Seminar, How to deal with Scientists

Easthampstead Park Conference Centre, Bracknell (England)

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First western seminar: “How to handle scientists. Our powers”. Easthampstead Park, London (UK), 14 October 1979.

The thing that you are doing…you do not know. It will be something like the lights which are burning in the dense forest to guide thousands of lights. They are not aware of it. It’s a tremendous task and when you have such a big load on your mind how can you sleep? You are carrying their loads also. We’ll be sleeping very well but first we must know we have a very big load. Just think of the people who are still nowhere near Sahaja yoga. And still are committing mistakes after mistakes. When are they going to come around? Only through your channels I can clear them because as far as I am concerned I am absolutely useless for anyone of them. Only through your channels I can work it out. It’s like a tin opener you know. We don’t have a tin opener you may be a Hercules you cannot open a tin. It’s something like that. I’ll expect you all are like tin openers for Me. (Laughter in background) Very important, that I have to have you, very handy to work it out. It’s only you can do it. I cannot do it. Moreover My mood is such a horrid stuff that it recedes back. It’s only you (who) stick Me to those people. It recedes back you know. And these deities are another thing. They are such proud ones that they just can’t bear it and they are over-sensitive to all the filth and ugliness. So you are the people who can bear it and can witness and understand because they are your brethren.

Supposing you were born realized you would have been a little less useful to Me. Because born realized have this cynicism in them. They (are), “Oh, what does it matter. Let them bear it. Who cares for them. They are different type. I am a crazy man. They are different. It happens with them sometimes. That’s why Joseph sometimes talks to the king. (laughter) You know why? Because you have been so busy. From the very beginning.

Yogi: Well it just started happening recently … uhh.
(laughter in the background)

Shri Mataji: Because, recently your are more confident and you find it so boring that you think whether go and talk to the king.

Yogi: I also told Deep as well. I do tell Deep about ….

Shri Mataji: Yeah, but I would say that you see it is a common experience of a person naturally because you see if you are born like that and all your life. I mean I can quite understand. You see other people live crazy and mad and you are called as crazy. Naturally you see you develop a kind of a cynicism about it. But there should be a longing and absolute feeling, of great concern for all those are not there now. I don’t know if you can think that way. I can feel their bhoots sitting …and I can feel their hankering in their seeking and all their sincerity about it. They might have done wrong. I know they have gone to horrible gurus and all kinds of things which are absolutely wrong and self destroying. I agree that. But still if it is your own child. You feel a concern till the end to save him. And the worst they are the more you feel about it. That concern is with [UNCLEAR TEXT] within you because you have got this joy. And it is you only who can give this joy. They have denied so far all the realized souls and that’s why the higher types, only very higher types could have that compassion for them. They thought all right let’s fight them out, doesn’t matter. And some of the realized souls which…whom I know, who are of very a very high quality, they sit down with a big rod in their hands. Anybody comes near they stick them back. That’s all… That’s (the) only thing they can give. They just can’t bear them. They say, “We don’t want to do anything with them.” But you are different type. That’s why a special race arises. That you are a special race, created, which is realized and have that concern, that feeling, that oneness. You feel that oneness. It’s like one saree you see. If few threads are caught up, all the threads are caught. You just can’t leave the rest of it. It’s one part. Whole thing has to be brought in. How many seekers there are in this country? Have you any statistics. All of them are to be brought around. Can you? Can be done. If you have any problems you ask me. If you want to know anything you have to tell me. Everything, everything I will tell you. But don’t waste your energies on something that won’t be needed for your life. Anything you that you ask I would love to answer your questions and tell you because tomorrow you will be facing these problems. You will not know how to deal with them, how to answer them. Let’s ask some questions. You can take few minutes. Anything about Sahaja yoga, anything about kundalaini, anything about…

Yogi: We have been .. uhh…trying some people …in private ceremonies…our private …you know. They all [UNCLEAR TEXT/allow] scientific [UNCLEAR TEXT]… scientific pattern, scientific proof. Specifically if You can tell us something like that… which is sort of…I really know the benefit…
Shri Mataji: I’ll tell you some of the scientific facts, you see. see, it depends on what you want to prove to them. Supposing you want to prove to them…whether there is God or not. This is one fundamental question of the scientist. Of course now they are reaching somewhere there. They are themselves reaching out. You see those who are beating here and they are reaching to that point.
Because the other day I saw one gentleman describing all these antibodies and everything and he has [UNCLEAR TEXT/ ahead] put up one God also there. He said, “Without these we cannot explain rest of the stuff.” That’s how he was going on. But depends on what question they are asking about what…to give them scientific thing. Now for example if you have to say there is God or not. There are on two three point you can easily convince them that there is God. First of all that this earth has seceded from the sun say about two billion years… at the most and since then the time that has been taken to form a human being has been very short even to produce a cell according to law of chance. Now Regis knows what is law of chance. Law of chance is like this that if you have say fifty white and fifty red pebbles in a jar and if you disorganize them and after complete disorganization you try to again organize them that they become fifty again on top white and the fifty red below, it takes a particular number of shaking. Minimum of so much shaking has to be done. Suppose you call it x, x you can call it x…or you can call it n number of six, seven whatever it is… or alright let us call it, x. That x number of times you have to shake. So even to get an amoeba which is a living animal, which is an organized animal is a unicellular animal, even to get that if you calculate, you take… you’ll take much more time than two billion years. Even to do that. But to create this human beings in such a short time…which is an impossibility according to the law of chance. How it has been worked out is the question. When you can’t answer that question that means there is some juggler who does the job. Now there is a juggler who knows how to do it in a short time. This is one of the very very strong things which shows that the working of the nature has been so fast that it cannot explain scientifically how a human being so complicated has been created. It’s one important point you can, one very good point, you see, as far as the creation is concerned.

There are so many other things like the way earth is moving, moon is moving and everything is moving and controlled and it is kept in such a way that human beings who are living on this speedily moving earth do not feel any speed or do not feel any sound. They are moving in this atmosphere and how the atmosphere is also moving, the way it is done, needs a tremendous organization. It cannot be done by any human effort or by any chance. A chance cannot do all these things together. Then also we can say that the whole, the Mother Earth and all those things have such a balancing capacity. I mean we do not want to see the miracles of life. They cannot explain, scientist, how of everything. See supposing you watch a small little leaf under a microscope what a beautiful pattern and how it is managed so the circulation of water is properly done and is going from one end to another. Then the exposure to sun is in such a way that the suction of water goes on. It is such a fast one that in one minute the water can reach sixty feet. This cannot be done by any suction power as it can be done by this. Now they might say yes the reason is there is a hormone which works this way, that way. Alright, but who has put the hormone there? Who controls the heights of different trees? For example a rose cannot grow like a palm tree. Why not? A seed of mango will give you a coconut by chance? It is never done. Why? How? Why there is gravity in the earth? There is no question science has answered so far, I tell you that. What they have done, now there a chair, alright, take the chair and take out the part of it and see what it is. This is there, this is there, this is there, this is there,…that’s all. Supposing you come to this house you see. This house is here… this is here…this [UNCLEAR TEXT] are there. This is built like this. This is built and made of this mortar. That happened. But how this house was built? When was it built? Who built it? What is the purpose? These things are not answered. Science itself is very naïve. Actually it was unnecessary according to Me to go into science at all there was no need at all to me. You tell Me one thing that was important. Somebody told Me the other day we have got aeroplanes. We had aeroplanes in India at the time [INAUDIBLE]….how do you have condor as you have?
See there is a God, there is an Indian God Vishnu, just imagine Vishnu who visited our country on a condor. That’s what our Indians tell us. Nobody stated this. That is Garuda. We both were amazed at this. Now how they can come to know. We also know in Africa they came to know about the Sun. Much before all your sciences came. How did they know? From where did they get this knowledge? You can know each and everything about all these things by going to your supra conscious area. I told about Big Bang. I never knew about Big Bang. About 1970 I told them about Big Bang. Openly I didn’t know there was a Bigbang theory or whatever is star.
I told the whole universe was moving in a spiral and the other day they said, “I have discovered it.” It’s in My book also, I have written down if you see that. Everything that you want to know you can know through supraconcious area, everything you can. But what happens when you are not absolutely free and absolutely developed then if you go to supra conscious area, what happens that one of these devils can sit on you and can give you ideas. And that’s how when the people in Colombia used to take something like LSD they got these ideas and they could go into supra conscious and see Vishnu visiting them. This is all supra conscious knowledge. You can get all that. About the hell now, what is a hell? What is in the subconscious area? And what are the devils? You can know by going to that thing. It is not difficult.

The other day we, I had an engineer from India and the other fellow was saying that he has a….he gets into double bodies and his body goes out and he says that I can sees the bhoots and everything. I’ve seen bhudhaiet spirits coming out, then I have seen this, and I have seen that…he was explaining everything to me. I said, “Depends.” What’s all I told you about bhoots he was telling ten times more about that. You can see. So that knowledge, you don’t have to go to science for that. What moreover ….Science cannot tell you anything about bhoots. It cannot tell you about supra conscious bhoots. Otherwise it could have protected you. It has not. If it has protected I would have understood. But by science you are not protected. You are not at all protected. You have created atomic bombs. Very nice. I mean nothing else could be created by human beings but atomic bomb. For a person like that how do I feel, about the intelligence and the wisdom of human beings to create atomic bomb. But what has saved you is the fear of science. This is God’s play. The atomic bomb that you have produced has put you down. Now if you start any tricks there are only certain switches, you see. So the fear of science has brought this.

But you need not tell a scientist that science has done like this because he can not [UNCLEAR TEXT]. You say science [UNCLEAR TEXT/in your …] no doubt, we accept. But with science what good it has happened? How to pamper a scientist I tell you. I tell you something. You can say that by science we realize that there are many things we cannot explain. One thing in the body you can say that anything foreign that goes in the body is thrown away. But when there is fetus formation it is neither thrown away nor it is destroyed, on the contrary it is looked after nurtured and thrown away at a time it is absolutely ready to come out and face the world. Now who does this job? Who controls your [UNCLEAR TEXT] times.

Then another thing which is a very, very, very scientific thing to impress on them, I would say. There are two chemical known as acytacholine and adrenaline which doctor use and all the doctors know. They, doctors say that the mode of action of these two chemicals in human body we do not know. Because they may augment, means constrict or they may relax. How can it be? Supposing it is a chemical it has to act as it is. Either it will augment or it would relax. But some places they augment and some places they relax. So what is the explanation for this? They say the mode of action of these chemicals in the human bodies cannot be explained. But we can explain that there are deities who are doing this job. So you have come so far that these are these hurdles. There are many like this. I mean you can give so many arguments where they cannot explain how these things happen, how it works out. You take a little eye of a human being and you tell them to construct one like this. They cannot.

So you tell them these are the problems of the science. They cannot explain how it works out. How it cooperates with other things? How the nature’s cycle works out? How the whole thing is so beautifully arranged? Like the leaves have to fall during winter time because the Mother Earth is to be nourished by the Nitrogen. So the leaves have to fall down to nourish the Mother Earth. Then again She nourishes them back. So the, the Sun has to move on an axis in such a manner that there is a winter and there is a summer. By changing a variations of these thing only life can be produced and maintained. If it was a solid God sitting like a rock and a cold, complete, no movement of any kind, then no life nor day, or nothing would have come. But the scientist, they think that God is like that. That’s why they are confused. If they understand that He acts into every human being and into every particle… You can ask them, say, a sulfur dioxide molecule if you take and if you see it through microscope you can see it is pulsating. And some of the pulsations are isometric and some are symmetric. Just imagine, in a molecule…And then these mesotoms and all those, they act arbitrarily? How do you explain all these things? The thousand and one things one can tell about scientists which they cannot explain. Sahaja yoga can explain it by one short that there are deities within you. Now how do we prove it scientifically?
There was a doctor who was suffering from cancer, who came to me. And he was an ardent Muslim. And I told him to take the name of Nanaka. He said I would not. I can only take the name of Muhammad. I said, Muhammad himself is angry with you because you are such a fanatic. Because Muhammad was born as Nanaka. He said, “No, I cannot take His name.” “Alright”, I said, “Go ahead.” I said alright take the name of Dattatreya. He would not take. He would not take the name of Mosses. He said, “I only know Muhammad.” But then he was very much worse. Then he came to Me. I said now take the name of Dattatreya. You won’t believe he sat down. He said, “Mother, teach me how to do puja of Dattatreya.” And he got much better. I must say. There was another gentleman who was a staunch Hindu. And if they are staunch they are the worst they can become. (laughter) And I told him that he has to take the name of Muhammad. And he would not. He said, “You are finishing my religion. What are you doing? You are blasphemous.” All kind of things he said. I said, “Alright you can say whatever you like.” After one year he, again he appeared, in Delhi. And then I told him, ”Now will you take the name of Mohammad Sahib and do some Namaz?” And he read it. And he is alright.

See if you understand the true nature of all the deities you can cure people. You can awaken. You have seen that only by taking the name of Mataji the other day how many people got cured. You have seen yourself. Now if people are getting cured, say they are getting alright by saying some name, what’s the harm? You don’t have to pay anything to God. Or do they prefer to die in martyrdom? But they will not take the name of God. See this is stupidity. And if they are real scientist they must keep an open mind. Otherwise they are not a scientist at all. You see Avogadro’s hypothesis they had which was changed. He proved his laws. They have a hypothesis always. Which is to be proved by law. It was proved. But then they discarded it. Newton’s laws were discarded today. They have to keep an open mind otherwise they are not scientist. If they are open minded they can see for themselves. Now the only difference between science and Sahaja yoga is this. That Sahaja yoga deals with the living vital force while science deals with the dead.

But scientifically you can show them the pulsation of Kundalini at the base. With a stethoscope they can feel at different levels the pulsation with their stethoscope when the Kundalini is rising. They can see the dilatation of the pupil. This is also a controversial problem for them. They don’t know whether it is sympathetic or para-sympathetic. But it is parasympathetic. Because the children if you see their eyes are dilated that’s why. It is parasympathetic, when their this thing is open. Then their eyes are dilated. When it closes down then only their eyes are constricted. Otherwise you can see children all the time looking like that, you see, with big big eyes and their dilated pupils. So this is a controversial point with them. They cannot decide still if it is parasympathetic or sympathetic. But the dilatation of the pupil is so strong, it’s something.

We have a [UNCLEAR/guru] Punjabi doctor, lady doctor. She came to Me and I was trying on her and it would not work out. Then I told her may be on your way you might get it… realization. And while she was driving you know, for a while she could not see anything. She took her car on one side and she went there and she told Me, “Is it that the pupils are very much dilated because as soon as I came in the hospital the doctor said what has happened? Your pupils are very much dilated. So she went and saw and she telephoned to Me. I said, “Yes.”

And one boy, he has closed his eyes and when he opened his eyes he saw this blackening and he got fright. He said, “I have become blind Mother”. The second moment he was alright. Now by raising your hand if you can dilate the pupil of somebody there must be something about it. What more scientific thing you want? I mean it is easy to make people dance take their clothes and become naked, or say some mantras and things like that. But this is the happening within yourself you can say.

You can also show a person has, say, liver trouble. You can immediately see that at the liver point only Kundalini in going and pulsating and working out. If you see that, immediately you can say, this is, see he is suffering from liver. Here is the Kundalaini. And you give a little support from your hand there. You will find that Kundlalini finds its way up. Because She goes to the places where it is a problem.
You have so many things you can see with your own eyes and that is what science is. You can see the face of a person changing when this is working out. …you make two photographs, one before and after, especially Marylin. You see before realization and after realization every one of them. You should have a photograph of your [UNCLEAR TEXT] and you see the difference in the person. The face in just a short time…His face is…just see his…after the puja you know. I mean the face changes so much that I do not recognize them. I said, ”Have you come for the first time?” You see so much change if you see her. Do people remark that?
Yogini: Mmm..[ UNCLEAR TEXT]
Shri Mataji: Hmm? Every one? Very much? The, the completion becomes radiant. And the face looks so relaxed you see. And the serenity comes on you. It is something surprising sometimes happens. See, the other day I had gone with one of these the Sir…the Sharada Devi…to a program, to a reception. And there a lady met Me and afterwards…and I told her she is a very good singer and this and that and…So she met Me and said, “Where is Your sister? Where is she gone?” I said, “Who’s that?” “The one who used to sing very well”. I said “Which one?” And she said she thought I had come with her. I said, “She is not My sister. She is My disciple.” Oh but you know, thought there was common between you. Of course she wasn’t [UNCLEAR TEXT].

Shri Mataji : If only I was [UNCLEAR TEXT/ suggested]. Hmm?
[INAUDIBLE Yogi and Shri Mataji speak.]
Shri Mataji : Then what I did I started singing Myself to save Myself from the play you see. But also there many must have got realization there.

So when Chirananda told Me about this Muktanand I was really frightened. So you better beat him with shoes.
Lady: It is meal time.
Shri Mataji: You are coming to normal now.
Lady: I feel much better.
Shri Mataji: Hmm? Much better now?
Lady: Yeah.
Shri Mataji: You are much better.
Shri Mataji: That will be good food to you?
Yogi : Hmm it is…very good.
Shri Mataji: They had a very small and a short ceremony. Very interesting.
Did you listen to the tape I made about the…Did you follow the Granti business?
Yogi: Granthi business? Yeah..
Shri Mataji: Ghranti. That you were asking which are these in between things. And …I have told them nine chakras. Apart from the two the Chandra and Soorya. That also I have given, the name of them.
Yogi: These are very powerful because nearly to go and say the bija mantra.
Shri Mataji: Umm?
Yogi: I said nearly to go and say the bija mantras with lot of people. It will be..

Shri Mataji : It must be…But you see it was done when Anand was shouting from one side. Aaradhana was coming from another side. And I thought it would never be done. Then they saw…when he came I was, we were trying to search it in another paper.

It has to be in the hubbub of life because if you have to seek every time the loneliness we cannot and it so happens that the loneliness can be revived, it can be awakened there. But we have to face that hubhub all the time. So when you can retain it in that hubhub then you should know that we are definitely something. Otherwise like a ship which is standing in the,… say, in the…in the dry docks and the people are repairing it. So it…it may look very nice and perfectly alright but once it faces the sea then only you will know whether it is correct or not. In the same way everyone of us have to go back into the same hubhub and we have to face the same life and the same thing to find out how far we are in Sahajayoga. Are we really there or not? Have we really achieved something or not? Because here nature helps you. You are so much secluded and you reach a certain accent. But if the property is completely built in you then where ever you are you can see that, very clearly. You can feel that inside outside all the time, wherever you may be. But this is a very good idea to come here to build up yourself and then go and face them. Again come here and build up yourself and go and face the world. After some time you will become like temples. Those who will come in your company will feel it. They will seek your company for comfort. That’s going to happen.
(Shri Mataji speaks away from mike) [INAUDIBLE/that’s the same …with cinnamon….both are……that’s all]

Shri Mataji: Just tell Me what have you talked and what has happened and what they have been, what have they really…What have they got it…out of this ceremony? Gaurav?

Yogi : You take very hard to follow the way recording and sound of the bija mantra. I think more [UNCLEAR TEXT/balanced as a ….. ] the language. Depends on the language. They couldn’t may be understand that.

Shri Mataji: They could not understand that?

Yogi: Ahh…I think there was, may, be one of them, they did not understand that. I think…

Shri Mataji: But that is not to be understood so much.

Yogi: Yeah..

Shri Mataji: Has to be felt.

Another yogi: I think it was the tape for vibrations, not for understanding. Because I couldn’t understand either. (Laughter) That’s so funny because…

Shri Mataji: Yeah. That’s what…Yeah,but.. but still, but still, I must say, it is to be mastered, that’s true.

Yogi: That’s what I thought. I couldn’t understand. Because it has to be….
Shri Mataji: Hmm. But it will take some time for you to master those sounds. Now what you have to do is to have a paper and pencil, and your diary. And in that you should right down all the sounds which are on different chakras. (Shri Mataji say to someone in background) I think enough. So once you write down all the sounds at least you can use them whenever there is a problem on a chakra. Now in case you meet somebody, you see, who is telling you that this is the mantra I have taken and this is the mantra I have taken, then, then you can always explain that, you see, these are the bija mantras actually. These are the real mantras. Then there could be mantras like other deity names are there. And there could be mantras according to the three Trigunas as you call them, the three channels. There are different mantras for that. But this kind of a mantra has no meaning. Because when the Kundalini moves Her movements give these sounds. So for anybody to have one mantra and sit down on that has no meaning. And why don’t you ask your guru why this particular mantra has been given to you? There must be some reason. By telling this one thing will be clear to him that you understand what is given to you. It’s not just given to somebody, Bala come along…now say this manta. It’s not that. But they will understand that there is something behind…it is not just blindly said that alright this is a, Alex has said that this is a toothpaste. Come along, use this toothpaste and they will be alright. It’s not like that. You not only understand that what is the mantra, how it works, where it is created and what are the diseases, and what are the problems, and where to use them. All this knowledge if you give them you see, they will also understand that so much you know about it. Otherwise most of this gurus, I talked to one teacher of one of these things and I was amazed I mean that he did not know anything about, anything whatsoever. I said what do you do? He said, “Nothing, I just close my eyes and I get some names in my head and I tell the fellow that this is the name that you have to take.” I said, “Now how do you get it? From where do you get it? Why do you get it?”

Now you all know what it is. You know it is the spirit which comes like that. And ones spirit telling another this thing. All, this is all is very nicely managed. You see, it’s all, a, a secret work going on. And the man who is working it out doesn’t know how it works out. So when you talk to people you can explain in such a way that other person can understand that this man knows actually what is true. So little bit you have to master it and understand it, what are the mantras and this that. This is for people who have to deal with other people and those who want to go into details of every chakras.

But for raising Kundalini you have to just raise your hand. [INAUDIBLE/…. ] you have to bother. But the basics are unless and until you talk great, I mean something sensible, people are not going to believe in your hand moving. They will say, “What are you doing like this? And why are you moving your hands like that? And why do you want to do like that?” They are going to ask questions. They are going to. It’s a human nature not to accept things you see. Especially reality they do not want to accept. If it is some rumble tumble somehow it sticks to them…human beings…falsehood…much faster than reality. That’s why all real gurus, all real incarnations have really suffered a lot. They never had any support from general public or anyone. But all false people have such publicity. There was there, horrible once who visited Delhi. And there was no movement in the chakra. I mean God knows how many of them were just trying to see his horrible face. Like none would, all of them were running. And what did they get? God only knows what did they get? Some of the rich people will get some diamond this that. But they lost only if their diamond. But that is how human nature is. And when you have to talk to them, so clearly it shocks them you know. It really shocks them to…if you tell something against a guru or someone, they’ll get a shock. Not because they are convinced about the guru. Not because of that. But because they are possessed by the gurus. So if you tell them that this is wrong , you should not have done it. I mean you have tell them. There is no compromise with the truth. I mean whatever is wrong is wrong. Whatever is poison, is poison. We have to say that. But if you tell somebody they get a shock and they don’t like it and they just don’t want to hear about it. It shocks them.
Then secondly when they come to their senses another shock that comes to them they say, “Don’t believe! How can be we fooled so?” This also goes against Sahaja yoga because if you start pitying yourself and sort of cursing yourself on it then that’s also not good for Sahaja yoga. So that’s the second point of cursing.

So for human psychology it is necessary that you should be able to talk about it. A very good talk and I can assure you can do lots more. Because now you are awakened and your chakras are awakened. This is an awakening and this has the power of awakening. This is the all pervading power which is being awakened within you. And thereby talking to others you awaken their powers which are still not awakened. So when you talk to them also and if you do not have left Vishuddhi of course… Left Vishuddhi is a very dangerous thing, that’s why. Because from left Vishuddhi the ideas start coming out and you just forget mixed up with that and then you do not speak but the devil there suggests stories. But if your left Vishuddhi is very clear and then you talk you will be amazed that every word will be a mantra. This is granted. It is such a fantastic thing, this sahja yoga is that people are not willing to believe in themselves and into their powers. It’s such a tremendous power. If you want to use it you start out, just start out and you will be amazed how it works out. Bala has tried it and asked. He must be very much stunned in the very beginning. How it’s happening? Isn’t it? How it’s rising? It’s very astounding but gradually you realize it. And there are still many experiences you will be having that you will be amazed at it because this is something like the dynamic force of the whole universe. This is so all pervading. Is the Ganesha tattwa (principal) as you call it, the principle itself. It’s all pervading. You think Christ is somebody who died on the cross. No absolutely it is wrong idea. That cross exists in everything, in every particle of this, you can say, this building…whatever is this building. It is in every particle of the whole universe that it is made of. Not even a particle is devoid of it. Only thing it is to be awakened. That is there. And that you can do it because you have that now in your sound. Your own sound is now awakened. But as you know, even if you would say put light to this candle, the candle is ready, if it is perfectly alright then it…it is…it is enlightened by a candle. But still your…your candle should be also alright. It should be able to go to the right position for that candle so that it receives the light. All these things are very important. Though it is certainly managed by the…by the… Angels that are surrounding you. You have seen you do…do your (Kundalini) awakening every way. I mean just move your hands sometimes…I have seen some people go mad like this, and do like this, in every way that is possible. You do not even know exactly how it should be done. Which is the protocol? How to manage it? How to do? But still it works out. (laughter)
The reason is, the reason, there are Angels with you and they put it right. “Alright, alright, doesn’t matter. These are children. They have done it doesn’t matter.” They work it out. And they are working it out. All the time for you. You don’t have to bother. You just have to your raise hand, that’s all, because you are on the stage. So they want to show that these children have been [UNCLEAR TEXT]. And they…they help you. “Alright, alright, will you.” They are from the [UNCLEAR TEXT/Buddha] . They are working it out. So just raise your hand a bit. Speak about it at least. That’s all is to be done.
But you see this falsehood of say …I say you are called as Bhoganand and this one and all that. Wear this kind of dress and all that. All sort of thing… saying that you are a teacher from tomorrow….all this false…falsehood of a …circus should not be depended, in a way that others are doing. We have to keep away from all falsehood. From the very beginning we must work out that there is no falsehood about it. Only you raise your hands and the Kundalini will rise. Whether you are wearing a white dress or a black dress or yellow dress makes no difference. Where ever you are standing this way or that way doesn’t matter. Whether you are sitting this way or that way doesn’t matter. Because you are still children. Everything is excused to you. You just do it the way you like, it will work out.
Come…There is no ritual about it, nothing. What is a ritual for the children? You get them on the stage. You see we had once planned a drama for children, for the dance drama of children, very small children. Say from three years to six years of age. Very sweet children. And they were supposed to do this dance drama and the subject was unity in diversity. All Indians you see. All kind of Indian dresses they were…wearing and…from the North to the South. All kind of dresses are there from saree to all that. They came on the stage. Very sweetly all of them managing among themselves. They didn’t know how to [UNCLEAR TEXT/stay]. And they brought out such beautiful harmony, and such beautiful move that even if you are trained about say…for a year or so …to some very developed people would never have brought that good. The way they wave with their small little hands, you see, pinching at others.. do now… you do this now…they start arranging among themselves. So beautifully they do.
And our prime minister at that time Lal Bahadu Shastri was there. And he was so much enamored. He said, “I have never seen such a beautiful drama all my life the way I have seen it.” And the way they were dancing you know and making mistakes but trying to correct it and beautifully done. So (if) somebody made any mistake. Because whatever they do was so beautiful. But then you start thinking, you are very big…and how can we do it you see…it will be nice if you do it this way… it will happen, then there you back. Like children if you take it out. You see you have seen My grand children how bold they are. They are not bothered. Today only they were giving a big lecture there. Anand was telling that these people who are getting any…any cool breeze come along on the feet of Mataji. He told My husband also. He said, “You have to come on Her feet otherwise you cannot be alright.” He said, “You come on Her feet…then I’ll sit on you.” So they are like that. And they do not mean any harm or they do not… they do not know how to hurt people. They never hurt. They never hurt people but you see the thing is that they are so simple and so innocent that you can learn lots of things from them very easily the way they do things in their simplicity and innocence. Like a child you see he was sitting next to someone who was probably a guest of honor. And he was eating. So he looked at him all the time. And he said, “No mother he doesn’t eat like a horse. You told me he eats like a horse.” The mother didn’t know what to say, you see. Well she said, “No, no, it’s ok.” The other fellow realized that he must be eating really like a horse. I mean just for one minute he died of shame. (Laughter) See that’s how they are. They do not mean to hurt anyone. And kids should never hurt, should not, because it is the correct way. You see whatever is pleasing can be poisonous also. Can be very powerful. It need not be pleasing to you because whatever mood you are it depends. For a…say, a drunkard…if you give him a nice drink, you see, he will be very happy. But to a Sahaja yogi if you give him a drink he would not like it. So if you tell somebody that this is not correct so he feels hurt you see…some do. They do not know how to handle Me the way they have said it, you know…“And oh, this is wrong and oh, that is wrong. Why should they force things on me?” This is how they…they try to show that they didn’t like it. Their resentment is there. Sometimes they can be very rile with you. Then like your Mother your must put it with a little chocolate. I give it to them because they have to have this medicine. They have to have a reality check as you call it. They have to get rid of everything because whatever is wrong is wrong. Now you might say that whole society is like that. The whole society is there. If they are wrong they are wrong. What to do? They are to be told. And this knowledge also how to communicate and convey can come to you if you are actual. Just tell them.
You see, I don’t know this country, but in our country, you see, about say twenty years back or thirty years back we had our own people who used to tell just on the face and nobody minded… you see. Instead of when you come to see Me you say, “How are you? You are very good… this that, that.” And then they go away. I tell you, “Oh this guy is another tramp. This is like this, this is like this, this is like this.” When you are alone you are great. Then? Instead of that it’s better that I am telling you about it. But people have to do that few times because people do not think, normally. Whatever it is you have to break through these things to them in such a way that they realize this was wrong. Not for them. For their body, or for their mind or for their brain. But not for them. Because whatever they are, they are spirits. And spirits…means something that is eternal. That cannot be destroyed. That cannot be spoiled. But the clouds that are covering the sun are to be removed for them to see their own beauty. Those who do not do this may be appreciated much more. Now say, so many gurus who said that, “Go ahead with your culture.” You see. This is your culture! I mean, imagine that to say this is your culture itself is a very bad thing. And they say you go ahead with it. But only thing is, you leave your purse with me and I will look after you. Where are they going to look after you. When they will be standing in a deep down cave of some horrible hellish place? Then you are also… you will find your will be at a higher place at least than that guy. Where are they going to help you? But to pull you down more?…But it is [UNCLEAR TEXT] that we have to build up ourselves fully in Sahaja yoga. Absolutely into it

Yogi : [UNCLEAR TEXT]…I was [UNCLEAR TEXT]….trees and things like that and…because I have some experience of sort of ……I don’t know [UNCLEAR TEXT]………….whether that was right or wrong………I have been talking to trees and flowers…flowers…..and was talking back and I thought that’s ….[UNCLEAR TEXT]
Shri Mataji : [UNCLEAR TEXT/Gregore], the most important and most beautiful thing on this earth is human being. Thousands of times more beautiful. Human being is the most beautiful thing. You see, trees look beautiful, they appear beautiful but they have no awareness of it’s own. But they cannot receive this awareness of realization. So why waste energy with them? Let’s save into that. I know you can get bored with human beings sometimes. You can be. You see sometimes can be very disgusting the way things are. Now you can be very annoying. They do get annoying. I agree. But you must know that if you have little patience with them and if you try…the beauty that is within them is the real joy giving. Yes you are [UNCLEAR TEXT]. When somebody is getting realization and you are feeling the vibrations coming in. I like to see the faces of everyone you see so enlightened. As if some light has come into you and so indulging. Oh, the creation and the whole thing is of course God’s own pride. I know it a beautiful thing but nothing like diamonds. You see after all it’s a diamond. So badly cut, horribly cut. Whatever it is, a diamond will remain a diamond. You must [UNCLEAR TEXT] into a proper lusture. Make it fit into a proper set. And then you will become. And there are thousands and thousands and thousands of [UNCLEAR TEXT]. Every individual knows…So just make a list of the diamonds you want to know. The mind should be, the attention should be more on this. How many human beings we are going to take to this. Now also self examination should be there for all those who want to communicate Sahaja yoga. To find out what’s lacking in us. Why don’t we impress others? Why do the people…do not come to us? After all these gurus haven’t got even their Kundalini awakened. And they are the people who have thousands of disciples. How do they do it. There are so many in this country, in this country itself, who are really very genuine real people. They are absolutely suited for Sahaja yoga. They have read and they have followed and they have gone into it. Have been seeking, no doubt about it. And they have followed into wrong path also. But still they are doubting. If you seek anyone of them and there is a doubt in them. And if you talk to them confidently he will definitely find it. This is the answer to the question. Then you can impress them. But if you yourself, you are sort of not sure…you need not be aggressive about it. But just be calm on your own. How? You are bound to be. Of course it is a living force and it takes time. So I would say, “It’s nice to talk to you.” sometimes. See I do sometimes…I talk to even some Gods. I feel like I am talking to some Gods. (laughter)
Yogi : [UNCLEAR TEXT] This place has some great vibrations.
Shri Mataji: I know. I want to make you sleep very well tonight. (laughter) I am just singing a lullaby.