9th Day of Navaratri Celebrations, Eve of Navaratr, Puja & Havan

Mumbai (India)

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9th Day of Navaratri

…..made Her bhaktas secure.

This huge task took place in an age when the bhaktas were troubled by evil rakshasas and instruments of the devil. Even nowadays.there is no scarcity of devilish people in the world, and the world is enveloped by their demonic thoughts and actions. And that is why humans are trying very hard to come out of it 

In this Navratri so many people have got their realization And by receiving this Self Knowledge, they have been able to get rid of all the problems caused due to demonic dominance.

 But the biggest thing is that you have become enlightened in Sahaja Yoga And even I never thought that so many people would get their enlightenment.The fact that so many people have got their realization in such a short time has been a milestone And when we look at this milestone we feel that a lot can be accomplished within the year .

I’m saying this to you today because you are now Sahaja Yogi’s which means you are not ordinary people; you have got that yoga now, you cannot be yoga bhrashta (realisation is corrupted) and you should move according to this Yoga. It means, if you have a few habits, and you assert your willpower a little bit, I will give you the Shakti to overcome these bad habits.

Speaking too much or too  little that is not good. in everything you have to be in the center (balance). don’t go to extremes. If there’s a person who thinks of money all the time, and power all the time. he should be brought into the centre. Your mind should be in balance, that is you should be in thoughtless awareness, gradually expand your thoughtless awareness. The more thoughtlessly aware you are the more Divine Power will you have. Your caliber will become wider, and so will your Divine Energy (Shakti). But when this Divine Power increases you have to put it to use. If you don’t utilize it your caliber will become small again.

You now have to go home and dwell upon how you can spread Sahaja  Yoga. Make a list of the places where you are known. Which are the areas where you can go and establish this Yoga. For that whatever you need, you can go to the Center. Now there are many Centers, today I opened a Center in Colaba at Cuff Castle.

And in this manner you can have a Center in every place and if you want to open an additional one, you can. Wherever you have friends and relatives and wherever you work, you can bring people from there into Sahaja Yoga and emancipate this world. We have to save all of humanity. And those of you who are sitting here are all the vehicles for this work and your responsibility Is huge.

The Sahaja Yogis of today do not understand their responsibilities. Sahaja Yoga cannot move forward with just 20 to 25 people taking responsibility. Each person must understand their responsibility and decide how they’re going to spread Sahaja Yoga.You’re already empowered to do that. You only need to sit down and think about how you’re going to spread it. You are aware that people who couldn’t speak in public are able to do so now. And this power will come to you only when you decide to give realisation to others, otherwise your powers will diminish, everyone is aware that the power diminishes if you don’t give it to others. I’m not telling you to cure others, for that you give them My photograph. But talk to others, get them into Sahaja Yoga, get them for realization, make them sit in front of the photo and give them realization. It is not necessary (advisable) for you to give the realization without the Photograph: as far as possible use the Photograph so that you are protected. So that you don’t have any problems,So that you don’t get an ego and nothing tarnishes your purity. 

How many people should we get into Sahaja Yoga?. The more people you get into Sahaja Yoga, the  stronger your own connection will be. but for this you yourself must be a good Sahaja Yogi. if you yourself are  unstable, all those who you bring to Sahaja Yoga will also be unstable . Those who come with you will also drown with you so please stabilize yourself and that is very important.

Wherever your community is and friends are, a lot can be done. if you sit and think about it –  these are the places where my community is. the societies in which I am a member or become a member of such communities and talk to them because we have to transform the World and it is a huge task.

 We  are ordinary people  to look at, but if this work is to happen, we must  be cohesive and focused and dedicated. I am giving you whatever powers are needed for this. take as much as you want, you can receive it and Increase your powers completely but you will have to be focused and dedicated.

There is only one main locking point in Sahaja Yoga, only one trick which is very easy as well as very difficult in this Kaliyuga, which I will tell you in My own words today.  Up until now you did not recognize any of the incarnations that took birth, you didn’t recognize, that’s okay. Whatever mistake was made Is forgiven. But, if you don’t recognize Me as an incarnation then you cannot do Sahaja Yoga, nothing. This is a compulsion. I put this obligation before I came into this world and you are obliged  to accept this compulsion. If you do not recognise me, Sahaja Yoga will not work out .nothing will work out. All the deities are sitting in Me and I am telling you this openly because you all are Sahaja Yogis. I had to come with all of them seated in Me and you should utilize and understand that knowledge to the maximum. 

If you lack focus then Sahaja Yoga will not work out and neither will you and the whole world will finish. This is the last chance for the entire world. 

An incarnation with all the deities in Her, an Incarnation who is Motherly, is explaining everything to you, talking to you and is getting you to do Her work with all the love and patience and is working very hard, day in and day out with you. You know that I never look after  the comfort of My own body but that of yours. Among you are people who are still half baked or as we say in Marathi -ardhavat. it means that their mind is half here and half there; the ones who Christ called ‘half believers’.those kind of people are completely useless because Christ had said that they are ‘mummering souls’, and their prattle is meaningless. Their attention is always drawn towards useless things and never things that actually matter. this is very wrong and that’s why all the conventions of Sahaja Yoga have to be followed.

 Firstly, among Sahaja Yogis there are rules. 

Nobody can take even a single penny in the name of  Sahaja Yoga. Just like unauthorized work harms you in the same way If you take  any money without authorization it will harm you.

 Let me repeat, that in Sahaja Yoga nobody can take any money for their personal use . 

You are very well aware that I use My own money to do a lot of work. But, the other thing is even though Sahaja Yoga is given free of cost it doesn’t mean that it is cheap. it is actually priceless. 

I asked Mr. Mehtani how much money people were contributing. You know that there are expenses like that of this hall and that hall . Yesterday, Mr  Abhishek sang for us, that is an expense, Puja too.

 Those who do not give money for food and then come and tell me that their Lakshmi tatwa is affected. it will be so. You have to pay for the expenses of the Puja; being Hindus you don’t you understand that? You really must give money for the Puja. You want to get it done free of cost,  then we will have beggars in Sahaja Yoga. It will not work through beggars!

Just yesterday I told them that you need to have some respect . Are you so short of money that you don’t even have enough to pay for Puja? For such people nothing is available.

This means that you need to improve your self respect, you should have more self respect and think.

Now, a lot of people they have said that “Ma, we take five rupees per month from these people.” if there are such beggars who cannot even pay five rupees a month, they cannot go on in Sahaja Yoga!

 Can’t you even pay five rupees a month? They showed Me the names of people whose name had ‘never’ written in front of their names. They have never contributed any money at all. That’s amazing! They come to the programme, make use of things, eat food, etc. They are worse than beggars that they have ‘never’ written in front of their names. They’ve never paid a single dime. This is very wrong! We need money for whatever work we need to do in our community. Is Mataji always going to spend Her own money? Is it a good thing that I must pay for your emancipation? Or my husband should pay- he’s the one prospering!

His Lakshmi tatwa is getting better and not yours. By God’s grace, he receives a handsome salary- his Lakshmi tatwa is improving and yours, of my children, is getting worse. Don’t bank on him to improve your Lakshmi tatwa.

Your Lakshmi should also be spent. What is five rupees? Its nothing, five rupees a month is nothing.If Sahaja Yogis are like this then they don’t need to come. Next time whichever Sahaja Yogi hasn’t paid, I’m not going to allow them to come in my Puja. I don’t want such beggars in my Puja. I don’t want beggars to offer Pooja to me!

 It is everyone’s duty and everyone should voluntarily get their names written down and voluntarily give at least five rupees per month. I’m going to come and see the list next time and I don’t want to see ‘never’ written in front of anyone’s name. If you can give more, then you should because you know what everything costs, the hall, the food and everything. People don’t even want to pay for their food, they want to eat free of cost. We don’t want such people. Free – funders are not wanted in Sahaja Yoga.

 Sahaja Yoga is absolutely free but it is not for free- funders. From where should we get the money, we have to pay for this, should Mataji pay?

 I have told My husband clearly that he is not to pay, otherwise  it is he who will be getting more wealth and you people will become poor. 

The second thing is that  even our organization is not in order. When we are all born of one Mother then we children must have love between us. We must love and understand each other. It’s really joyful to love one another, just try. The joy of loving each other is something completely different. Having enmity, jealousy, envy….. the moment I come I hear complaints, ’They did not tell us.” “ They did not inform us.” “They did not talk to us.” “ So and so did this, and so and so did that.”  and I say,”Oh my God.” We Indians especially people from Mumbai are the most cranky of all. But unlike them the people from Pune can differentiate and separate people who are not as good and avoid them. And they’re not complainers. Otherwise the Mumbai people are always whining about being oppressed by someone or the other in the family, day in and day out 

You need to to be dignified. You are dignified. You know what you are . I have given you that which I gave Shri Ganesha. You are the holy and sanctified people of this world. What are you doing?

Forget about your old habits. Now you are Kings. Why are you still holding a begging bowl, roaming around like beggars? You were the sons of The King, you got lost but now you’re Kings again. Then why are you behaving like beggars? Be dignified.

Thirdly, the young people amongst you, 25-30 how many ever you are, living in different areas, give your names before going today so I can have a look before leaving. You must organise and look after your Centres and those who are in charge of them. Elderly people are not going to do any work. I’ve relieved all the trustees. The Trust is to be dissolved as it isn’t needed anymore. The Trust was made for the Ashram and there is no money there. Now you all have to take care of the expenditure. It’s not a difficult job. There are so many of you. It’s not difficult . You do not have any other major expenses. You have to take care of the expenses (of the Centre), no money shall be withdrawn from the Trust. I have confirmed from the Reserve Bank that there is no taxation on occasional income. Mr Pradhan, Jaiwan, Uma, Nimma, daughters of Mr Mehtani and Zarina have been told about this. Similarly, Radjesh Modi is a very active man and other young active people are there; they all should get together.There are many active people in Girgam who should be included. Mr Modi is very knowledgeable. Like this make a group of younger people.Whoever wants to enlist should do so today after the Puja as a promise; that we are going to do the work and gather the people. There should be 25 names, can even be more. The elderly are not to be bothered and the children can be left. 

The young people should take responsibility in their own areas and take it upon themselves. They should meet over tea or otherwise.  When I come after a year I want to see how much Sahaja Yoga has spread.

 One very good thing is that because  of the advent of Guru Singh Hast, Sahaja Yoga can spread very rapidly if you all put in a little bit of effort.

 So you must understand what I’m saying. I have told you about Lakshmi tatwa  and secondly about organization and that is the Saraswati tatwa. In fact about how to organize things and how to call people, how to help them to progress and how to explain things to them  and how to include them. In every Center and in every community there can be 1 leader and he can organize everything beautifully. In London and in Pune, they have organized things in a way where one person looks after about 25 people who meet each other and find out how each one is. 

Talk to each other with love and affection. Don’t find faults or make fun of the other or judge one another.  The friendship will be extremely joyful, boundlessly joyful. Garkari Bai is also active but she has children and she has problems. So take her children. Whatever and wherever you can include people, include them  and work it out. 

Next year I’m going to ask whoever is involved  about what they have done. 

You should not need to ask for money.  For that, make a group of 4 or 5 people, they can perform dramas,as they suggested. Do whatever is needed. Occasional income is not taxed I have found out.  you don’t even need to keep records about it. Only regular income is taxable. People have occasional income in lakhs (hundred thousands), for example the fund for the Congress (Indian political party) etc.That’s occasional income.  We don’t have any funds . So you people should try and give five rupees a month or more. If a person earns well then it makes no sense for him to give just five rupees.

Secondly, for Puja, you should call only those people who come regularly and who are established in Sahaja Yoga. Don’t call those people who come just once in a while. Such half-hearted people cannot go on in Sahaja Yoga. At least they cannot get the blessing of performing a Puja.

In Sahaja Yoga there are two three circles as you may have noticed. First is the peripheral circle which has the general public and they’re not realized souls. Inside that is the circle of realized souls and in that is the ring with people who come once in awhile. And then there is a ring of people who are regulars and the innermost ring is that which has the most dedicated people. I know each and everyone, I don’t need to give them a certificate. I know each and every person and don’t need to be told anything about anyone  and nor do I need to hear any complaints.

  You should live sensibly in this way, with the understanding that you all are special people and the Almighty has specially chosen you. The Kundalini has been awakened in you  and you have been crowned a yogi, sitting at home. You didn’t have to do anything for that. Now is the time for action and those who act will gain a lot. Those who do not act will not gain anything. If you don’t contribute anything how can you receive back. If I enlighten you with the knowledge of Saraswati –  If you bring me a boy and say he doesn’t study and I get him to pass with a first division, and even after that if he doesn’t do the work of Saraswati, then how long will Saraswati stay with him? Do you light a lamp to give light or do you light it to hide it somewhere? Your lamps have been lit and they should enlighten many more lamps.  It is a big responsibility. You are My hands and you are My eyes and you are My everything and only through you will it work out. If it wasn’t so why would I plead in front of you – Child- please do this work? You are My hands and without the hands no work can be done. But one should live sensibly and not allow ego and false notions to enter one’s head.

I don’t need anything. All I want is that your life, a Yogi’s life should become extremely beautiful.and because of you mey many come in the path of enlightenment and be established in the Kingdom of God.  This is My last task and so, please help Me in this last task and everything will work out.

 Surprisingly, it is very difficult to be like the English despite their being from the West. The kind of hard work they put in, and the way they meditate the way they devote themselves – all those qualities should come in you all. They don’t think about money and such things. Nor are they lethargic.They work so hard. I asked them to leave cigarettes and they did not even go near a cigarette shop. They are exemplars of dedication and hard work. They were so ignorant about Dharma but now they have mastered it. They have written books like ‘The Advent’ and very soon there will be four or five more such books. At least somebody should take responsibility of translating ‘The Advent’ In Hindi and in Marathi , and that would be great.

This is only My Puja and everything else. Otherwise what is there in a Puja? It is taking place in all the temples anyway. What is the use of that? My true Puja is when you enlighten many people, thousands of people; and I see this Shakti flowing in the whole entire world. That is My true Puja and all other forms of Puja are meaningless. It benefits only a few people.  Of course, by coming to the Puja, all your chakras become clean. But if you don’t utilize it and spread it and don’t honor it, don’t work hard and don’t change your way of life, then they (chakras) go back to being as they were.

It is a privilege to come for a Puja and for the sake of that privilege, next year all those who have come here must promise to give realisation to at least 10 people. Each and every person must take that vow today and I will give you the Shakti. And also every person must absolutely come and meditate wherever there is a collective meditation . Only when each of you take that vow, will I fully empower you.

Although today is a day of celebration for both you and for Me, it’s a big day as we are celebrating the last day of Navaratri, it is also a sad day for a Mother and her children sitting in front of Her as they can feel Her sadness too. You are seeing that I haven’t been feeling very well since yesterday. There are a lot of Mother’s children still out there and think how joyous they’ll feel when they meet their Mother and how their hearts will swell with happiness. Think of that and overcome your gloom. That they should meet their Mother and experience the same joy as you have experienced and become as happy as you all are and your mind will also become peaceful. All worries about when Mother will come and how it’ll all be done will vanish.

Everyone is knowledgeable about everything. If you have a problem, talk to each other and find a solution amongst yourselves. If you meet someone for whom you cannot find the solution then there are a few phone numbers you can reach. You can call someone like Modi or Mehtani, ask whomever you like. But as far as possible, spare the elderly people. I have closed the Trust and that needn’t be touched. You all must collect your money, and conduct your programs as you like, Your income from that will be occasional.

But always remember one thing every Paisa of the public has a lot of weightage and you should never waste the Public’s money. Not even a single Paisa should you misuse!

 Don’t use it  to pay for a cup of tea and other such things. Of course, if you have to go somewhere and it costs a lot, it’s a different thing. Use the mode of transport that you usually do, not that you usually travel by bus and then suddenly decide to take a taxi and then claim expenses for it. Even you should spend some of your own money. In this way people try to claim large expenses but this cannot go on in Sahaja Yoga. 

You know I will punish you if you do that!

 This is not the way things work in Sahaja Yoga. In Sahaja Yoga we have to be very careful about public money. It is not like Politics, where you embezzle money and do what you want. This is the Kingdom of God, and the laws are very stringent. You cannot fool around with even a single Paisa. Be respectful and live respectfully. Beat yourself with shoes morning and evening if such thoughts (of misusing public funds) enter your mind and everything will be alright. You don’t have the rights to do all this. Live with grace and love and affection for each other. Meet each other. It’s so joy giving to meet people from different places, see how many places people have come here from today. People from all races and religions are sitting here. It’s so wonderful. 

Help each other wholeheartedly. If someone is sick, promptly go and look after them, see what ails them. It’s such a good thing. You should mix with each other. That’s why I said you should have lunch here. Now, many people are there who don’t want to even pay for lunch. I said, if people are coming from outside then they are our guests but those who belong to this place should not only pay for themselves but for other people. If you cannot pay even that much once a year then such beggars should  leave. We don’t need such beggars. Everyone should meet each other Can’t we pay for even a single meal? Are people so miserly?

This has become a big drawback in Sahaja Yoga. Not taking money has become a drawback especially in Mumbai. That means there’s something wrong with Mumbai If you want to awaken your Lakshmi tatwa then become relaxed about money and secondly, become honest. both things should be there.You should be both generous and honest And then everything will work out. 

I was so pleased to see that the program in Dadar was so outstanding  and next time there will be a big Center in Dadar. I am extremely pleased with Dadar  and I grant you many blessings. May every place be able to have a great program like Dadar. It is so joyful and joy giving to realize how well my children are growing up and realizing the importance of this.  Make this program run and expand. May there be programs like the one in Dadar, in every place. May you all be very successful.

I give you all my blessings, With my whole heart, I bless you. May you be complete may you achieve your meaning  May numerous Shaktis flow from you, do good and give salvation to this world

Mother has only one desire that the world becomes happy and joyful and may you all fulfils that.