This cannot happen.’ Because everyone has become dogs, right?  Dogs don’t understand that there can be purity in this way too. Try it out yourself, just consider any other woman as your sister or mother besides your own. See how much satisfaction you will feel inside. How many problems will be solved. How much society will develop. Look at the earlier society, how many people used to come and stay at home. There used to be no problems at all. Especially in the UK, the situation has become such that our disciples who were only 26 years old and their mother was, let’s say, around 42 or 43, their friend sir came to stay with them. So his mother ran away with him. He was 24 years old. He was two years younger than her son. His mother ran away with him. I mean, there was no sense of proportion in anything. Just imagine, the boy’s friend came home and ran away with his mother. Just before coming here, we read an article that will surprise you. A seventeen-year-old boy has married his mother and now they are fighting in court, both the mother and son claiming that their marriage should be accepted. This is all extreme perversion. Even our filmmakers lack intelligence; they are committing so much sin that they will have to suffer its consequences. Everyone will have to suffer the consequences of their own sins. Look at our degraded condition, how are our faces? There is no gloom on it, no innocence, and no simplicity. In a way, it’s like always having a sinister look. Now, this disease of having a sinister look is also punished by the divine power of Shri Krishna. You see, people keep having sinister looks all the time. When you have a sinister look, evil spirits enter you. You don’t even realize that if evil spirits enter from the left side, your eyes start wandering, you don’t do anything except moving your eyes! Moving your eyes like this doesn’t get  you any joy. It’s a falsehood; your eyes are wandering, moving from side to side. You’re watching this, you’re watching that, and your purity chakra, the left side, is being caught. By catching this left side, guilt will develop within you. You can never be happy all the time. That’s why in our era, when we were young, our parents used to say that we should always walk with our eyes on the ground. You may have heard that Lord Lakshmana only looked at the feet of Sita Ji, he didn’t even look above them. Were they evil or bad people? What was the rule that you should walk with your eyes down? The emperors always walked with their eyes down; and those looking like beggars, like ghosts, their eyes always wandering around. A person who is in his own dignity, in his own prestige, what does it matter to him what others see? And you should know that as soon as you look at others, their negativity, their flaws, seep into you. The conditioning that resides within them infiltrates into you. And this disease has increased so much among people that they are so filled with it that they don’t understand how to protect their eyes from it. It turns their eyes red. You Thou shall not have adulterous  eyes। Weakness creeps into a person’s eyes. The eyes start causing a lot of trouble. That’s why it is said that you should walk on the grass, walk on Mother Earth, who is your mother. Only by knowing your mother will you understand your sister too. Until you know your mother, you cannot understand your sister. But the reality is that you should keep your eyes downcast and not look with an evil eye when walking on the path or looking at someone. This is a sin. And even the Guru has said Thou shall not commit adultery, and Christ also came and said Thou shall not have adulterous eyes. He clearly stated that Adulterous eyes are equally evil as adulterous life. He reached you with this holiness and hoped. But today, where the world has reached, if we say this today, they might take it badly. But try and see. See the vitality and beauty that will come into your life and everyone else’s life, such that moving your eyes and degrading  yourself in this manner, which later leads to prostitution and the like. Nowadays, the songs that are there, the way women sit and sing, etc., all of it is so superficial and the ways in which they are immersing themselves, it’s incomprehensible, especially what impact it has on middle-class people. If a man has money, he has nothing to save, he can just enjoy himself. He has all the means now. Someone who has excessive money thinks about what to do or not to do. Where to invest this money and where can  I  dump it and himself too. As soon as he has money in hand, he thinks about going to races, then does this, then that. That’s why today I’m discussing sin and virtue because it’s about the Guru’s teachings. The concept of sin and virtue comes to you on this path of purity, what is sin and virtue? If you haven’t thought about sin and virtue up to the path of purity, you are lost. Your Kundalini won’t awaken. Sin and virtue both exist in the world. But they think, ‘Mother, this person is so sinful, yet look at how much progress he has made.’ I said, “Go to their homes and see what’s happening. Look at the progress in their lives. Is there any joy on this man’s face? When people take his name, they say, ‘Oh my, whose name did you mention!’ For a man whom no one ever speaks well of behind his back, such a person, such a characterless, such a fallen person, if you consider them as ideals, then your place will also remain there. When you transcend in our Sahaja Yoga, then power will come from within you. You will recognize your own dignity because you are much respected. You don’t know how much effort God has put into creating this mechanism within you. How beautifully it’s made, how it’s been crafted, and how this Kundalini has been kept safe. You are insulting yourself. You are demeaning yourself. Don’t understand your mistake. Understand your maturity, understand your circumstances. You are the flowers of the whole world and you have to turn into fruit.” If you understand this, that you are worthy of God’s grace, God acknowledges you and is bowing down to you, telling you to attain what is rightfully yours, which is your credit. Recognizing merits also comes from human intelligence. As long as there is foolishness inside, one cannot achieve it. This intelligence also comes from the awakening of the Kundalini. When a person awakens in their Kundalini, intelligence arises within them. Balance comes within them. There is foolishness, there is smartness, and there is intelligence. There is no difference in intelligence. Because intelligence can be both foolish and wise. Based on intelligence, a person steals. He says, “Why shouldn’t I steal? I don’t have this thing, he has it, so why shouldn’t I steal it?” So, rationality comes into play. Rationality can rationalize everything. But intelligence will say, “No, others’ things belong to them, and my things belong to me.” The pleasure I am getting in my thing is not in that. And also, nothing belongs to anyone. No one’s thing belongs to anyone, leaving everything behind. It’s just a mental thought to say this is mine and that is yours. It’s written in the registrar’s office that this is yours and this is mine. Everything has to be left behind while leaving. When leaving, a person leaves everything behind. This is a common thing, why make such a fuss about it? Now, the chakras on our right side, which belong to the right-side purity chakra, are made from the power of Shri Krishna and Radha. When a person stands against their power, they become like Kansa, thinking, “I am the greatest king, I am the greatest leader, and I am everything.”  When arrogance like Kansa grows within him, because he kills his own sister, kills his own brother-in-law, kills his sister’s children. How can I rule over everyone? He doesn’t see anything in the world. He is caught by the grip of the right-side purity chakra. But the grip of the right-side purity chakra starts when you catch  cold. Now everyone says that Tulsi is very good for a cold. The reason is that Tulsi’s power is here in the left side, it balances our right side. In other words, having a cold is not such a serious matter, but in our Sahaja Yoga, there is also a very good arrangement for a cold, and for that, if you understand how your common cold, which is a sinus problem and so on, can be corrected. But the power in between, which is called the power of the virat. This is the most important. Today, wherever people are searching for something, where humanity is engrossed in the search for the Divine and the search for truth. They are searching for their wholeness, searching for their universality. They are searching that if I am a part of that universality, then I should search for that of which I am a part. This means that the thing we call collective consciousness has not yet arrived. We say, “You are brothers, you are sisters. We give big lectures that this is established so it fits, meaning the drama of what is to happen, the human being does it first, like a rehearsal. It feels like a rehearsal that you are also a brother, you are also a sister. You are all siblings. Everyone is collectively one. In reality, all this is still a lie for you, not for us. When you enter into Sahaja Yoga, your collective consciousness awakens. As soon as collective consciousness awakens, you begin to feel that the other is within me and I am within them. You start seeing this because when the absolute point is reached, you move into the relative stage. Where are you in this absolute point and where is it? Now, to put it simply, what happens is that the chakras of your fingers become awakened. These 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, these seven chakras of the left sympathetic and right sympathetic become awakened, then what starts to be felt in this? What is felt in this is, for example, if someone is standing in front of you, I can immediately tell what illness they have. How do I understand this? Imagine that if there is a shine or some warmth in this finger of my right hand, then I will know that there is a problem in their liver because this is the navel chakra of the right hand side and the navel chakra is the place of the liver on the right hand side. After that when the man moves on, even small frequencies are caught by the person. In Sahaja Yoga even, one starts having the same feeling as one has in front of him. And when it feels like there is heaviness in the liver, and if you ask them if their liver is effected? Then he says yes, the liver is affected . You rub your hands like this. Your liver will also be fine and his liver will also be fine. If a man has a headache, when you go to him, your head will also feel slightly heavy. You will say, ‘Are you having a headache?’ and he will say ‘Yes.’ After that, you  will press your head like this and make it better. You will see that his headache will also be relieved. The collective consciousness that comes within you, the collective awareness, this is subjectivity. Meaning, it actually comes, meaning this is actualization. It’s not just a conversation, it happens. Your consciousness comes at this level. A new dimension comes within it, in which you become collectively aware. He might say if it is realized, he will also say that look at them, they have a hold on their heart. So, the heart is holding you. There is pressure on your heart. This has become physical, emotional you can also tell. Many people appear intelligent from the outside but are crazy from the inside. If you go near them, they slap you twice like this. But if you are realized, you will know that they are crazy. You will find out, that is, where the command center is. That is, if someone catches some chakra on the left side, then some mental distortion has occurred in it, some left-sided ones are this type. If they come on the right side, they are physical and emotional. This is connected to your Vishuddhi chakra. Many people transcend, but they cannot feel the vibrations inside them, the reason is the malfunction of the Vishuddhi  chakra. Because I have told that your cigarette smoking is harmful to the Vishuddhi chakra. Even if you don’t smoke, in the city environment, just imagine that your father is one of the smokers, then this Vishuddhi chakra gets damaged here. If the Vishuddhi chakra gets damaged, then the two nerves that come out of the Vishuddhi chakra, which we have, when this consciousness comes in our central nervous system, even when we are awake, we cannot feel it. Because our sensitivity ends. Our sensitivity can increase from this chakra if our Vishuddhi chakra is fully awakened. So there are also mantras for this chakra, one should understand this mantra, by saying the mantra prescribed for that mantra, explained mantra, this chakra becomes awakened. If these two fingers of the Vishuddhi chakra are put into the ear and the head is pushed  back, and if you say ‘Allahu Akbar’ three times, then your chakra will be cleansed. Because Akbar is the Virat. Prophet Muhammad said this, Krishna said this, but who listens? Whatever they told, if you do it like this and then read the prayers, then all the Kundalini will awaken, but if you go and tell this to any human, then they will chase to kill me. Prophet Muhammad was also an incarnation of the Supreme Being, and I say that in the awakening of Kundalini, he did as much work as no one else has done. How should Satan be expelled? They have explained some ways, all of which are unique. Most of which we still do. We also use them in Sahaj Yoga so far. Although we have people like Adi Shankaracharya who have written great things and if you follow all those subtleties, you become completely stable. We have many benefits from such great avatars in this country, these saints-sadhus, and these great incarnations. Such great avatars have descended in this land of yoga, which we call Maharashtra. Many saints have irrigated our blood. They have worked so hard on you that you get realization just on a signal; Especially when I go to villages, you see, thousands of people flock in today. Now look how many people have come to our lecture. It starts from here. People do not recognize the truth. There is no attraction for truth. People are going there. If someone says, “I will strip you naked and make you dance,” you will all leave for there. Paying money and dancing there, you will come back and say, “Wow! What fun it was.” Sahaja Yoga is not for such foolish people who are not serious, who have no caliber, who say, “This is not child’s play.” Until someone within you has complete faith, complete reverence, it doesn’t work for them. Compromising for them is very easy with falsehood, Sahaja Yoga does not work on such individuals. It is not necessary to be a great scholar or knowledgeable to attain Sahaja Yoga, but one must have a strong heart. They should be kings. Sahaja Yoga works on such a person effortlessly. Now, if I start explaining Krishna Shakti, years will pass. It requires many things to open all sixteen petals and to explain. And you still don’t know what Kundalini is. You haven’t seen it. What you haven’t seen, haven’t experienced, you can know it. Its pulsation, you can see with your eyes. Its ascent, you can see. Its rotation, you can see. Now, these things are different; you haven’t known yet. Invisible  objects, you haven’t known yet, but they are. Like there are many pictures here right now. You cannot see them. Put on the television, you can see. There is music playing here, you cannot hear. But if you turn on the radio, you can hear. Similarly, the power of the Divine is manifested everywhere. In atoms and particles, the power of the Divine is filled. If Kundalini awakens, if its cord connects with the main source, then its dialogue with the Divine begins. Then on these very hands, which you think are ordinary, on these very hands, you can know. You can ask by touching like this, “Is there God in the world?” Then you will see cool waves starting to flow within you. There should be love for oneself, respect, extreme love. Because the Divine did not create you so that your life becomes meaningless. Not in any way. If your life becomes meaningless, then even God’s existence will lose its meaning. The creation will also become meaningless. While maintaining respect for oneself and having a loving attitude, remain fully engaged in this work with complete hope. With the omnipresent God, you can communicate through conscious waves because this divine power is filled in all living and non-living beings. 

You all have infinite blessings.