Seminar Day 1, Bija Mantras, Shri Lalita, Shri Chakra Easthampstead Park Conference Centre, Wokingham, Bracknell (England)

First western seminar: Bija Mantras, Shri Lalita, Shri Chakra. East Hampstead Park, Peacock Lane, Wokingham, Bracknell RG40 3DF, (UK) 14 October 1979.
When the Kundalini rises it makes sounds. And the sounds that are heard in the different chakras can be pronounced in the following way – these pronunciations are being used in the phonetic language of Devanagari, which means ‘the language spoken by the Devas’.
At the Mooladhara, where there are four petals, the sounds are: [vum, […]